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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 23, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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iran is denying that saying they are using the enrichment for things such as power. i think what is really happening at this table sthatd the p 5 plus 1 is trying to allow to see if it is going further with the program. >> let's see if there is agreement. want to get you right up to less than a week after facebook stock went public. lawsuit was filed this morning claiming that facebook concealed crucial information about its stock in the days leading up to the initial public offering. facebook's under writers including morgan stanley are also being sued. regulators were looking into major clients were given
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negative information about facebook before the stock offering. it is a nerve racking waiting game for former presidential candidate john edwards. jurors are half way through their fourth day of deliberation. still no verdict. edwards is accused of using almost $1 million in campaign donations to keep his pregnant mistress hidden. in pakistan the man who helped track down osama bin laden is sentenced to prison today. he had been on trial for the past two months and under tribal law he was not able to defend himself. a lawyer said he can appeal the sentence. millions of voters in the world's most populous arab country are picking a president for the first time ever. we are talking about egypt. in 5,000 years this is the first time they are able to cast a vote for a leader in a
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democratic election. it is underway right now. former president jimmy carter at one of the poling stations. the carters are actually among dozens of monitors from around the world taking part in an effort to make sure that this voting is fair. joining us on the phone from cairo. i know you have been to some of the poling stations. are they picking up problems? do they believe that this is okay? >> well, so far it seems to be going well. we went out with a group that was monitoring the election. they have 30,000 volunteers, quite an army for monitoring this election. and with that they have found a few minor infractions in certain small isolated incidents that have been some sort of influence by the campaigns to try to get voters to try to vote for their candidate. by and large it has been fairly
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clean. there has been fear that the military try to do something and try to hijack the election. the army has said they are not going to get involved in this and this is the will of the people. so far it seems to be like that. all of the monitors have said it has been fairly clean and they are optimistic that this will be pulled off successfully. >> there is one more hour until the polls close and the voting continues tomorrow. how has the turnout been and has there been any fear of violence occurring? >> the turnout hasn't been as high as probably people expected. definitely we didn't see the lines today that we saw as the parliamentary election. there is another day. we have another day for people to come out and vote. we are expecting more people coming out tomorrow. in terms of violence there has been reports of clashes, minor
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small clashes between supporters and between one of the candidates who is a member of the former regime and two islamest candidates. they were clashing with one of the members of the former regime. these are isolated incidents. we didn't see any out there. we saw people voting for all sorts of people all in the same line all a joyous atmosphere. carnival atmosphere. people excited to vote. there is some tension because one of the -- a lot of people are very upset about that. >> and finally here this is a very important day. who are you seeing who is actually showing up at the polls? women, men, young people, old? >> it is a diverse group. we have liberals, conservatives. it is a diverse group.
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what we are hearing is that the muslim brotherhood is doing better than probably a lot of people expected. but definitely there is a diverse group. you go to these poling stations. the poling stations are segregated so you have a women's section and a men's section. could be in the same building or different buildings. definitely the lines are long. they are excited to show the purple ink on their fingers after they voted. secret service says the prositution scandal was not part of the culture. some senators today at the hearing are saying that the scandal, that they find that rather hard to believe. >> it is hard for many people including me, i will admit, to believe that on one night in april, 2012 in columbia, 12
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secret service agents there to protect the president suddenly and spontaneously did something they or other agents had never done before. >> kate is covering the hearing on capitol hill. a lot of people wondering if this is part of the culture. seeing the secret service for years it does seem like these are men and women who do behave responsibly. is the director, mark sullivan, is he able to make the case to the senators? is he convincing them that that was not part of the culture and that was a rogue incident? >> throughout the hearing he tried very hard and tried to reassure the senators that this was not representative of the some 7,000 employees of the secret service, that this was an admiration and a one time incident and when he heard about
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the scandal that he himself was dumbfounded of how this would happen or why these people would be involved in this. but i will tell you while he repeatedly said that this is not a cultural issue or a systemic issue it appears that he did not successfully convince at least some of the senators who repeatedly questioned him about how you can say this is a one off deal. susan collins did not seem convinced at the end of the hearing that this was just a one time deal. with the facts we have now it doesn't seem like a one-time incident. >> are you learning new details about the scandal itself and how it unfolded? >> a couple of new things came out. two of the agents who are following the whole scandal breaking who had agreed to resign, that they are now challenging their dismissals, that was a new tidbit we were
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hearing. learning a new detail about how this went down that both chairman lieberman and the ranking member said these secret service agents went out in small groups to four strip clubs or night clubs in small groups and they said rather than in some large group and that in addition to the fact that the men when they brought the prostitutes back to the hotel they registered them in their own names rather than trying to conceal it really made the case to the senators it was just hard to believe that this behavior wasn't condoned or wink/wink nod/nod allowed. one other thing that i found interesting real quick is that director sullivan also said they have now interviewed nine or ten of the women and he says they are confident that these women were not involved with terrorist or criminal element. i think senator collins rightly
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went back to him saying it was ironic that we can all take relief that these women were just prostitutes. interesting moment in the hearing. >> certainly. quite ironic when you think about it. thank you very much. appreciate it. here is what we are working on now for this hour. >> an al qaeda video calls for electronic gf, cyber attacks against grids and banking accounts. is this the new terror strategy against the u.s. and what is the government doing to protect us? and loves at one of the world's largest computer makers. hewlett-packard plans to announce job cuts today. a new report says drop your sandwich and wash your hands. your office break room is far dirtier. we'll show you how bad it is. [ woman ] for the london olympic games, our town had a "brilliant" idea.
