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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 10, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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malveaux. i want to get you up to speed. president obama stirs up the national debate over same-sex marriage after announcing that he thinks gays should be allowed to marry. >> i've just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> political pundits are weighing in on what this means for the november election and we're also listening to you, what you're saying about president obama's announcement. >> i think it's time that he came out, so to speak. i mean, i think all of america has kind of been waiting for it. >> i do not feel that i would support a candidate, no matter who they are, if they support gay marriage. >> going to hear more from supporters and opponents of gay marriage from all corners of the country. find out how this hot button issue is playing out as well in the courts. two california police officers are going to stand trial for the beating death of a mentally ill homeless man last
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year. now, this is very disturbing video here. this is surveillance video showing officers beating kelly thomas with batons, kneeling on his chest, punching, repeatedly tasering him. thomas died five days later and one officer is charged with second-degree murder. both are facing involuntary manslaughter charges. an army mom and dad say they don't believe the government is doing enough to get their son back. we're talking about the parents of bowe bergdahl. he's the born p.o.w. from the what are in afghanistan. he's the only one. his parents are speaking publicly for first time since he was captured three years ago. bergdahl's family tells "the new york times" that the government has secretly been negotiating a prisoner swap aimed at freeing their son, but they are still frustrated by the lack of progress. they have not heard from their son in more than a year. this is an enormous bomb crater in the center of
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damascus, syria. there were two explosions. police say they were suicide car bombings. they killed at least 55 people. it is the single deadliest incident in damascus since the uprising began a year ago. federal spending front and center now on capitol hill. house members are discussing a republican-backed bill that would cut the deficit by $300 billion, that's over the course of ten years. the gop is trying to head off huge defense spending cuts that are scheduled to take place in january. well, democrats oppose the bill because it also includes significant cuts to social programs like medicaid and food stamps. and there are in new taxes. it is the defining social issue of our time, and president obama no longer evolving on this issue. the nation is reacting today to the president's unequivocal support of same-sex marriage.
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now, he says his daughters actually helped to influence his decision. >> you know, malia and sasha, they have got friends whose parents are same-sex couples. it wouldn't dawn on them that somehow their friends' parents would be treated differently. and, frankly, that's the kind of thing that prompts a change in perspective. you know, not wanting to somehow explain to your child why somebody should be treated differently when it comes to the eyes of the law. >> want to bring in cnn legal contributor paul kellan in new york. paul, the president brings up this point that people should not be treated differently in the eyes of the law, and i want everybody to take a look at these maps here with us. these are the states that allow same-sex marriage. i believe there are seven of them, and the other map here, this map showing the states that have some sort of amendments on same-sex marriage.
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would you look at these maps and it's a confusing patchwork of laws. do you think there needs to be one federal law that defines marriage? >> i think we have to get a consensus among the american people probably before the political force would be there to enact such a law. the only federal law, people would think, gee, federal law would say something about marriage one way or another. in fact, until 1996, federal law didn't say anything about it. it was strictly up to the states, and then they passed this defense of marriage act, which defined it for the first time as marriage is something between a man and a woman. prior to that there were no federal laws defining marriage, and ultimately i think president obama by using the bully pulpit of the presidency will start to push public opinion probably toward endorsing it nationwide either by state legislation or maybe federal. >> so, paul, in terms of what has been done here, the president says it's up to the states to decide.
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he's not introducing federal legislation regarding marriage equality. is there really any change now that has happened today as opposed to yesterday when it comes to marriage rights? >> i think you have to look at a broader picture. as the chart showed, we're up to about seven states i think now that actually legalize gay marriage. we have another group of states that allow civil unions. so that's a huge change in a very, very major cultural issue. if you look at the polls in terms of public support back in the early '90s, the 'ai'80s, le than 25% said they would support it. i think you're seeing a split and when that happens the politicians start to move and the judges start to move as well. so a large degree this has been affected by judges finding there are rights that gay americans
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have that aren't being properly enforced. >> all right. paul, thank you, appreciate it. here is rundown of some of the stories we're covering over the next hour. tears and anger in the courtroom. we've got the latest drama in the john edwards' trial as the prosecution prepares to rest today. and mortgage rates dropping to new lows. we'll tell you if this means it's the right time to refinance. also an african pastor who once supported president obama now questioning that support because of the president's stance on same-sex marriage. we're going to talk to him about how the condition agree gation feels, and don't forget you can watch cnn live on your xu per while you're at live, head to th of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin, designed for many of men's health concerns as we age. ♪
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prosecutors are expected to wrap up their fraud case against john edwards today without putting his former mistress rielle hunter on the stand. instead, two federal agents are testifying along with a wealthy democratic political rop ra are tiff. diane i do diamond is joining us from outside the courthouse in greensboro. you bring things in a very interesting and creative way. you always get to the inside of what is happening. tell us -- paint a picture, if you will, what happened this morning. >> reporter: well, you know, this is the last day of the prosecution's case-in-chief as they call it. they can come back and present more evidence later, but leo hendry took the stand today. he's a very wealthy man. he started the yankee network in new york. he told a story of how hard he worked for john edwards, how he was so enamorued of his message.
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how sad he was when it was clear their strategy had failed. and he talked about how john edwards and he got together and they immediately started to broker a vice presidential spot for him in the obama administration. hendry actually called an obama person and made this offer and, of course, it was turned down. so i think this was important because it went to the fact that despite what the defense says, john edwards was still very interested in his public persona, in serving as a politician in some sort of way, and hendry was the one that brought that to the fore. but what i really did i thinks participated in a prosecution rehabilitate andrew young moment. he told a touching story about
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how andrew young came to him long after all of the scandal had broken in 2009, february, and he said to him, you know, he brought his wife and he said, i don't know what to do with my life. and he told him the story, what he had done for john edwards, claiming false paternity, i don't know how i'm going to support my children. he said he was as sad a man and troubled in his life as i have ever seen. i think he just wanted my counsel. he asked him specifically about writing a book and the hazards about that. and this older man had written some books, and he said, you know what? you need to do what is best for your family to support your family. so this may have been a definitive moment for andrew young. now, on cross-examination the defense attorney, be ab be lowe said, did he tell you he had gotten $725,000 from bunny
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mellon? no. did he tell you fred baron had given you $335,000. no. >> did he tell you he built a million dollar house during this terrible time in his life? no. it gave the defense a chance to come back, push back, and say, hey, don't forget, andrew young put a lot of money through his bank account. >> how are they expected to wrap this case up? i understand they're going to rest today. what are we expecting this afternoon? >> we have had two federal fbi agents on the stand. not the way i would have chosen to go out. it's a little boring. it's a little dry. but it is important. it's a lot of telephone records showing how many people talked to who at the same time. this goes, of course, to the possible conspiracy charge. there was an interesting flurry of activity between phones in north carolina and fred baron in texas, the big adviser, on august 7th, right before that
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big abc interview which we now know john edwards lied. the second agent, suzanne, is going through a pile of bills that you can't even imagine that fred baron paid to hide these people, rielle hunter and the young family. $81,000 in private jet flights. hotels, about $50,000. $200,000 in wire transfers to rent them a big fancy house in santa barbara and provide them with cash. it's a little dry, but it's mind boggling when you add up all the numbers. >> and diane, you recount something that isn't so dry. this is john edwards' reaction yesterday, right, when the prosecution said, hey, we're going to rest the case today. >> yes. yesterday, i wrote this in my daily beast piece, after the prosecution announced its three final witnesses and none of them were rielle hunter, we all started to file out of the room, and i was gathering my things, and i looked over and i saw john
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edwards kind of smirk is too strong a word. but he made a surprised face and looked at his attorney and said, that's their case? it came off to me, frankly, as a little bit cocky. >> do we think he might not call any witnesses then, the defense? i mean, what do we make of that? >> well, you know, if you are arrogant enough to think that's all the feds have on me? you might be arrogant enough to tell your defense attorneys, gee, just get up there and say no witnesses. they had the burden of proof, they didn't prove their case. i don't expect that's going to happen. they have to show for example that gift taxes were made on all these donations from fred baron and bunny mellon. i think they have to put on some witnesses. the big question here though, suzanne, is will they bring rielle hunter?
