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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 8, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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abuse and sex ual abuse in the hands of their hases and much of it goes unspoken and much of it goes unpunished because the law has a confused or contradictory perception of violence against women. there have been most under new afghan laws to prevent punish, but we're looking at a much longer day to be influenced by the short-term u.s. presence in the weeks and month ahead. >> we appreciate you. thank you. and now "the situation room" with wolf blitzer begins now. >> happening now, gay marriage in the national spotlight and president obama trying to avoid it as pressure on him to take a decisive stand grows. also, republicans wins as a party official says mitt romney is, quote, still undecided on what his position is when it comes to immigration. it's the latest in a series of campaign stumbles.
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plus, disturbing video of a deadly police beating. the victim, a meanta willy ill homeless man who can be heard calling out to his father "they're killing me." i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- >> while we begin this hour with the romney campaign, having some trouble staying on message. let's go straight to our national political correspondent jim acosta. he's on the campaign trail with the presumptive republican nominee. you're in lansing, michigan, right now. tell us what's going on, jim. >> reporter: wolf, earlier today mitt romney accused president obama of governing to the left of bill clinton and bringing big government back with a vengeance. it is a new message for a campaign that is sometimes straight off script in recent days.
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in michigan, mitt romney tried to steer his campaign back on message. >> america is going in the wrong direction. not forward, but sideways, or worse. >> reporter: he not only hit the president's campaign slogan forward, but also the fictional character on mr. obama's website julia seesh receiving help from government programs all her life. >> what does it is a about a president's policies when he has to use a cartoon character rather than real people to justify his record. >> reporter: keeping his campaign on script hasn't been easy take monday's town hall in ohio where the supporter suggested the president is a traitor. romney didn't correct her. >> reporter: why did not you correct her? >> i don't correct the questions that get asked of me. i obviously don't agree. >> reporter: romney failed the john mccain test knowing how the senator handled an unruly
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supporter. >> he is an arab. >> no ma'am. >> no? >> no, ma'am. he's a decent, family man, citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with. >> reporter: democrats says another gift when shortly after romney's town hall he gained credit for the survival of the auto industry. >> i punished the idea of a managed bankruptcy so i'll take credit for the fact that the industry has come back. >> reporter: just across the street from romney's event, protesters reminded the contender he opposed the auto bailout. >> i don't know how he can take credit for anything. >> reporter: now the off-script bug may be catching just as the director of hispanic outreach for the republican national committee. she held a briefing with reporters earlier today and when asked about mitt romney's position on immigration, she said, quote, to my understanding he's still deciding what his position on immigration is and in that same conference call or
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in that same briefing with reporters an rnc press secretary said we never said that the government -- that the governor is still deciding on immigration, so sort of correcting one of their own officials with the rnc, wolf, but there were other off-script moments that did not go the romney campaign's way in the last 24 hours. consider the endorsement of rick santorum. it came at 11:00 last night and caught a lot of reporters off guard and santorum doesn't get around to endorsing romney until the 13th democrats. the democrats have their own off-message man in vice president joe biden as you will report in a few moments, joe biden said we were the problem, talking about the united states, when it came to iran, dealing with iran. the romney campaign blasted out a statement to reporters earlier this afternoon accusing the obama administration of having a blame america first policy when it comes to iran. >> we'll have much more on joe biden, and very quickly on michigan where you are right
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now. did the romney folks really believe michigan is in play given the perception in michigan that the president saved the american auto industry? >> well, i think they would like it to be in play and you mentioned the issue of the auto industry and mitt romney talked to the local reporter in cleveland yesterday and basically claimed credit or partial credit for the fact that the auto industry has survived and he has to take that posture, wolf, because that industry is so important in the state and there's a lot at stake for mitt romney, keep in mind, this was his boyhood home and he was facing the prospect of losing massachusetts where he was governor. >> jim acosta, traveling with the republican presidential candidate. thanks very much. the charged politics of seym-sex marriage in north carolina. a measure that's expected to pass. president obama already under pressure on the issue is trying
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to stay far away from it in a very literal sense. our white house correspondent brianna keilar is traveling with the president and she's in albany, new york. the president was supposed to be in north carolina today. not exactly happening. what happened? >> reporter: no, he was here in albany, wolf, talking about the economy and giving congress a to-do list on the economy. he was not talking about his position on same-sex marriage which is equal rights for gay couples, civil unions and not same-sex marriage. it's interesting. had he been in north carolina he would have been in the middle of this debate over same-sex marriage. president obama was supposed to speak in north carolina as voters are poised to pass a constitutional amendment, banning civil unions and same-sex marriage. late last week congressional offices were notified that the president would no longer be coming according to a democratic source. instead -- >> the president traveled to
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albany, new york, to talk about the economy. >> the only way we can accelerate the job creation that takes place on a scale that is need side bold action from congress. >> president obama has said his views on same-sex marriage are evolving, but officially his policy hasn't changed from when he was a candidate. >> define marriage. >> i believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. >> reporter: the north carolina vote and recent comments by vice president biden have put his position under the microscope again. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexuals are entitled to the same, exact right, all of the civil rights and all of the civil liberties. >> reporter: that was sunday. on monday, obama's education secretary was asked if he believed in same-sex marriage. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: now advocates are renewing their calls for the president to change his
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position. >> i would like to hear from the president what i have always wanted to hear from the president and what virtually all members of the lgbt community would like to hear from the president which is he supports marriage equality and it's something he can hear southeastern rather than later. >> even in albany, couldn't escape a reminder of the issue and he was introduced by current new york governor, andrew cuomo. >> today is a much different day in that your leadership has brought this nation through the storm and we thank you. >> reporter: who headed up the effort to legalize same-sex marriage here last year. now, wolf, republicans are very happy to seize on what's been a bit of a wedge issue for democrats. same-sex marriage is something that many democratic voters including young voters are very much in support of, but there are other voters like black democratic voters, hispanic voters who are not so much in favor of it. we heard george pataki, the
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former governor of new york on a conference call telling reporters that the president needs to decide one way or the other. on another note, should i mention, the white house about this change of plans for the president being here in albany instead of north carolina spokesman for the white house, saying any confusion around today's travel plans is due to miscommunication at the white house. the president will travel to north carolina again soon, wolf. >> i'm sure he won north carolina four years ago and he'll be much, much more difficult this time around and everyone agrees on that. thanks very much, brianna. this isn't the first time vice president joe biden has put the white house in an awkward position with his remarks. let's dig deeper with gloria borger and our chief white house correspondent jessica yell iin. he sort of joked at the beginning when he said this. >> no one's ever doubted i mean
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what i say. the problem is i sometimes say all that i mean. got a nice little bit of laughter. he was joking, but there was an element of truth there. >> it's a very difficult transition when you go from being a senior senator and center of the universe, master of the universe in the senate to being a subsidiary to the president of the united states. and you have to learn as joe biden has had to learn and sometimes he doesn't learn very well that sometimes he's not answering questions for himself, but answering questions on behalf of the president. he did not mean to establish a gulf or division with the president of the united states on the issue of gay marriage, but he answered that question honestly and he has had his evolution and this is the man who voted for the defense of marriage act in the '90s and has come to believe in gay marriage. he didn't mean to speak for the president, but he created
