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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 9, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> we had immigration dust up and etch-a-sketch moment. can republicans get back what bush had in 2004, 40% win on latino votes? we don't know about it. >> no. >> it will be interesting to see. that will be a conversation over the next long slog of six months. >> that was quick roland. nothing? >> will? >> coming up tomorrow on "starting point," we're going to talk to gold medal winner gymnast shawn johnson and also dee snider will be with us. see you back here tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. >> good morning to all of you. i'm carol costello. the would-be bomber behind the terror threat actually working for the cia. breaking news this morning. new details inside the plot and inside the operation from a former fbi special agent.
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north carolina shutting out same-sex marriage with a constitutional amendment. people behind the movement this morning saying they're not anti-gay, they're pro-marriage. mississippi searching for adam mayes wanted for killing of a tennessee woman and her teenage daughter. the police expand their search for the two young girls. pomp and perception. queen elizabeth ii arriving in a golden carriage wearing a crown with 3,000 diamonds. going before parliament to talk about saving money. "newsroom" starts right now. this morning we begin with new details and backlash over the al qaeda plot to bomb a u.s. bound plane. we know it was an undercover operative working for saudi arabia and the united states.
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according to "the new york times," the operative handed over the bomb to the fbi and now that bomb is undergoing extensive study. the newspapers reports it was sewn into custom fit underwear but unlike the bomb that malfunctioned on the 2009 flight into detroit, this one had fail safes to ensure it detonated. now the backlash. intelligence officials and lawmakers are outraged that someone leaked details and major investigations are being launched. >> it's unfortunate this has gotten out. this could really interfere with operations overseas and i'm sorry to do this but i can't comment on any of those details. i know it's out there. i know it's being reported. i also was at a briefing this afternoon with top officials and there's a real great concern that this got out. >> tom is a former assistant director of the fbi and joins us from washington. good morning, tom. >> good morning, carol. >> let's talk quickly about this investigation. what kind of possible damage could be caused by these leaks? >> i think there's been
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tremendous damage caused by it because it interrupted an ongoing operation and investigation. all of the sources that i've talked to who are extremely high level have said there was no expectation that this operation would leak and in fact none of them knew of the operation. no one in circles in washington if you didn't need to know it, you didn't know it until it became public through the media. it's clear the cia, fbi and administration were not prepared for this story to come out at this time and completely interrupt the operation. >> the story did come out and details quite frankly are fascinating. here's this man, this mole, who infiltrated al qaeda. this bombmaker, al asiri wanted to plant a bomb on his own brother. they are hardcore. the courage it must have taken for this man to infiltrate al qaeda is mind-boggling. >> that's true. it's absolutely amazing that
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they did recruit someone that would be willing to do that. but what we don't know now is how many other somebodies are there. are there other suicide bombers who intend to commit suicide? have there been other devices similar to his already made, already deployed, and who knows if they're going to be detected in airport scanning machines in europe. that's the danger in this factor. an operation has been cut short before all of the players are known and before all of the details are known and before really we know more about what al asiri is up to at this point and how many other bombs are out there. >> what exactly is he doing and al qaeda in yemen on the arabian peninsula doing right now knowing someone infiltrated their group? >> right now he's just going to continue to make more bombs and continue to recruit more people who are willing to die in their effort to attack americans or westerners. he's just going to continue doing that all along. i think at this point just this
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is my opinion but the cat is out of the bag. i think the public and tsa and airport screeners around the world should be seeing photographs of what this device looked like and being told here's what to watch for. here's what's out there at least in this device. obviously al asiri and other al qaeda members in yemen know that we have the device. this is public information now. they know that the information is out there. there is no need to keep it from them. they are aware of it. why keep it from the screeners who need to have that information across the globe to have an idea of what they are looking for. >> i guess i meant he would be looking at his recruits and sort of seeing what other plants there may be. i'm sure he's doing that too. in southern california, the fbi is investigating security concerns surrounding two southwest airlines flights out of john wayne airport. one was searched by a bomb squad and canine units before leaving
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santa ana. another one taken to a secure area. >> looks like there are problems with the runway. >> southwest 1424 heading 360 climb and maintain 3,000. >> it looks like the runway's occupied with some basic security issues and we can't land right now so stand by for further information. >> they were responding to nonspecific threats and crews found nothing out of the ordinary. investigators have not said if these incidents are linked. this morning gay rights activists are regrouping and gearing up to fight the latest statewide ban on same-sex marriage. voters in north carolina overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment which defines marriage as between a man and woman. opponents of the measure are
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vowing to challenge results and are planning rallies later this week. >> we said we were going to have a million conversations across this state. no matter what the results tonight, their conversations cannot be stopped and cannot be undone. >> we are not anti-gay. we are pro-marriage. this campaign has been about one thing and one thing only. protecting marriage is the union between one man and one woman. >> north carolina becomes the 31st state to define marriage as a heterosexual union. more states will vote on similar same-sex marriage bans later this year. wisconsin's embattled governor knows who he'll face in the june 5th recall election. last night tom barrett was chosen as the challenger. he lost in the 2010 gubernatorial race.
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more than a million people signed petitions for walker's recall after he cut most collective bargaining rights for state employees. a changing of the guard in indiana and undeniable message being sent to washington. for the first time since the 1970s, hoosier voters rejected six-term senator richard lugar. he was ousted by a fellow republican who said he won't budge on his republican values. >> this race is not about animosity. it's about ideas. it is about the direction of the republican party. it is about the direction of our country. >> my public service is not concluded. i look forward to what can be achieved in the senate in the next eight months despite a very difficult national election atmosphere. >> senior congressional correspondent dana bash is in
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indianapolis this morning and in a sign of lugar's bipartisan record, president obama praised lugar after last night's defeat. i want to read part of the statement from president obama. i want to express my deep appreciation for dick lugar's distinguished service in the united states. we didn't always agree on everything but during my time in the senate he was often willing to reach across the aisle and get things done. in fact, it's that spirit of compromise that might have cost lugar his job, right? >> reporter: it sure is. i heard that from voter after voter that we talked to at the polls yesterday. they thought that richard lugar agreed with the president too much and in this really extraordinary race got even more unusual last night because as soon as senator lugar was finished with his concession speech, he had aides release this memo. it's about a three-page memo. he really tries to explain his
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decisions. one is his decision to vote with the president on his supreme court picks, on things like immigration and in this he also says that i believe that those votes were right for the country and i stand by them without regrets. he didn't do what a lot of other incumbent republicans did to defend themselves from challenges from the right. he didn't attack right. he stuck with what he thought was correct in terms of his votes. >> okay. so what does this mean for the country and the polarization of the senate? you cover capitol hill. you're our congressional correspondent. will it get more ugly? i can't remember a recent law that congress has passed lately. >> reporter: there are a few but you have to dig for them. you are right. there is no question that richard lugar was one of the last remaining people as i just mentioned who did what he thought was right even though he knew politically it was very, very bad for him. not saying that people who are there now don't go by their principle but richard lugar did it to his own peril.
