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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 14, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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with a hoodie. >> i think there may be a few people who saw that as a sign of disrespect but he is who he is. and he saw that with steve jobs, he always wore that uniform. >> dan simon, nice to see you. we're going to toss it now to wolf blitzer who's live in the situation room. happening now, a new attack by the obama campaign targeting mitt romney in critical battleground states thinking the republican nominee is simply out of touch with working people. going one step further than president obama on same-sex marriage. james clyburn standing by live to explain his stance.
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the banks that were too big to fail are bigger than ever and still making multimillion dollar bets. i'm wore blitzer, you're in "the situation room" of . the latest skirmishes are being fought on college campuses with both president obama and mitt romney but neither candidate is saying much -- not saying much at all about same-sex marriage. our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin is joining us from new york so. jessica, what exactly did the president say when he addressed
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the graduates today? >> reporter: the president had a real message of empowerment and a little bit of politics. from president obama a message to female graduates that equality can be theirs. >> it is simple math, today women are not just half this country, it's half its workforce. >> reporter: if they work for it. >> don't just get involved, fight for your seat at the table. better yet, fight for a seat at the head of the table. >> reporter: wonder if this is part of the campaign's apile to women voters, politics did creep into his message. >> whether you'll be able to earn equal pay for equal work. whether you'll be able to balance the demands of your job and your family. >> reporter: though the president share the stage with evan wolfson, he made only
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glancing reference to the issue that's dominate headlines. >> no matter who you are or what you look like, no matter who you love. >> during a weekend graduation speech at the evangelical liberty university with just this one line. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> reporter: at barnard in new york city city, the president's position is popular. >> i think it's ah smchlt i think it's about time. >> i think that actually makes me support him enmore. i am definitely for gay marriage so i think that definitely -- it was a big day. >> reporter: but a mixed reaction after sunday services at salem bible church in atlanta. >> i support the president, but i just disagree with him on the issue of gay marriage, i think it's between a man and a woman.
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>> it does change the way i feel about him, because i don't think he had that view when he came into office, but he may have been persuaded to change his mind. >> a new york fund raidser ho hosted -- the president today also taped an appearance on the talk show "the view" it you know as a largely female audience. no doubt he'll get a few questions there on his position on gay marriage. here's a little bit of a change, the president in addition to his fund raidser with ricky martin has a fund-raiser with wall street executives. they expect to raise a total of a little over $3 million from his two fund-raisers in new york today, wolf. >> he's also spending some time speaking with african-american pastors around the country. isn't he? >> yes, after his announcement
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on gay marriage last wednesday, he had a phone call with 13 pastors to explain how he came to his decision and his staff continues to reach out to african-american and other progressive pastors that have been allied with the white house to continue sort of what they call a dialogue on the issue. >> the number three democrat in the house of representatives differs somewhat with president obama on the issue of gay marriage. james clyburn welcomes the president's support but feels it doesn't go far enough. representative clyburn is joining us from north carolina. tell us why you believe the president does not go far enough in declaration saying that he personally supports gay marriage? >> thank you for having me, wolf, i don't disagree with the president, but what i said was
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and i genuinely feel, as a 70-year-old having grown up here in south carolina, i can remember when marriage between two people of different races was not allowed in south carolina. but it was allowed in other states. so i think that when you have something like this, you have to be very careful that you don't have an approach that could very well have people jumping across state lines, having people's conditions changing late in live and finding out that they're in the state where certain things may not be recognized and it could have very severe legal consequences going forward, so i just think we need to really look at this yurks study it very well and be very, very careful how we implement it. >> because i just want to make it clear, congressman, i just want to make it clear t
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president in announcing his support for same-sex marriage said this was a personal view but it should be left up to the states, you disagree with him on that, you believe this should be a federal issue not left up to the states because you see it a right? >> yes, it is personal with me as well, and civil rights are very personal with me as well. so if we are going to say this is in fact a civil rights issue, then it ought to be an issue for all americans, not just based upon what state you live in. we have been down that road, where my rights here in south carolina were different than rights in new york or pennsylvania. i don't think that we can tread too lightly here, we have got to be very, very careful of how we put these kinds of issues together. look, i just signed the amicas
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brief on doma, the defense of marriage act. because i want the supreme courts to rule that law that i voted for several years, but i have evolved to the point where i am today. so i am for the federal courts to find that unconstitutional. that's why i signed that. i supported approximately president clinton's decision when it came to don't ask don't tell. i voted against don't ask, don't tell last year whenever it was because i had evolved to that point. this is an issue that all of us know that's been challenging all of our lives, i'm a preacher's
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kid, born and i have been married married to the same woman for 54 years. i just think we have to be very careful that we don't tread on people's rights. >> a lot of african-american pastors were speaking out against same-sex marriage. if the reverend dr. martin luther king were alive today, where would he stand on the issue of same-sex marriage? >> i think dr. king would have evol evolved, much like president obama has evolved. much like i have evolved. i don't believe that at the time that dr. king passed away or was taken in us that he was then where i am today. i just don't believe that. i don't remember him ever addressing this in any of his
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writiings or speeches, but i believe all of us wrote, one should not be expected to wear the same jacket as a man that he wore as a child. that's the way i feel. and i think that i have grown to a different size jacket today when it comes to this question. >> will you introduce legislation in the house of representatives that would allow same-sex marriage to go forward across the country? >> well, once again, i'm not going to do anything willie nilly. i'm going to set down with members, i would hope that it's an issue that could be dealt with in a bipartisan way, there's a big difference between us doing something in statute and something being determined constitutionally. that's why i signed the amicas brief because i want this issue
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addressed by the judicial body that will get the opportunity to determine what i may or may not have done is in fact kopgsal. i'm big for health reform and now we all sit and waited with baited breath to see what the supreme court is going to do about the constitutionality of that. so it's one thing to do something statutely. >> james clyburn is -- the obama campaign is helping to make it a four-letter word with supporters, wire talking about bain.
