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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 15, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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battles going on in marriage equality, the actual governor cuomo's bill that passed new york by legislature, you can get his copy of it for yourself. that's a boring one but i thought it was cool. >> i'm bidding on woody. he tried to put coffee with us on the list. >> wouldn't make a darn thing. >> thanks to our panel. i hope you join us tomorrow morning. new york giants quarterback and superbowl mvp eli manning on the show and actress madeleine stowe. carol, good morning. >> good morning, brooke. thank you. happening now in the "newsroom," terror on the highway. someone posing as a police officer is pulling drivers over and shooting them dead. mississippi asking for your help to catch a killer. looking for isabel.
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the search continues for a missing girl. >> please get somebody over here. >> the 911 tape and father's calm call to police. the high profile search intensifying. plus this -- >> jpmorgan is one of the best managed banks there is. jamie dimon, the head of it, is one of the smartest bankers we got. >> president obama going on "the view" stressing why it's important for wall street to clean itself up. this hour shareholders are getting together in tampa. will they fire their dimon? >> busted at the gate. a security guard at the new york airport accused of using a dead man's identity for the last 20 years. he had access to secure areas, supervised 30 guards and could walk scot-free through metal detectors. "newsroom" begins right now.
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good morning to you. i'm carol costello. we begin this morning in mississippi where there's a killer preying on motorists and even more startling, police believe the shooter may be posing as a cop. it's a chilling theory to explain the killings both within the last week and on desolate stretches of highways 50 miles apart. both cars parked on the side of the road. one victim was behind the wheel and the other beside her vehicle. investigators think they may have been pulled over and unaware of any danger. martin savidge is here to tell us more. do they know this killer is posing as a police officer or is that just an educated guess? >> it's an educated guess because at this point there are no witnesses and nobody saw or nobody lived to tell authorities exactly what happened here. you point out that there was one person behind the wheel and one person outside of their vehicle. that's a chilling thing. that might suggest at the very last second these people realized it wasn't law enforcement. let me explain how all of this happened. it was last week. it was may 8th was the first
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victim. it was around 1:30 in the morning on a dark desolate highway in northwestern mississippi. a 74-year-old man shot and died behind the wheel. three days later, you got now a woman, 48 years, local this woman. and she was shot and killed outside of her vehicle. now what do these events have in common? both of them happened to be driving down a dark mississippi highway. and this is what authorities can't quite figure out. is it one shooter, is it more than one shooter, they do believe that the shootings are linked. they don't know if it was done exactly by the same suspect. that's why they fear it could be somebody posing as a police officer because in both cases the vehicles pulled to the side of the road. cars seemed to work fine. the only explanation appears to be it's the law behind me, i better pull over. >> what are police asking drivers to do? if i drive down the road and cop has the siren on behind me, i think twice about stopping.
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>> this is the odd advice that mississippi authorities are giving. you can understand it. what they say is if you are driving down a highway late at night and you see blue flashes behind you. call the cops while at the same time turning on your own flashers and at a safe speed pulling into an area that's well illuminated with lots of people around you. call the authorities to make sure it truly is a police officer behind you. if it's not, it alerts authorities that they have a problem and exactly where you are. >> martin savidge, thanks so much. in the next hour, the man in charge of jpmorgan chase faces his bosses. the shareholders who own his company stock. jamie dimon to makes $23 million a year will be greeted by a tough audience with tough questions. how did his bank lose $2 billion in risky investments in just a matter of weeks. it's not just the shareholders who want answers. last hour we heard from a member of the senate banking committee. even he's not sure that jpmorgan did anything improper. >> it's my belief that candidly
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these trades are the kind of trades that may well be okay per the volcker rule that was passed. i don't think any of us know that. you have seen the regulators backing off saying this is a very complex situation. they don't even know. i just think it's important for us as a nation and a nation that's gone through the crisis we've gone through to understand what is legitimate, what isn't legitimate. >> cnn's poppy harlow is outside of the shareholder meeting taking place in tampa, florida. does jamie dimon know if this trade violated the volcker rule? >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. jamie said he does not believe that this even would have violated the volcker rule which isn't in effect. it's still being written. because it is a "economic hedge." what does that mean? he means and bank believes they were offsetting risks in other parts of the bank by making this big bet. that is what bank lobbyists have
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pushed for to be included in the volcker rule. we'll see if it ends up in final rule when it's written. i will tell you i spoke with shareholder who was just walking into the meeting, i asked him what are you going to ask? what is important to you? is this $2 billion loss going to consume the meeting? he said it will but probably shouldn't. we're talking about a $2 trillion bank here. this is a $2 billion loss. he's right. the biggest bank in america. at the same time, he said, the only thing that bothers me is it allows washington to open their mouths again inferring there's too much regulation. the president came out this week on "the view" saying this is another example of why we need wall street reform. ev >> that throws off my last question. one top level executive's head already rolled. she was fired because of this risky trade. i guess jamie dimon's job is safe then? >> reporter: that is what analysts are telling me.
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they are going to vote in this meeting on whether or not jamie should hold both the ceo and the chairman slots. some believe that no one should hold both of those roles in a big publicly traded company especially a company as big as this. the question came up because of this loss, is this bank too big to manage? the president has even said jamie is one of the smartest bankers on wall street. he has proven himself to be top of his class when it comes to risk management. now this obviously knocks that a little bit. but from what i heard, i spoke with a banking analyst well known who covers jpmorgan last night and he says if there were another big bank not performing as well as jpmorgan, then that ceo's job might be in trouble but he does not believe that jamie's job is in jeopardy. to give you facts, this company will make money this quarter. they're going to likely make money billions and billions, tens of billions of dollars this year. it's a big loss but they're still really outperforming their peers, carol. >> they made $19 billion last
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year. i guess they can absorb the loss. poppy harlow live in tampa, we'll get back to you. also this morning, the phone hacking scandal in great britain snags a top exec. british prosecutors charged rebekah brooks with trying to obstruct an investigation. she was a friend of britain's last three prime ministers. an arizona father calmly tells police his 6-year-old daughter has gone missing. listen to the just released 911 tapes. >> i need to report a missing child. i believe she was abducted from my house. >> how old? >> six years old. >> is it your daughter? >> yes. >> why do you think she was abducted? >> i went to wake her up for her baseball game and she's gone. we looked everywhere in the house. my oldest son noticed that her window was open and the screen was in the backyard. >> you heard the story about
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isabel celis. the girl's father has been told to stay away from his two sons as part of an agreement with child protective services. police are also saying don't read too much into that decision. in southern california, the sun is just coming up and search for a missing fbi agent enters a fifth day. the search now scaled back in the mountains after a team of 50 agents failed to turn up any new signs of stephen ivens. ivens specialized in counterterrorism cases. a new federal report is shedding light on security breaches at some of our nation's major airports that shows almost half go unreported. so today the house homeland security committee is holding a hearing to find out why. newark liberty international has been particularly singled out. the report shows it had four big breaches last year. here are some of them. a dead dog leaded on a departing flight without screening for
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explosives or disease. a carry-on bag containing a knife bypassing tsa screening and passenger who was not screened properly before entering the sterile area. the report says tsa does not provide the necessary guidance and oversight to ensure that all breaches are consistently reported, tracked and corrected. the tsa says they are working to correct the problems. an even more disturbing story about newark's liberty airport this morning. a man accused of using a dead man's identity for the last 20 years. here is more on the man taken into custody. >> reporter: at newark airport, this man is known as jerry thomas and for nearly 20 years he guarded some of the most secure areas of the nation's busiest airport. he was arrested after authorities discovered he's an illegal nigerian immigrant with four other alienses who entered the country in 1989.
