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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 8, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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question. my privacy is tan ta mount to my pride as an american. this from carmen, people need to wake up. they are trying to make sure we make it to destinations alive. i think we should say thank you to the tsa and homeland defense. and from diane. we have to be as vigilant about our rights as we do our terrorists. continue the conversation on facebook. thank you for joining us. i'm carol costello. here's kyra phillips. >> it's 11:00 on the east coast. 8:00 on the west. it could have been hidden underneath someone's clothes right now. or in a pocket or shoes on an airplane bound for america. instead, al qaeda's latest attempt at a bomb undetectable by airport security is in an fbi lab. and the person who was planning to use it it is in custody somewhere or dead. hours after news broke of a plot that was foiled two weeks ago by
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the u.s. and saudi intelligence says relief is still mixed with fear. >> the plot itself indicates that these terrorists keep trying. they keep trying to devise more and more proverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people. and it's a reminder as to why we have to remain vigilant. >> al qaeda and its affiliates can me it's a size. they are constantly trying to catch up. whenever it appears we have them boxed eed in, they find a new method. they are sophisticated people. they never stop. >> this plot is said to be the work of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula meaning yemen. we're following the take down with barbara starr at the pentagon. what do we know about the
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device? >> reporter: the fbi is in possession of the device and trying to determine whoa made it and how it was made. according to the fbi, the latest indications are it was very similar to previous devices that al qaeda and yemen has used. most likely with very little metallic content or no metallic content. that means very difficult for the screening devices in airports around the world to detect. this is the hal mark signature of al qaeda in the arabian pe e nins la. we saw it with the underwear bomber attack. we saw it with the plot to put explosive devices inside printer cartridges on airliners bound for the united states. this by all accounts appears to be another attempt in that direction with a much more sophisticated detonation technology. we don't know a lot about that. but this is their latest effort by al qaeda to get past u.s. and
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international security screening and get a device on an airliner bound for the u.s. it is the hallmark of one particular one. he's working with al qaeda in yemen. he's done this technology before. he's in the cross hairs of the united states. kyra? >> we're going to talk more about him with nick in a second. but barbara, it took two weeks for this story to get out. a number of reasons we would probably assume why that happened. what are your sources telling you? >> well, you know, actually it was congressman mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee who this morning in washington did raise the prospect of how did all this information leak out. we must give credit to the associated press, which broke the story originally, but the question is, you know, if it was two weeks ago, was it tied to the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden? several sources tell us no, that
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this was a plot that unfolded separa separately from that around the same time. so this has been something that's been underway being tracked for the last several weeks and just now the administration once it was reported in the open news media, the administration coming out today talking a little bit more about it. b but holding their cards closely. they have told us that intelligence operations remain ongoing. there are still risks out there. r they are still trying to roll up certain elements of this potentially of al qaeda and yemen so they don't want to talk a lot about it. there's still a lot we don't know. altd the obama administration says to the american people there are no direct known threats right now to u.s. aviation. >> all right. nick robertson, let's bring you in.
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barbara mentioned al-siri. why hasn't this guy been taken out? >> because he's hard to find. al qaeda through what's going on in yemen at the moment. the government fighting on three different fronts. al qaeda has taken control of three different provinces. that's large swaths of territory. the government is trying to fight rebels in the north of the country. it's guys trying to keep control of the capital. the president is struggling to unify the army. while all this is going on, al qaeda has taken advantage. al qaeda last week in one of their publications were bragging they have taken control. they have all the chemicals they need. and what the advantage is they have are that it is a large area. the disadvantage is that yemen is quite isolated from the rest of the world because of the trouble it's going through, therefore, it's hard for them to get bombs out of there. that seems to be where they have
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stumbled again this time. >> the fact that the saudis tipped off the cia. what does this tell us about the relationship between the u.s. and the saudis? >> the saudis have a huge amount at stake in yemen. it's al qaeda in it the arabian peninsula because it's not just yemen they are active in, but saudi too. many of the members acting there in yemen from saudi arabia. so the saudis know they have to stay on top of this because those bombs could end up crossing the border. a huge land border that's very pore res so they have a vested interest on staying on top of this beyond their partnerships with the united states. what i'm told is once they had an idea about this particular plot, they passed it along to the cia. they passed it along to british international intelligence mi6,
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which is what they do. they also say that these agencies then particularly the cia were able to move this along and develop it sort of on a separate track themselves. >> nick and barbara, thanks so much. a new strategy for keeping our borders safe spelled out this morning on capitol hill by michael fisher. it's the first change in strategy in eight years. the aim? a more focused approach at keeping out terrorists and illegal immigrants and less focus on blanket resources. the plan calls for the continued use of drones, helicopters, foot sensors, and fences. but fisher says the most effective weapons are 23,000 border patrol agents. he faces more than 50 counts of sexual abuse against young boys. now the case against jerry sandusky may be in trouble. there's a problem with their star witness's story. assistant coach mike mcqueary is the red head in the video.
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and the guy who says he saw sandusky in the shower with a young boy. he said it was in 2002. now prosecutors say it actually happened a year earlier. that's a big deal. not only does it call his credibility into question, but it could mean that the statute of limit takes has expired on some of the allegations. sandusky denies the crimes. now's the time to move from to where you want to go. look up. with u.s. bank let's get the wheels turning. use our strength & stability to open new opportunities. to lend, and lift ...every business...every dream... to new heights of prosperity. good things are happening. just look up.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. getting ready to "f" you up. remember those words by that police officer? we told you about this and kelli thomas last september. he was beaten to death at the
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hands of fullerton police officers. months later, two officers charged with beating him to death are back in court. their preliminary hearing resumes in an hour. this is critical because a judge will decide if there's enough evidence to put the cops on trial. officer manuel ramos and jay suseneli face charges of involuntary manslaughter. one is also charged with second degree maur. they believe it was officer ramos who said my firsts are getting ready to "f" you up. one part of a video played in the courtroom yesterday. the video is graphic and it's important to keep in mind that we're talking about mental illness here. kelly thomas was schizophrenic and homeless. what started with a call about looking into cars turned into this.
