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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 22, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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to provide a better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha! we're out of time. let's get to "cnn newsroom." good morning to you. i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom." the scandal involving the secret service and prostitutes in
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colombia, it just got bigger. now it's spreading to the dea. the drug enforcement agency. what would you do if you got smacked with a $93,000 bill and what if that bill wasn't even for you? we'll talk to one man who is on the hook for his mother's nursing home bill and the obscure law that's being used to make sure families pay up. beam me up scotty. the first private space launch is in history books with some very special cargo. she's taking over. >> you are a man. you might as well stand up like a man. >> she knows how to jump-start a failing business and today tabatha takes over "newsroom." we begin this morning on a launch pad at cape canaveral. remember scottie from "star tre trek"? right now on his way to a final fro
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frontier. >> three, two, one, zero. and launch of the space x falcon 9 rocket as nasa turns to the private sector to resupply the international space station. >> so cool. john zarrella is in florida. he's been watching this thing all morning. good morning, john. >> reporter: yeah, you know, it's two-fold interesting today because this is the first real test of nasa's new philosophy turning over to the private sector flying cargo and eventually astronauts in three or four years to the international space station allowing nasa to free up its moneys to go ahead and fly to the deep space hopefully develop a rocket that can take humans onto an asteroid or even onto mars and we also did hear as we mention the fact that in the second stage of that rocket that
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the company was carrying in that second stage a canister which remains of hundreds of people including scottie from "star trek." something the company does on a regular basis contracting out with rocket companies to do this kind of thing for a price and after the launch today, the ceo of space x talked about just what a thrill this was for everybody in this company and how this is a huge first step. >> every bit of adrenaline in my body released at that point. it worked perfectly. i was glad to see that. and then the second stage worked really well. we've never actually had solar rays. first time we've done solar rays and anything could have gone wrong and everything went right
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fortunately. i feel very lucky. >> reporter: this was just the first step in a real process. another major milestone is coming up in a couple of days. thursday and friday when they rendezvous with the international space station and then if all goes well on that rendezvous when the dragon capsule is birth to the space station it will be -- there are only four nations in the world that have this capability to do that and now space x is about to become hopefully the first commercial company to do that. we've been trying to reach them all morning to get confirmation on who has been flown up on that falcon rocket. no luck so far. >> you mean scottie from "star trek." his ashes are on board along with hundreds of other people. according to the website, it cost 1,000 bucks to blast your ashes into space if you want to go into deep space it cost
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$3,000. >> if it's just a ride up and back, it's $1,000. $3,000 to go into orbit and $10,000 to the moon and 13 to deep space. there are all kinds of plans we can buy for the future. >> i guess that's a way to finance the trip into space. i was shocked at how much people wanted their ashes scattered in space and i'm not sure you can actually do that. it's just fascinating. >> i think there's a long list of people who want this to be the case with their remains. i think the creator of "star trek" and his wife, their ashes were supposedly also on a flight coming up in the next month or two. perhaps on the same flight with scottie. >> i get why they would do it. i get while scottie from "star trek" would do it. i just don't get why somebody not connected to the space program would want to do that. there's a lot of space geeks as
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you know. john zarrella, because you are one. >> exactly. also in the news today, more u.s. federal agents are accused of hiring prostitutes in the south american country of colombia. the newest scandal involves three agents with the drug enforcement administration and it too is based in colombia. republican senator susan collins briefed on the matter says this new investigation suggests a seedy underculture that festers in more than one law enforcement agency. mitt romney is bringing up the big campaign guns today. governor chris christie will help drum up support and cash at a fund-raiser in new york. romney's national finance chairman believes today's events along with a few others this week will bring in at least $10
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million. president obama is fresh off a trip to joplin, missouri. one year ago an epic tornado there killed 161 people and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. the president praised the city's resilience. >> together you decided this city wasn't about to spend the next year arguing over every detail of the recovery effort. at the very first meeting, first town meeting, every citizen was handed a post-it note and asked to write down their goals and hopes for joplin's future. more than 1,000 notes covered an entire wall and became the blueprint that architects are following to this day. i'm thinking about trying this with congress. >> volunteers from all over the country are headed to joplin to help with continued rebuild efforts. also this morning, in north carolina, jurors begin the third day of deliberations in the trial of john edwards. yesterday the jury asked to review documents on what wealthy
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donors gave and when. edwards is accused of illegally funneling campaign money to his mistress. he could face 30 years in prison. there is an environmental crisis bearing down on the west coast of north america. the same wall of water that southwest over coastal japan and wiped away entire communities also flushed mountains of debris into the ocean. now the first waves of the wreckage from the japanese tsunami are washing ashore creating a crisis for both the environment and for taxpayers in the united states. cnn's casey wian is in alaska. >> reporter: good morning. i'm standing on the banks 20 miles outside of a small fishing village. across the channel you can see a sand bar that's called the black sand sped. we were over there the other day. i want to show you what we were
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able to gather that's washed up on the shore of that pacific ocean facing beach. look at all of this material. just an example of some of the things that alaskans are seeing wash up on their shore. debris washes up on these beaches often and has been for years but what they are saying is they are seeing things that they've never seen before in quantities that they've never seen before. stuff like this which is spray insulation that goes into the interior walls of a building used in construction. they believe that's from buildings in japan. this is a giant buoy that is used in the oyster fishing industry in japan. this is a piece of a styrofoam buoy. they have never seen things likes this before and also bottles with japanese writing. now, just the other day we went across that channel by boat with a member of the salmon board here in yakutat and let's look at what we're seeing.
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>> more foam and buoys and giant white cylinders of styrofoam. some construction grade insulating foam. that sort of thing. >> what makes you suspect that a lot of this stuff is debris from the tsunami? >> well, it started showing up with 55-gallon drums with japanese writing on it. >> what do we have over here? >> this is an example of one of the large buoys that was our understanding were used to anchor lines or baskets of oysters. >> the fact that there is english lettering on it doesn't mean that it's not from japan, right? >> no. >> now the immediate issue is how do they get this stuff cleaned up off the beach. they have group of volunteers going out trying to do that. the problem is these areas are so remote and many of them you can only get to by boat or
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helicopter. cleaning it up is a big difficult task and then what do you do with all of this debris once you have got it cleaned up? they're trying to figure that out and the big concern, there's more coming and they don't know what is in all of that debris that's still coming in way over the next several months. carol? >> so who is paying for this? the cleanup, i mean. >> we all might be because the locals here say that they need federal help to clean this up. there is so much debris. they are willing to do their part in terms of collecting it but we're in an area where the town is only 650 people. there are people coming from all over to help clean this up. what they're saying is they need federal help in terms of tax money and state help as well to get it cleaned up and figure out what to do with it and mitigate in advance as much as they can the damage from what may be more toxic substances that are on their way. >> casey wian in the far reaches of alaska this morning. thank you. some confusing news for men. they are now being told not to
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bother with the prostate cancer screening test. that was considered almost routine for years. what's up with it now? we'll tell you. plus, stephen colbert's super pac idea to get kids involved in the political process. it's taken off. >> i want every college across this great nation to have their own my super pac. >> yeah. may sound like a joke but dozens of young people have jumped up and taken him up on his offer. we'll talk to one later. especially in this economy. but with three kids, being home more really helped. man: so we went to fidelity. we talked about where we were and what we could do. we changed our plan and did something about our economy. now we know where to go for help if things change again. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get free one-on-one help from america's retirement leader.