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problems. >> bill clinton supported the defense of marriage act, as well. there's been an evolving position, shall we say. joe biden, what's the sense over at the white house, jessica? has he helped the president? hurt the president? give me a little flavor. >> he causes headaches and i can report that some of the president's top vaadvisers are struggling with how to deal with or clean up on the president's position now that biden went further on the issue. >> they weren't happy he was saying this. >> this was not planned. but on the other hand, on will bahhance he's far more helped than hurt. the president not known for his strength in building relationships, for example on capitol hill and joe biden and the vice president has had historic great relationships on both sides of the aisle and the vice president because of his history on the foreign relations committee has relationships with foreign leads are. the vice president is known as a
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contrarian in the room when having debates. he's the first one to say you all have the obligation to speak up and tell the president what you truly believe and he's known to have a soft touch with staff. when people need a shoulder to cry on or somebody to come to, joe biden is the guy that you can turn to sometimes. >> he's a very smart guy. he will playa i significant role as a strategist in the re-election campaign. >> a strategist and as a spokesman for the president when he gets it right. i think joe biden sees himself as the warm-up act for the president because he plays to the blue-collar audiences that the president may have some difficulty with. he's been assigned six or seven battleground states to appear in, most notably ohio and florida. he's also going to be very important in about half a dozen senate races. so the white house understands that they can use joe biden very well, it's just that sometimes he does cause these headaches
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and i'm told that he hasn't yet spoken with the president directly about this, but you can bet they will some time soon. >> how are they reacting? white house officials and biden officials to the criticism from romney and republicans on joe biden that he's once again blaming the united states first when it comes to iran? >> they're not bothered by that at all. they believe that joe biden was delivering the president's me message today, that he was on message and on the point that jim acosta raised they said he doesn't see it quite as cleanly as he did in his speech to nyu earlier, but what the vice president had said then is that when the president originally took office the pressure on iran was stuck in neutral and that president obama understood, this is quoting joe biden that by seeking to engage iran in the first place, by going the extra diplomatic mile the u.s. would demonstrate to the world that iran, not the u.s., was the problem. in other words, showing that the
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president means business, all options are on the table. >> no doubt that biden delivered a very strong speech. >> if the iranians don't cooperate, the economy will be in shambles and he predicted that ahmadinejad would not be in power in two years. he was flat on that. >> we'll hold him to it. >> we'll see what happens. >> we'll find out what the romney campaign is saying about all of this and more and the senior adviser of the campaign brian jones is standing by and he'll join us live this hour. we'll have the latest on the foiled al qaeda bomb plot to try to bomb a u.s. airliner. lawmakers on capitol hill are outraged, but perhaps for a different reason than you might think. and courtroom video that is so hard to watch. the judge had to pause -- pause it to let some people leave the court. we are following this case of a deadly police beating. ♪ how are things on the west coast? ♪
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jack cafferty is here with "the cafferty file." jack? >> indeed, when it comes to presidential campaign ads it's getting ugly out there. very ugly. a new study shows negative campaign ads in the race for the white house have skyrocketed since 2008. according to the wesley an media project, 70% of campaign earn comes run so far have been negative.
1:19 pm
that's 70%. that compares to only 9% at this point in the 2008 campaign. experts say part of the reason for all of the negativity is the skyrocketing involvement of interest groups. their activity is up a stunning 1100 percent from four years ago. we'll tell you the reason in a minute. it's not just the interest groups going negative, though. the campaigns are also to blame. the study shows more than half of the ads have been negative as well as 86% of the commercials put out by independent groups like super pacs. all in all, that's a lot of trash talking. they're dominating the airwaves, accounting for 60% of commercials and campaigns just 36% of the spots so far. compare that to 2008 when virtually all of the ads in the white house raised 96% came from the campaigns. we had the supreme court to thank for this. the outsized role this time of these outside groups, the 2010 citizens united decision allows for unlimited donations by
1:20 pm
corporations as long as they're made up of groups independent of the candidates like super pacs. meanwhile, six months to go until election day, get red for an onslaught of negative ads for fr both sides. even though voters don't like the negative campaigning, the ads are effective. they tap into emotions like anxiety, fear and disgust and can actually push a voter away from a candidate. here's our question. why do you think the negative campaign ads work so well? go to and post a comment on my blog or go to "the situation room's" facebook page. a lot of trash talking, wolf. >> there will be more with the super pacs. hundreds of millions of dollars. george soros is giving millions now to some of the pro-democrat, pro-democratic super pacs. republicans have their billionaires as well so the ads will be flying out there big time, jack. >> the supreme court has taken
1:21 pm
the system to beyond thinking about it being corrupted. it's completely corrupted now with money. 40, 50 billionaires can control the outcome of any election in the country. >> money talks. >> i've heard that. >> jack, thank you. experts are studying an explosive device which a u.s. official say was made by al qaeda terrorists in yemen who designed it to get past airport security and on to a plane. we got word of a plot almost exactly 24 hours ago and lawmakers are holding hearings to find out exactly what happened. our congressional correspondent kate bolduan is joining us. what are they finding out? >> reporter: wolf, one of these intelligence briefings is ongoing here in the senate, but members of the house intelligence committee received a briefing earlier from members of the cia and more details into how this foiled bomb plot really unfolded. as they, merged, key members of the house intelligence committee emerged with bipartisan
1:22 pm
agreement that they thought this was an intelligent success in their words, but they emerged with key lawmakers blasting what they're saying is a devastating leak to the media of information about this sensitive operation. just listen here to two key members from the house intel jens committee. republican congressman peter king. >> the pressing issue right now is how it was leaked and what can be done to make sure this doesn't happen again. i can't emphasize how closed this it was and how compartmentalized it was and the fact that it could have gotten out in any detail at all. it is very, very shocking. >> we have to be vigilant, and strong and have to work as a team. we can't have the stove pops and not corroborate. you can't have leaks. leaks can kill people. leaks can deter us getting
1:23 pm
information. >> reporter: now both congressmen came out to say that they did not know where the leak came from, but they did note that the cia is akre about this and also insist the that the leak could not, did not come from congress because members of congress, key members of congress were not informed and were not briefed on this until yesterday. that in and of itself has been a source of criticism by members up here and top members of the house intelligence committee did say they will be investigating and this is where a lot of the focus is at this point. how and why the information leaked out prematurely and that's where a lot of the focus is from key members on capitol hill today, wolf. >> thank you. next hour we'll go in-depth on the foiled plot. could the bomb have gotten through airport security undetected? the chairman of the house intelligence committee mike rogers has seen the device and a picture of it. he'll share with us some of the details and the president says his view of gay marriage are
1:24 pm
evolving and where does mitt romney stand? i'll ask a campaign senior advis adviser. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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to get a free quote, call... visit a local office, or go to today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? a series of appearance stumbles as mitt romney's campaign is falling off message as the general election campaign gets into full swing six months ago. let's talk about that and more with brian jones, senior adviser to the romney campaign. thanks for coming? >> the incident yesterday stands out and a woman stands up and says to mitt romney. let me play a clip to you because people are comparing his reaction at that town hall meeting with john mccain's reaction four years earlier. >> we have a president right now that is operating outside the structure of our constitution,
1:28 pm
and i do agree he should be tried for treason. >> later in a rope line romney said of course, he disagrees, but at the town hall he didn't rebuke her. he didn't say what he said later and some are suggesting that represents a lack of experience, if you will. he should have come out and said, you know, he shouldn't be friared treason. you can disagree with him, but he shouldn't be tried for treason. >> governor romney said he disagreed and it's a long campaign and i'm sure he'll have chances to -- and you only have a finite time to get your message out. governor romney will call people out when they say something that he thinks are offensivoffensive. >> next time someone says he's a muslim and not an american citizen, he should be tried for treason and he'll correct someone. >> you don't guess what a hypothetical could be and certainly if they will say things that are inappropriate,
1:29 pm
hateful and not right. >> i know governor romney, i'm sure when he heard her say he should be tried for treason i'm sure he thought to himself that's ridiculous. that's not appropriate language. >> a long campaign and lots of chances and hopefully it shouldn't happen too launch. >> the questions aren't screened in advance. you know that. they'll ask tough questions. >> absolutely. >> let's talk about the whole with issue of gay marriage. where, exactly, wean the president's position is evolving and he's getting some heat right now on that. where exactly does mitt romney stand when it comes to gay individuals, lesbians and gay men getting married. >> he's been clear on this and clear throughout the whole process. he believes it should be between a man and a woman. >> he opposes gay marriage? >> he opposes gay marriage.
