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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 15, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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been very cagey about. there are reports miss family donated a huge amount of money to the vatican and that's why he got that prime real estate. the reason he was exhumed yesterday was because of an alleged tie to a 15-year-old girl who was kidnapped in 1983. she was the daughter of a vatican employee. in person stumbled upon some information -- >> barbie, i'm losing you on the skype connection. rats, we've almost lost your audio completely. you're just getting to the good part. if we can re-establish that, we'll come back to you, barbie, if you can still even hear me. and we will try to solve some of that unsolved mystery for you as well. in the meantime, top of the hour. and hello, everyone. welcome back.
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i'm in for brooke baldwin. we are watching the mikes. mitt romney is expected to step to the front, to the microphones and give what his campaign is calling a major speech on his plan to fix the economy. we're told the republicans are planning to focus on the debt. we'll keep our eyes on that. the obama campaign is upping the tv antein the battleground states with a new attack ad that really takes aim at romney's record at bain capital. it features steelworkers who lost their jobs years after bain investigated in the company. >> those guys were all rich. they all had more money they would ever spend. yet they didn't have money to take care of the very people that made the money for them. >> bain capital walked away with
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a lot of money that they made from this plant. we think of romney as a job destroyer. >> this rebuttal features glowing comments from workers at a different steel company. >> mitt romney's private sector leadership team stepped in. >> building a dream with over 6,000 employees today. >> if it wasn't for a company like steel dynamic, this county would haven't a life. >> and this is only the beginning. just wait until the super pacs kick into high gear. you're not going to be able to avoid seeing ads like this day after day after day. i want to bring in the press secretary for. >> bama 2012. he's joining us from chicago. i want to take you to task on this one. because it was real heart wrenching to listen to those steelworkers in your ad that was ripping mitt romney for being at the helm of bain when, in fact,
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he wasn't at the helm when that company went bankrupt. was that fair or was that dirty? >> well, that's actually not accura accurate, ashleigh. after he went to salt lake, he remained the owner of bain. he was there when h they loaded the company up with debt, put them on a path to bankruptcy and ultimately 750 workers loost their jobs and their full pensions. >> but you know and i both know he was not managing the company at that time. >> he certainly was when they loaded the company up with debt. >> that is prior to him -- come on, you're mincing dates and your ear cheating here. >> he left to salt salt lake city. this is a way you can twist things to be a good campaign ad. is it fair and is it clean? >> absolutely. look, mitt romney has asked us to jumg his t-- judge his tenur
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as a corporate buyout specialty. he's listed that as a reason for his presidency. we're not questioning the private equity industry as a whole. we're questioning mitt romney's economic philosophy. is that the type of economic philosophy you would like to see in the oval office where mitt romney and the wealthiest few profit at the expense of the mid 8 class. the goal here wasn't job creation, it was wealth creation for himself and his partners. >> let me read something to you from "the washington post" which, by the way, gave your ad one pinnochio, which is a big fat lie and were going to give you two pinnochios but held back because of stuff that could be read either way. it takes a single data point and then it tries to draw larger conclusions about romney's business practices and his
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values. because ben, come on, you and i also know he had plenty of success as "the washington post" has outlined. minute successes walt journal has outlined. many successes bain capital has had in creating jobs and saving companies from going under. and steel dynamics did incredibly well under their leadership. >> the fact is that those same fact checkers have taken mitt romney to task for claiming that he was a job creator. he's never been able to substantiate the number of jobs he created. his own partner admitted in the "los angeles times" their goal was wealth creation, not job creation. we need not only look at the private sector record. take a look at his public sector record. massachusetts was 35th out of the 50th in job creation when it was in office and slipped to 47th by the time he left. he cut funding for manufacturing, he cut funding for worker training and cut funding for community colleges. and the policy he proposed today