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you know, you always put your most controversial person on first. the prosecution put andrew young on first, and that was 14 days ago. they're probably hoping any negative feeling about andrew young is long gone. if they're going to bring rielle hunter in, if, i'd say it would be monday when the testimony resumes. there's no testimony tomorrow. >> all right. we're going to be watching on monday. final question here. i know somebody who you and i both know, jennifer palmieri, who used to be the press secretary to edwards and also a very good friend of elizabeth edwards, had a very tough time on the stand yesterday. can you explain what happened? >> yes. it was the most emotional testimony of the entire trial to my mind. she told how she never believed john edwards. she never believed that andrew young was the father of this baby. she thought john edwards had become delusional about becoming vice president or attorney general, and then they asked her on cross-examination about
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elizabeth edwards' final days, and her voice began to crack, and she began to lose control, which is understandable, because she was there at the moment elizabeth edwards died. she was asked about elizabeth's priorities, and she said her priority was to get out of this mess with her family intact and she said she was most worried that when she died, she would die without a man who loved her at her side. and as she said that, she was sobbing and told the jury, but i told her i would be with her, and, in fact, jennifer palmieri was with her and john edwards was also with his wife, but it sort of left the question hanging, was there a man who loved her with elizabeth edwards when she died? >> such a tragic, tragic situation. diane, thank you so much. obviously we're going to be following all the different twists and turns of this case. really absolutely remarkable.
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>> we have a day off tomorrow though. >> take the day off, diane. you deserve it. all right. >> thank you. >> thanks. see you on monday. african-american pastor is upset with president obama over his stand on gay marriage. we're going to talk to him and ask him why. ank let's get the wheels turning. use our strength & stability to open new opportunities. to lend, and lift ...every business...every dream... to new heights of prosperity. good things are happening. just look up. with u.s. bank. diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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president obama's public support of gay marriage could cause some in the african-american community to lose faith in him. while some black clergy support same-sex marriage as a civil right, others say they're disappointed with the president's decision. one of them is reverend ralph martino from washington, d.c. he's joining us live. thank you for being here with us. first of all, what will you tell your congregation this sunday?
10:21 am
>> to continue to believe and to stand on the promises of god's word. to trust him and to stay focused completely and solely upon him. we're biblically based, and we're going to stand on the word because the word is our foundation. we will stay anchored to the rock, the bible, jesus, and we will stay geared to the times so that we can be positioned to love and to help individuals that find themselves in the struggle. >> will you encourage those in your congregation to support, to vote for president obama this go-round? >> we will encourage those in our congregation to pray for them and to pray for the leaders as we do anyway. we pray over 32,000 minutes a week. we lift up leadership, and we will pray fervently for him and even for mitt romney because we want to come to the balance of the truth, and we need a leader in place and a godly leader.
10:22 am
someone that will be biblically based. >> so as you pray for both of these men, will you take a public stand in terms of turning to your congregation staying i believe we should vote for president obama? >> what we will suggest to them is that the conscience of the believer is normally one of the determining factors to help them to understand who is it they're supposed to vote for? what is it they're supposed to stand with? that is based upon the word of god. the word of god in their lives, their own spiritual growth and maturity. now, if this stance continues as is, it will create some issues and challenges, and it will make it very difficult for individuals to say i can publicly acknowledge and vote for the current president. >> will you urge them to sit out in the election this go-round if they feel they can't support president obama? >> we will pray our way through that. we will try and strive to help them to make godly decisions. very important that we do vote.
10:23 am
vote something a privilege. therefore, we want to vote, but we need to have someone that we can believe in, someone that we can work with and work through if we're going to vote. >> reverend, do you think this is a kind of issue that you believe you can debate within the black clergy, within the black community and then ultimately get to a point where you will rally mind president obama on voting day? >> i believe so. there's a difference here. you have the conservative believers, you have the liberal. when we say conservative, we need to define what that is. a conservative believer is one that takes a biblical stance, they're biblically focused. liberals have a tendency to veer away from the foundation, which is the bible. and so, therefore, if everybody comes back to that one foundation, that one source called the word of god, and we lift up christ and we exalt him, then we will find out for ourselves what we need to do, and that's the only way that the two sides will ever come together and walk together because two cannot walk together
10:24 am
except if they agree. >> is same-sex marriage the most important issue for you on the table? are you looking at other things like the economy and the way the black community is doing when it comes to employment and other major concerns? >> all of these are contributing factors. there's no doubt about that. >> but where does same-sex marriage rank in your mind? >> right now it's probably at the top of the list, and the reason being because it's evident that our moral compass has taken this ship further from the dock than where we need to be. therefore, we need to let those that are part of the same sex community know that we're here to love upon them, to help them, to show that level of compassion through the word of god towards them, and, therefore, in order to do that, again, we must take our stance, but let them know at the same time we're standing on truth but operating in love. jesus loves you, so do we, and we flow from there. >> will you be vote are for romney this go-round since he
10:25 am
shares your views? >> there's some question marks there as well. in terms of his own belief system and in terms of ours. as we share with you through prayer, consultation in the ministry with my mentor, my pastor, and with our group, our organization, that's how we're going to flow. we're going to flow, we're going to believe, we're going to pray and god will give us the answer, and he will tell us who to vote for. >> all right. reverend martino, appreciate your time. >> thank you, ma'am. saving hundreds of dollars a month on your mortgage. many homeowners are already doing it. we'll tell you how. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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time for the help desk where we get answers to your financial questions. joining me this hour, greg olson is a certified financial analyst, lynette is the founder of the financial blog ask the money interesting question for you from ann in washington. ann wrote in, i have two credit cards and a credit score of 770. i always pay my bills on time and never spend more than 10% of my total credit limit. i would like to open another that offers cash back and points on gas purchases. will opening another credit card hurt my credit score. >> congratulations for being so financially responsible. it could slightly negatively affect your credit card. you want to really think about it before you open up another card. if you really need to because of the benefits that i go a logo a
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it. if it's just for gas, maybe $500 a month would be sufficient. look at the other two credit cards you have and say which one don't i need. this way you'll keep your overall credit limit about the same, and that shouldn't negatively affect your credit. >> but closing one, that couldn't hurt her credit score? >> it really depends -- in that situation, over time your constantly opening and clog clo cards. i would consider how much you need that next card. >> your question comes from joe in arizona. joe wrote in after a short sale on a bankruptcy, how long do i need to wait to buy another home. i don't know. should he even buy another home? >> not immediately. you have to get that credit cleaned up and get back on track financially. generally the short answer could be as little as one year, believe it or not, or as long as maybe three years. it depends on two things. one the type of loan you get. an fha or government-backed loan
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versus a conventional mortgage and the type of bankruptcy pr proceeding you were in. you could be in a chapter 13, you can actually get a mortgage one year after you file bankruptcy. you can get it while you're in bankruptcy proceedings. you have to show a lot of stuff to the bankruptcy court and your trustee. i have been making all my payments on time, i have gotten back on the right track, but legally i can do it. the government wants to make sure that people don't just walk away from homes and foreclosure and then get it again. that one to three-year time period is the general rule. >> thank you, guys. if you have a question you want answered, just send us an e-mail anytime to amazing news if you're shopping for a mortgage. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange. you have some good news for us, yes? >> it's the second straight record low for mortgage rates. a 30 year fixed is at 3.83%.