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also ron paul announcing he'll stop actively campaigning for president of the united states, but he's not dropping out of the race, at least not yet. and when you talk about pempb politics being dysfunctional. take a look at this political battle. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac
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let's go to jack cafferty, he's here with "the cafferty file." >> washington hard at work. abc news reports that our government is just out with a study about a study of study. try to keep up now. back in 2010, defense secretary robert gates complained his department was, quote, a wash in taskings for reports and studies. he wanted to know how much they cost. so the pentagon commissioned a study to find out how much it costs to produce all these studies. fast forward two years, pentagon review still going on, so congress asked the government accountability office to check in on them. so now the gao is out with its reports and not too promising. they found only nine studies that had been reviewed by the pentagon review in two years and the military was unable to, quote, readily retrieve documentation for the nine reports, they couldn't find 2/3
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of them. you want to know how much they cost? don't ask. these are our tax dollars that are going down the porcelain facility. meanwhile try understanding what these reports even say. quote, gao's cost guides state that cost estimates should include all costs but allows flexibility for the reports to exclude cost as long as steps were taken and documented to -- someone drops the ball in washington. politicianli politicians like to start a study. the hope is that after the results come out, we will have forgotten about it in the first. place. here is a -- what does it mean when congress commissions a
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study on studies on studies. >> it meanings a lot of taxpayer dollars are being thrown aworks you might as well rip it up, throe it away. for years i have been hearing from federal workers here in washington that they have all these studies that are commissioned. a lot of them outsourced that are simply a waste of time. nobody bothering even reading these studies but they cost tons and tons of money. you're on to something there. >> i thank abc for that, because they're the ones that came one this. >> who commissioned the study of studies of studies, they're on to something. >> but you can't fire all the people who do these studies because you can't fire anybody in washington. it's now going directly after mitt romney's business brack ground. take a look at this ad airing
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now the five critical states. >> he's running for president and if he's going run the country the way he ran our business, i wouldn't want him there, he would be so out of touch with the average person in this country, how could you care for the average working person. >> what's the point in reviving the whole bain capital romney issue right now because they went through it a lot during the republican primaries. >> they sure did. what the obama campaign is trying to do right now is two things. they're trying to define mitt romney and then disqualify him as a potential president of the united states. they want to define him as somebody, as you heard from that gentleman out of touch, somebody who doesn't share your values, somebody who is much more interested in making money than creating jobs. during the primaries, mitt romney said he created or helped
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create over 100,000 jobs. all you can do is take out that story line by line. here's my problem with their theory of the case, that in the end i believe that president obama is going to be judged on his record. he can say he wants to disqualify mitt romney because he doesn't care about you, but in the end, he's going to be judged on barack obama's record, and when these two men go mano e mano on this case. >> when romney tried to -- he came band and said, bain capital also has create sports authority, office depot, they created hundreds of thousands of jobs and in the job of venture capitali capitalists, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
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>> it didn't work very well when newt gingrich pac ran a 28-minute ad against bain capital. but these were republicans. i mean the obama campaign believes that this is going to work better with independent voters, but let me tell you a little bit of a web video that the romney campaign just released within the hour in response to the obama campaign. >> sdi almost never got started. when others shied away, mitt romney's private sector leadership team step nchlped. in i'm holding a dream with 6,000 employees today. >> so bain capital helped this company steel dynamics -- some things work and some things
1:22 pm
don't work. and the romney campaign spok spokesman came out today and said mitt romney helped create more jobs through being governor of massachusetts and the private sector than barack obama, to be continued. >> and of course there will be, there's going to be a big, big fight out there. >> republican presidential can at the ron paul finally decides to stop campaigning, we're going to take a closer look at his passionate run for president, how it affected the race. and rick santorum says romney has a, quote, potent weapon to beat president obama, what his formal rival says is his key to victory. [ pilot ] flying teaches me to prepare for turbulence. the key is to have a good strategy. the same goes for my retirement. with the plan my financial advisor and i put together, a quick check and i know my retirement is on course.