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would return to the same budget-busting tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires that benefited a few, but couple with -- >> now you're slip into the campaign now. >> ben, i don't want you to campaign on this program. i want you to answer questions about the ad. i don't want you to dive off into another area. those are good areas. >> i'm more than happy to speak about the ad. >> this is my show. you know that business is complex and it can't be boiled down to a simple black and white, that easily. you know that, i know that, americans know that. don't you think it's a little unfair to take one plant that was already failing, that many analysts have said had bain come in, it probably would have failed sooner and that the steel industry was at its worst at this particular time. and then extrapolate this guy is a job killer or a vulture capitalist. >> this isn't just one plant. >> you highlighted this one
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plant. you and your campaign highlighted this plant and those workers were from this plant. >> there are many more that we'll be discussing. but here's what i think americans will object to. it's the fact that rit romney and his partners had a golden parachute for themselves. the company failed. 750 workers lost their jobs and ultimately they walked away with millions in profits for themselves after the company failed. it's not on that premise that we can build our economy. it should be focused around a thriving middle class, growing economic security for the middle class. the workers paid a price here. mitt romney and his partners profited and that is at the heart of -- >> i will give this to you, bain capital loaded this company up with debt and that could have been a large factor if not the biggest factor. that is undetermined by many who feel look at this industry. that kou been a determining factor in its demise, but it's also business and they have done
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good things as well. so i will give you that point but i will also somewhat take it back. but ben, i hope you come in and spar with me again at some point. it's good to talking to me. >> thanks for having me. >> keep it clean. we hate that crap on our television. be nice to each other. pump your own guy up, don't tear the other guy down. it's nicer for americans. thanks, ben. so $74,000 in six months. that's a lot of money. and an fbi agent testified that rielle hunter got all that doug h-back in 200. a and now we're getting word that john edwards daughter may take the stand in her father's trial. it's about money and whether it was legally come into the campaign and going out of the campaign to that woman rielle.
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the john edwards trial is bracing for its biggest witness so far. edwards' eldest child kate could be taking the stand as early as this afternoon. joe johns is there.
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with accounting analyst jim w58, on the stand, defense attorney alex vanlandingham brugt out in court long after edwards suspended his campaign for president, one of his big money ben efactors paid $74,000 in eight payment toos rielle hunter. experts say payments after the campaign ended could suggest it's for personal reason, which is what the defense is arguing. the question is now if kate will testify. defense attorneys say they want to put her on the stand. the other question is whether john edwards himself will testi testify. >> france's brand-new president
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travels abroad only to have his plane hit by lightning. george w. bush returning to washington. sneaking in an endorsement for who do you think?
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>> there is mitt romney in des moines, iowa. he's at the hotel fort des moines. he is speaking to a group of supporters there about debt and government smending. all of this as later this year we're looking a the a debt ceiling vote in congress. >> proposing a new program for every problem. president obama tucked away the clinton doctrine in his large drawer of ideas, along with transparency and bipartisanship.
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it's enough to make you wonder if it was a personal beef with the clintons, but it probably runs much deeper than that. president obama is an old school liberal whose first instinct is to see free enterprise as the villain and government as the hero. america counted on president obama to rescue the economy, to tame the deficit and help create jobs. instead, he bailed out the public sector, gave million billions of your dollars to companies of his friends and added almost as much debt in this country as all the prior presidents combined. the consequence is that we are now enduring the most tep pidid recovery in modern history. the consequence is half the kids graduating from college can't find a job that uses their skills. half. the consequence is that retirees can no longer get by on their savings and social security.