1:30 pm
>> does he oppose civil unions? >> he's been against civil unions and open to conversations about medical benefits and some of those issues. i think the real issue here, though, is obviously and it would be a little more and interesting and lively discussion if you had someone from the obama campaign given what's happened with what vice president biden said. >> he opposes gays marriage and civil unions. does he support a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage. >> yes. >> if he were living in north carolina on this referendum that's under way he would vote in favor. >> he believes states have to decide his own fate. >> what's his position on the north carolina refer end up. >> if he was a resident of north carolina he might have an opinion on that, but he believes states should have the right to make their own decisions. >> i ask these questions because i studied governor romney's positions over the years when he was running for the senate in massachusetts, when he was
1:31 pm
governor of massachusetts, and i think it's fair to say his position has evolved over these many years. we have a full screen -- i'll put it up when he said back in 1994 when he was running for the senate against ted kennedy. he said i believe we can and must do better if we are to achieve the goals we share, we must make equality for gays and lesbians a mainstream concern. my opponent cannot do this, i can and will. in other words, he was more supportive of gay rights back in the '90s than ted kennedy was. >> look, governor romney was clear about this throughout the process. he believes the marriage should be between a man and a woman. that's it. >> is it fair to say his position has evolved or has he always opposed shall we say, equal rights for gays. >> i use the word evolution, and i'm not sure what the correct terminology is, but his position is what it is and i would go back to the obama campaign and they're the ones that seem to have a bigger issue with gay marriage. >> what do you think about what
1:32 pm
he said then, what he wrote then, do you stand by that? have you discussed that with him when he was running for the sen nat '94? >> i'll be frank with you. i haven't talked to governor romney about the 1994 campaign. >> it was a letter, by the way, that he wrote to the log cabin club of massachusetts. those are gay republicans, october 6, 1994. quickly on rick santorum. in the middle of the night last night he comes out with an, mail and sort of endorses mitt romney. i wouldn't say it was enthusiastic. how did you reaction to that? >> it was a long, bruising hard-fought primary so we're happy to have his support going forward and he's looking forward to helping governor romney. >> it was strange, though, the way santorum did it, 13th paragraph out of 16 paragraphs and buried out there and it was
1:33 pm
strange. >> maybe it was atypical of how something like this may have been done, but at end of the day we're happy we got his support. we're excited to have it and i'm sure you'll see governor romney and santorum out on the campaign trail soon. >> thanks for coming in. we'll see you back in "the situation room." thanks for having me. >> an official says romney is still deciding his position. the rnc and the romney campaign pushing back, but is damage already done? our strategy session coming up next. an unbelievable video, a very sad video being used against police officers accused of beating a man to death. ♪
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1:37 pm
>> i know a lot of people are talking about castellanos. >> you make me so happy when you pronounce it correctly. >> absolutely. >> let's talk politics right now. we were talking earlier from the romney campaign about rick santorum's endorsement of romney in the 13th and 16th paragraph in an e-mail he sent out last night. i'll put it up on the screen. above all else, we both agree president obama will be defeated. the task is not easy. governor romney will be that nominee and he has my endorsement and support to win this the most critical election of our lifetime. what do you make of that, the way he endorsed him, it is style, the words? >> doesn't exactly bring the words good loser to mind. if i were the romney people i would be slightly disappointed that santorum didn't do this at midnight instead of at 11:00. rick santorum doesn't have that much -- santorum waited too late
1:38 pm
and in fact, i think if he doesn't become a little more enthusiastic he can jeopardize himself, not romney. republicans are united as they've never been because they want to beat barack obama and i don't think santorum wants to be the guy who undermines that in any way. michele bachmann several weeks to endorse mitt romney. newt gingrich did it and not a robust and lively way. the republicans have to get united if they'll beat the president of the united states in six months. there's no question about that, wolf, but what this endorsement did and he actually puts you. >> meaning to burying the lead is that he indicates that he still has a lot of misgivings and i don't think he's alone. a lot of conservatives and social conservatives still have a lot of misgivings about mitt romney and the things he said about mitt romney being the worst republican to go against president obama and the fact that he doesn't think he's principled on conservative values and all of that came
1:39 pm
screaming out in the paragraphs before he endorsed him. >> not like a threat from mars and republicans do feel that unless barack obama is defeated the country is in jeopardy you'll see them solid with enthusiasm in november. >> that's the key word, with enthusiasm. we'll see how enthusiastic that is. there was a conference call that the rnc had for hispanic outreach and republicans, we all know, they need to do more work to reach out to the hispanic community and the director of the hispanic outreach for the national committee said this, as a candidate, referring to mitt romney, to my understanding he's still deciding what his position on immigration is. that was a little awkward, wasn't it? >> an unfortunate choice of words there. this happens with staff and junior staff in a campaign. >> this woman is the director --? that's a director.
1:40 pm
>> of course, meanwhile barack obama's been -- democrats have been attacking mitt romney for his firm positions on immigration that he wants to enforce our laws and incredible thing. who would have thought anyone would want to do that and secure our border? on the other hand, his position doesn't seem to be clear enough for them. i know mitt romney and immigration is an important issue to me as it is to maria. weave talked about this and i've never heard him talk about illegal immigration and securing the border without also saying you know what we have to do? we have to expand legal immigration and we're losing so many great minds and people that we train. >> that's not -- >> that's a very important point. >> he does have a position on immigration and illegal immigration. >> you look at the debates and i moderated three of those debates, but for someone from the rnc to say he's still deciding his position? it suggests that there is potentially an etch a sketch, an
1:41 pm
evolving position on immigration. >> or it could suggest that mitt romney has flip-flopped so much and someone that doesn't know him that well has basically whiplashed not knowing what position he'll take, so i kind of don't blame her. the good news for the republicans is they can hardly do more damage than what they have done with hispanics. >> where his position is evolving whether we should support marco rubio's version of the dream act. on that, he is still making up his mind and on that a lot of republicans are trying to find a way of becoming a nation of big hearts and open doors, but a secure booeder and barack obama has done a lot to solve the immigration problem in this country. he's cratered the economy. now more people want to leave than want to come. that's the thing we need to do to get the country back on track again. >> the problem with that is that latinos look at immigration as a felter issue. >> they don't care about the economy? >> did i say that? no. they look at it as a if thor
1:42 pm
issue. the economy is number one, but if they don't like the way you're speaking to them about this filter issue they're not going to listen to you on the economy. >> mitt romney wants to increase legal immigration. >> and that has fall own deaf ears. >> lopsided hispanic support for the president in states like arizona, nevada, new mexico and colorado and maybe even florida, maybe florida. >> key swing states. thanks very much. a group of police officers caught on tape allegedly beating a man to death. the video is shocking and it had people in the courtroom gasping. also, it all started with my exclusive interview with the cuban authorities contacted me to respond and now the secretary of state hillary clinton is weighing into cnn as well. all of this coming up in our next hour. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies
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1:45 pm
now to some unbelievable video being shown in a california courtroom. we want to warn you, it can be very hard to watch. on it you can see and hear a man pleading for his life as police officers repeatedly beat him.