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now to news about your health and it's confusing. for years prostate cancer screening was considered almost routine but not anymore. a task force studying the issue is advising men to skip the test all together. alina cho is in new york. this is confusing. it's tough to know what to do to protect yourself. >> it is. it's really confusing. i've looked at the research many, many times, carol. one thing is for sure. this is something that affects a whole lot of men. we're talking about at least 44 million men. it's important to listen to
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this. and it's something that is really counterintuitive. for many people incomprehensible. why wouldn't you get tested for prostate cancer? the united states preventive services task force is now recommending against what's commonly referred to as the psa test. it's a simple blood test really. the task force is saying that at best psa screening may help just 1 in 1,000 men avoid death from prostate cancer. the recommendation is that the test may actually do harm because most prostate cancers found by screening are slow growing, not life threatening and will not cause a man any harm during his lifetime. that's the important part. now what can is the treatment. most men who are in the words of some doctors overdiagnosed will suffer serious side effects from treatment they may not need. side effects like impotence,
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incontinence and possibly even early death. >> i know it's not the first time the panel weighed in on something controversial, right? >> that's right. the last time was a story that we paid attention to very closely, carol. remember this is the same panel that made waves a while back when it recommended that women in their 40s should skip routine mammograms. you remember that story. now as for the psa test, while the american cancer society has not recommended routine psa screenings since the late 1990s, the american you aurological wan to get baseline levels. the benefits of the psa test do not outweigh the risks. that's the take away. >> if my husband goes to the doctor, what's his doctor likely to say? >> you know, the interesting part about the reaction about all of this is that the american
6:18 am
urological association condemned the findings. it is inappropriate and irresponsible to issue a blanket statement against psa testing particularly for at-risk populations. they go on to say that what could happen as a result is that many men will no longer get tested because they are listening to this news thinking they don't need to because they have now been told and they fear that prostate cancer that a psa test could have caught may go unnoticed until it is too late. carol? >> confusing. alina cho, thank you so much. >> you bet. some critics called him a turn coat for endorsing president obama in 2008 but will colin powell, republican, endorse obama in 2012? his answer next. [ female announcer ] did you know the average person smiles
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, are 30 days in prison enough for a hate crime? neither insiside is happy with decision to sentence dharun ravi
6:22 am
to 30 days in prison plus a fine and community service. he used a webcam to record his roommate, tyler clementi, having sex with man and tweeted his friends about it the case renewed discussion about anti-bulling on the internet. tyler's mom talked about her son's pain. >> i had no idea about the despair and torment tyler must have been feeling and i thought i knew him. tyler and i had been very connected. so much so i felt like a piece of me died in september of 2010. >> yet ravi never apologized to the clementis or the court for what he did. new york daily news says 30 days is what you get for petty larceny or spray painting graffiti but he posted the news on the internet and he got 30 days and that was not enough. >> ravi was convicted of bias
6:23 am
intimidation, what most people think of as a hate crime. the judge said he didn't believe ravi hated tyler clementi. the ravi case is an example of how civil rights laws are being stretched to go after teenagers who acted meanly but not violently. still, if ravi's actions don't constitute a hate crime, then what does? if they don't, why convict him of hate crime? so the talk back question for you today, are 30 days in prison enough for a height criate crim. i'll read your comments later this hour. colin powell, a republican, who took a lot of heat for endorsing barack obama for president in 2008 is not ready to do it again. back in the day, the former secretary of state called mr. obama a transformational figure and was upset at republican attacks on obama's character. this time around powell says he's not ready to endorse obama.
6:24 am
listen to what he said on the "today" show. >> i always keep my powder dry as we say in the military. i feel as a private citizen i ought to listen to what the president says and what the president has been doing but i have to listen to what the other fellow is saying. i have known mitt romney for many years. good man. it's not just a matter of whether you support obama or romney, it's who they have coming in with them. >> so the president may not get colin powell's endorsement but another ally throwing obama into defensive mode. booker said political attacks made him nauseous. that was a reference to mitt romney's bain capital experience. a punching bag for the obama campaign. republicans seized on the remarks in an e-mail to supporters and booker filed back on msnbc last night. >> i'm upset. i've been taken out of context.
6:25 am
i've been used to support a cynicism. if there's any honor in what they were saying, mitt romney would have said like obama did, citizens united decision will hurt our democracy. he would have come out and said the negativity on our side, i'll talk about us, has got to stop. if he wanted to come out and stand with me, he would say i stand with corey booker. let's stop the super pac money and negative campaigning and talk about the issues. >> so let's bring in mark prest preston, our political director. hi, mark. >> good morning. >> so booker can backtrack all he wants but he said it. he set the stage for republicans. >> he did. look, what is really damaging for the obama campaign is that corey booker is very good out there on the stump for president obama. he was an early supporter. when you hear criticism from corey booker about the system that we're currently in, a system that president obama's campaign is engaging in, that's why it's so damaging and that's why we're seeing republicans seize upon it, carol. >> also president obama was asked about it yesterday in
6:26 am
chicago. he doubled down on the issue saying bain ought to be on the table. let's listen. >> when you're president opposed to a private equity firm, then your job is not simply to maximize profits. your job is to figure out how everybody in the country has a fair shot. >> the problem though big businesses, private equity firms, are job creators and also they donate lots of money to campaigns. is the president's strategy risky? >> it is risky in the sense that he's walking a very fine line right now. what president obama is doing is trying to really make this a fight between the middle class, the people who are hurting, and the 1% which is something that we talk about or have been talking about for the past year right now. the very, very wealthy. middle class are the ones who are hurting.
6:27 am
what is certainly problematic for president obama and what some democrats are concerned about, carol, is that when you have president obama out there attacking business as a whole as a big blanket statement, democrats are fearful because there are a lot of districts here all across the country where they are not necessarily very liberal. not like massachusetts or new york city. they tend to be conservative. you have conservative democrats who are concerned that president obama would go directly at business that way. we should note as well that big business is also going to play a big role in this campaign. not only are they donating to president obama but they are also donating to mitt romney. we just saw yesterday that the u.s. chamber of commerce said they'll spend more than $50 million alone on this election and i can tell you that money will not be spent on trying to help elect president obama. >> u.s. chamber of commerce a big lobbyist for big business. that $50 million will go to mitt romney's side. >> no question about that.