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you will hear thomas being tased and thomas being beaten repeatedly. >> okay. no! no! >> help us! >> he's on something. >> kelly thomas died from his injuries five days later. casey wayhan is following on the details. what we showed is sickening but
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isn't even the most disturbing part. >> that's right, kyra. you can actually hear kelly thomas saying he's sorry to officers over and over again. you can also hear the officers saying that he was continuing to resist them. and perhaps the most disturbing thing of all, you can hear thomas call out to his father and from the tape, it's very clear that he was afraid he was being beaten to death. >> they are killing me, daddy. >> i don't want to take those off. >> relax. relax. >> daddy. killing me. daddy. daddy. >> that video is so disturbing
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that there were audible gasps in the courtroom. and at one point, the judge ordered the playback stop ped because he was having trouble concentrating. the end result of that beating, kelly thomas died of asphyxiation, complicated by the injuries he received. these pictures we're about to show of those injuries are very graphic. here they are. you can see how badly that thomas was beaten. during the videotape, officers can be heard saying he's on something. but toxicology reports found that there were actually no drugs nor alcohol in thomas' system. kyra? >> we have spoken a number of tie tiesms times to his father. what was his reaction after yesterday's hearing and having to look at all this again? >> he has looked at that videotape several times. it was reported in the courtroom
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he sat stoicily. but he said for the first time yesterday it was very disturbing to him, and that was when paramedics arrived, they initially went and treated the officers who had very, very minor injuries before they went and treated kelly thomas for his life-threatening injuries. >> we will follow the hearing today and stay close to the story. casey, thanks so much. in the meantime, the fbi is investigating possible civil rights violations into this case as well. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the key is to have a good strategy.
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it seemed like a no brainer. it sailed through every time it's come up since it was first passed in 1994.
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this time it's hit a speed bump. republicans in the house want to remove some of the special protections for illegal immigrants and a path for citizenship for immigrants who help police in criminal cases. it comes up for a vote in the jew dish committee today. i wanted you to listen to one man's plea when it came up for debate in the senate. we're talking about minnesota's al franken. he reminded us of another senator, paul wellstone. he was killed with his wife and daughter in a plane crash in 2002. franken remembered what mrs. wellstone stood for and it was a pretty powerful moment. take a look. >> madame president, sheila wellstone isn't with us today. sheila and paul and their
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daughter marsha were tragically taken from us too soon, but sheila's example is with us. her legacy is with us and her words are with us. and i'd like to close with those. here's what sheila said. we really have to look at the values that guide us. we have to work toward an ethic that respects every individual to be physically and emotionally safe. no one regardless of age, color, gender, background, any other factor deserves to be physically or emotionally unsafe. in a just society, we pledge to act together to ensure that each individual is safe from harm. in a just society, i think we
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have to say this over and over and over. we are not going to tolerate the violence. >> after franken's emotional appeal, the senate passed it by a wide margin. the violence against women act originally passed in 1994. in 2000 congress took on dating violence and added protection for the elderly np in 2005 greater protections for children and native american women were added. this time congress let the law expire. seven months have passed and still no deal. ♪ ♪ why do you whisper, green grass? ♪ [ all ] shh! ♪ why tell the trees what ain't so? ♪ [ male announcer ] dow solutions use vibration reduction technology
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the latest attempt by al qaeda to build a bomb that airport security can't detekt. we told you about the plot that was stopped by u.s. and saudi intelligence. the take away is al qaeda's determination to learn from its mistakes, but the good guys are learning too. the fbi is learning the confiscated bomb and this official says "we are confident the study of the device will yield valuable insights that will aid us in adapting security program practices and counterterrorism operation here and abroad." brian todd is on that part of the story out of washington. was this another underwear bomber like we saw in 2009? >> it appears it was something maybe similar to that. all u.s. officials are saying is it was some kind of an evolution
8:30 am
of that bomb that was found in 2009. they are not saying just exactly what this device was made of or how it differed from that device, but like the earlier device, it appeared to be non-metallic and that means it would have been much harder to detect, even with some of the body scanners at airports. it also may have had that odorless, white powder in it, which again, is hard to detect even with the sophisticated technology that's now use d in some airports. they are working on the underwear bombs, but they have been known to work on bombs planted inside the body. the alleged bomb maker for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has actually done that in the past. he put a bomb inside his own
8:31 am
brother. i asked the chief trauma surgeon at washington hospital center about how they go about doing th this, implanting bombs inside bodies. >> the fundamental question will be how well do you want to do it. if you want to do it to 20 people and have 19 people die, that would be easier. you could do that sloppy. but if you want them to remain sterile, you're talking about a hospital or clinic setting. >> the doctor says that if the surgery is not so sophisticated then a bomb could maybe last three or four days in the human body before complications. but if both are sophisticated in nature, maybe in the clinic setting he talked about, it could last days, weeks, or even months inside the body before a kp complication sets in.
8:32 am
>> here's my question. you have done all the stories on all the new scanners and all the new technology in the airports and all the controversy and the debate. is it worth the money? do we need them? how invasive is it? the technology that we have now, is it enough to stay ahead of what al qaeda is working on now? >> you know, that's the huge question today. that's really being debated. homeland security technology have just said essentially last night and this morning that they believe that these scanners would have detected this potential explosive. but if you talk to terrorism experts and security experts, that's not at all clear. that the body scanners would have detected it. and also, these body scanners are not used in every airport overseas. not even used in every airport in the united states. it's a question of implementing those, where they need to be, and again, whether they are
8:33 am
sophisticated enough right now to actually detect these types of bombs. and that's really not at all clear at this point. >> all right. brian, thanks. the fbi is intensifying the search for two missing tennessee girls said to be in extreme danger. agents believe that they are being held by a close family friend. officials say two bodies found over the weekend are those of the girls' mother and oldest sister. jo ann bain and her daughters were reported missing on april 27th. the alleged kidnapper? adam mayes. he's considered armed and dangerous. martin savidge has been covering from story for us. what does the fbi think on this case? is he still holding these girls captive? >> yesterday they had found the shallow graves, but they were not identifying. the concern of course, immediately is for the remaining two sisters. that's an 8-year-old girl and a
8:34 am
12-year-old. kyliyah and alexandria. and adam mayes is the key in all this. they believe he's still holding them and they believe they are still alive. we don't know how we know that. he is believed to have changed their identities. we talked about this yesterday. he's cut their hair and maybe dyed their hair. but this story has been focusing on western tennessee and northern mississippi. we know that fbi has s.w.a.t. teams in the area. they have been setting up road blocks. but it's clear they must have some reason to think that adam mayes is still in that area. >> okay. so while the fbi is saying, okay, we need help. take a look at this guy. pay attention. >> that's key. >> and we're obviously plastering his picture all over the place. you have been discovering more interesting twists to how the family knew this guy, how close
8:35 am
he was to them, i mean the relationship here with him and the mom and the husband goes back years. >> goes back a long way. that's what's really surprising here. everyone describes the relationship as a very close knit family. it appears that the husband, gary bain, is a good friend of adam. so what happened is the real question here? we know the family was preparing to move to arizona. adam mayes was very close to the family. could he have somehow snapped as a result of the fact they would be moving away from him? neighbors and friends say adam mayes looked at the girls as his own daughters. so we also know adam was in the home the night before they were to leave. this is the day when everybody disappeared in that family with the exception of the husband. but we don't know exactly what happened. in the meantime, we don't know how the two women that were killed were killed. >> we don't know why the fbi let him go, let him walk, he was
8:36 am
free to go after they questioned him. >> once the mother and daughters disappeared, they brought him in for questioning because he was close to the family. he answered the questions. they let him go. but then they wanted to question him again and he was nowhere to be found. they found the bodies in his home. now they realize they have two young girls very much in jeopardy. >> thanks. the fbi is urging anyone with information that could lead to the location of adam mayes and the two missing girls to contact the tennessee bureau of investigation. just when we thought that we have seen it all with the john edwards trial, just how juicy would it be if prosecutors called his former mistress rielle hunter to the stand? they are expected to wrap up his case this week. but they are not saying if they will take that potentially-risky
8:37 am
move. but if they did, wow. former edwards' speech writer is expected to take the stand today. just to remind you, edwards is on trial for allegedly using campaign donations to hide his affair with hunter's pregnancy. if convicted, he could get 30 years in prison. let's take a look at the big board. the dow is down 165 points. we're watching your dollars. a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. twenty-one vitamins and minerals. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. refreshing nutrition in charge!
