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tv   To Be Announced  CNN  May 19, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> i really don't feel like i deserve more of a break. i know what i can do. if these companies give me a chance to prove it, you know, i can show them. >> i love being part of the army, the soldiers, the national guard. a lot of times you pay prices for what you want to do, but as long as you love what you're doing, then i think it makes it okay.
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i know when i can beat a fighter. i just know it. >> i think they might be underestimating me. i don't think that they know what they got themselves into. >> their clash presents itself as a classic tale of supremacy against hope. even as their stories reveal so much more about what drives them. how they lived informs why they fight.
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and long before they come together, the road to pacquiao-bradley begins. i want to welcome you all here for the official announcement of a great, great matchup. timothy bradley challenging manny pacquiao. >> this fight is going to be a good fight, because of bradley's style. he loves to fight toe to toe. he keeps coming. >> i want to let everybody know i'm not just here forea paycheck, i'm here to win this fight.
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>> a few months ago, two fighters stood side by side on a podium, posing as cameras flashed all around them. their names were all many needed to begin offering predictions. that was just fine with tim fin bradley. >> i like being an underdog. i've been an underdog my whole life. i don't really care what anybody says. pacquio, when we get in the ring on june 9th, we aim to seek and destroy. that's the only thing on my mind, getting that "w," getting that win that night. >> he lives in this four-bedroom home, with his family. all his children are well-versed in the opponent's resume. >> they respect what he does. but they know that he met his watch. >> pacquio better be ready.
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>> they know how hard i work every day. and they know what i bring to the table. i pretty much hang out all day, you know, with my family, my kids. family and gym. family man. >> bradley grew up only 20 miles from here, in palm springs. not a part of the resort town most are familiar with. >> you go to palm springs, nice golf courses and hotels. but i grow up on the north side of palm springs. it's called the north end. >> you hear people talk bad about this area. there's nothing but losers, drug dealers, you know? and nothing's good will ever come out of this place. i aim to prove them all wrong, right here.
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>> the north end were filled with broken families. the bradleys were different. >> drop your hand. >> my dad had a huge impact on my life. i remember going to the weight room with him. and i remember wanting to do what he did. >> and follow with the power shot. i'm an athlete. and i trained 24/7 when i was young. he looked at me, as a father. as a role model. you know what? if my dad can do it. you know what? i want to do it with him. >> in a place like the north end, the lessons and guidance didn't frequently take hold. >> you had to be tough or you're going to get bullied. when i chose the toughman role, i had a chip on my shoulder.
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you couldn't look at me in a certain way. i had a thug mentality. >> i had no clue he wanted to be a thug. i have to beat some sense into you, i have to half-strangle you, i have to do what i have to do. but you're going to be somebody. >> i was a bully. it got so bad one time, i believe it was third grade or second grade. a kid in a wheelchair, he nudged the back of my head. and i turned around and hit him a couple of times in the woods. i'm not happy about that. it bothered me today. if i saw that kid, i would apologize. but that's how bad it was. >> everything changed when a friend told a 10-year-old bradley he should give boxing a try. big ray walked his son into a
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gym. it still feels in many ways, like he never left. >> 18 years ago, i walked into this gym. 18 years, we've been working. when people say, bradley don't deserve a shot. i spent 18 years of my life, dedicated to the boxing game. >> just watching you, boy. >> i deserve a shot. that's the reason why. 18 years, never quit., packed with big relief.tubs from the brand doctors recommend most by name. preparation h totables. the anywhere preparation h. (female announcer) most life insurance companies look at you and just see a policy. at aviva, we do things differently. we're bringing humanity back to life insurance.
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the port of general santos city has been called tuna city, for its flourishing fishing industry, even as another export in recent years has taken on another appeal. the people's champions eight-week training camp hasn't officially begun. but today, he gives the adoring crowd a sneak peek. a workout invigorating for all.