1:46 pm
he died five days later. cnn's casey wian is following the story for us. casey? >> reporter: wolf, for the first time yesterday in a courtroom prosecutors and public, i should say, prosecutors played that videotape of fullerton police officers beating transient kelly thomas, injuries that led to his death. the tape begins with a warning from fullerton police officer manuel ramos to transient kelly thomas. >> see my fists? >> yea, what about that? >> the disturbing video shows thomas hit with batons. you can clearly hear him saying he's sorry to officers over and over again. >> okay. i'm sorry! i'm sorry! seven minutes in, each after he's been tased and hit in the face with the butt of a taser you can hear thomas continues to resist him. >> he's still fighting. >> perhaps most disturbing of all thomas calls out to his father and from the tape it's
1:47 pm
very clear he was afraid he was beaten to death. his father, who was not at the scene later told reporters that his son was mentally ill. the video was so disturbing there were audible gasps in the courtroom and at one point the judge ordered the playback stopped so some spectators could leave the hearing. a toxicology report found no drugs or alcohol in thomas' system. the coroner ruled he died of asphyxiation, aggravated by the injuries he received. here you can see the pool of blood left after thomas is taken off in a stretcher. the defense attorney for one of the officers has said his client issued a lawful force to subdue him and there was insufficient evidence for a murder charge. today defense attorneys are again playing that videotape in court and questioning medical professionals about other possibilities, other ways that
1:48 pm
kelly thomas may have been killed. of course, they are trying to persuade a judge at this preliminary hearing to drop murder and manslaughter charges against those two officers, wolf. >> it's shock video, casey. what's been the reaction in the community out there? >> reporter: a lot of attention on the fullerton police department. some folks in the community saying that this department has a very long history of beating suspects so there's been a lot of effort by the local city authorities to perhaps look into alternatives. people very shocked at the graphic nature of these pictures and the still photos that we've seen for some time and now the videotape that we're seeing for the first time, wolf. >> truly shocking. thank you, casey, for that report. the decision to bailout aig is causing outrage, but a new report says there may be reason to smile about it now, billions of reasons. and the cuban government is responding officially to my
1:49 pm
interview with an american man they're holding behind bars. the way it says allen gross could be released surprised me. you will hear it and that's coming up in the next hour. born to leap, born to stalk, and born to pounce. to understand why, we journeyed to africa, where their wild ancestor was born. there we discovered that cats, no matter where they are... are born to be cats. and shouldn't your cat be who he was born to be? discover your cat's true nature. purina one.
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1:52 pm
it was a controversial decision by the u.s. government to bail out the insurance giant aig. now the report says the u.s. stands to make billions of dollars in profit from the bailout. cnn's erin burnett is out in front of this story. erin, the bailouts were extremely unpopular, but in this case, it looks like the government and all of us taxpayers may be coming out on top. what's going on? >> aig, when you look at bailout politics was the one that was hated by everybody. nobody really liked the aig bailout and it was a cancer in the center of the whole weakness of the financial system. $182 billion. this is the single biggest bailout investment by u.s. taxpayers. aig, and what's amazing, wolf, the general accounting office came out with a 76-page report saying that they think the taxpayers may make $15.1 billion on this. so they'll get the 182 back and plus another $15 billion.
1:53 pm
aig is not quite there yet. they still have some debt to repay and they've been doing so steadily and they're assuming they'll finish that, but also it's about where aig's shares trade. taxpayers, we the people, used to own more than 90% of aig and it soon will be 60%. if you're a taxpayer and want to know if you'll make money, this is the price to look at $28.72 and show you where we are right now. we're above that break even. taxpayers are making money. the big contrast, of course, wolf is to look at general motors which is the other big question mark out there whether taxpayers will be made whole or not. gm needs to trade somewhere between $54 and $59 a share for someone to make money on that transition and i'll show you where we close today and we're not even close. we're a long way to go on gm and obviously, we're not quite there yet on aig, wolf, a couple of years ago, even 18 months ago if you had said to experts on wall
1:54 pm
street and aig would pay america back they would have said no way and aig has managed to do it. so we'll see when we finally get there, but it's a pretty stunning number they think will shock a lot of people. >> you'll have more on this coming up and we'll be watching as we do every single night. let's go back to jack for "the cafferty file." >> the question is why do the negative campaign ads seem to work so well? >> bruce in south dakota writes i don't think any of it works anymore. the truth has long since been lost in all the noise and sadly, it's gotten to the point where i don't trust anyone who wants the job. ed in pennsylvania writes, i believe the following quote covers the whole gamut of negative political ads, quote. the lice are so much easier to believe when they were exactly what you were hoping to hear, unquote, author unknown. negative ads turn me off. they have no effect on me. i understand who the candidates are, what they believe in and stand for and that's what i base
1:55 pm
my vote on. get the facts, folks. make an educated decision. i think the negative campaign works because folks look at what's in front of them with no research. i sure don't want that guy. plus they're all politicians and therefore tell you exactly what they think you want to hear. jason writes on facebook, for me negative ads work against those who produce them. it shows me their ideas cannot stand on their own so they resort to criticizing their opponents. to be blunt. it's far easier to destroy a reputation than to build one. people tend to judge others more by their faults than their good traits unless they are family and this is particularly true in politics. patrick writes, americans love gossip. if you want to read more on this go to the blog or to our post on "the situation room's" facebook page. >> everyone loves gossip, not just americans. i've been all over the world. folks love to gossip. we have new details coming into
1:56 pm
"the situation room" about the plan to blow up a u.s.-bound plan an explosive device has been seized, but are there more out there? also, coming up next, we remember an author whose books touched the lives of millions of children over the decades. ♪
1:57 pm
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>> sad news for the literary world today. the renowned children's author and illustrator maurice sendak is dead. he's best known for his timeless classic "where the wild things are," released in 1963. it's a true childhood classic that has touched the lives of generations of readers around the world. he won the caldecott medal in 1964 for the book's unforce gettable illustrations and one called him the picasso of children's literature. in 2009 the book was made into a feature film directed by spike jonze and it's still making its mark on children today. president obama read "where the wild things are" to a crowd of,000 thousands at the white house easter egg roll participants. sendak illustrated nearly 100 books during his 60-year can rear and also designed sets and
2:00 pm
costumes for operas and ballets. it will be published in february of next year. his publisher said sendak died in connecticut of complications following a recent stroke. he was 83 years old. >> and you're in "the situation room." happening now, airport screeners on alert for a bomb that could slip past metal detectors. u.s. officials are studying al qaeda's dangerous new weapon fearing another device may still be out there. the chairman of the house intelligence committee mike rogers joins me with new details this hour. >> the cuban government appears to be making a new offer for the release of a jailed american in a letter hand-delivered to me this hour. new reaction to my exclusive interview with allen gross. and her head bands and pant suits made headlines and now hillary clinton opening up about america's fixation on how she
2:01 pm