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if you're leaving the house, you can continue watching cnn
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from your mobile phone. you can also watch cnn live from it your desk top. go to cnn/tv. if you write that check to donate to a charity, do you know for sure the money is going to the people it's intended to help? maybe not. and there are new questions about a veterans charity. millions of dollars donated to help the men and women who sacrifice so much to help keep us safe. well this charity is under scrutiny. here's drew griffin with part one of his investigative series. >> reporter: mary ellis is pretty charitable. especially to groups supporting sdabled veterans. so it didn't surprise her when she opened her mailbox and found this. >> with your husband's name on them? >> reporter: in the fundraising industry, they are called guilt packages. when this one a big calculator with her husband's name on it, she felt the tug to make that
8:41 am
donation. >> disabled american veterans. how many people are going to look at it. >> reporter: in fact, the gifts were not from the well known and respected disabled american veterans but from a newer, much smaller charity. the disabled veterans national foundation. something didn't smell right, so this retired english teacher did some research and found that the dvnf gets an "f" from a charity watchdog group. according to its tax filings, raising nearly $56 million in donations for veterans in the past three years, but according to the records cnn found, none of that $56 million has gone to direct services for veterans. >> making lots of money off of it. when you're talking about millions of dollars that people are doing by grabbing money from people who don't have it. >> reporter: the purpose is to try to explain to me why these numbers don't add up.
8:42 am
cnn has been trying to reach the disabled veterans national foundation off and on for nearly two years. republic relations man returned our phone call outside the headquarters in 2010, but the manager refused to talk. despite e-mails and more phone calls, our repeated requests for interviews were denied. >> up to $2 billion is raised in the name of veterans in this country and it's so sad that a great deal of money intended to help veterans is being squandered and wasted by opportuni opportunists and individuals and companies that see it as a profit-making opportunity. >> reporter: daniel borokauf runs a charity watchdog group out of this office. he grades charities. veterans and military charities
8:43 am
are some of the worst, he says. and that includes the disabled veterans national foundation, which he gives an "f" because hardly any of the donations make it to the people the group is fundraising for. so back to that $56 million the group has raised. where did all that money go? as far as we can tell, up to a company that specializes in fundraising. as far as we can tell, they know a lot about fundraising. for itself. they are a private company which according to its website raises money for more than 500 charities and nonprofits worldwide. in an e-mail to cnn a company spokesman said "it does not discuss specific client relationships." but that spokesman did said "at
8:44 am
ti times chooses to invest money in partnerships with non-profit organizations." to date, they told cnn they have actually lost $7 million investing in veteran non-profit organizations. that may be true. but in the case of the disabled national foundation according to tax documents, not only did all the nearly $56 million in cash donations go to fundraising costs, but the dvnf still owes its fundraiser another $5 million. it sounds like back ward math. dvnf is reporting on its tax returns that it is costing more than a dollar to raise a dollar. despite the fact that its fundraising contractor says it wins its fair share of business because it is a lost-cost provider in the non-profit marketplace. >> it's like printing money. they print out solicitations and send them out to millions of people. they don't care about the
8:45 am
percentage return. all they care about the money they get from it. >> what did we say? $56 million? here's the $56 million question. how did they get by with this? >> we have been searching for that answer. according to the irs on paper, this is a registered, charitable organization. despite the fact that a lot of groups give them warning signs and "f" grades, people keep sending them money. and the disabled veterans national fund does give away stuff, junk really. we found out that includes coconut m&ms for the vets. >> we're going to find out more about that tomorrow. >> we'll expose a trick of the trade for a lot of these groups. they give away gifts in kind. it is donated surplus junk that the veterans group say they don't need. here's an example. a vets group in arizona gets a shipment of hundreds of chefs
8:46 am
aprons, needle point sets, men's football pants. and another group gets thousands and thousands of bags. 11,000 bags of coconut m&ms. >> bottom line, when you get something in the mail, you do your homework before you send in the money. >> check it out np know where you're sending that money and know what they are doing with that money. this group raises money and all of the money plus goes to the fund raiser. >> part two tomorrow. thank you. a charity that i can tell you is extremely legit is called taps. it's the tragedy assistance program for survivors. it provides everything from counselling 24/7 to grief camps for children. the money goes right to the programs. if there's something else that you or your vet needs, taps can connect you with the right resources. here's the website. if you want to give back, this is a charity you can believe in.
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time for our political junkie question. who was the first president to ride in a specifically-built presidential limousine? tweet the answer to @kyracnn. ♪ how are things on the west coast? ♪
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before the break, i asked can which president rode in the first built presidential limo? it was fdr. sunshine special was made for the secret service in 1939. congrats to kyle from ohio university for tweeting me the right answer. >> voters in north carolina have a big one on their plates, amendment 1, a ban on same-sex marriage and civil unions. same-sex or heterosexual. keith boykin and tom blair, guys, north carolina already bans same-sex marriage so what's the point of this? keith? >> there is no point. it's gratuitous, it's divisive. it's reflection of where the republican party is, unfortunately.
