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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 12, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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they believe. they are doing when they think is right. >> reporter: the charter athletic association policy is clear. >> if a girl -- girls are not offered a corresponding sport, that they are allowed to compete on boys teams. >> reporter: the association says it has no intention of changing those rules. paige admits she had opt to sit out two times they faced off. >> it was on their field. i felt the need to respect their rules. >> reporter: the championship game was to be played in neutral territory and paige wasn't about to miss it. she won't let this deter her. >> if we have a high school softball team, i will definitely sign up. if we do not, i am 100% on the boys' baseball team. >> thanks for keeping my company this morning. i will hand it off now to fredricka whitfield. >> all right. you have a great afternoon. >> see you tomorrow morning. >> thanks so much. from the church pulpit to the campaign podium, the debate
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over same-sex marriage is heating up this weekend. about an hour ago republican presidential candidate mitt romney defended that position on the issue during a commencement speech at liberty university of evangelical christian college in virginia. >> culture, what you believe, how you value, how you live matters. now, as fundamental as these principles are, they may become topics of democratic debate from time to time, so it is today with the enduring institution of marriage, marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> now, several prominent african-american pastors are also voicing their opposition to the president's decision to support gay marriage. and the issue is expected to be a focus of sermons in churches all across the country this mother's day. ahead of sunday's services a group of civil rights leaders, include al sharpton and joseph
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lowery have written an open letter to the african-american community embracing the president's decision. it says, "we cannot fight to gain rights for some and not for all." in another part of the letter it says, "the president made clear that his support is for civil marriage for same kx couples, and he is fully committed to protecting the ability of religions institutions to make their own decisions about their own sacraments. there will be those who seek to use this issue to divide our community. as a people, we cannot afford such division." cnn's athena jones live out of silver spring, maryland with the latest public reaction to the president's decision. athena, what are you hearing and where are you in silver spring? >> we're actually at a market in downtown silver spring talking to a whole bunch of people. we've been talking to them all day. before i mention that, national poll numbers, gallop did the first national pole since
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wednesday when the president made the declaration for same-sex marriage asking what they thought, 51% approved, 45% disapproved. when it comes to how this will affect the president politically, 13% said it made it more likely, 26% less likely, for 60%, the vast majority said it wouldn't make any difference. that's a difference at some pole numbers. talking to jesse and daisy what they feel. you heard the president coming out in favor of same-sex marriage. how do you feel about that? >> i feel a bit conflicted about it. personally i'm not in support of same-sex marriage but i am for equal rights and treating people as people. i think the president coming out put a fine line between the gray area and made me take a stand. >> do you think this is going to
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lead to a lot more discussion in the black community, because you have a man who is a black president coming out for this right, civil right to get married? >> absolutely. i feel like a lot of the black community didn't really have a particular opinion on it or didn't feel like it februaried them personally because they didn't know a lot of people who are having that issue. so i feel like him standing up and saying that he's in support of gay marriage will make people wake up. it made us wake up and have to think and wonder how do we feel about it. we still are in between. i'm okay wit. he kind of has a little bit of a different opinion. yeah, it made us actually talk about and i think it's happening all over. >> in various families and communities. another question for you, does it affect your support for the president? you're old enough to vote, of course. does it affect how you'll vote for him? >> it does not. i actually appreciate him for taking a stand on something. it's a very controversial issue.