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candidates, two very, very different commencement addresses. joining us now democratic strategist jamaal simmons and republican strategist. thanks very much for coming n i'm going to play two very different clips, mitt romney saturday at liberty university. president obama today at barnard college in new york. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> from the gypping, this nation has trusted in god, not man. religious liberty is the first freedom in our constitution and one of the causes justice for the persecuted. compassion for the needy and the
1:27 pm
sick, or mercy for the child waiting to be born. there is not greater good in the nation than christian consciousness on the tornado. >> it takes patience, it takes commitment, it comes with plenty of set backs and it comes with plenty of failures. but whenever you hear that creeping cynicism, whenever somebody tells you to set your sights lower, the trajectory of this country should give you hope. previous generations should give you hope. what young generations have done before should give you hope. young folks who stood up and matched and sat in, they didn't just do it for themselves, they did it for other people, that's how we achieved women's right, that's how we achieved voting
1:28 pm
rights, that's how we achieved workers rights. that's how we achieved gay rights. >> alice, which line of attack, if you will is going to be more success in winning over that mott earn democrats and republicans that will make a difference the presidents, the people in the. who's going to be the person polls have shown that more people trust that mitt romney is the person to do that. right now obviously the social issues of taking center stage of the marriage discussion. but in november, it's going to be jobs and the economy. we're seeing that the current situation with our economy, with the jobless rate continuing to
1:29 pm
be at above 8% for the longest point in history. >> most of the conservatives i have been talking to, they don't really want to talk about gay rights, they want to talk about the economy because they see that as the president's great weakness right now. how does the president deal with them 12346789. >> i think this will be an argument about the economy. and when it comes to this issue of gay rights, the country has moved on a lot. i was doing campaigns in 2004 and 2005, where civil unions were considered a pretty forward position. now gay marriage is kind of a forward position. ultimately if you're against same-sex marriage, then you shouldn't marry somebody in the same sex. but i had a 40-minute conversation with a pastor
1:30 pm
friday night after the president's decision. it was an african-american pastor and it was hard to get him to take the president and be comfortable with his position, he was really uncomfortable with his position. and i think ultimately the argument just sort of has to be the government of the united states can't be in the position of discriminating against people and even if you're investmently opposed to this because of your religious beliefs. your religious beliefs do not have to have an impact on everyone else in the country. >> you told -- listen to santorum. >> this is a very potent weapon. for mitt romney if he's willing to stand up and take advantage of a president who's very much out of touch with the values of america. >> do you agree with your former boss? >> well, certainly, it is an
1:31 pm
issue that's going to show the stark contrast between governor romney and obama on this issue. but what we're seeing state after state after state. we seeing that overwhelmingly, people across in country are standing up for traditional marriage and for gay marriage. >> this is a big issue for governor santorum. be what we're seeing four or five days out from this announcement, the prom any campaign is focussing on what they are concerned be. he is going to be focus on where his strengths are which is creating jobs and turning the economy around. and he's made it quite confident about where he stands on this computer, he firmly believes that marriage is between one man and one woman. >> who's right, president obama
1:32 pm
or jim clyburn, clyburn says the federal government should deal with this, this is a civil rights issue. the president says gay marriage should be left to the states, who's right. >> if anybody can make a political argument, jim clyburn can. but with most americans in particular, calling it a civil rights movement -- but the civil rights movement is a very particular thing for most african-american voters, they don't like to hear it compared -- i have done a lot of research on this. instead, i would argue that people do talk about this in terms of wral equal rights. the president's on the right path by saying here's where i am, the country is going to make some decisions and he's going -- governor romney has devolved. he said when he ran against ted kennedy, he would be better on gay rights than ted kennedy. and he has now become worse.
1:33 pm
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rain water and soda before climbing up the hill what she did with a broken back, a broken arm and a broken clavicle. scott thompson left the job -- yahoo hasn't are released the terms of his departure deal, if they say that he resigned aside from being fired, he may have to pay the money back. at least one party member suffered injuries to his back and neck. political brawls are nothing new in korea. last year a lawmaker set off two gas cans in parliament. makes america look very, very tame. >> a lot of activity going on over there, not necessarily legislative activity. jpmorganchase loses two
1:38 pm
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fresh fallout from that $2 billion loss from jpmorgan ch e chase-the company announced today that it's chief investment officer is stepping down. the stunning loss of the largest bank in the u.s. is a stunk echo
1:42 pm
of the meltdown in 2008. cnn's regulation correspondent lizzie o'leary is coffering the story. >> americans would be right to know that this is a bit of a déjà vu. they didn't tell us about the part that happens now, after a law has been passed but before all the rules are in place, it can get watered down and that's what's going on right now. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: this wasn't supposed to happen again. >> reform will also rein in the abuse and excess that nearly brought down our financial system. >> reporter: that bill called the dodd-frank law was supposed to be going into effect. banks like jpmorgan can still
1:43 pm
take in money on one side and also make multimillion dollar risky trades for themselves on the other side. as we saw last week, that can rattle the banking system. >> we carry the law around with us. do you want me to read to it you? >> reporter: senator carl levin is trying to help make the law have teeth. more than 500 companies have lobbied on this law, including the five biggest u.s. banks. those banks, once called too big to fail, so large they couldn't collapse without hurting the u.s. economy are now even bigger. back in 2006, they held about $6 trillion, 43% of everything the u.s. economy produces. now they hold about $8.5
1:44 pm
trillion. that's 56% of usgdp. >> too big to fail goes to the point that you can't lose the institution itself. the question is who gets the hold it. >> the government would be able to slowly wind down a giant bank, without the taxpayers footing the bill. >> all of these rules need to be finished by july. one question, wolf, is whether this jpmorgan disaster would be allowed under dodd-frank. -- these kinds of trades to hedge their entire portfolio, not just one trade, but they can say, hey from, 30,000 feet, this is an okay thing to do and it would be legal, wolf. >> this debate is only beginning now afresh in washington.