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al qaeda's new battlefield is not one you can see. it is the internet. it is the computer systems that run our power grids and financial networks. some senators say they have evidence that al qaeda wants to attack where we are weak in cyber space. suzanne tell us first of all how do we make sense of what we are calling an electronic jihad. >> al qaeda sent out a tape calling out to sympathizers and people who support the al qaeda ideology to put the computer skills to good use and target big companies and government agencies. the problem is intelligence officials are very worried because it is difficult to guard against this and the u.s. doesn't have effective legislation that has gone through that says how the government will take an approach to sort of stopping this attack
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and how to protect a lot of these facilities, public facilities that are very vulnerable to something like this. >> is there something we can do to protect our selve snz. >> there is something we can do. you need to think about where you work and what it kind of e-mails you get. one main thing they tell people to do is never click to open attachments. it is a phishing technique. if i went on facebook i could find out quite a few facts about you quickly enough to craft an e-mail that looks targeted just for you so it looks like it is coming from someone i know and i'm going to open this and then this virus has gotten into the system. that is one way that they can target. >> it sounds kind of anine when you think of it that way. what is the worst case scenario when you talk about a cyber attack? >> here is what has senators and
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intelligence officials so worried. these people can target things like your air traffic control systems. think about the electric grid going down in the middle of the summer or winter. think about your water filtration facilities and nuclear plants. those are targets that they are very worried about because if anything happens there real people could die. videos like this do cause a lot of concern. this one the fbi obtained last year and probably just pulled it off the internet because that is where al qaeda will post these calls. >> it is one thing to say that they can do this or want to do this. do we know if they are sophisticated enough to do this thing? >> here is the scary thing. a 17-year-old kid is sophisticated enough. we have seen intrusions happen like that. the department of homeland security has gotten like more than 50,000 reports in the last year. you are talking about facilities
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with a heightened level of security around computer systems already. when you take that into consideration it is alarming. >> thank you so much. one of the highest ranking enlisted women in the united states army says her fight is not over, the fight to fix her reputation. major teresa king was the first ever female commanding the elite drill sergeant school. she was replaced last week at a time when she complain today the army about equality and fairness. >> reporter: we first met command sergeant major three years ago at fort jackson, columbia, south carolina. what are you looking for? it looks like everybody is exercising. >> i'm looking for attention to detail. >> reporter: the first woman to lead the school, a symbol of emotional strength. >> when i'm going through this
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devastating situation it's important for me to set the example. >> reporter: now, king faces the toughest battle of her 32-year military career. she filed a former complaint against the army charging her superiors mistreated her because she's a woman. >> i'm not in a position where i can say what should happen to my superiors. i will say they need to be held accountable. >> reporter: kings was suspended following complaints of micro managing. some questioning her lack of combat experience. king who earned top scores for physical fitness says she was punished for rejecting unfit candidates. >> i think drill sergeants should be some of the highest standard barriers in the army. >> reporter: king submitted a
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19-page rebuttal describing accuseers of disgruntled. two superiors oversaw a six-month investigation. during that period king was not allowed to have any contact with students or staff, cutoff, she says, from her military family. >> i think i lost touch of consciousness because it was so painful. >> reporter: king sought help from attorney and state legislator james smith also one of her former soldiers. >> her suspension is and was unwarranted. now the point is and what we are asking is for a review of how and why this took place. >> reporter: earlier this month the army found the suspension was not warranted informing her your suspension is lifted. smith says not good enough. an army spokes woman saying they could not comment. king's reinstatement came just
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in time for the change of responsibility ceremony, the official transfer of power. >> were some days i didn't feel like i wanted to live but i believe in hope against all hope. >> reporter: supporters surrounded king who said despite everything she would serve the army again. >> i want to make sure that this does not happen to another person. >> and suzanne king is a few months away from her mandatory retirement. she is asked to make up the time missed and asking for a congressional investigation into the matter. she wants to make sure that those superiors are held accountable. as you heard she wants to make sure that this does not happen to someone else. >> where does her issues stand now with the army? >> it is a lengthy process as the army takes a look at what she is saying in her rebuttal
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and comes back with something in terms of decision of when she will be able to make her exit. when you lost those last several months of your army career and you have been in the army all of your life that is a big adjustment. she says she needs the extra bit of time and wants to make sure that those who are responsible for her suspension are held accountable for that. in a new interview with "time" magazine mitt romney is saying he will get the unemployment rate down to 6% if elected. it's me again. now that i'm retiring they all have plans for me. i'm excited.
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jim, you and i are looking at these excerpts from the interview that he has given with "time" magazine. one of the things that stands out here in this interview is a promise that he is making if he becomes president in his first term. i want to play a little bit of sound for our viewers and then we'll talk about it on the back
10:24 am
end. >> you know what? jim, can you hear me? >> hi. >> we're not actually hearing the sound. >> are we on the air? >> we are on the air. can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> let me actually put that quote on. we didn't actually hear the audio. this is what he said about unemployment in his first term. he says i can tell you that over a period of four years by virtue of the policies that we put in place we get the unemployment rate down to 6% and perhaps a little lower. that is what stood out in our mind. a pretty extraordinary promise to make straight away. do you think that he is feeling a little bit of pressure to prove and show that i'm the guy to handle the economy? >> well, keep in mind we just talked about this interview a little while ago. we expected big news to come out of this to be about his time at
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bain capital. this is probably the most striking excerpt from this interview. mitt romney predicting that he will lower the nation's unemployment rate from 6% from where it is now about 8.1%. that would be a very impressive feat when you consider the fact that the unemployment rate really soared in the initial months when president obama came into office. there was about 17,000 people being thrown out of their jobs and the unemployment rate kept going up and up. for the unemployment rate to go down that dramatically would be something else. it is setting a benchmark for an eventual romney administration that he may come to regret. he talks about president obama's economic team. at one point when they were pushing the stimulus plan they
10:26 am
were saying if we pass this stimulus we think we can get the unemployment rate under 8%. he likes to say we spent the money on the stimulus and it didn't get the unemployment rate under 8%. it is kind of interesting to see mitt romney go here and make this kind of prediction. >> we know that the obama administration getting a little overconfident and came back to burn them a bit later. they said they are heading in the right track and creating jobs and making head way there. i want to talk about bain capital. he did defend his record. i'm going to read a quote here on president obama's attacks on his record at bain. romney says having been in the private sector for 25 years gives me a perspective on how jobs are created. that someone who has never spent a day in the private sector like president obama doesn't understand. this is something the obama campaign complains about that
10:27 am
the president doesn't get it when it comes to dealing with fiscal matters. why do you suppose they think this line of reasoning is going to work? >> well, i think they have to spend mitt romney's business experience as a positive. i mean, that is what they have been banking their entire campaign on ever since he got into this race, his campaign bus along the side of his campaign bus that says conservative businessman. doesn't say former governor of massachusetts. and i think the romney campaign succeeded with a lot of republicans in convincing them that he is the guy because of this business experience, because he has had this background creating companies and some kaechs worked out okay and some businesses did not. but this has been their calling card throughout this campaign that he has been in the private sector and knows what it takes to create businesses. so this is just a continuation of that line from the romney campaign from the candidate himself.