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look how cheap it's become to borrow money. look over the past 20 years. we saw these rates at 8% in the 1990s, not to mention you think about the '80s when they were in the double digits. you have seen the rates fall dramatically after the recession. >> why are they falling like this? >> because to be honest with you, the economy is not in such great shape. you look at the jobs market. we got that jobs report on friday. it shows that momentum for the recovery in the jobs market is slowing down. also you have that uncertainty after the weekend lektelections france and grease. you have investors going to less volatile investments like bonds. that pushes mortgage rates down. it's a double edged sward. we want the economy to improve but we also want lower interest rates, mortgage rates, about you it usually doesn't come hand in hand that way. >> alison, bottom line here, how much if we refinance, how much would i save? >> so it really depends on what you bought.
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when you bought your home, when you bought your apartment. so give you an example, let's say you bought in 2007 at the end of the housing boom and there was a 6% rate on a $200,000 loan. if you refinance you will save about $3,700 a year so it comes out to about $300 a month. of course, there's a catch here. you've got to pay closing costs and, of course, you have got to qualify. it's not easy these days, especially if your home has dropped in value, but my suggestion is go ahead, call your lender, call other lenders and see if you can get a good deal. >> all right. i'm going to make that call today. thank you, alison. looking overseas now, it is the deadliest attack in the city of do mass cuamascus since the in syria began. this is a residential neighborhood. this is in central damascus. it is near homes and schools and shops. police say that two cars packed with more than a ton of explosives blew up today. at least 55 people are dead,
10:33 am
almost 400 people are hurt. a cease-fire agreement between government forces and rebel fighters is less than a month old, and already more than 1,000 people have been killed since it took effect. cnn's arwa damon is in beirut watching all these developments in syria. first of all, it's hard to even wrap my head around this. that so many people have died during this so-called cease-fire. what do we know about this bombing that happened today, first of all? >> reporter: well, suzanne, the target most certainly seems to have been one of the branches of the syrian military intelligence apparatus, but right behind that building that had its entire front blown out by the force of the blast is a university complex, and right across the street is a residential area. this was a multilane highway where the attack took place and the blast went off right during
10:34 am
morning hour rush hour traffic. you can just imagine the scale given how many explosives were employed, a ton of explosives. vehicle after vehicle, their car is entirely burnt out. shortly after the blast took place, elements of the u.n. monitoring mission did, in fact, visit the site, including the head of the mission itself, and take a listen to what he had to say. >> i would like to express to all syrians my deepest condolences, my warmest thoughts to all the victims, and to all the families, the whole population of syria. these are deplorable acts. it needs to stop. whomever, whomever inside syria or outside syria that is supporting this, they need to understand that it's only giving more suffering to the syrian people. they have to stop and give the syrian people a chance to move
10:35 am
in a peaceful direction without having innocent people being killed in the streets. >> reporter: of course, finding a way to move down that peaceful trajectory, well, that continues to remain elusive because at this point, as we were saying, effectively any sort of cease-fire has not even materialized, so we can not even begin talking about a peace plan. >> most people, i imagine, arwa, think this idea of a cease-fire is a joke. do they have any other ideas? anything that they think will actually work? >> well, that's the problem. when it comes to anything that the international community is going to agree upon the way it did when it came to kofi annan's six-point peace plan, that doesn't xis. there is no internationally-backed plan "b." when it comes to people inside syria, there are incredibly
10:36 am
different divergent opinions about what should actually take place. when it comes to opposition activists, some of them believe there could be greater economic political pressure being put on the regime. they believe western countries could somehow pressure russia and china to pull their backing of the assad government. there are others calling for military intervention, nato-style like what we saw taking place in libya, although there is no appetite for that at all at this point in time. but the bottom line is that there is no viable solution right now to end the bloodshed in this country. the issue is that when it comes to syria, what happens inside syria is not going to stay confined to that nation's borders. it most certainly is going to have a regional and potentially perhaps even a global spillover effect. >> arwa, last question here. if this fighting continues the way we have seen it go, is it possible that these u.n. monitors are just going to pull out altogether and say forget about this. this is way too much.