1:45 pm
l now that a jpmorgan ceo is out, a lot of pressure, jamey dimonn right now. >> some of these very powerful advisors to big institutional investors. so the same investigators -- a few of these guys have said jamie dimon should not be the chairman and ceo of his company, he is both at this time. but it seems likely if that were to happen, he would lose the ceo job. he's come out strong and said i didn't know about it, i'm livid, this isn't the way we operate. so in that position, he remains very solid right now. >> in the scheme of things, how big of a blunder is this? >> it's big, wolf, it's an interesting way to put it because it shouldn't have happened and it shows that these
1:46 pm
banks, the fact of someone like jamie dimon. just to give you a sense of how big -- jpmorgan chase is 45% bigger than it was before the financial crisis. it's assets alone are 50% of the entire u.s. economy. it's the fear that it could be a lot bigger than's much more significant and that is raising all of these, it seems very fwar calls for better and stronger regulation. but in terms of size of jpmorgan, frightenly, it's not that big. >> tell us why you're here today and tomorrow. >> i had an obsession with the supercommittee and i have been heart broken that it wouldn't fail. but i'm here for a fiscal -- talking about the fiscal crisis
1:47 pm
facing this country and hopefully to bring people together to try to get this done. because by the end of the year, we're all going off a cliff. government studies run amok. jack cafferty is standing by with your e-mail. also we'll show you what happened when biden met bush, will ferrell returning to "snl." so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies
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will ferrell returns to nbc "saturday night live," reprising his famous impersonation of george w. bush. take a look at this. >> i'm just so sick of the way presidents are always riding me. i mean i'm an adult. >> hey, hey, i've been there. i used to catch grief all the time for president cheney. i would be in the oval office hooking up the slurpee machine
1:51 pm
and-he would come in and say get your pants on, we're about to bomb, blah, blah, blah. whatever happened to being a kid? >> it isn't fair. >> well, mission accomplished. >> what's that supposed to say. >> well, mission accomplished. >> what's that mean? >> it's what i say when a problem isn't solved, but i don't want to talk about it anymore. >> question this hour, what does it mean when the government's issues a study of a study about studies. dale in massachusetts, something's making a bundle on all the studies, even if it's just the paper supplier, with
1:52 pm
the do-nothing politics and political system studying is all they can agree on and accomplish. studying doesn't get you in trouble with your base, whoever they might be at the moment. anne says it reminds me of a dog chasing its tail, but this time it isn't funny. money's being spent in a pointless exercise. susan in ohio. those who can do, do. those who can't do, study. rich in florida, despite a whole lot of studying, looks like nothing actually gets learned. what we probably need to do is study before we can actually be sure about this. the problem with all of this is that investigating does nothing to correct the problem. for each investigation it conducts it finds -- abbott and costello used to do a similar thing, it's called "who's on
1:53 pm
first." why not do a study of study of studies. and dave writes, it must be coming from the department of redundancy department. go to my blog, finish up that study, mission accomplished. >> it's not silly at all. these studies waste a ton, a ton. some of them are good. >> you have to do a certain a lot of this, but they do get carried away in d.c. coming up at the top of the hour, cnn's anderson cooper, he's on the border of syria and turkey, tens of thousands of people have fled what's going on in syria, fleeing for their lives, we're also going to speak with anderson. how one town is cracking down on texting while walking. ♪ ♪
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most people know the dangers of texting and driving, now one new jersey town is trying to make the same point about texting and walking. mary snow is joining us once again with details. what's going on here, mary? >> reporter: the town of portly, new jersey is now punishing people for something all of us do every day and that's jaywalk. the police chief said he decided to step up enforcement to make pedestrians take notice and it's drawing a lot of attention. when 24 video of a woman in a pennsylvania mall went viral, she may not have realizeded it would serve as a constant reminder of just how distracting walking and texting can be. and this man who became so engrossed in his smart phone that he almost had an encounter
1:58 pm
with a 400-pound bear. >> people aren't being alert, they're walking with their cell phones, not watching where they're going. they're texting. >> reporter: portly police chief thomas rapoli says he has seen a rise in accidents involving pedestrians including two fatal ones this year. while he can't say how many involve smart phones, he says they're the main culprit. to try to force people to awpay attention. he's enforcing a ban on jay walking. so far 120 tickets have been given out. >> do you find it extreme? >> i feel that my job is to keep everyone safe and that at this time, i feel i'm doing the right thing and we're doing the right thing. >> reporter: the stepped up enforcement is sparking a lot of reaction, some question the use of police officers' time. >> it's foolish, it's
1:59 pm
unbelievable, that's worse than a parking ticket, $54? unbelievable. >> reporter: but some drivers say the jay walking ban is a good idea. >> people are constantly texting and not paying attention to what's going on the street. it's nerve-racking when you see somebody walking across the road without looking. >> ouch. $54. i won't do it again, that's for sure, i'm not taking the chance. >> reporter: and technically jay walking was never allowed in ft. lee like it isn't in many towns and cityings, it's just that a few months ago the police chief started enforcing the ban with a fine. >> if you're walking down the street and you're texting, it's okay, only if you're jay
2:00 pm
walking? vrmgts and here in "the situation room," happening now, syrian refugees tell people they feel foresaken by the world. "a.c. 360's" anderson cooper is inside syria right now and hearing horror stories about slaughter and oppression. and fishermen on a stranded boat wave for help, but a nearby ship never stops, now the sole survivor is suing, saying a popular cruise line let his companions die. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room."