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in this extraordinary memo he put out, he talked about the fact that he's very worried that bipartisan in his word he wants people to know is not opposite of principle. it's not a dirty word. it is okay. and he was very scathing in his parting shots, if you will. just like olympia know was who voluntarily retired. another moderate that worked across the aisle. these people say they are concerned about the state of politics. he also said that if the republican party, his own party, continues to allow outside forces to not allow nuance, they'll become a minority party and maybe even worse. carol? >> reporting live for us from indianapolis this morning. former presidential candidate rick santorum is still explaining his endorsement of mitt romney. santorum went on "the tonight show" and host jay leno wasted no time talking about that endorsement that many say lacked
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enthusiasm. >> it was kind of buried. there were 16 paragraphs. it was the 13th paragraph. by the way, this mitt romney fellow is running for president. at one point you said he was the worst republican we could ever put against obama. didn't you say that? >> i say that with respect to the issue of obama care. can you imagine what "the tonight show" would look like if the government ran "the tonight show?" >> i see how it looks with nbc running it. >> can you imagine? >> santorum also gave leno one of his souvenir sweater vests which became his signature look during the campaign. i'm sure jay will wear it -- i don't think he will. ron paul is still in the race and he'll be joining us in the next hour. should ron paul drop his presidential bid? his supporters don't think so. in fact, they are threatening to cause chaos at the republican national convention if he's not allowed to give a prime time
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address. i'll ask congressman paul about that. president obama and mitt romney are trading jabs on the economy. which man has the right approach to get the nation back on track? tennessee police looking for these two little girls and the man they think kidnapped them. police hope new surveillance video will lead them to their suspect. you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you. you know, right? how much i love you. you're doing okay, mom.
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intelligence operative working for saudi arabia and the united states. lawmakers and government officials want to know how details were leaked and if they damaged the investigation. take a close look at this new video. tennessee police hope it will help them find adam mayes and the two little girls he's suspected of kidnapping. mayes is suspected of kidnapping the girl's mother and older sister whose bodies were found on saturday. police have arrested mayes' mother and his ex-wife. they are accused of helping him. yahoo! ceo's decision to lie about his college degree on his resume has cost yahoo! search director her job. he will keep his job for now. patty hart was in charge of the ceo search and was responsible for hiring him. a senior yahoo! executive says thompson lost his credibility. a special committee is continuing to investigate the matter. it is the number one issue many americans will take with them into the ballot box in november. the economy. republican candidate mitt romney is trying to convince voters
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president obama is bad for the economy and he will do things differently. tuesday in michigan, governor romney spent seven minutes to make sure voters got the point. >> his four years have been a disappointment for all of us. president clinton said the era of big government was over. president obama brought it back with a vengeance. president obama is trying to tirelessly expand the welfare state. the president takes his marching orders from union bosses and rails against the right to work states. have you seen the president's vision of the future? to help us see it, his campaign has even created fictional character. what does it say about a president's policies when he asks to use a cartoon character rather than real people to justify his record? >> you get the point there. coo of the economic cycle research institute is with us now. welcome. >> good morning, carol. >> romney blasted the president's policies for seven
6:18 am
minutes. he actually spent nine minutes on his own ideas. he wasn't specific about what exactly he would do differently. romney talked about bringing jobs back, for example, with pro-growth regulations and pro-growth taxes and pro-growth labor rules. translate that to us and tell us how that might fire up the economy in the short-term. >> i'm sorry. this is unfortunate. it won't. i don't think there really is a policy that will. just to be clear, all i do is study the business cycle, recessions and recoveries. and we made a call at the end of last year that we would be going into a new recession by the middle of this year and when we look at all of the incoming data and a lot of it -- the general tone has been one of a recovering economy. but when we look at the incoming data, it looks as though things have already been slowing. all of the indicators that tell
6:19 am
us where we are in the business cycle have now turned down. early on we saw output like gdp or industrial production or sales or income. this is a real tough one. income, very, very weak here. the current readings that we have now, very low readings, they are already at weak readings that we saw after the last ten recessions began. those income readings are already recessionary and then of course we have had jobs growing quicker until february of this year but now they've started to rollover. this really looks like a business cycle downturn like unfortunately recession call is correct and what typically happens is after a recession begins -- >> let me interrupt you for just a second. i really want to get into the specifics of romney's speech. not all economists agree with
6:20 am
you by the way. >> most don't. >> so you have a darker vision of the economy than most economists do. if what you're saying is true, don't we need a new way of dealing with the economy and is he the right man to do the job? >> i think that's an open question, okay? because the presidential politics, presidential policies, these kinds of things, things that will happen between the administration and the congress, they are effective at laying the rules of the playing field for three or four or five years out. in the near term, the business cycle will not be denied. likewise with monetary policy. when numbers get bad, people say the fed should print more money. that will save things. but if you look at 222 years of u.s. and business cycle history, we've had 47 recessions. policy makers on both sides of
6:21 am
the aisle and central banks since early part of the last century have tried to deny every single incoming recession and they have failed. i suspect we'll have a 40th recession. the only question is when and if you're just reading the actual data and not forecasts, the actual data on income and jobs growth and the other indicators of recession, we're pretty much there. it's not recognized. it doesn't get recognized. it's not obvious until a half year later which oddly enough lands right around the election. >> right. let me ask you this last question. mitt romney is a successful businessman. there's no doubt about that. you deal with ceos every day. you talk with them. you study them. are ceos best equipped to fix a sluggish economy? >> look, we need some jobs, right? that's pretty clear. they are sitting on a lot of cash and the question is what
6:22 am
would induce them to start investing that cash in particular in the united states? and the simplest answer is more demand, right? more people wanting stuff. right now what we see is consumption slipping and the hope has been more jobs would lead to more con consumption but it's just not happening. that's missing link here. that's starting to dawn on people. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thanks for your time. >> still ahead on "newsroom," a man has a big reason to thank dustin hoffman. the actor saved his life. [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss.
