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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 24, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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who is the guy who has a sense of what government needs to do in order for the private sector to turn around and people think jobs and the economy. we are so in the weeds on this bain stuff. i think it will be irrelevant. >> when people ask that question they'll say a guy that ran a private equity company or is that private equity company connected to jobs? that's a $64,000 question for how people are going to vote. we have so much time there's other stuff that can happen in between. done and done. my god i'm worn out today. carol costello and "cnn newsroom" begins now. see everyone back here tomorrow morning. >> i'll let you duke it out amongst yourselves. good morning to you happening now in the "newsroom" a break in the case. a new jersey man being questioned in the disappearance of this little boy, etan patz. will the new suspect give police clues? mitt romney says he can bring the unemployment rate down
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to 6% in four years. we'll put his claim to the test. a new recording of george zimmerman surfaces and his relationship with police. we've seen dash cam video before but nothing like this. "newsroom" begins right now. good morning to you. i'm carol costello. we begin with breaking news on a mystery that focused national attention on child abductions a generation ago. after 33 years, we may finally have some answers in the disappearance of 6-year-old etan patz. the new york police department has man in custody and will release more details later today. mary snow is tracking the latest developments from new york. what did you find out? >> reporter: the new york city police commissioner is saying the man in custody made
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statements to detectives implicating himself in the disappearance and death of etan patz and here's what we're learning. cnn's susan candiotti spoke to two law enforcement source who is say the man was picked up in new jersey yesterday and that he worked in the neighborhood where etan lived with his family. one source is saying that the man's claims are being treated with a healthy dose of skepticism and adds that he has been looked at in the past. he's not new to police. now tomorrow marks the day that 6-year-old etan patz disappeared 33 years ago on his way to school. it was the first time that he had taken the school bus by himself. this case received national attention because he became one of the first missing children to appear on milk cartons and this case had renewed interest just last month when both local and federal law enforcement began digging up a basement in the neighborhood where etan
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disappeared. that search ended and police say there were no obvious human remains found and if you remember at that time police were questioning a handyman who had a workshop in that basement but no charges were ever filed. now, the nypd as you just mentioned does plan to release more details about this case and about this man now in custody later today. >> mary snow live in new york. the morning that etan disappeared changed the outlook for a generation of parents and their children. our coverage continues this morning with susan candiotti. >> reporter: may 25th, 1979. it's a friday and 6-year-old etan patz is upstairs in his family's third floor apartment getting ready for school. he comes straight out this door all decked out in a corduroy jacket, pants and a kids' pilot hat. he can't wait to get to school. for the first time etan's mom and dad are allowing him to walk two blocks down the street this way to get to his school bus
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stop all by himself. >> it was the friday before memorial day weekend and this was going to be one of his last opportunities and they finally relented and said he could go. >> reporter: it's just after 8:00 a.m. and according to author lisa cohen etan's mother kisses him good-bye and watches him walk toward the bus stop. everything seems fine so the mother runs back upstairs to take care of her 2-year-old son. this is the corner where etan was headed to meet the bus just two blocks from their apartment. i can still see it from here. etan never made it. at the end of the school day when he didn't come home, his mom calls police. >> by that time several hours had passed before anyone had any idea there was something wrong. those were crucial hours for an investigation. >> reporter: etan's dad frantic starts grabbing photos of his son to show to people in the neighborhood. investigators interview the parents and start canvassing the area for the youngster.
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>> the nypd is promising to reveal more details at any time. we'll bring you the latest developments as we get them. happening now on the campaign trail, republican mitt romney is promising freedom of choice for millions of american schoolchildren. right now he's at a charter school in suburban philadelphia. the presumptive presidential nominee says education would be one of his top priorities. his plan would allow low income and disabled students to take their share of federal funding and attend any school they want to even private schools. romney's education plan is not what's making people talk this morning. it's his 6% promise that's making waves. romney says he can bring the unemployment rate down to 6% from the current rate of 8.1% and says he can do it in four years. >> i can tell you that over a period of four years by virtue of the policies that we put in place we get the unemployment rate down to 6% or perhaps lower and depends in part upon the rate of growth of the globe as
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well as what we're seeing here in the united states. we get the rate down quite substantially and frankly the key is we're going it show such job growth that there will be a need for employees again. can governor romney do it? >> he can if he gets into the white house. the obama campaign will say so can we and almost immediately after those comments from mitt romney came out yesterday via "time" magazine, they were pointing out the congressional budget office earlier this year put out its own projections for the unemployment rate for the next four years and it shows -- let's show a graphic up on screen, the unemployment rate is expected to drop to 7% by the end of 2015 and 6% in 2016 and keep dropping after that.
