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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 15, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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written on his behalf saying he'd stopped drinking, saying that he deserved to get this pardon to get this felony dui conviction off of his record. he turns up in this accident that killed charity smith expect. >> and the governor's office citing they can't comment on this because of pending litigation. ed lavandera, appreciate that. the news continues with my colleague wolf blitzer in d.c. >> ashleigh, thanks very much. >> my life is hanging out with women. >> president obama steps up his courting the female voters, but democrats get a wake-up call. a new poll shows mitt romney may be leading among women. that's not the only category where obama is trailing and i'll ask for congresswoman debbie
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wasserman shut who is standing by live. a facebook co-founder unfriends the united states of america on giving us his u.s. citizenship could save him hundreds of millions of taxes when the company goes public. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- democrats have been betting on a big gender gap to give president obama an edge in the november election, they've accused republicans of a war on women and president obama has been going all out to kort female voters, but suddenly a new poll suggests it's mitt romney who may have an edge among women. let's go to brianna keilar. should the president be worried that he's potentially losing his
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critically important edge with women? >> reporter: wolf, it may be too soon to tell. these poll numbers may not tell the entire story. if we take a look at the poll by cbs news and new york times it does show romney 2 percentage points ahead. one reason to look at this very carefully is because other poll, albeit less recent polls show the president with a major advantage over governor romney and for instance, if you look at our latest poll, the cnn/orc poll it shows president obama with a 16% advantage. the obama campaign, wolf, is pushing back on the methodology of this poll and it's sort of standard if you don't like a poll to push back on it, but it is something to the complaint and this is why. part latest poll that was done in mid-may, they called back
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people that they had polled in april. they didn't get all of those people. so it was even smaller and the bottom line is it may not be representative of the nation as a whole. so we may have to wait and see other polls before we can make more of a conclusion about which direction, if any, we are going. >> in april when "the new york times" asked that same question the new york times and cbs the president had an advantage 49% of the women in april in the same new york times-cbs poll said they supported president obama and 43% mitt romney and that shifted 44% for barack obama, 46% for mitt romney. there's clearly been a shift in the new york times poll, but the methodology is something that leaves expert pollsters in doubt on the reliability of the new poll and we've seen new polls coming out in the next few days whether it's a trend or if it's a mistake on the part of the new york times and cbs.
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tell us what the president of the united states is doing to reenergize the female base because without it he'll be a one-term president. >> reporter: that's right. you can tell by his schedule. ya yesterday he was at barnard college a prestigious women's school urging women to fight for a seat at the head of the table and right after that he went to "the view" to talk about the all-female team of hosts there, talking about how to raise daughters in the internet age. >> what sort of rules do you and the first lady have to protect them and guide them? >> first of all, malia didn't get a phone until last year, so sasha still doesn't have one. >> how old is malia? >> she's 14. >> they don't have a facebook page and part of that is security for us. >> reporter: wolf, he also
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talked about title 9 and its effect on women's athletics and how in his view it's given women more confidence in other areas of more life. he's courting the women's vote big time. he needs the female vote big time, brianna. mitt romney was battled by fellow republicans but he's clearly bounced back and while he's been hammered by democrats, those polls have bounced off our national political correspondent jim acosta is taking a look into this part of the story. >> that's right. polls show mitt romney is hanging tough with president obama and it is simple, the economy. as millions of daytime talk show viewers witnessed earlier today, so does the president. mitt romney is sticking to what appears to be working with voters. his message on the nation's fiscal health. >> this debt is america's
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nightmare mortgage. this is not just bad economics. it is morally wrong and we must stop it. >> reporter: these days there isn't much that's sticking to romney. >> the objective was to make money. >> reporter: after this pro-obama super pac ad at bane capital to questions about whether he would have taken out osama bin laden to stories about his high school pranks, polls show the gop contender is still neck and neck with the president. the latest usa today gallup poll show they have a favorable view of romney as they have about president obama and americans believe the economy would be better under romney. >> after my divorce i lost my house, and lost my job. that explains why they hand pick voters. >> they all thought, man, this guy will get something done.
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>> my name is barack obama. it's always tight. barack hussein obama. >> appear on the daytime talk show "the view," still despite being in office for more than three years mr. obama declined to grade himself on the handling of the economy. how do you grade yourself honestly in terms of how you've done in terms of economics? >> you know, i won't give us a letter grade. i think it is still incomplete. >> reporter: the president is still moving backwards, mr. obama once gave himself a b-plus in terms of job performance. >> these have been years of disappointment and of decline and we can put all of that behind us. >> reporter: and romney is even getting help with those awkward campaign comments about his love of lakes and cars.
