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tv   Early Start  CNN  May 9, 2012 2:00am-4:00am PDT

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good look around. in addition to cards for a lap dance, you might just see a sign saying, as seen on the ridiculist. we hope you're going to watch the "hangout with ac 360." post questions for me, isha, randi kaye or jack gray. "early start" begins right now. good morning to you. hello there. this is "early start." i'm ashleigh banfield. >> this is zoraida sambolin. we're bringing you the news "a" to "z." it is 5:00 in the east. let's get started here. first, the people in north carolina overwhelmingly passing a constitutional amendment on same-sex marriage. the white house opposed amendment 1, but it was backed by 61% of north carolina's voters in last night's primary. that means their constitution will now read, "marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that
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shall be valid or recognized in this state." cnn political editor paul steinhauser is live in washington, d.c., this morning. boy, has this been playing out. we first heard the vice president joe biden. he says that he endorsed marriage equality and he is a roman catholic. how is this going to play out politically in washington? >> it puts president obama, in a way, in a bind because vice president biden and other top members of the administration has come out in favor of same-sex marriages. he does not. he supports domestic unions. but he does not support an amendment like the one in north carolina, which would prohibit rights for same-sex couples. what happens in north carolina now? this could have wide ranging impacts, and not just on same-sex couples but on male and female couples as well because it will prevent domestic partnerships in the future and
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any attempt at civil unions. north carolina also a battle ground state, a state that president obama won four years ago, he'd like to win again. it's where the democratic convention is going to be. will this hurt him? maybe. on the flip side, maybe it will wake up the supporters of same-sex couples and generate support come november. where will same-sex marriage be on the ballot in november? minnesota is going to have a very similar ballot to what we just saw in north carolina. and washington state as well will be vote to go ban gay marriage. both those states considered pretty safe for the president come november. >> we were having conversations about this on facebook and twitter yesterday. a lot of people said, really, remember this is about domestic partnerships and civil unions, not just same-sex marriage. it's a good point. thank you. indiana six-term senator richard lugar defeated yesterday. you feel bad for this guy. after dedicating 36 years to the senate, is he going to go out silently? >> it doesn't seem that way. he had quite a statement last night that he put out. lugar, of course, defeated by a candidate who was backed by the
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tea party movement, richard mourdock, state treasurer in indiana. six-term senator, longest serving republican in the senate. times have changed for the republican party, and he was opposed because a lot of his controversial votes in favor of t.a.r.p., some of the votes in favor of president obama's supreme court justices. take a listen to what he said in his concession speech in indiana last night. >> we are experiencing deep political divisions in our society right now. and these divisions have stalemated progress in critical areas. but these divisions are not insurmountable. i believe that people of good will, regardless of party, can work together for the benefit of our country. >> besides that speech, he also put out quite a statement. "bipartisanship is not the opposite of principle. one can be very conservative or very liberal and still have a bipartisan mindset. such a mindset acknowledges that the other party is also
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patriotic and may have some good ideas. it recognizes that national unity is important and that aggressive partisanship deepens cynicism, sharpens political vendettas, and depletes the national reserve of good will that is critical to our survival in hard times." four other moderate senators, those who are known to reach across the aisle, are retiring as well. it could be a different and even more partisan senate next year, zoraida. >> paul steinhauser, nice to have you at 5:00 in the morning. appreciate it. we'll see you at 6:00. four minutes past the top of the hour. we got new information for you on this story. the fbi investigating two different air scares to find out if they're links. here's what's strange. they were bomb threats. both against two southwest airlines flights from john wayne airport in california to sky harbor in phoenix last night. one of the flights was searched in california before takeoff. officials cleared everybody off the plane and brought in the bomb squad and the bomb sniffing dogs. and another flight was searched in phoenix after it landed.
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both planes were eventually given the all clear. drones, an undercover agent, and undetectible underwear bomb, the saudis in a search that is far from over. the story of a terror plot is still unfolding this morning. a former security official has now confirmed that the would be bomber in a thwarted plot to blow up a u.s. airliner was an undercover agent working with saudi arabia to infiltrate al qaeda. it was similar to the one used by the so-called underwear bomber in 2009, but it was much more sophisticated. over the weekend, a u.s. drone strike in yemen took out a key leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. fahd al quso, believed to be involved in this attack. but the bombmaker is still out there. anderson cooper was told all these leaks could actually
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jeopardize that search. >> i've been briefed on this. as far as i know, this isn't in any way declassified by the cia or the administration. it's really to me unfortunate this has gotten out because this could really interfere with operations overseas. >> that new al qaeda bomb is at the fbi lab in quantico for analysis. the mother and ex-wife of kidnapping suspect adam mayes are in police custody this morning. 65-year-old mary francis mayes and 30-year-old teresa mayes are now charged in connection with that abduction of joann bain and her three daughters. the sad fact is the body of the tennessee mother and her oldest daughter were found dead in mississippi over the weekend. authorities believe the two other young girls are still alive and with adam mayes today. his former sister-in-law spoke exclusively to cnn's anderson cooper about the suspect. >> if adam is guilty of these
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crimes, do you have any idea why he'd do this? >> no, i don't. i've known adam for at least 25 years, and he's always been weird and unusual -- and when i say weird, like listens to different type of music. he's just a different type of person all together, the whole family is. but i never dreamed he would do something like this. >> police and the fbi are asking for the public's help to track down adam mayes and those two girls, and they're offering a $50,000 reward for any information in this case. a wall of fire now threatening homes in los angeles county. dozens of people in the acton area forced to leave their homes. fire officials are working through the night to try to get to all those hot spots. so far, more than 120 acres have been burned. crews have now contained about 40% of the blaze. so far, no injuries have been reported. you'd better check your twitter this morning just to see if you are actually still in control of your account.
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hackers claim they broke into 55,000 twitter accounts and posted the passwords online earlier this week. twitter confirmed the hack attack did happen and said it was taking action but also kind of suggested that it was a weak attempt, pointing out that half of the accounts that were stolen were spam, were already suspended, and only a tiny percentage of the sites of 140 million active users. tell that to the person who got hacked who isn't a spam site. my advice to you folks, go change your password this morning just to be extra safe. >> good advice. this just in. gas prices are dropping. aaa just posted on their website the new national average for a gallon of gas is $3.75, down more than a cent over the past 24 hours. the price of oil is down about 9% in the past five days because of fears of an economic slowdown. so we should be seeing gas prices drop even lower over the next few weeks. don't kill the messenger.
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i put this out yesterday, and people upset at me. they're still high in my town. >> they're going after you for saying they're dropping. >> i put it out as good news. they're like, it's not good news for us. >> i'm trying to remember a couple of weeks ago when we were talking about almost $4 gas. did we get to $3.90 something? >> we were almost at $5 for a gallon of gas. >> christine romans is turning over at her desk saying, i can't get through to that banfield. we were right on the cusp of it and getting better hopefully. and then memorial day will come. sorry. buzz kill. nine minutes past 5:00. still ahead, snuggle with them, smuggle with them? seriously? wait until you see what screeners found stuffed inside an itty bitty teddy bear and a sweet little mickey mouse. we get it. your child's cute and gifted and you like to tell everyone online. up next, a new study on why we brag in general, but specifically on facebook. a party?