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it is time for middle class talk back. we wanted to give middle class americans a chance to ask direct questions of the presidential candidates. today it's moira bindner's term. they are struggling with an underwater mortgage and recent periods of unemployment. this week she had a question for governor romney. >> governor romney, my question for you is what ideas do you have about those people who are underemployment and have settled for jobs that really don't utilize their talents. i think your record shows more cutting companies and selling them so how would you encourage employers to really utilize people? >> okay. so we took the question to governor romney. christie campbell from the romney campaign shot us an e-mail. tuesday in michigan governor
6:26 am
romney addressed the issues concerning americans like moira. because of president obama's disastrous economic policies, americans are struggling with unemployment, underemployed or have given up looking for a job. >> this is a time for new answers and a new direction. it's the only way our future can be better than the past and as this new direction creates new jobs, it will also create the increasing demand for workers. that produces higher wages and better benefits. with the right direction and the right leadership, america can be reinvigorated as an economic powerhouse and families can depend once again on stable jobs and rising home values and more opportunities for their children. this can be more than our hope. it can be our future. >> governor romney added he'll
6:27 am
describe policies of that new direction throughout his campaign. next wednesday we'll take another one of your questions this time to president obama. join me next week for middle class talk back. police are still searching for adam mayes wanted in killing of a tennessee woman and her teenage daughter. right now police are expanding their search for the woman's two young girls, alexandria and kyliyah. i've still got hours of battery life. it's an ultrabook. you bring great shame upon this coffee hut. with a long-lasting ultrabook, everything else seems old fashioned. ultrabook. inspired by intel.
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30 minutes past the hour. opening bell just about to ring on wall street. u.s. stocks headed for a lower open today as investors remain on edge over developments in europe. there are new details and backlash in al qaeda's failed plot to bomb a u.s. bound airliner. we know the planned suicide bomber was an intelligence operative working for saudi arabia and the united states. in the meantime, lawmakers and government officials want to know how the details were leaked and if they damaged the investigation. a 35-year veteran of the
6:31 am
senate, dick lugar, is pondering his future. he was defeated in indiana tea party challenger richard mourdock. they want to force deep cuts in government spending and gives democrats an unexpected shot in winning a democratically held seat in the november elections. the manhunt still on for adam mayes who they believe have these two little girls with him. you can see surveillance video of mayes inside a convenience store days after he abducted jo ann bain and three daughters. jo ann and her oldest daughter were found dead on saturday at a home linked to mayes and now police have arrested mayes' mother and ex-wife. a former sister-in-law spoke exclusively to anderson cooper. >> what would you want to say to
6:32 am
him? >> do the right thing and let the children go. this has gone on way too far. we need to figure out what's going on and it's not fair to the children. >> george howell is here with more on this story. do police have new leads? is the surveillance tape helping at all? >> that video back from april 30th is the last time we saw mayes and right now, carol, it's a desperate search. we're looking across two state lines right now. federal investigators are also involved looking for adam mayes and obviously trying to find alexandria and kyliyah. we do know from an fbi agent the last thing we heard that he believes the girls are alive and with mayes. the question is where is mayes right now? we're looking at an area between whiteville, tennessee, and guntown, mississippi. and we know that agents have set up checkpoints. they are talking to people. they are trying to get as much information as possible. we do also know that mayes is considered armed and dangerous.
6:33 am
>> i know mayes is a longtime friend of the family. known them for years and years. so why suddenly did he supposedly snap according to police? do they have any idea? >> no indication at this point. she says the daughters may be his. is that a possibility? investigators certainly will be looking into that possibility. but right now they believe that the girls are alive with mayes and as you know, they arrested mayes' mother and also his ex-wife. >> that's just strange. that's just weird. why would they help this man kidnap this family? >> what we know at this point, mayes' mother told investigators that she did see her son digging on that property. we also know that theresa was involved in helping to drive that car from whiteville to guntown so that's why they are currently in custody and as you can imagine, investigators are asking them plenty of questions to try to find out where adam
6:34 am
is. >> that's just so strange that the -- i don't know. i don't know. we'll just have to pray. we have a 1-800 number. can we put that back on the screen. 1-800-tbi-find. told authorities what you see. we hope the two little girls are still alive. can small town post offices be saved and without using taxpayer money? he started movies like "rainman" and is now credited with saving a man's life. >> i have my hands in many hives. i help run the new york city beekeepers association. i help run bees without borders. i am a paid consultant by restaurants and hotels. i have my own private hives from which i extract and bottle
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>> dustin hoffman was taking a walk in a park when he saw a man staggering and frothing at the mouth. hoffman rushed to help and called paramedics. the man had gone into cardiac arrest.
6:39 am
the 27-year-old man could have died had hoffman not helped him. a.j. hammer is the host of "showbiz tonight" in new york. wow. what did he do? >> he was there, carol. when you think of it, it was no walk in the park. this is just the latest story in what seems to be a current trend of celebrity heroes. dustin hoffman is 74. was reportedly walking in kensington park in london. saw the jogger collapse and helped to keep the man's airway open and stayed on scene for 20 minutes until paramedics were able to respond and treat the victim with adefibrillator. this is what any good citizen would do but we have been talking about a list of stars stepping in to help people in distress. they were just like us. >> so weird. but good because they are doing good things and we like to hear that. now we have to talk about bad
6:40 am
things. john travolta. another massage therapist has come forward to accuse him of sexual battery? >> we told you yesterday about the first accusation and then yesterday afternoon a second male therapist alleging he was sexually assaulted by travolta. these are allegations from unnamed accusers. only identified themselves in court papers as john doe. both plaintiffs seeking $2 million each. travolta's attorneys are defending their client and telling cnn the second unanimous claim is just as absurd and ridiculous as the first one and promise to sue men making accusations and their attorney for malicious prosecution. the attorney who is handling both accusers says his practice specializes in this going after sexual predators and tells cnn he's not intimidated. he also tells us there are many potential plaintiffs but i am only adding them as i am able to fully investigate and vet them. we'll have to see if this
6:41 am
accuser list grows at all or gets larger. for now travolta gets the benefit of the doubt absolutely and we'll see if anything more becomes of this. >> all right. a.j. hammer, many thanks to you. wisconsin's governor gets an opponent in a race to remove him from office and mitt romney gets support from ron johnson. we'll tell you about it after a break. let's talk about josh hamilton before we go. he shows why he's one of the best hitters in baseball. four home runs in one game. we'll be back. i promise. not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity, getting back on track was easier than i thought. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy.