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in this case the defendant utilized a scheme of identity theft to defraud his employer, the state of new jersey, the federal government and the port authority, said port authority inspector general robert van etten. he got the birth certificate and social security number of a man murdered in queens in 1992. he used them to get a new jersey driver's license, a new jersey security guard license, airport i.d., even credit cards. amazingly, they worked security at newark including access to the tarmac and passenger planes without ever being detected. at the time of his arrest, he supervised 30 other guards. passengers were stunned. >> oh my god is all i can say. where was the breakdown? >> it's not what is supposed to happen. >> it's terrible. shouldn't be like that. >> i'm stunned. you hear things and you can't believe this kind of thing happens particularly at a major metropolitan airport like this. >> it's a very scary thing. >> you can't trust anybody anymore. >> reporter: authorities are
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also investigating if the nigerian, one of his aliases warnings bimbo, was involved in criminal activity at the airport. >> speaking of the tsa, the former secretary of state henry kissinger is the latest in a series of high profile figures to get patted down by the tsa. "the washington post" says a freelance reporter who witnessed the incident says the 88-year-old kissinger was subjected to the "full monty" at new york's laguardia last friday. while invasive pat-downs have come under fire, senator dianne feinstein who has had her own hands-on experience with screener told fox news on sunday, pat-downs might be the best way to detect a nonmetallic bond like in the case of last month. >> i think the pat-down probably is better than the magnetometer. i think americans have to understand this particular kind of explosive, nonmetallic, is
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not easily detectible. that's one of the reasons why he wore it in his underwear so he couldn't be patted down sufficiently to detect it. and that's a problem. and that's something that tsa has to grapple with. >> senator feinstein was referring to the man doubled the underwear bomber. he's currently serving a life sentence for trying to bring down a u.s. airliner on christmas day of 2009. compelling testimony may be on tap today in the john edwards corruption trial. it's expecting his daughter will take the stand. every communications provider is different but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company. ♪
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>> it's 16 minutes past the hour. we begin in mississippi where police are looking for a killer who may be posing as a cop. two people have been found dead in the last week. both on desolate stretches of highway about 55 miles apart. investigators say they may have been pulled over thinking they were not in any danger. greece's president calling a
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meeting with leaders of the three main political parties to create a unity government. he's expected to pitch the idea of a government run by technocrats. two russians an and american are on the way to the international space station. the spacecraft blasted off today after more than a month of delays. crews fixed a problem with the capsule's hull. for the edwards' corruption trial. we don't know if the former presidential candidate will take the stand in his own defense but we know his older daughter, cate, will testify and that could be as early as today. >> reporter: the defense in the john edwards' trial said they could wrap up their case by the end of the week, as early as today we could see cate edwards taking the stand. it could go a long way to let the jury in on the extent of the
6:18 am
family drama in the case and personalize her father because the jury heard sorted details about his affair with rielle hunter during the course of the trial and likely that cate edwards would have information about what elizabeth edwards was saying regarding john edwards' affair. but there could be at least a couple other witnesses before cate takes the stand including wade smith, a longtime friend of john edwards and a lawyer in north carolina. the defense may also call a former chairman of the federal election commission, scott thomas, to the stand. thomas was supposed to testify on his misgivings about the case against edwards but the judge balked at ledding the jury hear some of his most important testimony. the defense left open the possibility that john edwards himself could take the stand. no word on when that decision might be made. carol? >> joe johns reporting. france made history today and it wasn't with the new president's inauguration. a political journalist gets a
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. yet this morning, who is to blame for the jpmorgan chase banking fiasco? if you think the $2 billion loss of jpmorgan chase won't effect you, think again. stocks tanked on the news. jpmorgan chase's jamie dimon is a credible voice in the banking industry. in 2008, dimon didn't want to take t.a.r.p. money and his bank weathered the crash better than most. they spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying congress in part against the dodd-frank financial reform bill. now dimon says he didn't know about the $2 billion losing trade and that's a red flag according to sheila bair. >> this is still a very serious issue. i think it does underscore that even with good management, these institutions are just too big to manage. and especially when they deal with complex derivative
6:23 am
instruments trying to hedge risk in very large securities trading books. even the best of managers can stumble. >> what should or can we do if banks are too big to fail. on "the view," president obama mentioned jpmorgan chase as a cautionary trail. >> this is why we passed wall street reform. this is one of the best managed banks. you could have a bank that isn't as strong, isn't as profitable, making those same bets and we might have had to step in. and that's exactly why wall street reform is so important. >> does that mean if nothing changes the possibility of another bailout? as for dodd-frank, good luck with that. on the books for two years and only part of it has been enacted. the talk back question for you today, who is to blame for the jpmorgan chase banking fiasco? i'll read comments later this morning.
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it's official. francois hollande is the president of france. the country's first socialist president in 17 years wasting no time getting to work by heading to berlin to discuss the eurozone debt crisis with angela merkel. technically it's president hollande's day, eyes or on his unmarried girlfriend. she has three teenagers and says she'll keep her day job. zain verjee is live in london. how very french. >> my god she's unmarried and going to be part of the presidential couple. what is the world coming to and in france? she's decided that she doesn't care. she wants to be a working mom. she wants to continue a job as a journalist.