6:28 am
it will be more than $50 million is what they say now. >> mark preston, thanks. stephen colbert's idea to getting college students involved in politics sounded like a joke. >> i want every college across this great nation to have their own my super pac. >> coming up, we'll talk to one recent college graduate who took colbert up on his super pac starter kit. he started cats for a better tomorrow tomorrow. [ engine turn] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. [ tires squeal ] then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. see your lexus dealer.
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mary? what are you doing here?
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traders say about the technical glitch that hit facebook's ipo on friday and now the nasdaq may have to pay up to the tune of millions of dollars. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. spill it. >> the nasdaq isn't only eating crow for its screwup, the nasdaq may have to pay investors who say they lost money in their trade for facebook because what happened was trading was delayed on friday because of a nasdaq glitch and when many of these investors tried to sell their shares in the morning, when facebook opened at $42, guess what? orders didn't go through. by the time we went through, facebook shares had already fallen so investors had to sell shares at a lower price taking a big hit on their investment. what they're doing is looking to the nasdaq to make up that difference. the people affected have submitted a claim by yesterday and regulators will review all of these claims. carol? >> should be interesting. i was just curious, any idea how much of a hit mark zuckerberg is
6:33 am
taking because of the drop in his facebook shares? >> he's taking a hit but it's on paper. zuckerberg has 500 million facebook shares at $38 ipo price he made $19 billion by going public. as you see, facebook shares barely budged on friday. they continue to tumble today. and facebook is going for about $31.50 right now. that puts zuckerberg shares worth about $17 billion. he lost $2 billion over the past two days. once again, it's just on paper. he doesn't actually lose the money until he sells those shares. he still is one of the richest people on the planet and only 28 years old and newly married. how nice. >> i didn't feel moved by that. >> i hear you. >> alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange. it's the year of the super pac. you know super pacs, political organizations that can raise unlimited sums of cold, hard cash from billionaires and corporations and labor unions. those super pacs may campaign
6:34 am
for their chosen politician with one stipulation. they cannot coordinate with the candidate. never mind the people who run super pacs can be former campaign workers or friends. stephen colbert developed his own super pac and he's been helping college students create their own snarky super pacs. >> i want every college across this great nation to have their own my super pac. they can have it too thanks to the colbert super pac super fun pac. a do it yourself super pac kit that you can order. >> yes, you can and young people across america have actually paid colbert 99 bucks for a kit to create their own super pac with names like cats for a better tomorrow tomorrow. and in fact the guy who filed paperwork to launch that puppy
6:35 am
is with us today. david jensen is a pro baseball player and 2010 northwestern graduate. welcome. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. so that pac paperwork, did it consist of one page and was it a cinch? >> yeah. it came with the fec form one which their printer was low on ink so i had to go on to go out to print it out and i went to the bank and opened a noninterest bearing bank account and then i filed the paperwork. a few days later it was official. >> you came up with your super pac. did the kit come with canned ham and did you eat it? >> yeah. it came with the canned ham and then with the stickers. i haven't put it together yet. i definitely have it. >> cool.
6:36 am
okay. so i was also wondering why you came up with the name cats for a better tomorrow tomorrow. >> well, you know, i think cats are ridiculous and i think super pacs are ridiculous and i wanted to make sure my super pac wasn't ridiculous so i named it -- it's a cat super pac. it's cats for a better tomorrow tomorrow. >> so the colbert instruction manual provided a list of 400 rich people. have you been soliciting money from any of them? >> so far i only have one donation from a student yesterday for $10. it's my first donation. i'm hoping after being on your show today that i'll get the costello bump and hopefully they'll start coming in heavily. >> i hope so. if you can raise enough cash to maybe slap an ad on television,
6:37 am
i bet it would be entertaining. seriously though, we're joking about this but this is a serious issue for our country. what do you hope to prove by doing this? >> when i started i was hoping to, you know, bring some light to this issue. now that i have a super pac, i love super pacs. i want all of the money i can get. i want unlimited funds. i won't stop until i have unlimited money. so it's kind of tough. before i wanted to address the issue but they got me. i'm in. i'm a super pac fan. >> wow. you got to hit up some of these millionaires and get more money. that ten buck donation isn't going to get you anywhere. >> no. so far i think i raised negative $600. i am going to need donations. >> i hope you get the costello bump. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> there it is. cats for a better tomorrow
6:38 am
tomorrow. d.c. comics is reportedly about to rock the comic world again. this time with a major character coming out of the closet. who will it be? "superman"? "batman"? wonder woman? [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make brady miss his favorite part of the day. ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barking ] [ whines ] that's why there's beneful playful life, made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day. beneful. play. it's good for you. recently, students from 31 countries took part in a science test. the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place. let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards.
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let's do what's best for our students-by investing in our teachers. let's solve this.
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comic blogs are blowing up thanks to bleeding that blog site is saying a d.c. comics character will come out of the closet. let's check in with a.j. hammer who knows everything in the entertainment world. >> i know everything in the entertainment world, i just don't know the identity of this particular comic book character which in this case is so fascinating revealing secret identity means something different. this is happening with d.c. comics which like cnn is a part of time warner announcing they'll reintroduce an existing
6:42 am
character previously straight and reportedly reintroduce him or her as they put it one of the most prominent gay characters. that is everyone speculating about who could it be. probably won't be "batman" or "superman" coming out of the closet. it will most likely be a less famous character. some people are speculating about aquaman who is mid famous. d.c. does have several gay characters as does marvel comics and archie comics it's no longer truly out of the ordinary. d.c. comics getting the costello bump this morning. >> i hope they don't make it robin. that would be stereotypical. >> that would be too expected. we'll see. >> we'll see. another same-sex comic couple -- they are out. they're getting engaged. >> that's right. marvel letting one of the x-men get married. he will marry his boyfriend in a comic book next month. marvel introduced the north star
6:43 am
gay character in '92, 20 years ago. it highlights this isn't a new trend. the official announcement about the marriage is expected to happen on "the view" later this morning. no word on whether or not barbara walters will be invited to the wedding but we'll keep you posted. >> thanks, a.j. could you see will smith cast as president obama? a.j. is back with us next hour to tell us what the hollywood heavy weight thinks about that. it's tough love for struggling small businesses. bravo's tabatha takes over. >> i was told this morning that you were cheap. >> i don't think i'm cheap. >> you have to invest in your salon and give your stylists the tools they need to do their job properly. >> so you're cheap. she tells it like it is. my conversation with tabatha including how she would fix capitol hill. sure that we were on schedule.
6:44 am
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because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ] small business owners are doing better this year but they are still worried about the future according to, their number one concern, the inability to borrow money to grow. yep. banks still are not lending money and it's affecting the creation of new jobs. according to a study, in 2010, young firms created 31% of all jobs. it sounds good until you compare that percentage with 1982.