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i'm sure he could have pushed it on the back burner for a little bit longer. but he put his foot down and honest, integrity. that's what i look for. >> great. there we have it, fred. just a few people we're talking to in silver springs, their reaction. back to you. >> athena jones. we appreciate that. we'll check in with you later on in the afternoon. presumptive gop presidential nominee mitt romney tries to bond with evangelical christians, giving the commencement address liberty school that teaches romney's mormon faith isn't a true form of christianity. lynchburg, virginia, same-sex marriage was a strong talking point. he didn't elaborate further but made a strong statement. >> reporter: you made the sound bite of mitt romney playing into the issue. he made the point. there was loud applause from the
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people as you might expect from christian evangelicals, especially people here in attendance. then moved on of other parts of the speech were as the romney campaign promised yesterday not overtly political, fred, but some political points being made. he talked about lately he's been in four-year stretches. he made a slight joke about how not everyone has been doing so well in the past four years, hint hint. he also talked about, mentioned rick santorum, his former opponent saying rick santorum referred him to a brookings institute study who show people who graduate from high school and get a job and marry before they have a child are only 2% likely to be poor. there were some political references but it was not overtly political. one thing that struck as noteworthy was there were several references to god and religion. and you know there have been protests obviously with mitt romney coming to speak at this
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university which bills itself as the largest christian university in the country because he's mormon. as you mentioned, a lot of people here don't feel that his faith is a part of christianity. but one quote that stood out especially as mormon, romney tried to bridge that divide. he talked about a meeting and common purpose, people of different faiths. he said surely people of different kreeds and theologist can meet in the middle somewhere. two particular areas being service and moral convictions. fred. >> shannon travis, thanks so much in lynchburg, virginia. meantime not too far away, best and bravest in-law environment. short time ago president and vice president honored national organization of police organizations top cops. the winners in the rose garden. there were 34 recipients in all, 15 honored for taking down a gunman who opened fire with a shot done inside their detroit
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traveling by plane something people do every day without a thought. not the case if you're on the no fly list. a group of americans say they were put on that list, banned from flying and now they can't get off. four of them are u.s. veterans. cnn jason carroll joins us with more on this. jason, this has to be pretty frustrating when you think you're going to fly and you find out you can't. >> embarrassing, frustrating, all sorts of things. imagine arriving at the airport. you've never done anything wrong and you don't plan to yet you're told you can't board the flight. no one will tell you why or how to fibs it. that's the situation a former marine found himself in. he was heading from chicago to spokane for his dog training business. federal agents surrounded him and told him he could not go.
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he later found out he was on the no fly list. months later, fredricka, he says the fbi offered to get him off the list in exchange for being an informant at his local mosque. he declined that offer. he's now one of 15 people who along with the aclu are suing the government over the no fly list. a lower court threw out the case. an appeals court heard agents in portland, oregon. he says being on the list has hurt him. it has hurt his family and his business. >> well, it's very troubling. it's a major inconvenience, especially for somebody with a family. that's exactly why i joined the lawsuit hopefully my effort prevents it from happening to somebody else one day. a source told cnn in january the no fly list ballooned to 20,000 people as governments
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share more information. the government says this list is vital for keeping the country safe from terrorism. since the list created they have taken steps to improve the accuracy of it. a court spokesman says a decision will be forthcoming very soon. possibly, that's at least what we're hearing. at the end of the day they couldn't tell us specifically when. >> jason, aside from a lawsuit, if you find yourself on the no fly list, what's the process to try and get off the list. >> you've got to have access to the internet, here is what you have to do. i tried some of this. you go to the tsa website. go to redress process terrorism screening. there's actually a link you can click on. once you click on the link you're given a number. you explain what the problem was. you have to keep checking back using this number to determine whether or not a decision has been made about your status. but at the end of the day attorneys representing these plaintiffs say that's not adequate. what they want is some sort of
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independent situation out there for people to be able to access, to be able to go through this process and get some sort of justice. but as it stands right now, that is the only way you do it. you go online, submit a number, and hope the government decides in your favor. >> likely that decision doesn't come in a matter of days. it may take a long time and have you to have a whole lot of patience. all right. jason carroll, thanks so much in new york. big news, everyone anticipating it for the next week. facebook about to go public. the company will sell 337 million shares of stock at $28 to $35 a share. it could be the biggest ipo in history. so should you buy facebook shares? or maybe the better question is can you buy facebook? christine romans reports in this week's "smart is the new rich." >> suits meet the hoodie, facebook's mark zuckerberg gets star treatment on his company's
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road show but should he get your money when his company goes public. facebook will price that ipo between $28 and $35 a share. >> wait about a month until after the stock has been released. the mutual funds and institutional investors are going to be the major ones buying the stock. when the stock opens it's going to come in between $90 and $100 a share. let the hype go down. let the euphoria go down. >> because a lot of rich people get in before you ever will. investment banks underwriting the ipo gets the first crack at shares. they sell them to their best clients. hedge funds, big money managers and insiders. they get that ipo price. then retail investors, the little guys. they get their shot dead last. etrade underwriter of the ipo and etrade will have some shares available. td ameritrade and charles schwab.