6:25 am
she works for this very gloss y french magazine that's a celebrity magazine called "paris match" and tv presenter and now the first lady of france. this is the very first time that you have a couple in the presidential palace and in that role that are not man and wife legally. she doesn't care. she's a divorced mom of three. she wants to continue doing her job and wants a lower profile than what carla bruni had before and seen by people in france as bold. she speaks her mind. she's politically engaged. she kicked one socialist politician out of a party because she didn't like him and he wasn't very friendly during the campaign. so she's seen as an independent woman and she says she's going to stick to her job so we'll see whether french people like her or not. she has a down to earth image. doesn't dress sort of social but down to earth french. >> i'm wondering, what's carlie
6:26 am
bruni up to today? >> she's decided, you know what? even though her husband decided that he's now leaving politics entirely, she's going to start her showbiz career kicking it off by singing new tunes and put together an album and her agent says she wants to release one soon around the fall. we can look out for hits from bruni soon. it's not first lady, first singer. >> mr. sarkozy will be a stay at home dad? >> part of the backup band if he wants to be in the limelight. >> zain verjee, thanks. the head of jpmorgan chase getting ready to face shareholde shareholders. will he had call for him to step down after the $2 billion gamble went south? [ female announcer ] e-trade was founded on the simple belief
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hour. good morning to you. i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom." in mississippi police are looking for a killer who may be posing as a cop. two people have been found dead in the last week on deserted stretches of highway about 55 miles apart. investigators say they may have been pulled over thinking they were not in any danger. the phone hacking scandal in great britain snag as top exec in rupert murdoch's media empire. brooks was the boss at news international and a friend of britain's last three prime ministers. more women are now paying their ex-husbands alimony and child support than ever before. according to a survey of divorce lawyers. they say it's a reflection of today's society as more women crack the so-called glass ceiling in the workplace and more become the major breadwinners in many families. the fallout over the $2 billion trading loss at jpmorgan chase continues to hit wall
6:31 am
street. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. are things looking down again? >> jpmorgan shares are looking up seeing a u-turn up more than 1%. that's normal after we see the shares really drop over the past five days. jpmorgan shares plunged 9% on friday as soon as news of the trading loss broke and fell another 3% yesterday. we watched other bank shares get hit hard too including morgan stanley, goldman sachs and bank of america. there are concerns as this trading mess continues to unfold, carol. wall street is worried other banks could be making these risky bets too. you'll see this continue to weigh on the markets. carol? >> alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange. let's talk about jpmorgan chase and its powerful ceo jamie dimon. dimon will eat crow and tell shareholders he's sorry that he didn't know his people made a
6:32 am
bad bet with credit derivatives. that may calm down shareholders who are less rich today. if big banks in america make these risky bets, with he already know what can happen. >> this is why we passed wall street reform. this is the best or one of the best managed banks. you could have a bank not as strong or profitable making the same bets and we may have had to step in. that's exactly why wall street reform is so important. >> steven moore is senior economics writer where "wall street journal" editorial board. is president obama right? if jpmorgan wasn't as strong would taxpayers bail it out? >> if wall street reforms that congress had passed were working, this kind of tragedy wouldn't have happened for investors. it's interesting to look at jpmorgan over the last three or four years.
6:33 am
jpmorgan has been one of the highest return stocks and banks of the big banks. just to look at a $2 billion, that's a lot of money to lose no question about it, but jpmorgan has been a high performing bank stock. i'm worried that repercussions of this will be a rush to add more regulations on banks and i'm not sure that's what's needed right now. we have four or five oversight agencies that regulate banks everything from fdic to the fed to treasury department to s.e.c. and on and on. >> i think one of the more disturbing things about this is jamie dimon didn't know about this trade. he's the boss. does that mean his bank is too big? why didn't he know? >> good question. we don't know the answer to that. you can make the argument that he should have known about these big trades and didn't. the question is if we have more federal regulations with this kind of thing be prevented? i'm not sure it would.
6:34 am
why do we think federal regulators would have a better sense of what trades make sense and don't than the people actually making trades at these banks. one thing that's important for people to understand, you can't look at the bad trades that banks made. as i mention, this stock has done very well over the last three or four years. jamie dimon made billions of dollars for investors. it's almost like saying -- >> bad trades like that that brought on that nasty recession we went through and no american wants that to happen again. you have to ask yourself, jpmorgan chase is a profitable bank. made $19 billion last year. they can absorb this. not every bank can. and frankly we don't know how many other banks out there are making transactions exactly like this. >> there's a big question now about whether banks are too big to fail as you know that's the big debate in washington right now. i am not there yet. one of the problems with big bailout that we did three or four years ago when we passed the t.a.r.p. program, there's a
6:35 am
perception in the market that when banks get really big like jpmorgan, that taxpayers will have to step in and bail them out. i object to that as a conservative. i think if banks made bad decisions, carol, as in this instance with jpmorgan, the people who should loose ase are investors and not taxpayers. we created this taxpayer safety net for banks which i think is counterproductive. >> let's talk about banks too big to fail. who will make banks smaller and how can that happen? i'm sure jamie dimon is saying i really want my bank to shrink because this will prevent it from happening again. >> it wouldn't prevent it from happening but it means banks wouldn't be able to lose so much money because they would be smaller. my problem with too big to fail doctrine is just because a bank is big, and by the way by definition it's big and been financially successful to emass those assets, doesn't mean that
6:36 am
it's bad or that it is somehow counterproductive for financial markets. i think this idea that just because a bank has a lot of assets and has been successful that it has to be broken up. i have real qualms about that. >> so nothing can be done? regulations won't help? making the banks smaller won't help? what can be done? >> businesses are going to make bad decisions. there's no question about it. they'll make good decisions and bad decisions. i think the important thing here is to make sure that when banks or companies make bad decisions, that the people who bear the cost for that are not taxpayers. that's my main point. we created this culture in washington that every big business that makes a bad decision is going to be bailed out whether it's the mortgage banks or whether it's the big investment banks or auto companies. i just don't think that's a very good free market policy and it puts taxpayers at great risk of huge losses. >> steven moore from "the wall street journal," thanks so much. >> thank you.
6:37 am
>> bret michaels has come a long way since he almost died from a brain hemorrhage in 2010. has his lawsuit with the tony award organizers? he blamed the tony award organizers for that brain hemorrhage. well, we'll tell you what happened to that lawsuit when we come back.
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remember this? when bret michaels took a trip on stage after his tony award performance in 2009? ♪ >> a year after michaels almost
6:41 am
died from a brain hemorrhage he says the accident actually caused his brain injury and he sued. a.j. hammer is host of "showbiz tonight" and is in new york. has the lawsuit been settled finally? >> that's what we're being told although details are being kept quiet for now. at the time the incident left michaels with a busted lip and broken nose but he did sue because he blamed the accident for causing a brain hemorrhage and stroke in 2010. michaels attorney tells "showbiz tonight" they reached a settlement but terms will not be made public. representatives for cbs and tonies confirm the settlement saying they reached an amicable resolution to the suit and not releasing details but most importantly, bret michaels does appear to be in good health and rocking like always these days. >> he does indeed. history channel lost a popular star from "swamp people."
6:42 am
>> he died wednesday in louisiana. if you don't follow the show "swamp people" it's a popular history channel tv series that chronicles the lives of alligator hunters. he was aboard a boat when he appeared to have a seizure. an unidentified man who was in a separate boat towed the boat back to shore and performed cpr. he was rushed to the hospital but not enough to save his life. history channel released a statement. mitchell passed on the wamp doing what he loved. we appreciate your respect for the guist family privacy and send thoughts and prayers to his brother and the rest of the family. as i mentioned, very, very popular show. a lot of fans. sad loss this morning. >> a.j. hammer, thanks. a teenage fisherman says he spent four weeks at sea and a cruise ship passed him and his friends by as they signaled frantically for help.
6:43 am
one of his friends died and now he's suing the cruise line.