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all to see your money how you want. ♪ just about 44 minutes past the hour. there are new details in al qaeda's failed plot to bomb a u.s. bound airliner. we know the planned suicide bomber was really an intelligence operative working for saudi arabia and the united states. government officials want to know how the details were leaked and if they damaged the investigation. gay rights activists are regrouping and gearing up to fight the latest statewide ban on same-sex marriage. a constitutional amendment defines marriage as between a man and woman. it's the 31st state to define marriage as a heterosexual union. more states will vote later this year. queen elizabeth gave her
6:45 am
annual speech to parliament earlier today warning about iran. she doesn't write the speech. politicians do but the event is tradition. she held the throne for 60 years now. interesting fact. the crowd must travel separately from the queen. that's the custom. indiana senator dick lugar is leaving washington after 36 years after a successful primary challenge from richard mourdock. republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin joins me now. senator, welcome. >> good morning, carol. >> glad you're here with us. you were also backed by the tea party. is richard lugar right? >> well, first of all, i got a
6:46 am
great deal for richard lugar. when he's spoken up, he's a man that's got very serious viewpoints and certainly something to be listened to and respected. the voters of indiana decided to go a different direction. i'm certainly looking forward to serving with richard mourdock as well. >> so a lot of people who didn't vote for richard mourdock and i realize what you said is completely true. is compromise dead in washington? is that a dirty word still? >> i think we all recognize that we have serious problems in this nation and i think so many americans are just disappointed at the lack of progress of this administration. neither side will go away. in the end we're going to have to figure out how to work with each other but i think one of the things that prompts that compromise if you want to call it, is signals voters send. in 2010 i think the voters sent a clear signal to get our debt
6:47 am
and deficit under control. our fiscal house in order and washington hasn't done that. my guess is in 2012 the voters will again send a signal it's time to get serious about the fact that we're burdening our children and grandchildren with this mountain of debt and let's work toward a solution. i think the politicians here in washington, the elected officials, will get that signal and i think we'll work together. >> here's the thing. mr. murdourdock ran in indiana a no compromise message. they want compromise. you see the weird thing going on here. you want to please your constituents. you go to congress. you serve. you serve your constituents. and then nothing really happens. >> carol, if you're going to work with somebody, you have to have somebody put their plan on a piece of paper and put that on the table. the fact of the matter is the president is now producing four
6:48 am
budgets and he's never made any proposal to solve social security and to save social security or medicare. last year's budget lost in the senate 0-97. not a member of his own party voted for it. this year in the house of representatives his current budget lost 0-414. i came here to work with anybody who is willing to acknowledge the problem and put forward real solutions. when the president can't figure out how to compromise with members of his own party to get a vote for his budgets, and then when the united states senate refuses to pass a budget and again the senate is controlled by senator harry reid and the democrats. they haven't passed a budget now for over three years because they don't want to be held accountable. so the republicans are willing to be held accountable. we've put and passed a budget in the house but democrats haven't and the president's budget was so unserious it couldn't get a vote for his own parties. >> democrats would say the republican budget is partisan too. let's just be fair about this. i think that many in america are
6:49 am
looking at lawmakers right now and saying they are just sitting there waiting for the presidential election to be over while our economy like moves sluggishly along and they're not doing anything. >> carol, it's an important point. the house did do something. they passed a budget. partisan or not they passed one. >> it was partisan. no compromise in there. >> okay. where is the budget from the senate? and by the way, how partisan was the president's when he was the only one that supported it. not even a member of his own party supported it. i would call that highly partisan. so again, until the other side puts a plan on the table and the american people can look at it and hold them accountable, there's nobody to really work with and i think that's a very important point. i came here because i fear the direction of this country is going and debt we put on our children and grandchildren. i'm willing to work with anybody that's willing to seriously acknowledge the problem and work toward real solutions. the other side hasn't put
6:50 am
forward a serious solution yet. >> so will we expect to see any big piece of legislation being passed before the presidential election? >> my approach in business and my approach here is let's figure out what we agree on. i really do believe that we agree that we want to we want t prosperous america. we want to make sure -- >> so, that would be a no? >> no. listen, i'm willing to do it, but the other side has to put a plan on the table. if the senate passed a budget, then it would go to conference then there would be an opportunity to compromise and hammer a deal out so that the markets could go, hey, they're serious about this, but until the democrats pass a budget, they have enough votes in committee, enough votes to pass a budget. they should do that. you should be asking harry reid why doesn't he pass a budget. they got a compromise to come up with a plan to put on the table
6:51 am
so the american people see a plan to stabilize the debt and deficit. >> thank you for being with us this morning. >> enjoyed it. have a good day. this morning, the postal service is going to announce plans to keep hundreds of post offices open. we'll have a look to see if it's enough to save them.
6:52 am
6:53 am
the u.s. postal service has said it needs to close thousands of post offices to save money but today, it is changing its tune. alison kosik is at the stock exchange. so, where do you find the money?
6:54 am
>> that's the question. but they're telling us they've got a few ideas of their sleeve. the reports say what they may do is cut the number of hours that employees work and how long these rural post offices would stay open during the day. there's going to be a news conference in about five minutes. you look at what's been happening there. last year, the usps announced plans to close almost 4,000 of these post offices to save money. but for lawmaker, it's not the most popular strategy especially as they head into elections. critics say it would delay mail, hurt these small business, not to mention the people in these small towns would have to go really, really far to find another post office. at this point, the usps appears to be responding with some new ideas. >> i'm just trying to wrap my mind around it. if they're losing all this money, how can it find money to keep these open?
6:55 am
>> that's the $64,000 question, isn't it? these cuts need to be made somewhere. congress needs to make hard decisions, because if only these small cutbacks are made, the postal service is going to need to borrow more money down the road. already, it's borrowed $12 billion from the government. the usps says it wants to end saturday service, but the thing is with the post office, we love to hate it, right? but it's caught between a rock and a hard place. it has to make these cuts, but it has to go through congress first. you look at the post office, carol, it can't run like any other business because it's tied up in politics. it needs the okay from congress first and that's what seems to be holding it back. >> we're following a lot of developments in the next hour. let's check in with poppy harlow. >> good morning. fun story for you this morning. did you know that now nearly 40% of working wives are making more
6:56 am
money that be their husband? this is the new trend we're seeing increase in particular because of the recession. we're going to talk about what could be the richer sex coming up n. next hour. >> a drug used to treat hiv seems to work to some ekts tent to prevent hiv. the fda will be looking at this pill and i'll have that later in the hour. >> and is ron paul staying in the presidential race all the way to the republican convention and will he get a prime time speaking spot and if he doesn't, will there be a convention showdown? he'll be here in 20 minutes. [ male announcer ] every day, the world gets more complex.