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it is 12 minutes past the hour. here's christine romans. welcome, ladies. north carolina is rewriting its constitution to put a ban on same-sex marriage. a new amendment passed easily with 61% of the vote. the state's constitution will now read marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized. mitt romney getting closer to nailing down the republican nomination winning all three primaries last night in indiana, north carolina, and west virginia. he now has more than 900 delegates with 1,144 needed to clinch. romney capturing indiana with 65% of the vote. west virginia with 70%. and north carolina with 66%. joran van der sloot will fight attempts to extradite him from peru to the united states. right now he's serving a 28-year
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sentence for killing a lima woman he met in a casino. he's charged with extortion and wire fraud in the u.s. in connection with the disappearance of an alabama teenager natalee holloway. a conviction here could jeopardize his chances of being paroled in peru. a man traveling with his 4-year-old son said he had no idea the boy's stuffed animals contained gun parts that could be assembled into a loaded .44 caliber firearm. a scanner at the rhode island airport detected the gun parts inside a carry-on bag. they were found in a teddy bear, a bunny rabbit, and a mickey house toy. police say a domestic dispute was behind the incident. you might say texas rangers slugger josh hamilton was in the zone last night. he belted four home runs, all of them two-run shots against the baltimore orioles. hamilton is just the 16th player in major league history to do this and the first since 2003. he went 5 for 5 with a career high eight runs batted in. 18 total bases. that is an american league record.
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if you're leaving the house right now, you can watch us any time on your desktop or mobile phone. go to >> i'm still stuck on your joran van der sloot story that he's fighting extradition. a peruvian jail, an american jail. >> that chance of parole in peru is what he's looking for, 28-year sentence. >> isn't that weird that there might be a chance of parole in 28 years for that very violent murder he's convicted on? usually, you don't hear people fighting extradition if they can get out of the horrible prisons. maybe the prison isn't that bad. maybe he's getting four squares a day. >> sounds like a field trip for you, ashleigh. >> it just did not sound good at all. >> a good friend at "in session" who's been in the prison says it's not a good place to be, and it shouldn't be. time for a good quick check on the weather. >> hope it's good, right? >> marciano, you have just said
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no to the tie. you are sticking it to the man. >> i just do what i'm told around here. that may change next week. >> your dresser told you not to put a tie on? >> looks good. >> my 3:00 a.m. stylist. i got a report out of noaa yesterday, if it felt warm this past year, you're not alone. for the lower 48, the last 12 months are the warmest on record here in the u.s. from january to april 2012 so far, that's the warmest start we've seen. april itself, the third warmest on record. the warmest 12 months on record. kind of like the tiger slam back then when he had all four majors, not in the calendar year, but in two years. it's warmth. rain front here slowly moving across the area, philadelphia, baltimore, d.c. all the big cities across the northeast are getting it this morning. that will slow you down on the roadways, maybe air travel as well. and across the south, it slows down a little bit. rainfall spreads out from the
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cumberland river to rio grande. thunderstorms will to hit san antonio now. that will be about it after several days of thunderstorms. here's where it is across the carolinas and parts of south georgia as well. temperatures will cool down behind this front, 61 degrees in chicago. 71 degrees with rainfall in new york city. >> thank you, rob. it is 60 minutes past the hour. time for our early read. start in florida. a florida woman eight months pregnant with her 16th child. >> what? >> there's more. >> that's the news. just stop right there. >> i'm not -- i am burying the lead. she was zapped with a stun gun by police. how about it? and it keeps on going. tampa bay online reports 39-year-old angel adams is accusing police of using excessive force, endangering her life and the life of her unborn child. the trouble started when police came to adams' home yesterday accusing her son of throwing rocks. adams claims the two officers forced their way inside without
2:18 am
a warrant. there was a scuffle. she got zapped. police say adams, her son, and her 21-year-old daughter started the fight with the officers. adams and her daughter are both now charged with battery. >> one of the 16 children and adams charged with battery. we like to get those so hot off the presses, they haven't even hit the press yet. a houston grandmother says she got canned from work because she had cancer. this is the lawsuit. i'm not kidding here. the affiliate we're working with, ktrk, has this story. the woman's name is janet. she worked for the crowne plaza hotel. she was diagnosed with breast cancer five months after she was hired for that job. she consulted with her manager just before she underwent the treatment she had to do. eight weeks of missed work. then when she returned, she says it was just a matter of days before the hatchet came down and she was fired. she's now filed an official employment lawsuit for
2:19 am
employment discrimination. crowne plaza says, sorry, she was fired for other reasons unrelated to the illness. we're glad to report she is now cancer free, does have a new job. this one will either be battled out in court or come to some kind of settlement. there we go. that's the claim on both sides. >> reminds me of the story yesterday, the woman who had shoplifting so long ago, and she got canned. two lawsuit ins a row, i would imagine. >> but, again, this happens so often. when somebody makes that response to a discrimination lawsuit like that, they both have to put out their details, and it all comes down to the evidence, don't it? a new study reveals we're all just a bunch of narcissists. >> i knew that. >> "the wall street journal" breaks down this research. harvard scientists found volunteers were willing to give up free money to talk about themselves instead of answering questions about other people. it wasn't a lot of money. i have to qualify that. that could explain why sites like twitter and facebook are so popular. 40% of our speech is devoted to
2:20 am
telling others what we think or what we feel. and brain scans show that ta talking about ourselves triggers the same sensations of pleasure as food, money, or sex. did you know that? >> i just know those pictures look like sushi. they don't look like brain scans to me. for an expanded look of all our top stories, head to our blog at there's lots of stuff there i'm sure you'll enjoy. mark zuckerberg, a dropout in a hoody making a pitch to wall street investors. he's not even close to being the most successful dropout ceo. christine romans has a list that may surprise you. i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself, and so college was a dream when i was a kid. i didn't know how i was gonna to do it, but i knew i was gonna get that opportunity one day, and that's what happened with university of phoenix. nothing can stop me now. i feel like the sky's the limit with what i can do and what i can accomplish. my name is naphtali bryant
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we are minding your business this morning. lots of buzz about mark zuckerberg as his company facebook tries to gather up new investors for its ipo. everyone on wall street --
2:24 am
>> there he is. he's the most famous guy in -- >> in a hoodie. they're taking a look at his credentials. one thing he doesn't have is a college degree. he dropped out of harvard after he started facebook. >> he's not the first ceo of a tech organization that dropped out. listen, christine, before we even go there, i've got to look at these pictures and just ask you -- >> that was a couple days ago. >> i get it. that's his thing. that's his image. he's always in a hoodie. he never puts a tie on. this was a really big deal, and i think it was offensive to some. >> he was going to talk to investors to woo them for the ipo in his company. he's wearing a hoodie. he dropped out of harvard, started facebook from his college dorm, was going to wear a hoodie. some analysts said it showed a little immaturity. this is a guy in the big leagues, most famous college dropout. maybe the second biggest college dropout. steve jobs is the biggest. >> bill gates.
2:25 am
>> there's another. these are guys that are changing our lives, and they didn't learn this in college. i want to talk about steve jobs, reed college, only there one semester. apple's steve jobs. do you know what? he went back to actually audit a calliography. he went back to reed college for that. no tech reasons. bill gates, harvard, dropped out after three years. michael dell was premed at the university of texas austin. left freshman year. was going to and buying old computers and refurbishing them. at one point he realized he promised his parents he was going to do this premed thing, and he had so many old computers in his dorm room. i'm going to take the summer off and see what i can do. promiseded his mom and dad, if sales aren't good, i'll go back to school.