6:44 am
6:45 am
45 minutes past the hour. checking top stories now, we begin in mississippi where police are looking for a killer who may be posing as a cop. two people have been found dead in the last week both on desolate stretches of highway. investigators say they may have been pulled over thinking they were not in any danger. john edwards' oldest
6:46 am
daughter may take the stand as early as today in had her father's corruption trial. the chief financial officer for edwards' presidential candidate testified that edwards had nothing to do with reports filed with the elections commission. crews this morning are trying to make headway against five wildfires that have burned nearly 6,000 acres. little relief is expected today. temperatures could reach 106 degrees. so far for homes have been lost but some areas have been evacuated. a teenager adrift at sea for 28 days is now suing princess cruise lines. three passengers on the star princess saw adrien vasquez and his two friends and said they alerted the crew that the boys were in danger. the cruise ship kept going. his friend did not make it. vasquez was rescued a month later about 600 miles away.
6:47 am
brian todd talked to the cruise line passengers. >> reporter: this is what passengers saw. a disabled fishing boat adrift in the pacific ocean. the passengers were on board the star princess, a massive cruise liner had a had come within sight of the boat. one of the passengers who spotted it described what a man on the stranded boat was doing. >> you could see him doing this with his shirt. over and over and over. >> reporter: meredith and one other passenger who took this photo said they immediately notified a crew member on star princess cruise ship. they say that crew member visually confirmed the distressed boat on its own but the cruise ship never stopped. >> the feeling of powerlessness because we would have liked to have somehow gone over there and rescued them. >> reporter: the three people on that disabled boat were growing more desperate by the moment. one of them, adrien vasquez is
6:48 am
suing princess cruise lines for neglect. >> translator: it was a really big boat. it was white and had the name in red. >> reporter: vasquez was on the disabled fishing boat with two friends. one of his companions died that same day. the other companion died five days later. vasquez was rescued by another fishing boat after having been adrift for nearly a month. his lawyers say vazquez survived by drinking rain water and eating rotted fish. princess cruise lines says it was miscommunication that after the crew member was alerted by passengers, the captain of the star princess was never notified of the passenger's concern and if he had been, he would have had the opportunity to respond.
6:49 am
i spoke with an attorney for vazquez. the statement says the captain was never notified. what does that mean as far as you're concerned? >> well, the fact that the captain wasn't notified is an admission of gross negligence on their part. the captain should have been told whatever any crew member was told about this distressed vessel. there's a rule that you must go up your chain of command. >> reporter: robert dickman says one reason the cruise ship didn't stop could be because it was scheduled to make a port of call in costa rica the next day on march 11th and he says if the ship had stopped to help, and maybe missed that scheduled docking, it would have lost a lot of money in concessions. a spokeswoman for princess cruises says that assertion is absolutely false. brian todd, cnn, washington. still ahead, your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, who is to blame for the jpmorgan chase banking fiasco?
6:50 am
i'll read your responses after a break. ahah, , wewelclcomome e toto h . ifif y youou'r're e lolookokinio geget t totogegethther, yoyou u cacameme t to o ththe. bebecacaususe e heherere a at, wewe'r're e ononlyly a abob. fifindndining g yoyou u ththe e isis a allll w we e do. wewelclcomome e toto h hot.
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we asked you to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, who is to blame for the jpmorgan chase banking fiasco? this from butch. we are to blame for the jpmorgan chase fiasco. everyone knew the way they
6:53 am
handled investments and yet they flock to invest with jpmorgan. when are people going to learn? we deserve what he get. from earl, just because there are not rules and regulations to stop someone from doing something doesn't make the rule regulators the one at fault. the people at jpmorgan that approved the transactions are to blame. put the blame where the blame belongs. this from gary, greedy wealthy bankers are to blame. no matter how rich they are, it's never rich enough and they're sure we'll bail them out again. from mark, the representatives in congress are so blame. this is the reason i don't have a 401(k). i got sick and tired of wall street stealing my money. keep the conversation going. it was not a peace of night for metta world peace. jeff fischel is here. at least he's back. >> he's back and sor the bitter feelings between the lakers and the oklahoma city thunder. they met for the first time
6:54 am
since he gave that elbow to james hardin leading to suspension for the lakers' forward. this is what he heard last night. lots of boos. it was the series opener. the oklahoma city fans thundered world peace with boos. kevin durant and russell west brook combined to score 52 points. the thunder beat the lakers in game one. sixers guard evan turner, watch this hoop late against the celtics. oh, it's a great shot. that puts the sixers ahead to stay. philly ice it is with free throws. the final, 82-81. tied a game apiece. game three tomorrow in philadelphia. stanley cup playoffs, new jersey devils, new york rangers. devils go to martin brodeur. the save of the game. the slap shot, and then the open net, no. great stop, stopping mark stall.
6:55 am
brodeur fantastic but not as good as rangers goalie henrik lundqvist. lundqvist shuts out the rangers. new york wins game one 3-0. 19-year-old bryce harper has been turning heads his first month in the majors. the nationals outfielder hit his first major league home run last night. harper didn't just trot around the bases, he ran. and then after getting the okay from teammates he took the curtain call. many baseball players make millions and then there's justin sellers. earning it every day just trying to keep his place on the team. i'd say he earned some security with this catch into the stands. the dodgers beat the dbacks 3 to 1. >> that's impressive. >> a great catch. >> i love those catches. >> earlier in the game also the dodgers game, a fan tried to do the same thing. didn't work out so well, the big spill. that's why you leave it to the pros. >> that's true. always good advice.