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mainly because this is what happens in business cycles when you go into recession and climb out of a recession the unemployment rate drops. what's interesting about this claim that mitt romney made yesterday is that it sort of fights against something he said just earlier this month at a campaign event when he said it would be not satisfactory if the unemployment rate stayed above 4%. and here's what he had to say about that. >> the unemployment rate has dropped to 8.1%. normally that would be cause for celebration. in fact, anything over 8%, anything near 8%, anything over 4% is not cause for celebration. >> so you have that. the romney campaign is sort of pushing back against that being pointed out by democrats and the obama campaign. they point out that last september they put out an economic plan, the romney campaign put out a 59-point
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economic plan at that at that point predicted if he were to win the presidency the unemployment rate because of policies would drop to 6% or 5.9% they said in that economic plan. so the romney campaign is saying, wait a minute, we said 6% a long time ago. it wasn't just yesterday. >> okay. we'll see if he talks anymore about that in philadelphia today. jim acosta live in washington for us. president obama also on the road and raising money. he's expected to rake in nearly $3.5 million in a series of fundraisers from colorado to california and then onto iowa. in colorado springs, the president delivered the commencement address at the u.s. air force academy. he addressed the military's first graduating class in nine years that will not have the iraq war looming overhead and he says they will build on "a new era of american leadership." >> of course the world stage is not a popularity contest. as a nation we have vital interests and will do what is necessary always to defend this
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country we love even if it is unpopular. but make no mistake, how we're viewed in the world has consequences for our national security and for your lives. when other countries and people see us as partners, they are more willing to work with us. it's why more countries joined us in afghanistan and libya. >> the president says the new graduates are entering a military that will be leaner than in previous years but he says it will remain the top fighting force in the world. the state department is taking its fight against al qaeda to the internet and secretary of state hillary clinton says that effort is having a significant impact especially in yemen where clinton says specialists hacked into the websites tied to the terror network and ads on those websites try to recruit new members by bragging about killing americans. >> within 48 hours our team
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plastered the same sites with altered versions of the ads that showed the toll al qaeda attacks have taken on the yemeni people. we can tell that our efforts are starting to have an impact because we monitor the extremists venting their frustration and asking their supporters not to believe everything they read on the internet. >> clinton says this new approach is designed to shed light on al qaeda's contradictions including attacks on muslim civilians. the director of the secret service is defending his agency but not those agents involved in the colombia prostitution scandal. director mark sullivan appeared before a senate panel. he described the incidents as "poor choices by a dozen agents who had too much to drink." the man who broke the story about the scandal was on cnn's "starting point" today. ronald kessler, an investigative
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reporter for "the washington post," says the hearings never actually probe what really goes on in the secret service. >> the real story is that this is a disaster waiting to happen. unfortunately the only test on whether the secret service is doing their job properly is whether there's an assassination. that's really the tragedy that may happen unless steps are taken to get this agency back on track the way it used to be. >> director sullivan says the agents' misconduct never compromised the president's security. another milestone in the space program. two days after spacex launched its private spacecraft, it carried out a fly by of the international space station to test its operations as it gets ready to dock with the station tomorrow. dragon is delivering food and other supplies to the space station's crew. buckle up for some crazy video this morning. keep your eye on the truck.
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15 minutes past the hour. egyptians are headed to the polls in the historic election. 13 candidates on the ballot. two have already dropped out. if no one gets a majority, a second round of voting will be held next month. results of this first round are not expected before the weekend. four days of deliberations and still no verdict in the john edwards' trial. the jury which began its work nearly a week ago has asked to review four exhibits related to the case. edwards is accused of accepting illegal campaign contributions during his 2008 presidential campaign. if convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison and $1.5 million fine.
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money problems forces the oldest two-year college to furlough employees. the school will operate with a score staff of just 11 people. they stress that no one has officially lost their job. >> no one has been terminated. it simply is a downtime for the reorganization efforts to be done so we can begin to be fruitful and go forward in a positive manner in the fall. >> some of the school staff tells cnn they have not been paid in three months. also this morning, we're getting startling new insights into the trayvon martin case specifically a shift in the relationship george zimmerman had with the sanford police department. that's important because that's the very relationship that critics pointed to noting that zimmerman worked closely with the police during his time as a
6:17 am
neighborhood watch volunteer in the months before he shot and killed trayvon martin. david mattingly is here now with new and interesting videotape. >> george zimmerman had strong opinions about the sanford police department. he wasn't afraid to share those opinions with the department even in public. first was early in january of last year. he was at a public meeting and he was talking about a ride along he had with a sanford police officer and he was very uncomplimentary. >> i have also have had the opportunity to take ride alongs with the city of sanford police department and what i saw was disgusting. the officer showed me his favorite hiding spots for taking naps and explained he doesn't carry a long gun in his vehicle because in his words anything that requires a long gun requires a lot of paperwork and you're going to find me as far away from it. he took two lunch breaks and attended a going away party for one of his fellow officers.