2:01 pm
we begin with new report today of appalling violence and deaths in syria. you see the videos on the news or on youtube, but it doesn't necessarily tell the full story of a desperate uprising against a brutal regime and it's a story that needs to be told. so cnn is taking you as close as possible to the front lines, to the refugee camps along the syrian border where tens of thousands of people have run for their lives, now they're sharing their stories. anderson cooper is joining us now from the syria-turkey border. anderson, what have you seen so far that has really surprised you, because we know you have been reporting on the syria story now for more than a year. >> it's one thing to report on it from a distance, it's another thing to learn about the
2:02 pm
atrocities that they have witnessed. in those refugee camps there's some 23,000 living an the syrian border, but i don't know anybody who has not lost a loved one and it's a question of how many people have you lost? you meet one person who has lost one son, and in the next tent they have lost two sons and another son has been arrested and they're not sure if that person is alive or dead. so the very personal nature of this conflict, and overwhelmingly the refugees are sunni muslims who -- who is favorite -- even though the sunnis are the majority population. but the other thing that really impresses you and i think that something that process for jami told me about is just the attempt to maintain dignity and the attempt to maintain dignity. they offer you tea and they offer you coffee, they try to
2:03 pm
carry on normal lives. but these are people whose lives are destroyed and whose lives are now in limbo. >> are they upbeat? are they oppressed? >> you have to realize in these camps, they are bril lliant leaders of the world situation, because they're unillusioned. because there's a camera with us, i came around with a note pad, i was on my own. this is very different, these people are drawn to the camera. on the one hand, they're tired of the journalists, they're tired of people visiting them, they don't think rescue is coming. but nevertheless, the camera is there, and they want to tell you of their grief, are they disillusioned? absolutely. are they disappointed in more than power? because they know the u.s. could change the balance of power on
2:04 pm
the ground. i think what you learn is what you see is that these people understand that they're on their own and when someone with limited education says we have been foresaken by the world. and they continue to believe, they continue to hope that if people see what they have gone through, if people hear their stories and their grief, then maybe the world will learn. >> anderson, have you seen any indication that these refugees are themselves ready to take up arms and go back into syria and start fighting. >> reporter: that has been happening, the turkish refugees, they don't even call them refugees, they call them guests. so you do have young pen who are in these camps for a time, they rest up and then they go back into syria, they fight with various groups, that most likely
2:05 pm
the free syrian army and then they come back and try to kind of regroup. there's no doubt that that that is already happening and will continue to happen. the thing that they say to you, and we come across people who -- just today i talked to a man who had just been back to his hometown with the free syrian army. they're stunned at what little attention their plight has gotten and kind of the hollow promises, they have heard about support from qatar and from saudi arabia, but they haven't seen that on the ground. they question you about where is the world? why are people watching this happen? and it's not as if -- and one of the things they say to you is, it's not as if the world doesn't know what is happening, we have all been watching this now in slow motion and sometimes in very fast motion for the last 14, 15 months, we have seen videos when reporters haven't been allowed in that have been
2:06 pm
uploaded into to youtube where protesters have been shot for rasing up their voices and they know the rest of the world is seeing this. >> i know you speak to the refugees and you speak to them in arabic, you might just mention, it's not just the united states, the united states not necessarily the major problem, you have russia and china threatening to use their vito power to block any resolution to authorize any use of force a no fly zone or a new drive zone, do you understand that it's russia and china that's standing in the way of that kind of action in libya? >> i think they understand that, but they think it's irrelevant. and they are absolutely right. they understand if nato decides to intervene, then the balance of force on the ground will change. and they understand that the syrian army is a joke.
2:07 pm
people tell you that it's an army in slippers. that this army would collapsive nato was to come to the rescue. if airpower was to be used. they know president obama is facing a re-election campaign. they know his priorities they don't think he's a friend of theirs. the time, the anxiety, the question has to do, will nato come and with a kind of growing conviction that the cavalry is not coming. >> anderson, we know you're going to be reporting live at 8:00 p.m. eastern, we'll look forward to your reports on the border between syria and turkey. thanks very much, guys, be careful over there. here in the united states, a rocky day on wall street t dow plummeting 125 points.
2:08 pm
jack cafferty is joining us now with "the cafferty file." jack? >> jpmorgan's $2 billion trading loss highlights what could be a huge wall street problem for president obama as he campaigns for a second term. nearly four years after the financial crisis, very little appears to have changed on wall street. these guys continue to play fast and loose with whatever rules there are. jamie dimon was on "meet the press" yesterday. dimon already acknowledges that it was massive bets placed on credit for credit swaps. in other words what happened to jpmorgan, one of the largest banks in the world was one of
2:09 pm
the things that president obama law was supposed to stop but it has not. they can paint milt romney as a big business guy who would -- ask how could this happen again? light of the mess at jpmorgan, it will be nearly impossible for obama to run as a president who got tough on wall street. critics say the white house should have pushed for stronger legislation and that financial reform -- the president had a clans to bring real reform to wall street in 2008 since there was such intense anger back then. president obama pushed for the toughest financial reform law that he could get through the n congress. the question is this, how big is president obama's wall street problem? >> go to nrks nrks dc.
2:10 pm
>> he's still getting some money from some of these big guys on wall street. >> and the hypocrisy of all of it is saying they've got to regulate wall street and then they go to wall street with their hand out, it's a joke. >> it's not the firsts time it's happened and won't be the last. the obama campaign is refining an attack on mitt romney and the issue of job creation. and one picture may be exposing iran's nuclear secrets. president obama's point man on iran at the nsc. and a cruise ship passes by a stranded fishing boat, was it an oversight or a deadly act of negligence. all of these friends swapped their imports for a ford.
2:11 pm
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2:14 pm
let's bring in our national political corporate jim acosta who's got more. it sounds familiar, this latest line of attack. >> it sounds familiar because it is familiar, wolf. it was only a matter of time before the obama campaign brought up bain capital in their race against mitt romney. not only does republican rivals use this issue during the primaries every time mitt romney has run for office, he has had to defend himself and his time with this company. >> we see mitt romney as a job destroyer. >> it's the chapter in mitt romney's life he's never fully closed. his time at the investment firm he founded bain capital. >> they're like a vampire. they came in and sucked the life out of us. >> reporter: the romney campaign called foul. obama campaign officials argued
2:15 pm
it's fair game. >> he says this in motion, it was his structure that was put in place. >> reporter: romney has been down this road before, back in the primaries a pro newt gingrich superpac released an attack ad called king of bain. >> he says he's for small business, he's not. >> you're going to be on the hit list. i think it's exploitive, i think it's not -- >> there is a very big difference between a venture capitalist and a vulture capitalist. >> i think any time a job is lost, it's a tragedy. >> reporter: they are attacks he's fought since his 1994 senate race against ted kennedy. >> the cynical old style politics prove he's been in washington too long.