6:46 am
back then 44% of all jobs were created by small businesses. in light of that, there is one woman who might help small business owners defy the odds. she lets nothing stand in her way when it comes to running a business right. >> i truly feel like you honestly don't hear anything that anyone says to you. you may be a stockbroker for 19 years but a good business owner, not so much. >> tough but effective. tabatha is in d.c. now for the national small business week conference. her mission to tell us how big companies can help small businesses thrive. welcome. >> hi, how are you? >> we were talking about it in the newsroom. we wish you could go to capitol hill to talk to congress and we wonder what you would say to them to get things moving. >> well, thank you. look, it's my passion to really help business owners and you can
6:47 am
hear that it's very noisy here because i am in d.c. at the small business week conference. it's very noisy. i apologize for that. it's great really interacting with everyone and feeling optimistic about small businesses again which is great. >> because they are doing a little bit better. one of the biggest obstacles they face is they can't borrow money. they are too afraid of the economy and they're not lending these small businesses money so the small businesses can't grow. they can't hire new workers. so what can small business people do to get around that? >> look, you're right. it's not easy to get money anymore. i think that what a lot of small business owners especially have to look at are ways that they can cut costs without cutting the integrity of their product or cutting back on things they need. it is looking at creative ways of being able to utilize different marketing tools and getting new consumers in the door but also look at ways that
6:48 am
they can trim the excess costs off. so many business owners don't realize how much money they are actually wasting until they sit down and they start looking at it and realize that they just are throwing money out the window instead of putting it in the right place in their business. >> so before small businesses decide to maybe get rid of an employee, they should sit down and figure out what they are really spending money on. >> i really do. some people, yes, they do need to cut costs and it's unfortunate because it does cost jobs but you need to look at different ways of being effective in your business. i travel a lot for business. i'm always looking at ways that i can save money on my travel. there are a lot of companies out there that do amazing promotions and that is something that i'm speaking about today. they are actually giving travelers and business travelers money back when you stay at their hotel. that's a really, really great thing. if you look at the ways that you can trim the fat a little bit in your business, maybe you don't need to lay someone off and that's really important thing. >> the other big problem
6:49 am
especially for small manufacturing firms is the lack of skilled workers. they have job openings but can't find qualified workers. if i needed skilled, hired help and i can't find it, where should i look? >> look, it's the common thing that we all say as small business owners. how do i find people that are right for my business? i'm a big believer in training people myself and making sure they do have the skills. i'm a big believer in interviewing the right people and networking. there are ways here being here at the small business conference someone may not be right for one small business but they would be perfect for another one. i think business owners need to connect more and talk more and they need to share their resources so that we can help to build the economy back up. can help to build small businesses back up and give people jobs which is really important. >> just a final thought for you on the importance of small businesses to our economy and
6:50 am
our country. >> small businesses are incredibly important to the economy and are really -- to me especially not being from america, they are really the fabric of america. they are the stories of the small business owner and entrepreneur that started something and it just flourished into these amazing companies. i think it's very important because it brings a lot of passion and it can bring a a loo people, and it really helps communities as well. so i think small businesses are unbelievably important to america, not just to the economy of america and they're very important for that, but also to the fabric of america and what it really is all about. >> thanks for taking over at least for a little bit on "newsroom." we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. thank you. coming up in 20 minutes, a story you can probably relate to, but one with a twist. an adult son places his mom in a nursing home and when her medicaid application is not processed in time, well, the nursing home stuck him with her
6:51 am
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53 minutes past the hour. stories we're following in the "newsroom." this unmanned space rocket launched into the history book on its way to deliver supplies to the international space
6:54 am
station. it's the first private spacecraft to do so. top u.s. diplomat in afghanistan is stepping down this summer. ambassador ryan crocker's exit announcement comes after the conclusion of the nato summit in chicago. ramped up activity at north korea's nuclear test site is raising concerns the country is getting ready for another test. analysis of satellite images by the defense publication ihs james shows earthen debris being removed from the tunnel in the largest quantity so far. g-8 leaders agree north korea faces further isolation if it continues to pursue a nuclear program. we ask you to talk back on one of the biggest topics of the day. are 30 days in prison enough for a hate crime. from jason, it should have been at least three to five years. i'm disgusted. the lgbt community continues to
6:55 am
get slighted in every possible way. it goes sho show that our lives are not valued in the same way. i wonder what people would think if the boy had not committed suicide. from megan, had this happened from a woman we would have probably gotten a lot longer and probably registered as a sexual offender. from john, the 30 days is an insult to the justice system. it proves nothing to the perp. it shows no remorse at all. what a shame. look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 passat for $209 a month.
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so much for the lakers. i guess they're done. >> caput, finished. kobe bryant did everything he could though, carol, but not enough. 42 points by kobe last night. still not enough. the oklahoma city thunder appear to be on the cusp of being one of the great teams in the nba. russell westbrook flows up that one. shot goes until. oklahoma city win the series four games to one. outside the arena 6,000 fans who didn't even have tickets cheering from thunder alley. their team going to the western conference finals to take on the san antonio spurs. one incident did mar the festivities. gunfire broke out near the arena. at least eight people were wounded. police don't know whether the shooting was random or reaction to the game.
6:59 am
more nba from last night. bass goes in and throws it down for a dunks. bass finished with a career high 27 points. boston wins to take a three games to two lead. let's do some baseball. 49-year-old colorado rockies pitcher jamie moyer pitching in his 50th ballpark last night but he gave up a game winning home run. it knocked out some lights in the scoreboard. >> that's what happened when you change your name to giancarlo. >> stanton was born three years after moyer made his major league debut. how is this for a night at the ballpark. caleb lloyd, he's just out there hanging out. he catches a home run off mike leek. i grabbed a foul ball. a home run ball i mean. the next batter up is zach
7:00 am
co-zart. he goes deep to the same place and, yes, caleb lloyd grabs that one, too. back-to-back home run balls by the same fan. you know what? he didn't go home with either one of them. he gave it to leek because it was his first major league home run and the other he gave to a friend. >> i want to play the lottery with him. >> seriously. karma is working with him right now. >> i never caught a ball at a baseball gape and i have been to a million baseball games. >> remember i was expressing my depression after that. >> we'll have a drink after the show. next, our cnn "newsroom" starts right now. good morning to you. i'm carol costello. just ahead in the "newsroom," a terrifying plunge. a man falls 200 feet over niagara falls. it's all caught on tape. the death-defying efforts to rescue him from the rocks below. what would you do if you got sna smacked with a $93,000 bill and what if the bill wasn't even for
7:01 am
you. we'll talk to one man who is on the hook for his mother's nursing home bill. his mother is still ally, and the obscure law that's being used to make sure families pay up. and this woman is running for congress in her country, and she's got nothing to hide. she's ordering voters to wake up and she is willing to bare it all to get their attention. beam me up scotty. the first private space launch is in the history books with some special cargo. also new today, more u.s. federal agents are accused of hiring prostitutes in colombia. this newest scandal involves three agents with the drug enforcement administration and it, too, is based in cartagena, but it's apparently unrelated to the secret service agents who were providing security ahead of president obama's trip to the summit of americas. joining me on the phone is tom fuentes, a former fbi assistant director and a cnn contributor. morning, tom. >> good morning, carol. >> now it's the drug enforcement administration.