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>> limit order. >> that's valuable limit order. you limit the price in which you're willing to pay on a particular stock. >> the most famous investors will not buy the facebook ipo. >> i can't recall in my life buying a new offering. the idea that something coming out on a monday, that's being offered with significant commissions, all kinds of publicity, the seller electing the time to sell is the best single investment i can make in the world among thousands of choices is possible. >> make sure you've maxed out your 401(k), balance properly and have mixed investments. that's a sure bet. christine romans, cnn, new york. an abused woman sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot. at least one lawmaker is saying the prosecutor overcharged the woman. our legal guys will share their thoughts in this case. and if you are leaving the house right now, just a reminder, you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone. you can also watch cnn live from your desktop.
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after days of testimony an
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emotional moment for jennifer hudson. a jury found the former brother-in-law of singer and actress guilty of murdering her brother, mother and seven and a half-year-old nephew. he'll be sentenced to life without parole. hudson broke down in the courtroom after she heard the verdict. she and her sister released a statement that they hope william belfour will repent someday for his crime. the case of a florida woman sentenced 20 years for firing a warning shot is stirring strong emotionings. she said she was trying to scare off her abusive husband during an altercation. a u.s. congresswoman brown confronted angela corey after the sentencing. >> my feeling is that your office initially overcharged her in this case. this is my feeling. this is my feeling. we can't try it here. >> yes, ma'am. that's why we're asking that it not be tried now. if the facts are going to be put
9:21 am
out -- and i told mr. lincoln alexander i wanted to sit down with him. you can't tell people -- madam -- >> there's no justification for 20 years. it's a tough case. let's bring in our legal guys, avery friedman civil rights attorney and civil rights attorney in cleveland, good to see you. >> hi, fredricka. >> richard herman joining us from las vegas. good to see you as well. this is a different stand your ground case. she said she fired that warning shot to scare her husband, then wound up facing aggravated assault charges, was convicted and sentenced to 20 years for that act. avery what went wrong in the case of her defense. >> you want a laundry list? fredricka, this is terrible. number one, it does call into question the issue of stand your ground. if stand your ground has any meaning at all, it is when a
9:22 am
degenerate husband or man decides to beat up a woman, that's when -- in this case miss alexander did what she should have done. she didn't shoot the guy, she fired at him as a warning and now she's convicted of attempted murder. because of mandatory minimum sentencing in florida, this is a 20 year sentence. a miscarriage of justice. terrible. >> why did the stand your ground defense not work in her case, even though it had been substantiated she was abused, even the husband admits to abusing her and others several times. >> right, fred. the biggest failure here was her lawyer. horrible legal representation. stand your ground says you do not have to withdraw. you do not have to withdraw. if you're in serious fear of imminent harm or death, you can stand your ground and shoot. what happened here, fred, she
9:23 am
walked out of the house with her gun to her car. realized she forgot her keys and went back into the house. that's when she did that. that was the problem. the jury did not believe she was in reasonable fear of harm because she actually went back into the house. that's why this jury came back fast. twelve-minute verdict here, fred. there was no discussion. horrible. she had a three-year deal on the table. she rejected it. horrible legal representation i think. >> is there any recourse? you heard the congresswoman who said this was a case of being overcharged. this woman, marissa alexander was overcharged from the very start. can that be enough -- can that be ground for an appeal, avery? might her attorney be able to argue that or is it just too late to argue overcharged. >> yeah, it's too late. she was convicted beyond a reasonable doubt. i understand what congresswoman did, perhaps it was an
9:24 am
overcharge, didn't matter, whether it was lousy defense work, whether the prosecution did a great job, whether the witnesses were credible or not, on the facts this case has very little chance of reversal on appeal. again, the legislators in tallahassee have taken away discretion from the judge. it's 20 years or nothing. it shouldn't be that way. judges should have discretion and florida is not giving it to them. >> i wonder, richard, real quick on this one. we have another case i want to get to, the john edwards trial. in this case, this was perhaps a prelude to another high-profile stand your ground case, george zimmerman, trayvon martin case, is this any kind of prelude or appear tud for stand your ground defense in florida, the courtroom? >> i don't think so, fred. in the end of the day i don't think trayvon martin will be a stand your ground kachlts i think it will be a self-defense case. here all they charged was aggravated assault.