8:51 am
if you look back at 2010 when the republicans came into office and a lot of these states, they said they were going to campaign on the economy, but instead what do they do, govern on different issues, talk about women's issues, taking away rights from labor unions, they started going after gays and lesbians, taking away the rights of people to vote. they have focused on this radical right wing conservative social policy agenda, nothing to do with the economy and building jobs. it's a disaster. >> tom? >> is this the same north carolina that's going to host the democratic national convention 18 few months? here's what i say. people don't like change. and change is hard to accept if you look at the church, it took them a few hundred years to accept that the sun didn't revolve around the earth. lincoln, his views on slavery changed from the 1820s to the 1860s. same with lyndon johnson. number one civil rights advocate, growing up in texas his views were entirely different.
8:52 am
i think you see the views of obama changing. point being america's views are changing. and even today in north carolina when you look at the polls it's 50-50 for same-sex marriage. my guess is if we went back 50 years on a national poll, it would be 95% against same-sex marriage. point being, in ten years this won't be an issue, the momentum is there, it's people fighting change. change that's inevitable. >> go ahead, keith. >> i agree with the idea -- this is inevitable that change is going to happen and people are going to ultimately support same-sex marriage but the republican party is standing in the way of that. yes, i understand this is not unanimity of opinion but you have people in the republican leadership who came into the legislature in that state in north carolina who made this an issue where the democrats have been fighting it for years and that's what's happening, the right wing social agenda on the republican party. even if the republican leadership doesn't believe it they are giving a wink and a nod
8:53 am
to the people who do believe it so that they can try to stay in power, that's the worst type of cynical politics. >> mitt romney is going to be in michigan this afternoon. we've been talking about that. check out what he's saying about the auto industry. >> the auto companies needed to go through bankruptcy before government help and frankly, that's finally what the president did. he took them through bankruptcy, that was the right course i argued for from the beginning. finally when that was done the companies got back on their feet so i'll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry has come back. >> so mitt romney says he saved the auto industry. seems like i heard something like that before. >> made in america. for generations michigan auto workers it's more than a slogan. it's a way of life. when a million jobs were on the line every republican candidate turned their back even said let detroit go bankrupt. not him. >> don't bet against the american auto industry.
8:54 am
>> tom blair, who is massaging the facts here? >> well, i think it's a perfect example of success has many fathers and failure is an orphan. does mitt romney deserve credit? probably about as much credit as each auto worker who took a cut in pay and cut in benefits to make this work. probably as much credit as every dealer who lost their franchise after decades of struggling hard. and probably as much as 100 million american taxpayers who sucked in when we saw big checks going out to detroit. but to give the devil his due, i think mitt might be a little frustrated with last week listening to tape after tape of the president guiding the s.e.a.l. team in to capture bin laden. i would be critical of mitt because i think the first rule in any leadership whether it be in the military, in government, in private industries, is a leader takes less credit for a success than they deserve. >> but you can't take credit for
8:55 am
something you were against, though. that's what is so hypocritical. it's not that he is taking credit for something he played a part in. he was opposed to it. let me read you the quote from what mitt romney said. he said if gm, ford and chrysler receive this bailout you can kiss the american auto industry good-bye. there is no way you can turn around and four years later say i'm responsible for their survival. that's so blatantly hypocritical you can't expect the american people to believe that. >> tom? >> i don't think i disagree with you. i think i said any numbers of folks can take credit. and let me go back -- >> but not mitt romney. but not mitt romney. >> he may not have paid as much taxes as he should have but every american contributed to the success of the american automobile industry. >> you know that's too clever. >> tell you what, tom made his point. five seconds, keith. we got to go.
8:56 am
>> we all contributed. mitt romney was opposed to this. he can't take credit for it now. >> i guess we'll talk about it again. thanks, guys. mitt romney finally has rick santorum's endorsement, can't call it a ringing endorsement but it still counts, i guess. here it is from a santorum e-mail to supporters. we both agree that president obama must be defeated. it will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious. governor romney will be that nominee and he has my endorsement and support. all right. there it is. santorum saying he'll support the nominee. oh, yeah, that romney guy. did i mention it came in an e-mail. the 13th paragraph of the e-mail no less. and what's the matter, he couldn't find a news camera anywhere. hey, rick, i could have sent someone by if you needed a camera. we have a few extras. ♪
8:57 am
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9:00 am
schools starting august 1. here is the reason. to help fight childhood obesity which apparently affects about 1.5 million students in that state. they are even pushing to extend the ban to include weekend and community events. parents are pretty upset and say the goal is to raise money to do great trips and educational tours. and selling apples and bananas ain't going to cut it. thanks for watching. continue the conversation with me on twitter or facebook. cnn newsroom continues now with suzanne malveaux. >> live from cnn in atlanta where it's 12 noon, 9:00 a.m. on the west coast, i'm suzanne malveaux. getting you up to speed, first of all wall street. we are watching a major sell-off right now, i want to bring in alison live at the stock
9:01 am
exchange. we're talking about what are these numbers we're looking at? >> dow down about 134 points, we're about 2 1/2 hours into the trading day and yes, stocks across the board are sinking. here is the interesting thing. we were expecting a huge sell-off monday because we expected investors to react to the european election results over the weekend. clearly that didn't happen on monday. markets were stable, so what you're seeing today is sort of a delayed reaction to the elections. what's happening is investors are rattled today, suzanne. greece is trying to form a new government. no one is sure thou situation is going to pan out. there are two worries, will the new leadership that is put in place will it blow up the debt deal that took so long to put in place. there is also a lot of buzz whether greece may drop out of the eurozone all together. for stocks watching alcoa and caterpillar that had big interests in europe, dragging down the dow.
9:02 am
although we're seeing the dow down 138 points, the dow is off its lows of the session, still pretty ugly. >> we're going to keep a close eye on that the next couple of hours. thank you. about to show you something that is frankly, hard to see. a homeless man yelling and pleading for help as he is kicked, punched and tasered by police. this is awful. the man died last july, five days after the beating. one of those fullerton, california officers is charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter. the other is charged with manslaughter and excessive force. both pleaded not guilty a. judge is deciding if there is enough evidence for them to be tried. >> u.s. experts are trying to determine if the latest al qaeda bomb could have slipped through security.