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irreverent rap group the gregory brothers have turned it into a mash-up. >> i live for laughter. three stooges. >> reporter: i don't know if you noticed there, wofrl, that was from an interview that you did with the romneys aboard the campaign bus in iowa. democrats counter romney's plans are i throwback to the presidency of george w. bush who told a rotor earlier today i'm from mitt romney. in a statement a spokeswoman said we welcome the president's support as we welcomed his father's. >> they edited me out of there and put someone else in that bus. what took president bush so long to come aboard the romney campaign? not only why did it take president bush, george w. bush, so long to give this endorsement and why did it take the romney
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campaign so long to get this out there and obviously, this is a different situation to get the endorsement of jeb bush or joern h.w. bush. for the problems that are out from with the economy. so perhaps this sort of lukewarm endorsement and reception of that endorsement, you know, that may speak volumes in just how popular george w. bush still is in this country. >> i think you're absolutely right, jim. thanks very much. let's dig deeper with our chief political analyst gloria borger. how much of a window does the obama campaign and his supporters have for romney and the bane experience. >> this is the point in the campaign, the primary is over for the republicans and you try to define your opponent and the white house takes a look at the polling and they say what's the one area where mitt romney takes
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barack obama. they also clearly look at the polls which say only a third of the american public thinks they're better off today than they were four years ago. so if you're in the obama campaign and you're saying what cowe have to do? we have to credit mitt romney's believity to manage the economy and tell the american people, you know what? given the job he did at bane capital, he doesn't have the right stuff to be president because he doesn't care about people like him. that's exactly what they're doing right now. there's a risk in this obama strategy. >> yes, it is. fairness is a theme that resonates with the american people. what does not resonate with the american people is class warfare particularly independent voters. they want to aspire to be rich or rich yourself. take a look at this. gallup did an obama job approval question, but they filtered out what they call pure, independent
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voters. the job approval among those pure independent voters is only 33%. the obama campaign knows those are the people they have to try and win back and that's probably one of the reasons, wolf, that when they're not talking about the economy, they're talking about portraying mitt romney as an extremist on social issues because they think that would resonate with those independent voters that they're not doing as well as they'd like to be doing. >> how much does the personal factor count? >> think the personal factor matters lot. running for president is a very, very personal vote. this is a person who will send your children to war, for example, and so when you look at the overall favorability gap between president obama and mitt romney. mitt romney is closing that now because the primaries are over, but take a look at some of our polling on personal characteristics comparing the
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president to romney. more in touch with rem. the president 55% to romney 27%. more in touch with the middle class. again, you see such a wide margin and one more thing, wolf, stands up for what he believes in. very important in a leader, the president again 50% to romney's 29%. those are the areas that mitt romney, republican presidential candidate really needs to work on if he's going to connect with the american people. >> yea. he's got almost six months to do it. he's got a lot of time. >> gloria, thanks very much. by the way, check out my blog, i write about mitt romney, and bane. a republican war on women. >> my women was drinking and when he drank he turned very mean, very violent. now she's a republican
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congresswoman and a key player over renewing the violence against women act. we'll update you over what's going on. we'll get the democrats argument over party chair. congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. we'll talk about that and what some call president obama's attack dog. facebook co-founder and millionaire defriends the united states of america. he gives up his citizenship. was it simply to save millions of dollars in taxes. [ male announcer ] whoa, megan landry alert. and she's looking directly at your new lumia, thank you at&t. first, why don't you show her the curved edge... now move on to the slick navigation tiles -- bam, right into the people hub. see megan, colin has lots of friends.
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get right to jack cafferty for the "the cafferty file," jack? >> mitt romney is hoping jimmy carter can help him win the white house. he's been comparing president barack obama to former democratic president while on the campaign trail. for example, when romney was asked if he would have approved the bin laden raid, he answered, quote, even jimmy carter would have given that order. romney described the obama white house as the most antismall businessa administration probably since carter. for many, the name carter evokes an incompetent liberal commander in chief, high gas prices and more government and a national malaise. by framing yourself as carter's
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enemy, you can make yourself out to be ronald reagan which is a brilliant strategy if it works. michael baro. >> reporter: e suggests that the 2012 election could mirror what happened in 1980 in the race between carter and ronald reagan, was there a late break away from the incumbent, carter was leading for most of the race. his job rating was kept higher, even though voters were unhappy with the economy and other issues, but during a debate just a few days before the election reagan famously asked are you better off than you were four years ago. suddenly the polls took a ten-point shift and barone suggests despite economic concerns and mr. obama's apologies, voters might be keeping his ratings artificially high for fear of rejecting the first black president and they might change their support to
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romney at the last minute. here's the question, is former president carter an effective weapon in the campaign against president obama. go to or to our post on the situation room's facebook page. >> i think you'll be hearing more about jimmy carter from mitt romney in the next several months. jack, thank you. a law protecting battered women has been on the books for two decades and now there is a political fight under way in washington over renewing the violence against women act. the senate has approved an panneded version and it's getting very, very personal and nasty. let's go live to our congressional correspondent kate bolduan, and it's getting nasty because we are in an election
1:20 pm
year and it has to do with a larger ongoing battle trying to win over the female vote. this time around, though, republicans have a new ms. earninger to help in that fight. it's one of the democrats' harshest election year attack lines. >> the republicans will continue their war on women. >> there is a war on women and this is a great indication of it. >> this attack on women will be noted across the united states of america. >> reporter: but that message aimed at winning over female voters could get tough tore sell. enter florida freshman republican sandy adams. >> i'm pretty certain i'm not at war with myself. >> reporter: adams usually keeps a relatively low profill. >> i went home and it's in florida. >> reporter: but she's stepping into the spotlight as the gop face over protecting victims of domestic violence. >> j is it more than politics and policy.
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>> when i was season i joined the air force and married. during the marriage i had a little girl and i realized my husband got to drinking and when he drank he turned very mean and very violent. we set out on our own, me without a high school diploma, just our clothes and i went out and i worked hard and we made it. that personal story could help republicans push against the violence against women act and deflect that they don't care about women. the 18-year-old law has been renewed twice before with little controversy, but not so this time around. senate democrats have their own version which extends coverage to more illegal immigrants and specifies the law include gay and lesbian victims. republicans say that's unnecessary, the law covers all
1:22 pm
victims. >> is this a war on women? >> no. >> why are depp democrats calling it a war on women? >> politics. we are here trying to reauthorize a bill that would help all victims of domestic, and. >> and while she condemns politics playing a role in the stand off, being at the center of it doesn't hurt someone like adams who is facing tough politics herself. and the election. i've said all along, i do not want to pile it, the victims deserve better than that, americans deserve better than that. >> reporter: the house republican version will pass when it comes to the house floor which that will help tomorrow, after that they'll hash out the differences between the two