9:25 am
the shooting of the gun was the aggravating factor. that brought 10 years for assault, 20 years if it's aggravated. it's aggravated by the use of a gun. they didn't charge her with attempted murder. that's the problem in this case. okay. now let's talk about the john edwards case. now the defense is going to be presenting its witnesses next week. john edwards' attorneys tried to get this case dismissed. the judge said, no, forget about it, we're going to continue on. i have to wonder, does even that refusal of a dismissal, does it in any way impact the jurors' point of view or how the case will move forward at this point? >> fred, the jury probably doesn't even know they made a motion to dismiss the case. that's a pro forma motion made every time a government rests its case. john edwards must make a deal. he must cut a plea deal right now. he is going to be convicted if he does not. i believe that. if he doesn't make a deal, fred,
9:26 am
i think he is such an ego maniac, i think he will absolutely get on the witness stand and try to persuade the jury. >> what? oh, my goodness. >> avery, do you believe the prosecutors have done a good job trying to establish proofing he misused campaign funds, that he should be cutting a deal at this point? he has no recourse? >> on the one hand, i think they are missing pieces. the key evidence, the attorney who said that bunny mellon gave money for personal reasons for the nor the campaign. should he cut a campaign? the evidence has really made the jury hate john edwards. if abbe lowell, the attorney, makes the argument to the jury in summation look at that this is, the pieces are missing -- the defense is coming up this week, fredricka, so we're going to learn a lot more. i've got to tell you, honestly, i have flip-flopped on this case. first i thought not a chance. this past week was good. let's see what happens this week when we review this next
9:27 am
saturday. >> fred -- fred -- >> [ inaudible ] >> no, i don't think so. >> she escaped this. >> listen, the entire defense was this was to protect his wife from knowing. he got wind of this during the iowa caucus. move her, shut her up, get rid of her. that's because he was running for president. it had nothing to do with his wife. his wife knew about her. the defense fails. the defense fails. his wife knew all about rielle hunter. the defense fails, fred. i'm telling you, the jury is not going to buy it. this guy wanted to be president, a supreme court justice. he was using that. he wanted to shut her up because he knew that information would destroy his presidential -- >> like you said, avery, are jurors going to make a decision they don't like this man or is it a case they are going to see there's evidence to support. >> that's where it's going to
9:28 am
turn right there. >> all right. we're going to hear from you again on other cases coming up. about 20 minutes from now talking about -- >> sorry about that. >> that's okay. it's good. hear about a woman suing southwest airlines a second time after she claims she was told she was fat to fly, they said. and the south has been having wet and wild weather this week. we'll tell you what the forecast is looking like throughout the weekend. but first, this mother's day weekend, i want to introduce to you a woman who has made a big difference in the lives of lots of children after losing her own son in a drowning accident. meet cnn hero wanda butz who started a nonprofit that teaches minority kids how to swim. >> went to spend the night with friends. i had no clue they were coming here. right about here is where josh
9:29 am
was, where the raft capsized, and he went down. it's very hard for me to believe that just like that my son had drowned and he was gone. my father instilled in us the fear of water, so i, in turn, didn't take my son around water. children don't have to drown. my name is wanda butts. i save lives by providing swimming lessons and water safety skills. african-american children are three times more likely to drown than white children. that's why we started the josh project, to educate families about the importance of being water safe. >> take the ring and throw it right at the victim. >> many parents they don't know how to swim. >> he was afraid of the water, the first in my family to learn
9:30 am
how to swim. he came a long way from not liking water in his face. >> i'm so happy to see so many of them have learned how to swim. >> good job. that's one life we saved. >> it takes me back to josh and how the tragedy was turned into triumph and it makes me happy. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air -