6:57 am
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what can you say about josh hamilton? he didn't take batting practice last night because he didn't need it. that's just one of four home runs against the os. he becomes the 16th player in major league history to do that. he also hit a double. that's 18 bases, an american league record. afterwards, he said it reminds you when you were in little league and when you were a kid and just the excitement. rangers win 10-3. four nba teams, only indiana
7:00 am
did. the pacers go on to beat the magic. it's indiana's first playoff series win series 2005. pacers advance to play miami or new york in the second round. and a padre's fan did not bring his glove to the game, so he used what was in his hand. a beer cup to catch a ball. great grab. he celebrate d by chugging the beer with the ball still in the cup. the next hour of cnn news room starts now. -- captions by vitac -- happening right now, the director of the fbi's about to testify in front of a house panel. he's expected to answer questions about the foiled terror plot. ron paul is the last republican challenging mitt romney for the party's presidential nomination. he joins us live in the news room. i'll ask him if he's going to take his fight all the way to
7:01 am
the convention. remember the barefoot bandit? the teen who stole cars, boats, even a plane during an international crime spree? this morning, we've got newly released videos, the barefoot bandit himself took in those planes. ♪ yeah, that's video of him listening to country music as we drives across the pacific northwest, but this morning, we begin with new details of the al qaeda plot to bomb a u.s. bound plane. we know the bomber was really an undercover operative. according to the "new york times," they handed over the bomb to the fbi and it's undergoing extensive study. also reporting it was sewn into custom fit underwear, but this one had fail safes to ensure it
7:02 am
would detonate. now the backlash. intelligence officials and lawmakers are outraged that someone leaked the details and investigations are being launched. >> it's really unfortunate this has gotten out because this could really interfere with operations overseas. i really can't comment on the details. i know what's out there and what's being reported. i was at a briefing the afternoon with top officials and there's a really great concern this got out. >> that's sure to be a hot topic right now on capitol hill. the house judiciary committee is opening a hearing and robert mueller is set to testify. lawmakers are sure to question him on the leaks that made details public even before top congressional leaders were briefed and they're not happy. congressional correspondent kate bolduan is on capitol hill. she's monitoring this hearing. so, how testy is the testimony likely to become? >> we'll have to wait and see on
7:03 am
that. now, the fbi director's appearance before the house judiciary committee was a previously schedule appearance. they have oversight over the department of justice, but the director's appearance takes on a whole new importance in light of the revelations of this foiled bomb plot unfolding this week. a committee does tell me there are many, many issues regarding the fbi outside of this bomb plot that will need to be addressed during this hearing, but do not be surprised if some of the big and lingering questions that lawmakers have regarding the bomb plot and leak of information are brought up. i would not be surprised if as you know, the fbi currently has the device in custody and is the process of analyzing that, so questions regarding the analysis or where they are in that process, i wouldn't be surprise ed if something along those
7:04 am
lines are brought up. but also maybe questions about if there are other devices about the one intercepted out there as well as many questions that have been raised over where the tsa screening operations could have detected this device had it gotten to that point, but that said, despite the questions that we could be hearing from lawmakers to the fbi director about the foiled bomb plot, we do not know how forthcoming the director will be. we know that you know, this information was tightly held and there are r a lot of concerns and anger up here among key lawmakers that this information was leaked prematurely. congressman peter king, he's calling it potentially devastating that this information leaked and is calling for a full investigation and that's where a lot of the focus is here now. >> i see the fbi director is now in the hearing room and i know you're going to have a long afternoon. the man hunt continues this morning for suspected kidnapper
7:05 am
adam mays, who police believe has two little girls with him. we have new video to show you. this was released by the tennessee police and you can see mays inside a convenience store, this was taken days after he abducted joanne bane and her three towdaughters. now, police have arrested his mother and ex-wife. they say the two women helped him kidnap the entire family. the suspect's former sister-in-law spoke exclusively to anderson cooper. >> your sister admitted to helping drive joanne and her three daughters to mississippi where the two bodies were found. any idea why? >> her attorney called me today and my sister had already made the statement that adam had threatened to kill her as well.
7:06 am
>> so you're saying that's why she was involved because she feared for her own life. >> right. he is a very aggressive, he has beat her several times. very aggressive person. >> george howell is here to tell us more about this investigation and do police have any leads at all? >> we learned from investigators early on they had to cast a very wide net. they believe mays had ties to several states, florida, north and south carolina, texas and phoenix, so initially, they were looking in a lot of different places, but now, we know that investigators have a good reason to believe mays is in the gun town, mississippi area. on april 27th, that is when the family was reported missing. then on april 30th, that again, that's when we see that video. that's the last time we saw
7:07 am
baines in that convenience store. investigators did question him early on. they found some inconsistencies in a statement, but he was nowhere to be found. then on may 4th, that is when investigators searched that property and found the shallow graves of two bodies. >> and do they have any evidence at all these two little girling could be alive? did they glean any information from his ex-wife of mother? >> at this point, investigators will only tell us they have reason to believe the girl are alive and are with mays and they believe mays is in the guntown area. when you see what they're doing to find him, they have check points in several l locations. they set those up to find people, question people and they're also talking to people because they believe that he may have changed his appearance. may have changed the appearance of the girls. obviously, trying to keep him low profile. >> we have a phone number to put
7:08 am
up. so if people see anything, just call. 1-800-tbi-find. is it local authorities? >> fbi, obviously. they're putting up a $50,000 reward for any information and the tennessee bureau of investigation has added 6,000 to that, so a total of $56,000 on the table for any information leading to an arrest. it's a desperate search to find these girls. >> thanks. john edwards' former speech writer is back on the stand this morning and her testimony could help convict him. seems to show he knew campaign money was used to cover up his affair. he had to write a speech conf s confessing he was the father of rielle hunter's baby, but had to change a line so it didn't look like he knew donors were paying for their child. there's a changing of the guard in indiana and an undeniable message being sent to washington.