1:23 pm
versions and both will return in the end goal. the question is just how long will they drag out this fight. >> what did the democrats say that the existing law, the existing language already protects those women, the illegal immigrants and also lesbian, for example. why do they need additional language. what are the democrats,' argument? >> the law allows for ambiguity that in order to specify for them to be covered under the law they want to specifically name gay victims and lesbian victims and transgender victims are specified under the law and when you get to the local law enforcement in implementing this law, and in terms of the issue of illegal immigrants and the democrats and the senate there believe that there need to be more protections for victims of
1:24 pm
domestic violence and they're trying to expand that portion of the law. >> that will continue in confidence between the house and the senate. thanks very much, kate, for that. a controversial execution with ties to iran's more controversial nuclear program. what's going on? we'll talk about new polling that could spell serious trouble for democrats. i'll ask debbie wasserman schultz if she's afraid president obama could lose in november. with olay. total effects tone corrector. 7 anti-aging therapies for younger looking skin including an even skin tone, instantly. from olay. born to leap,
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iran executes a man convicted of being a top nuclear scientist. >> iranian state television. ooh on he has been convicted of killing a professor in january 2010, one of several deadly attacks. iran alleges israel is behind them and says fashi was paid
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$120,000 by the israeli spy agency. american service men and women are getting a free pass to america's national parks. the white house announced a new program today in advanced of armed forces day this saturday. the passes which normally cost $80 will cover admission to 2,000 locations including national parks, monuments, forests and other federally mandated sites. on wall street the three major indexes ended the three-month low. the dow lust more than 60 points. >> thank you. a i new poll shows mitt romney leading president obama. i'll ask debbie wasserman schultz as james carville suggests. kate edwards faces another trial taking the stand in the trial of
1:29 pm
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with polls suggesting that mitt romney is leading president obama, is it time for the democrats to panic? let's discuss that with debbie wasserman shchultz, the chair o the democratic national committee. james carville said, wtfu, wake translated, wake the you know what up. what are you drink smoking? what are you drinking? what are you snorting or just what in the hell are you thinking? so many democratic leadership in the party and the campaign seem to be complacent that the president has a lot before being reelected. you have to fight. >> it's my job to peel folks like james carville off the ceiling because it's certainly
1:33 pm
not time to panic. i haven't noticed complacency at all. i've traveled to 32 states and almost 100 cities and our supporters know what's at stake and they know the trois directions they can go. they understand this will be a close election and they're fired up and ready to go. >> we are not kicking back and relaxing, i can assure you. >> the new york times cbs poll shows a third of the country thinks the economy is good right now. 67% two-thirds think the economy is bad. you agree the economy is issue number one. >> absolutely. we need to continue president obama's laser focus on creating jobs and remember he's brought us from the worst economic crisis that we've had since the great depression in most of our life times and now three and a half years later we've created 4.2 million jobs and we need to
1:34 pm
keep our eyes on the prize and focused on fighting for the middle class and working families and giving everyone know opportunity to be successful when mitt romney and his cronies and the republicans parties are fighting for people who are doing quite well and trying to do even better. that's the choice. >> as the republicans keep saying that the dmc, the organization you keep trying to change the subject away from the economy to other issues. >> really? >> same-sex marriage, for example. >> oh, okay. >> or if it's a bane capital, mitt romney's capital at bain capital and anything, but talking about the economy which is the president's weak spot. >> what i notice side the republicans are really good at projections which means that anything that applies to them they try to put on their opponents and it's the republicans that are focused on everything, but creating jobs and focused on everything, because they focused on social
1:35 pm
issues. they're had an obsession with culture. >> the republican primary and what about now? >> just over the last few months. >> he doesn't want to focus that. he wants to focus the economy. romney, i think that's a fair assessment. he doesn't want to focus on social issues which the other republican candidates like rick santorum and those guys. >> mitt romney has focused that on making sure the top of their agenda is defunding planned pirnthood. their number one bill, hr-1 was the repeal of the affordable care act. hr-3 would have defunded planned parenthood and ended funding for birth control and family planning. hr-3 would have made sure that we define -- >> the republicans in congress and not necessarily mitt romney. mitt romney has not distanced himself from the leadership and he's fully embraced the
1:36 pm
romney-ryan budget which would end medicare as we know it. he's completely twisted and intertwined with the extremists in the tea party. >> as far as you're concerned you want this race to be focused on jobs and the economy. >> it has president obama's focus from day one. it's also yet polls show most pers americans believe that a year from now they're optimistic. >> you're running for re-election in your district and there are a couple of republicans running. >> a couple. >> i don't know if you noticed and he's got a picture of you with a dog collar and stop barack obama's biggest attack dog is the headline. do you know this individual ozzy defario? >> i don't know him, no. >> is he a serious republican challenger to you? >> i'm focused on representing
1:37 pm
my constituents and making sure they understand i've been fighting for them and making sure they know i can -- that they hava i seven-way republican party and that website demonstrates what kind of person he is and it speaks for itself. >> coming on the heels of alan west's comments about you, you remember those. >> sticks and bones can break my bones and names can never hurt me. >> debbie wasserman schultz. thanks for coming in. the economy, economy, economy. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> a new poll shows mitt romney is leading with women voters. we'll talk about that and more with our strategy session. plea presidents of the united states here in washington, d.c. at the same time. we'll show you what's going on. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games
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let's get right to our strategy session. joining us now the democratic strategist, former white house deputy communications director jennifer socky along with bay buchanon. thanks very much for coming in. i'm sure both of you have studied in depth the latest "new york times/cbs poll, and i was stunned with the gender gap that we thought president obama had achieved winning a lot more women voters than mitt romney. in april the new york times poll had 49% of the women with barack obama, 43% with mitt romney, but now 44% for obama and 46% for
1:42 pm
romney. jen, what happened in the past month according to this "new york times" poll? >> we can talk about the poll with without talking about the methodology. they re-polled many of the people they polled in the past, but you know, the most important issue is women will be working on the policies and the issues of the candidates and what they represent and we're comfortable with where president obama is on those issues. >> our pollster here at cnn did point out to me that he has a problem with going back and re-questioning people they questioned a month ago, some you can find, some you can't find and that seems to show a distortion. >> also, they polled 6% more democrats than they did republicans so i'm sure there was some attempt there to even up the score for the president and they failed to do that, but the key here, wolf, is what's happened in the last month and the first thing is women do not like contentious environments
1:43 pm
and it was very ugly at different times and that suppressed our natural female vote for mitt romney. we had democrats assaulting ann romney and working women and the war on women and overlooking the real issue and that is his own record and what it's done to women and i think women see right through it. >> 90% of the jobs lost since president obama took office have been women. >> i am so glad you brought that u up, wolf, because more men lost jobs since the beginning of the recession than women. >> during the bush administration and manufacturing and construction. women lost jobs later because they were working in fields like education and health care. the president has fought for keeping jobs in those areas and republicans have fought against teacher jobs. >> bay, i think you'll remember