10:37 am
we can't handle this and leave the syrians to deal with it themselves? >> that most certainly could be something we see taking place, especially if they find themselves in the midst of the violence. remember yesterday one of the u.n. convoys that was carrying the head of the mission was very close to where a blast took place outside of a city, and some of the monitors we've been hearing them talking about how this is the most dangerous mission that the u.n. has undertaken in recent history. and the great concern, of course, is that no matter how infective many might say the presence of the observers on the ground is, at the very least it is better than having no one on the ground. it is better than the alternative of having everything take place in syria in some sort of a vacuum. >> all right. arwa damon, thank you very much. appreciate it. obviously a very difficult and dangerous situation there still. this story one of the largest asteroids in the solar system, a nasa spacecraft is actually circling around it, and
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success to their mother teaching them that, quote, ambition is a part of being feminine. na sa is about to reveal ne information about the second most massive asteroid in the solar system. chad myers is here to talk about the asteroid and what it means to us. is this a dangerous situation? what do we know about this? >> we knows a ter rouds, parts ofs a t s a teasteroids do hit every once in a while. this is in the asteroid belt to the outside of mars, no the going it hit earth. that's a good thing. that would be the next extinction because this is a big guy. vesta is the name and dawn, the spaceship, has been out there looking at this thing for a year. orbiting this thing. it is a large rock. at one point in time it was proposed it could be a planetoid
10:43 am
or a dwarf planet. there's the dawn going around it and around it. we will find out if it has a layers. we think it has a mantle, an inner core, a crust. we are thinking parts of this broke off when another asteroid hit it and it broke off and did get to the earth and became meteors and they have been found on the earth, picked up, and examined. now we have the spaceship out there looking at this thing for a year and na sa is going to hae some big news for us. >> what else do we know about it already? >> it's a dead rock. it doesn't have oceans. it doesn't have -- things aren't coming -- it's not going to be a planet at any time. there's not enough stuff out there anymore, but it's this big thing circulating around in the asteroid belt. it's cool. it has a big part of the bottom of it knocked off. it's hard to see on this
10:44 am
picture, but a huge crater, almost one-third the size of this thing, has been knocked off of it because of an asteroid impact making a crater, like our moon crater. there's a crater system called the snowman because there's three craters in a row looking like a snowman. we'll see all these pictures in probably 17 minutes from nasa. >> anything else you can predict nasa will tell us. >> they try to stay relevant now that they can't shoot the shuttle off. it's ironic because we have had all of this great spacecraft stuff out there collecting data but the shuttle was the big story. now these smaller stories have become the big story. the shuttle was always the story. now littler things become the big story. >> it's all cool stuff. 17 minutes you'll get back to us and let us know. >> okay. i'll be tweeting about it. >> good, good. we'll follow your tweets. thanks.
10:45 am
president's evolution on same-sex marriage comes as movies and of course have added more and more gay characters. we're going to take a look at how our image of gay america is changing. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind...
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the vice president is reportedly getting flack from top white house officials for pushing the issue of same-sex marriage but was he right when he said the media is responsible for america's growing acceptance
10:48 am
of sakme sex couples? >> reporter: at first it sounded like another classic bidenism. a rogue remark that highlighted the dividing lines between the white house. >> imabsolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights. >> reporter: comedians were quick to pounce on the comment. >> this hilarious gaffe wasn't joe biden's fault. you see, he was influenced by powerful cultural forces. >> i think "will and grace" probably did more to educate the american public than almost anything anybody has ever done. >> he's right, folks. he's right. these kind of tv shows can change our minds. until i saw "frazier" i prefuseo accept the existence of seattle. >> reporter: in retrospect it's not that crazy an idea.
10:49 am
>> it meant a lot. because it didn't come from pie peers, it came from the gay head of the drama department. >> from billy crystal's openly gay character. to musical acts. ♪ >> reporter: to movies. >> i was diagnosed with aids. >> reporter: popular culture has always been territory where same-sex taboos are broken bringing alternative lifestyles into the earshot of the mainstream. and while the vice president wasn't the only one in the white house to out themselves as a supporter of gay marriage -- >> do you believe that same-sex men and women should be able to get legally married in the united states? >> oh, come on. you're going to start there? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: the american people as a whole have been swaying on the issue as well. but it wasn't until the president himself said it. >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> reporter: that a clear line was drawn in the sand for the administration and for the
10:50 am
looming election in november. >> i believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. >> reporter: mitt romney issued an apology today after "the washington post" reported that the republican presidential candidate bullied two classmates while in high school. the article recounts two incidents at a prestigious incidents at an all boy prep skol that romney attended in the 60s. in one he and other students pinned down a boy and cut off some of his hair and this is according to the post. the post also quotes a closeted gay classmate who says romney would respond to his comments by saying atta girl, and he insists he does not remember the incidents but he is sorry if anyone was offended by anything he said in high school. so the is the guy who played bore at putting on a more modern day hoe? we'll talk to an ever american comedian that says the latest character has gone too far. to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment.
10:51 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ some arab americans are outraged over the latest movie by comedian sascha baron cohen. >> america, the birthplace of aids. >> it is called the dictator, and his character is a hybrid of saddam hussein and gadhafi and they say it sends an ugly message. want to bring in a comedian that has written a op-ed piece about the move and i joins
10:54 am
us from new york. tell us about why you think you say that this is modern day black face, really? how so? >> i do. i mean, i will be honest. i am want here to complain about it or get an apology or boycott it. it is true, it is modern day black face and people not familiar, late 1800s, early 1900s, white people put on back face and the worst stereotypes. my point, home wood f you're listening and going to mock arabs and indians like you did last week, let us be in the movie. let us be a part of the creative process. it is not just the writing. we can add something and make the movie or project go from superficial and cliche jokes which basically we see those to something nuance and entertaining and original which would be great from hollywood, something original. >> do you have anything original, any ideas, recommendations, for this flick? do you think it might help with the nuance and not have people
10:55 am
take away with the worst, the ugliest of it all? >> i have tons of ideas. if someone would call me, suzanne, i am available to give the ideas. >> you're on tv. you're on tv. you can tell them now. give us your ideas now. >> if there is a dictator 2, i hope people will come talk to me. this is an example that's truthful and shows it is good business. in the '60s different studios made movies about the mafia and italians did it and paramount said have italians involved and francis ford coppola and made sin mat i can history and nuance and italian culture and even in a mob movie not cliche and beyond the superficial. that's the same thing that. if you're mocking us and profiting from us, i think we can add to it. i am not going to say you can't have someone playing an arab.
10:56 am
>> i want to read a quote from the article. you said arabs and south asians have long been ghettoized playing exclusively almost cab drivers, bad guys, and who is usually killed later. >> that's us. >> is it really that bad? >> that's -- i get you decisions for cab drivers and my last name is arab and to be honest with you, in most hollywood movies they're the rolls we're ghettoized to play and americans making their own proojs and let's be honest, hollywood movies have a great reach and a finer culture. vice president biden talking about will and grace informing people about gay americans. entertainment media has that impact and has the ability to inform people and has the ability to further stereotypes and also break down stereotypes and invite people to learn more about the culture. it is exposure.