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the consequence is the length of time it take an unemployed worker to find a job is the longest on record. that's why even those who voted for barack obama are disappointed in him. disappointment is the key in which the president's re-election is being played. americans will not settle for four more years of the same melancholy song. we can and must do better than that. president obama started out with a near $1 trillion stimulus package. the biggest, most careless one-time expenditure by the federal government in history. and remember this -- the stimulus wasn't just wasted, it was borrowed and wasted. we still owe the money. we're still paying interest on it, and it will be that way long
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after this president is out of office. then, of course, came obamacare. even now nobody knows actually what it's going to cost. and that uncertainty, by the way, has slowed the economy. employers delay hiring, entrepreneurs hold off starting new businesses because of this massive european style entitlement that americans didn't want and certainly can't afford. when you add up all of his policies, by the way, this president has increased the national debt by $5 trillion. let me put that in a way that's easier for all of us to comprehe comprehend. frankly frankly $5 trillion is a number we can't put our minds around. each household's share of government debt and unfunded liabilities has now reached more than $520,000. fer average american household. think about what that means. your household will be taxed
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year after year just to pay the interest on that debt and to play the principle payments oen those liabilities. every year, you're going to be paying for things that have happened in the past. and then it's going to get passed along to your kids. they're going to struggle with the interest on our debts. and president obama is adding to them every day single day. and that, be by the way is the best case scenario. the interest rate on that debt could go up like a rocket, just like an adjustable mortgage goes up. and there's also a good chance this kind of debt could cause us to hit a wall like they have in greece, spain and italy. sub prime mortgages, they came close to bringing this economy to its knees. this debt is america reese nightmare mortgage. it's adjustable, no money down and a sign to our children. and politicians have been trying to hide the truth about this nightmare mortgage for years,
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just like liar loans. this is not just bad economics. it is morally wrong and we must stop it. >> all right, the word from iowa. lots unfolding. rapid fire, let's roll it. here we go. it continues. president obama joining thousands of people mourning and paying tribute to the nation's police officers. i don't know if you knew this, but today is national peace officers day. the president took part in a ceremony on capitol hill, thanking the names offal s off officers. >> we honor those who gave their lives in the service of that commission.
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their families are in our thoughts and prayers as we remember the quiet courage of the men and women we have lost. >> tens of thousands of police officers from around the world came to d.c. and gathered for police week. so how is this sfr your first day on the job. the plane carrying the new french president gets struck by lightning. all hours after his inauguration, which was lovely, by the way. we also got word that francois hollande was on his way to germany when his plane was on its way back to paris. george w. bush endorsing ready? did you guess? mitt romney. i knew i led up to it.
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he was actually in washington to talk freedom, not endorsements, so this was a nice surprise for abc. and he says the united states has a duty to support nations transitioning to democracy. >> america does not get to choose if a freedom revolution should begin or end in the middle east or elsewhere. it only gets to choose what side it is on. but america's message should ring clear and strong. we stand for freedom and for the institutions and habits that freedom for everyone. >> in new jersey, police say two speeding ferraris killed a man at the rong place at the wrong time. kwun one of those speeding ferraris jumped a curb and hit him head on. police say the drivers worked for gotham dream cars and was holding an event inside the stadium. giving people a chance top drive
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sports cars around a temporary track inside the stadium. but those drivers were driving fast outside the stadium. both of them arrested. one has already bonded out of jail. >> sinkholes are just about everywhere. odd, really mysterious, too. where does all that dirt go? so these days we're seeing more sinkholes in neighborhoods. they're threatening homes. but how does this happen? why does it happen? and again, where does all that dirt go? our chad myers is the guy with the answers. he'll have them for us in a moment. also jpmorgan's chief on the hot seat as he got word that the government is investigating his company's $2 billion goof. so what does that mean for the market? how about more importantly what does this mean to you and your 401(k)? going to break it down for you in just a moment. for three hours a week, i'm a coach.