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lots of rain in the southeast. i needed it. we're talking three weeks away from hurricane season. this is looking like hurricane season kind of pattern. >> i have to tell you, this happened to be at a time of year in august, maybe september. this might be a little worth -- a much closer glance. we have had heavy rainfall. in fact, take a look at this. show you rainfall. sorry, fred, didn't mean to push you away. rainfall totals we've had since yesterday morning in richmond,
9:34 am
9.32, over seven inches in sugarland, houston, 6.23, league city 5.57. for the time being much of that precipitation is going to be leaving texas, moving to louisiana. in fact places like baton rouge, new orleans might see two to four inches of rainfall. any spots that have poor drainage, some places also in parts of mississippi, including biloxi, you might see water pile up certainly something to watch out for. maybe along i-10. side roads, frontage roads, you might have issues there, too. a lot of continue to move as we make a way saturday to sunday, possibly lifting to the southeast, could see rainfall here in atlanta where we've had scattered showers this morning. rain across parts of the great lakes. not much in terms of thunder boomers, parts of michigan, illinois, wisconsin. high pressure developing over parts of the central plains. our friends tuning in from jackson hole, wyoming beautiful for you. a bit warmer in places like
9:35 am
portland, 77 in salts, 76 in denver, 68 minneapolis, some places around minneapolis maybe cooler, 73 in dallas. new orleans 82, as you program it up, tampa, 78 in washington, d.c. >> nice temperatures throughout pretty much. >> could be worse. >> thanks, reynolds. appreciate that. a woman sues honda over the mileage of her hybrid car and wins. but honda wouldn't go down without a fight. the judge reverses the decision. our legal guys weighing in on this one. first this week "fortune" magazine out with its list of the top 500 countries. two of the businesses who made the cut are run by sisters. two of the most powerful women in business are keeping it all in the family on the fortune 500 list. frontier communication ceo maggie and campbell soup ceo
9:36 am
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the u.s. justice department plans to sue arizona sheriff joy arpaio over alleged civil rights violations. according to the civil complaint the sheriff's office has displayed a pattern of discrimination against latinos which includes racial profiling, unlawful detention, searches,
9:40 am
unlawful targeting of latinos during raids. arpaio spoke with cnn's don lemon and says the lawsuit is politically motivated. >> thirty years of my life fighting the drug traffic with the justice department, now they are going after me because i'm following a law i took an oath of office to do. they want to get rid of this sheriff, monitor my office, take over my office for political reasons and i'm not going to stand for it. >> sheriff arpaio and legal maneuver around him has been of keen interest to our legal guys. avery friedman and richard herman back. richard, you first, what is arpaio's best defense against the u.s. justice department? >> his best defense, fred, is that he's following the letter of the law. he's not going outside the boundaries of it. everything he did was consistent with the powers he has. he did nothing wrong. immigration is a very difficult situation in his state.
9:41 am
he's doing everything he can to enforce it and make the people of arizona safe. that's what his defense is going to be. >> avery, what do you see? >> yeah. even richard doesn't buy that one. look, the fact is that the statistics really make this case. joe arpaio better hold onto some of that pink underpants that he goes out and buys and look due west because that's where the sun sets. this is a dead bang winner for the department of justice. it is the end of sheriff joy arpaio. >> really? >> that's it. finished. >> okay. all right. we will see because we're still, you know, kind of at the tip of the iceberg on that case. >> absolutely. >> let's move to something else. this involves too big to fly kind of case. woman's name is kinlie tiggerman. she said, you know what i've tried to fly southwest. they have discriminated against me. they say, in her words, she's too fat to fly.