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>> i'm excited to get book into training. i haven't been at the gym since november, the last night. i decided i needed to go back to the gym. >> pacquiao, congressman, entertainer. and the national face of the philippines. the 60th professional bout of his career may still may be in the distance. but after raining today, the club undergoes a rapid transformation, from gym to pulpit. one of the fighter's regular bible sessions. >> people are thinking about
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religion. but the most important for me, for everybody, is our religion. >> we may say the words night and day. >> religion can't save you. but only you can save the issue of your faith. not everyone who says to me lord, lord will happen. but only the one, that's the will of my father in heaven. >> it was last november when pacquiao says he had a dream. in a forest, a life above shut down on him. and he heard a voice. >> god speaks to me. and in a really loud voice, why are you away from me? why do you keep away from me? when you hear the voice of god,
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it's like you're melting. like you're melting. >> looking for clarity, pacquiao turned to the bible. >> we need to read the bible. when you read the bible, the bible teach you and correct you. you become prosperous and successful. >> the awakening was crucial for the rebuilding of the boxer's bond with his wife. following rumors of marriage problems, that had persisted for years. >> our life is like a rollercoaster ride. yeah? now, it's a very big difference than before. before, it's something like half-half. 50/50. trust and doubt. but now, it's full trust. so, we have a happy life together. >> the couple owns a collection
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of businesses and franchises. a women's clothing shop. but over the last few months, they've also closed down several other family-owned enterprises. >> if he goes to the place, there's drinking, smoking, or betting. and then, girls. so, we decided to stop that all. and we focus on jesus. >> i'm changing what i'm doing before. gamble. drinking, drunkenness. i turned back. if you don't read the bible, you don't know how to follow him in your life.
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>> it's early april in indio, california. there's no place in the world tim bradley would wrath be than here in the gym. the bout is more than two months away. >> champions persevere. that guy's insane when it comes to training. he trains really, really hard. he makes my job easy. >> there's no one that can workout harder than me. i will outlast anybody. it hurts to be a champion.
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a lot of people say they want to be a champion. but they really don't want to, you know, put in the work, put in the time. >> bradley has been steadily putting in the time since his pro debut in 2004. years later, he got his first title shot. >> a lot of people were saying i was going to get knocked out. i was little timothy bradley. never fought as a professional. 6-1, underdog. it was the sixth round. i dropped the man in his own place. from that point on, i knew i had him. and felt like all of the work, dedication, all of the training i've been through. and all of the blood, sweat and tears. >> in the years since, bradley has emerged as one of boxing's young stars.
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>> fighting fire with fire. >> he arrives here, guided by a voice that continues to this day. a voice that's been there since the beginning. >> i was his training and conditioning coach, since he came out of his mom's womb. folks don't train like this. >> we were working out at the garage one day. and we didn't have a medicine ball to toss around. and my dad goes into the desert to get a rock. sit there, lay down. there's your medicine ball. he's trying to hit me with a rock on my stomach by couldn't believe it. >> getting his son to ignore and overcome pain was an objective of big ray's workouts.
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>> start sitting there -- are you smelling that? what are you smelling, pop? no. i smell it. i smell it. are you whooping out. let's pick it up. mad as hell. he wants to take my head off. guess what? no problem. >> he was brutal on me, man. he pushed me until he made me cry. you think this is hard. wait until you get in that ring. it's even harder. >> never was that clearer, than with 2009 hard-punching kendall holt. >> i remember getting hit. my head was buzzing. that's it. i've got to survive. i have to step to this guy,
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after being knocked on my in the first round. i just said, hey. it's all or nothing. grab ahold. >> he proved in his heart, he can go down and win. >> three title belts later, the fighter has nothing but appreciation for his father. these days, big ray's position is in the morner role. >> at the time i entered the stand. now, i understand why he did it. he always says, if you push past the pain, that's victory. underdog. i love it. >> i'm going the beat this guy. he's next to learn. he's next to learn. or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business, it's good for the entire community.
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while his opponent, tim bradley, elected to begin his training camp early, back in the philippines, two months before the bout, manny pacquiao is indulging in a new hobby. today is the general mantelle cup. a shooting in general santos
9:27 pm
city, where pacquiao been practicing his rounds. >> i used to practice every day. but i stopped a long time ago. >> the champ's .40 caliber pistol, is a signature edition. >> i had my name. it's good because you can apply the full focus target and focus and discipline. >> not bad for a beginner. pacquiao's focus before fights has been questioned in the past. thanks to a variety of questions in and out of his training camps. so, marked up several weight classes with remarkable ease. >> manny pacquiao is annihila annihilating oscar de la hoya. >> i said, he's more bigger than
9:28 pm
you and like that. i didn't want to fight with him. he's just laughing. so, i realize that i should believe my husband. i should believe his capabilities, capacity. >> this is the brilliance of the filipino slugger. >> we thought manny pacquiao was great. he's better than we thought. >> after that, now it's easier for me to see him fighting. if he has 100% focus in training. >> questions arose with new vigor in november. when pacquiao fought juan marquez, for a third time. at the 144-pound limit for this affair, pacquiao expected to be the bigger man. >> when i saw marquez, he's bigger than me. so, i'm surprised at this body, you know? >> hard right by marquez. pacquiao was knocked back on his
9:29 pm
heels. >> i'm just underestimating him. that's a good lesson to me. >> it was also the first time in years, that pacquiao had looked anything close to vulnerable in the ring. >> right hand by marquez again. >> not every fight you can give your best. it depends on your opponent. if i don't create the option, the fight, it will be boring. >> juan marquez is giving as good as he's getting. staying there, round for round, with pacquiao, right there. >> pacquiao was awarded the close majority decision. but for her part, she believes their personal problems were a factor in the ring that night.