9:03 am
the device had no metal. it was seized by the cia after a tip from the saudis. apparently al qaeda in the arabian peninsula dispatch add suicide bomber from yemen. he was meant to board a flight to the united states with that device under his clothes. authorities believe that alseery was behind this plot and behind the underwear bombing attempt christmas of 2009. >> the plot indicates that these terrorists keep trying, they keep trying to devise more and more perverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people. it's a reminder why we have to remain vigilant. >> in texas there is now a $45,000 reward for information leading to those responsible for the death of a rare white buffalo. the coualf was less than a year old. here is the owner of the ranch
9:04 am
where the calf was born. >> my people, my brothers and sisters are hurt for what has happened here on this ranch. >> the white buffalo is considered sacred. instead after birthday celebration the ranch will hold a memorial this week. >> the lives of two girls could be at stake right now. police are frantically searching for the man suspected of abducting them. the situation now is so desperate because the bodies of their mother and older sister were found in a shallow grave. at a home linked to this man, adam mays. police think he abducted the mother and those three girls. he is still out there. and the quote let the wild things begin. he was 83, had a 60-year career
9:05 am
as a writer and illustrator. in january steven colbert talked to him about his famous book which everyone asked him about. >> let's talk about "where the wild things are." why not do a sequel to this. it's a natural. >> because it is the most boring idea imaginable. >> where the wild things are two, still wilding. featuring vin diesel. >> i love that book. inspired by his brother will be published next year. >> the issue of same-sex marriage on the ballot in north carolina. some high profile people are taking sides for and against the measure. amendment 1 would change the state constitution to say that marriage between one man and one woman is the domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this states. opponents say it's discrimination and would also hurt the state economically. bill clinton record add robo
9:06 am
call urging people to vote against this amendment. >> the real effect of the law is not to keep the traditional definition of marriage. you've already done that. the real effect of the law will be to hurt families and drive away jobs. north carolina can do better. again, this is bill clinton. asking you to please vote against amendment one. >> on the other side evangelist billy graham took out full page ads in 14 newspapers urging people to vote for this amendment. he says, quote, the bible is clear, god's definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. joining us is reverend william barber, pastor of green leaf christian church, he has been an opponent of the measure for months now. thank you for joining us. first of all, i want to say the news conference with the clergy that were assembled around the state essentially that video has gone viral. a lot of people watching and in that you made the point here that this amendment you do not believe is about whether or not you believe in same-sex
9:07 am
marriage, the morality of it but it's about whether or not the majority can determine the rights of the minority. can you explain your position? >> thank you so much, suzanne. yes. the naacp, the 102 branches in the state and our people's coalition, early on we said that this matter was not a matter of constitution but a matter of conscience, that we should not try to put discrimination, hate and division into the framework of our constitution. the reality is when you look at who is behind this, the family research council listed as a hate group by the southern law center t the national organization for marriage, that said by their own document that this was not so much about marriage but about the strategy to divide certain democratic allies. a division that's dividing. when you look at the ultra conservative tea party wing in
9:08 am
our legislature that pushed this amendment they allowed no public comment, didn't allow family lawyers to comment. the same persons who cut a billion -- $1.6 billion from public education. $2 billion in medicaid, passed the most aggressive voting rights we've seen in the 19th century. what you have is not so much a focus on same-sex marriage but a marriage between ultra conservative right wing ideology and money. it's wrong to attempt, suzanne, to use a state's rights agenda to trump the 14th amendment. >> sure. i understand your position. how do you convince other black clergy, when we saw the case in maryland, it really was at the forefront. it was the black clergy who said you know what, we are not for same-sex marriage, we're going to -- we're not allowing this in our state. how do you convince them that this is a moral issue for some people? >> well, right. there are people on both sides.
9:09 am
what you saw the other night at that rally, we had persons who in their religious conviction are against same-sex marriage, some were for. when it comes to the constitution, this dangerous precedent of allowing a majority to vote on the rights of a minority. we did that at the beginning of the constitution, we broke black people out. took 100 years of jim crow and we haven't gotten over it. we wrote women out. white men that were poor out so people understand, if you ask the right question, the real question is not what black clergy would do. that was a diverse group from five cities. the issue is what will north carolina do and in the south will we go down this road that we have not tried since 1875 when we outlawed interracial marriage. will we go down the road of actually attempting to codify discrimination, hate and division in the constitution through a popular vote. that is a soul sickness that
9:10 am
american has often wrestled with. we say we the people on one hand, equal protection but in the footnote we begin to write out certain people and other certain people. the question is not just what black people will do, what american will do, what will all of us do, will we go back or forward. whether you agree same-sex marriage or disagree permanently or religiously you should always be against discrimination, hate being codified. >> how is that being received by the clergy in your state? because you have billy graham, you have many very prominent people weighing in and they do not take that position, they do not see this as a human rights, civil rights issue. are you being received well here? do you think you're on the winning side of this argument? >> well, what i know is that when people find out who is behind it, why, that same-sex marriage is legal in north carolina when they get the truth about why this trick amendment was put up we have a different response.
9:11 am
yes, we have 125 organizations in our people's assembly, 120 branches of the naacp, we have five different cities of clergy, christian and jewish and muslims come together. when people are asked the right question, we are not voting on same-sex marriage. that's a religious question. we have a right in our constitution freedom from and of religion. the ultra right, they try to make it about same-sex marriage but we know their policies, cutting education, trying to repeal health care, undermining voter right are anti-family in some ways. when people get the right information, when they find out who is behind it, how it will hurt even heterosexual families there is a different answer. and that's what we're finding across -- >> thank you for your time. we're going to see how north carolina voters decide on this. we're going to wait for them to cast their ballots.