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>> the ground is swallowing up parts of florida. actor alec baldwin is going to breathe a little easier today possibly. and a cnn colleague has to answer in the norm of a question. it's time to play "reporter roulette." we begin with chad myers. he's adjacent to the weather center. nice to be able to stand besides you. >> we're usually 1,000 miles away. >> i asked if i could talk to you about sinkholes. i'm a sinkhole geek. i don't know what .it is about sinkholes. i keep wondering where does the dirt go. >> it goes down and then it gets washed again. it doesn't go to china. >> which is what our parents always told us. >> don't dig so far down, you're going to go to china. there are sinkholes now happening in florida. and certainly some that haven't happened in a very long time because of the drought that's
12:29 pm
happening. and this could be -- you could maybe get your wish. we could get a lot of these sinkholes. and if you're in florida you may want to check if you have sinkhole insurance. this is not that far from gainesville. it's been very dry. literally very dry and the ground water is gone. it's been pumped out, put into drinking water. no ran coming down to fill it up. i'll show you what's gong upon most of northern florida, almost all of southeastern georgia in a big drought. this is a drought monitor. let's put a house here, a house here. and the ground water that fills up h these big caverns full of water. guess what, the water isn't full anymore. so up above this is a big empty space. that big empty space is air. when this up here decides the
12:30 pm
air won't hold it, all of the dirt falls in. if all of the auqifer below florida dries up, we could get a lot more. >> wow. look at that. >> held loy cow. and i know you say it goes into the ground water, but it's hard to believe there's water there before and there isn't now. and it's so big and scary. and they threaten houses and property. >> and they go quickly. and then when it rains. if it starts to rain, it turns to mud and then more of it falls in. that's exactly right. >> keep an eye on that. it could get worse. we want to watch what happens there. thank you, chad. next on reporter roulette, somebody who's probably seen a little too much of "30 rock" lately facing a judge. a woman accused of stalking alec baldwin. what is this about?
12:31 pm
there's a woman that's going to need to have stay against him for another two months. she was even at alec baldwin's apartment. she's scheduled to be back in court. she's a french canadian access. here's what people are puzing about in this case now. she also said she believes she is a new yorker and, quote, my heart is in harmony with the plaus and the people. she also reportedly called the incident with alec baldwin, a misunderstanding. >> wyches. >> oing, so i guess the question would be, does this have anything to do with this being the last season of "30 rock" but
12:32 pm
is it really the last season of 30 rock? >> that's a very good question. that's the rumor that's been going around. nbc is not saying anything definitively. we know that it's coming back this season. they did say up front. bleu after that, they're really not going there. alec baldwin alluded to it a couple of months ago. >> i do dvr that show. >> that's me, that's my personality in a nutshell. next up, she's the cn correspondent who matched wits on jeopardy's power players week. question, who, who liz ask i
12:33 pm
leery? >> robert gibbs spun me for years. so it was fun to go back and compete with hmm on a level playing field. >> i went up on that program against ari fleisher. i would have won if i knew the final question. you're not allowed to talk about your results, are you? >> no, i can. i can talk about it. i was winning right up until final jeopardy. it got me, too. and unfortunately, robert bet more conservatively than i did. but the bottom line is that since this is kmarty, the charity i was working with, which does literacy and creative writing and free expression for kids in d.c. still gets the money. >> just like the moron i am, i thought you were taping it. it was actually airing. i got the clip of you. can i play it? would you mind? double whammy on tv. this is where you are apparently cleaning up the act like a
12:34 pm
journalist category. roll it. >> h efs mikael blomkvist in "girl with a dragon tattoo." >> who is daniel craig? >> who is jane fonda. >> you did well in the category. you have the lead. >> you know, liz sooe, i know they always seau, don't those people know the answer to the questions. they're just standing there stunned. but it is all in the thumb. i know that sounds like an excuse, it really is all in the thumb, isn't it? >> it's all about the buzzer. if you buzz in too soon, you're locked out for a fraction of a second. believe me, i did know who the secretary of transportation under george w. bush was. >> i know, i remember the whole category that i did not get one answer in. i didn't even get a chance to
12:35 pm
answer was tv news. i was mortified. and i had clicked as fast as i could on every answer. i was mortified that it looked like i had no idea about my own industry. but way to go, girl. did you have fun. that's what most counts. >> i did. i got to beat them a little bit. >> so losing $2 billion in a bad trading deal not only gets jpmorgan chase shareholders upset, it gets the ceo an okay on his awesome computation package but also leads to the government saying we're going to investigate your company. so what did jamie dimon know? and is it even possible to know everything about such a massive company? back in a moment.