9:30 pm
>> that fight, he was going through a lot in our relationship. ups and downs, rumors and everything, that's happening in our life. yeah. i admit that. yeah. >> when the fighter looks back, he points to an element of training he elected to omit. his workouts with strength coach, alex areza. >> we had things i missed in train. in that training, we don't apply the -- this understanding with him. it's not going to happen again. >> with lessons learned and life we focused on faith, everything has more meaning. including a light jog today, on familiar ground. ♪ i ain't no perfect man i'm trying to do ♪ ♪ the best that i can >> the park where we jog, that's the place where we start in boxing, when i was young.
9:31 pm
i can still recall the memory of a young kid. you know? keep your feet on the ground. >> a message from the distance past, placed alongside the moral of the more recent experience. >> if marquez fight, that's a very good lesson to me. don't underestimate your opponent. >> let's go. you ready to go? show me something here. show me something. come on, go. come on, get there. get there. get there. >> on a windy spring day in the coachella valley, tim bradley looks the part of a coach for his son, robert's, spring football team. even though more fathers on the field have traditional day jobs. >> i spend a lot of time out here with the kids. they enjoy it. i enjoy it. they push me. >> he can be a walking zombie.
9:32 pm
tired as tired can be. but if you go out to the football field, he'll have the same energy he had at 10:00 in the morning. he never wants to miss anything. anything that has to do with the kids. >> manny pacquiao will soon travel thousands of miles from his home to train in los angeles. bradley, by contrast, prefers to work amid domestic comfort. >> when i'm here, i'm not distracted whatsoever. how does your family distract you? i don't really understand that. those are your loved ones. if anything, they would embrace you and they'll help you. they'll motivate you. >> he's like 110% dedicated to every one of our kids. what i really appreciate is that tim will never refer to them as my stopson or my stop daughter. there's no difference or him. and that's really awesome because it has made my kids feel
9:33 pm
accepted by him. and they just really love each other. it's really good. >> brian: monica bradley was a divorced mother of two when she began dating the weather two years ago. the connection grew when he met her children. >> robert was seven. and he reacted to them so well because he's a kid-friendly person. just awesome. >> we'll go hang out at the park. i'll take her to go eat pizza and play games with her, hang out with her when mom was at work. >> you tell me how many 23-year-old young men that will be in a relationship with somebody that has kids and recognize them as his own. you know? you won't find that in a lot of men. >> the bradleys married two years ago. last summer, jada joined the family. a scene that nearly put her father on the delivery room
9:34 pm
canvas. >> i almost passed out. i wanted to scream out like, woo. it's just freaking amazing. when i saw jada, like, wow. a little bundle of joy. she's beautiful. she's a firecracker, man. keeps me on my toes. more fuel to the fire, man. my family is motivation. their happiness is my happiness. i want them to have an easy life. >> boxing has taken tim bradley about as far as he could have hoped. yet, the road to his greatest test is just beginning. >> a lot of people say i don't hit hard enough. i don't hit quick enough. i was too short. i wasn't quick enough for the weight class.
9:35 pm
you'll never become world champion. i'm the number one poungs at 140 pounds. about to be the number one fighter at 147, on june 9th. it's not about the money. it's not about the money. it's about that spot. i want his spot. i want the throne.