9:12 am
look at where the rest of the country stands on the same-sex marriage issue. it's legal in new york, new hampshire, vermont, massachusetts, iowa, connecticut and washington, d.c. aside from north carolina the issue is also going to be brought to minnesota later this year, possibly as many as four other states as well. right now some of the stories we're covering this hour. authorities say that this man built a bomb intended to bring down a flight that was bound for the united states. we're going to take a closer look at the plot and why the secretary of state hillary clinton says the terrorists will keep on trying. and rick santorum criticized mitt romney for months, now he's endorsing his former rival. >> he's the person that is going to go up against barack obama. it's pretty clear. and we need to win this race. >> also the one percenters tell you how much the average member of congress makes a year. you can guess who is dricher. democrats or republicans. you can watch cnn live on your
9:13 am
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new details on al qaeda's latest attempt to blow up a plane. the device was to go undetected by screeners, had no metal parts. the fbi is dissecting that. operatives seized the bomb in the middle east. nick joins tuesday talk more about what we've learned. first of all, how was this operation supposed to go down? >> it was supposed to go this way. the bomber would take this new bomb that's more sophisticated than other bombs and he was going to select a flight, direct
9:16 am
to the united states from a destination we don't know or from a point of origin we don't know. he was going to choose the flight, get on the plane and detonate his explosives. it was a suicide mission. but his intent was to bring down a passenger jet flying into the united states with everyone on board. >> nic, do we know this bomber saying she no longer of concern, has he been killed? >> it's not clear. that statement means one of two things. either been killed or is now in custody. sources from that region, the middle east who are familiar with some elements of what has taken place seem to indicate that he may still be alive, that this person was providing information and now he may still be alive. but that's not clear to us. it's also not clear which country this bomb was actually picked up in. but the thing that is really clear here is that al qaeda made an effort to circumvent
9:17 am
everything that counter terrorism officials are doing to make this new bomb get through and get on an aircraft. >> if this bomber is still alive do we have any idea where he might be? >> no. it's going to be guesswork. in all likelihood he will possibly be in saudi arabia. if he wasn't there, possibly he might be in the united states. but it really isn't clear. this is guesswork at this stage. from the pieces of information that i have, we perhaps might, might surmise, that he is in saudi arabia. the saudis said that they provided the information that led to this investigation and led to this seizure of this device and thwarting of this plot. >> do we have any idea how strong al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is? >> in terms of being able to make bombs, having the technolo technology, access to the laboratories, to the chemicals, to having the sort of physical
9:18 am
space to do this securely, they have it all. what they don't have is a way to get this bomb if you will, from their factory floor to, if you will, the market where they want to detonate it to planes in the united states. yemen because of everything happening there, close to civil war situation, change of presidency, is very isolated from the international -- the rest of the world right now. that means that counter terrorism officials can focus on keeping the problem therein, that's what they have done, stopped this bomb getting out and getting to this aircraft. but for al qaeda in yemen, that's a hurdle they will be focusing on, how to get the bombs out and onto the planes. >> nic robertson, thank you. the question is al qaeda getting more sophisticated. it went from the shoe box bomb to the 2009 plot. al qaeda's devices are evolving. peter king tells cnn the
9:19 am
terrorist group is determined to keep up the threat against the united states. >> al qaeda and its affiliates can morph and they are constantly adapting, trying to catch up, whenever it appears we have them boxed in they find a new method, they are very able scientists, doctors working for them, these are sophisticated people. they never stop. that's why it's so wrong when people in the national arena say the war on terrorism is over or al qaeda is defeated. certain parts of al qaeda have been knocked back. just when you get to one place they start somewhere else. this is a very, very sophisticated deadly organization and they have one goal in mind, to destroy western civilization particularly the united states. >> next hour i'm going to talk to fran towns end with more on the evolution of that terrorist bomb plot. >> and russia's president vladamir putin celebrating playing hockey while hundreds
9:20 am
were in the streets protesting his return to the presidency. we're digging deeper into his brash style and the election that many protesters say was a sham. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news.
9:21 am
is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers.
9:22 am
putin sworn in as president again after winning his third bid with 63% of the vote. not everybody is happy. massive demonstrations in moscow against perceived fraud have now turned violent. police are clashing with protesters more than 750 people have been arrested since sunday. while thousands battling it out in the streets. the new president found time to lace up, play ice hockey.
9:23 am
michael holmes is joining us to talk about this. vladamir putin, he is a trip. when i was covering obama they started to get to know each other. it was at his what's the equivalent of camp david if you will, and at this press conference he would not look president obama in the eye. for nearly an hour during this press conference. behind the scenes we're told that literally he went on this diatribe for several hours as the president just listened to him. this is somebody who is arrogant, and he's now seized power. >> yes, it is all about power with him. he's a man of some vanity as well. and not a little paranoia it would appear. you're going to figure, he came into power 12 years ago now with his first run. the constitution says you can't run for more than two consecutive terms so once his second term was up he got dimetri medvedev, made him
9:24 am
president, putin moves to prime minister, they do a term, bang, back again. just did swaps again. so now you have putin back as president and medvedev as prime minister. this is angering people. >> this is so different. you have this switch but a lot of people believe it was putin who was really in charge all along. >> of course. yes. >> a shill if you will. >> a fill-in. and the president's role. it was still putin pulling the strings as prime minister. and waiting his time until he could come back in and run again so. yeah, a lot of people think -- it's almost a czar situation. these pictures of when he was inaugurated, that was another of the criticisms. if you watch that from start to finish it's more coronation than innauguation. walking down the red carpet that seemed like miles and making the big speech. there is a lot of vanity. we were talking before we came on, there are a lot of rumors
9:25 am
that he had work done. you look at photos from 10 years ago he looks a lot better now than he did back then. and when some of the protesters t critics tweet, they will sometimes but their tweet and do #botox. >> looking at pictures with his kill if you will t lion that he killed, appeared shirtless, something he put out there. now that you have a society, you have people who are taking to the streets, do they have much power, say at all or kind of hold their nose and realize this guy is just -- he's going to be in charge for a long time. >> that is a growing anger on the streets. we saw that with the protests. even the opposition forces, talking about civilian people who are against him and do feel that the election was not representative let's say, not entirely free and fair. all sorts of allegations of ballot stuffing and the like. even those organizing the protest didn't think they'd get that many people out because they had been cracking down on
9:26 am
dissent. they got up to 70,000 people out on the streets and you know, putin has said he makes it clear he believes nothing less than dark forces and western stooges of behind these sorts of demonstrations. when in fact probably are troublemakers in the crowd, no doubt about that. but the vast majority are regular people fed up with what they see as a corrupt system that kept him in rolling power all these years and fed up with what they consider political prisoners that are in russia. they want a genuine system and fair elections. and they don't feel they are getting that. putin says all of these guys are just troublemakers. >> and it is a difficult balancing act for the obama administration. you have from one administration to the next trying to figure out this guy, whether or not things have gotten a lot better the last four to eight years when you look at trade and it's opened up and security and things of that nature. a real cooperation. but still, it's been a leading force when it comes to blocking
9:27 am
things like iran and some of the things that the un security council is trying to do. >> and syria as well. back when you were doing all of this coverage yourself, you had in a way, we had this daytaunt, a warming of relations and a lot of people see that as having gone away, that there is increasing frostiness and partly because of his style of leadership and how he's running things. and wanting to be seen as tough, not just physically tough but politically tough as well. you saw that mainly with syria recently where it was russia and china that blocked the u.n. security council on dem nation of what's going on in syria. i don't know. >> he's back in charge. >> he's back. >> we'll see how this goes. thank you, michael. good to see you. he once made a case for letting detroit go bankrupt. now mitt romney says the auto industry has him to thank. >> the auto companies needed to
9:28 am
go through bankruptcy before government help. >> hear why the republican presidential candidate says he deserves a lot of credit for the auto industry's comeback. but some have had a hard time understanding my accent. so to make sure people get every word of the geico savings message i've been practicing how to talk like a true chicagoan. switching to geico could save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance... da bears. haha... you people sure do talk funny. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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9:31 am
mitt romney getting slammed for saying he die serves credit for saving the auto industry. hear why some democrats and republicans are angry. a police beating caught on tape in california. a man is dead. now a court is deciding whether the police officers should face trial. a car that drives itself licensed to hit the road for the first time in one state. >> tough times leave france to kick out their president, so what does it mean for the white house? jimmy fallon with the punch line. >> everyone's talking about this after one term in office, french president nicolas sarkozy lost
9:32 am
his re-election bid unable to fix his nation's economy. or as obama put it uh-oh. oh, boy. >> mitt romney's taking heat for opposing the auto bailout after writing the editorial with the headline let detroit go bankrupt. now romney has a new message for the motor city. you're welcome. he says he deserves a lot of the credit for the comeback. joining us to talk about that and more democratic strategist and contributor, and republican strategist alice stewart. former spokeswoman for rick santorum. i want you to listen to what romney said to what president obama said to auto workers as well as president obama back in february. take a listen. >> the auto companies needed to go through bankruptcy before government help and frankly, that's finally what the president did, he finally took
9:33 am
them through bankruptcy, that was the right course, i argued for it from the beginning, it was the uaw and the president that delayed the idea of bankruptcy. i pushed the idea of a managed bankruptcy. and finally when that was done and help was given the companies got back on their feet so i'll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry's come back. >> could have just kicked the problem down the road. the other option was to do absolutely nothing. and let these companies fail. and you will recall there were some politicians who said we should do that. some even said we should let detroit go bankrupt. you remember that. >> all right. alice, how does romney do this, on the one hand he says he should get the credit for it. president obama is saying look, i'm calling you out on this one.