2:26 am
he did $180,000 in sales his first year. >> freshman year? think his parents are proud of him now? >> oh, yeah. i think all of these people's parents are proud of them. i want to be very clear about something. if your kid is telling you they want to leave, make sure they have a really good idea and make sure you tell them that the unemployment rate for a college grad is 4.1%. unemployment rate for everyone else is 8.2%. armed with a college degree, that is how you're going to get ahead in the global economy. i will say that these guys are exceptions to the rule. >> yes, what exceptions they are. >> and all the hype and euphoria about facebook just reminds everyone. >> it's not just a great idea. it's that they're already implementing it, they've already got a business plan, they're already making money, and it's taking off. >> the road to hell is paved by student debt from people who dropped out of school -- >> with a great idea. >> and didn't have these ideas and now are saddled by student debt. stay in school, but we can all cheer for the people, those
2:27 am
guys. >> we can all dream, right? >> christine, thank you. it's 26 minutes past 5:00. right now a desperate search is on in tennessee for two young girls and the man the authorities say kidnapped them. we have now learned that the suspect's ex-wife and the kids' grandmother have been arrested in connection with all of this. find out why coming up. plus a 2-year-old arkansas boy who couldn't resist reaching into a gumball machine. [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss. made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally. coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online.
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welcome back to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin i here's
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what's happening at half past of the hour. voters in south carolina have overwhelming ly approved a ban on same-sex marriage. the amendment reads "marriage between one man and one woman is the only union that shall be recognized." authorities searched two southwest flights last night, one in john wayne airport in california and another after it landed in new mexico. both were given the all clear. and twitter under attack. hackers claim they stole 55,000 accounts and posted them online. twitter says they're looking into it, but close to half the affected accounts are only spam or inactive. you may want to change your password this morning. ashleigh? it's 31 minutes past 5:00, and this morning police in mississippi and tennessee and the fbi too are asking for your help to help track down a
2:32 am
kidnapping suspect who may have killed two of his victims. adam mayes is his name. he's the subject of a two-state manhunt. take a look at your screen. that's him in a convenience store. he's accused of abducting joann bain and three of her daughters. the mother and oldest daughter were found dead over the weekend. and in a very bizarre twist, police have now arrested his mother and his ex-wife. earlier, i said it was the children's grandmother. it was not. it was his mother and his ex-wife. the police are accusing these two women of helping him in the kidnapping of these four people. cnn's george howell is following the developments. he's live in atlanta this morning. this is such a bizarre story. what now do we know? it seems we get dribs and drabs of information every day, george. >> indeed. let's talk first about the people we know who are in custody. mary francis mayes, mayes' mother, and his ex-wife teresa ann moayes. both are in custody.
2:33 am
police are questioning them, trying to get any information they can about where mayes may be at this point. we know that mary francis mayes was arrested for conspiracy to commit, especially aggravated kidnapping, and teresa ann mayes for especially aggravated kidnapping. we now know that teresa ann mayes apparently drove the car with the three in the car back when this happened. at this point, the big question we need to find out, everyone needs to know where alexandria and khaliyah are. just the other day, we heard from adam mayes' sister-in-law bobbie booth, and she described adam as being weird. take a listen. >> what do you think went on here? >> i think there's an affair of
2:34 am
some type. i just don't know what. >> so you think he was having an affair with joann bain? >> yes. >> is there any explanation, though, why he would kill her or why he would kill a daughter? >> no, i have no clue why anybody would kill a person. >> at this point, we've been told that adam mayes is described as armed and dangerous. last seen in guntown, mississippi, the same place where the shallow graves were found. obviously, if you have any information about this, call investigators immediately. >> just such a sad story with those two little girls out there. obviously, everybody is hoping they're still okay. george howell for us live in atlanta. thanks this morning. it is 34 minutes past the hour. police in austin, texas, releasing dash cam video of a school bus running over a student last week. the young victim is okay, but a warning, you might find this video really hard to watch.
2:35 am
[ horn honking ] [ screaming ] >> that student was thrown several feet, but he was not seriously hurt. the driver was placed on administrative leave and faces disciplinary action. oh, my gosh, that is tough to watch. >> and tough to hear the reactions of kids on the bus as well. and other students all watching. >> he's okay. >> it's lucky. it's hard to see that. looking at the orange light, and it looks as though he goes through the red light. >> it was odd there. >> it looks like the bus driver goes through a red light and the student is on the other side. obviously now thinks it's safe to cross. that may be why there's disciplinary action, just from taking a look a little closer. it takes three times to look at that video to notice because you're sort of anticipating what's going to happen. here's another story we've been following for a while, and we've been waiting on a decision on this one. a teenager has now been kicked
2:36 am
out of his indianapolis high school because he pulled a stun gun on students that he says were bullying him. his name is 17-year-old darnell young. there he is with his mom. he says he was taunted constantly and threatened for being openly gay. his mom gave him a stun gun. she says she just wanted to protect him because she says the school wasn't doing the protection she needed. school district says it doesn't condone any bullying, but weapons just plain aren't allowed on school grounds for any reason. they now say that young can return to school but not until january of next year. videos shot by barefoot bandit colton harris moore during his notorious two-year crime spree have just been released. they show him taking off in stolen planes in the middle of the night and joyriding in a car while listening to country music in boise, idaho. in video spanning 75 minutes, he never speaks or shows his face. the washington state teenager was sentenced for crimes in
2:37 am
several states, including burglary and identity theft. he was taken into custody in a hail of bullets in the bahamas in 2010 after crash landing a plane that was stolen from an airport in indiana. here's one you can probably identify with. see all those gumballs? there's a kid out there who's got lots of gumballs now because firefighters in arkansas had to be called to a grocery store where little 2-year-old terrell parks jr. had his arm into that gumball machine and was not going to let go. >> just 2 years old. >> he was not going to let go of those gumballs. no way, jose. several people tried to yank him out before they finally called for official help. >> initially, we did not have a plan. we were hoping that we would come in and it would be as simple as putting some oil or something on it and sliding it out. wasn't that simple. turned out we had to disassemble part of the machine to get his finger out. >> took the machine apart. >> look at him. >> i don't know if you can see,
2:38 am
but look what's in his hand. >> a gumball. i got it. >> look, he's got the gumballs. he was not letting go of those gumballs, no matter what. take the machine apart, but i got my goods. look at that sweet little thing. he has no idea at this point, you're on national tv, adorable boy. haven't we all done something like that at a really young age? >> our kids too. >> up next, find out why delta airlines is pulling commercials from "the daily show" with jon stewart. >> who watches "the daily show"? >> that's what she said. [ thunk ] sweet! [ male announcer ] the solid thunk of the door on the jetta. thanks, mister! [ meow ] [ male announcer ] another example of volkswagen quality. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 jetta for $159 a month.
