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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 19, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it about half past the hour here welcome back i'm randi kaye, thanks for starting your day with us. we're back with randy kessler with more on the big legal cases. we talked about the trayvon martin case. now the john edwards corruption trial. the jury is deliberating now. a lot of talk about him stag the stand, his mistress, rielle hunter taking the stand, they didn't put either one on the stand. good move, bad move? >> i think a smart move.
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john edward probably couldn't help himself and gone off and talked about things, such a good spokesperson, gift of gab, he can talk well, great trial lawyer, it had to be hard as could be for him to not say a word. probably the right choice. if you catch somebody in a lie, even unintentional lie, it shoeses him. he didn't get himself a chance to get hung on his own words. >> who made the smarter case, prosecution or defense? >> the prosecution did everything they had to do. the real question is who is on the jury, we don't know everyone's personal biases, do they want to convict someone because he cheated on his wife and so angry they they will say he committed a crime. no question he cheated, did it rise to the level of the crime? up to how the people are seeing it those are 12 jurors we don't know everything about then. do they believe he knew there were payments being made on his behalf to cover up this mistress. >> people -- everyone thinks
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they know everything, maybe he didn't know what was going on, he will be tagged with he must know what was going on he's a liar, because he cheated on his wife. he has problems. flchl they just started deliberating yesterday, how long do you think it would take? >> could go weeks, it won't be a day or two. will decide a couple days before deciding who is a foreperson, they will have to compromise and convince each other of the other verdicts. >> i want to talk now about a bizarre developing story we talked about it with our viewers this morning. this one is this case now where there is a manhunt for the 30-year-old suburban chicago husband for the stabbing of his new bride, she was found dead in the bathtub, the fbi now tracking his phone use from illinois to texas near the mexican border, he's running to mexi mexico, randy, is this basically admitting guilt by going on the run? >> i think it is.
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fleeing the scene, the crime scene is evidence of guilt. he has two other strikes. there noise forced entry in the home. there is no forced entry in the home. the day after the wedding, no question that he has got an uphill battle if he gets caught. >> one thing we don't know about is a motive, if he was involved. is something you would look at or investigators would be lifen? sure. after the fact you think you don't get life insurance, and recover the policy. they hear something they say i'll sign her up for live insurance, pay the premium and kill her and get the proceeds, he might be that kind of person. >> he apparently told a coworkers if officials ask tell them i'm heading to mexico. >> how do you gauge someone dumb enough to kill somebody?
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he will be caught. >> if he macks it to mexico, is he home free or will they be able to bring them back? >> mexico may not be a safe place, they can extradite him. nice to see you, randy kessler, thanks. grab the cup of coffee time to get you caught up on headlines. blind chinese activist who asked congress and the president for help is on the way to u.s. chen guangcheng his wife and two children arrived at the beijing airport for a flight to new york. 2, 1, 0 and lift off -- we've had a cut off. lift off did not occur. >> a technical glitch scrubs the planned launch of the spacex falcon rocket, a private company was about to make history by
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launching the rocket to the international space station, another attempt could happen tuesday we're told. two 16-year-old girls are dead and several people injured after a bomb exploded outside vocational school in southern italy. the police chief says the motive for the attack is under investigation and no one has claimed responsibility. alabama's governor says changes to the state's anti-immigration law will make it simpler and clearer. the governor signed the legislation yesterday. critics say they are window dressing and the law discriminates. . the justice department is challenging the law as unconstitutional. the kennedy family is gathering for robert kennedy, jr.'s estranged wife. mary richardson kennedy hanged herself. her siblings plan a private memorial service in new york.
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shipwrecked on a remote island. three stranded fishermen survived on seaweed and clams for ten days waitle you find out who came to their rescue. a six-year-old golden retriever thought he was having fun when he ran away from his owner. >> sam, look at me. sam! >> but sam got swept away in a very strong, deadly current, a brave fireman jumped in to save sam, we'll have the video you don't want to miss that.
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welcome back everyone. sometimes we see great video here on the show and say we have to share that with our viewers. >> no doubt. >> this is one of those times. so we want to check out some of our favorite stories so far. how about this, getting shipwrecked on an island is one of the scariest things, right, for anybody? reynolds if you were stuck on an island, what would be the one thing you would have to take?