10:28 am
it was interesting to note in this interview mitt romney did get very aggressive in going after the president. he talks about how his experience better prepares him for the presidency versus barack obama's experience referring to the fact that barack obama served as a community organizer mitt romney brought that up during this interview. one thing he does talk about during this interview is goes baic b back to the reagan line are you better off now than four years ago? they believe that in time people will start to forget about bain capital as an issue and get sick of hearing about this as an issue but the economy will stay there and be there until november. >> and one last thing that came out of this interview that was interesting here and goes to the heart of the matter here, they say that people want to try someone new because they believe that this president while he may be a nice guy is not up to the
10:29 am
task of helping guide an economy. it is all about the economy here who actually is up to the task and who has moved forward and is able to usher the economy in a different direction. so thank you very much. we are going to continue this conversation a bit later. really appreciate it. hewlett-packard announcing mass layoffs today. we will look at how many american workers could lose their jobs. it's very important to understand how math and science kind of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher
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by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did things with electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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so get the insurance responsible drivers like you deserve. looks really good. call... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? massive job cuts are in the work for hewlett pauewlett-pach. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange to talk about this. >> about 7% of hewlett packards workforce. the official announcement is expected to come out after the "closing bell" today when hewlett-packard will be reporting its earnings. the new ceo meg whitman is trying to turn things around.
10:33 am
hp is having a tough time but so is the entire pc industry. hewlett-packard is having troubled times roithd now. pc sales fell in double digits during the holiday season. >> huge cuts we are talking about. do they think this is going to solve hp's problems? >> they are looking to take the money saved in layoffs to put the finances in order. they need a recipe for growth. the big problem with hewlett-packard is that it kind of missed the boat here on tablets and smart phones. it didn't catch on. it is really a company that is trying to stay relevant right now. another company, dell computer seems to be in the same boat. shares are plunging 17%. shares of hewlett-packard are down about 5%. >> we are seeing a selloff here in the markets. >> we are seeing in u.s. markets
10:34 am
with the dow down 137 points. european and asian markets tumbled. european leaders are meeting to try to figure out how to create growth in european economies. reports coming out from the former prime minister of greece saying greece is at a real risk of leaving the eurozone. you are seeing fears really play out in the markets right now. as i said the dow tumbling 138 points. oil prices down a bit below $180 a barrel. showing peszmism. do you bring your lunch to work? we'll explain. ity the word that we use is jubilation. as you're getting older, you should be able to do the things that you love.
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contaminates. it is safer to eat your lunch off of a toilet seat than your desk. here in the break room there is lots of traffic. a lot of people touching the same small spaces over and over again. so the company kimberly-clark which makes kleenex and other products took 5,000 samples and here is what they found. high levels of contaminates in 75% of sink faucet handles. and the sink is not so clean either. 48% of micro wave door handles right here. and 26% of refrigerator doors. everyone uses the fridge when you come to work. germs that can make you sick we are talking about colds, the flu, norral virus or mursa which causes skin infections. it is important to note that cnn talked to independent experts who backed up this study. how do you protect yourself from
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>> announcer: this is the day. the day that we say to the world of identity thieves "enough." we're lifelock, and we believe you have the right to live free from the fear of identity theft. our pledge to you? as long as there are identity thieves, we'll be there.
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we're lifelock. and we offer the most comprehensive identity theft protection ever created. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or go to today. uproar over the filler in some ground beef, the stuff known as pink slime. now the news is about meat gloo. food experts say you might not have a beef with it once you know what it is and how it is used. >> a common use is to make filet pieces appear as one cut. it is cut into small pieces. he then added meat gloo. >> this is going to bind everything together. it doesn't take much.
10:43 am
you got to get a light coating over all the meat. >> reporter: then rolls the chunks into a mold and places it in the cooler overnight. the next day the chunks of steak appear to be one piece. the fda says meat gloo is safe to consume. usually bacteria on the surface is killed off during the cooking process. >> cat, first of all, it does sound kind of weird and gross but what is it? >> there are so many problems in the food system. i think it has a branding problem. meat glue sounds horrific. chefs at the french culinary institute explain it is naturally derived enzyme that is sprinkled on meat and makes protein bond to protein. >> it is an enzyme that comes
10:44 am
from where? >> it used to be taken and this part is gross but from guinea pig blood. but it is taken from plant material. there is not much to worry about here. it is making the most of cuts of meat that they can't sell because they are not cosmetically attractive. these bits can be combined to make a tasty piece of meat. and chefs use it to play around and combine a lot of flavors together. >> why are people concerned about this? why are they grossed out? >> well, the name is pretty bad. the main concern is that if you think of the center of the piece of steak it hasn't been exposed to bacteria in the same way that outside parts of the steak have. the more surface area the more chance for bacteria to get all over it. so basically chefs have to be aware and cook it to a certain temperature so the danger is
10:45 am
taken care of. the other thing that people are upset about is i spent the money on a 16 ounce steak and i got cheated because basically i ate 2 ounce steaks. they are not trying to pass off bad cuts to you. they are just smaller cuts. a lot of chefs would argue that they are being economical and waste free. >> they want to stick it all together and use the glue to stick it together. would this actually help those who argue maybe we should have more food labelling requirements to make sure that we know exactly what it is that we are eating, if it is the pieces or the whole steak? >> so this is i believe when it is shipped to something like a banquet hall labelled as reformed meat now a consumer is never going to know to ask is this made with formed or reformed meat. i am a huge advocate of labelling in all situations whether genetic or all natural
10:46 am
which absolutely means very little. the more clarity there is about everything that we're putting into our bodies really the better have everybody. a lot of advocates are advocating for this to be mandatory. in 40 countries i believe across the world genetically modified food is required to have that indicated on the packaging and here it is not. >> cat, some people would rather not know. let me just enjoy this. information is a good thing, too. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thanks so much. japanese punk rock band left homeless by last year's earthquake and tsunami is blasting the slow cleanup near the fukushima dai-ichi. they say they are forgotten by the government and the world.