2:16 pm
>> reporter: hours after the obama bain ad appeared there was a -- >> sdi almost never got started when others shied away, mitt romney's private sector leadership team stepped. >> reporter: republicans accuse the president of hypocrisy, and when a current top bain manager jonathan lavigne is a big obama donor. >> that's why today, i'm pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by my first term in office. >> the web and conference call noted the debt rise under the obama white house. >> and romney will hammer the president on the deficit once again. that listen tomorrow. as for bain, the romney campaign
2:17 pm
is careful not to use the word bain. >> ron paul t republican presidential candidate, the only one besides romney still in the race. he issued a statement saying he's no longer going to use any resources to campaign in state where is there are still primaries. >> and this is not a big surprise, he's been dialing down his campaign in recent weeks. but what is interesting about that statement, wolf, is he's still talking about having a presence at these state republican party -- he's still making a play for delegates because he wants to have a strong voice at the republican convention later this summer, not ovm only because we hapts to have that voice this summer, but that he may run again in 2016. or to set the table for rand paul who a lot of people say may run as well. >> that's more likely given ron paul's age. by our account right now, romney
2:18 pm
has 945 delegates, he needs 1,1444, he probably will get that within this month. >> he's very close. >> ron paul by our count has 99 delegates. a desperate man hunt under way for a missing fbi agent believed to be carrying a gun. just ahead the latest on buy he could be on the run. and also this, the most popular baby names for 2011 a in, ava and noah, followed by olivia and jayden. can you tell us which ones made the top three? we're going to tell you here on "the situation room." recently, students from 31 countries took part in a science test. the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place.
2:19 pm
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♪ [music plays] ♪ [music plays]
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2:22 pm
chipotle. man hunt underway for a missing fbi agent. mary snow is monitoring that a and some of the other stories in "the situation room." >> authorities say the man was last seen last thursday suicidal and could be carrying a gun. he's worked on national security type cases including counter terrorism. police say there's no evidence of foul play, but they're concerned for his well-being. a security official says at least 49 decapitated dismembered bodies found strewn along a highway in northern mexico is not an attack against the civilian population. the remains were discovered yesterday not far from a written message appearing to refer to a major drug cartel. the area has become a brutal
2:23 pm
battleground for drug cartels in recent years. the story of a college student battling a flesh eating bacteria in a hospital is -- contracted the bacteria after a fall that severely cut and later infected her calf. she may also lose her fingers. get your pencils ready t most popular baby names for 2011 are in. sophia now leads the pack for the girls, bumping isabella to number two. and jacob tops the list for the 13th year in a row, followed by mason, and in third, always a classic, william. we didn't make the list again this year, wolf. >> i can understand wolf not making the list, but mary? what happened to mary? i thought that was just a great
2:24 pm
name. but no, never makes that list. maybe next year. >> when i grew up, everybody. by the way you're number 112. guess what number wolf is. i would say 115? >> it's not anywhere on the charts at all, not surprised. we're taking a closer look at an image that could be new evidence that iran is working on a nuclear weapons program. stand by for that. also, he's 28 years old today and he's about to get even richer. the facebook founder mark zuckerberg is having a very big week as his company prepares to go public. and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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of our u.s. olympic team. there could be more evidence today that iran may be working on a nuclear weaponings program. it's a drawing of a piece of equipment, a containment chamber that's needed to test nuclear weapons. it's said to come from inside an iranian military site. the image was released by the --
2:28 pm
let's talk about it with the former assistant to president obama, dennis ross. he's now a counselor at the institute for near east policy. you have seen this drawing, what do you make of it? >> i think it is a reflection that has raised. >> in the case of the iaea, they have looked at the iranians and they have looked at this particular site where they believe a chamber has existed for some time. their terms of address is possibly military mentions of the program. they have sought clarification and they haven't been able to get it. this will simply sharpen the level of interest in trying to get answers to that question. >> why would it significant if it is what some fear it is? >> because this is the kind of
2:29 pm
chamber that is used basically to test explosives or ignition devices that is used only for war, it's for creating warheads. >> so no peaceful purpose for this design or this piece of quilt, if in fact it exists. >> there are some people who say it can be used for diamonds, but the truth s this is the kind of system that if you have it, you're using it to test explosives. >> this is not a drawing, it not photo, correct? >> that's correct, although people who in fact -- who know something about these places and these sites including ollie heideman believes this is -- >> there's suspicion that the iranians have been going into these sites cleaning them up ahead of iae, inspectors. >> there's been a lot of
2:30 pm
suspicion, including from the director general of the iaea. he says there's concern that there may be an effort to sanitize these areas. a chamber like this if it had run would like contaminated territory or ground. if the iaea inspectors get to examine this, they may want to take samples. >> because the drawing if you are, came from an official that's involved in this iae monitoring. given the bad intelligence that came from some informant in germany. how concerned should all of us be that maybe this information is bogus as well ". >> given the legacy of iraq, obviously you would have a
2:31 pm
certain degree of skepticism. this is not only one country that's focused on iran. this is the iaea it's the watch dog agency. they have an acute suspicion about this. they have been probing around for a long time seeking answers to questions and they haven't gotten them. iran claims that it has a nuclear program that based only on peacefulness. >> we're not in the position to validate that that's the indication. they want access to these kinds of sites, they want access to people, they want access to documents and they have been basically denied access to all of those. >> later this week, at round of talks will take place in baghdad, the iranians are willing to talk with the iaea and other western diplomats.