7:09 am
for the first time since the 1970s, hoosier motors rejected richard lugar. he was ousted by a fellow republican. richard murdoch rallied voter frustration by dismissing lugar. murdoch hammered lugar for backing parts of mr. obama's agenda. also this morning, gay rights activists are re-grouping and gearing up to fight the latest ban on same-sex marriage. voters in north carolina aprufed an amendment. opponents of the measure are vowing to challenge the results and are even planning rallies this week. north carolina becomes the 31st state to define marriage as a hetero sexual union. more states will vote on the bans later this year. his cross-country stealing spree led authorities on a tw two-year man hunt and today, we're seeing just how colton harris moore carried out his crimes. there are seven videos in all
7:10 am
totalling 45 minutes and even though he is never seen or heard, we get a close-up view of his adventures, some of which were by plane. see him taking off there. taxiing at an indiana airport just before taking off at dawn. another clip shows him to be a fan of country music. ♪ harris moore joyriding on a rural road near boise, idaho. the videos were obtained by our seattle affiliate. lindsey cohen has more. >> reporter: these never before seen images give us a glimpse into colton harris moore's life on the run. photos on the beach. driving a stolen car near boise. and piloting a plane without of
7:11 am
course ever taking a single lesson. >> he wants to show you what he's capable of. he doesn't want to show you who he is as a person. he wants to show you what he can do. how many crimes he can get away with. >> reporter: we now know that the barefoot bandit apparently documented some of his crimes, but never turns the video camera on himself. there is the occasional glimpse of a reflection and then a flight path that shows him heading to the bah hamas, where he would be caught. but before that iconic moment of a shoeless, shackled fugitive, came the quieter side. moments of solitude somewhere in a wooded wilderness. ♪ and driving through the northwest with the radio on country music over the course of
7:12 am
more than 40 minutes of newly released video, we never hear a single word from the teen who eluded authorities for so long, who famously taught himself how to fly and who wanted other people to eventually see how he pulled it all off. >> i've seen with this other situations, young people involved in a life of crime, they want to document what they did. they want to write it down. take pictures. they want to be able to show other people what they've succeeded in. >> that was lindsey cohen of our seattle affiliate reporting. he had been in solitary confinement since mid april has now been moved into the general inmate population at another facili facility. ron paul and his supporters are not making it easy for mitt romney. we'll talk to the candidate next and find out why he's staying in the race and also about this
7:13 am
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checking our top story, we now know more about al qaeda's failed plot to bomb a u.s. bound airliner. turns out the suicide bomber was really an intelligence operative working for saudi arabia in the united states and the device, a custom fitted underwear bomb is now in the hands of the fbi undergoing tests. take a look at this new video. mays is also suspected of kidnapping the girls' mother and oldest sister, whose bodies were
7:16 am
found saturday. yahoo's ceo's decision to lie about his polished degree on his resume has cost the search director his job, but he will keep his for now. patty heart was responsible for hiring him. a senior yahoo! executive says thompson has lost his credibility. a special committee still investigating the matter. mitt romney's back on the campaign trial today in colorado and oklahoma after sweeping three primaries. he won easily in indiana, west virginia and north carolina. grabbing at least two-thirds of vote in each state. his latest wins give him a total of 900 for delegates, 240 short of the number needed to capture the nomination. ron paul with 82 delegates is still in. we haven't heard much from ron paul.
7:17 am
at least not on tv, but he's still very much in the race for president. the media spotlight has dimmed because mitt romney has the race pretty much sewn up, but do not count ron paul or his supporters out because they have a plan to make people pay attention. congressman paul is in washington. welcome, congressman. >> thank you. >> santorum, gingrich, bachmann, huntsman, perry, cain, they've all dropped out. why haven't you? >> well, it certainly isn't for the reason of disrupting a convention. that is not in my plan. that is against my plan. i don't like that being a suggestion. i'm in it to maximize our efforts to get as many delegates as we can. i'm still a candidate and to promote something that is very, very important. that is a change in the direction for the republican party to be a fiscal conservative republican party,
7:18 am
to not be a part and support endless wars and a party that would look into the monetary system. so we have very precise goals and we are being quite successful in accumulating more and more votes and delegates. quite frankly, i think the reports early on that we weren't winning anything, it turns out we did win some of these states like in maine and minnesota and these other places. we're doing quite well. >> i want to ask you about that. your supporters do seem to be taking a page from evangelical christian activists in the '90s, they're taking control of state delegations to get your name placed formally in delegation. is it is get you a prime time speaking role? >> well, being nominated is one thing and you get to give a speech, but that is different
7:19 am
than just the leadership conc e conceding and giving you a speech. one is monitored and one is not. so just to give a speech for the sake of giving a speech and have it edited doesn't have much awe peel to me, but i think moving in an agenda is very important. the best way i can do that is to maximize is number of delegates that we have. >> do you see a point maybe that you would ever consider endorsing mitt romney? >> well, it all depends on what happens. it's pretty hard to reconcile the differences. who knows, these might not be as severe as they seem to be because positions on other candidates have changed, so right now, i'm concentrating on the job i have for the next month or so on trying to have a presence and significant influence on the convention. >> so, what would mitt romney have to change you know, what
7:20 am
viewpoint tepidly endorse him? >> well, that remains to be seen. see what happens. i know what i believe in, but i'm not sure what he stands on. these issues of say the federal reserve. and fiscal policy. cutting spending. i haven't heard anything from any of the other politicians and any other candidates, republican or democrat, who thinks we ought to cut spending. i think we should cut a lot of spending and have a difsferent foreign policy, so i really don't know the details of where he is on these positions. >> newt gingrich and rick santorum have endorsed mitt romney, but some might say rather tepidly. why don't they get more enthusiastically behind romney? >> i don't know. you'd have to ask them. it might be more personal, but only they could answer those questions. >> do you think mitt romney can
7:21 am
beat president obama? >> well, of course there's always a possibility i can beat mitt romney, i can beato bam, too, matter of fact, sometimes, i do better than romney does on these polling. so yes, i think that i could beat him and i think every republican that's run has a, would have a pretty good chance of beating the president. >> congressman paul, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. fed up with bank fees and charges? so are these people. today, hundreds of gathered to do something about it. ...with . ...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this.
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7:24 am
it is time for middle class talk back, a segment we kicked off mopd to give middle class americans a chance to address the candidates. today, it's moira's turn. she and her husband are struggling with a morning and periods of unemployment. >> governor romney, my question for you is what ideas do you have about those people underemployed and who have settled for jobs that don't utilize their talents? i think your record shows more of cutting companies and selling them so how would you encourage employers to really utilize people? >> we took her question straight to governor romney. christie campbell from the romney campaign shot us an e-mail and said tuesday in michigan, governor romney addressed issues concerning americans like moira.