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>> i would have to take a fly rod, a fishing rod. >> you might need to it eat. >> could you do well on an island of course, you can predict the weather which would help you. thankfully three fishermen from this boat were resourceful when they were stranded for ten days are after the boat capsized. located off central british columbia used the raft for shelter and guess what they ate, clams and seaweed. >> isn't that sushi? probably clean and not out of the ocean. i'm a big fan of seaweed, great for you. i don't know i want to pull it out and eat it. >> a sailor went by a guy in his 70s, picked them up, if this happened in the south pacific or some other place, a bit more remote you never know. >> could have turned out not so well. another one we love, we
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showed you sam before the break, he was rescued this week. he's ear rescue, listen to this. >> you got it, come on, bud. >> what is his name? >> sam. >> come on, sam. >> that's right. the six-year-old golden retriever ran for his freedom, he ran the wrong way and got swept away in a strong and chilly current. people were shouting to try to get him to come back and stay close, they followed him downstream you're watching it unfold, this is unbelievable, thankfully, manchester, new hampshire firefighters arrived, repelled down and look at that. >> i got to tell you, i feel this way i know you feel the same way we're both dog lovers, i would have jumped in after the dog. i would have. standing on the shore line, without question. scary thing, glad it had a good endi ending. >> never take the dog off the leash. are you a basketball fan? >> indeed, absolutely.
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>> if you have been watching playoffs, how do you take it when your favorite team loses? it's tough. >> it can be tough, debilitati g debilitating. >> if philly fans of the 76ers kept their spirits high after a loss. oh my goodness i'm so sorry, we should have given you a warning. they have no shame, not sure what that is but this is a big belly dance, apparently. whoa, okay. i think i have seen enough of that reynolds has seen enough. >> wow. it's going to take a long time when you see something and sticks in your head a long time like a brain worm. >> i'm scarred. >> that is burned in my pupils for life. >> you know what, it did something, the 76ers pulled off a big win against boston last night. tying the series at two games. so the big belly dance had a little something something. >> is it too early for a
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martini? especially after seeing something like that. >> maybe the guy had one too many, loaf of bread. >> side of turkey. >> or a whole turkey. aren't you glad we shared that with you at home? did you do it? did you buy facebook stock? the social media giant made the big debut on the nasdaq. but how much do investors like it?
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. facebook went public and you're all billionaires now, right? did you see that today? worth $104 billion, facebook.
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there has to be a cheaper way to find out if your ex-girlfriend got fat. there has to be. >> facebook is now valued at $104 billion. more than mcdonald's, more than disney, the company whose primary purpose thus far has update you on what your college roommate had for breakfast is worth more than mcnuggets and mickey mouse. unbelievable. >> the much-anticipated facebook ipo couldn't pull the stock market out of the week long slide. it didn't wow investors after an early jump when trading started it finished up 23 cents over the initial $38 price. still netted facebook around $18 billion. all three major indices notched t the worse week of the year. the dow closed down 3.5%. time for something we like
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to call political gut check, we take you beyond the speeches and tell you what is going on beyond the politics. super pacs, are so secretive the candidates are caught off guard by them like mitt romney. >> re pudiate that effort, the wrong course for a pac or campaign, i hope that our campaigns can respigot i havely be about the future and issues. >> romney is rejecting a super pac proposal to dredge up president obama's connection to the controversial reverend jeremiah wright which we heard about in 2008 which you may recall. it never got out of the planning stages the media jumped on it anyway. mark preston joins to talk about this. this pro-romney super pac man ables to inject jeremiah wright in the new cycle and decided against the attack. did the media fall in a trap? >> no, i think what happened was
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the proposal got out, randi, before the organizers wanted it out and in some ways it actually worked in mitt romney's advantage, the reason why is that clearly this was the kind of message that was not necessarily going to help mitt romney. he has talked about how his campaign is going to focus on how he can turn around the economy. met le i was put on the defensive yesterday having to answer for a proposal his campaign did not put together. so while we talk about how effective the super pacs are, and they are, they can also cause serious problems for campaigns and this is an instance where it could have been a big problem for romney's campaign, dredging up jeremiah wright in the month of september before the election. >> so are we going to be seeing this a lot? candidates rejecting plans and attacks by the super pacs supporting them, that sounds like a political mess.