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[ male announcer ] with wells fargo advisor's envision plan, you always know where you stand. in fact, 93 percent of envision plan holders say they will retire on their own terms. get started on the plan you need today -- wells fargo advisors. together we'll go far. welcome back. 41 minutes past the hour. "the daily show" with john stewart is known for reporting the show with a twist. he had a segment called war on christmas versus the war on women. it culminated with a picture of
2:42 am
a christmas manger positioned between a naked woman's legs. we're not going to show it because it's inappropriate for morning television. it infuriated the catholic league, and they called the bit a vulgar assault on christians. it followed that up with calls for advertisers to pull its advertising from the comedy show as well. almost three weeks after that bit aired, delta airlines has pulled its advertising. delta says they weren't comfortable with the image "the daily show" used, and here's their statement. delta does not discriminate nor do we condone discrimination in regard to age, race, or gender. delta also said the catholic league had no influence on their decision. good morning to you. i watched it this morning, and i have to tell you -- i'm catholic. when i watched the bit, i was offended. however, i realized that this is jon stewart. this is what he does, and he is
2:43 am
offensive. do you find it surprising that delta made this move? >> the interesting thing -- number one, delta made the move three weeks later, and number two, they made the move and said they didn't make the move because of the catholic league. for the catholic league to go on and say this is a win for them, it's a stretch. the opposite effect happened with kellogg's. kellogg's said, we're not going to pull it. if people want to vote against a tv show, they should do it by switching the channel. i don't know how big a win it is for the catholic league. it happened three weeks after. when the rush limbaugh debacle happened a few months ago, advertisers not only pulled their advertisements within days but within hours and came out and issued statements saying we did it because of this. >> how unusual is that? >> that's why i don't necessarily believe delta did it in deference to the catholic league. companies pull advertising all the time for tons of reasons. they may be marketing a segment
2:44 am
at one point in the year and then be targeting a different segment that doesn't necessarily stay up late to watch the show. i don't think delta did it in deference to this bit, whether they thought it was funny or not. it was time to end their package, and they moved on. it doesn't strike me as much of a win for the catholic league. >> you talked about the timing and how it was three weeks past. if you had to speculate because this is what you do, right? >> i do. >> why do you think they would do it three weeks later? >> i think it was probably the time the slot ended. their advertising rep called them and said, do you want to end it? no, we're going somewhere else. if delta pulled this and came out and said we pulled it because of this but kind of because of this. that wouldn't have sounded good on delta's part. they said, look, it's three weeks later. we pulled the ad. not because of this. we're moving our advertising. >> that sounds suspicious. >> companies move their advertising all the time. >> you really think it was the
2:45 am
end of a cycle and they said, okay, we're done here? >> if delta was catering to the catholic league and didn't want to offend them, they would have said, yes, we pulled it because we agree with the catholic league, this was offensive. delta said nothing like that. they said we're pulling it because we're moving our ads. there's no reason for delta to lie in that regard. it's not like they're claiming flights are on time when they're not. >> we reached out to them to figure out the time line here and why it was pulled at this point, and we were told, we'll get back to you on that. >> let's keep in mind what we're watching here. this is comedy central. this didn't happen on this show or a news -- it's comedy central. when this show is over, it airs "south park." let's understand where they're coming from here. jon stewart's job is to generate controversy and be offensive and go after fox news on a daily basis, which is exactly what he did. >> when you actually listen to their statement, it was very generic.
2:46 am
they allude to the fact they don't condone racial discrimination or anything of the sort. there was a reason. we're just trying to figure out what was that reason? >> my question is where does that statement even fit? a pr person has a horrible job in this situation. a pr person has to come in and say here's what we did, here's what management tells me to say, and i'm going to say it with a smile on my face. doesn't confirm or deny anything. having been in pr for years, i'm just going to say it with a smile on my face. i don't know what the answer is. >> so you don't think there's any backlash for delta? >> no. for this to come three weeks after the fact. when the rush limbaugh happened three months ago, within three weeks he lost 75% of his advertising. this is one advertiser. more importantly, the bigger picture is the fact that kellogg's said, no, we're not going away. a viewer can vote by changing the channel. kellogg's basically stood up to the catholic league and said we don't think this is a problem. for one advertiser to go away three weeks after the fact, i
2:47 am
don't think it's going to hurt him at all. >> thanks for sharing your opinion. >> ashleigh, back to you. >> i'm a christian too, and i had had a different experience, zoraida. i thought it was hilarious. >> we didn't show the picture here so it's tough to talk about it. if you go online and watch it, but for some, it could be very offensive. >> peter, you nailed it. it's "the daily show." it's where they have f-bombs regularly beeped out. they say every word in the book on that show. you've got to know what you're signing up for if you're watching. thanks, guys. it's 47 minutes past 5:00. time to get us caught up on the news where christine romans is best at collecting up the top top stories. north carolina voters have overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. amendment 1 passing easily last night with 61% of the vote. the state's constitution will now read "marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized." north carolina becomes the 30th
2:48 am
state to adopt such a ban. a shake-up in the sandusky sex abuse case. centering around testimony from that key witness, mike mcqueary, the former grad student told a grand jury he saw coach jerry sandusky sexually assaulting a child back in 2002. prosecutors now say that incident actually happened in 2001. sandusky's attorneys say they want the charge dropped. meantime, court documents reveal mcqueary intends to file a lawsuit against penn state based on whistleblower protections. and down the stretch he swerves. police in hot pursuit of an alleged drunk driver on a horse racing track. he's driving a car, not riding a horse. 28-year-old martin mcdonald busted through the gate the zia park casino in new mexico and took a joyride. police say he passed out in the back of the police cruiser and later told them, he just thought it would be cool to do a few
2:49 am
laps like a nascar driver. a paralyzed woman finishes a marathon in london 16 days after the race began with the help of a bionic suit. 32-year-old claire lomas is the first person ever to complete a marathon this way. she was left paralyzed from the chest down after a horse riding accident several years ago. her special suit allows her to stand, walk, and climb stairs. she raised more than $100,000 for spinal cord research. brava. and the one thing you need to know today. did you know it's teacher appreciation week? this is the largest profession in america. 3.2 million of you are getting up and going to work this morning. we appreciate you. ladies? >> absolutely. they're being celebrated all over the place. big banners, applause. >> all those people in our studio audience. that's great. we do love our teachers.
2:50 am
no matter what. fabulous. thank you, christine. guess what? up next, she's back. >> i'm sexy and i know it. >> i'm sexy and i know it, she's saying and showing. this is the so-called hot dog hooker, and she's walking out of jail and giving reporters a show you have to see to believe. >> you have to see christine's face right now to kind of believe this one. all right. if you're leaving the house right now, you can always watch us any time on your desktop or mobile phone. go to
2:51 am
2:52 am
2:53 am
it is 52 minutes past the hour. the biggest wave ever surfed now stands at 78 feet. check out this video. our producer around here is very excited about this because he's a surfer. look at this. garrett mcnamara caught this monster off the coast of portugal last november. it wasn't verified as the biggest wave ever until this past weekend at the billabong xxl global big wave awards. guinness is expected to approve the record really soon. it beat a wave surfed back in 2008 by mike parsons by one foot. there's a bit of irony with mcnamara's win. he also won wipeout of the year
2:54 am
with this wave caught in hawaii this past january. >> look at that. >> fierce. >> oh, look at that. oh, murder. >> yikes. >> steven is our producer who gets up in the morning in the winter even to surf off the coast of long island. so i'm just going to guess here. steven, if i guess wrong, i'm sorry. this is my knowledge of surfing. this looks like it would be toe-in surfing. this is paddle in? wow. >> that's an amazing wipeout also. how ironic is that, right? you win the best and the worse. >> i thought the tow-in surfers always did the highest waves. that's a paddle-in wave. that's incredible. lunchtime got a little more sexy on long island. take a look. >> i'm sexy and i know it. >> i'm sexy and i know it. katherine scalia. she's the so-called long island hot dog hooker, and she says she's going to be back at work today on the side of the road with her hot dog van after
2:55 am
pleading guilty in a misdemeanor prostitution charge. police say she was selling sex from her hot dog truck and offered to take an undercover cop home for $50. despite the guilty plea, she insists, i am not a hooker. freedom. free at last. she also says she proved it by giving a free show to the reporters yesterday. take a look. >> i gave them a little happiness. next thing i know, he asked me for [ bleep ]. i had 20 cop cars there with handcuffs on me. i plead guilty to stripper, a stripper. not prostitution. prostitution is sex. listen, i'm sister teresa over here, okay? showing you cleavage is indecent exposure. prostitution is sex. sexual acts. >> i'm sister teresa over here. that is going to be my new line. i'm sister teresa. so a judge ordered her to undergo some psychiatric evaluation. >> really?