9:42 am
she's suing the airline because it's happened more than once. the airline says, you know what, we have a policy. a policy on the customer's size. so avery, she's asking that they change their policy. what are the chances of that? >> yeah. you know what, i wonder how many guys from the nfl and nba get tossed off when they fly. maybe it is because she's too heavy. she claims her lawsuit filed in lafourche has been violated. unfortunately there is no constitutional right to be on an airplane if you're heavy. even southwest i don't think knows what they are doing. they let her on, let her off, apologize, denied her. the bottom line, this case has about as much chance as sheriff joe in federal court. it's going to be dismissed. >> and richard? >> if you close your eyes, fred, that's what she's going to receive in this case, nothing. she's getting nowhere on this. southwest, look, they have
9:43 am
policies in place. they tried to enforce these policies. you have to buy a seat next to you. they will give you a discounted fare. if the plane isn't full, they will give it to you for free. you've flown. i don't know what to say here. maybe some of the policies, it happens when they are checking on. when the woman goes to sit on the plane, runs her ticket, agent stands there and sees her and has to confront her in front of everybody. it's humiliating. >> it's an embarrassment. >> southwest released this statement saying we realize it's a sensitive conversation. we train our employees to approach the situation as discreetly as possible. the policy is designed for the safety and comfort of all passengers on board the aircraft. the best case scenario is for the customer to notify us ahead of time. if they were to change their statement or policy, what would it be?
9:44 am
what do you suppose would appease. >> only be more discreet, i think. that's about it. you can only be more discreet. the fact is how are you going to judge everyone coming on? if it's an nba player or a woman 5'4" and she weighs 400 pounds. how is that going to work? it's not going to. it's not going to work. >> let's move to another case of a woman taking on a very big company, taking on honda. at first she actually succeeded. heather peters at first was awarded by the court $10,000 after convincing the court honda overstated the mileage of her vehicle. but then, you know, honda said oh, no. we're not going to take this one lying down. they challenged it. a superior court judge said honda was right in posting the epa fuel economy ratings and as of now reversed the decision. richard, in the end, instead of her receiving $10,000 from honda, now she actually has to pay some of the court cost.
9:45 am
$75 in court fees. ouch. this is really a painful, i guess, encounter for her. >> what a rip off, fred. what a horrible decision here. what a tip to big auto. that's what happened here. >> what? >> she went to small claims court and said i bought this care based on your express representations of mileage. i got nowherener that mileage. i want to sue you. the judge said, yes, you're right. you win. $10,000. so they appeal the court and a superior court judge says, well, you know, honda did not misrepresent. all honda represented is what the federal regulations are. that's bs. this woman won her case. she won $10,000. she should not get wiped out. >> the superior court the wrong person or the wrong body, shouldn't be taking on honda, she should have instead taken on the epa. that's what that reversal
9:46 am
decision really says, doesn't it? >> she bought the car from ho a honda. >> the fact is the judge wrote this saying it's a slogan, not a promise. i thought it was a righteous case. i thought richard thought the whole thing was a phony deal at the beginning now sounds like he's being her pal. i think the judge made the right decision. i think it was a righteous effort, honorable effort on the part of miss peters to do this. but fredricka, the judge was right. this is not a promise. it's epa, not honda, a right decision. there's no appeal if you go to small claims, the case is over. now there's 1700 other small claims cases out there and they are probably going to be dismissed also. >> wow, that hurts. >> not going to make a lot of people happy. honda is happy. >> she made a decision not to be part of that class action suit. in the end while she scored a little victory and ended up being very disappointed.