7:02 am
i mean works doesn't hire prostitutes overseas when they're supposed to be working? >> right. it's another disturbing story, but we don't know all the facts about this one yet either, and apparently it's coming out as information is emerging from the secret service investigation. so we don't know if someone at one of the hotels or a secret service agent or someone in the embassy made the referral back saying that the dea agents had allegedly done the same thing. it's been referred to the department of justice inspector general's office, and that's where the inquiry is now. >> so now it's the dea, the drug enforcement administration, the secret service, and some members of the military accused of buying prostitutes in colombia. one lawmaker said it was part of this seamy underculture in
7:03 am
columbia. >> federal agents are under strict guidelines as well as other government officials to not engage in that practice even if it's legal in a particular city or a particular country. there's also internal guidelines within each agency to not do it. so that's what we're looking at here. obviously it wouldn't be a violation of cartagena or colombian laws but it could be a violation and most certainly if it's true would be a violation of dea's particular laws and especially when it comes to individuals in the agencies who have top secret clearances or higher that puts them in gemdy -- jeopardy. it's problematic from a security standpoint. >> we'll see -- >> as well as -- >> we'll see what eventually will be done about it. we'll continue to follow the story. tom fuentes thanks so much. lawmakers in washington say there's a new threat to national security and it's coming from china. a year-long senate investigation
7:04 am
has found that at least 1 million counterfeit parts have been used in u.s. military equipment. the products are typically electronics and come overwhelmingly from china. senate investigators say the parts are often faulty and can actually compromise the safety of u.s. troops. and what's more, their production overseas takes away jobs from working americans. earlier on cnn "starting point" the chairman of the senate armed services committee outlined the concerns. >> the potential is interest for espionage, for both reasons, the saeflt safety of our troops and the safety of our country as well as jobs, by the way. the industry here estimates we lose about 11,000 jobs a year to just these counterfeit electronic parts, so there's a jobs issue here as well. >> critics say china is not solely to blame. they say budget cuts have forced the pentagon to bargain shop and the military's buying process did not assure enough scrutiny of the equipment's quality.
7:05 am
okay. our next stop, a launchpad at cape canaveral? remember scotty from "star trek"? right now he's on his way to his own final frontier. and his rocket ride is ushering in a new era in the nation's space program. >> three, two, one, zero. and launch of the spacex falcon nine rocket as nasa turns to the private sector to resupply the international space station. >> john zarrella has been watching all of this from miami. he joins us live now, and it was an incredible sight. >> reporter: it really was, carol. just a spectacular launch this morning, and, you know, maybe for a couple reasons as you pointed out. james duhan, who became popular as scotty on the "star trek" series, one of apparently up to 300 people whose remains were encapsulated on the second stage
7:06 am
of the rocket, of the falcon nine rocket that lifted off this morning. now the dragon capsule, which is on top of that second stage, is now on its way to the international space station, and for a rendezvous and ultimately a birthing with t-- berthing wi space station. the company that built dragon and the falcon nine, clearly about to make history, and for nasa this is a huge, huge moment. >> to be quite honest, we have a significant amount of control over the russians. they are part of the partnership, but what's really important is not control as much as it is the fact that the united states will once again be in the lead, will be providing our own vehicles to take our own astronauts and cargo to the international space station. it's fine to rely on partners, but that's not where the greatest nation in the world wants to be. we want to be taking astronauts
7:07 am
and cargo on our own vehicles. today was a huge day in the step to getting there. so, you know, we're on the way, and people should hang with us. >> reporter: now, as bolden pointed out there, it was a step, and that's clearly what it was, carol, because thursday they're going to be rendezvousing with the international space station. they will fly around the station with that dragon capsule, fully autonomous capsule, and they will do some tests and check out the systems before friday when they actually will attempt to berth with the international space station where astronaut don pettit on the station will reach out with the robotic arm, grab dragon, and pull it on in for -- and that will be truly a historic event. >> this is a joint project between this private company and nasa. >> reporter: yes. >> right. what happens to ashes in space? >> reporter: it depends on how far they go.
7:08 am
if this company, which apparently has put this canister on that second stage, if you're in orbit, eventually the orbits decay and whatever -- it will burn up re-entering the atmosphere. otherwise some others send astronaut ashes to the moon and out into deep space. if you're on one of those flights, which costs a little more, $10,000 to $13,000, your ashes will just live on forever and ever apparently out there in deep space. >> but if you go the cheaper route, i guess they just burn up in space. >> yeah. >> okay. this is morbid. john zarrella, thanks so much. mitt romney's bringing out the big campaign guns today. governor chris christie will help drum up support and cash at a fund-raiser in new york. romney's national finance chairman believes today's event along with a few others this week will bring in at least $10 million. colin powell, a republican
7:09 am
who took a lot of heat for endorsing barack obama for president in 2008, is not quite ready to do it again. back in the day the former secretary of state called mr. obama a transformational figure and was upset at republican attacks on obama's character. this time around powell says he's not ready to endorse obama. listen to what he said on the "today" show. >> i always keep my powder dry as we say in the military. i feel as a private citizen i ought to listen to what the president says and what the president has been doing, but i also have to listen to what the other fellow is saying. i have known mitt romney for many years, good man, and it's not just a matter of whether you support obama or romney, it's who they have coming in with them. so how do you think this would play in the world of u.s. politics. a woman running for mexico's congress taking off her shirt for the campaign, and i mean that in the literal sense. she's not the top candidate. she's the topless candidate. cnn's raphael romo has the story.
7:10 am
>> reporter: it's a campaign with nothing to hide. when natalia juarez realized her bid for congress was off to a slow start she quickly realized she was going to be transparent with voters in a way they didn't expect. she appears topless in a billboard surrounded by half a dozen supporters of her party, the prd. the candidate, a philosophy professor, says it's her way of giving voters in mexico a wake-up call. >> translator: society is lethargic. we don't seem to be aware of our role. we need to get energized. we need to tell people, hey, wake up, because if you don't, sharks are going to eat you up. wake up you citizen and politician. >> reporter: her billboard says i dare you to build a new project for a nation with no prejudices. so far juarez has posted two billboards in mexico's second largest city and also one of the most conservative. >> translator: conservative people are never going to vote for me, never. even if i dressed as a nun and
7:11 am
carried a rosary and said that my party was going to give away bibles and rosaries, they wouldn't. conservatives are never going to vote for me. >> reporter: juarez says she has the full backing of her family, including her elderly more who she describes as a small town conservative woman. if you were shocked by the first round of campaign publicity, juarez says, this is nothing compared to the next one. she has been targeted on social media. who needs brains when you have these reads one comment on twitter. juarez says that won't deter her from advancing her political platform. >> translator: when it comes to drugs and the violence generated by drug trafficking, we need to start thinking in a radical way. what do i mean by that? we need to start a debate. let's legalize drugs, tack them, and utes t and use the money or other things. >> reporter: she's a radical candidate with radical ideas for a better mexico. >> at least she's passionate.