6:56 am
>> eat my dog, eat my beer. >> thank you. coming up in the next hour. senator kay bailey hutchison is announcing she will support mitt romney for president. we'll talk to her about that and why she is questioning the obama administration for its war on women. also, the girl scouts are known for selling cookies and teaching life skills, but there are reports catholic pitch shops are now reviewing the organization. why some bishops could have a problem with the girl scouts. you inspired a ron howard production. with your photographs. ( younger sister ) where's heaven ? ( older sister ) far. what will you inspire, with the eos rebel t3i and ef lenses,
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and good morning to you. i'm carol costello. two people gunned down on mississippi highways. police think someone is posing as a cop and then pulling the trigger. we've got the latest on the manhunt for a killer. girl scout cookies, life lessons, and abortion? some catholic bishops are reportedly investigating the girl scouts after reports of ties with planned parenthood. the president of the catholic league talks with us live. going through security at the airport can be a hassle, but it's meant to keep passengers safe, but travelers might not be so understanding if they found out about half of all security breaches caught by tsa workers are not reported to top officials. plus, one columnist's view
7:00 am
on president obama. why he's now calling him the first female president. and a new poll shows mitt romney is getting more popular with women voters. and today he's picked up an important endorsement from someone who could help him win over even more women. we're talking to her live. we begin this hour in mississippi where there's a killer preying on motorists and even more startling, police believe the shooter may be posing as a cop. it's a chilling theory to explain the killings both within the last week, both on desolate stretches of highway, about 55 miles apart. both cars were parked on the side of the road. one victim was still behind the wheel. the other beside her vehicle. investigators think the drivers may have been pulled over and unaware of any danger. martin savidge is following this story. do investigators know for sure that a phony cop is at work here? >> no, they don't. this is the theory that they're working on. you know, the story really plays into a lot of our fears. we've all been driving down a
7:01 am
highway light at night by ourselves thinking we're pretty vulnerable. this began on tuesday, may 8th, 74-year-old thomas schlender of nebraska was on i-55 when around 1:30 in the morning he was found dead behind the wheel of his pickup. three days later, lori ann carswell, 28 years of age, a local woman, found dead just outside of her car around 2:15 in the morning. and what authorities found in common in both of these cases, they were shot to death. there were shell casings found in the ground, and their automobiles were pulled over on the side. it does not appear their cars had anything mechanically wrong, so why would a person pull over? this is the theory, that perhaps there's somebody out there masquerading a as police officer and that's why they pulled over. >> if that is, indeed, the case and you see flashing lights behind you on the highway in mississippi, what should you do? >> this is a real problem for law enforcement because you've got people who are going to be
7:02 am
pulled over and, of course, you still have to obey any officer that pulls you over, but here is their advice to you. number one, if it's late at night, turn your flashers on, maintain a safe speed, drive carefully to a well-lit and very public place. at the same time pick up your phone, dial 911 to make sure that the cop who is behind you is really a police officer. if not, you're alerting authorities that i've got somebody behind me and i don't know who he is. >> martin savidge, thanks. we're following breaking news out of florida where five bodies have been found after a standoff. investigators say the gunman or gunmen appear to be among the dead. they found four bodies inside the home, and one other person, a woman, outside in the yard. investigators aren't saying how the people knew each other, but they scheduled another news conference for the next hour. we'll keep you posted. in just about an hour president obama will sit down with the ladies on "the view," and, yes, he's doing that for
7:03 am
total domination. he needs women to vote for him in droves to win 2012 and that's why the president talked up women at barnard college. >> indeed, we know we are better off when women are treated fairly and equally in every aspect of american life, whether it's the salary you earn or the health decisions you make. today women are not just half this country, you're half its workforce. and i believe that the women of this generation, that all of you will help lead the way. >> the president's seferts transparent. dana mill bank from "the washington post" is calling him the first female president. despite, that mr. obama's numbers are slipping among female voters. cbs news/"new york times" poll shows the president is down five points over the last two months. mitt romney, he's up three points among women. senator kay bailey hutchinson is the senior republican senator from texas. she's throwing her support behind mitt romney. senator, thanks for being here.
7:04 am
>> thank you, carol. >> make it official for us. are you endorsing governor romney? >> i am and very even thus yas ticklely at that. >> why? >> i think he is the right person to lead our country in the economic crisis that we're in autopsy he's had business experience. he's had the experience of running a big operation like the olympics and, frankly, getting it out of trouble. i think his management and the way he's lived his life are exactly what we need in our country to get us out of these economic doldrums and into job creation. >> senator, you wrote an op-ed in "the houston chronicle" this morning questioning what you call mr. obama's war on women. i want to read a bit of it for our viewers. you say are women somehow less concerned about unplacement than men? do our nation's exploding deficits worry some of us less less than others merely because of our sex? as a woman who has spent her life fighting to banish forever
7:05 am
the ignorance that women are incapable of engaging the pressing issues of the day, i can tell you the answer to all those questions is no. are you saying democrats are treating women as less than thinking people? >> i'm say the things the democrats are pushing right now is beyond what i think is reasonable. we're all against violence against women and we have supported that unanimously in the past, but then they throw up a bill that they put other things in that are not central to that point, and then they say, oh, it's a war against women if you don't support every part of it. that's the kind of thing that we're tired of. we understand it. the american people are smarter than that, and women are smarter than that. we can make the judgments on the issues that count, and it is the economy and the lack of job creation in the private sector that is our problem right now, and that's what we ought to be talking about. >> you know, during the heat of
7:06 am
the primary the issue of contraception came up, and that became, i don't know, sort of a wedge issue between democrats and republicans. is that over now? do you think that women don't care about that specific issue? >> oh, i think women do, but i think they saw that everyone agrees that women should have the ability in their private lives to use contraception. mitt romney said that. what the problem was and what i think the democrats tried to manipulate was they were trying to force a government mandate on catholic hospitals that do teach in their religion that they don't want women to have contraception, and so we were going to force that on their hospitals that they have created as a government mandate. that was the issue. it wasn't contraception, which everyone agrees should be a private issue. >> okay. so last question, why should women vote for governor romney?
7:07 am
how can he help them specifically, how can he help them with their economic woes? >> well, i think they see what we have had with 3 1/2 years of president obama, who has surrounded himself not with people who have had real world experience creating jobs, but people who are academics and people who don't seem to -- >> but, senator, i just want a specific -- something specific that governor romney can do to help women specifically. >> he understands what it will take to get business going and creating jobs. he will lower regulations. he will stop the overspending in government and he will also have a plan to knock down the deficits so that our economy and our dollar is strong as we see what is happening in europe right now where the euro is weakened because of overspending of the governments. he's got a plan to cut
7:08 am
responsible spending. he will attack entitlements in a responsible way so that we get those deficits down and create a strong dollar, and he will create jobs by making it important to do business in america again. we want to import the jobs back to america that we have lost to overseas because of competition and overregulation and overtaxation of corporate profits where we, unfortunately, lead the word. >> senator hutchison, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. president and mrs. bush are taking part in a celebration of human freedom. they're talking about the struggle for freedom around the world and recognizing the successes of dissidents and activists. a teleconference with aung san suu kyi discussing her struggles. john edwards' oldest daughter will take the stand and it could happen as early as
7:09 am
today. yesterday the judge limited most of the testimony from one of the defense's expert witnesses. and the chief financial officer for edwar for edwards' 2008 presidential campaign. in 20 minutes the ceo of jpmorgan faces the shareholders. he will be greeted by a tough audience with tough questions. how did this bank lose $2 billion in risky investments? and is the worst over after the company's stock closed down 12% after the news broke? cnn's poppy harlow is outside the shareholder meeting in tampa. has it started yet? >> reporter: it's about to start. >> i hear protests. >> reporter: yeah. we'll get to that. i was just in there headed out for your show. we'll go back in. it will kick off at 10:30. take a look at the protesters. they just arrived in the last ten minutes. not many of them, 10 or 15
7:10 am
holding up signs like reinstate glass stiegal or how on earth did jpmorgan lose $2 billion in just one week? stop corporate greed. so we expected this. it's not a big turnout, but what we're really keen to know, carol, is how jamie dimon will address some of these key questions. three big things we want to look at. first of all, who knew what when. did jamie dimon truly have a hold of this company? did he know what was going on within this $2 trillion company, now america's biggest bank? the next question is going to be shareholder voting on executive compensation. because of wall street reform, shareholders get a vote on how much jamie dimon and the top lieutenants of this bank make. we'll see if there's any backlash on that. and then also whether or not jamie dimon should hold the ceo post and chairman post? both of those key roles at this bank. that will be voted on within the next hour and a half, carol. it's interesting, president obama already making this
7:11 am
political, citing this loss at jpmorgan saying this is why we need wall street reform and jamie dimon himself over the weekend coming out in an interview on "meet the press" and saying that bet, that risky trade was, quote, barely vetted and barely monitored, and that's the concern. >> poppy harlow reporting live from hamp that. we'll let you get back into that meeting. we now know more about former yahoo! joe scott thompson. he's leaving the company very, very rich. he resigned after it was discovered he padded his resume with a college degree he did not really earn, and that means he doesn't qualify for severance, but don't pass the hat for him. the company says it will not require him to give back the $7 million in cash and stock. he received those goodies after taking the job just five months ago. when people think about girl scouts, somehow contraception and abortion don't come to mind as fast as selling cookies. why catholic bishops are taking a closer look. ♪
7:12 am
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7:15 am
li linked. investigators think the drivers may have been pulled over and unaware they were in danger. a political stalemate in greece means the debt wracked country will hold new elections. the president's office just made the announcement and it konls after meetings to form a coalition government failed. two russian cosmonauts and an american astronaut are on their way to the international space station. crews finally fixed a problem with the capsule's hull. roman catholic bishops are investigating the girl scouts. bishops are concerned some of the organization's programs contradict the church's views on contraception and abortion. some in the catholic church think the girl scouts have ties to planned parenthood or endorse organizations that are in favor of family planning like oxfam and doctors without borders.