9:34 am
what is going to resonate here? >> well, the truth will resonate. what governor romney did in 2008, he called for a managed bankruptcy of the auto industry in order for them to go through managed bankruptcy is the smart economic thing to do, streamline the company, make it more sustainable in the future, more profitable, make it a better stronger company in the future. what obama wanted to do was a taxpayer funded bailout from the git-go with the insistence from governor romney and others obama came around to the managed bankruptcy idea which made the company stronger, a better deal for the taxpayers, guaranteed the warranties of the cars, and made the companies stronger in the end. what we're seeing now is nothing more than liberals and democrats focusing on this when if you look at the truth, governor romney gave the right recommendation that's better for the auto industries but they are trying to distract with this as opposed to looking at the bad economic numbers, the bad unemployment numbers, the rising gas prices and that's what we
9:35 am
need to focus on. >> it's all the focus is the economy, the jobs as well as those jobs coming back from the auto industry. maria, does the president come out on top when it comes to this issue here? >> of course he does, suzanne. when i heard what mitt romney said ied that same reaction i do when my children try to tell me a lie which is i'm sorry, what? do you really want to stick to that ill-conceived and misguided mem? children? i mean mr. romney? because that is exactly what this is. let's not forget and my friend alice tried to do a great job at spinning this, but romney did say let detroit go bankrupt. when he talked about a managed bankruptcy, he meant and he said this actually, it was private capital that he wanted to help the auto industry. he said very clearly during the most recent debates on the -- during the republican primary he was opposed to any taxpayer funded bail-out.
9:36 am
zero. even republicans are now saying that what he is saying was completely unreasonable because at the time there was zero private sector money. so, if we had actually followed mitt romney's advice, detroit and the auto sector would not exist today, period. >> do you want to comment on that and we'll talk about your guy. >> sure. the truth is that they ended up following governor romney's advice. he requested a managed bankruptcy. this is the economically smart thing to do, it allowed the the car companies to streamline, guaranteed the warranties that they ended up being able to provide the customers. and that was the best economic advice and we're beginning to see americans have trust in governor romney, to handle the economy, he's a strong business man and handle the economy as well. >> and now they are going to see him as a liar, frankly. >> that's not true. >> let's see if this is a
9:37 am
problem or a good thing for mitt romney. the the endorsement of rick santorum, an e-mail sent from santorum, a lot of us looking at this you know, kind of laughing a little bit because it's down in paragraph 13 in this e-mail. the main goal saying he is defeating president obama. the task will not be easy, require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious, he has my endorsement and support. even howard kurtz tweeted this. santorum endorses romney by e-mail. isn't that one notch above breaking up with someone by text message. alice, you were the former spokeswoman for santorum. couldn't he have done more of a robust endorsement. he looks like he's holding his nose. >> this was an e-mail sent to supporters that helped him throughout the campaign, his way of thanking them, letting him know hey, i've been listening to you, the issues you brought to me i presented to governor romney in terms of american family being the strong backbone
9:38 am
of this country and the importance of manufacturing, the importance of restoring freedom and replacing obama care. >> you think it was tough for him to do? >> no. because job number one is defeat barack obama. after he had the meeting with governor romney and presented these issues he felt were important to be folded into the romney campaign and ultimately the romney presidency, he had confidence that governor romney would do the things that he reassured rick that he would do and that's why he supported him and offered the endorsement. what he does from here on out in terms of speaking for him and a more public media savvy way of issuing the endorsement will come in days to come. this was a personal letter from rick thanking them and letting them know i endorsed governor romney. >> i want to talk about the longest serving republican, it's going to be a tough primary today. 36 years, he could be defeated. we're talking about dick lugar,
9:39 am
conservatives and the tea party backing his opponent. lugar is known for his foreign policy but also one of the last moderates here. does this say something about where we are in this election cycle, the tone, the mood of this campaign and our country right now? >> absolutely, suzanne. it speaks volumes of the problem that, frankly, the republican party has been facing since the rise of the tea party. that is that there is no more room for moderates. you know, he's not the first to have faced this. there have been several long standing members of congress who were defeated in 2010 by ultra right wing conservative tea partiers. really add to what in voters' minds is wrong with washington. people need to work together to come together with solutions.
9:40 am
the tea party has no interest in doing that. >> we're going to have to leave it there. good to see you both. we'll see you again soon. thank you. any minute now we're going to hear from mitt romney in his own words live from the campaign trail in michigan.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
this might not come as a surprise but members of congress, they are richer than the rest of us. how much richer? turns out a lot. wow, alison. i think these are pretty big numbers, yes? >> they really are. sort of occupy wall street dynamic that's going on in congress for a long time. between the 1% and the 99%. then you look at the difference between lawmakers and the rest of us, it's huge. now the center for responsive politic looked at the median net worth of lawmakers and found out that republicans make more than democrats but not by much. their median net worth republicans is just under $1 million.