7:12 am
r rafael romo is here. has this improved her chances? >> elections are july 1st, but one thing i can tell you for sure, she's now the best-known candidate for the mexican congress, and it is a very politically active year in mexico with almost 630 candidates for congress, the president, six governorships, 641 mayors, so she's definitely doing something to stand out by doing this. >> i was going to say maybe the others should follow suit but i don't think they will. rafael romo, thank you. it's hard enough to send your mom or dad to a nursing home but here is the question. are you responsible for paying their bill? even if your mom or dad are still alive? the answer is yes. we'll tell you one family's story next. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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15 minutes past the hour. some stories we're following in the "newsroom." this unmanned rocket launched into history just hours ago. it's on its way to deliver supplies to the international space station. it's first private craft to do so. on boards the cremated remains of james doohan, the original
7:16 am
scotty from "star trek." one official told us ryan crocker has serious health issues and just reached his limit. his exit comes just after the conclusion of the nato summit in chicago. he's been on the job less than a year. ramped up activity at north korea's nuclear test site is raising concerns the country is getting ready for yet another test. analysis of satellite images by the defense publication ihs james show earthen debris being removed from a tunnel in the largest quantities seen so far. g-8 leaders agreed north korea faces further isolation if they continue to pursue a nuclear program. it's sadly a story many of us can relate to. an aging parent, nursing home care, and a bill too big to manage. for john, it's more than a sad story. it's killing him financially. his mother went into a nursing home for rehabilitation after a car crash. the bill came to $93,000.
7:17 am
his mother could not pay the bill so she applied for medicaid, and then she moved to greece still owing the nursing home big time. the nursing home was not happy, but instead of suing the mom, it shud her son and won. john now has to pay his mom's bill and fork over $93,000. so how is that possible? john and his attorney are here to explain. welcome, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> first off, john, when you found out you would have to pay this bill, what was your reaction? >> i was basically in shock. i did not expect to be handed a bill for my mother's care. basically caught off guard. >> can you afford to pay $93,000? >> definitely not. >> and john lives in
7:18 am
pennsylvania which is one of 30 states which has something called a fa familial responsibility law. where did this law come from? >> it's a law that has recent application. the nursing homes have been fighting this for a while and we're attempting to seek monies from elderly people and decided to have this application for children and daughters or sons. >> and so, as i said, this law is in 30 states. we don't hear of it being applied so often. is it being applied more so today? >> well, certainly after this decision the nursing homes will be a lot more aggressive. the superior court in pennsylvania basically broadened the interpretation of this law in that never before has a son or daughter been liable for a
7:19 am
mother's or father's nursing home debts where there's no what i call mischief. meaning that the son or daughter didn't dissipate the mother or father's assets selling a home, sells cars, selling assets they had to afford the nursing home care originally. here mr. pittas didn't do that and yet they're still going after him. it's broadened in that it's never been applied in retrospective. it's always been prospective, meaning when they file these kind of actions saying we want you to now, son or daughter, take on some of the responsibility for your mother's care going forward. here mr. pittas after his pore's care was done and she went back to greece was slapped with $93,000 worth of bills that he simply can't afford. >> so, john, back to you, your mom did apply for medicaid. there's no resolution on her claim. it's still out there. so why did the nursing home sue you instead of waiting for medicaid to come through?
7:20 am
>> that we still don't understand. it's just disturbing that they're after their money, and they don't want to wait to solve this with medicare or medicaid, and in the meantime they just want to tag this on somebody, and namely i was the winner of this -- >> right. because you have other siblings. why did the nursing home decide to sue you? >> well, i have a brother and a sister. they both reside in greece, but because i am here living in the united states with my family, basically i was the person to go to because my brother and sister and their families both live in greece. >> okay. we did get a statement from the nursing home and i'm going to read it. this is part of it. it says, quote, family members are responsible to gather needed documents per state guidelines for their loved one's care. we as well as the state rely on
7:21 am
those family members to provide this information for timely and accurate filing. and, mr. karoly, a final question to you. the nursing home makes it sounds like john is to blame for not getting the needed documents to them. i know what you're going to say. i think our viewers would rather you tell them how they can protect themselves from this kind of thing. >> well, i think it's very difficult now in pennsylvania with this ruling, but to go back more to the statement that was said, mr. pittas provided what information he had and his mother had other health care needs that were met by other facilities, and that paperwork was the exact same as this nursing home got. you know, this spotlights in your open about a very fundamentally unfair situation where mr. pittas is hit with a $93,000 bill he can't afford simply through biology. >> mr. karol, john pittas, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. you may be used to your cable company charging for everything from remote controls
7:22 am
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7:25 am
24 minutes past the hour. right now on capitol hill lawmakers are taking a closer look at jpmorgan's staggering losses and the shudder it sent through wall street. they first estimated they lost about $2 billion on risky investments. experts say the losses could be closer to $7 billion. so members of the senate banking committee want to know what went wrong and what can be done to prevent a repeat. cnn's lizzie o'leary is in washington. what do you expect to hear today? >> reporter: well, a lot of this, carol, is about whose responsibility it is to watch the store, whether it was jpmorgan's alone or also the regulators who are supposed to be looking into what they do all the time. you're seeing one of the regulators there on the screen testifying about what exactly happened at jpmorgan and how they could lose that much money. we now know that three different agencies are investigating that big loss at jpmorgan.
7:26 am
so that's the securities and exchange commission, and they regulate investment banks, the commodities futures trading commission, it's a mouthful, about you this he look at complex financial products like derivatives, bets on the price of other products, and then the fbi, they're looking into seeing whether there was any criminal wrongdoing that happened at jpmorgan. so here is what they're looking at. first and foremost, did the barng bre bank break the law? it's not illegal to screw up and lose a lot of money. it is illegal if you made misleading statements about it to the public. remember, jamie dimon called this a tempest in a teapot. there are questions about whether they were being fully transparent about what was going on at the bank. then will the new banking rules that were voted on, are in place by the senate and the house of representatives, will they help this at all? remember, they're not actually fully in place yet. they're still fine tuning them a little bit. that's one of the things the lawmakers want to help. and could this have been
7:27 am
prevented? and that's the big question. one of the things going on right now is a debate about whether big banks like jpmorgan should be able to take in customer deposits and also make risky trades for themselves at the same time, and that's really what we're getting at at the heart of this today. will those new rules help, could they have prevented this. >> we'll check back with you, lizzie o'leary, reporting live from washington. now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for new morning, are 30 days in prison enough for a hate crime? neither side is happy with the judge's decision to sentence dharun ravi to 30 days in prison plus probation, a fine, and community service. ravi was the rutgers student who used a web cam to record his roommate, tyler clementi, having sex with a man and then tweeted about it to his friends. the case renewed debate boo anti-gay bullying and the internet. in court tyler's mother spoke of her son's pain.