7:16 am
according to "the washington post," about 500,000 of the 2.3 million girl scouts in the united states are catholic. so if the catholic church cuts t ties with the organization, it would be significant. bill donahue is president of the catholic league and he's here to tell us more. welcome. >> how are you doing, carol? >> i'm good. so, bill, what's the big concern by the bishops? >> well, i think the bishops have a moral responsibility to be responsive to the mothers who have come forward over the years to parish priests and the bishops saying we're concerned about the politicalization of the girl scouts. what do they mean by that? well, the global group, the world group of the girl scouts is in favor of abortion inducing drugs, is in favor of condemn use. does that mean the girl scouts of the united states are? we don't know. we do know one thing, in 2004 the ceo of the girl scouts of america went on broadcast television bragging about the close relationship between the girl scouts and planned parenthood. so those are just some of the
7:17 am
concerns, and all they're doing is looking into it and being responsive to the mothers who have come forward. >> one of the concerns, as i understand it, is some object to these materials given to the girl scouts about organizations like doctors without borders, which is a great organization, right, they provide medical care in combat zones, but they also push for family planning. some might say that's sort of a tenuous connection and sort of nitpicking. do these people who are complaining say these girl scouts shouldn't get any information about any organization who pushes for family planning and condemn use? >> well, i think that's exactly the question that's on the table, and i can understand what you're saying, and there's a point of view there that has to be respected. i think what they're looking at is the nexus. how close is the tie? is it distant? then that's one thing. we're not going to worry about it. it's not just even there with the border physicians and like, they promoted anti-catholic material such as "simply maria" a decidedly anti-catholic play.
7:18 am
i know for a fact if catholic schools adopted an anti-gay book, we'd hear all about it. so there are some problems there. i think for the most part the bishops are on board, the girl scouts do good work, they have done traditionally. i personally would be surprised if there's a break, but to inquire about some things that could be disturbing, nothing wrong with that. >> so just to make it clear, personally you don't think the girl skourts anti-catholic, to you? >> no, i don't, but i wonder why they would pick up an anti-catholic play and distribute it and then have to pull it. somebody there is not particularly catholic friendly. i don't think the girl scouts as an organization is anti-catholic. that would be absurd. >> there are 2.3 million girl scouts in the country, 500,000 of them are catholic, not all of those girl scouts are catholic. so why impose catholic beliefs on the girl scout and threaten to pull out of the organization? >> i think it's going backwards. if, in fact, everything that the
7:19 am
critics of the girl scouts were saying were true, then it's the girl scouts imposing on catholics. catholics are free to join and not to join a voluntary organization. so let's just say hypothetically that the girl scouts were to become hyperpoliticized and were introducing more anti-catholic materials into the classroom and into the girl scouts meetings and the catholic mothers would decide to pull. that's exercising pluralism. that's what's called diversity. >> but you're only talking about one play. you don't have any other evidence to cite, do you? >> well, i'm just saying when the parents have come to this, i just gave you three examples. the world organization, abortion inducing drugs they kind of like. past ceo of the girl scouts of america saying we have a nice relationship with planned parenthood, and anti-catholic play that they had to pull as a book in the materials. that to me along with other things that these mothers are talking about at least begs the question, what's going on here? i obviously think at the end of the day we're not going to have
7:20 am
a problem because overall there's no question the girl scouts do wonderful work. >> okay. so when do you think this investigation will be over? because the review has been going on for what, two years now? >> let me tell you something, one thing about the catholic church, it goes very, very slowly. so who knows. if this was something really pressing, i think it would have wrapped up by now. it's one committee of the bishops, by the way, one committee. >> bill, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much. you trust the tsa to keep you safe on flights, but a new report shows some tsa workers are reporting only about half of all security breaches. what that means for your safety. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby. do you know you could save hundreds on car insurance over the phone, online or at your local geico office? tell us bobby, what would you do with all those savings? hire a better ventriloquist. your lips are moving.