10:47 am
>> reporter: loud -- raucous and in your face. ♪ >> reporter: when you get to chorus of the song and you get profane. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: this punk band, the scrap, says tep codestroyed their lives. lead singer road the lyrics for his hometown just miles of the plant. ♪ >> reporter: lost his home, his possessions and his job. he is living with his girlfriend now. his family hundreds of miles away with extended relatives. can you tell me some of the lyrics of your song? >> reporter: my family far apart
10:48 am
looks up at the sky shattered by earthquake and betrayal. there is no such thing as the truth. >> reporter: why did you write that? i can't go home he says. i want people to understand the pain i feel because i can't go home. there is an extraordinary amount of public rage about this, the exclusion zone, the beginning of the 12.4 mile radius around the fukushima dai-ichi plant where residents have been sent away. a year after the disaster many are jobless and living with friends. they feel the world has already forgotten. these musicians all impacted by the disaster decided japan's overpolite society needed a reminder about the plight. no translation needed. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: what is the meaning
10:49 am
of this song for you? it's a harsh title says drummer. people are still going through a harsh time. he adds they need to care more about the health. says they have made progress on the plant. nuclear experts believe it may be decades if ever before eva y evacues can safely return home. two minutes they scream here it's some relief that they can't get as evacues of a nuclear disaster. cnn, japan. a sailor becomeathize first ever to sail around the world on a solar powered boat.
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a rough day for firefighters battling flames in nevada. seven homes have been destroyed. more than 100 are threatened. firefighters are attacking the flames from the ground as well as the air. you can see those dramatic pictures. rain and cooler temperatures could bring them at least some relief on friday. so for the past year and a half, while we're high and dry on land, a handful of world records were being smashed at sea. this is the weirdest looking boat you'll probably ever see on the water, but it took the crew around the world literally the long way. and there's not a drop of fuel onboard. it's all solar powered. this amazing boat and how they did this and whether or not it's going to become the future. tell us what we know about this. pretty cool stuff. >> every time this boat came into port, people were flocking to it. what could that possibly be. it certainly doesn't look like a boat. >> looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. >> it's star trek, it's the
10:54 am
enterprise. it's a catamaran, the two pods on the sides keeping the boat up. but it has solar panels the size of two tennis courts on top. it only goes 5 knots an hour. it was a slow boat to china. over 500 days, but he said when he was sitting on his dad lap going around the world in 80 days, he knew some day he had to go around the world. that was his life long dream. 40-year-old guy builds this both, $16 million to build this boat. goes around the world all the way. leaves monaco, goes out through gibraltar, through the panama canal, across the pacific. has to wait four days in australia because it never was sunny. >> does it matter if it's not shiny? >> it has enough power in the batteries to go five days without sun. thank goodness it wasn't getting
10:55 am
pounded by 100 miles an hour winds up against a reef. but they got it going, went through the suez canal and back to monaco. >> is this the future? >> we're never going to move oil. it's just too heavy. if you only get this very -- this is $16 million, the lightest boat they could possibly build. you can only go 6 miles an hour. you can't move a lot. you can't jet ski or water ski behind it. >> so what's the advantage, besides proving that we can do this, would it actually become practical in any way with the -- >> you know, the mega rich can do that they want. you know, i'm a sail or.sailor. i love wind power. and the joke online is so what's next? we're going to build a boat using wind power? why did we go around the world
10:56 am
in a solar powered boat? because we could. >> thanks, chad. egyptians sounding off on our open mike about boating and their first presidential election ever. that next. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin,
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10:58 am
voters have been casting pal lots in its 5,000 year history. that's right. they began voting today. they will finish up tomorrow.
10:59 am
it's the moment they fought for in tahrir square last year. it's the uprising that to toppled hosni mubarak. there are some uncertainties about what's going to happen after the elections. here's what some egyptians are saying on our open mike in cairo. >> translator: i am worrieworri. i am scared the seculars will file and say the elections are a fraud. i'm afraid at the islamists tat the same time that they might say it's fraud. i hope when a president is el t elected they will accept him. >> translator: i would like to say, we would like every person elected with honesty and we dot not want fraud like in the elections past. and we want everyone to go out, whether rich or poor. >> translator: i will tell him egypt is a very strong country and a very profound country and
11:00 am
we will not be played with again. we will not allow with anyone to destroy us or cause us to lose our dignity. >> from the egyptians themselves. cnn news room continues with brooke baldwin. >> thank you so much. i want to begin with an unusualry candid moment today for a group that strives to keep things quiet and secret. that would be the secret service. its rarely seen director, he is mark sullivan, he was called upon before senators this mo morning to open up about the prostitution scandal that has absolutely engulfed agents setting up for president obama's previous trip to colombia. senator susan collins laid out her case against the scandal, basically boiling down to a rare night out on the town. a dozen agents were i6r7ly kated. this is 8% of the secret service on that one burglar trip. all the men involved were stay at this one hotel and they didn't get together, like a big group of frat boys. here's what they say.