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june 9th, mgm grand, one of the great fighters of this, or any era. the great manny pacquiao puts it all on the line, the first time in a while, against a young, undefeated, in his prime, hungry challenger, timothy bradley. before they face off in the circle, they face off right now. manny pacquiao, and his trainer, freddie roach. and timothy bradley and his
9:40 pm
trainer. tim, you have fought, not as a superstar fighter, going to other guys' back yards and winning tough fights for not a lot of money to get to this point. what does it mean to you that manny has given you this shot. >> it's an honor that manny's given me this shot. i was surprised they took the fight, honestly. i just wanted to fight. >> manny, it's been a long time since you fought a really good fighter in the guy's prime. >> that's right. >> what made you choose tim bradley? >> tim bradley is the kind of fighter you can understand. he loves to fight toe-to-toe. that's what the fans want. give a good fight. >> he's a real warrior and you respect that. >> i respect that. and i believe we can give a good fight and create a lot of boxing in the ring. >> speaking of real warriors, it
9:41 pm
doesn't get more real as a warrior, than pacquiao. what does it say about him that he'll take you at this point in his career? >> he believes himself. he believes in his abilities. he's number one in the game. he didn't get just by fighting anybody. he fought everybody out there. >> is he better than floyd mayweather? >> i don't know. we'll have to see. we'll have to see if that fight ever happens. >> you have are trying to make sure it doesn't. >> absolutely. >> maybe making you a villain in the boxing game. >> absolutely. >> freddie, i know you have to play part matchmaker for manny. why take a guy who has never lost, who is incredibly determined, with good, all-around skills, in that guy's prime. why take tim bradley now at this stage of manny's career. >> he wasn't my first choice. >> his first choice, floyd. >> of course.
9:42 pm
but you took a guy who would upset those plans. there were plenty of fights to take while you're waiting for the mayweather opponent. >> if mayweather doesn't come to the table, at least this undefeated fighter -- >> do you think there's something a little bit different here? >> he doesn't intimidate me at all because i don't have to fight him. i know the ability of my fighter, though. and i have confidence in my fighter. and i'm very confident about my fighter because his work ethic is the best. i mean, the thing is, i think manny pacquiao wins a lot of fights because he's better prepared than others. >> how do you feel about that? >> there's nobody that will train harder than this guy. >> what's funny about that to you? >> i don't know, man. i really don't know. >> what don't they know about you? when you say they don't know,
9:43 pm
what don't they know? >> they don't know where i come from. they don't know my background. i train extremely hard. extremely hard. that's why i'm one of the best. >> for me, if i have opponent, i don't want them to be disappointed. that's his job, train hard. and our job is to train hard also. oh! [ baby crying ] ♪ what started as a whisper ♪ every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. ♪ slowly turned to a scream ♪ there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ amen, omen
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tim, i interviewed you in the ring. and at the end, you started calling guys out. but the number one name was, manny pacquiao. you said, come break down this
9:47 pm
wall. >> right. >> and standing there ripped up after a fight, you do look like a wall. >> right. >> what did you mean by that. >> i felt that i could take him. i felt that i could beat manny pacquiao. i felt deep inside, man, i could beat this guy. why are you a wall? what do you mean break down this wall? >> 28 guys have tried. and 28 has failed. manny pacquiao, great fighter, man. but he can't break me. >> they're running to you, they're running into a wall. >> he can't break me down. >> how do you break that wall, fred? >> to break that wall down is not going to be easy, of course. it's a very strong wall. it's young. we will break it down and we will get him out of there in the late rounds. >> part of what brought tim bradley to this point, is not just how fast he is or how hard he hits because, tim, i've seen faster and harder hitting fighters. not even how skillful he is. he's not whitaker or mayweather or someone like that. but it's the level of
9:48 pm
determination that's different from ordinary fighters p even from good fighters. when he says come break down this wall, part of that's physical. you look at the way he's put together. but really, that will to win and the refusal to give up on himself. do you mean you can break his will. or you just have to break his will down physically? or are you saying anyone can be broken? >> anyone can be broken. yes. >> can you be broken? >> no. >> we'll see. we'll see. >> you're definitely going to see. >> where was that come from? where does that come from, do you think, that iron will? >> where? from his heart. he has a big heart. he doesn't stop. he takes that extra boost after the sixth round. and he gets stronger in the later rounds. you want to take him out, you need to take him out before he's warmed up yet. >> does that mean that early on,
9:49 pm
you have to take it easy because you don't want to get caught cold. >> we always do that. >> tim, i can tell when it gets to a boiling point with you. up here, it starts to move because you're grinding your teeth. and you seem to do that every time someone talks about your determination or how hard you're working. like you stake your whole existence on that. what does that mean to you? >> i just feel like going to work right now. i get balled up. this is the biggest moment in my career. i have to win this fight. i'm not going to take no for an answer, man. you know, constantly thinking about what i've got to do when i get home. >> we've seen you box carefully. we've seen you brawl. >> right. >> we've seen you use your head. we've seen you do a lot of things in there. what style are you bringing nor this fight? >> a little bit of everything. manny is a warrior. he's a warrior. he's a champion. a great champion.