2:56 am
>> she was sentenced to serve seven days in jail, but she already served five of those. >> i was watching her yesterday as she was coming out. she says she's going to be wearing a pink bikini today in case you want to go check her out. >> wonder how much the hot dogs cost. >> don't know. >> i don't mean the $50 hot dogs. i mean the hot dogs out of the hot dog truck. coming up, why you should check your twitter account this morning? for more on what your friends are saying, we're going to give you a lot of details. a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. twenty-one vitamins and minerals. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. refreshing nutrition in charge!
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2:59 am
good morning to you. welcome to "early start."
3:00 am
i'm ashleigh banfield. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. we are bringing you the news from "a" to "z." up first, the longest serving republican in the united states senate, probably out looking for another job this morning. he is indiana's richard lugar. you recognize him. he was recognize him. he was sent straight into retirement after losing a republican primary battle last night against a backer of the tea party. lugar served six terms in the senate. and if you do the math, that is 36 years. cnn's political editor paul steinhauser is live in washington. this is one everyone was watching. it's not like it wasn't expected. polls going in show he was in big, big trouble, but does it speak bigger volumes about where this electorate is at right now? >> yes, especially the republican electorate. this party has become more conservative over the last couple of years and this is a sign of it. and richard lugar, i guess, didn't change with the times. tea party groups in indiana have
3:01 am
been targeting him for two years now and got a lot of support over the last year or two from the larger national tea party groups. they were upset in support of the auto bailouts, the wall street bailouts and support of president obama's supreme court justices. it wasn't just about the tea party movement. listen, 36 years as you said, that is a long time. a lot of people said it's time for somebody new. he hasn't owned a home in indiana in many, many years. he lives here in the d.c. area. take a listen to what he said last night. >> we are experiencing deep political divisions in our society right now. these divisions have stalemated progress in critical areas. but these divisions are not insurmountab insurmountable. and i believe people of good will regard as a party can work together for the benefit of our country. >> he is not the only moderate republican who will not be in the senate next year. it's going to be a very
3:02 am
different senate. olympia snowe, joe liberman, and two moderate democratic senators, kent conrad and ben nelson, all deciding not to run for reelection. the partisan senate could be more partisan next year. an interesting editorial this morning. at a time when power is divided between the parties, solving problems requires workhorse lawmakers willing to reach across the aisle. lugar lost tracks further and it sends a troubling message that consensus building will be punished. more troubling ahead in a more partisan senate next year. >> bipartisanship now sounds like a bad word. >> yeah, for those on the right and the left, it is. and in the primaries, those on the right and left dominated. it's only in the general elections where the people in the middle can make the point. >> let me switch gears a little bit and not that much because it looks like, again, a real intractable message in north carolina. a constitutional ban passed in north carolina. that's north carolina. the rest of the country feels a
3:03 am
little differently if the polls have any indication. what does this mean going into november? >> it's very fascinating. you're right, amendment one which changes the constitution to define the marriage as between a man and woman. but civil unions, domestic partnerships in north carolina also now illegal with this new amendment that passed overwhelmingly with over 29 points. nationally gave same-sex marriage a slight majority do appear in most polls to support same-sex marriage. it puts president obama in a bind. we saw what vice president biden said the other day. the president has not gone that far, he supports civil unions but says he's evolving on the issue. and north carolina, important battleground state. it is going to be tough for him to win it again. and this is a prompter that it's going to be even tougher for the president to win north carolina. ashleigh? >> well, it'll be fascinating to see how the message is shaped leading up to november. .
3:04 am
thanks for getting up this morning. it is three minutes past the hour, the fbi investigating two different air scares this morning to find out if they were linked. both southwest airlines flights from california to phoenix. one of the flights was searched in california before takeoff. officials cleared everyone off the plane and brought in the bomb squad and bomb-sniffing dogs. another flight was searched in phoenix after it landed. both planes were eventually b given the all-clear. drones, an undercover agent, an undetectable underwear bomb, and the saudis to put it all together. and it's a search that's far from over. it's a thrilling story of a busted terror plot and still unfou unfolding. our friend townsend has confirmed that the would be bomber in a thwarted plot to blow up a u.s.-bound airliner was actually an undercover agent working with saudi arabia and who infiltrated al qaeda.
3:05 am
the device that they were going to use was similar to the one that was used by the so-called underwear bomber back in '09. over the weekend, took out a key leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, believed to be involved in the planning of the attack. but the expert bomb maker is still out there on the loose. peter king, the chairman of the house homeland security committee told anderson cooper that all of these leaks coming out in the press could jeopardize the search for that man. >> i've been briefed on this. and as far as i know, this has not been in any way declassified by the cia, the administration, and it's unfortunate this has gotten out because this could really interfere with operations overseas. >> well, that brand new al qaeda bomb is now safely in the hands of the fbi investigators at the lab in quantico, virginia.
3:06 am
parts for a 40 caliber handgun were found inside three stuffed animals in a carry-on bag. a father traveling with his 4-year-old son said he had no idea that the gun components and ammunition were inside the toys. police say it appears to be the result of a domestic dispute, but they gave no further details. the hunt continues to arrest a kidnapping suspect and also to try to save these two young girls. 12-year-old alexandra and 8-year-old kalia bane. video of the suspect adam mayes days after they say he abducted the woman and her three daughters. police have now arrested mayes' mother, his ex-wife, and they're accusing both of those women of helping in the aggravated kidnapping. the suspect's former sister-in-law spoke exclusively
3:07 am
to anderson cooper last night. >> if adam is guilty of these crimes, do you have any idea why he'd do this? >> no. i don't. i've known adam for at least 25 years. and he's always been weird and unusual and when i say weird, i mean listens to different types of music. he's a different type of person altogether, the whole family is. but i never dreamed he would do something like this. >> the fbi is now offering a $50,000 reward for any information leading to mayes and leading to those two girls. joran van der sloot intends to fight efforts to extradite him from peru to the united states. right now he's serving a 28-year sentence for killing a lima woman he met in a casino. he's charged with extortion and wire fraud in the united states in connection with the disappearance of natalee holloway. better log on and check out your twitter this morning just to make sure you, in fact, are still in control of your own
3:08 am
account. hackers claim they broke into 55,000 twitter accounts and posted the passwords online earlier this week. twitter confirmed the hack attack, it's taking action and also suggested this wasn't as big of a deal as the hackers are making it out to be. half the accounts stolen were plain old spam or already suspended accounts and that only a tiny percentage of the site's 140 million active users were affected. however, best advice as always, change your password just to be safe. eight minutes past the hour. flames getting dangerously close to homes in l.a. county. people told to get out with less than half of a huge wildfire under control. and they wanted a memory that would last a lifetime, and boy did they get it. take a look. group of teenagers all dolled up for the prom. lining up on a rickety peier fo a photo.