11:01 am
>> these were individuals and small groups of two or three agents who went out at different times to different clubs, bars and brothels but who all ended up in compromising circumstances. >> what is worse? according to senator collins here, too many agents in question were supervisors. secret stfs director mark sullivan did apologize, but he is at a loss to explain exactly how this happened. >> i just think that between the alcohol and i don't know, the environment, these individuals did some really dumb things. and i just can't explain why they would have done why they would do. but i will tell you i do not believe they did it because they believe this type of behavior would be tolerated. >> let's go to baldwin on the
11:02 am
hill. the secret service being taken to task. what is the end game, the end point of this hearing? >> the end point of this hearing is kind of a ringering question, i'll tell you, brooke. director sullivan was really unequivocal in what he was saying and the case he was trying to make in reassuring lawmakers that there is not a systemic issue here, a cultural issue here. that was a question that was raised repeatedly by lawmakers, specifically susan collins. and you just showed some sound from her there where she did not seem convinced, no matter the amount of respect that all of these lawmakers showed to the director and his hard work and what the vast majority of the secret service personnel, the professionalism that they showed, they did not seem convinced that this was not a, if you will, was the tip of the iceberg. they did not seem convinced that this hasn't happened before, that there isn't a cultural issue, even though the director said very clearly this is not a cultural issue.
11:03 am
he said he's dumbfounded how all this went about 37 but susan collins, even in the sound you had right there, sle said take a look at the evidence, you have these 12 men not going out in a frat setting. they were small groups going to four different strip clubs and nightclubs. and bringing women back to their hotel and registering them under their own names. >> let me jump in. he said he was dumbfounded, but what about the secret service agents who are now, a few of them, coming forward, appealing all of this saying hang on a second, this agency has long known about this type of behavior around the world. and we're just the ones who got caught. >> yeah. some of this coming to light in a "washington post" article that according to these anonymous sources saying there was kind of a cultural, they called it the kind of quote, unquote, secret circus. this was kind of the way things went when they went outside of the country. the director was asked about this in the hearing and he said
11:04 am
pretty clearly that any notion that this behavior was condoned by the agency was absurd in his words. and, you know, that are's kind of where they left it. he said this is just not the agency that he knows. these are a few individuals who don't represent the vast majority, but the top lawmakers on this committee, while respecting the director, they definitely were calling for an independent comprehensive investigation going forward to really find out what happened here. this going beyond what the secret service is already investigating, and they asked the inspector general, the department of homeland security, who was also at the hearing today for him to spearhead that and he said he would. >> well, we'll see where it goes. thanks so much for us on capitol hill today. meantime, facebook's first week as a publicly traded company, it's been beyond rough, one could say. gone from trading glitch fos a temperature now and a lawsuit o
11:05 am
alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. let's talk dollars and cents. how is the price of the stock today? >> facebook shares are up 2%, sitting at $31.72. it really got hammered, losing almost 20%. the range that you're seeing facebook trade in right now s m seems pretty comfortable with what the market wants and the next big move may come after facebook reports its first earnings in the second quarter. it would be as a public company reporting its first earnings. >> what about now alison, the temperature. it's his office that's issued the subpoena against morgan stanley. his claim apparently is that morgan stanley went to some of their investors and said hang on a second, we're not getting
11:06 am
great news as far as the financial forecast of this company, so you may want to alter or how much you want to invest. is that the case? >> that's exactly what the claims are. the problem in these claims is that morgan stanley only told a select few institutional investors that it cut its negative outlook for facebook. so a lot of these investors say whoa, wait a minute, you should have told everybody. you shouldn't just cherry pick who you tell. a lot of people are saying the retail investor was left out in the cold. the retail investor got screwed in the deal. morgan stanley said they complied with regulations. >> what about mark zuckerberg. we spend all this time hyping up the.
11:07 am
it p.o. he had a great week. the guy got married and now is he even saying anything? >> we haven't heard anything publicly about that lawsuit you mentioned or a lawsuit filed in manhattan today filed by three investors. they filed a class action lawsuit against facebook, against zuckerberg, against morgan stanley, basically saying the same thing. facebook did come out and say the lawsuit in manhattan is without merit. as far as what zuckerberg has said, you can look to his facebook page for that. he got married. he announced that. he said i'm married now to priscilla. that's really his most public comment to date. >> meantime, got a lot more for you in the next two hours. watch this. >> a 15-year-old girl was tied to a tree, eggs and beer cans pelted at her. now four adults are being charged including the two people who were supposed to be taking care of her. we can do better. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now.
11:08 am
historic. egyptians voting to replace their disgraced ex-president. lots of men on the ballot, leaving men wondering what's in it for them. and all smiles, but look at what's lurking in the background. what a story this kansas couple has to tell. [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve.
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i tell you what i can spend.
11:11 am
i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. for the first time, egyptians are voting in a presidential election where in oone knows who will win. for 30 years under hosni mubarak, presidential elections were a presumption of his power, but today they're a payoff to those mass demonstrations that ultimately forced mubarak in tahrir square. who could forget. this election is a 13-man race. voting is going to last today and storm. good to see you. first in term
11:12 am
of these polling places, i read something like 13,000 across the country. any issues, any durp balances? >> so far it's been running pretty smoothly. we heard some reports of irregularities, but it's going to be much clearer several weeks down the line when ngos issue reports and when they also transfer and transmit their findings to the supreme presidential election in this country. what i did see that were interesting are some pretty enthusiastic and determined voters. this is not something two years ago in egypt you would have ever imagined. people saying they're here because it's their duty. the first time their voice is finally heard. i also have some developing news for you from the lawyer of the mubarak family. because we wondered if the mubarak family voted.