1:44 pm
the dark days of september, october, november 2008 when it looked like the whole economy was about to go over the cliff. the country was in worst shape then, you'll agree with that. >> no question. with economics there's always reversal and you have bad times and good time, bad times and good times. unfortunately it's been extraordinarily week and it's intn sputtering along. women account for 99% of the jobs lost. right now it looks like it's closer to 99 as new numbers come in and they count for the overwhelming majority and they're down to 20 years ago. they've put us back 20 years and the key is what you're hearing now is teenage politics. it was the bush people that did this. it's the republican congress, and the pollsters who did this. that undermines the idea that you are truly a leader. you take responsibility for what
1:45 pm
happens on your watch. more americans have lost jobs. >> i have to say that more economists than i have fingers have debunked the 92% number. we know there are issues with that number. voters will go out there and look at what's at stake. i think women want to have a serious conversation about the issues and when you have a candidate like mitt romney who wants to gut programs like head start and cut health care funding and those are real issues and the stakes are serious. >> a lot of local communities have had to cut school teachers and social workers and most of those jobs, those are women who are losing their jobs because of local and state funding cutbacks. >> and the thing here is that there's a sense that weir treating women -- the democrats are treating women as if they are not that bright because they will be fooled and the key issues are could bes and the key, but guess what? the polls show that women are in
1:46 pm
the same boat as men and they're worried about this economy. >> in contrast, mitt romney's campaign says he's surrounding by a few women and he understands what women are fighting for and women need jobs for themselves and for their children. >> there are 1.6 million jobs that president put in place. >> i'm anxious to see another poll coming out in the next few days to see the new york times, cbs poll is a mistake or if there's something that we need to watch. >> we're going to hear from two former presidents of the united states, george w. bush who makes a rare return to washington or bill clinton who offers a dim political move. facebook founder unfriends the united states of america. how giving up his citizenship could save him millions of dollars. he already has billions. ♪
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the president is speaking
1:50 pm
out in washington, d.c. lisa sylvester is monitoring that and other top stories in "the situation room." >> former george w. bush made a rare appearance in washington and aye an even rarer speech. he wassa i block away from his former home, the white house. >> america does not get to choose if a freedom ref looigz losing should begin or end in the middle of east or elsewhere. america's message should ring clear and strong. we stand for freedom and for the institutions and habits that make freedom work for everyone. >> and not quite as rare, former president bill clinton assesses the political clanned scape. he talked about the primary defeat of veteran republican senator richard lugar in indiana who lost to richard murdoch. murdoch is turning his back on
1:51 pm
compromise saying one side has to winner and that doesn't sit well with mr. clinton. >> the gentleman who just defeated senator lugar said something they found disturbing although i kind of like him personally. he's a very appealing sort of person, but he said i am totally against any compromise, the views are reconcilable. we just have to keep fighting if somebody wins. if that was the view, there never would have been a constitution and bill of rights, the federal government would not have assumed the debts of the colony from the revolutionary war and nothing else would have happened, but as soon as this election is over i think the incentives will be for both parties to make more compromising than they have in the past. >> and i suspect as we get closer to the election, wolf, we'll see more of these former presidents giving speeches like
1:52 pm
that, wolf. >> i'm sure we'll see more of president clinton. not so sure we'll see a whole lot more of president bush. we'll see. that's what makes politics so much fun to cover. let's go to jack. he has "the cafferty file." compromise, what a concept. is former president carter an effective weapon in mitt romney's campaign against president obama. no, history does not normally repeat itself. i have no doubt that mitt still thinks disco is groovy. he does not have ideas. he's interested in a new career goal for mitt. joe in new york writes if romney wants to bring up carter then i don't want to hear him complain about george w. bush. i voted for carter when carter first ran for office, same hesitation and seine same
1:53 pm
ineffectiveness i saw in carter i see in obama and i voted for reagan. i'll vote for romney. ron writesic ma, but i think about this, jimmy carter left office 31 years ago. no person 35 years of age or your honoring younger will remember the carter malaise. they have no idea what who carter was. i think they might have read a history book. randall writes, from the silent majority in this yagz, yes. it's difficult to get around carter's nobel peace prize. comparing carter to obama is almost as much of a stretch as comparing romney to reagan. good luck with that one. file or through the situation room's facebook page. >> a secret nuclear program revealed. we're not talking about iran.
1:54 pm
we're talking about kodak. we'll meet the facebook co-founder who gave up his united states citizenship. was it simply to save millions in taxes? ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a t of ordn thr life virtuawallethelpyou g. keep traf spenng, ve y with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. he was poised to become one of america's newest billion acres but this facebook co-founder is no longer an american. were taxes the reason he gave up his u.s. citizenship? cnn's mary snow is with us once again. mary, what are you finding out about this story? >> wolf, we're talking about brazilian born eduardo severyn. he cut ties with uncle sam, but tax lawyers aren't as convinced.
1:58 pm
had he not renounced his u.s. citizenship before facebook's ipo you might not be hearing much about eduardo severyn. for one, his name only came to light in the movie "the social network." >> eduardo severyn, co-founder and cfo. >> he eventually sued for a stake in the company. david kirkpatrick, author of "the facebook effect" estimates severyn owns about 4% which could be worth, get this $4 billion. >> the book the movie was based on was called the accidental billionaire. there was only one accidental billionaire and that's eduardo severyn. >> reporter: severyn could potentially save hundreds of millions in u.s. taxes, but a spokesman for severyn says his
1:59 pm
expate raising happened months ago. he became a u.s. citizen in 1998. his spokesman said he moved to singapore three years ago. he still has strong ties to brazil and is extremely passionate about not only his home landz, but about the u.s. eduardo found it more practical to be a resident of singapore since he plans to live there for an indefinite period of time. the professor at columbia raw school says taxes didn't play a roll in his decision. >> it meant he would be unis ject to taxes on his worldwide income no matter where he lived and it's very hard to believe that taxes did not enter into his calculation at all given the timing of this. >> reporter: savarin is not alone. nearly 1800 people gave up their
2:00 pm
u.s. citizen last year. that's nearly eight times the number in 2008. one expert says it's tied to stricter enforcement by the irs in recent years. >> there are a lot of people who have a connection to the u.s., but have kept their u.s. citizenship which is free, but once it becomes costly they're prepared to shed it. >> reporter: in difing up u.s. citizenship, if you do renounce your citizenship you are faced with an exit tax. mary, thank you. you're in "the situation room." happening now, the feds start taking a look at j.p. morgan chase's $2 billion trading blunder, but are they letting jamie dimon off the hook? we're just getting our hands on a new report about the president's finances and there are reasons to think he might be take the j.p. morgan chase debacle personally. a radioactive discovery about the iconic kodak camera company that once had a secret stab of
2:01 pm
nuclear bomb making material in a basement. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- cnn has confirmed that the fbi is launching a preliminary into the j.p. morgan chase debacle. the ceo jamie dimon personally apologized to shareholders today for the mega bank's $2 billion trading loss. he appeared to save his loss and his very fat paycheck at the same time. jeffrey to be obin is standing . poppy harlow, she's in tampa where the annual shareholders meeting issing about on.