9:50 pm
number one guy in the game. you know, he's going to fight, man. he's going to fight to the end. >> are you worried about that at all? >> sure. i don't think he's a dirty fighter at all. he comes in head-first. we'll be ready for that. as he comes forward with his head, he will come with punches. >> i see a danger in that. orthodox fighter, against a southpaw. a guy who use said, you're going to start carefully because the only way you think he's going to get stopped is if he gets caught cold. if manny's up a couple rounds, a couple points and it's early in the fight, and there's an accidental clash of heads and manny gets cut and they stop the fight, you could lose on a technical decision. have you thought about that? >> i thought about everything. i thought about everything since the day they told the fight was
9:51 pm
on. we'll just have to put up a good strategy of -- i know, that's in the early rounds we have to be careful. >> any thoughts about this point about that, fred? >> i've seen tim fight many times on tv and live. i know what he's about. i know his style. will he adapt for manny pacquiao? he will change some things? i'm sure he will. same as i'm going to watch tapes and come up with a strategy. we're going to change a little bit also. when it comes down to it. they start hitting each other and he's going to revert to back what he is. >> which is? >> explosive fighters. they're going to go toe-to-toe. that's why i like this fight so much. it's not on an easy fight. but entertainment-wise, this is as good as you can have.
9:52 pm
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what do you see, standing
9:56 pm
right here, when you look at manny pacquiao? >> i like manny. i honestly do. i like manny a lot. he's a humble, respectful person. in and outside the ring, i think he's a good role model. >> he's also about to make you a very rich man. >> of course. of course. you know, that's not the key thing. the key thing is being number one, in my book. beating manny pacquiao will be just a beginning of my career. >> manny, what do you see, when you look at tim bradley? >> handsome. >> freddie, i imagine, if i'm you when you look at this guy, you're thinking this isn't like everyone else we fought. maybe this fight wasn't the greatest idea in the world.
9:57 pm
are you thinking when you look at tim bradley right now? >> he's not opponent for us. three titles under his belt. he comes to fight. and he and manny together, will be as explosive. and time remaining to look impressive. >> prediction on the fight? >> freddie said the other day, that all fights should end up in a knockout. if we can, we're going to make his wish come true. if we catch him, we'll end up in a knockout. we'll put him away. at the end of the day, we have to do more than marquez did that night to come out victorious. >> freddie, prediction of the fight? >> it's going to be action-packed.
9:58 pm
>> tim, we've seen fighters enter the ring with pacquiao with a plan. and after four, five rounds of that speed and that power and that skill, they've really stopped trying to win. what's it going to be like in the fourth, fifth round, early, you can get caught cold. and your legs can buckle and the whole thing. how do you respond at that moment? >> grab my mouthpiece. let's go to work. bring it. bring it on. i just want to feel what it feels like to be in a fight with the best pound for pound fighter in the game. i want to feel his punching power. i want to feel his speed. i want to feel what every opponent has ever faced. >> you want to feel the pain. >> i want to feel the pain. >> why? >> that's what i worked for my whole life. >> what if you learn that punching power is real and that speed is phenomenal? what then? >> i'm up for the challenge. bring it on. >> at some point, you guys are going to be toe-to-toe in this
9:59 pm
fight? >> heck, yeah. i'm going to have to be. i'm going to have to be. you know? >> why? >> in order to beat the champion, you have to take chances in the ring. you have to take chances. all right? like i said, i'm here to win. i'm not here to just lay down for a paycheck, i'm here to win, period. if i have to fight toe-to-toe with manny pacquiao, so be it. >> do you think you're going to knock him out? >> i don't know. >> are you expecting a decision? >> i got to hurt him. some way, somehow. i have to hurt pym. >> tim, anything you want to tell manny when we're sitting here. any parting thoughts? >> not really, man. >> manny, anything you want to tell tim? >> the fights, give the fans what they want. you know, i pray for you. and god bless you. >> thank you. >> june 9th. guys, thank you very much. >> thank you.


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