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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 12, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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they created a population clock counting down when that could happen. the big concern the country's declining birth rate. they say the population of children under 14 is shrinking, so they hope the clock will encourage discussion on the issue. thanks for starting your morning with us we have much more ahead on cnn saturday morning which starts right now. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is cnn saturday morning. anyone that was directly involved with adam, pretty much lived in fear. >> that from the brother of adam mayes, the man suspected of kidnapping two girls and killing their mother and sister, who is now dead. new details in the dramatic conclusion to a massive manhunt. today we put same sex marriage in focus, what president obama's new stance on the issue means for his campaign, and what critics are saying. then there is this.
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>>. ♪ i was rolling on the moon one day ♪ >> that was gene cernan the last man to walk on the moon and only man to dance on it. we'll have my interview about the future of nasa and something he left behind in space. good morning everyone i'm randi kaye, 8:00, thanks for waking up with us. get you caught up on the news. new developments in several high profile legal stories that captured the nation's attention this week. three more people have been taken in custody for allegedly helping adam mayes evade police. he killed himself in the woods near alpine, mississippi earlier this week, as soon as policed closed in on him. next to him were the two sisters he kidnapped after killing their mother, and their older sister. authorities say the girls are still shaken. mayes' wife was charged with two counts of murder in the case.
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jennifer hudson's former brother-in-law faces life without parole after a chicago jury found him guilty on three counts of first degree murder. william balfour killed hudson's brother, mother and 7-year-old nephew. jennifer hudson was the first of more than 80 witness to take the stand for the prosecution. former police officer of killing a man in the bay area was back in court. he's asking to have his conviction overturned, served a year in prison for shooting oscar grant. the incident led to protests in the bay area, grant's family is upset they didn't know about the hearing this week. >> we're angered. we're hurt, and we're here to express that we felt that we were denied our right to be at this hearing. >> the community, the family, the friends, we're not going no where. we will follow you wherever you
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go, we will make your life miserable like you made wanda's life miserable, bobby's, the community's miserable. we will follow you and make sure you will never enjoy life again like you're trying to. >> grant's family says he went to court because he wants his job back with the transit police. a florida woman has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a gun in the air. marissa alexander's defense was florida's stand your ground law. a judge ruled it didn't apply in the case of alexander firing a gun in the air to supposedly scare off her abusive husband. there were two kids in the house, that led to three charges of aggravated assault. the jury convicted alexander after 12 minutes. more now on the rescue of two kidnapped sisters, they have been reunited with their father following a terrifying obvious
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du -- abduction. george howell has the story. >> reporter: randi, we know the girls reunited with their father after days of fear and uncertainty. we also learned from law enforcement here in whiteville that officers are restricting access around their home. obviously, to give them some privacy, given everything they've gone through. three people were also added to this case. three new arrests, one person arrested for filing a false police report, two others arrested for illegal possession of a firearm. we learned this is a wife and husband duo and apparently this couple gave the weapon to adam mayes the same weapon that he used to shoot himself, to kill himself. we also are hearing from his brother, his older brother in south carolina, johnny mayes, you get a sense of the family dynamic, johnny mayes says he has not talked to his brother in some time.
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take a listen what he has to say. >> i parted way with the family about 16 years ago. we don't plan on claiming the body. that is just how we feel. >> we spoke to another person part of the family who says that he never imagined that adam mayes would do what investigators believe he did. >> george, thank you. incredible they are not going to claim the body, that does speak to the relationship. what about police, any specifics coming from them how the girl's mother and oldest sister was killed in that garage? >> reporter: we did learn from a source that the cause of death was strangulation, and i spoke to several people here in town, that is really the hard thing for people to deal with here, the fact that the jo ann and adrienne were strangled. a sigh of relief in the town the
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two girls have been found safe and are back with their father. >> thank goodness for that. george howell, thank you very much. a rundown of some of the stories we're working on for you. president obama takes a stand on same sex marriage but will it alienate the critical latino vote this november? guess what? maybe the world isn't ending this year after all. details on a new mayan calendar. surf's up, way up, why guinness has a new world record for the largest wave ever. the last man to walk the moon. my conversation with apollo xvii astronaut gene cernan.