10:57 am
that's what it is about. look, african-americans went through it. spike lee changed the way they're perceived, tyler perry has done it, so we want to be in the game. that's all. hollywood, let us be in the game. >> dean, you're in the game, the comedian world, and obviously you know this is one of these things where he is picking fun at arabs and before he made fun of people from kazakhstan when he took on the character and flam boy yant gay fashion east a, did you have objections then? >> well, i think the people in kazakhstan certainly objected. i recall that well. they didn't like being labeled, and i didn't see bruno, i think each community fights their own fight, you know. we're out there now. i think no one is portrayed the way arabs and indians are portrayed now. no white person would put on a black face now and pretend to be a black stereo type of anyone and be brutally honest. do you think a group of arab americans could pitch a story to
10:58 am
a jewish leader and play the worst stereotypes of jews? of course we can't get a green light for that. we're asking for fairness. want to mock us? have us in the movie. we can help the movie be better. it won't be cliches. >> we have to go. end it there. thank you, dean, as always. >> some doctors have a bone to pick with president obama, nothing to do with politics, about his diet, at least when it comes to when he is out in public. there are a million pictures of him chewing down on cheeseburger, hole bossing, fat sandwiches, ice cream and they would like the president to set a healthier example. they sent a petition to the white house asking the president to be aware what the cameras when he is eating and to skip the junk food. good luck. "cnn newsroom" continues after the break with brooke baldwin. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues
10:59 am
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11:01 am
hi, there, top of the hour. i am brooke baldwin. if it is live and it is now i've got it. a possible break in this cold case. we're getting word that crews right now are digging up the backyard of a mobster. why, you ask? more than two decades ago someone stole artwork, i am talking half a billion dollars potentially in worth from this museum in boston. the unsolved heist, one of the most famous in american history, and today authorities are using everything from a ground penetrating radar to a ferret, yes, a ferret in the search of the home, robert gen teal and
11:02 am
we'll have more on that. take to the white house. folks are scratching their heads a little bit and grumbling under their breath and wondering out loud what the heck to do with joe biden, annoyed is a word we're hearing, deeply annoyed to be specific, that the vice president forced his boss's hand on the topic of gay marriage. it is like, when will it stop in jessica yellow infais has been digging with this. has he blown it with the president and committed one blunder too many here? >> no, that's going too far. the bottom line is sources i am talking to across the board are saying that the president was going to come out for same sex marriage at some point before the democratic convention. you can read it whichever way you want, whether it is because his hand was going to be forced because there would be a party platform playing, and also what he believed and in any case the vice president did was force the timing up sooner than they
11:03 am
wanted it, and, yes, it is true that the president's aids, many of them r deeply frustrated that the vice president forced the timing on it. he got ahead of the president. you heard the president say he got out a little over his skis, and one of the things i heard that is joked around here is this is the obama administration not the biden administration. >> so he is a little over his skis, but it is the obama administration after all and i know they're buddies, and i know the vice president definitely prides himself on giving the president counsel, but you're telling me now that he had been back there in the oval office cautioning the president that embracing gay marriage might perhaps have repercussions and he gets out there sunday and does it himself. >> so i am told by different stories by different people but there are a group of officials who are saying that at times in the past the vice president had counselled the president that there were political dangers in coming out in favor of same sex
11:04 am
marriage, and then the vice president's position had had changed and had the presidents as we have done and so, you know, what they say privately and what they say publicly has evolved, a word we have all been using and the bottom line, they know the president's aides, that vice president biden sometimes makes gaffes and sometimes messes up, and you get the good with the bad with joe biden, and they say on all sides they're willing to take the downsides. already biden is doing public events and will do more next week, so we'll see him out on the road. he is not being -- he is not in the dog house exactly. is there frustration, yeah. >> maybe a wee bit. no, no dog house for the vice president. jessica, we appreciate the perspective. many in the african-american and la teen acommunities are not thrilled with the president's kmints r comments and while they may support him on many issues they do disagree with regard to
11:05 am
same sex marriage. next hour i'll speak with tony evans a, pastor at the 9,000 member oklahoma cliff bible fellowship in dallas and we'll talk about this. more news unfolding. rapid fire, roll it. some call him america's toughest sheriff. today he is being called a civil rights violator. the justice department announced a civil suit against arizona sheriff, nationally famous for his stance against illegal immigration and this suit claims he goes way too far. >> there is reasonable cause to believe that mcso and sheriff arpio engaged in a pattern or practice of discriminate ory policing of latinos. >> the moment everyone is waiting for in the john edwards trial not going to happen. prosecutors will not be calling rielle hunter to the stand before resting their case today. edwards is accused of using campaign donations to cover up his affair with hunter. we can tell you we are on verdict watch for the man
11:06 am
accused of horrific crimes against the family of jennifer hudson. the jury is deliberating in this case of hudson's former brother-in-law, william balfour. prosecutors say he killed hudson's mother, brother, and her seven-year-old nephew a couple years ago. newly elected russian president vladimir pu tin will not be attending the g 8 summit at camp david. he called the president to say he needs to finalize his cabinet. the prime minister will attend in his place. putin and obama were shown here in 2009 in moscow. the white house says they will meet next month around the g-20 summit in mexico. a lot more brewing here. watch. in a place where so many americans retire, a shocking scene, bodies found without their heads. i am brooke baldwin. the news is now. 24 hours after president obama made a lot of liberals very happy, he is asking for big time cash at george cloony's pad.
11:07 am
plus, accusations fly that sheriff's deputies had a secret clique celebrating their shootings. now proof may lie in a special tattoo. ♪ jimmy bond
11:08 am
11:09 am
i'm done. my skin's so raw. try new gold bond friction defense stick. it soothes skin and reduces friction. think bond. gold bond. ♪ this stuff works you remember the tv cop drama called the shield and had the tale of vick mackey and the strike team? the l.a. times is reporting on this alleged secret clique in the los angeles county sheriff's elite gang unit that call themselves the jumpout boys and
11:10 am
according to a report in today's los angeles times, take a look here. this tattoo, here you go, may very well be more than merely a badge of membership. it could be a smoking gun in an internal affairs investigation and robert is the l.a. times reporter digging into this investigation. i read a piece of yours a couple weeks ago and you're back out with the tattoo, robert. i want to begin with that. we'll put the picture back up. talk to me about this tattoo. tell me what it involves and what it signifies. >> well, the tattoo looks like a lot of tattoos that we see in law enforcement cultures, the skull is common and the glowing red eyes and the ace and the eight represent the dead man's hand in poker. tattoos in and of themselves though sometimes worrisome among police sub cultures aren't necessarily a tien of
11:11 am
misconduct. what has investigators worrying about this tattoo is the suspicion that when officers with the tattoo would shoot someone for the first time, smoke would be added to the barrel of a gun. now -- >> hang on, hang on. throw the picture back up. you're telling me this is all according to what this investigation, these allegations, they would add smoke and that would signify additional shootings within, what, as they're working within this gang unit, yes? >> right. that is the suspicion that the smoke would be a distinction you would earn upon being involved in an officer-involved shooting. now, that doesn't necessarily mean there were bad shootings, but one concern is shootings though within policy may have been avoidable, that this could tempt officers to be involved in that kind of thing but most importantly shootings even when they're good shootings, even
11:12 am
when they're within policy, they're expected to be events of last resort, not events that be commended or celebrated in this kind of fashion. >> and that from what i understand and from your reporting is sort of what's worrisome for the l.a. sheriff's department. obviously these men and potentially women as well have this camaraderie and bonding over a tough line of work but it is the possibility of maybe this badge of honor for shootings. how many people might be involved in this jump out boys clique? >> well, when we broke the story a few weeks ago, what detectives had was simply a brochure that was discovered that laid out the jump out boys creed and at that time the department was sailing this group may have no members. it may be a hoax. it may be fantasy. now we learned that one officer has come forward and admitted involvement and named about six
11:13 am
others. >> one officer came forward, forgive me, i didn't hear the last bit and named? >> named six of his comrades. >> six comrades. what is the l.a. county sheriff's office doing about this? >> well, there is currently an internal affairs investigation. they have obviously interviewed the guy that came forward. they'll be interviewing several other members who he named, and they're going to be interviewing supervisors in the unit to figure out how this could have happened. >> are they worried? are they angry? are they giving this group the benefit of the doubt? >> look, i can't imagine that this is news that they're welcoming. it was just about a year ago that we broke the story of another deputy clique that formed within the largest jail in l.a. county. it was a group of deputies who
11:14 am
worked the third floor, the 3,000th floor and they called themselves the 3,000 clique and even had a hand sign. that came to a head when they got into a brutal fight with two of their fellow deputies at an employee christmas party. >> so this is not necessarily new but certainly alarming depending on i guess what these investigators find. robert, we appreciate it. we're going to follow this along with you and the l.a. times. thank you, sir. chilling new information here in the manhunt for one of the fbi's most wanted. police have been told an obsession of adam mayes is at the heart of this case. plus, a ferrari stunt back fires and goes horribly wrong. we have the video and the backlash. ♪ is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore.