11:13 am
none of them applied for permission to vote. that's an answer to that question. as far as the polling stations, some are going to stay open a little bit later than the closing time of 8:00 p.m. local. it's now 8:10 p.m. because the lines were so long, brooke. >> so no one in the mubarak family voting, perhaps no surprise there. what about the west, though? the west and israel, i imagine they're watching the elections very, very closely. the 1979 peace treaty. do we know where the u.s. stands when it comes to these? i know we're saying 13 candidates. but really it's a handful in the running. >> radio eight. well, as far as israel is concerned and the treaties, none of the candidates have said they would wipe them out or completely cancel out those treaties that were signed. and you mentioned the handful of front-runners. there are really four at this stage, you can count five. really four obvious front-runners. two islamists and two regime
11:14 am
runner. as far as the united states is conce concerned, the aid is still going to come in. it's a usual relationship. the u.s. is going to have to work with egypt simply because it has no choice. because it's such an important strategic ally in the region. >> thank you very much. the elections today could be a runoff. coming up, the violence, the lost lives. we're staying on egypt. the election here at a very high cost. unegyptian wants to make sure women don't lose out on the democracy they fought so hard to achooe. s achieve. if you are heading out the door, please keep watching. you can find cnn, of course, on your mobile phone. check us out on your desk top. if you're at work, go to
11:15 am
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11:17 am
>> again, yng we can emphasize
11:18 am
this enough on cnn. a tremendous day in egypt whose people are choosing a president for the first time in 5,000 years. we want to hear from someone who many credit for helping to bring a new government to egypt. she blogs about bringing civil freedoms to the middle east. "newsweek" named her one of the world's most influential women. the "daily beast" dubbed her one of the world's bravest blogger. she is merely 30 years of age. welcome. good to see you live for us there in cairo. i understand that you have yet to vote. you vote tomorrow with your whole family. what were you doing today? observing voters? can you hear me? we don't have her. we'll work on getting her back
11:19 am
here. she ran for a seat. she didn't quite get it, but i know as we were talking in the commercial break, she was -- okay, she was talking about how she was observing. and tomorrow she's excited to get that bit of ink on her finger and vote. we'll work on getting her back up. meantime, let's move along. rapid fire, roll it. the boeing company got a huge boost today. its first 787 took off. 6,000 boeing employees were on hand to see the inaugural flight today. and while boeing wouldn't say where it was going, it flew out above the atlantic and is now headed back to south carolina. a pakistani officer accused of helping the u.s. track down osama bin laden has been sentenced to prison. he got a 33-year sentence. he was also fined $3,500. he was accused of spying for the u.s.
11:20 am
the ruling by a tribal court can be appealed. the defense secretary leon panetta has called for him to be released. in afghanistan, a second attack here in two months on girls attending school. conservative radicals are blamed for poisoning 22 girls and three teachers. this toxic powder was used to contaminate the air, sending these girls to the hospital. last month, 170 girls and women were poisoned by contaminated water a the a school. 550 schools have been closed in areas where the taliban have support. and to these pictures where if you're parent, you don't want to see this. you can see this bus upside down. 36 students and the bus driver were on the bus. look at this. 13 students went to the hospital with minor injuries we're told. the dlooifr river is charged wi reckless driving. she was apparently looking in
11:21 am
the rear-view mirror when she ran off the road. and oops. better watch where you kick that soccer ball. a long time-out because that's where the soccer ball landed. right there. before the 13-foot gator did turn loose the ball, the game continued on. it is fleet week. if you're in new york city, plenty of navy ships in the hudson river along with 17 majestic tall ships. this is a week-long event. it began with a parade of ships all around the globe including japan and finland and the u.k. this year's celebration marks the bicentennial of the war of 1817. and it's nearing the end of the school year. and hue let bawhat is this stay the gadgets we need and the companies that make them? [ dad ] i'm usually checking up on my kids.
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the obama administration has been trying to paint the picture that his time at bain capital proves he's not a job creator, but a job slasher. newark new jersey mayor cory booker had to explain himself. he called the attack unfair. but now he says in this new york times opinion piece, it is, and i'm quoting, the right balance. so should the obama campaign ease up a little bit when it comes to bain? let's bring in gloria borger, she said the fight is all about experience. we've got your piece. your initial thesis is that it should all be about experience, but then you get into values.