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president obama took a bold step this week weighing in on same sex marriage debate. listen. >> i've just concluded that for me personally, it important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> there has been a flood of responses on both sides of the debate as part of our focus on same sex marriage this morning, we wanted to look at how the president's announcement could influence the november election possibly and in particular, affect the latino vote which was key in 2008 and is a major battleground this year. cnn contributor maria cardona
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joins us now good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> what do you think, will this one issue swing the latino vote one way or the other? >> i don't think so, randi. for a couple reasons. the economy continues to trump every other issue as it does with latinos and other americans. what we have seen is the famous reagan line that he used in the 80s that latinos are all republican but don't know it yet, has never been borne out, social issues like gay marriage, abortion are not issue latinos bring with them in the voting booth because they are very personal issues and they don't want politicians making those decisions for them. again, the economy trumps. thirdly, in a poll done late last year, it actually showed that 73% of latino voters in this country agree and support equal rights for gay couples
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whether that means calling it marriage or giving them every right that heterosexual couples do, among those is 68% of latino catholics. so i don't think this is going to sway latino voters, they will focus on the economy and on economic issues they support president obama. >> i know you're quoting the polls, cnn polls indicate a large majority of hispanics may support same sex marriage, but there is no consensus in the national polls at least conducted on this topic. why is it then that latino voters seem to approve state bans like california's prop 8 for example? i think what you're looking at is again, there is sort of a dichotomy between where this issue is personally and where it is when it comes to a presidential election, yes, latinos are more conservative on all these issues, and when it is
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a choice like that, when it faces them, like all americans, randi, we've seen this to be an evolution of society as a whole, and seeing now that majorities, not large majorities, but majorities of americans do support equality for same sex marriage the same as what we're seeing within the latino community. when you break it down state-by-state that might be different. that is different of this being an issue that will trump everything else in a presidential election. the other thing that comes in the decision with latinos is family. family is the number one issue for latinos as it is for many americans. and what is important to latinos, that they would think on turning their back on a family member simply because they are gay. >> in terms of the president's actions and him coming out with this this week, why now do you think? was this a politically calculated move by the
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president? >> i really don't think it was, randi, because as we have seen, this is not a political slam dunk for the president. this was a very courageous move on his part that i really believe does follow his evolution. it also mirrors the evolution that we are seeing as happening among american society as a whole. it is generational, we see that in young americans, young latinos, young evangelicals, randi, 44% of young evangelicals do support equality for same sex couples. this president actually i think came to this on a very personal level, with something that he believes now mirrors his personal believes, his christian faith as well as what he has seen within his own family. >> maria cardona appreciate your insight, enjoy your saturday. >> thank you. a major ceo gaffe sent the markets plummeting.
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not a good week for the king of wall street jamie d ifrimon. >> poorly executed, poorly monitor. the portfolio proved to be more r iiskier than we thought. >> they lost $2 billion of their own money because of risky bets that have been the hallmark of the bank's business. in early trading friday the news sent jp morgan shares plummeting by 9% with other shares falling 4%. joining me what this means for wall street and possibly for your wallet is consultant hang
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mcclarty. >> thank you. >> jamie dimon making an apology, how unusual is that in. >> unusual for jp morgan they are widely viewed as the strongest bank on the street on wall street, for them to have to acknowledge they made a major mistake like this is a big deal. >> embarrass, huh? >> absolutely. >> if there was jp morgan's own money, they were trading on their own account, why did the stock market panic? >> because jp morgan is seen as a bellweather in the banking industry, least affected by the mortgage cry circumstances everybody looks to them as the most stable. if they have what they are terming a rogue trader that was making trades that cost them i think up to $2 billion what is they are saying, that means there could be cracks in other institutions not as strong. >> i want to transition to facebook, the ipo coming out
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this week, what is involved in the mechanics, in taking a private company public, how does that work? >> there is typically a cover of several wall street firms that will be bringing the stock public and will price it looks like on may the 18th, the stock will become trading publicly on that day. the mechanics of it are that it gives facebook an opportunity for the people that -- all the net worth is tied up in the company like mark zuckerberg, the founder, all his net worth is tied up in facebook. this gives him an opportunity to liquidate and allows them to acquire other companies. theft publicly traded stock, any threat to their growth or krestivity they have a currency to go out and acquire any other company they see would be beneficial. >> for any viewers listening to you and watching, i want a piece of facebook, can anyone get in?