11:15 am
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what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. in today's human factor chief medical correspondent sanjay gurupi tan introduces us to crystal, a maryland teenager who woke up one morning with a life changing injury but was determined not to let it change her life. >> x, circle left, 20 meters. >> riding horses has been her fashion since she was four years old. first came lessons and then shows and she even worked at a barn. two years ago all of that came to a screeching halt for 16-year-old crystal greco.
11:18 am
>> i was getting a shower. i felt some muscle cramps in my mid-back. >> she got out, got dressed. >> i felt a sharp explosion of pain. >> by the time she arrived at the hospital she couldn't walk. the cause, a ruptured disk in her spine. >> they told me that i had a bruised spinal cord and that i was a paraplegic from the waist down. >> she had congenital stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal that encases the spinal cord. after surgery she was transferred to the interpret center for spinal cord injury at kennedy krieger institute in baltimore. >> it is very, very, very intensive therapy for at least two hours twice a day every day. >> she pushed herself hard, determined to walk again and get back on a horse. >> i wanted to get back to my normal life. i didn't want to sit and mope. >> seven months after leaving
11:19 am
kennedy krieger she was competing in horse shows again. horse back riding mimics the natural movement of the limbs and helps with flexibility, balance, muscle strength and enhances the exercises she was already doing at the hospital and at home. doctors call her recovery remarkable. she regained movement in her hips and knees and sen significance has returned to her legs. for now crystal can walk, up to 300 feet with the help of leg braces and a walker. >> eventually i do want to walk again, and i can see that mentally as a realistic goal. >> dr. sanjay gurupi tan, cnn reporting. obsession may it be he heart of this murder kidnap case. the fbi has now placed adam mayes on its ten most wanted list that. happened yesterday after he was officially charged with kidnapping 12-year-old alexandria and ki lee abain and
11:20 am
he is also charged with murdering the mother, joanne, and older sister adrienne at their home in tennessee. the bodies were found at the maze home in mississippi and the ex i have would, teresa, is also charged with murder and kidnapping in this case. teresa mayes mother-in-law says her former son-in-law was obsessed with jo ann bain's younger daughters. >> he lived, sleepd, eat and breathe nothing but these two children. please, you have destroyed one family. you're destroying my family. you took my daughter from me. please, turn yourself in. don't hurt anybody else. >> the attorney for his ex-wife says adam mayes was really close to the girls and, quote, did not want them to go to arizona. the family was preparing for the move when jo ann bain and her daughters were reported missing. it is a place where many
11:21 am
americans retire, safe, and today this town is on edge. more than a dozen bodies mutilated beyond recognition. is there any indication americans are being targeted? [ dad ] i'm usually checking up on my kids, but last year my daughter was checking up on me. i wasn't eating well. she's a dietitian, and she suggests that i try boost complete nutritional drink to help get the nutrition i was missing. now i drink it every day and i love the great taste. [ female announcer ] boost has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to help keep bones strong and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. and our great taste is guaranteed or your money back.
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? sleepy, quiet, relaxed, great weather. those are just some of the ways people are describing this area, called lake chapla, and really a paradise for thousands of retirees from the united states and canada. a grisly discovery could shake lake chapla's image of safety and serenity. 18 bodies were found there wednesday, chopped up, and stuffed inside these two abandoned vehicles and not too far from a highway leading to guadalajara and in fact some of the bodies so badly mutilated police are trying to figure out if they're male or female. the discovery, a troubling sign that the bloody war among mexico's drug gangs could be encroaching on the tranquility sought by so many american and canadian retirees.
11:25 am
rafael romo is the senior latin americana fares editor. 18 bodies mut lighted they can't tell the gender? it is horrendous. >> exactly. this happens not too far from guadalajara and this community which is right next to lake chapala which is a favorite of plerns and canadians and other international visitors. now, there is no indication that these americans are being targeted. it seems to be a fight between two very powerful drug cartels in mexico and this has been happening from the beginning of the year. it is just an escalation. >> it is an escalation. >> definitely. in guadalajara they found 26 body last november, not in the same condition that these were. i mean, this was horrible, beheaded, mutilated and as you mentioned it was difficult for the morgue to determine if some
11:26 am
of the bodies were male or female. we have seen similar occurrences in de la cruz and the gulf coast and guadalajara. >> you talk about this area and i was reading the houston chronicle that's covering this as well and one person says i hate that my town has changed. you can't hide behind a curtain and pretend everything is fine. things resident fine. i am devastated by it. i am thinking of everyone watching that has loved ones who, you know, you work so hard during your life, you retire in this lake community and here you are incidentally caught between the cross hairs of drug cartels. >> it is idyllic. it has weather that is some people will say better than san diego, just to give you a point of reference. it is very beautiful, right next to lake krap last ala, and a favorite for generations of mexicans and americans and to see something like that happen is just incredible.
11:27 am
again, it is part of the same turf war being played out. >> when we talk about the bodies found here wad guadalajara, do have any idea and they have yet to identify them but would one surmise that they are affiliated with the cartels? >> all indications according to mexican officials and the prosecutor of the state overseeing this investigation are that this was indeed an attack from one cartel to the other and that all of these people may have been connected to drug trafficking one way or another, so if there is any good news in this, no civilians are being attacked, no foreigners being attacked. it seems to be specifically mainly a fight between these two cartels and they're not going against any other people. >> so frightening nonetheless. thank you so much. as the feds are investigating more terror plots involving body bombs, the u.s. unleashes a surprise on al
11:28 am
qaeda. plus, just 24 hours after president obama made many, many liberals very happy, he is about to ask for their cash. where? george clooney's house, of course.