7:25 am
because of president obama's broken prom, too many americans are underemployered or have given up looking for a job. campbell then asked her to listen to this part of governor romney's speech. >> this is time for new answers, new ideas and a new direction. it's really the only way our future can be better than the past and as this new direction creates new jobs, it will also create the increasing demand for workers. and that produces higher wages and better benefits. with the right direction and leadership, america can be reinvigorated and families can depend once again on stable jobs and rising home values and more opportunities for their children. this could be more than our hope. it can be our future. >> governor romney added he will describe some of the policies of that new direction throughout his campaign. next wednesday, we'll take
7:26 am
another one of your questions. this time to president obama. so join me next week for middle class talk back. secretary of state hasn't recently been confused with the secretary of style. her critics take an aim on her look. i know, it's just not right, is it? we'll ask our buzz panel if her makeup and overall look really matters. and the new economy leads to role reversals. >> i'm out the door by 7:45 and on my way to work and that's when dave takes over full time. >> dad stays with the kids while mom brings home the bacon. we've got some numbers that will surprise you. e-trade 360 is the world's first investing homepage that shows you where all your investments are and what they're doing with free streaming quotes, news, analysis and even your trade ticket. everything exactly the way you want it, all on one page.
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they were my little cheering squad. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. just about 30 minutes past the hour. there are new details and new backlash in al-qaeda's failed plot to bomb a u.s. bound airliner. wen the planned suicide bomber was really a mole working for saudi arabia in the united states. in the meantime, lawmakers and government officials want to know how the details were leaked and if they damaged the investigation. in indonesia, ground crews are searching for a missing plane and the 37 people on board. the model is russia's newest civilian airliner. it was on a demonstration flight when it vanished from radar. queen elizabeth gave her
7:30 am
annual speech. she doesn't write the speech, politicians do. she's held the throne for 60 years. an interesting fact. the crown must travel to the house of parliament separately. that is the cut tom. political buzz is your rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing today, helen, a conservative talker and cnn contributor, maria cardona, a democratic strategist. welcome. >> thank you, carol. >> morning. >> first question. long time indiana republican senate dick lugar lost his seat to richard murdoch. lugar worries murdoch's embrace of an unrelenting partisan mind set is irreconcilable for hoosiers in the senate. so the question, are we heading for a day when nothing and i
7:31 am
mean nothing gets done in congress? maria? >> well, i think that if voters continue to send folks like tea party backed candidates, i think unfortunately, yes. these candidates to them compromise is a bad word. they don't send folks to washington to try to find a solution. they send folks to washington to make sure that it is their way or the highway. and they're rigid ideology really does lead to what lugar was talking about, which is failing to find real bipartisan solutions in washington. when you have folks in the primary -- republicans in the primary following that, too. >> helen. >> you know, carol, when you look at the way the polls show the nation is is, the nation is divided and so you look at congress and how could congress really reflect something different. in the case of richard lugar, you see he's a man who's been in congress for 35 years. is he the man who can answer and solve is problems for the 21st
7:32 am
century? indiana voters say no. he had lost touch with his base. he was living in washington, d.c. he really isn't a man of the times, so if the tea party has any credit, they're looking for change and that's the change president obama promised and clearly hasn't delivered. >> west virginia held its primary. the democrats bidding president obama against a man named keith judd. judd got 41% of the vote. thing is, judd is in a texas prison for making threats at the university of new mexico. he's in prison. so what does this say about west virginia or president obama? helen? >> well, it says that some people take it very seriously when they say anybody but obama. but i think this is taking it to great extremes. i'm not sure that anybody in west virginia really votes seriously in favor of this gentleman who is in jail. but clearly, it's telling you something that you know, in
7:33 am
couple be incumbents are going to have a rough time. president obama has to look at this and say, okay, west virginia isn't to be a state that votes for me, but you see a trend that at least half the nation is saying president obama doesn't cut it. >> maria. >> those west virginians, those crazy kids, they are wild and wonderful for sure. look, there's no question that west virginia has never been a state that has been ennamerred of any democrat. so this actually is not that surprising to me. in other states where there is a clear effort to organize on behalf of president obama, he is leading and frankly in those states, all of the key swing states, we have iowa, wisconsin, even north carolina. obama is leading there. so where there is a very orchestrated effort and helen is right, it's going to be a difficult election and president obama knows this. >> buzzer beater now. hillary has been pillared of
7:34 am
late for her appearance. blogs like the conservative drudge report have slapped her makeupless face online, oh, she's let herself go. secretary clinton doesn't care. >> i feel so relieved to be at the stage i'm at in my life right now because if i want to wear my glasses, i'm wearing my glasses. if i pull my hair back, i'm pulling my hair back. at some point, it's just not, it's just not something that deserves a whole lot of time and attention. >> why do we care if mrs. clinton wears makeup? >> we don't care, carol. what we care is that she has been one of the most amazing secretaries of state in the history of this country and she is carrying our diplomacy to a new level and keeping us safe and she is keeping america's name right up there where it
7:35 am
should be and this is just disgusting that conservative bloggers would even talk about this. >> helen. >> last week, secretary clinton was in china dealing with chinese issues and with the blind dissident. today, she is in india and we're concerned about whether she has lipstick in her purse? give me a break. she's an attractive woman, but i'm glad she has brains. >> me, too. amen, sisters. thanks for playing today. we appreciate it. yahoo!'s ceo lied about his college degree on his resume, but he's not losing his job. no, someone else is losing their job over it. disney says it's already planning a sequel to the aven avenge avengers. the question is, when. >> earth's mightiest heroes. >> we have a hulk. [ man ] when i went to get my first new car, my dad said to get a subaru because they last. ♪
7:36 am
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the avengers has helped disney shares reach an all-time high and now, they're talking about a sequel and why not? no surprise here, but when will it hit the theatres? >> that's going to be a bit of a wait, but i can guarantee any movie that makes more than $200 million on its opening weekend alone will be looked at strongly for a sequel. this announcement is not really a huge surprise and while news of a sequel was just announced, really, the concept was for "the avengers" to become another franchise, that's why disney announced a thor 2 and yes, the stock price is doing well, but largely from profits due to theme parks. disney movies actually lost money last quarter thanks to the dud that was john carter, so "the avengers" has been good
7:40 am
news for disney. imagine the new rides they'll create. the video game opportunities and of course, the merchandising. people will want all things avenge avengers. >> i think you're right about that. let's talk about real heroes played by actors. >> according to a london newspaper, dustin hoffman was taking a walk in kin sing ton park. 74-year-old hoffman ruched to help the 24-year-old jogger who was going into cardiac arrest. he stuck around until the paramedics were able to respond. those paramedics told the london eechk standard that hoffman was the difference between life and death. we have dustin hoffman, cross dress er rain man, hero. >> if you want information on everything breaking in the
7:41 am
entertainment world, a.j.'s got it tonight, 11:00 eastern on hln. nearly four in ten women are now earning more than their husbands. that means changing roles in many families. we'll hear how two of them are ada adapting.