7:28 am
>> even i had no idea of the despair and torment tyler must have been feeling, and i thought i knew him. tyler and i had been very connected, so much so that i felt like a piece of me died in september of 2010. >> yet ravi never apologized to the clementis or the court for what he did. the "new york daily news" was furious saying 30 days is what you get for petty larceny. 30 days is what you get for spray painting graffiti. 30 days is what dharun ravi got for spying on a gay college roommate's sick you'll encounter and posting the news on the internet. 30 days was not enough. ravi was convicted of bias intimidation which most people think of as a hate crime, yet the judge said he did not believe ravi hated tyler clementi.
7:29 am
if ravi's actions don't constitute a hate crime, then what does? and if they don't, why convict him of a hate crime? so the "talk back" question, are 30 days in prison enough for a hate crime? we got a big heaping helping of deja vu coming right at you. more government employees are taking an uber expensive trip. this one to lovely hawaii. possibly on the taxpayer dime. really? did no one learn anything from the gsa's vegas debacle? our political panel weighs in. ♪, green grass? ♪ [ all ] shh! ♪ why tell the trees what ain't so? ♪ [ male announcer ] dow solutions use vibration reduction technology to help reduce track noise so trains move quieter through urban areas all over the world. together, the elements of science
7:30 am
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is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. 30 minutes past the hour. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom." >> and launch of the spacex falcon nine rocket as nasa turns to the private sector to resupply the international space station. >> and that would be a bit of history. for the first time a private company is officially in the space race launching an unmanned cargo ship into orbit. its mission, to deliver supply to the international space station. the original launch three days ago was scrubbed by a last-minute engine problem. the question this morning is what caused this small plane to crash in glendale, california. the pilot was taken to the hospital but apparently with only minor injuries.
7:33 am
witnesses say the plane hit some power lines and then flipped over and landed in the front yard of this home. no one was hurt. pretty much a miracle there. a tense waiting game for john edwards. the jury is now in the third day of deliberations at his corruption trial. edwards is accused of accepting illegal campaign contributions to cover up his affair with a campaign staffer named rielle hunter. political buzz is your rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing with us, boris epstein, a republican strategist. boris represents the right for us today. and representative on the left, we've got sirius xm radio host and insanely hilarious comedian. do you like that, pete? >> that's a little bit of an overstatement but thank you very much, carol. >> the insane part is 100% correct. >> thanks to both of you for
7:34 am
being here. your tax dollars could be paying for another sweet government trip. judges and staffers from the ninth circuit court of appeals will take a hawaiian getaway this august for their annual judicial conference. the resort offers sport fishing, snorkeling, zumba dance classes and something called the aloha experience. it could cost more than half a million dollars for accommodations alone. no word if there will be at the team building clowns at this one. a spokesperson from the court says tax dollars will not pay for any recreational activities but two top lawmakers want a breakdown of expenses. so finally to the question. is this a good idea? boris? >> well, it would be a good whied if they invited me, but in reality it is not a good idea. it's an awful idea by the ninth circuit. especially that it's on the heels of the awful disaster that the gsa is still dealing with. it's representative of an epidemic we have in government
7:35 am
of overspending, of not caring that the taxpayer dollars are going to awful things like this. if they need to team build, why not do it somewhere in california, the ninth circuit is based in california. california is not a bad place to do it. why do you have to go all the way to hawaii? it plmakes no sense. it's a bigger picture that's the problem. >> pete? >> i don't think anybody is really going to defend this, carol, but government should pay for reasonable expenses for reasonable retreats. you want to attract the best and brightest. hawaii is part of the ninth circuit. nobody is including that. this is clearly a politically motivated attack because the ninth circuit is a liberal circuit court. but, you know, there's so many more examples of waste that we should be focused on. congress just approved $88 billion for afghanistan for next year. "the new york times" had an article about a $17,000 drip tray for blackha hawk helicopte they could get $6.5 million they ordered. there's another company makes it for $2,500.
7:36 am
that is waste. >> second question, arizona's republican secretary of state stirring up the birther pot. he's demanding that hawaii provide him with verification of president obama's birth certificate. >> and we simply ask them to confirm or verify that they have a birth certificate for the person in question, barack hussein obama. i would ask all the candidates, including the president, maybe to submit a certified copy of their birth certificate. >> ken bennett says if he doesn't get proof, he might strike mr. obama's name from the state's ballot this fall. you know, the presidential ballot. so my question to you, will this birther thing ever, ever, ever, ever go away? pete? >> maybe the ninth circuit should hire ken bennett as a team building clown for their retreat. that way he could ask them when they go to hawaii, they can bring back a copy of his birth certificate. as long as the president's name
7:37 am
is barack hussein obama it's not going to go away because there's a sliver of bigoted racist americans. this would be the equivalent of me asking the lab that created mitt romney to show us the blueprints. it's ridiculous. the guy went to columbia, harva harvard, a three-term state senator, he's an american. this has to end. >> boris. >> it doesn't get us anywhere as republicans. that's the problem with it from my point of view. we can win this election in november on the merits. there have been three years of 8% or higher unemployment. gdp is absolutely crawling and getting worse and worse. so we don't need to talk about this right now. we should be talking about the economy. that's mitt romney's strength. that's barack obama's weakness. that's what americans care about, and also let's stop talking about hawaii so much today. it makes me want to go over there. >> me, too. except i'd have to pay for it myself. >> boris, you agree he's an american? >> yes, he's been american,
7:38 am
absolutely. >> third question, your buzzer beater, 20 seconds each. a new study by a group called the sunlight foundation shows congress speaks at a tenth grade level. it says that's actually down one grade level from 2005. so they're actually going backwards. so the question, what grade level should congress be speaking at? boris? >> you know, i think senior level in college would be nice, but probably that's too much so ask for. so let's just call it everyone and say sophomore year in college. it's before you're really thinking about working but it's after you're already getting your full college experience out of the way. so that would be nice. you know, tenth grade is a little low for my liking, but you know what? if we can get one year higher next year and the year after that, we'll be on our way after that. >> i like how boris took this question very seriously. >> all i have really was jokes on this. i mean, you know, the american people -- >> i didn't mean to throw you off, pete. >> listen, we understand things
7:39 am
at a fifth grade level. we only understand things if they're told to us in an "american idol" fashion, through a reality show. congress should speak to us at the level that they're funding our public education. we're getting dumber and dumber in this country. that's why people believe the president wasn't born in america. maybe compromise is an 11th grade word though. >> he's serious, too. carol, for the record, that was also serious. >> let me make it even funnier, boris, i'm getting buzzed, i have so many different ways to make fun of this, but we really are getting stupider. i guess that's not funny, you're right. >> no, that's not funny. pete, boris, thanks for playing today. >> have a great day. >> scary, frightening. doesn't even begin to describe it. a man plunges nearly 200 feet over niagara falls and survives. video of the dramatic rescue next. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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7:43 am
a suicidal man is in the hospital this morning after jumping over niagara falls. he plunged nearly 200 feet into the frigid waters below. took rescuers nearly an hour to reach him. look at that. when they tried to rescue him, the man refused to grab onto the harness because he was suicidal. they eventually got close enough to the man to physically grab him. witnesses watched it all unfold in disbelief. >> he did not. >> yes, did he. >> he went over the falls. i assumed that he was on the back of the falls tour and just left the group and slipped on the rocks. >> he did it on purpose. that man is now recovering from h hypothermia, a fractured ribs and a few cuts from his head and face. he's believed to be only the third person to survive a plunge over niagara falls.