2:02 pm
what happened there today, poppy? >> reporter: wolf, jamie dimon kicked the meeting off taking the issue head-on, the $2 billion massive trading loss blunder by the bank. this meeting could not have come at a worst time for j.p. morgan. jamie dimon taking more responsibility saying this never should have happened, but changes in policies, procedures and management are happening at the bank to try to get a handle on this. however, two important things to note, jamie dimon will keep his $23 million pay package that was approved overwhelmingly and 90% of the shareholders voting for them and he'll remain ceo and chairman of the bank. the bigger issue here is is this bank too big to manage. if someone like jamie dimon who even president obama has called one of the best bankers on wall street could suffer this loss and what does this mean for the
2:03 pm
system systemically, does this put us at risk like we were in 2008 and that comes down to the issue of dodd frank and wall street reform? it's something that jamie dimon addressed in the meeting. no cameras allowed in, but we do have audio of what dimon said. take a listen. >> we all want better, smarter and stronger regulations. second, as i wrote my letter and i wrote we agree with the intent of the volcker rule, that intent is to eliminate proprietary trading and to ensure market are done, the we want to learn from mistakes, learn them and fix them and we'll with be an even stronger company. >> reporter: it's important to note, wolf, that risky trades are still being made and keep in mind, this move, this loss happened in the arm of the company that is meant to manage risk, to prevent against things
2:04 pm
like this happening. this didn't happen in the investment banking arm. this happened in the chief investment office and that's a big concern and question for shareholders. >> you're there covering it, poppy, what were the folks inside listening to jamie dimon, what did they have to say? >> reporter: it was a mixed bag. you had some come up to the microphone and log jamie dimon for his success. up to this point he was clearly the best risk manager guiding this firm through the financial crisis. i want you to take a listen to three people that were in the meeting that we spoke with right after. >> it seems like the $2 billion loss should open their eye to the fact that mr. dimon is not on top of everything. >> what it shows is they're pushing for weak financial views that harm the economy and are
2:05 pm
against the public interest. >> they're still make the same mistake and engaging in the risky activities and it's the same thing. >> reporter: so you do have that shareholders frustration. as i said it was a mixed bag and it's very important to point out something here. this is a $2 billion contained loss. could it grow? yes. could it shrink, yes. what we do know is this is america's biggest bank with $2 trillion in asset sdms is a relatively small amount money and they're expected to make $18 billion this year alone in profit. one senior banking analyst i spoke to said that was more than any other bank of america, more than goldman sachs, bank of america and morgan stanley combined. poppy's in tampa for us. let's get to the legal fallout from the j.p. morgan chase bless as the fbi starts to look into
2:06 pm
what went wrong. let's bring in our legal analyst jeffrey toobin. potentially what laws, potentially, may have been violated in any. >> wolf, that's a hard question and i don't think i have the answer at this point. this does not look, at least on the surface, like any crimes took place, and i can understand given the magnitude why the fbi is taking a look, but just because the fbi is looking it doesn't mean that there was some sort of fraud that took place and at least as far as the information that's public, this money was lost. it didn't go into someone's pocket. so in that respect it doesn't look like there is a culprit out there who is an obvious criminal suspect, but that's why the fbi is investigating is to see if there was any fraud, any false statements or any theft of this money. >> because i asked the question a, because i'm curious what law is out there potentially that could have been violated and also because of the criticism of
2:07 pm
the federal government and the aftermath of the collapse of 2008 of lehman brothers and so many prth financial institutions that no one was seriously prosecuted in kecks with the billions, if not trillions lost then. that remains coming out of the financial collapse of 2008 in 2008. so here the justice department is at least taking the first step of looking to see if there say case to be made. i think it's interesting that it's the justice department, not the securities and exchange commission. the securities and exchange commission has been criticized by federal judges for simply accepting settlements where banks and bankers don't accept any sort of culpability for what went on. the justice department has generally exercised a firmer hand, but you're certainly right. no principal figures who were involved in the 2008 klatches
2:08 pm
have been prosecuted or certainly gone to prison. here an investigation is starting, but that is a long, long way from anyone being prosecuted and much less sent to prison. >> the sec has started an investigation of its own, but now the fbi and the justice department takes it to a whole new level. that will abe serious of investigations. >> and when the two are investigating and when the sec is investigating and the department of justice and the department of justice always takes precedence because they're the ones that have the potential ability to put people in prison. that doesn't happen with the sec. >> they can -- impose a fine, am you will and that's different than a criminal investigation. jeff, thanks very much for that. john edwards' corruption trial broke a little while. anticipation has been would abouting for his daughter kate to testify. let's go to joe johns in
2:09 pm
greensbo greensboro, north carolina. what are you hearing about the defense witness list? >> reporter: wolf, the defense is apparently pretty much reserving the right to throw in the kitchen sink here at the end of the trial. they basically said in court today that they're reserving the right to call, for example, john edwards to the stand and rielle hunter to the stand, a lot of people thought she was off the list in talking to the legal people inside the courtroom today. they said it could be a ploy to keep the government guessing and it could be a reflection of a disagreement on the defense team and even with john edwards himself who is a trial lawyer, all of this as to whether and when kit ed wars, the daughter of john edwards might take the stand. for years kate edwards has mostly been at her father's side. in 2004 she actively campaigned
2:10 pm
with her father on his unsuccessful campaign for his presidential nomination. that year, she became the first family member to state she was in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. again in 2008 she was there lending her support as her father ran for president and as john edwards became embroiled in a paternity scandal that would end his quest for the nomination, it was kate who became the family's public face, speaking from the heart at her mother's funeral in 2010. >> some of you may know amma, jack and i ended every conversation with our mom by saying i love you more and she always respond no, i love you more and as you can imagine none of us ever won that battle, but today i have the honor of being the last to say, mom, i really, really love you more. edwards went to princeton and
2:11 pm
graduated from harvard law. in 2011 she married her longtime boyfriend. and now as here father fights to stay out of jail, she's been the loyal daughter at his side almost every day for almost three weeks, sitting just a few feet behind him in court, the two occassionally exchanging glance glances. >> she's the real victim here. she lost her brother and her mother to cancer. her father is the most reviled man in america and the jury would look forward to hearing what she has to say. >> reporter: kate edwards could take the stand tomorrow. jim walsh said he followed the money and found a trail of $70,000 that apparently went directly from an edwards' benefactor to rielle hunter the mistress and bypassed any middle
2:12 pm
sxhen this occurred long after john edwards got out of the race for president which undercuts the government's case that this was all about saving john edwards' political career. >> all right, joe, thanks very much. we'll check back with you tomorrow. president obama has just released new information about his finances. we'll explain. >> only hours after the new french president was sworn in, he rushed to leave the country. we'll tell you what's going on and it was an unforgettable car crash, but the driver can't remember a thing. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games
2:13 pm
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2:15 pm
jack cafferty is here with "the cafferty file." jack? >> this is a little disconcerting, drones are not just for fighting the war on terror in the middle east anymore. they may be watching you. as more and more of these unmanned aircraft pop up over u.s. soil they may be used to spy on americans.