11:26 am
let me quote you. you say understand this, it's not just really about business. it's about values. the president may be broader in his approach, but his ads argue a more simple point that mitt romney doesn't have the right values to be president, that he does bad things to good people. how do you mean? >> well, what -- this isn't just about sort of, you know, who's got the right business expense, although they do want to disqualify him on that front because, of course, that's what mitt romney is running on. but the undercurrent to all of this, when they look at the polling numbers, they say the advantage that the president has, that they really want to burnish, brooke, is the advantage on issues like cares about people like me, understands what i'm going through. is in touch with how i feel. understands my anxiety about the economy. and mitt romney does not do well there. so what they're trying to say to people is look, the reason he
11:27 am
doesn't do well is because you're right, he doesn't care about people like you and he doesn't understand your problems. because look what happened at bain capital. it's not just about one thing, but it's about many things. >> but couldn't this be one of those things where you point out in your piece, okay, you have the economy km still is not fabulous. here's team obama saying let's pay attention over here. you have the nbc/wall street journal poll. let's throw it up here so the jew err rers can see. when you look at this poll, the crux is the majority of americans disapprove here when it comes to how the president is handling the economy. and then, if i may, gloria, let me add this on. now we add mitt romney prk he made this statement today saying that he can get the unemployment down to 6%. he said i can tell you over a period of four years, by virtue of the policies we put in place, we get the unemployment rate down to 6%, and perhaps he says
11:28 am
a little lower than that. question number one, back to the distraction issue, is that plausible? >> i'm not an economist here, but it was atn about 6.1% befor the last election in october 2008. so sure it's blauzable. my problem with mitt romney on this is tell me how you're going to do it. because it' easy to make these kind of claims during a campaign but okay, so would you do tax reform? when would you do tax reform? what should occur during the lame duck session? behind of tax breaks would you give to business? what kind of tax breaks would you eliminate for families as part of tax reform? he needs to attach some more specifics to that. but what the romney campaign is looking at in those numbers is that president obama's weaknesses, the people like him, more than they approve of the job he's doing. so what they're trying to say is, you know, we can do a better
11:29 am
job on the economy and don't pay attention to the rest of that stuff. the economy is what really matters. >> do you think that these, you know, bain ads on behalf of the obama 2012 camp, do you think that's a distraction? >> with el, i think it's all part of the same discussion, if you will. because what the obama campaign wants to do is make this a choice between these two men. look at mitt romney, you should not trust him to manage your economy. mitt romney is saying this has got to be referendum on barack obama's economy. he needs to give you the reasons to rehire him. and by the way, that's something the obama campaign ought to be doing, too. if they have a good record, go out there and brag about it. >> i think that's what americans
11:30 am
want to see, not the sniping back and forth. how are you going to improve my economy. wolf blitzer, busy dpa in washington. he just finished an interview with colin pow pell .he talked about al qaeda. they talked afghanistan. they talked gay marriage. so we'll talk to wolf. and then have you seen these pictures? a couple's wedding in kansas goes viral. see that back left part of the screen beyond the smooch, it's a tornado. and now they're taking their time from their honeymoon to call us and tell us about the photo. the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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11:33 am
former secretary of state colin powell has just made some news. wolf blitzer just finished sitting down with him in an interview. and wolf, i hear you talked about marriage equality. what did he say? >> he spoke about a lot of issue, but i did ask him if he agrees with president obama now, president obama, of course,
11:34 am
supporting gay marriage, same-sex marriage and we had this exchange. let me play the clip for you, brooke, and our viewers. >> you were chairman of the joint chiefs when you installed the don't ask don't tell policy. i know you changed your attitudes over the years. but what about gay marriage. are you with the president in supporting gay marriage? >> i have no problem with it. and it was the coop that imposed don't ask don't tell. it was certainly my position and recommendation to get us out of an even worse outcome that could have occurred, if you recall. but as i thought about gay marriage, i know a lot of friends who are individually gay, but are in partnerships with loved ones. and they are as stable a family as my family is. and they raise children. so i don't see any reason not to say that they should be able to get married. >> he continues on and
11:35 am
elaborates that he's come around fully on this issue. he doesn't have an issue and he thinks the american people are coming around on the same issue. he's still not ready to make a formal endorsement. even though he did endorse president obama even though he's a republican. he did have specific criticism of mitt romney on some sensitive issues. we'll play that for our viewers. the whole interview there in the situation room during the 5:00 p.m. eastern hour. he's got some important issues he wants to raise with the american people at a sensitive time. >> did he give an explanation
11:36 am
why he's not ready to endorse? >> he said he right now he's on a book tour. he's watching closely in between what he said, my own instinct tells me he's much more aligned with the president versus mitt romney. that's my instinct of reading between the lines. for example, one point a few weeks ago, i asked mitt romney an interview. mitt romney said russia in his opinion was america's number one geostrateg geostrategic faux. on that issue, colin powell flatly disagrees on mitt romney. i think our viewers will appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. we'll talk next hour.
11:37 am
>> what does this say? we'll tack you live to the new york stock exchange. ♪
11:38 am
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companies are testing it behind the wheel. here's what you have in this week's technovations. "knight rider" featured kit. the technology is actually closer thatten you think. google has the first driverless car proved to be tested on state roads opinion and it can literally drive itself. the car see what is's around it using gps, a skinning laser scanner, cameras and radar senators. -- sensors. continental automotive is also designing a car that drives on its own, but drivers make turns and change lanes themselves. >> you are still monitoring but you're not work on the depriving task itself. this car steers, braking and
11:41 am
speeds up on its own. >> looking at the street with two eyes. in this case, two cameras. >> self-driving cars could be on the roads in five years. radar sensing supports the driver and makes the car safer. >> can you imagine pulling up next to a self-driving car? hewlett-packard is announcing the biggest layoffs in its 73-year history. let's go back to alison kosik. some of these reports are putting the layoffs into the neighborhood of 25,000, 35,000 people? >> exactly. >> what's going on? >> well, what the new ceo of hewlett-packard is trying to do, meg whitman, she's trying to turn things around. you have to realize the entire p.c. industry right now is
11:42 am
having a really tough time. but hp is really, really struggling. you look how their sales did during the holiday season. their pc sales fell by the double digits. and that's a really important season to start selling that stuff. analysts expect that weakness to continue through the end of this year. that's why you're hearing anywhere around 25,000 to 35,000 people in hp's printing business office to be laid off. that's about 7% of its work force. right now we're seeing hewlett-packard shares being hit pretty hard. about 5% lower right now. is part of it the tough comp snigs. >> oh, sure. what laying people off will do is come with these short-term charges. but long term they're going to help to clean up their finances. the bigger issue for hewlett-packard is they really
11:43 am
need a recipe for growth. hp, you remember, went through layoffs in 2010. about 9,000 people lost their jobs. so yes, they're doing it again. it's not good. hewlett-packard really needs a plan for long term. brooke? . >> thank you so much. >> this story is about this 15-year-old. she was tied to a tree, pelted the eggs, it's awful. the very people, the law put in charge of protecting her, called her guardians. b deputies say what they did was assault. s. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer
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11:46 am
>> when you first hear about the story of in 15-year-old tied to a dree beer cans pelted at her, eggs pelted at her, you may think wow, kids are so cruel. it may not even make news. but these people are not only all adults in their 40s, two of them are the girl's guardians, the very people here put in charge of her safety. now, let me explain to you exactly what these guardians are accused of doing. authorities in virginia say the
11:47 am
girl was tied to this tree found at a campground near the town of windsor. dep isties say eggs were thrown at the girl, beer poured on this 15-year-old's head. sounds like real camp fun, huh? roasting marshmallows, teaching them how to fish. these four adults should have done better. but obviously according to the reports, they did not. they are now charged with abduction and assault and battery. fortunately i can tell you that someone did do the right thing in this case they did call police. that's what each of us need to do when we see something that just looks plain wrong. >> facebook's main event is turn into a big fiasco. many investors had concerns about the ipo price.