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
a u.s. drone strike kills eight militants connected to al qaeda in southern yechlen. the attack targeted a convoy of senior leaders of the militant network al shahri. it was followed by strikes by yemen's air force and just in seconds ago panetta address this had specific strike in the defense briefing. take a listen. >> as i said time and time again, that we will go after al qaeda wherever they are and wherever they try to hide. one of the places that they
11:32 am
clearly are located is yemen. we have obviously the united states both military and intelligence communities have gone after al qaeda and we continue to go after al qaeda. the recent threat that concerned all americans about the possibility of another effort to take down an american air liner has come out of yemen and it is for that reason that we will continue to take all of the steps necessary to try to go after those that would threaten our country and threaten the safety of american people. we have operations there. the yemenese krb cooperative in the operations we have conducted there and we will continue to work with them to go after -- >> secretary panetta speaking
11:33 am
about we talked about this before, al qaeda and the arabian peninsula and the threat that they very much pose on us in the united states. no survivors after a russian passenger plane crashed in the mountains of indonesia. this is footage of the wreckage. they say at least 45 people were on board for a sales promotion flight. the plane vanished from radar screens right before the crash and no word yet as to what exactly happened. if president obama is looking for validation over his support for gay marriage, he has the right audience for it tonight, a room full of hollywood liberals, the president has a fundraiser at george clooney's house in studio city, california. the guest list we're told is under wraps but you can expect many, many of clooney's a-list pals will be there. the expected haul, $15 million. want to bring in michelle
11:34 am
turner. that is not chump change, my friend. >> no, no. >> and as we talk, clooney, that means serious star power at the dinner tables, yes? >> absolutely. george clooney is also co-hosting this with jeffrey katzenburg so along with clooney that brings the a-list movie star jeffrey katzenburg brings the money. he is a successful producer. the people on his list are really the folks with the really deep being positivets, so expect it to be a mix of hollywood producer types, the films, studio executives and the movie stars. this definitely will be an exclusive event. i am told that the celebrity endorsement that they're giving to the president tonight is totaling about $6 million right now. the tickets, $40,000 a piece. get this, the value of the tickets, the street value, about $200. they're shelling out a lot of money for a ticket that really isn't worth much on the street. >> 200 bucks.
11:35 am
way more than trying to get a super bowl ticket, i guess, and when we think about sports and think about that, you talk about producers and hollywood a-listers and actors, and it is raising money from regular folks as well. >> yeah. definitely. this is a little bit unprecedented. what they have done is they have enacted this raffle, the democrats have, and they asked people for a mere $3 donation to the campaign. you can get a chance to win a trip to this fundraiser tonight. they're picking two people, flying them out to the fundraiser at george clooney's home and apparently they'll be able to sit at the head table with president obama and george clooney and rub elbows with hollywood aleet for $3. this raffle, the campaign says netted them $9 million. people really turned out for a chance to go to this fundraiser. >> do we have any idea what's on the menu? >> you know what, that's a good question. that's a very good question. here is what we do think is
11:36 am
happening. there have been reports that wolfgang puck will be catering the meal tonight. you know it will be pretty good food. i am told by some of the people that i have talked to that have worked on previous campaigns and really a part of a lot of fundraisers that the meals usually aren't that fancy. if you think of kind of banquet food a lot of times, that's what you're served here. the am ka pains try to keep it as sterile as possible because they want to make as much money as possible and don't like to put a lot of money into the event. this i think will be a little better than most because when you have wolfgang puck cooking it is not small potatoes. >> you're rlg well when you eat wolfgang puck food but it better be good if i pay that kind of money. when we're talking about $15 million, it sounds like a lot of money, but really, is it? is it a record or not? >> yes and no. it is a record for an individual event that is going directly towards the candidate. it is not a record for an
11:37 am
individual event that goes towards the national committees for the democrats or the republicans. back in may of 2004 president bush raised $38.5 million in one day, but that of course went to the rnc and didn't go directly to his campaign. there have been people that raised more money. this is expected to be the most money raised to go individually to a presidential campaign. >> the money involved in politics, it is stunning. >> i know. >> thank you. >> yes, it is. now this. hello. skidmarks on a landmark. this is a ferrari if you know your cars doing doughnuts on top of a 600 year old city wall in china. it was part of a p.r. stunt that back fired big time. they couldn't get the tread marks off. ferrari says, sorry, sorry about the damage there. we have a guy right now who looks like he is auditioning to be our weather anchor. >> good afternoon.
11:38 am
it will be cold, wet and windy across most of scotland and we're under the influence of low pressure and this weather. >> that's prince charles. he and wife camilla stopped by the bbc's glass gou studio for the 60th anniversary. queen elizabeth celebrates 60 years on the thrown. join me and piers morgan for the festivities of the diamond jubilee and it all starts sunday, june 3rd, right here on cnn. going to be fun. fbi agents bring a ferret and beagles to the reputed mobster. they're digging up a yard and looking for stolen art, art to the tune of $500 million. plus this. >> we have thousands and thousands of road hours as a truck driver in the national guard and you don't have a license to drive civilian. >> men and women in the united states military are returning home only to fight the battle of unemployment.
11:39 am
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11:42 am
at robert's home many manchester, connecticut. they say they're looking for guns but he says they're actually looking for $500 million worth of art, 13 pieces stolen from the gardner museum in 1990. i am suking vermeer, rembrandt, monet, back march 18, 1990 when the city of boston had a bit of a saint pat tricks day hang over and two men dressed at police officers talked their way into the museum and tied up security guards, robbed the museum, got away clean. he is now 75 years old and actually in jail on federal drug and weapons charge from a february arrest. how did this art trail lead to him and his house in connecticut? we're going to ask a reporter who was covering this for the globe. that's next hour.
11:43 am
i want to share a special moment with you, a marine father comes home from afghanistan and his son michael has cerebral palsy and doctors said he would never walk on his own but michael has a surprise. oh, my goodness. the moments will bring tears to your eyes. the 6-year-old walks to his father for the very first time. staff sergeant jeremy kuhny has five other children with his wife melissa. hundreding of u.s. veterans are returning home only to face the harsh reality of unemployment. actor and veteran j.r. martinez is teaming up with cnn to bring you their stories. >> i was asked to be part of this documentary and i absolutely said yes off the bat. it is important to raise awareness about guys coming home and how difficult it is to find
11:44 am
employment. >> we have been watching you the whole year and the whole time you knocked it out of the park and we're so proud of you and glad to have you home. let me here a big georgia who. >> all right. >> coming home and find work, that's what's on everybody's mind right now. >> a federal law protects the jobs of national guard soldiers. those who had jobs before they left can go back to them but half the soldiers in the 877 are coming home unemployed. >> when you left your job you were supposed to let them know you were going tore military service. did you do that? >> some of our soldiers are going on multiple deployments because they don't have employment in the civilian sector and others where they work is going out of business so the protections in place aren't applicable. sometimes they're getting terminated against the protections in place. >> you have to return to work under the usara guidelines.