2:16 pm
thera an air force document that says if unmanned drones accidentally capture surveillance foot little of americans they can keep the information for up to 90 days and analyze it where's that in the constitution in the u.s. military and the government aren't supposed to conduct surveillance of americans on u.s. soil without consent, but if they accidentally capture you on video, that's okay. they did apparently hang on to that material in order to determine if you're a terrorist. there there's no question that spying on americans can and should raise fla red flags. the yow law of unintended consequences is sure to follow. mack no mistake drone use is expanding here at home. they and universities and including the the department of home lant security and local police departments. these drones can be used for law enforcement, fire fighting and
2:17 pm
news coverage and monitoring wild life or to spy on american citizens. lawmakers from both parties asked the faa to answer questions about privacy to make sure the public knows that these things are being used and why. experts predict this will increase as more of the technologies brought back from afghanistan, pakistan and yemen. here's the question. should drones be used to spy on americans? go to and post a comment on my blog or go to my post on the situation room's facebook page. one of the things they're using it for is to patrol the border with mexico. i'm not sure about flying over american cities and looking down on us folks. >> they have the closed-circuit tvs. >> a lot more in london than they have here and we're catching up. and. >> that's a disconcerting
2:18 pm
thought. >> know. >> thank you. president obama is revealing new information about his personal finances. the report released just a little while ago. brianna keilar is joining us. what do we now know? >> reporter: this happens every mid-may and we do know from this latest financial disclosure is -- we get 2.5 million and $8 million. president obama has treasury notes valued between $1 million and $5 million and he has a checking account at j.p. morgan chase where there is between half a million and a million. j.p. morgan chase making news for the $2 billion loss and this has always been the case coming from books. he makes, of course, $400,000 a year as president, but also from
2:19 pm
his book "the audacity of hope," between $50,000 and $100,000 and from his memoir "dreams from my father" earnings from last year being $100,000 and $1 million was actually down from a year before, wolf and between $100,000 and $1 million of "thee i sing" that was donated to a charity that benefits veterans' families and there will be another book coming out about michelle obama, about the white house garden and the official charity of the national park charity. >> doing all right. >> doing all right. >> what about the vice president joe biden and his family? they released their financial disclosure statement as well. >> reporter: he's doing all right. he has a number of accounts that are will havalued significantly and the number of accounts and investment funds and insurance policies valued between 1,000
2:20 pm
and $15,000, but there's one item that's getting a whole lot of attention on his financial disclosure and under the gift list. he accepted a gift of what's called the cricket watch -- and i don't know if i'm pronouncing this right, the value $800,000 and according to the vice president's office this is something that he accept sented from the owner of a small jewelry store while on an official visit to finland and a number of presidents have worn these and it's a tradition that they've been presented to presidents. so vice president biden here and something that caught my eye, wolf, vice president biden has a significantly better interest rate on his home loan than president obama. he refinanced and his is 4.65 and the obamas, 5.625%. >> i think he could probably get a deal.
2:21 pm
>> the president has a lot of treasury bills and a lot of treasury notes and he's basically a very conservative investor and he's trying to keep his money safe which a lot of people are trying to do. thanks very much for that, brianna. police say a fake police officer may be pulling over cars and shooting the drivers. the government is stepping up the disease that affects millions. could there be no more alzheimer's? ♪
2:22 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and now it powers our latest innovation
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2:24 pm
a new plan to defeat alzheimer's in only 13 years. lisa sylvester is monitoring this and other top stories in "the situation room" right now.
2:25 pm
what's going on, lisa? >> wolf, the government is stepping up efforts to fight the disease that affects 5 million people. it's unveiling an aggressive agenda to fight projected approaches by 2025 laying it out on alzheimer' president obama's proposed budget next year also has a $100 million increase for anti-alzheimer's efforts. two people have been killed on the side of a mississippi highway. authorities are worried a fake police officer pulled them over and shot them. the incidents took place 55 miles apart and the victims didn't know each other. police are advising people to pull over in well-lit, crowded areas or verify and call 911 to make sure it's a real police officer. leon panetta is take ste steps -- they're not receiving
2:26 pm
enough oxygen. the pentagon says they're mandating all f-22 flights aring can monthly report about progress in solving the problem. and if you are watching this with at least three people, chances are one of you have sleep walked. the journal found out of 19,000 american adults almost 30% have sleep walked smat point. researchers found no difference between men and women. people who live alone may sleep walk without knowing it. >> an amazing story, but the alzheimer's research and i was at a dinner in washington the other night and the amazing research that's going on to deal with alzheimer's right now is simply mind blowing, if you will, and they are on the verge of major breakthroughs. they need money to fund the research. it's critically important. >> i want to give that e-mail al
2:27 pm
address again. i want to make sure i get it right this time. it's alzheimer' alzheimer alzheimer' i'm sure many of our viewers will be interested on this. >> every family nowadays has family that's been affected with alzheimer's and this breakthrough is really, rite really critical and we'll work on the story and update viewers on "the situation room." thanks very much for that. the new president of france was sworn in and he high tailed it out of the country. and the first lady of france isn't married to the president of france. how she'sic braing traditions. and the company that gave us kodak moments has a secret. it had nuclear weapons stashed in a basement.