9:44 am
democrats about $900,000. the real comparison you look at the median worth of americans. $96,000. you compare that. when i talk net worth, talking about the stuff you known, investments, cars, minus debt. in this case the net worth of the lawmakers does not include their house. keep in mind the net worth of the average american does include their house so that means if you factor that house in, the disparity would be even bigger. >> they are even richer than what we learned. wow. is this anything new here or have members of congress always been a little bit better off than the rest of us? >> yeah, they just have been better off. lawmakers, it's been that way. only 2% of members of congress come from the working class and really, that's the way it's been for about 100 years because think about it. before they run, most lawmakers have these really big money
9:45 am
making careers, lawyer, business professionals, make higher salaries, also it takes a lot of money to run. it takes millions of dollars to run for office so if you don't have the money you likely are not going to run for officials. >> yeah. poor people generally don't run. who is the richest? >> republican representative from california, darrell issa, he takes the prize. his average net worth at about $450 million. or about a half billion dollars. keep in mind he did start a company that makes anti-theft devices. the richest democrat is senator john kerry worth about $230 million. certainly doesn't hurt to have a wealthy wife. his swif theresa heinz. behind every lawmaker, almost every, is a nice rich woman. i generalize. >> thanks, alison. we will mary from mitt romney in michigan. >> michigan state is a big
9:46 am
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9:48 am
day after taking credit for the auto industry rebound mitt romney is campaigning in michigan holding an event in lansing there, michigan is the state where romney was born, the first campaign stop visit since he won the michigan primary in february. no republican presidential candidate has won michigan since george h.w. bush in 1988. he is hoping to break the pattern. a disturbing video now showing
9:49 am
police beating a homeless mentally ill man to death. >> a court is trying to decide if the officers should face trial. i'm going to go live to the romney event. >> more good jobs leave america there won't be enough good jobs in america to succeed in this great country. this we know in our hearts, the lessons of the last four years teach us a great deal about the next four years. if we continue in the same direction with the same president. we must not. it's time to bring america back. now, the president's plea that we simply ignore the last four
9:50 am
years is actually his latest effort to escape responsibility for the failures of the last four years. his earlier attempt as you recall was to try and blame others. his predecessor, congress, the 1%, oil companies, atms, the tsunami. but the failures were not caused by others. they were caused by wrong choices. the president's wrong choices. president obama chose to apply liberal ideas of the past to a 21st century america. liberal policies didn't work back then. they haven't worked during these last four years. and they will not work in the future. new democrats had abandoned those policies but president obama resurrected them with the predictable results. president clinton, remember, he said the era of big government was over.
9:51 am
president obama brought it back with a vengeance. government consumes about 38% of the economy. and if obama care is installed that will rise to about half of the economy. president clinton made efforts to reform welfare as we know it. the president obama is trying to tirelessly expand the welfare state with more promises and more programs, more benefits, more spending. old school liberals saw a problem and thought a government run program was the answer. obama care is fulfillment of their dreams. federal bureaucrats will tell all americans what they have to have in their health insurance policies and an unelected board will tell sisters what treatments medicare is going to cover. liberalism once taught that unions would ensure lasting prosperity for workers. in stead they too often contributed to disappearing companies and industries and disappearing jobs. but like many politicians of the
9:52 am
past, the president takes his marching orders from union bosses and rails against the right to work states and fights to win union elections by eliminating the right to vote by secret ballot and even denies an american company the right to build a factory in the american state of its choice. the liberals of the past raise taxes, off with very little thought to how they'd hurt small business and the economy. just like them, president obama proposes to raise the tax on small business, he wants to increase the marginal tax rate that the most successful small businesses pay from 35% to 40%. it's a throwback to the discredited policies of the past and it will kill jobs. old school liberals envision government guiding and providing every need of every citizen. government would be at the center. the most important player in our lives. have you seen by the way the president's vision of the future?
9:53 am
to help us see it his campaign has even created a fixal character, it's on the website. living an imaginary life filled with happy milestones through which she will thank the rest of her days thanking president obama. it's called the life of julia. it's a cartoon. julia progresses from cradle to grave showing how government makes every good thing in her life possible. the weak economy, high unemployment, falling wages, rising gas prices, the national debt, the insolvency of entitlements, these are fictionally assumed away in a cartoon produced by ament who wants us to forget about them. what does it say about a president's policies when he has to use a cartoon character rather than real people to justify his record.
9:54 am
and what does it say about the fix of old liberalism to insist that good jobs and good schools and good wages will result from policies that have failed us time and again. it's often asked why this recovery has been so slow. the slowest on record. why are american families having to suffer so much for so long. it's because the solutions that have been applied to the problem have been the wrong solutions. president obama is looking in the wrong direction, looking backward won't solve the problems of today nor take advantage of the opportunities of tomorrow. his are the policies of the past. the challenges of the present and the promise of tomorrow must be met by a new and bold vision for the future and i will bring it. >> mitt romney in lansing, michigan going after president obama's policy. we'll have more after this. this man is about to be the millionth customer.
9:55 am
9:56 am
would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. people don't like to miss out on money that should have been theirs.
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that's why at ally we have the raise your rate 2-year cd. you can get a one-time rate increase if our two-year rate goes up. if your bank makes you miss out, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. time for the help desk. joining me is greg olson, a certified financial planner and partner at lexics advisers. and lynette ask the money thank you for coming in. greg, interesting question for you from ann in washington. ann wrote in, i have two credit
9:58 am
cards and a credit score of 770. i pay my bills on time and never spend more than 10% of my credit limit. i would like to open a card that offers points back. will opening that card hurt my credit score? >> ann, first of all congratulations for being so financially responsible. it could slightly negatively affect your credit score so you want to think about before you open up another card. if you really need to, because of the benefits that go along with it, maybe ask for a lower credit limit. if it is just for gas. maybe $500 a month is sufficient. the other thing would be possibly look at the other two credit cards you have if you need this third one. which one don't i need. this way you'll keep your overall credit limit about the same and that shouldn't negatively affect it. >> closing one hurt her score? >> it depends in that situation. over time you are constantly opening and closing cards. so i would seriously consider it depending on how good that next,
9:59 am
you need that next card. >> your question from joe in arizona. joe wrote in, after a short sale on a bankruptcy how long do i need to wait to buy a home? should he even buy a home? >> not immediately. you have to get back on track financially. generally the short answer could be as little as one year or as long as three years. it depends on two things, one, the type of loan, if it's fha or government backed. and also two, the type of bankruptcy proceeding that he was in. believe it or not you can be in a chapter 13 where you organize your debts and pay them off you can get a mortgage one year after you file bankruptcy. you can get it while you're in bankruptcy proceedings. you have to show a lot of stuff to the bankruptcy court and the trustee, i'm on the right track but you can do it. the government wants to make sure that people don't just you know, walk away from homes and foreclose and get it again so. that