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7:23 am
emotions run high as "dancing with the stars" reaches the semi-final round. "showbiz tonight" host a.j. hammer, wow, it is an exciting finish this year, isn't it? >> very exciting, very competitive this season, carol, and one of the dancing favorites right now is going to have to beat a bad back if she wants to win the competition. katherine jenkins apparently injured herself during her routine last night. after the show a doctor told her she was suffering spasm in her
7:24 am
lower back. so it looks like jenkins was already having a bad day. she also tweeted earlier in the day that abc had passed on the show she was involved in. and she really was one of the better dancers on the show, but, carol, when you consider her fan base is mostly overseas she may have trouble getting the vote she needs to survive if she can't perform up to her usual standard. imagine getting that far in the competition and then getting hurt. hopefully she'll heal quickly. >> let's talk about lady gaga. one of her concerts might be canceled? >> she may have disappoint some of her little monsters in indonesia after police recommended her sold sought show not be issued a permit because of security concerns. there has been an outcry against lady gaga among islamists and conservative muslims who say her revealing costumes and sensual dance moves are forbidden by islamic law. local leaders are saying the concert is intended to destroy the nation's morality. of course, on the other side she
7:25 am
must have a lot of fans over there. newspaper reports say more than 25,000 tickets were sold in two hours when the concert went on sale in march. the police are saying the promoter shouldn't have sold the tickets before getting a permit. the promoter is saying hold on, everybody, wait for official word. that goes lady gaga again destroying the world. >> a.j. hammer, thank you. if you want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world, a.j. has it tonight on "showbiz tonight" at 11:00 eastern on hln. now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. who is to blame for the jpmorgan chase banking fiasco? if you think the $2 billion loss of jpmorgan chase won't affect you, think again. stocks tanked on the news as traders fret about how many other risky trades are out there. jpmorgan's ceo jamie dimon is a credible voice in the banking industry. in 2008 he didn't want to take
7:26 am
t.a.r.p. money and his bank weathered the crash better than most. still they spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying congress in part against the dodd/frank financial reform bill. now dimon says he didn't even know about the $2 billion losing trade. that's a huge red flag according to former regulator sheila bair. >> this is still a very serious issue. i think it does underscore that even with very good management these institutions are just too big to manage and especially when they were dealing with complex derivative instruments trying to hedge risks. even the best of managers can stumble. >> so what should or can we do if banks are too big to fail? on "the view" president obama mentioned jpmorgan chase as aca. >> this is why we reform. this is the best or one of the best managed bank that isn't as strong, isn't as profitable
7:27 am
making those same bets and we might have had to step in, and that's exactly why wall street reform is so important. >> so does that mean if nothing changes the possibility of another bailout? as for dodd/frank good luck for that. it's been on the books for two years and still only parts of it have been enacted. so the talk back question today, who is to blame for the jpmorgan chase banking fiasco? sla i'll read your responses later this hour. ron paul is giving up on actively campaigning for the republican presidential nomination, but that does not mean he's dropping out of the race. so what should we make of this? i'll ask my political buzz panel next. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
7:28 am
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and y was the competitor. is that something you would pay for year after year? i, i like soda a lot but for a change of pace... just about 30 minutes past the hour. checking our top stories. in mississippi there's a killer preying on motorists, and police believe the shooter may be posing as a cop. investigators think the drivers may have been pulled over and unaware they were in danger. both shootings took place within the last week on remote stretches of highway about 55 miles apart. right now the man in charge of john morgan chase faces the shareholders. jamie dimon is at a shareholders
7:31 am
meeting that's just getting under way. and john edwards' oldest daughter may take the stand as early as today in her father's corruption trial. yesterday the judge limited most of the testimony from one of the defense experts -- from one of the defense's expert witnesses. the chief financial officer for edwards' 2008 presidential campaign testified edwards had nothing to do with reports filed with the federal election commission. political buzz, your rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. playing with us today, democratist strategist robert zimmerman and crystal right. first question, president obama is on the view today. the topic of same-sex marriage came up, and here is what he told barbara walters when he was asked about the defense of marriage act. >> my justice department has said to the courts, we don't
7:32 am
think the defense of marriage act is constitutional. this is something that historically had been determined at the state level, and part of my believing ultimately that civil unions weren't sufficient. >> will you personally fight to repeal that act? >> well, look, congress is clearly on notice that i think it's a bad idea. >> okay. so the question, should the president go a step further and fight to repeal the defense of marriage act? crystal, i know what you're going to say so we'll start with robert. rocket? >> first of all, in defense of the obama administration, they've already stepped up and endorsed the respect for marriage act that's been authored by senator dianne feinstein of california and congressman jerry nadler of new york and he's shown real leadership and real courage at political risk to himself by supporting marriage equality.
7:33 am
he would hope all of us concerned with civil rights and social justice will also focus on the administration and calling upon them to issue an executive order to overturn discrimination against gay employees through federal contractors. >> crystal. >> blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. so two weeks president obama has talked about same-sex marriage, which the american people don't care about. a new gallup poll came out and guess what the american people care about? 72% care about the economy. 1% care about gay marriage. so once again the president has created now a war on traditional marriage because he has no record to run on the economy. this is more avoiding talking about the number one pressing issue in the united states of america, which is when are we going to get jobs, president obama? when are we going to see an improved economy? >> on to the second question. republican presidential candidate ron paul says he will no longer actively campaign for the gop nomination. he actually released this statement, and it says, moving forward we will no longer spend
7:34 am
resources campaigning in primaries in states that have not yet voted. doing so with any hope of success would take many tens of millions of dollars we simply do not have. so the question, if ron paul is not going to continue campaigning, what's the point of him even sticking around? why doesn't he bow out? >> he should bow out. he's a cranky old man. this is what this looks like. he has won zero, i repeat ron paul has won zero of the almost 40 primary contests we have had. he needs to do the right thick and step aside. but what we know about ron paul is he runs every presidential cycle. he never wins, and he needs to do what's in the best interests of the party and bow out. the reason he's not, he's trying to force his way into the party platform in tampa, but do you know what i have to say, ron paul, time for to you leave the gop island. your number is up. >> robert? >> first of all, ron paul is staying in this race because he loves the action. he was the last one to drop out four years ago, and eats going
7:35 am
-- he's going it stay in for the long type. ron paul is not the issue. the issue is the extreme right wing agenda. as long as they're going to pursue the romney strategy to deport undocumented workers, to declare war on reproductive rights for women, to engage in discrimination against employees in the workplace, advocate programs that, in fact, disenfranchise working class americans, they're going to lose credibility and ultimately the election. >> on to the buzzer beater. 20 seconds each. a new york assembly woman could be facing an unlikely candidate. that would be her estranged husband. michelle schimmel is a democrat. her husband mark just won the republican nomination in the race. apparently he says he's not running against her to hurt her, but even his own mother is shocked. so the question, if this story happened to be a bad romantic comedy, who would you cast to play the role of husband and wife? crystal? >> i would cast bill mar in drag
7:36 am
to play the role of the democrat wife and then i would cast the dashing kevin costner because kevin is a republican to play the republican husband. i think it would make for great comedy and we know bill can't get enough laughs. >> you just put that ugly picture in my mind and i can't get it out. >> i know. >> robert, i know you have a personal interest in the story. you know the players involved. so just tell us what's up with this. >> okay. let me just be clear, assembly woman michelle schimmel is not just a good friend, she's a role model as a public official. and it appears according to most reports that, in fact, mark schimmel is going to withdraw from the race primarily because so many republicans are outraged by his conduct and so offended by it, and she continues to stand above the partisanship and that's why she keeps winning. >> i don't want the buzzer. i want to listen to the rest of this.