3:09 am
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it is 11 minutes now past the hour. let's get you up to date on the top stories. good morning, ladies. north carolina is amending the constitution becoming the 30th state to ban same-sex marriage. amendment one passing easily last night with 61% of the vote. the state's constitution will now read marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized. mitt romney's inching closer to the republican nomination sweeping primaries last night in indiana, north carolina, west virginia. he now has more than 900
3:13 am
delegates with 1,144 needed to clinch, of course. romney capturing 65% of the vote, north carolina 66% of the vote. a wall of fire now threatening homes in los angeles county. dozens of people in the area forced to leave their homes. fire officials working through the night to get to the hot spots. so far, more than 120 acres have burned. crews have now contained about 40% of this blaze and so far, thankfully, no injuries reported. the food and drug administration taking steps to protect kids from excessive radiation and common medical tests. new guidelines would require scanner devices to be designed with at least four child settings from newborn to age 12. the use of ct scans and other medical imaging has soared in recent years. and a night to remember for texas rangers slugger josh hamilton. he belted four home runs, all of them two-run shots against the baltimore orioles.
3:14 am
hamilton is just the sixth player in major league history to do this. the first since 2003. he went five for five with eight runs batted in, 18 total bases is an american league record. congratulations. and if you're leaving the house right now, you can watch us any time on your desk top or your mobile phone. go to >> thank you very much, christine. let's get a quick check on today's weather. we've got a bit of a soggy start to the day, rob. how's the rest of the country? >> well, the east shower's pretty much all wet. i wanted to start you off with what we talked about last hour. january to april, the warmest start that we've seen so far. that's no joke about that. as far as the rest of the country is concerned, another tidbit for you is that we have the second hottest summer. you may remember that. and the fourth warmest winter, and, well, the past couple of weeks really or at least the
3:15 am
last week has been a gloomy start to may for folks in boston back through new york and philadelphia and you're kind of seeing that right now. slow-moving front across the east coast and atlanta back through jackson. the southern half is moving slower. the threat for severe weather, the delmarva back through the gulf coast. temperatures will be cooler behind the front. 56 degrees in chicago, 80 degrees in memphis, 71 and soggy in new york city. and i want to keep you up to speed what's going on. the sun, we've got a big sun spot that is rotating around and about to face earth. and this thing could -- hasn't yet, could release the cme that could result in some action here as far as geomagnetic storms. we'll let you know when that happens. when a big old black blob gets pointed this direction, we get nervous. i want to give you a heads up. >> the sun spots look like a black blob. when you see the pictures of them, they look awesome. >> yeah. >> it's 15 minutes past 6:00. and there's a brand new study that reveals we're all a bunch
3:16 am
of big old narcissists. harvard scientists found volunteers who were apparently willing to give up free money to talk about themselves instead of answering questions about other people. so that study might be shedding some lights on why sites like twitter and facebook are so incredibly popular where we just brag and brag and brag and show our best kid pictures and all the rest. 40% of our speech is devoted to telling other people what we think or what we feel. and brain scans apparently show that talking about ourselves triggers -- talk about yourself and you'll be set for the day. 16 minutes past the hour. so you spend the entire day getting ready for the prom. the hair, the make-up, the mani, the pedi and this happens. a group of friends decided to take pictures of before the prom on a pier. and you guessed it, they plunged into the lake after it collapsed. the soaked kids used so many
3:17 am
hair dryers in a house simultaneously they blew a breaker. they made it to the dance we're happy to report. and the only guy who grabbed his date and saved her from taking the plunge. >> i just grabbed her and managed to keep my feet on the beams without falling through. >> like a half hour of blow drying. >> we had tuxedos in the dryers, prom dresses in the dryers. >> and the memories. >> and the hair. >> you know what, christine romans was on the sidelines and she said do you know how much money went into that lake? >> look at the looks on these faces. the poor girls, they really take the time. the hair, the make up, the dress. and those dresses are hundreds and hundreds of dollars. >> they don't do well with water. >> i'll tell you what. >> guys, here's the deal, the upside is you are famous. you're on national tv.
3:18 am
what other prom group gets their picture on national tv. there's that, i don't know. here's something that's probably going to maybe not shock you, maybe it will. the fattening of america. there is a brand new study on how the entire economy of this country is geared towards making us and keeping us fat. and for an expanded look at all our top stories, a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals
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3:21 am
welcome back. it may look like an ordinary soccer ball, but it generates energy while you're playing with it. two harvard grads harnessed the power of play in today's tech novations. >> kick a soccer ball around, turn on a light. >> the socket is a soccer ball that doubles as a portable
3:22 am
generator. when you play with the ball, it harnesses the energy from play. >> created by two harvard grads, the socket provides a power source for people in developing countries. it's a simple design based on high school physics. >> we essentially have a stripped down gyroscope that also harnesses the kinetic energy that generates while the ball's rolling. a motor powers a battery that stores that power. you can power a lamp, a cell phone charger. we've been prototyping hot plates. >> 30 minutes of play gives you about three hours of power depending on the device. the balls are being donated and distributed by ngos in places like mexico and south africa. >> it's an energy source, but it's also a source of empowerment. it's based on a sport that is so loved and grounded in the issue of energy which is so critical to everyone's lives. >> such a great idea. >> awesome. so we're minding your
3:23 am
business this morning. and if you're feeling a little overweight out there and feeling like the whole world is against you and it's a struggle to get your weight under control, guess what? it may not be entirely your fault. and yes, you may be set up to fail. >> christine romans has more for us this morning. >> it's true. i learned a new word this week obesigenic. all of these different factors are lying around you to help make you fat. now, will power has a role here, but there's a reason why will power alone doesn't work for some people and it might just be that in the entire society around us is geared toward making us consume more calories. and this is what they found. the institute of medicine report found that we need to consider some really big changes, a lot of them together to try to fix and reverse obesity. how about farm policy that doesn't favor fruits and vegetables right now, but favors things like corn, wheat, and soybeans, things that go into
3:24 am
processed foods that have more calories, right? consider make a tax on sugary beverages. every time this has come up, congress has not gone for it. they've gone with the lobbyists who say don't tax out anymore. we should fight obesity at school age. in 1977, a child age 2 to 18 consumed about 1,800 calories a day. by 2006, a child age 2 to 18 was consuming 2,000 calories a day. only 4% of american elementary schools have phys ed. so the institute of medicine coming out and saying in this exhaustive report that our society is obesogenic. consuming more and cheap calories and that there are a lot of things we have to do, sidewalks, for example, we don't have enough sidewalks.