2:32 pm
>> two patients is that the specialists are meeting with the iranians this week and then the next round of negotiations will be in baghdad. i don't know that you should identify the next meeting as the make or break point for this, but you should look at it as a point at which discussions begin to get focused on the real substance of the issues, if they're confidence building measures, you need to take a hard look at defining those. if these are going to be serious negotiations, they should be ongoing. they shouldn't be just once a month. we have new information about who will take the stand now that john edwards' lawyers have begun presenting their side of the story, their case. and a popular cruise line sued by a boater who says he and his companions were ignored by the ship and left to die. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
2:33 pm
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2:36 pm
we have new information coming into "the situation room" about who will testify against former democratic presidential candidate john edwards. let's go to joe johns, he's the scene for us in greensberg, north carolina. what happened today? >> we're hearinging that kate edwards, the daughter of john edwards who's been here throughout the trial may testify here in greensberg as early as tomorrow. also hearing there is no decision yet made on whether john edwards himself will even testify. all of this has we're loalso to,
2:37 pm
this trial could start wrapping up by tend of the week. side stepping all the stories of sex, lies and politics and speculating on whether rielle hunter, edwards mistress could take the stand. the defense quickly tried to refocus the trial on the charges of campaign law violations at the center of the case. the first witness for the defense was laura haggard, a former chief financial officer who was in charge of telling the federal election commission how the campaign got its money and where the money went. haggard said she did not believe hundreds of thousands of dollars from edwards benefactors that was used by his mistress was a campaign contribution. therefore it didn't have to be disclosed to the sec. haggard's testimony was also intended to help edwards out of the sixth and final count of his indictment charging that he
2:38 pm
caused false statements to be filed in the sec reports. haggard took full responsibility for the reports and said edwards never had anything to do with thome. >> a big issue here is whether john edwards had criminal intent. if the chief financial officer did not view these as campaign contributions, a clear inference is that john edwards would have no reason to either. that's a big emphasis for the defense. >> reporter: also on the stand was harris hickman. he said he talked to fred barron, the late trial lawyer who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars helping others, hickman said barron was persnickety about whether he was using the money for edwards person. but he said the money was a gift instead of a campaign donation. but the defense wanted to put a -- judge decided late today that she wasn't going to allow most of that system.
2:39 pm
so it was a step forward for the defense today, also a step backward. >> we'll see if it wraps up by tend of the week. thank you very much for that, joe johns on the scene. facebook goes public with its stock this week and investors are clam boring to get in on the action. mark zuckerberg is about to get even richer and he's only 28 years old. today is his birthday, by the way. dan simon is taking an in-depth look at the young man who helped change the way the world communicates. >> gosh, okay. i'm glad this isn't live. >> reporter: it was about 2006, a nervous and camera shy mark zuckerberg. i'm sorry k i start that a different way? i'm like so not on today. >> mark, can you just say your name and pronounce it so nobody
2:40 pm
messes it off? >> it's mark zuckerberg. >> how would you like to be identified? your title? >> founder and ceo. >> reporter: outside silicon valley, our interviewer had to ask the most basic of questions. >> how did you start the company. >> it didn't start as a company, i was a sophomore at harvard. i have never really been asked how the company was started before. >> reporter: how did face book start? >> i'm a little embarrassed. you would think that i would have been asked that like a ton of times. >> reporter: speaking wise, he may have been rough around the edges, but even then, it was clear zuckerberg had a laser like focus on what he wanted facebook to become. >> it helps you understand about
2:41 pm
the people around you and once you understand, you can connect with all these people. >>like steve jobs before him. zuckerberg is one of those rare ceos who's pioneering accomplishments, name and persona make him an especially compelling figure. >> in private, i think mark is a pretty engaging fellow, funny, who's got a lot of friends. >> the author of "the facebook effect". >> he's much more relaxed in private than he is in public. to this day, i don't think he would like to be as public a figure he is. >> reporter: do you see facebook as your dream job or a steppingstone to something zble. >> its definitely not a steppingstone. i don't necessarily think about
2:42 pm
what my dream job would be, but this is pretty cool. i get to build what i want. >> notice the newspapers on the desk. it was only six years ago, but this preiphone and ipad. but one thing that hasn't really changed, zuckerberg's asire, t-shirt anding sandals, also unchanged and most important. hi, i'm mark zuckerberg, founder of face book. >> using technology to connect people to their friends. >> i'm not building a company for the sake of building a company because i think it's a good way to make a lot of money. i think that the philosophy that this company has is that you solve an important problem and then you have is ability to have a good business, but the basis of all that is solving an important problem. and there's solve so much interest right now on facebook stock that the firm reportedly plans to stop taking -- facebook
2:43 pm
is on track to start trading publicly on friday, offering shares at $28 to $35 each and that puts the company's market value at an historic level, just shy of $100 billion. three fishermen stranded at sea, december -- one woman's huge life changing moment, we're not just talking about her college graduation, it's what happened after she got her diploma. it's really cool looking. what about fuel-effiency? amazing. i think it gets up to like 40 miles per gallon. kinda cool when the needle never moves. my turn. active park assist... oh, my gosh! when you want to find a gas station, it tells you how much gas is. i didn't even know that. it's the swap your ride sales event. get a focus with up to $1500 cash back and voice-activated sync at no extra charge. are you gonna just keep the one for the rest of your lives? no, i think we should all get our own.