9:47 am
>> the plaintiffs got $100 in the class action. >> she was pleased with the decision that honda was truthful in advertising fuel economy potential of 2006 honda civic but she says she's also very disappointed in the end she ends up getting nothing. >> sure. and she's got to pay court cost. >> she has to pay $75. that really stinks. thanks so much, guys. we have a couple of other cases -- what? >> hey, fred, i want to wish you and alisa and my mom and all the mothers out there a happy mother's day. >> thanks so much. i almost forgot about this. >> and all the mothers in america. sure. >> happy mother's day to all the mother's in your life. >> and grandmother's, too. >> happy mom's day to all of them, too. thanks, guys. couple of cases closed now we want to share with folks. supermodel linda evangelista gets a settlement. according to reports she reached an undisclosed deal with her
9:48 am
billionaire ex-boyfriend over child support for their 5-year-old son in court. evangelista said she wanted $46,000 a month to raise her son. still unclear how much she gets. the florida polo magnet who adopted his girlfriend to protect his fortune was sentenced to 16 years. john goodman convicted in the drunk driving death. lawyers say they will appeal. jpmorgan chase fesses up saying they lost $2 billion in six weeks. it's a drop in the bucket for the bank. what is the big deal? and if you have to go out today, just remember you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone. you can also watch cnn live from your desktop. go to t better results in ap courses. together, they raised ap test scores 138%. just imagine our potential... ...if the other states joined them.
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jpmorgan chase comes clean saying it lost $2 billion in risky trades. now it's dealing with the aftershocks. its credit rating is taking a hit. breaking down what happened and the fallout. >> reporter: how did jpmorgan, the largest u.s. bank by assets lose $2 billion in six weeks? bank officials aren't releasing details yet but it appears the loss is tied to a series of risky bets in the derivative market specifically credit default swaps. the bank bet the market would go in one direction. instead, it went in another. >> now we're looking at $2 billion paper trading loss, slightly over $2 billion, more like $2.3 billion. who knows what the rest of the year will hold. so far it's a gravy train for hedge funds.
9:52 am
>> katy byrne first wrote about this in the "wall street journal" last night. the journal said the jpmorgan trader, dubbed the london whale, had taken a position in the default swap market this. time the swaps were tied to corporate bonds instead of home mortgages that caused toile crisis. regulators say this is further proof banks have no business making these kinds of risky, multi-billion dollar bets. >> definitely brings back memories of the crisis. they shouldn't have regulation, regulate the impact. this is vindication for regulators. >> reporter: cnn, atlanta. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything.
9:53 am
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every week we bring you unique trends for travel. rob marciano tells us about a new trend for a trip. go on vacation without knowing what you're headed. >> reporter: when i said mystery trip she didn't expect to be soaring above trees in hawaii. >> i actually had never done zip lining before. >> neither had i. >> from zip lining to surf school each day a new activity was revealed. even their destination was a surprise. >> in a mystery trip they don't tell you where you'll go, what hotel you'll be staying at. >> most mystery trip planners try to make sure the avalanche matches your personality. one gives a quiz to determine a travel sign. >> we both came up as a barbarian when we took the quiz. >> that sign is people who love to travel to the ends of the earth basically. >> taking a chance can also help you save money.
9:56 am
>> for example, luxury link online, they offer options for destinations. they don't tell you exactly where you can go. you can get a great value for very little money. >> with an open mind a mystery trip can be worth the expense.
9:57 am
9:58 am
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to consider adding another title to his name. meteorologist. he delivered the weather forecast at a bbc station this week. the video is now a huge hit. hundreds of thousands of people have viewed it online. the best of the drier and brighter weather will, of course, be over northern isles in the far north mainland. a little hazy clouds. cold everywhere with temperatures 8 celsius and a brisk northeasterly wind. thank god it isn't a bank holiday. >> i think his popularity points just went up. coming up in the 2:00 eastern hour today, are the long commutes killing you? new information on the health hazards of traffic jams. a bizarre story out of north carolina. someone is poisoning the mascot dogs of north carolina state. we'll get details about this mystery. the summer travel season just around the corner. we'll have t