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>> there is two ways, get the shares prior to the open. it will start trading on may the 18th, prior to that, facebook has done something unusual, they have made sure that almost every brokerage firm, even discounters, got shares and they are not part of the underwriting syndicate, every firm has shares, although it's limited and everybody wants shares, so getting shares prior to the open is going to be difficult, but it's more available than typically done with a hot ipo. >> how risky, if you can get in, doesn't mean you will be a billionaire. >> no, doesn't mean that. i think a good analogy would be this stock is supposed to price around $35. more than likely once it starts trading on the 18th will run up, could run up to 40, 45, 50,
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there will be pent up demand for people to wanting to buy the shares on the open. if you use a similar company in terms of growth potential of google. they went public in '04, people when it starts trading if it's above 35, it's overvalued, but if you believe in facebook has the potential to be like a google or bigger, then whether you buy it at 35 or 50 or 60 won't have a big impact whether it does well for you long term. >> hang mcclarty nice to have you here. >> thank you. cargo trunks and soccer balls, how the coast guard is getting involved with the fallout from the japanese tsunami. how old is too old for a mother to breast feed her childle? i asked, you answered, i'll read
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some of your tweets.
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for american servicemen and women returning from war, a new battle awaits them in the job markets. some veterans are struggling to find work. this weekend a new cnn documentary follows georgia national guard soldiers as they strive to readjust to home. soldiers like this specialist. >> everybody's happy to see you, but you have to get back to reality sooner than later. if you have a job you have to get back to work.
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if you don't have a job you have to look for work. >> the documentary is called "voters in america, vets wanted" narrated by jr martinez. watch it sunday night right here on cnn. once again, good morning to all of you, welcome back, 20 minutes past the hour here. let's get you caught up on the news that may have been off your radar. with some americans struging with their weight, a new drug to fight obesity is closer to winner fda approval. the advisory panel voted in favor of it. if it gets the green light, the drug would act as an appetite suppress amount to curve hunger. 42% of the population will be obese by 2030. more and more tsunami debris from japan is washing ashore in the u.s. and canada. officials say we will see more of it over the next several
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years. now they are preparing to deploy the u.s. coast guard to clean up aplas ka beaches. in the past few months look what landed here. debris as big as this cargo truck with a harley inside. as small as this soccer ball. you can now rest easy and enjoy the rest of the year. turns out the mayan calendar does not predict the end of the world in 2012. scientists in guatemala discovered what could be the oldest known mayan calendar. the new finding shows longer calendar up in the cycles from 13 to 17 and each cycle represents 400 years. we're ending the 13th cycle we have a long way to go. that is good news, isn't it? "time" magazine's new cover features a mom breast feeding her 3-year-old son. doctors say it's fine. other moms say it's gross. we wanted to know how old is too
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old for a mother to breast feed her child? i skld aasked. kerry said we wean kids sooner than we should due to pressures. lauren writes it's a personal choice, but cover comes across as tasteless disservice to the moms who make the choice. kevin tweeted a mother should decide when she should stop breast feeding her child not the world. of course we would like to get more responses, let me know what you think, tweet me @randykaye. coneheads in the classroom? why one florida teacher may be on the unemployment line, after this. and the end of a massive manhunt, the trail police followed to one of the most wanted men in america.
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