7:44 am
some of the nation's biggest cable companies teaming up to offer you free wi-fi. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. so i pay 200 bucks a month for my cable. so i'm ready for this. >> so it's not really free. you still have to pay your cable bill, but the idea behind this is that you get that free wi-fi wherever you are. so let's say you're a come cast, cablevision, bright house, time warner cable, all of these cable companies are teaming up. if you're a customer, you will be able to tap into each other's wi-fi hotspots for free. to give you an example, let's say you're a cox customer in cleveland but you're traveling to philadelphia. you can use comcast's wi-fi hot spots in philadelphia for free. this will be rolling out over the next few months. over 50,000 hot spots will pop up across the country. >> does this take care of the dreaded data limit?
7:45 am
>> it does help. it gives you more flexibility because instead of using your data plan, you can actually tap into these hot spots for free and this is a great way for cable companies to try to attract your business and keep your business. you know, they're dealing with tough competition at this point as more and more people watch tv and movies on the internet or they rent movies through netflix. there's less of a need for traditional cable service. that makes them more relevant. they're boosting their wi-fi offers to woo you and me, carol. >> alison kosik, thanks. will smith is promoting his new movie, but he's already talking about his next one. he might get the chance to be a u.s. president in this one. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote.
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walmart choice premium steak. try it, tell us what you think on facebook. by the way, it's 100% money back guaranteed. british vogue is doing everything it can to get the duchess, duchess catherine, you know, the princess, on its cover but the queen may be derailing the idea. vok has approached kate middleton on various occasions but she has declined in order not to upset the queen. princess diana graced the cover of briggs vogue four times before her death in 1997. you can catch celebrations marking queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee on cnn. we'll have special coverage sunday june 3rd. piers morgan and brooke baldwin will be live from london for the
7:49 am
royal extravaganza. it starts at 11:00 a.m. eastern. a major iconic dc comics character is going to come out of the closet. let's go to new york and check in with a.j. hammer. hi, a.j. >> that website is getting credit for breaking this news. the co-publisher of d.c. comics a character who was straight. don't expect it to be wonder woman or bat man or superman. it's more likely to be a slightly less famous character. i never thought i'd have the opportunity to do this. but in other gay comic hero news, the north star is credited as the first mainstream gay super hero. he's expected to marry his
7:50 am
boyfriend in the pages of an x-men comic. it might be easy to look to president obama's support the gay marriage announcement as opening the door for these story lines but they have likely been in the works for some time. >> probably so. but speaking of president obama, there's going to be a movie about him and maybe will smith will play the president? >> yes. we don't know when the movie might happen. if it's going to happen. but will smith told the bbc he is the natural choice to play our president in a movie. and listen to this, smith says it's because of the ears which are, shall we say, similarly noticeable on both the president and the actor, something not lost on will smith. there doesn't seem to be a movie in the works at this point precisely, but smith says he told the president himself finish the ending and that ending obviously has yet to be written and then they'll do a wedding -- a movie, rather. for now he'll be in "men in black 3" which open this is weekend. >> i can only envision morgan freeman as president.
7:51 am
he plays a good president, doesn't he? >> he sure does. >> thanks, a.j. want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world, a.j. has it tonight on "showbiz tonight" at 11:00 eastern on hln. [ groans ] [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue... [ thunk ] sweet! [ male announcer ] the solid thunk of the door on the jetta. thanks, mister! [ meow ]
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with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only rinse that makes your teeth two shades whiter and two times stronger. ♪ listerine® whitening... power to your mouth. in today's daily dose here is some health news that really surprised a lot of men and confused them frankly. what many consider a routine test for prostate cancer is now being called an unnecessary risk. the federal task force is making that claim and creating a lot of confusion in the process. alina cho is in new york to help us understand this. what's going on, alina. >> or try, carol. this is something really that is affecting a lot of people. we're talking about at least 44 million men, and if you think about it, the reason why it's so
7:55 am
confusing is it goes against everything that we know about cancer. get screened, early detection can save your life. well, not so fast. you know, because this latest news for many people is really just incomprehensible. why wouldn't you get tested for prostate cancer? well, the united states preventative services task force is now recommending against that, against what's commonly referred to as the psa test. it's really a simple blood test. the task force is saying now that at best psa screening may just help 1 in 1,000 men avoid death from prostate cancer, and the recommendation is that the test may do more harm than good because, and this is important, most prostate cancers that are found by screening are slow growing. they're not life threatening and will not cause a man any harm during his lifetime. essentially you would remain what's called asymptomatasympto.
7:56 am
what can be harmful is treatment if you don't need it. some men who are overdiagnosed and treated can suffer serious side effects like imp poe tense, incontinence, and even early death. >> this is the same panel -- this panel has weighed in on a couple controversial things. >> they have. you know, we remember this story very closely, very well, of course. this is the same panel that made waves when it recommended that women in their 40s should skip routine mammograms. that was something that really got my attention i can tell you. as for the psa test, while the american cancer society is not recommending routine psa screenings since the late '90s the american urological society says if you get screened you will still save live. the bottom line, go to your doctor and see what they have to say. >> what else can you do?
7:57 am
thanks so much. we asked you to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question is about dharun ravi. are 30 days in prison enough for a hate crime? your responses next. [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. [ tires squeal ] then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. see your lexus dealer. and the next chapter for lexus. on my journey across america, i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby. do you know you could save hundreds on car insurance over the phone, online or at your local geico office? tell us bobby, what would you do with all those savings? hire a better ventriloquist. your lips are moving.
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we asked you to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for new morning, are 30 days in prison enough for a hate crime. from bob, 30 days is not enough for a