3:25 am
>> too many escalatorescalators. >> we don't focus on obesity in schools where it's cheaper to pay for it, we focus on it on the back end. cdc said yesterday $500 billion costs more conservatively because you'll have americans obese by 2030. this is a lecture. a fascinating look at a lot of different pieces that have to come together that society has to do the reverse. >> but then you get the critics who say, look, i don't want to live in a nanny state where you tell me i can't bring cupcakes to school. >> and that's the way americans in general feel. you teach them reading, writing, arithmetic. >> maybe -- >> it's your personal choice to go some place and get a blooming onion that's 1,100 calories, the government shouldn't be involved -- >> aren't they more than that? >> i don't know. >> i'm out there right now. i think they're like 3,000 or something insane. >> but it's really --
3:26 am
>> you talk about the health, right? i think that's a really good way to tackle. >> and we pay for that with higher insurance premiums, higher medicare costs. >> as society we pay that. a fifth of all medical spending right now is obesity-related. >> yes. diabetes and things. anyway, i'm going to send out this big report. >> thank you, christine. good stuff. very interesting. up next, how north carolina's new ban on same-sex marriage could wind up helping president obama in the november election. why, you ask? you'll find out in a moment. ♪ ♪ i can do anything ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i can go anywhere
3:27 am
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the fbi investigating two airline threats this morning. possible bomb scares. authorities searched two southwest flights last night, one at john wayne airport in california, another after it landed in phoenix. both given the all clear. we have new information on the foiled plot to blow a u.s.-bound passenger jet out of the sky. our fran townsend, a former homeland security official confirming the would be bomber was actually an undercover agent working with saudi arabia who infiltrated al qaeda. and twitter under attack. hackers claiming they stole 55,000 accounts and posted them online. twitter says they are looking into it, but close to half of the affected accounts are only spam or inactive. nonetheless, you may want to change your password this morning. ashleigh? >> good advice. and this morning, protesters in north carolina are saying our fight for fairness is not over. this after north carolina voters passed a strict amendment to their constitution that bans
3:31 am
same-sex marriages. it's called amendment one and it also bans civil unions and domestic partnerships. and get this, not just for gay couples, but straight couples in the states too. gay marriages were already illegal in this state, but now it's officially in the constitution. as the general election gears up towards november, a lot of democrats are calling on president obama to speak out in support of gay marriage, but so far the president has been somewhat ambiguous. take a look. >> i'm not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage, but i do believe in civil unions. you know, my feelings about this are constantly evolving. i struggle with this. everyone ought to be treated equally. and everybody deserves to be able to live and love as they see fit. as i see friends, families, you know, children of gay couples
3:32 am
who are thriving, you know, that has an impact on how i think about these issues. >> roland martin. a cnn contributor. some are saying the results in north carolina, and it was overwhelming in favor of banning a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. a lot of people saying this is a good thing for president obama. why? >> because you're looking at 12 competitive states. north carolina he won in 2008 by 14,000 votes. a huge turnout, and so it is still a swing state. he needs that state for his reelection efforts. >> but if you're ambiguous, don't you lose on both sides? >> no, you don't. because as a risk/reward in it. he's able to say look at my policies, look at what i've done against don't ask, don't tell, look at all of these different issues, this is what i've done. sure lgbt folks want him to go further, but he has to recognize
3:33 am
the hard core reality of politics. in 2009, the iowa supreme court said a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. in 2010, three of those justices thrown out of office. he's looking at iowa also for 2012. and so hard-core politics -- that's what this is about. this is not about emotion, not about in terms of my moral perspective. not about any of those things. >> you and i could have a whole other debate on civil rights. >> the president was looking at it and saying, people say 53% of americans support same-sex marriage, but you can't ignore the 46% who doesn't. that's the battle right there. >> you actually got new polling out. it's not a lot different because you look at the margin of error. you've got 50% supporting the right to marry for gay people, given the right to marry and 40% not. so within the 3% margin of error, that's a wash. and when you have an ambiguous
3:34 am
president taking it from his own liberal party -- and i want to read you something. this is a fascinating comment in one of his commentaries. if the debate is as black and white as many argue, they should be much harder on political leaders who pretend it's a gray area. indeed, if you accept that claiming of the debate, you have to acknowledge that president obama spent the last four years lying to the american people about his convictions on the one defining civil rights issue of our time and giving aid and comfort to pure bigotry in the service of his other political priorities. that coming from the "new york times." so he's being accused -- basically that the liberals are saying he's getting a pass. getting a pass on his own party. >> here's the deal. that's what politicians do. vice president dick cheney sat in the white house for eight years knowing full well he supported same-sex marriage because his daughter's a lesbian. he says nothing -- >> until recently he came out
3:35 am
and said i support that -- >> signed the defensive marriage act while he was president. he knew exactly how he felt. but he saw the political reality. are the waves changing? yes, they are. this is going to come down to a constitutional question where the courts have to decide. you can't have a situation where in some states courts are making decisions then voter referendums. that's what it's going to boil down to. the california proposition, that's the one that is likely going to go to the supreme court. it really will determine this very issue. you can't necessarily have voters making the call because, again, it's end ballot. in some cases it's a judicial call, other places it's a voter call. it's an uneven issue. >> i want to make sure that folks who are watching you and me and our conversation, you and i are having a political discussion of strategies, we are not having a philosophical discussion -- >> and that's actually why the president is saying what he said. remember, when he was senator,
3:36 am
he filled out a survey, he filled it out where he said he supported same-sex marriage. in 2008 campaign, the campaign tried to say oh, a staffer filled it out because his position publicly changed when he ran for national office. so i'm not shocked that a politician would change on the issue. >> i love you say change he says evolve. it'll be fun to see if there's any evolution. you are adorable for waking up early and talking with us this morning. >> i know, you're going to have to hook a brother up with some breakfast. >> is that how it works? i've got coffee. thank you for coming in this morning. it is 36 minutes past the hour. and happening right now, we have live pictures of queen elizabeth. she's formally opening the new legislative session of britain's parliament. >> a draft bill will be published to reform the water industry in england and wales. my government will bring forward measures to modernize the pension system and reform the
3:37 am
state pension creating a simple and sustainable foundation for private saving. legislation will be introduced to reform -- >> the queen actually traveling by carriage this morning from buckingham palace for this event. her agenda focusing on kickstarting the british economy. i wonder if they retro fitted those with shock absorbers. >> they should have. and this morning in russia, parades everywhere marking victory day. the anniversary of the defeat of nazi germany in world war ii. 14,000 russian troops marching across the granite paving stones in red square honoring those who died in world war ii and the 4 million russian veterans who fought in that war and are still living. it is now 37 minutes past 6:00 on the east coast. got a high-speed chase to show you this morning.
3:38 am
yeah, does that look like a street? no. does that look like a driving track? no. it is what it looks like. a horse track. why on earth is that pickup truck doing this? you'll find out. but first, a quick check of today's weather. mr. rob marciano in atlanta for us. good morning. >> good morning, guys. if they're running that track at belmont, a little bit muddy right now. rain across the east coast from boston back to providence, then new york back through philadelphia, baltimore and d.c., this slow-moving front will hang around for the day. atlanta back through memphis, heading back through mobile, as well. some of this will be severe as it pushes off to the east. behind it, it'll be drier, some places cooler. hot out in the desert southwest. 56 degrees in chicago for a high of 80 degrees in memphis. keep the umbrella handy. "early start" coming right back.