11:45 am
>> some are young and don't have transferable skills and some don't know how to turn a military resume into a civilian resume. >> a lot of certifications and stuff from the military don't transfer. you can have thousands and thousands of road hours, truck driver in the national guard, and you don't have the license to drive civilian. >> what you're about to go into is no different from a combat zone. you're going home and no different than a combat zone. >> the 877th out of the georgia national guard is not unique in their chal clengz. we're seeing units coming back and experiencing similar rates of half or more than half of their unit being unemployed. it is never been critical like it is now. >> this coming sunday cnn will take you on a jush i with citizen soldiers as they struggle to serve country and family. j.r. martinez narrates. it is the first in a series of documentaries. we hope you watch it, dvr it,
11:46 am
8:00 eastern only here on cnn. two suicide attacks, dozens killed, the bloodiest day in syria since this so-called cease-fire. who is behind it? this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime.
11:47 am
how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
11:48 am
the bloodiest proof yet whatever cease-fire has been broken in syria is not working. >> youtube video shows the precise moment the second car
11:49 am
bomb went off. this is damascus, the capital of syria. the government says these two bombs killed 55 people, injured at least 372 others, 372 others. one month ago the u.n. put together a cease-fire to try to stop the violence and straight to beruit. arwa, help us put this in perspective. we're talking about two cars, loaded with more than 2,200 pounds of explosives. you reported on it. you have been in countries and seen this devastation daily. put this in perspective for me. >> what is especially disturbing about this attack is the fact that it does bear the hallmarks of al qaeda style attacks we have been seeing increasingly taking place in syria. this may have been the deadliest single attack to take place in damascus, but ever since december we have been seeing similar attacks, suicide car
11:50 am
bombers going off in damascus and syria's second largest city on a nearly monthly basis. all position activists have been warning about the phenomenon they're calling the radicalization of the revolution. the longer the chaos exists the more extremist groups are able to thrive and grow and opposition activists are warning unless the bloodshed is somehow brought under control we're only going to be seeing more and more violence of this nature. >> you mentioned these particular poms we're talking about have the hallmarks of al qaeda doochlt we know who set these bombs off? >> no, we don't. no claim of responsibility at this stage and since the beginning of the year the group calling itself the front has emerge and had claimed responsibility for the vast majority of the bombings that have taken place there. at this stage no claim of
11:51 am
responsibility just yet. we saw the head of the u.n. observer mission to syria touring the site, seeing for himself the damage first hand, and he had this message to put out. >> whom ever inside syria or outside syria that is supporting this, they need to understand that it is only giving more suffering to the syrian people. they have to stop and give the syrian people a chance to move in a peaceful direction without having innocent people being killed in the street. >> and, brooke, what is painfully clear every single day that goes by is that the suffering of innocent civilians, the bloodshed somehow does need to end, but at this point in time there really is no cease-fire and with no cease-fire there is no peace plan and at this stage there is no real plan b, a viable
11:52 am
alternative that the international community is really able to stand behind. >> it is laughable now to talk about a cease fair. it is disturbing to hear about the reports and the groups and that there is no plan b. we know you're following it and we appreciate it. horrendous what's happening in syria. take note, on monday anderson cooper will be live from the syrian border to go in depth about the crisis that really just seems not to have an end in sight. he is one of america's most high profile pastors, african-american who is against same sex marriage and we'll speak live about the president's risky move and whether this cost him voters in the black community come november. plus, roller derby. you may see it in the olympics in the near future, they hope in 2020. i tried it out. even got a nickname. things got a little rough. ♪[music plays]
11:53 am
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trending today, the olympicing torch lit in greece at the original stadium used more than 2,000 years ago. actors dressed up in ancient greek outfits and lit the torch in the old-fashioned way using the good old sun and mirror and the torch is off great britain. it will be carried 8,000 miles before the olympic games in london. two words for you, roller derby. you heard of it? it could be an olympic sport in eight years if these tough talking ladies have their way. their bouts are selling out and there is a new documentary to ex plorz the sport and i wanted to learn more and lace up skates thanks to the atlanta roller girls and i learned how to jam. roller derby, one of eight sports that could join the olympics come 2020. it is an all female contact sport. played by all different types of women. >> we have nurses, lawyers, stay at home moms, computer programmers, graphic designers. >> where it is okay to wear fish nets and face paint, yes, costumes, so is this actually a sport? yes, it is. a lot of you know the roller derby of the past, very staged,
11:57 am
for show, and today's roller derby has real athletes and enforced rules and i am about to learn how to play. here is how it works. two teams of girls pick out a skater to be what's called a jammer for each of their teams. jammers then race around the rink trying to lap the other team while their group tries to slow the opponent down. that means a lot of contact or what these ladies call hits. >> very physical, very competitive sport, nothing is staged. it is all real. >> that's hate ash bury, a college professor, and her real name is not hate. it is michelle. ladies here take on an alter ego on the rink and a lot of them don't know one another's real names and it is my turn. >> what did we think? which one? >> battling something. >> battling girl. >> battling brooke. >> battling brooke.
11:58 am
totally works. >> you have the power to take that back. >> yes, preach it. battling brooke. ♪ >> the sport of roller derby is so fascinating a documentary that's out ex plorz the whole thing, the name derby baby. >> the whistle blows and we're playing by rules that are enforced and it is serious competition and they want to win. >> we're getting more into the sports realm than the entertainment. >> the question is how big can we go? what could we do with this concept that is roller derby? >> it is a completely all volunteer sport. there is no profit motive. you can bring together 30,000 women under the same umbrella and they can manage to make this thing thrive into something that's amazing and incredible source of female empowerment. >> just how big is it getting? australia, new england, very big in europe, scotland, ireland, france, and london is huge,
11:59 am
england. this sport is doubling in size constantly. >> i can see why. roller derby rocks. yes. eat my dust. eat my dust. >> top of the hour here. i am brooke baldwin. first, a possible break in a cold case. we're getting word crews now are digging up the backyard of this reputed mobster. why? because more than two decades ago, maybe you remember, someone stole artwork worth half a billion dollars from this museum in boston. this heist one of the most famous had in american history and today authorities are using everything from a ground penetrating radar to some beagles to even a ferret in the search of this guy's home. we'll have much more on that and first joining me now from dallas, texas, is the reverend tony evans of oak cliff bible fellowship. he is an opponent of same sex marriage and we should point out he