looks. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- >> we're learning more about a foiled airline terror plot and the sophisticated new bomb that has a lot of people very worried right you in. top lawmakers warn the device that was seized may not be the only one that was made for al qaeda with the goal of attacking americans. barbara starr has the latest on the investigation. barbara? >> wolf thshgs is al qaeda in yemen. about a thousand fighters and some very expert bomb makers. u.s. officials say they stopped this plot, but are worried there are similar bombs and other would-be bombers out there. one u.s. official telling cnn
2:02 pm
that al qaeda in yemen continues plotting right now to try and attack the u.s. another official saying the threat is not over. >> it involves a number of countries and at no time did the bomb ever make it on to the plane, but as far as even the country it originated from, all of that for various reasons is not being disclosed and it involved sophisticated intelligence. >> reporter: it was a tip from saudi arabia that uncovered what was supposed to be a suicide mission. it would be carried onboard and detonated on a u.s.-bound airliner. when president obama was first briefed by his intelligence staff, the u.s. was still trying to get possession of the device. the fbi now says it was, quote, seized abroad. the white house will only say that the alleged bomber is no longer a threat, but will not say whether he is in custody or
2:03 pm
dead. now on this device, the detonator was more sophisticated than the u.s. has previously seen being tried by al qaeda in yemen operatives. that's a worrisome development and again, they now believe there may be more than one bombmaker in this part of the al qaeda organization that can make these bombs with no metal content that can potentially slip past airport security. wolf? >> very worrisome, indeed. everyone who steps onboard the plane today wants to know has al qaeda found a terrifying new way to get around airport security? our brian todd is over reagan national airport outside of washington, d.c. what are you learning, brian? >> wolf, set the scene for you here. you see people getting ready to go through these body scanning machineses during the reagan commute hour. these machines are now on the front lines of u.s. national security, but this plot has sparked some pretty substantive questions about their
2:04 pm
effectiveness. a senior administration official tells cnn the device recovered in the alleged plot bomb a plane bound for the u.s. was not made to be implanted in the body. it was an evolution of a bomb smuggled onboard a u.s.-bound plane on christmas day, 2009, a non-metallic device found inside an attacker's underwear. could those full-body imaging machines now in u.s. airports and some overseas have det ekted it? top officials are confident. >> many believe that would have caught this particular device. homeland security secretary janet napolitano says there's a high likelihood the bomb could have been detected if they had tried to slip it past u.s. security. they can see through clothes, reveal contours and prevent prosthesis. a government audit says it is not clear if they would have caught the device.
2:05 pm
there are vulnerabilities in these american eens. >> reporter: i asked former fbi assistant director tom fuentes, a cnn contributor about that. could they have detected this device, do you think? >> i think someone going through a bodyer, it may have been detected depending on how they packaged the explosive. if you have a large, plastic container, that may have shown up on that type of scanner. the problem is you don't have enough of those even in the united states, much less the rest of the world. >> the department of homeland security says there are 700 body scanners deployed in more than 180 airports inside the u.s. and in hundreds of locations around the world, but they're up against a terrorist who may have figured out how to evade them. ibrahim al asiri bomb making mastermind for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. he once placed a bomb inside his own brother. it is not clear whenly made this late of the device, but
2:06 pm
intelligence officials say he was behind the christmas day attack and the 2010 plot to send printer bombs to the u.s. both were thwarted, but came close. >> this is a bomb maker who learns from his mistakes. this is a bomb maker who is growing in sophistication, growing in confidence and a bomb maker who may have access to a greater amount of chemicals now in yemen, perhaps even laboratories. >> reporter: experts say that's because al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has made territorial gains in yemen recently and has established a deeper safe haven there and claims to have more access to all those materials and experts say ibrahim al asiri is believed to have trained several other individuals in his bomb making techniques so that if he's killed others can take up that work. wolf? >> brian, what more can you tell us about this bomb maker ibrahim al asiri? >> reporter: terrorism experts tell us he's about 30 years old. he grew up in ri ad, saudi
2:07 pm
arabia. he studied chemistry at a saudi university. he became radicalized during the iraq war and spent time in a saudi prison and made his way over to yemen where he joined al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. interesting, there is a report a couple of years ago who with said it was a pakistani expert who trained several people in the arabian peninsula on how to make bombs and that was not confirmed and there was speculation as to how ibrahim al asiri learned his craft and who he's teaching it to. >> brian todd at reagan national airport, thanks. congressman mike rogers of michigan is joining us now. he's the chairman of the house intelligence committee. congressman, have you been fully briefed, do you feel you've been fully briefed on this plot that was thwarted by the cia? >> i feel we got most of it as of today at least as far as the details of the event and what occurred in the process of us obtaining the actual dwieshgs
2:08 pm
the explosive device and have you seen photos of this actual explosive device? >> i have. >> could you describe what it looks like, what it feels like? give us a little sense of what it involved. >> i will tell you that this is the christmas day bomber next generation and that's what's so concerning to us is that they went to school on their mistakes and looked at what happened in that particular event. it tells you they have the intellectual capital in one place it do the very painstaking, scientific and engineering work to design that next generation of explosives so i can't get into the details of it, but you can imagine that what concerns us, not that i would anticipate any change in the way we do security here in the united states as far as people going through the airport, but the fact they are spending that much time and effort trying to circumvent security systems with a device that appears to be lethal. it is right in the middle of its forensic analysis right now and
2:09 pm
we'll hopefully know more in the days, if not weeks ahead. >> the device has no metal that would be detected by a metal detector, right? >> there was no metal, apparent metal in the particular device, but other scanners would have, in fact, detected it, many believe. it's premature because we haven't done all of the forensic work hasn't been done and has aren't been presented. >> the explosive material, would it be powder? >> i really shouldn't get into the details that specifically other than if you know what the christmas day bomber which was well explained, it was kind of the next generation of it. so it was that, plus some improvements to try to circumvent security and that's what concerns many of us. >> it could have been used in underpanters on something like that? smo something of that nature. >> something of that nature. it would be worn as opposed to put inside a body cavity or whatever? >> i would agree with that assessment, yes. >> what about the individual or
2:10 pm
individuals who were planning on doing this? what happened to them? >> well, rest assured that they present no threat to the united states or our allies or anyone at this particular point and again, this is the importance -- i spent a lot of time developing relationships, liaison relationships with foreign security services of all sorts. some may be hostile in some cases and others may be good allies to the united states and everything in between and those relationships pay off over time and instances just like this. so this was a liaison service who cooperated with the united states and it was able to help in this particular case get on to this particular individual and obtained the device itself which was -- which is incredibly important as we move forward. we know how having the device is so important to us because of the forensics in allowing us to could how they operate, how they
2:11 pm