6:18 am
>> this was at a public meeting in front of the police chief. you get the feeling the department probably picked the wrong officer to go on a ride along that day. zimmerman didn't hesitate to say what he thought about this officer's behavior but as he got involved in the neighborhood watch program, he had a lot of touch with the community organizer there, the volunteer organizer with the police department and he had good things to say about her and he sent the chief an e-mail about this officer. he said that i have high hopes for and restored faith in your administration and the sanford police department in its entirety. so you see he had a complete turnaround in his opinion of the professionalism of the sanford police department after his experience with the volunteer organizer for that department. >> so has the trayvon martin family commented at all on this latest -- i can't even call it a revelation. it's just another interesting piece to the puzzle perhaps.
6:19 am
>> not a comment from the family but we did reach out to the police department to find out what they thought about zimmerman's comments about that ride along. the new chief says they can't confirm that ride along happened. at this point it's sort of looking into the state of mind of george zimmerman and how he felt about the police department but not so much any information about how the police department felt about him. >> david mattingly, thanks so much. oil prices at a seven-month low. what that means for your gas prices this memorial day weekend and beyond. one that continually monitors and corrects for wheel slip. we imagined a vehicle that can increase emergency braking power when you need it most. and we imagined it looking like nothing else on the road today. then...we built it. the 2012 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question this morning, why are we so obsessed with virg virgini virginity? we decided to take a break from politics and talk about sex. virginity made lolo jones a household name. she's a great athlete but she's a virgin. >> i want to wait until i'm married to have sex. my mom was with my dad for 20 years and never got married and
6:23 am
they're not together anymore. i just want to have that solid bond. it's a gift i want to give to my husband. >> most women would say good for lolo. her choice. they respect it. virginity has become something of an obsession. tim tebow's virginity is so hot, ashley madison, a dating website specializing in infidelity offered an award for those who could prove that tebow isn't a virgin. >> i want tebow to take his virginity. >> that's great. >> virginity once private is now very public. girls pledge their virginity and one woman auctioned off her virginity offline. mtv was going to whip up a reality show about losing your
6:24 am
virginity until conservative groups fought back. this is part of the media attempt to mock people who have morales and to treat virginity like a disease that must be cured. the reality is most of us don't wait. a survey shows on average girls lose their virginity at 17. boys at 16. that doesn't mean we all turn into snooki. just last week the cdc said teen birth rate declined since 1998. why are we so obsessed with virgini virginity? mitt romney has a promise for you. elect him and he'll trim the unemployment rate. he even gives a specific figure and his toad list on day one just got longer. we're talking about that and more coming up. active naturals wheat formulas restore strength for up to 90% less breakage in three washes.
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relatively good news ahead of your holiday weekend. memorial day drivers are in for an easier time at the pump. how long will it last and how low will those prices go? let's go to the woman in the know. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. what are we talking about? $2.50 a gallon? ha ha. >> that won't happen ever. let's look at the bright side. we haven't seen oil price this is low in seven months. they're down about 15% just this month. that is giving us a little bit of relief at the gas pump. it's going down and every little bit helps. national average is 20 cents lower than a month ago. there are a few reasons for this decline. for one, the european downturn means less demand for oil worldwide and tensions between the u.s. and iran have calmed down for now and oil supplies. there's an increase in oil supplies in the u.s. so if you do economics 101, higher supply,
6:29 am
less demand means pressure on prices. >> let's talk about the prices. what should we expect this summer at the pump? long-range forecast. >> long-range forecast, they expect to see prices go up a bit. the government lowered estimate for summer gas prices earlier this month to $3.79 a gallon. they are saying you can expect prices to stay stable through the rest of the year and at least nobody is talking about $5 for a gallon of gas at least not at the present time. that's the good news. >> i like that glass half full kind of stuff. >> they were positive. >> tough time with that. i'm trying. alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange. a possible break in a missing child case from 1979. new york police say they have a man in custody who has implicated himself in the disappearance of etan patz. police plan to reveal more details later today. the passenger who set off a security scare on a plane this
6:30 am
week will not be charged. authorities are sending the french woman back to her country saying the crew and passengers were never in any danger. the u.s. airways flight was diverted after the woman said she had a surgically implanted device inside her. and we're getting a sneak peek into what kind of hurricane season may be ahead. noaa will make a prediction about an hour and a half from now. the hurricane season begins officially on june 1st but we've already had one tropical storm, alberto. mitt romney is making you a promise. a 6% unemployment rate in four years if you elect him. >> i can tell you over a period of four years by virtue of the policies that we put in place we get the unemployment rate down to 6% or perhaps lower. >> and if he wins, his first day in office just got busier. he's already said he'll move to kill obama care, approve the keystone pipeline and introduce