11:48 am
now the secretary of the massachusetts commonwealth is asking questions. we're going to talk to him live about this investigation at the top of the hour. plus, a north carolina pastor says gays and lesbians need to be put behind an electric fence. you can imagine those comments sparking all kinds of outrage, but some people in the community, they agree with him. and listen up, america. money may not be the key to happiness after all, according to the latest better life index. countries with higher average incomes didn't always have the greatest life satisfaction. what are the happieshappiest? number five, austria. number four, folks feeling pretty good in switzerland. number three, the netherlands. loving life. so is the u.s. one of the hap happiest countries in the world? find out? lap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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america ranked high on household income and health but are we happy? we've been thinking about this over the break. we gave you the top five, four and three. check out number two. apparently, norwegians are happy campers. it's norway. and the number one happiest country in the world is denmark. if you're curious, i know i was, the u.s. ranked 11th, thank you, on that list. but it had one of the lowest life expectancies, ranki ining
11:52 am
out of the 34 countries surveyed. and now, egypt. tremendous day. historic day. four egyptians who are truly picking a president for the first time in 5,000 years. we're going to hear from someone who's credited for bringing elections to elegitimate. in fact, "newsweek" named her one of the world's most influential women. "the daily beast" dubbed her one of the world's bravest bloggers. she ran for a seat in egypti's parliament and she's 30. we have her live in cairo. and dalia, i know you haven't voted yet so i won't ask you to see your ink on your finger, but tell me, when are you voting and how exciting is this? >> hello, brooke. >> and we are 0 for 2 ladies and
11:53 am
gentlemen, for talking to dalia ziada. perhaps we can try to get her up on the phone line. and if someone can just tell me what we're going to do? there we go. trending today, an old wives tale that rain on your wedding day is good luck. what about a tornado? beyond the smooch, look at the backgrou background, it's a big old twister. newlyweds caleb and kedra pence took it in stride. they are now on their honeymoon and joining me by phone from yellowstone national park. my congratulations obviously to both of you. but my question is, when you're looking over your shoulder and you see this tornado, were you nervous? >> we didn't know it was on the ground until after it was over.
11:54 am
i just made sure we were all going to be safe. i was a little nervous about it. >> you're from nebraska, caleb is from kansas. so this is probably par for the course. i missed it. did you say you already said your "i dos" and then the twister rolled through? >> yeah, yeah. well, they were fuming before and i think they were stuching down during the ceremony and caleb leaned over during our unity and told me something about a tornado. and i said i really just don't want to know about it. because i would probably be freaking about it. i didn't really understand what he was saying. and then after the ceremony, as we were walking down, i looked off and said oh, that's what he's talking about. >> is caleb on the phone. can i ask him a question, too? he's right here. >> caleb, hooer's my question as you're trying to calm your bride
11:55 am
here who doesn't sound -- i think i would be a wee bit more nervous than apparently she was, was your mother, was her mother nervous? were people panicking? have you ever seen this before? i imagine being in kansas, this is nothing for you. >> well, it didn't take much to calm her down. she asked if i would be all right, she said yes. everybody was sort of toward where they couldn't see it. so no, nobody was really nervous. there was no panicking. we weren't even getting rained on at the time. it was completely obvious that it was moving away. but then again, i was extremely nervous about the wedding period. so maybe somebody was nervous and they calmed them down, but not to my awareness. >> so you're saying your nerves
11:56 am
were a little bit more about saying the whole i do thing and the tornado was just sort of the secondary. what do you make of all this attention that you guys have gotten. these pictures are are all over the call. we're bugging you on your honeymoon at yell lestone national park. what do you make of all of this? >> well, it's definitely not what we expected. a lot more attention than what was thought. >> okay, how is the weather there? >> there's a lot of snow. snowing pretty good right now. it's a lot different than kansas where it's probably 90 degrees back home and 30 something here. >> my best to you. the pictures are absolutely stunning. i'm glad you two are both a-okay. i appreciate it.
11:57 am
tru truly. congratulations. let's go back to egypt because we're going to talk to dalia. i hear we have her on the phone. let me just hear a hello. i just want to hear you. dalia, are you on the phone? this is brooke at cnn. got to love technology, folks. can anyone tell me if we have her? okay, we don't. so let's move on. let's go to the top of the hour. roll the open. facebook went public with much hype. that was just the start of the problems for just about everyone involved in facebook's ipo. today, questions are being
11:58 am
raised about whether some investors were misled about the biggest tech company stock offering in american history. among those trying to get to the bottom of it is william gal vin, the secretary of the commonwealth in the state of massachusetts. he has issued this subpoena to the leads underwriter of facebook's ipo, that being morgan stanley. william, welcome to you. first question, as we mention, it's your office that issued the subpoena. what specifically are you investigating here? >> well, i'm the chief securities regulator of massachusetts. our interest is kmaktly how this ipo was marketed. and most specifically, what information was given to all investors. and if there were categories of investors. that's the allegation. i don't want to prejudice that. morgan stanley said they did everything appropriately. we proceed ton facts not on assertions.
11:59 am
average investors, average citizens invested in this, as you noted in your introduction. it was a very widespread issue. the market is recovering from an extended period of lack of confidence. we can't have a situation where there are investor, those that are well informed and whatever future business they might deliver and average citizens. >> that's part of the fus rations from average folks. should i even have faith in the marketplace as we know it today. we heard much more since his subpoena, just last year, we find goldman sachs $10 million for their practice