think and where they're going next. >> when you say this individual is no longer a threat to the united states that says to me this individual is dead or he's been detained or been arrested. can you tell us what the answer is? >> i can't confirm or deny this particular individual's status as of today. >> and the friendly intelligence service that cooperated? would that be yemen, saudi arabia or both? >> i cannot confirm or deny any of the security services that may have participated in this particular event. >> but their master bombmaker, al asiri, is he the guy largely responsible for this? is he still at large? >> it has all of the signatures of his work and again, the concern here is over time. here's the good news, we didn't fiend yemen last week and this is something that's known to be a problem and spent resources and capital and agency and other spy agency capital to try to figure out exactly what the networks look like there, and so
2:12 pm
our concern it has those hallmarks and could it be someone else? could there be other folks who have gone to school on this particular twie develop these devices? that's all in the process of being figured now which is why this was so concerning and it was leaked in the way that it was. a little bit of chest thumping too early. as an old fbi agent, wolf, you want to follow an operation, a case or investigation all of the way to its conclusion before talking about it. any time that happens short of that, that's a huge problem, so as chairman of the intelligence committee i've been asking a lot of serious questions about how this leak, in fact happened and to make sure there wasn't chest thumping early at the expense of our national security. is that what you're implying. >> it certainly is the fun season and it didn't pass the test of this particular case and how it happened and when there
2:13 pm
were press conferences scheduled and all of that leads to a lot of questions. again thshgs is so important that we keep politics out of the national security an rat us and it is incredibly important for the security of this country that it not be republican or democrat or for campaign purposes of any sort and we need to make sure that, in fact, happened and what happened with the earlier release, it didn't allow for the most robust conclusion of an operation or investigation into this particular event, and maybe put at risk some other operations and some of our allies. >> the white house says president obama was briefed in april. whenever you briefed about it. that was another concerning thing. it's what should have called a big 8 briefing when the operation is first onto it and we weren't brought in until yesterday which is also another oddity. i have not seen that since i was chairman and i've been fully open until this particular event
2:14 pm
and it raises a lot of questions given the press schedule of this event and how it was released early and it raises a lot of question, unfortunately. i know there will be a lot of investigations and as someone who covered the intelligence committees over the years i found it odd that you, dianne feinstein, the chairman of the house and senate intelligence committees were not briefed until yesterday and that was surprising to me as well. congressman rogers, thanks for coming in. thanks, wolf. we look forward to talking to you again. a massive man hunt for an accused murderer. the search is getting more desperate and police hope you can help. a new video of the prime suspect, that's coming up. and the country's longest serving u.s. senator could be out of a job. why this election day could be an important test of the power of the tea party and it all started with my exclusive interview with an american imprisoned in cuba. cuban authorities contacted me
2:15 pm
to respond. now the secretary of state hillary clinton is also weighing in to cnn. you will hear it all. that's coming up right here on "the situation room." get better results in ap courses. together, they raised ap test scores 138%. just imagine our potential... ...if the other states joined them. let's raise our scores. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this. oh, yeah? [ chris ] you can call us 24-7, get quotes online, start a claim with our smartphone app. you name it, we're here, anytime, anywhere,
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2:18 pm
jack cafferty is here with "the cafferty file." >> dramatic new warning about just how fat americans are getting. 42% of people in the united states will be obese by 2030, 18 years from now. 42%. according to a new study, 11% of them will be severely obese. that means 100 or more pounds over a healthy weight. already in 2010 36% of adults were obese, roughly 30 pounds over a healthy weight. if the obesity rate increases it could mean we could have more than 100 million obese people in the u.s. in just 18 years. the numbers are staggering and they come with an even more staggering price tag. this report in the american
2:19 pm
journal of presentative medicine suggests the increase in obesity would cost an additional $550 billion from now not 2030 in medical expenditures. it's estimated an obese person costs $1400 more in medical expenses every year than of someone of a healthy weight. carrying around that fat increases the risk of other diseases, diabetes, heart disease, several kinds of cancer, sleep apnea, not to mention a shorter life expectancy. obesity is one of the biggest reason yes health care spending in this country has been skyrocketing for the past 20 years. the report's author says that we have an environment in this country that promotes obese frit fast food chains to cheap junk food, technologies like the internet that keep people sitting home and at their offices all day long. the study doesn't even take into account our children. already one out of three of our kids is obese or overweight and that's a sin. here's the question.
2:20 pm
where is the u.s. headed if 42% of us are obese by the year 2030? go to and post a comment on my blog or go to the post on the "situation room's" facebook page. pass the doughnuts. >> you're tall and thin and you don't have to worry about that, jack. i have to lose ten pounds. >> get on that treadmill. >> i will, tomorrow morning. think that, jack. a republican primary under way in indiana could bring down a long-serving member of the united states senate and it could give us all a taste of the future of political campaigns. here's our senior congressional correspondent dana bash. >> good to see you. >> the way richard lugar sees it, his 36 years in the senate as the leading voice on foreign policy should earn him a ticket back to washington. >> i'm getting warheads out of russia and things that are of great consequence. i will say people may not have their eye on the ball, but i do.
2:21 pm
>> reporter: the republican strategists say it it is off key, a big reason lugar is in serious danger. case in point thshgs longtime lugar supporter came out to vote against him. >> he was running out with something to do with foreign policy, i'd be all over it. >> reporter: but you don't think so? >> i think he's done. jimmy carter was in the white house and rocky was in movie theaters. many gop votes are say it's time for change. >> i've supported him in the past with money and vote, but not anymore. >> reporter: lugar invited controversy with this, he lived up this driveway in suburban washington for 35 years, not indiana. >> of course, not, this is the most nonsensical issue of all. we had four fine sons and charlotte and i wanted to make certain when they grew up that we were all together. and we were a family. family values. >> reporter: another thing hurting lugar is ties to
2:22 pm
president obama. >> mr. lugar, aye. >> reporter:et vos for obama's agenda including both supreme court picks. it's a major line of attack for gop opponent richard murdoch. >> when he is seen and identified as the president's favorite republican among indiana republicans, that is not necessarily worn as a badge of honor. he has spent millions in this race to oust lugar. unlike republican senators toppled by the tea party two years ago, lugar had tried to attack right and protect himself. he didn't. >> i thought carefully about each of the votes that i cast. i believe they were the right votes for america, and the right votes for hoosiers. >> reporter: it's been a plus for some voters. >> i like the fact that senator lugar isn't a strict party person. if he believes in be something, he'll cross over. >> reporter: each lugar's detractors respect him. signs say retire, not fire. >> some voting against him react
2:23 pm
this way. >> you were just talking to senator lugar. >> yes. >> reporter: did you vote for him? >> no. the first time i didn't vote for him. >> reporter: that was a long pause there. >> i hated to depart. >> reporter: now, of course, if senator lugar is defeated tonight the tea party and tea party affiliates will claim credit because they have poured a lot of time, money and energy in helping murdoch win. it seems as though the issues here seem to be less about big government, the debt and the deficit and things that the tea party espoused and less about senator lugar and many voters who supported him for decades think his time is passed. 7:00 p.m. eastern, of course, cnn will bring those results to our viewers. thanks very much, dana bush out in indiana. >> new indications the obama
2:24 pm
campaign knew about the affair in 2008. there was explosive testimony from the former presidential candidate's criminal trial and what killed one of the most famous artists in the country. thomas kinkade's autopsy report. that's coming up in "the situation room." ♪