6:31 am
tax cuts and now the day one to do list is even longer. check out his new ad. >> what would a romney presidency be like? day one, president romney announces deficit reductions ending the obama era of big government, helping secure our kids' futures. president romney stands up to china on trade and demands they play by the rules. >> wow. i guess he's going to skip the inauguration ceremony. let's talk with our cnn contributors roland martin leans left and will cain leads right. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> i'll lean to the right just to throw you off. >> that would so confuse me i would have to go home. let's first talk about romney's promise to lower the unemployment rate to 6%. it's now at 8.1%. can he do that, will cain? >> can he do that? i do not have a crystal ball. i do not make predictions tied to specific numbers. i don't know i would encourage romney to do that. if you remember not very far
6:32 am
back another president promised unemployment would be below 8% if you adopted policies he suggested in that case a $800 billion stimulus package and the president was of course our current president barack obama. that's not come true. i don't know you should make policy decisions tied to specific unemployment numbers. do i think under mitt romney's policies unemployment would be lower? yes, i do. i just wouldn't put an exact number on that. >> it's funny you should say that. i guess just about three weeks ago mitt romney said this. let's listen. >> anything near 8%, anything over 4% is not cause for celebration. >> so roland martin, any comments after that? >> how about you just simply sh shut up and focus on policies and go read what congress has said even the obama administration projected. they all said that by 2016 unemployment should be around 6.1%.
6:33 am
he can stand still and unemployment is going to go down based upon the slow growth pattern that we're on right now. so first of all, this is what happens in presidential campaigns. all of the candidates do that. here's the deal. he's going to learn if it gets in the white house that he's not able to move the unemployment figure like he actually thinks. >> are you touting prediction with unemployment below 8% if they adopt policies. my only point is i don't know we should accept these guarantees. >> there are no guarantees. i'm simply stating what the current projections are without romney's policies. >> let me interrupt. roland is right. bipartisan congressional budget office says unemployment will hit 7% by 2016 and 5.5% by the end of 2017. so it does look like the jobless rate is headed down with or
6:34 am
without mitt romney and its policies. >> economic experts told you unemployment would be below 8% if you adopted the stimulus package. why are you willing to accept projections out three years it will be 6% and discuss that mitt romney's guarantee was going to happen any ways. >> there's a projection just like jerry jones is predicting cowboys will win the super bowl again. that will never happen. it's called a projection. it happens. we do it all the time. we didn't say it's a guarantee. breathe. do yoga. it's okay. >> let's pivot and talk about the campaign ads that mitt romney put out. he has a list to do on day one. >> we talk about how congress and executive branch and our government in general doesn't do anything. doesn't get anything accomplished. he's got a list of things he says he'll get done on day one. isn't that when we say bravo? >> no. here's the deal. >> i was wondering how that
6:35 am
could happen because he still has congress to deal with unless you think like the senate is going to be republican by the time mitt romney takes office. >> he's suggesting what he stands for. i think it is somewhat metaphorical. it's what i would do. >> three words. ain't going to happen. as president, you can't do all of those things and on the first day ooul call other world leaders and trying to figure out where the bathroom is and how to work the phone. as will said, this wouis what candidates say. i'm going to do this here but reality smacks you in the face. >> i can't believe we're taking it literally. >> president obama made all kind of promises what he was going to do on day one. trust me. reality sets in. campaigning is different from actually being the president. it sounds cute though. >> cute? i think it makes voters confused. i think maybe politicians -- i'm
6:36 am
not just talking about mitt romney. both of them. they should make promises they can keep so voters decide which candidate they want to elect into office. >> he's saying in the ad what he would stand for. >> okay. interesting conversation. >> you love fake promises. you know that. >> we all go back and say these are promises he didn't keep. gives us something to do. will cain, roland martin, thank you so much. the studio behind the third "transformers" blockbuster will pay up for an extra that was seriously injured when a stunt went terribly wrong.
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6:39 am
"american idol" crowned yet another winner. it was down to two. phillip phillips and jessica sanchez. phillip phillips, that's really his name? >> that's his name. it's his real name. i'm not going to reveal it. i figure ryan seacrest gets paid all that money to stretch it out so let's watch him reveal it. >> the winner of "american idol" season 11 is phillip phillips. >> and the crowd goes wild. he's 21 years old. his name is easy to remember.