2:28 pm
2:29 pm
2:30 pm
the new president of france is capping his first day on the job by discussing the european
2:31 pm
debt crisis in germany. he had a tough time getting to berlin to meet the german chancellor angela merkel. the first plane was struck by lightning and it all happening only hours after his inauguration. ♪ ♪ ♪ along with him sworn in the first president of france in two decades. he's promising to take a new approach to the mesa, cross europe right now. joining us from paris is richard quest. after today's pomp and circumstance the new french president flew to meet with angela merkel. what does that tell you about the state of the european economic crisis in and of itself? >> reporter: it tells you that it's very serious, that the
2:32 pm
fran franco-german relationship is crucial to the center of the eurozone and the european union and i think most important of all that the president of france and chancellor merkel have different views on the way forward. he wants more growth policies very similar to those seen in the united states. angela merkel still believes that there has to be a rigid austerity if europe is going to get rid of its large deficits and move forward. we have, remember, a social democrat, a socialist, if you like, who wants to turn france to the left. >> on that point, richard, he's a socialist as you point out to a lot of folks in the united states, that's sort of a bad word. should americans be concerned about the policies toward the united states? >> no.
2:33 pm
absolutely not. he's a socialist and he's a pragmatist and in many ways what the democrats would be looking forward to. he wants more labor controls and he wants to have better protections. he wants trade unions and trade protections and all those sort of things and most important of all, today's inauguration was about education, it was about growth and getting unemployment down and what he's calling for and maybe some of the viewers will have a shudder down the back and he happenses higher taxes on the rich and those paying more than a million euros. sitcom fortably for this one, wolf, he wants a tax of 75% on those incomes over a million euros. >> well, he's a socialist and that's what a lot of socialists do. thanks very much, richard. richard quest reporting for us from paris. the people of france are
2:34 pm
trading one high-profile first lady is different than the other. she's not married to the new president of france. here's cnn's hala gorani. she is france's first, unmarried premiere dame. valerie, is the girlfriend of the president and she prefers the term companion. their affection for each other was evident election-eve and a relationship that be gap in 2005 while they were both with their form partners. they've known each other for a very long time. before that she was with another paper and she's always been a political journalist. so they've known each other for at least 20 years. >> reporter: a feisty, political journalist, the twice-divorced mother of three gave up her
2:35 pm
career so she could actively campaign for aland and now she has big shoes to fill. size 38, carla bruni sarkozy. that could be out of character for france's first lady who says she will keep her day job. >> translator: she wants to stay a normal woman. she says herself that she has no family wealth. she has three children, three adolescents who she still looks after and for her it's crucial that she remain independent, especially financially independent with regard to her husband. she's not one to sponge off the state so for the first time in france we could have a first lady who is a working woman. >> but work as a political journalist when you're in a relationship with a government official, no less the president, could be viewed as a conflict of
2:36 pm
interest. even still, southlait wouldn't first time in france. the power elite have been complicated. rooney sarkozy married her husband after he divorced his second wife while in office. francois mitt raeranmitterand, socialist -- even though he had a top aide marry their girlfriends for protocol, but it seems times may have changed. >> translator: i think the french public wants a revolution in opinion. a lot of couples in france live together and so does oland, though it does not shock anyone. the couple are at head of a step family. >> reporter: france's first couple may never feel the need
2:37 pm
to marrmarry, but then again, t haven't ruled it out. hala gorani, cnn, atlanta. >> the new french president also never married his first partner. she was the socialist presidential candidate five years ago. she lost to sarkozy and the now former president of prance and oland and royal, even though they never married, they had four children and they're all grown in their 20s right now. now president obama says he won't attend a summit in russia. does it spell trouble for u.s.-russia relations? what is going on. a woman drives 25 miles with the roof of her car torn half way off. if you want to know what happened to it don't ask the driver. she had no idea anything was wrong.
2:38 pm
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the charlotte, north carolina, could have such a big impact on global politics? the democratic national convention is scheduled to be in charlotte in early september, but guess what? it's the exact same week when a major world summit is taking
2:41 pm
place in russia. president obama says he won't attend the global conference, a decision raising eyebrow in some corners around the world. this isn't the only world summit snub causing controversy, is it? >> exactly, wolf. we had this nato summit coming up shortly coming this weekend. nato summits used to be kind of a members-only club, but now that's changed because nato is working with all sort of allies and many of them are invited to this nato summit, then again, some aren't. nato's scrambling to explain just who is coming to the party in chicago. >> this special relationship event of which we will meet with partners that contributed witha i significant way. they've been in a tizzy over
2:42 pm
members. like vladimir putin. he's not coming and he also told president obama no thanks on the eve of nato summit. his excuse? he's too busy putting together his new cabinet. instead mr. putin is sending dmitry medvedev to bond mr. obama, translation? >> it's a signal. perhaps a signal of irritation, with siria, recognition that not much will be done during election season and concern about human rights legislation and about the u.s. congress? >> president obama said thanks, but no thanks to the apex sum they mr. foot sputin is hosting. another noninvitee to the nato
2:43 pm
summit, israel. turkey at odds with israel is taking credit for that, but -- >> israel had never intended and never thought it would take part in the chicago summit. however, the turks publicly went out and make a point of saying that they're blocking not only israel with the activities with the alliance and israel and nato. it's just not true. one more last-minute invitation is causing waves, too. president zardari got one as they reopen communication lines and pakistan shut after nato forces killed 24 pakistani forces. president zardari is still making up his mind on whether to attend. and here's a footnote on that obama-putin meeting. they do plan on getting together on the sidelines of the g-20 summit that will be taking place in mexico in june and that will be their first face-to-face meeting since mr. putin became
2:44 pm
russia's president again. >> i don't remember a time, jill, i covered the first asia-pacific summit, the a.p.e.c. summit, i don't remember one where an american president didn't attend. >> i think you're right on that and you can interpret that in many ways. president obama says it's important to get to that -- to the democratic convention, but you could interpret it in another way, perhaps a counter snub to a snub by president putin. they should have had it after the election in november. putin thought the weather would be too rough knowing they probably would result in president obama's not coming and i think that's why putin is not coming to chicago. the tit for tat will continue. >> almost four pounds of weapons-grade uranium, why kodak
2:45 pm
could possibly need the nuclear material and you might not notice. you might not notice a small bump or scratch on your car, but don't you think you'd notice if it looked like this especially if you were the one driving that car? ♪
2:46 pm
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2:48 pm
almost four pounds of weapons-grade uranium hidden in a basement. we're not talking about iran. we're talking about right here
2:49 pm
in the united states, and at the facility of the iconic camera company kodak. cnn's brian todd is working the story for us. kodak, nuclear, enriched uranium. what's going on? >> they need this highly enriched uranium to run in a machine for testing for impurities. kodak says it never posed a risk to know any, but experts say it's very unusual for a private company to handle enriched uranium especially in this kind of a device. >> it was kept in a sub-basement cavity near building 82 deep in the heart offa i research complex. it was in cfx, about the size of a refrigerator. the stuff nuclear bombs are made of. it wasn't at some arms factory in the old soviet union, but at kodak. that's right. the company that brought us the insta mattic camera.