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jpmorgan chase losing $2 billion and its stock favring 14%. well,er the investors take a hit, they oddly enough give approval to continue paying the ceo jamie dimon his $23 million salary. he also gets to stay on as chairman of the board. so those are the decisions that the shareholders made today at their annual meeting in tampa, florida. that's where cnn's poppy harlow has been standing by. here's the news kbg made as that meeting was wrapping up. the white house says the securities and exchange commission is going to launch an investigation into this loss. that can't be good news for the bank.
12:40 pm
>> it's not atypical for this to happen. of course, the regulator of big banks is going to take a look at something like this. in fact, jamie dimon knew about this over the weekend. he said regulators should look at something like this. i think bottom line, jpmorgan is trying to figure out what happened with these trades, why they went so bad and the regulators want to know what happened. they want to know, even though this is contained could this grow for the bank? or could this grow systemically across the system. that's the question there. in terms of jamie dimon, he did start the meeting off talking about this $2 billion loss, but he noted that no clients were affected. he said kwork et, no customers suffered. i want to play you a sound bite that jamie dimon said, starting off this meeting. no cameras were allowed in. but this is audio talking about regulation.
12:41 pm
and that's key here, fake a listen. >> we agree with the intent of the volcker rule. if it's to make sure the it doesn't jep dpiez the national institutions or its clients. >> i hope this is not the tip of the iceberg, but i think it really highlights the need for real regulation. and that you can't have the fox guarding the hen house. you need to have another layer of watchfulness. and i think there was a lot of cynicism in him lobbying to be freer to do these things and that's been highlighted by this unfortunate loss. >> so that man you just heard from, that's allen fisher, one of about 200 shareholders in the meeting. there were shareholders speaking out, talking about how jpmorgan chase is so entangled in
12:42 pm
foreclosures. i will tell you this, just coming out from harry reid in washington, i would suggest jpmorgan take their business to vegas because it's just a gamble. you see how political this is all becoming. obama commenting on it on "the view" and harry reid commenting it. this is really about the fight to regulate banks and has the regulation gone far enough. >> i never like hearing vegas and banking in the same sentence, but you make it sound so fair. >> one man's opinion. >> there you go. he was the leader of the international monetary fund. and ewe know what, today he could have been sworn in as france's president, but instead a woman accused him of rape. and dominique strauss-kahn found
12:43 pm
himself in a legal bat. now he's striking back. you won't believe what he is saying and what he's doing to get back at that maid.
12:44 pm
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heart smart idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. >> he has been warding off criminal and civil litigation for over a year now. now dominique strauss-kahn is fighting back. he's suing the new york maid who
12:46 pm
originally accused him of sexual assault. not as complicated as it sounds. let's start with this. just to put it in perspective, the maid sues dominique strauss-kahn for rape. she takes this to a criminal level. the criminal prosecutors dump the case saying he's a liar. he comes around now and is suing her saying she's a liar and it affected me greatly. explain to me why he has a good case? >> there's one step uh you're missing right there. the step is she sued him first in civil court. so she sues him fist in civil court and two weeks ago the judge in this case right here in new york in the bronx denied dominique strauss-kahn's motion to dismiss the case. he claimed that he had immunity from prosecution, diplomatic immunity from prosecution. the judge didn't buy that argument, ashleigh and kept her lawsuit in place. so the fact that now he is suing
12:47 pm
her, what needs to be told is this is a countersuit. and this is something that typically happens. it's sort sort of the best defense is a good offense str strate strategy. you see that a lot. so he's filed this countersuit, claiming damages of $1 million, claiming she defamed him. we all know that this hotel maid does not have $1 million. in many respects, this is a defense strategy that's used very often. >> dominique strauss-kahn had a shot of going up against nicholnicolas sarkozy and had a chance of winning. he says this affected directly his chances. is that legalese for you cost me money?