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>> we will. this is just the tip of the iceberg, we will see it on both sides, you will see democratic super pac ads that have gone a step too far. super pacs played an important role in the republican republican primary helped newt gingrich stay in the race, he didn't have money but he had adelson, the casino billionaire who funded his super pac that ran the ads. same thing with rick santorum he got help and mitt romney had a super pac helping him. here is the problem and i was talking to a gingrich advisor yesterday, at times the newt gingrich super pac would take the campaign off message, they went in south carolina, they wanted to talk about guns and religious liberty. the super pac at the time, which couldn't coordinate with the campaign, wanted to talk about bain capital and forced newt gingrich to talk about it when he didn't want to. >> let's switch gears, two star politicians from new jersey
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poking fun at their images, governor chris christi and cory booker. >> stand back! >> i got this, i got this. >> booker, i'm not a number two guy i'm not background singer. mitt, sir, with all due respect i know you need a big -- >> ex cuss me, mayor. i got this. >> christi! >> oh, boy, i know that you're pretty plugged in on this mark, more than the rest of us, explain the joke here, please. >> of course this is a playoff of the seinfeld episodes where newman and kramer each time they would say kramer or newman! this was a three minute video shown to the new jersey press association playing off the fact cory booker has done incredible
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things outside his work as mayor. he did save a woman from a burning building, like went in, tore away from his state trooper detailed and saved a woman that is where we saw the baby. the call. always one upping the governor. so it's good to see a republican and democrat at least having a little bit of fun even though they might not always agree on the major policy issues. >> it was pretty funny to watch. mark preston, thank you very much. nice to see you. >> thanks, randi. kim kardashian made these shoes famous but you knew it was too good to be true right? come on. shoes that tone your butt and thighs by simply walking around in them? i don't think so. now the government is making skechers pay tens of millions of dollars back to its customers so you have to stay to hear what comedian bill santiago thinks about all this and so much more. they have names like idle time books and smash records
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and on small business saturday they remind a nation of the benefits of shopping small. on just one day, 100 million of us joined a movement... and main street found its might again. and main street found its fight again. and we, the locals, found delight again. that's the power of all of us. that's the power of all of us. that's the membership effect of american express. it is not necessarily the contestants but the new judge on "america's got talent" that has people talking not surprisingly considering that judge is shock jock howard stern. >> that's what it's all about. >> thank you for that. i'm afraid to be myself. every time i'm myself i get in trouble so thank you for that. >> for this i have to bring in comedian and huffington post blogger bill santiago.
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good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm well thank you. let's talk about this. who do you think had their hand closer to the x buzzer? stern or maybe the fcc? >> i watched it. i have to tell you i think howard stern totally pulled it off. he was another person like family friendly raunchy. and i think he wants to take this family friendly thing all the way. i think he wants to be like the next mr. rogers, you know, which is going to be a switch. he'll be like imagine him taking off his shoes instead of asking his guests to take off their clothes. >> and putting on his sweater right? >> yeah, yeah. i think they'll see some very surprising things in the future. total new phase. >> i think so. he was kind of fatherly actually. but speaking of celebrity judges, "forbes" magazine just named "american idol's" jennifer lopez as the most powerful celebrity in the world beating out oprah. i don't know about you but what exactly do you have to do to claim that top spot? >> she's at the top of the pinnacle.
4:54 am
i think all she had to do was stop referring to herself as jenny from the block. i think that was sort of a mental thing for her. once she got over that and embraced, allowed herself to be jenny the power hungry diva who can get any song on the radio no matter how bad it is that really freed her up to not go -- last year lady gaga was at the top and she did it by wearing a meat dress and tweeting that to all her followers. oprah could take a lesson. she's one meat tweet away from getting back on top. >> my goodness. i just don't see oprah in a meat dress. >> she doesn't like beef. she went on the air once and fwot into a lot of trouble for saying she would never eat hamburger again. oprah, you don't have to eat it. just wear the dress. it's going to be worth it. >> all right. let's talk about another pretty powerful celebrity. kim kardashian number seven on the list apparently. i know you remember her. her sketcher shape oup commercial. but for anyone who needs a refresher let's just play a
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little bit. >> stand straight. bye-bye, trainer. hello shapeups. >> yeah. hello, shapeups. good-bye shapeups right? it turns out the ftc did not like the ad and those shoes will not give you automatically the famous kardashian back side so now skechers has agreed to pay out refunds. what do you think? i mean, is this fair? >> i have to tell you, personally i have a pair of these shoes and they work for me. >> no. >> yes. you just have to know how to use them. i use them in conjunction with a pogo stick. it is very aerobic. the benefits are amazing. i'm ready for the beach. >> i don't think that is how they're meant to be used. okay. >> a lot of people fell for it. the company is making a very sketchy claim, it's practically calling out if you are dumb enough to fall for it you don't deserve your money back. these people are so gullible.
4:56 am
they'll just give it to the first nigerian banker who sends an e-mail. not customer protection. protecting people from learning a lesson. >> i don't get it. why would a company do that and say yeah this is going to work for you and give you that kardashian back side? >> well, look. these are very -- it is a class action suit. what is the class of people we're talking about? people who believe that you can do nothing and get that body they're looking for. they're preying on the idiots. p.t. barnum said there is a sucker born every moment and he woefully under estimated the rate. >> you bought them so i'll leave it at that. >> you should see me. that's fantastic. >> i'm sure. all right. bill, nice to see you. bill santiago. >> nice to see you. bye-bye. >> all right. well thanks for starting your morning with us. we have much more ahead on cnn saturday morning which continues right after this.
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