2:50 pm
>> and the walls surrounding it were two feet of concrete. the ceiling over it were two feet of concrete and eight feet of earth. so it was a well-shielded instrument. >> albert was a scientist who worked with the device for 13 years in new york. the cfx wasn't a nuclear react. it produced neutrons used to test chem. kals and film for impurities. kodak operated it for more than 30 years until 2007. kodak said it never intended to hide the cfx but the fact that the company was handling highly enriched uranium was never publicized. >> as soon as you mention nuclear it sends up red flags, bells and whistles go off and people have a natural aversion to it. so they probably just didn't want to arouse the local neighborhood. >> reporter: both filo and a
2:51 pm
kodak spokesman say it was safe, that no radiation leaked out. that it was never in the form needed to make a weapon and that it was well secured. still -- we don't want iran to have this material but it's okay for kodak? >> if you have enough highly enriched uranium you can use it to make a nuclear weapon. in smaller quantities it may not be enough. you can imagine an adversary could steal enough in different areas to consolidate and have enough for a bomb. >> reporter: kodak had three and a half pounds of highly enriched uranium at a time, well under 45 pounds or so it takes to make a weapon. but a dom that could damage a city doesn't have to be big. the scale is modest. not much uranium needed for a ten kiloton bomb. >> it would fit in this container. that's all the highly enriched uranium you need. what we call the improvised nuclear device would fit in any
2:52 pm
minivan you see going down the street. >> we have to point out kodak isn't the only nongovernment entity that's handled nuclear material. there are 31 research reactors in the u.s. most at universities but some private companies like dow chemical, ge, hitachi and aerotest have them but most use lower enriched fuel. most of the companies use lower ep riched fuel for their devices. this was highly enriched uranium at kodak. >> i suspect my friends at rochester had no idea. >> probably not. >> jack has the cafferty file. >> not far from buffalo, was it? >> no. >> yeah. the question is should drones be used to spy on americans. don writes, i can't wait until the armed drones start flying around attacking u.s. citizens. i sure do feel safe in a post 9/11 society when the country's people who were attacked are now
2:53 pm
deemed suspicious and need to undergo unmanned air surveillance like the population is a constant threat to society. can't wait for the news. american drone kills american civilians. defense department says, sorry about the mishap. james in montana writes the answer is no, jack. but the sad fact is it is probably already being done. i wonder how the government would react if i hired a private firm to bug their offices? most of them would be jailed on the collected evidence. larry writes why not? there are so-called americans who want to destroy people. the constitution says against all enemies foreign and domestic. k says, no, obama is like big brother. i feel like i live in the soviet union. pete writes ever since the patriot act the government has been spying on citizens. our financial transactions, e-mails, phone calls, internet use, the groups we join, library activities, probably postings on the cafferty file.
2:54 pm
all usually without the benefit of a court order or warrant. sure, add drones to the list. the majority is willing to give up freedom for the illusion of safety. paul writes security cameras have been used for years to watch for criminal activity. the only difference is that the drones are mobile. why not use them? h. writes does anyone get the feeling that we are living in a george orwell novel? to read more about it go to the blog. file. we'll put our post on the situation room facebook page. they're watching, wolf. >> i know. a woman shows up for work on time just like any other day but has no idea she just drove 25 miles in a car that looks like this. these three friends share a house. we swapped their ride for a focus. bad news for their imports.
2:55 pm
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2:58 pm
there are certain moments in life that are so intense, so exceptional they are etched in our memories forever. this one wasn't. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: what's black and blue and has fur all over? a canadian motorist who hit a moose, lost all memory of the accident and drove the car like this 25 miles to arrive at work on time. co-worker cindy paulson came running. >> i said, michelle, what happened? >> i said, nothing. she asked if i was okay. i said, yeah, why wouldn't i be? >> reporter: blood streaming down her swollen head. >> i said, michelle, you were in an accident. she said, no, i wasn't. >> reporter: when she turned and saw her car, the one she had just stepped out of. >> i was devastated to see the state my car was in. >> reporter: next stop, the hospital. michelle higgins has been recovering ever since from two
2:59 pm
broken bones in her neck and bruises galore. did you actually have a hoof print on your face? >> right up there. >> reporter: she calls it a scuff mark. but the moose looked worse than michelle did. police found it dead on the side of the road. michelle was driving from home to her job as a behavior therapist in gander, newfoundland. she believes she rounded baend on the trans-canada highway and struck the moose, peeling back the top of the car. officials told her -- >> if i had been an inch taller they think it would have took my head off. >> reporter: she has no memory of driving the next 25 miles. stopping at red lights, making rights and lefts. >> exactly. yeah. i made two lefts and a right. >> reporter: michelle say it s memory loss bothers her. >> i lost five dollars a few years ago and it drives me crazy. now i lost my mind. >>