2:25 pm
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>> a controversial referendum banning same-sex marriages. that's a con ro veshl issue in that state and mary snow as this and other top stories in "the situation room." >> we could know whether the,a mendment has passed. the referendum would alter the referendum to -- a number of top surrogates have come out on both sides of the initiative including a rare endorsement from the reverend billy graham. dramatic cross-examination today at the corruption trial of
2:28 pm
former presidential candidate john edwards. a key prosecution witness testifying that he warned the obama campaign in june of 2008 that tabloid reports about edwards' affair were true and to thoroughly vet that information. he said that the time edwards thought he was being considered for vice president, a concept the witness called, quote, astonishing. an autopsy report is determined that artist thomas kinkade's death was caused by an accidental overdose of alcohol and value that and he suffered from heart disease. the self-described painter of light is known for a thousand pieces emphasizing life's simple pleasures. he died last month at the age of 54. the cuban government is responding to my interview of a jailed american. stand by for the details on the letter i received from the cuban ambassador. we'll get reaction from the secretary of state hillary clinton, as well, and could it all lead to allen gross'
2:29 pm
release? >> a massive man hunt for an accused murderer who is suspected of kidnapping two young girls. new video of the prime suspect help save the girls' lives? for three hours a week, i'm a coach. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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2:32 pm
the cuban government is now responding to my exclusive interview with a jailed american allen gross who fears he's effectively being held for ransom. gross has served more than two and a half years of a 15-year prison sentence in cuba on charges of smuggling in illegal equipment and being a threat to cuba's security. when alan gross call mead from his cuban prison last week he talked about efforts to win his release and about the possibility, possibility of a prisoner swap. >> i feel like i'm a hostage, and they, you know, just one quick thing. the president of the dominican republic told me two years ago when he visited he said alan, i hope you realize this is not about you, and at that time i
2:33 pm
could understand that. i could intellectualize it, that it wasn't about me. that it was an effort on the part of the cuban government to express its disdain to the united states, and to try to bring about some kind of trade, but right now it is about me, and it's about my family and it's about my mother, and i'm taking this very personally. >> the day after that interview i received a letter from the top cuban diplomat here in washington, and this line jumped out at me. says the cuban government has conveyed to the u.s. government its willingness to have a dialogue to find a humanitarian solution to the case of mr. gross on a reciprocal basis. that clearly suggests to me that cuba is open to releasing gross if the united states were to free members or all of the so-called cuban five. they're serving long prison terms after being convicted by
2:34 pm
the u.s. on spy charges. our jill dougherty asked secretary of state's hillary clinton to respond to cuba's suggestion of a prisoner exchange. >> first of all, mr. gross should not even be incarcerated in cuba. mr. gross was not a spy. mr. gross was not an intelligence agent. mr. gross worked for a development group that was helping cubans, principally in their small jewish community in cuba to have access to the internet and mr. gross, in our view, is being held without justification and has been detained already far too long. so there should be a decision by the cuban government to release him, and we would like to see that happen as soon as possible. now we are well aware that the cuban government wants to see
2:35 pm
the release of their intelligence agents. five cuban spies who were lawfully arrested, tried and convicted for espionage. one has already served his sentence in prison. he's continuing to finish out his parole. another will be up for parole all within the regular order of our system. a system that provides due process, rule of law protections, does not have a record of arbitrary arrests and detentions like the cuban government does. i am deeply distressed and unhappy for the gross family. i've met with judy gross, people in the state department stay in close touch with her and with her family. they've been incredibly brave in the face of this injustice, but
2:36 pm
the cuban government has released political prisoners which is something we'd like it see them do with mr. gross. >> and the top cuban diplomat here in washington who wrote to me about the alan gross case, jorge molanos has so far declined our request for an intervi interview, but we hope he comes here to "the situation room." joining me now senator patrick leahy of vermont. you are one of the few not only to meet with alan gross in cuba while he's in prison, but also with raul castro. tell us what needs to be done to get alan gross out of jail. >> i suggested to president castro that he hire -- he could come back in my airplane and he said good try. i think that eventually he will be released. i wish it was now.
2:37 pm
the cubans have admitted and he's admitted to me that he's not a spy. he's not considered a spy. they, of course, have five cubans trying to convict the united states. they want him back. we want alan gross back, but i don't see it being a quid pro quo. >> i don't think the u.s. is going release those five, but maybe one or two of them. is that something that you think could entice the cuban government to release alan gross? >> you'd have to ask several court, but i think there are humanitarian considerings all of the way around. certainly there are humanitarian considerations for alan gross. the sentence is too long. he's not a spy. his health is such, family's health and such, he should be returned. >> i think you could make the argument that cubans have reached a point where served a long term should they be
2:38 pm
returned, but i think if you go into it, you'll give us two if you give us one. that's a non-starter. we ought to talk first humanitarian and the bigger issues of relationships between our countries. >> doesn't president castro realize as long as alan grows in prison, the prospect of any serious improvement in u.s.-cuban relations is virtually nil? i don't think that is necessarily the case. it would certainly help to return him. it would certainly help relat n relatio relations, but the pope asked to have him returned and he wasn't listened to either. if you're going to make our relations continue on just one issue then you're always going have someone be able to stop things from going forward. >> how is he doing? you spent two and a half hours with him in prison. >> i spent quite a bit of time with him in prison.
2:39 pm
senator chris coombs of delaware and i did. his spirits were better than mine to be under those circumstanc circumstances. i think i would be banging my head against the wall knowing that i should not be held that long from what was a relatively inconsequential thing. >> senator leahy, thanks so much for joining us. good luck to you, and i know you're washing hard on this issue. >> thank you, wolf. i know you're covering it, too. >> i contacted peter khan, the lawyer with the firm conley and he sent me reacting to what the cuban interest section sent to me. it is seeking a humanitarian solution on a reciprocal basis, but it consistently fails to explain exactly what that solution is or what it is prepared to put on the table. if it's words are code for the cuban five there is nothing reciprocal about this five for one proposal, rather, it would
2:40 pm
establish what many have believed all along that alan was arrested and is now being held prisoner as leverage to force the release of the cuban five. if so, alan was absolutely right when he said he's being held hostage by the cuban government. his freedom is being ransomed in a cynical attempt to win the return of the cuban five. if it is otherwise, then let the cuban government official tivoli state that it is not seeking the return of the cuban five for alan gross and identify exactly what it wants for his release so we can move forward to resolve the gross case. that is from williams and connelly and we'll continue to update the new information. once again, we've invited the cuban ambassador to join us in "the situation room." we hope he accepts the invitation. a massive man hunt for the accused murderer suspected of kidding two young girls. are they alive and could
2:41 pm
officials find them? they're releasing new pictures of the prime suspect. that's the latest. that's next. lts in ap courses. together, they raised ap test scores 138%. just imagine our potential... ...if the other states joined them. let's raise our scores. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this.