7:37 am
did he really run against her just out of spite? >> i have no idea what his thinking is, but just very frankly in fairness to the buzz standards, i would cast meryl streep to play michelle schimmel and maybe i'd put mel gibson or charlie sheen to play her former husband. >> spoken like a true friend. robert and crystal, thanks for playing with us today. >> thanks. from secretary of state to security threat. reports that 88-year-old henry kissinger was patted down by tsa workers. ♪
7:38 am
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just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. former secretary of state henry kissinger is the latest in the series of high profile figures who get patted down. "the washington post" says a freelance reporter who witnessed the incident says screeners gave the 88-year-old kissinger a full pat down last friday at new york's laguardia airport. while invasive pat downs have come under fire, senator dianne feinstein, who has had her own
7:41 am
hands-on experience with screeners fold fox news pat downs might be the best way to detect a nonmetallic bomb like in the case of the al qaeda plot foiled last month. >> i think the pat-down probably is better than the magnetometer. i think americans have to understand that this particular kind of explosive nonmetallic is not easily detectable. that's one of the reasons why abdul abdul abdulmutallab wore it in his underwear. that's something tsa has to grapple with. >> abdulmutallab is currently serving a life sentence for trying to bring down an airliner on christmas day 2009. there's a new federal report shedding light on security breaches. it shows almost half of the breaches go unreported. so today the house homeland
7:42 am
security committee is holding a hearing to find out why. our aviation and regulation correspondent lizzie o'leary joins me from washington. so what are we talking about when we say a security breach? >> reporter: well, one of the more dramatic ones happened at newark airport and it was newark that kind of sparked this investigation where a dead dog got through screening and onto a flight. the airline in question that put the dog on the plane is getting penalized to the tune of about $55,000 but then you're talking about more mundane stuff like, say, somebody getting into the so-called sterile area or passengers going through when the full body machines aren't working. the inspector general started looking into this because a new jersey senator want eed answers about what was happening at newark. here is what they found, 42% of these breaches weren't reported. and then airports fixed only
7:43 am
about half of the causes here so about 53% of them, and this is the most important one, carol, tsa doesn't comprehensively track these breaches. so, you know, it's not just a question of whether five or six different things went wrong but whether the agency can step back and take that 30,000 foot view and get a sense of how the whole system is working together. >> okay. so what is the tsa saying about all this? >> well, they say they are instituting a lot of changes that were brought up in this report and that they are starting to do just that, look at this in a more comprehensive fashion and kind of have their national reporting system look at patterns because that's how you start to really get the whole picture is understanding the bigger picture question, not just whether one screener at one checkpoint didn't catch something. >> lizzie, i can't let you go without mentioning your appearance on "jeopardy." i was watching and i was impressed. you were fantastic. i just want our viewers to look
7:44 am
at you in action before we discuss. >> a guiding principle in yoga is ahimsa. this pacifistic practice advanced by mahatma gandhi. >> what is nonviolence. >> you made it all the way to final jeopardy and i guess you bet too much. but tell me what that's like. weren't you nervous? >> i was nervous, but, okay, the thing viewers need to know is it's all about the buzzer. anderson, who had done this before, gave me a little tip. it's all about the buzzer. if you buzz in too soon, you're locked out. if you ever see a jeopardy player making this angry face looking at their hand, that is why. it was a little nerve-racking but honestly, i like competition. it was fun to be able to go up against those guys. i'm just buped that i bet wrong at the end. my charity still got money though so that makes me happy. >> tell us your competitors were chris matthews and -- >> and robert gibbs. >> were they mean to you? >> i think i was meaner to them.
7:45 am
i was telling robert this is revenge for spinning me over the course of several years. >> i love that. i'm impressed and thanks for sharing. >> thank you. today france marks the inauguration of a new president, but more interesting, the country's new first lady is calling herself his companion. we'll tell you why. [ sighs ] [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make brady miss his favorite part of the day. ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barking ] [ whines ] that's why there's beneful playful life, made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day. beneful. play. it's good for you. [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different.
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7:48 am
official new president of france and he's promising a new approach to tackling europe's debt problems. yes, he was sworn in today as the country's first socialist president in 17 years. he's wasting no time in getting to work. he's heading to berlin to discuss the eurozone debt crisis with german chancellor angela merkel. while technically it is the president's day there is a lot of curiosity about his girlfriend, and hala gorani is here to explain why everybody is so curious about his girlfriend. they're not married and they're living together and people don't care. >> hollande is the father of four children and he never married the mother of his four children who is also a prominent socialist politician in france. she ran for president five years ago against nicolas sarkozy and lost. this is an open -- i shouldn't say open, it's an informal, nonofficial union, but it's one that as you can see from the images there, they're very much
7:49 am
together. they're very much a couple. valerie -- a lot of people have had to learn how to pronounce her last name. she says you have to redefine the notion of first lady in france. here is a look at who she is and really where she comes from. >> she is france's first unmarried premiere dame. valerie trierweiler is the girlfriend of president francois hollande but she prefers the term companion. their affection for one another was evident election eve. a relationship that began in 2005 while they were both with their former partners. >> translator: they have known each other for a very long time. before that she was with a paper. she has always been a political journalist. she followed the socialist party, so they have known each other for at least 20 years. >> reporter: a feisty political
7:50 am
journalist. the twice divorced mother of three gave up her career so she could actively campaign for hollande. and now she has some big shoes to fill. size 38 louboutin peep toe pumps. outgoing first lady carla bruni sarkozy has always fashioned to the spotlight, but that could be out of character for france's new first lady who says she will keep her day job. >> translator: she wants to stay a normal woman. she says herself that she has no family wealth, she has three children, three adolescents who she still looks after, and for her it's crucial she remains independent, especially financially independent with regards to her husband. she does not want to sponge off the state. for the first time in france we could have a first lady who is a working woman. >> reporter: but working as a political journalist, when you're in a relationship with
7:51 am
the government official, no less the president, could be viewed as a conflict of interest. even still, it wouldn't be the first time in france. the former foreign minister is married to a woman in the news business. work aside, relationships among paris' power elite have been a bit complicated. bruney sarkozy married her husband after she divorced his second wife in office. francois mitterand had a wife and mistress, fathered children with both. even though mitterand orred a cabinet official and a cop aide to marry their girlfriends for protocol. but it seems times may have changed. >> translator: i think the french public wants a revolution in opinion. a lot of couples in france live together. a lot of french families are step families. the couple are at the head of the step family. >> reporter: france's first
7:52 am
couple may never feel the need to marry, but then again, they haven't ruled it out. >> i can't imagine that happening in the united states. the man would have to convert to something like catholicism and then go on an apology tour and say how sorry he was. >> culturally things are very different in france. you do more or less what suits you. you can have a civil union or you can get married. essentially there's a lot more flexibility. and voters don't expect necessarily their elected officials to abide by a certain very set in stone set of rules, as you can see there. so we'll see if they end up getting married. >> and if she stays a journalist because i don't see how that's going to work. >> that might be tough. >> thank you. potential investors are positively drooling over facebook's upcoming stock sale. the interest is so hot the company is raising the ipo range. we'll go to wall street after a break. for tough pain? listen to what mvp justin verlander thinks about it.
7:53 am
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we're going in depth this week on the hottest initial public offering of the year. that would be facebook. they are raising their price target on the ip o. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange to tell us more. >> yeah, it's getting more expensive to own a piece of facebook. that previous target of $28 to $35 for a share now is up to $34 to $38. keep in mind the final pricing expected to come out thursday night. if it does get any where in that higher range it could push the valuation, meaning what the company could potentially be worth to $106 billion. i know what you want to know. why is the price moving higher?
7:56 am
stronger demand. facebook execs have been going around the country pitching the ipo to potential investors. do you know what they found? more people want it, and the more people want it, the more you can sell it for. facebook is seizing the moment. carol? >> alison kosik, thank you. in today's daily dose, maybe you have done it and not even realized it. sleep walk, walk in your sleep. a new study in the journal neurology shows nearly 1 in 3 people sleep walk. as you probably can imagine the lead researcher says walking in your sleep can be risky business. you can harm yourself or someone else. no reason why people do this, but family history, genetics, and a certain type of anti-depressant may play a role. we asked you to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. today's question, who is to blame for the jpmorgan chase banking fiasco? your answers coming up next. [ female announcer ] did you know the average person smiles more than 50 times a day?
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we asked to you talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, who is to blame for the