2:44 pm
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2:46 pm
three fishermen strand at sea pleadi ining for help from passing cruise ship and allegedly ignored. now the only survivor is taking matter into his own hands. >> a lawsuit was filed on his behalf just a few days ago. this complaint says princess cruises displayed a callous disregard for human life. and they've got at least two passengers from that cruz ship to back up their case. >> this is what the passengers saw, a disabled fishing boat
2:47 pm
adrift on the pacific ocean. one of the passengers who spotted it, judy meredith described what a man on the stranding boat was doing. >> i could see him doing this with his shirt. over and over and over. >> reporter: meredith and at least one other passenger mark gilligan took this photo say they immediately notified a krup member on the star princess cruise ship. they say the crewmember visually -- >> the feeling of powerlessness because we would have liked to approximate somehow gone over there and rescued them. >> the three people on that disabled boat were growing more desperate by the moment. one of them, adrian vasquez is now suing princess cruises for neglect. it was a really big boat, it was white and had the name in red. >> vasquez was on the disabled
2:48 pm
fishing boat with two companions, his complaint against princess cruise lines says after they were spotted by the cruise ship passengers, one of his companions, a 16-year-old having lost all hope died that very same day. the complaint says the other companion dieded five days later. vasquez who had set out from panama on february 24th was rescued by another fishing boat near the islands. contacted by cnn, princess cruises issued a statement saying it suspects this was a case of unfortunate natural miscommunication, that after the crewmember was alerted by passengers, regretfully the captain of the star princess was never notified of the passenger's concern and if he had been, he would have had the opportunity to respond. i. >> the princess cruise line spokesman says the captain was
2:49 pm
never notified. what is your concern? >> the fact that the captain was notified, was it a gross negligence on their side. the captain should have been told -- there's a rule in admiralty you must go up your chain of command. >> that attorney robert dickman says he believes the cruise ship may not have stopped, one reason for that maybe because it was scheduled to make a port of all the next day on march 11 and he says if the ship had stopped to help and maybe missed that scheduled docking, it would have lost a lot of money in concessions. a spokeswoman says prince says cruises says that assertion is absolutely false. >> by law, that ship must stop if it's aware offense a disabled ship. >> there's law that ship captains have to render
2:50 pm
assistance to a person in distress as long as it doesn't endanger their own vessel. the contention by the cruise ship line is that the captain had no knowledge of this. >> but someone just below the captain -- >> they could have sent out a little boat and rescued those three individuals very quickly, brought them over to the ship and three people would have been alive instead of just one. >> say that somewhere it got lost and somebody dropped the ball here, and they're holding the cruise ship -- >> sorry, need to make at least a financial statement with this individual and the relatives of those who died? >> that's not clear yet. this lawsuit was just filed and i kept asking them repeatedly what damage they may be seeking and they say it is not determined yet. this is really just getting started. >> i suppose there will be a financial statement, settlement at some point. >> could be. >> a major newspaper calling for cuba to free the jailed american allan gross and the chronicle is picking up on our interview and the response we received from cuban and u.s. officials and they say the
2:51 pm
castro regime deserves credit for letting him use his weekly phone call to contact me but the chronicle editorial goes onto say this about the conviction and 15-year jail sentence. every country has a right to uphold on its sovereignty. havana certainly had a right to sanction gross for miss using a tourist visa to transport laptops and other twices and even still the use of gross as a pawn for the crime of trying to put could you be ans on to the internet shows how truly vulnerable castro's hold on cuba must be. we'll stay on top of this story for you. let's check back with jack cafferty. >> how big is president obama's wall street problem brought into sharp focus last week by the $2 billion in losses sustained by j.p. morgan chase? >> ken in atlantic city writes obama doesn't have a wall street problem. obama is owned by wall street and does exactly what they want. obama has a main street problem.
2:52 pm
where is the hope and change for main street? >> not as big as it should be. wall street knows both parties have been bought and paid for. they're not worried. no one has been charged with a crime in this great meltdown of 2008. the street's only fear is of the future. what will a second term bring? mark in houston, a bigger problem for the republicans than for the president. the stated goal of the republican party is to limit president obama to one term. in doing so they have zero concern about doing what was needed to prevent the j.p. morgan mess. charles in michigan writes wall street isn't the president's problem. it is the nation's problem. until banking, insurance and investment companies are totally separated and regulated, the same shady practices will continue. this will eventually destroy the country. greg in washington says huge, jack, i won't vote for him or any other democrat this fall. they had a unique opportunity to enact meaningful regulation to
2:53 pm
reign in these big banks and financial institutions and stem the bitter anger that resulted from the crisis. i have thrown in the towel. paul in hawaii, maybe, jack, you should make up your mind. if the banks make $2 billion, the liberals say the banks -- losing too much money and need to be regulated by the government. if you want to read more, go to the blog, file or the poll on the facebook page. >> jack, thank you. a college graduation turns into much more than a life changing moment for one woman. up next, you won't want to miss the huge surprise she got only seconds after getting her diploma. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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just coming into "the situation room," uganda says it captured a top lieutenant from african warlord joseph kony's army and the white house is congratulating uganda on the capture and calling for other members of coney's haerm to surrender. let me read a line of the white house statement, the united states joebs regional governments and the african union in calling on abducties and remaining members of the lra, the lord's resistance army, to depart the ranks of the lra and peacefully surrender. he was made infamous by the popular video coney 2012.
2:58 pm
huge life changing moments don't come around every day let alone on the same day. for one woman they did. both occurred almost at the same time. here is jeanie moos. >> congratulations, sara, you're about to graduate. congratulations, you're also about to get engaged. note the guy intercepting her. >> i have a question. >> her look said what are you doing here, and the only thing i could come up is i have a question for you. >> i nodded my head because i don't think any words were coming out of my mouth. >> you might as well brace for a lot of kissing. sara cooper was graduating from american university, planning to become a social studies teacher. her boyfriend of four years, sam miller, graduated with a degr degree -->> members of both
2:59 pm
families were on the conspiracy, but it was jaw dropping for some who weren't. sara had warned sam against pulling something like this. >> don't do it in front of anybody, please, like i am not a major attention person, like that's more him. >> you were a great sport. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> i got a ring out of it. >> they will probably wait two years to get married but they weren't waiting to smooch. >> those were the best three kisses of my entire life. >> he always says he has to steal kisses from me. >> she never