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it is 42 minutes past the hour. let's get you up to date on your top stories. the fbi investigating two airline threats this morning, possible bomb scares. authorities search two southwest flights last night. one at john wayne airport in california, another after it landed in phoenix. both were given the all clear. a warning. you might find this video hard to watch. graphic footage of a hit-and-run in buffalo. the driver plows into a group of
3:43 am
pedestrians, slamming a teenager so hard, he slips head over heels. the driver keeps going. he is eventually charged with assault, reckless driving, and fleeing from an officer. the victim suffered multiple injuries but has since been released from the hospital. a potential shake-up in the sandusky sex abuse case centering around testimony from the key witness mike mcqueary. he told a grand jury he saw coach jerry sandusky sexually assaulting a child in the shower back in 2002. prosecutors now say that incident happened in 2001 and sandusky's attorneys say they want the related charge dropped. meantime, court documents reveal mcqueary intends to file a lawsuit against penn state based on whistle blower protection. and down the stretch, he swerves. police in hot pursuit of an alleged drunk driver on a horse
3:44 am
racing track. martin mcdonnell busted through the gate in new mexico, took his pickup on a joyride. police set up a barricade after a few laps and they say he passed out in the back of a police cruiser and told them he thought it'd be cool to do a few laps. union, new jersey, an 18-month-old black bear parking himself in the tree, took three tranquilizer darts to put him to sleep. the 186-pound bear was transported to a state park 35 miles away. you can hear him snoring there, can't you? and today's best advice take to work with you comes from cory booker, the mayor of newark, new jersey. we asked him the best advice he ever received. this is what he said. >> i think to tell your authentic truth. you know, everyone is born an original as lincoln once said, but most die copies. we were born to be who we were born to be. to be unique, authentic, and live up to your truth.
3:45 am
the best you possible and that's one thing i try to do every single day is not to be a carbon copy of someone else to boldly manifest my unique self. >> take that to work with you and think about it. >> that is awesome. >> authentic self today. >> you do that every day. >> really? >> so confused, i don't know what it means, but i'm going to boldly manifest my authentic self. if i want to throw a tantrum, i will boldly manifest -- >> i don't think the mayor was suggesting that -- >> i think he was. no, i think he was, actually. >> i said it before and i think that man's going to be president. i really do. cory booker. dead silence, but i do. i'll go on record. >> it's a long haul to the next election. if you didn't already guess it, soledad o'brien is here with a look. richard murdoch, he is the tea party backed state treasurer
3:46 am
in indiana who sent richard lugar into retirement has gotten a lot of national implications. what it means to be a moderate republican these days or maybe a moderate democrat. "sister wives" have a new season and a new book out. the brown family going to join us to talk about what's putting their polygamous lifestyle on tv has taught them and taught us. interesting. and suzanne somers is going to join our panel. got a new book called "bombshell," promises explosive medical secrets that redefine aging. i want to talk to her about the thigh master. >> really? >> yeah. come on, raise your hands if you had a thigh master. hello. thank you. >> i want one. >> exactly. all that and much more ahead on "starting early." te wanted to se how far one proglide cartridge could go. so they sent me around the world to find out. i learned a few things along the way. first impressions do matter.
3:47 am
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3:49 am
welcome back, it's 49 minutes past the hour. an hiv drug used for treatment could be used to prevent infection. tomorrow, members of an fda advisory committee will meet to talk about it.
3:50 am
and here to tell us how this works is elizabeth cohen. i thought, my gosh, i hope people don't think this is going to give them a green light. can you tell us about this pill? >> right, and many people hope this won't give people a green light. let me tell you about this drug. it's been used to treat hiv. and then they said, what would happen if we gave it to people who are kind of likely to get hiv before they get hiv to see if it prevents the illness? and what they found is when people took it every day which is how you're supposed to take it that it did reduce the chance they would get infected with hiv. if they took it the way they were supposed to, the numbers were pretty impressive. 60% fewer hiv infections or 60% lower risks of getting hiv. 70%, 80%, high numbers and that has a lot of people in the hiv and aids world excited to have this kind of prevention for hiv. >> did they find any down sides
3:51 am
when they were doing the study? >> they did find down sides. i want to be clear about this. there are so many down sides, in fact, that the aids health care foundation has been actively trying to persuade the fda not to approve this drug. and let me tell you why. you'll notice if i said if they took it the way they were supposed to, it worked well. but a lot of people didn't take it the way they were supposed to. might have been because they were vomiting a lot. it's hard to take a pill every day that makes you vomit. might have been they had terrible headaches, those kind of side effects and in addition, bigger side effects. this drug they found that some people, not a lot, but some people developed liver problems or kidney problems. and some people might decide, you know what? i'm healthy right now, i don't want to take a pill that gives me serious kidney problems. i'm going to find other ways to prevent hiv. you know condoms work. and so some people might decide along with their doctors i don't want to take a pill with these kind of risks. >> yeah, especially when you're talking about your organs.
3:52 am
i know the hiv drugs when they first came out cost was an issue. how much will this cost? >> cost will be an issue with this one too. this is going to be about $1,300 a month. and again, this is different from other hiv drugs. other hiv drugs were being used to treat people who basically had a death sentence. i mean choosing for an insurance company to say, yes, i'm going to pay because you're very sick and this is your only treatment. that's one thing. this is prevention. this is a healthy person taking it for prevention. who knows what insurance companies will do. they may well pay for this. but for people without insurance, $1,300 a month is obviously a huge amount of money. >> thank you so much. i'm sure you're going to continue to follow this for us. >> i will. it is 52 minutes past 6:00 a.m. and to call the next piece of video incredible would not do it justice. the story behind the wave, the surfer, and what happens next. and if you are leaving the house right now, you can watch this any time on your desk top
3:53 am
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3:56 am
welcome back. it is four minutes before the top of the hour. just enough time to look at what's trending on the interweb. and this is the biggest wave ever surfed and stands at 78 feet high. got to see the video to believe it. there's catching a monster off the coast of portugal last summer, but it wasn't verified as the biggest wave until just this last weekend at the global big wave award. guinness is expected to approve this record soon, but it's just great to look at it in the meantime.
3:57 am
this wave surfed back in '08 by matt parsons, are you ready? by one foot. just one foot he gets the record. there is a bit of irony, though, with this, you see this surfing miracle. we've got a paddling surfing record too. he won with this particular wave he caught in hawaii. look at this last january. oh, yeah. i never know how they survive these zarida. that's literally hundreds and hundreds of tons of water. and it is turning at such incredible velocity. i mean -- >> and the board comes down on him, or at least it looks like it. >> well, i don't think they used the ankle strap for these guys because it would be lethal. look at the other surfers too. granted, i'm sure some of them are camera men. our producer who is nutty about surfing, did you say do have a leash or don't?
3:58 am
did have a leash. could you imagine that? anyway, congratulations, garrett, and eat your heart out laird hamilton. >> i want to change my name to tyrannosaurus rex. how about that? something your 5-year-old might say. well, some people never grow up. the new york news times reports that a 23-year-old nebraska man has legally changed his name to tyrannosaurus rex. that's not a picture of him. he says the dinosaur name was cooler than tyler gold. he's sort of right. check out this from "jurassic park." he says name recognition is important and the new name will help him drum up business. we don't know what line of work he's in. >> i hated my name growing up. >> it's tricky -- >> tricky to spell, to say. but i never thought t-rex -- i thought susan. >> susan, mary, linda. my nickname growing up, i had
3:59 am
the problem with ashleigh. my dad gave me a joke nickname that stuck until this day. >> which is? >> fred. >> fred? >> my family calls me freddie. how about that? i've been fred all my life. >> t-rex. >> t-rex, way to go. and you picked the right one too because t-rex is the coolest. i'm freddie banfield. "starting point" starts right now. >> and thank you and welcome and good morning, everybody. our starting point this morning, the informant, the cia with eyes in the sky, mole on the ground. brand new details this morning of how the u.s. unravelled a plot by al qaeda to blow a plane out of the sky. also developing overnight, bomb threats, detour, two southwest airline flights. details on that. and voted out after 36 years, richard lugar loses. what are the implications that could have across the entire


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