12:48 pm
>> it is. it certainly supports his claim that he was damaged in the amount of $1 million. but in order for him to prove defamation, he has to prove what she alleged wasn't true. joses it was a consensual sexual encount per .he doesn't deny the fact that there was an enkouner. he's got to prove, that she is lying. that is a really difficult thing, i think to prove. we have to remember, although the manhattan district attorney's office, sex crimes unit did dismiss this case against dsk, they dismissed it not because they necessarily believed that nothing happened. they just couldn't prove their case because they believe she had said some things that weren't true in the past.
12:49 pm
>> facebook going public. the price going up and up and out of play. not everybody onboard. just ahead, 10 reasons why you may want to think twice before purchasing a piece of facebook.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
the price to get in on arguably the hottest tech stock of the year is going up. so does all of the buzz over facebook stock have you thinking about investing? cnn's maggie lake has a couple of reasons why you might want to
12:52 pm
think twice. >> reporter: as the countdown continues to the facebook ipo here are ten reasons you might want to think twice. number ten, your family on facebook. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: with the extended family on, people might start logging off. as saturday night live warned years ago. >> well, it finally happened, your mom is on facebook. >> reporter: number nine, he wore what? should the ceo of a multibillion-dollar public company wear a hoodie all of the time? at his company's ipo roadshow? >> who wears hoodies? when mark zuckerberg is asking people to invest and their money he should show some respect. >> our dispute is with the mark zuckerberg, with the person. it's not with the product. >> reporter: and facebook itself warns about new lawsuits in its
12:53 pm
prospectus. number seven, he bought what? zuckerberg bought infragram, a photo sharing revenue for $1 billion without consulting anyone. number six, show me the mobile money. no ads around here and that's a problem. more and more people are logging on to facebook using their phones, but their mobile advertising lags the desktop version. number five, they know what about me? >> do you like the fact that everyone can search your name on google and know everything you're up to. >> reporter: to grow profits facebook could use information and that could use users off. new platforms could come along making facebook obsolete. number three, can youio say hello in mandarin. >> reporter: zuckerberg tried to learn the language in a year, jacking the crucial chinese
12:54 pm
market could take a lot longer. he said what? facebook's own ipo filing says simply put we don't build services to make money, is zuckerberg really aligned with shareholders? and the number one reason not to buy facebook, does everyone really need hundreds of friends? users of the more integrated targeted experience may start to look elsewhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ashleigh, i don't know about you, but i did have to unfriend my mother, but on a more serious note more importantly we confirmed from gm that they're unfriending facebook. they're pulling their advertising saying they don't know if it's effective and they don't know if it will hurt facebook's finances, but it's embarrassing in the week of ipo and just because people use your
12:55 pm
site doesn't maean they'll translate quarter to quarter. >> maggie lake, did you really unfriend your mother? >> she was answering the quizzes about me. got to unfriend you. poor maggie's mom. >> i'm not the only one, ashlei ashleigh. are you friends with your mother? >> i don't know she's -- thank you, maggie. good to see you. do you remember the controversy last fall when the mississippi governor back then haley barbour pardoned all of those convicts? the uproar is stirring since one of those men has been charged with another crime. it's not just a little crime. an attorney from the firm representing him actually advise the governor not to pardon him, but he still got it. how does it happen? we'll explain. all energy development comes with some risk,
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hold on to your horses for this one. there are some new charges out today for a criminal in mississippi that the governor there pardoned earlier this year. take a look at the picture on your screen. that's a driver who literally can barely walk. yea. he's on a dui test. it's patrol car video. for a guy who was among 200 inmates who were granted pardons by then governor haley are about bure. now harry bostick is facing
12:59 pm
charges for killing, and he knew about the fatal crash and still gave him the pardon. he was sitting in a cell just waiting to be charged with this dui. you've been on this story from the beginning and i didn't think it could get worse and it got worse. >> yea. these charges are extremely serious. we expected some charges to be filed against harry bostick, but this case has exemplified the bizarre nature in the way these people think the partness on were handled in the months to haley barbour leaving office in mississippi and it sparked outrage over how a guy like this who letters were writ tonight governor on his behalf. a former irs investigator who, former u.s. attorneys