2:42 pm
2:43 pm
new developments in the desperate man hunt for an ashes khussed murderer suspected of
2:44 pm
kidnapping two young girls. the mother and wife of the prime suspect have been arrested and police are releasing new pictures of the fugitive hoping it might save those girls' lives. david mattingly is following this case very closely. what's the latest? >> wolf, we want you to take a good look at this face. it's 35-year-old adam mayes. he hasn't been seen for a week. we now have new video, convenience store video showing what mayes looked like the day before he eluded authorities. he may have changed his appearance and he may be on the run with two young girls. he is wanted for the kidnapping of a tennessee mother and her three daughters at the end of april. that mother, jo ann bain and her daughter were found murdered and buried behind the house belonging to adam mayes' mother in guntown, mississippi. yesterday authorities arrested his mother and his ex-wife. the affidavit alleges the mother
2:45 pm
knew about the kidnapping and the ex-wife actually participated, driving the abducted bain family to mississippi. the biggest question in this disturbing case is why? the bain family was packing up to move to arizona. jo ann baines' husband thought at the time that his family could have run off with adam mayes. mayes is described as a very close friend of the family. he was actually helping them pack for their move to arizona. so far, no one in either mississippi or tennessee has publicly stated an official motive. why mayes would want to kidnap them or why he would want to kill the mother and the oldest daughter? investigator have had to cast a wide net. mayes has ties to seven state, but roadblocks have gone up in mississippi in what authorities describe as strategic places there. this obviously suggests that
2:46 pm
mayes could still number that area, wolf. there is a $50,000 reward for information leading to his capture. >> we hope it works. we hope they find him and find him soon. thanks for that. hillary clinton, secretary of state au natural, why she's not afraid to let her hair down or pull it back. what's believed to be marilyn monroe's final formal photo shoot revealed for the first time. [ jennifer garner ] why can't strong sunscreen feel great? actually it can. neutrogena® ultra sheer provides unbeatable uva uvb protection and while other sunscreens can feel greasy ultra sheer® is clean and dry. it's the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment.
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2:49 pm
israel reaches an historic deal to form one of the largest coalition govern ams in its history. mary snow has that and other stories in "the situation room." >> israeli benjamin netanyahu
2:50 pm
say the new government will be more capable of addressing key domestic and security concerns, potentially including israel's growing concern with iran's nuclear program. the new government is made up of 94 out of 120 knesset of 120 k. george zimmerman the florida man who shot and killed trayvon martin an unarmed african-american teenager was arraigned today but not in court. the judge accepted a written not guilty plea on his behalf and zimmerman's attorney waived his right to a speedy trial asking for more time to prepare. zimmerman is facing second-degree murder charges and currently free on bail. it's believed to be marilyn monroe's last ever formal photo shoot. never been seen prints in which she posed topless, went off for sale at the auction house in new york but today's bid of $14,000 did not meet the seller's price. the pictures were originally taken for "vogue" magazine back
2:51 pm
in 1962, and wolf, those photos were apparently taken six weeks before she was found dead. >> amazing photos, i've seen them. thanks very much for that. everyone knows hillary clinton is very, very smart, but her hair, her clothes, her looks sometimes have been scrutinized, sometimes for decades when she was first lady, then as a united states senator and now of course as secretary of state. guess what? hillary clinton tells our own jill dougherty she's over it. >> reporter: in the blogosphere there is a big thing about hillary au naturel, you without makeup and wearing glasses. what can i say? this is exactly what you're saying, that it's either the hair or something like that. >> you know, i feel so relieved to be at the stage i'm at in my life right now, jill, because you know, if i want to wear my glasses, i'm wearing my glasses. if i want to pull my hair back, i'm pulling my hair back, and you know, at some point it's
2:52 pm
just not something that deserves a whole lot of time and attention, and if others want to worry about it, i'll let them do the worrying for a change. >> so it doesn't drive you crazy? >> it doesn't drive me crazy at all. it's just not something that i think is that important anymore. >> love her laugh. she's got a great laugh. i saw her in brussels at nato headquarters and thought she looked terrific. jack cafferty, he always looks terrific and here as well. >> don't be trying to suck up to me. >> do you look terrific. >> for an old man of my age with no hair. >> i didn't say that, i didn't impose any conditions. >> they're self-imposed. the question this hour is, where is the u.s. headed if 42% of us are slated to be obese by the year 2030? rick in detroit, probably means the insurance companies will use us for an excuse to raise premiums for overweight people just like they charge extra for smokers. insurance companies will begin
2:53 pm
selling health care coverage by the pound, like we buy steak at the grocery store. they'll allow small discount for lean people and charge extra if you're fat. dave writes this is one area where people have to accept personal responsibility and control their eating habits. most people would rather blame mcdonald's or the snack food industry. the solution is simple, eat less, exercise more. george in pennsylvania, we're out of the game, off the team and headed for the bleachers. there we can order hotdogs and beer until we go broke or have a heart attack. next question? kirk writes, in my view, america's weight gain trend is part of a broader the american exceptionalism issue. since world war ii, we've been raised to believe we can do anything we want, whenever we want to whomever we want, including ourselves, with no negative consequences. we spend too much, we eat too much and we consume everything too much. it may be the american way, but it's often counter to our personal and national well-being. bob in pennsylvania, how much weight can you lose playing video games?
2:54 pm
elsie in wyoming, we're headed for survival of the fittest. people are in denial for what fat will do to you. life expectancy will go down, medical expenses sky-rocket and sizes of clothing, furniture and cars will be in the stratosphere. >> david talks about we could have mandatory liposuction and turn it into biodiesel. talk about a renewable energy source. it's a problem we just don't seem to get a handle on. >> a serious problem, we laugh about it but it's a serious problem, it's a life and death problem for some folks. >> it is. >> thanks very much for that. jack will be back tomorrow. a child's quest for gumballs turns to chaos when the machine swallows his hand. jeanne moos says he's not willing to give them up. park assist? no hands. i didn't think that was possible. make me want the fusion.
2:55 pm
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2:57 pm
machines filled with candy and stuffed animals probably every child's dream come true until they get stuck inside and it happened to one child recently an a quest for gumballs but it isn't the first time. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: this 2-year-old wanted to chew some gumballs. the gumball machine swallowed
2:58 pm
his hand oare his dad put it -- >> i turned my back for one minute, and his hand was stuck up in there completely. >> reporter: his cheeks wet with tears as the texarkana fire department came to the rescue of terrell parks jr. >> initially we did not have a plan. we were hoping to be a plan and simple as putting oil on it and sliding out. wasn't that simple. >> reporter: they had to break the plastic and release the mechanism. gumballs all over the floor, not counting the ones in terrell's hand. at one point during the rescue he got some gumballs in his fist but refused to open his fist and give up the gumballs. firefighters had to coax him so they could get his hand out. open your hand. >> let the gumball go. there you go, busy. >> reporter: no injuries to the hand. >> does that hurt?
2:59 pm
>> reporter: the best kid stuck in a toy machine video ever features a girl who climbs head first into the door where the prize normally comes out in one of the claw machines. >> i have been chosen. farewell my friends. i go on to a better place. >> gotcha! >> reporter: once the girl disappears up the hole, another kid tells mom and his mom goes for help. the little girl pop up amid all the toys. mom spends some time trying to retrieve her by the feet and knocking on the window but the girl keeps climbing the mound of toys. whatever you do, mom, don't try to shake her out. actually this isn't uncommon. there are other photos of kids trapped in the belly of a toy machine. eventually the little girl came out enexactly the way she went in, exiting feet first. it was as if the vending machine gave birth. did she leave without taking home a