7:42 am
7:43 am
just about 43 minutes past the hour. we now know more about al qaeda's failed plot to bomb a u.s. airliner. it was really a mole working for saudi arabia in the united states and the device described as a can custom fitted underwear bomb is in the hands of the fbi. tennessee police are hoping
7:44 am
it will find adam mayes and the two girls he's suspected of kidnapping. he is also suspected of kidnapping the girls' mother and oldest sister, whose bodies were found saturday. police have arrested his mother and ex-wife. scott thompson's decision to lie about his clenl degree on his resume has cost yahoo!'s search director her job. that's right. he will get to keep his job for now. patti hart was responsible for hiring him. a senior aryahoo! executive say he has lost credibility. the fda is expected to make a decision tomorrow on a drug used to treat hiv, to be used as a preventive measure. this drug has been in use for years by people to manage their hiv, so what's up with this?
7:45 am
elizabeth cohen is is here to tell us. >> this is a big difference. because you're telling healthy people, hey, we want you to take a pill every day for the rest of your life because you're at high risk for getting hiv. for example, a gay man, oh, your husband has hiv. so when they did the studies, they found if people took it the way they should, every day, and that's a big if that we can talk about later, if they took it correctly, it was pretty effective at fighting hiv. the rates, sort of 70, 80%, even higher than that. the question is, all pills have risks and do you want to take a pill every day to prevent a disease you might not get anyhow. >> everybody was hoping they would come up with a vaccine, a one-time shot and this would prevent hiv. >> i think everyone would applaud that, but a pill that has some side effects gets a
7:46 am
little bit tricky here, so the reason why or one of the reasons why people didn't take it every day was that it's got some side effects that are annoying, like vomiting. or if you get a terrible headache, are you going to take a pill every day, so that's one of the reasons, but also, this pill, some people got liver damage and kidney damage from the pill. it was a relatively small number of people, but again, do you want to take that risk when you're right now perfectly healthy. >> every drug advertised on television, they say these terrible risks and it only affects a small amount of patients. >> the stuff you see on tv to treat an illness. so if you have hiv, you're willing to take whatever risks you have because it's going to kill you. but if you're healthy, do you want to take those risks when
7:47 am
you could just use condoms? so the cost is another issue. it's about $1200 a month. so if your insurance doesn't pay for it or if you don't have insurance, that's a huge hurdle. >> that's like rent. >> that's a tough one. >> thank you. >> thanks. fed up the bank fees and charges? today, hundreds have gathered to do something about it. [ female announcer ] did you know the average person smiles more than 50 times a day? so brighten your smile a healthy way with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only rinse that makes your teeth two shades whiter and two times stronger. ♪ listerine® whitening... power to your mouth.
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7:50 am
we heard about occupy wall street, but what about occupy bank of america? protesters are outside right now.
7:51 am
alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. looks like a lot of people. >> it is. the 99%. they are back and in a big way. this time, they're taking aim at bank of america. right now, they're outside the headquarters in charlotte, north carolina. they're protesing. this is a group called 99% power coalition and these protesters are happening while an annual shareholder meeting is taking place. there have been several marches while this meeting has been going on. one protester calls bank of america the worst of the worst. here are some of the demands they have. they want bank of america to cut principle payments on mortgages that are under water. calling for a moritorium on foreclosures and for the pay package of the ceo to be voted down. he is expected to get $7 million for his pay package. >> do you suppose bank of america will pay any attention? >> good luck with that. not likely. the shareholders will likely
7:52 am
approve the pay package. $7 million seems like a lot to you and me, it's actually one to have lowest among bank ceos. he took a $3.5 million pay cut. so horrible for him. i know. he did make $10 million the year before, so he did take a pay cut. but you know what? there's one analyst that says moynihan ranks as one of the worst big bank ceos. just look at how bank of america's stock price has been doing. its shares are down more than 40% under his leadership and that was when the recession was over. but there is one positive. other ceos, they're having a hard time, too. for them, the way see it, it's harder for them to make money. >> thank you. coming up, changing picture of the american family. more moms are now heading to the office while dad stays home with the kids. all because of the bottom line.
7:53 am
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i've still got hours of battery life. it's an ultrabook. you bring great shame upon this coffee hut. with a long-lasting ultrabook, everything else seems old fashioned. ultrabook. inspired by intel. dad's place as breadwinner is no longer a given. women are taking on the role of a family wage earner. poppy harlow has the story. >> who earns more? >> i do. >> welcome to life with the wettings and landrieus. >> bye. see you tonight. >> i'm out the door by 7:45 on my way to work and that's when dave talks over full time.
7:57 am
>> professional, stay at home dads and their working wives bringing home the bacon. >> we have a little start. he has his little cars, hot wheels. >> did this take mental adjustment and deriving your worth from something other than your job? >> yeah. there would be days when i'd be at the supermarket amongst the other moms, i'm home, they're home, i should be working but i'm with my kid. what do they think of bhe? >> nearly 40% of married working women in the u.s. earn more than their husbands. that despite the fact women working full time still earn a medicine yan wanl lower than men. >> women are on track to become majority breadwinners in families where women work and most women do work. if we keep going at the same rate, by 2030, a majority of working wives will outearn their
7:58 am
husbands. >> liza is the author of "the richer sex." the pill, education and the man's session. >> the recession, my job started to become harder and harder and she was making more. >> today, 57% of college students are women. and more women are getting masters degrees and ph.d.s than men, which is translating into higher paying jobs. >> do you guys think we're seeing a societial shift here? >> i think so. the recession put a lot of people out of work and gave women the opportunity to say look, i've gone to college. i have the degree, i can do this. i'm going to prove myself and men now have to prove to themselves, to the world, that anyone can stay home with their kid. >> i think the recession also taught people your job doesn't define you and if you do, it will crush you. >> does this mean the down fall of men? >> it by no means is the downfall of men.
7:59 am
it's a real liberation for men in terms of not being trapped by that job that you hate, that you feel like you had to take just to support a wife and children. >> poppy harlow is in new york. listening to this with such interest because i think my husband would say you know, if i made more money, he would say, go honey, go. but i don't think he would give up his job and stay home. as much he say he would, i can't see him doing that. of course, he's from another generation, so maybe that's why. >> i think that's true, i don't think my fiance would either. so many couples have both people working. it's just a reality these days. what really stood out to me is that the wives, the landrieus, stephany gives her husband paid vacation days because she said look, he's working as hard or harder than i am working at home with our baby. he gets paid time off, which is fantastic and now, the other couple are talking about doing that, too.