6:40 am
phillip phillips, the new "american idol." he doesn't even consider himself to be a great singer. 16-year-old runner-up jessica sanchez has great voice. how did he win? the last five "idol" winners have been male. they speculate the audience for the show is so young and female and they are likely to vote for the cute boy. not to take anything away from phillips' artistry. dave matthews fans have gone nuts all season calling his tile a derivative of dave's. it's interesting to see where artists and "idol" winners go from here. some make it big and some go away. >> i know. maybe he'll go by one name. phillip. why not. you're also following a big settlement over a "transformers 3" stunt that went wrong. >> an extra injured during the filming of that movie will receive an $18.5 million
6:41 am
settlement. she was driving a car in the background when a stunt car broke loose from a cable and it hit her causing permanent brain damage. now according to her claim, she had a portion of her skull removed and suffers from memory problems, seizures and blind in one eye. she said the accident was caused by a poor welding job and the student reneged on paying her medical bills but they settled and paramount did release a statement saying they are pleased the family is moving on after the settlement. a tragic accident and thoughts and prayers remain with gabriella. tough situation there. >> definitely. a.j. hammer, thank you. a.j. will be back with us next hour with more showbiz headlines including an honor for donna summer. olympic athlete trending in the news not because of her great athletic skills but because she's a virgin and that brings us to our talk back question today. why are we obsessed with
6:42 am
virginity any way? your responses next. a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. twenty-one vitamins and minerals. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. refreshing nutrition in charge! mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943.
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i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country.
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from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn... financing industries that are creating jobs in boston... providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community... and lending to ensure a north texas hospital continues to deliver quality care. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible. 45 minutes past the hour checking our top stories now. later today the first round of voting in egypt's historic election will come to a close. 50 million people are believed to have participated in the election which a former top u.n. official says could be the turning point for the country. dtoday the teenager accused in a deadly ohio shooting is back in court.
6:45 am
prosecutors are arguing t.j. lane should be tried as an adult. authorities say lane entered the cafeteria in february and opened fire on five students. a psychiatrist ruled while lane does suffer from mental illness, he's competent to stand trial. three of lane's victims died in the shooting. if he's convicted in adult court, lane faces life in prison without parole. after four days without a verdict, jurors in the john edwards' trial are set to begin their deliberations today trying to decide if the former presidential candidate accepted illegal campaign contributions. a charge that could get edwards up to 30 years in prison. and a shortage of cash is forcing the oldest two-year college in texas to furlough all employees. the school's financial problems are so severe it will operate with a score staff of 11 people down from the current total of 100. we asked you to talk back on
6:46 am
one of the big stories of the day. the talk back question for you this morning. why are we so obsessed with virgin it virginity? this society is so immoral and selfish that the concept of virginity after 17 is unheard of. from jason, it's rare it's fascinating. most give into urges on a daily basis so we admire those with will power we wish we had ourselves. this from ben. we sexualize everything in this country. what do you expect when the country can be bullied by religious groups. a freedom of religion but not take it from others and my line about taking a break from politics and talking about sex. this is from gary. how do you plan on separating sex from politics? i don't think that's possible. keep the conversation going. we're back after a break.
6:47 am
evening. you don't have anything on your calendar for this evening. fantastic..linguica. i found 5 restaurants whose reviews mention linguica fairly close to you. joke. two iphones walk into a bar.. i forget the rest. that's funny. was it something i said? yes it was.
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as you know by now, i'm tackling a mini triathlon alongsidemenny t mini triathlon dr. sanjay gupta and i wondered how much water i should be drinking. so i asked a professional athlete. for a three-mile run, how much water should i drink? >> a three-mile run is only 45 minute, so you won't need to drink that much. >> at what point do you need to hydrate? >> 16 minutes or over is my run. if i am running longer than 16
6:51 am
minutes, i have to wonder where hydration is along the course, because you can only do so much before or you will have a sloshy and watery stomach and nobody wants that. >> what about the 10-miler, because i have seen so many people with so much food strapped along the waste. >> well, if you do that, you can gain weight on a 10-mile run. every 20 minutes you want an energy gel or something, so you will have a sugar so that you can process it. >> if you want to get in shape, you can do it as part of the fit nation triathlon challenge right here on thursdays with dr. sanjay gupta. we are following a lot of developments in the "cnn newsroom." let's check in with susan can't y -- kand ycandiotti. >> there are new details about
6:52 am
the first little boy who was reported missing etan patz and we will have more on that. and we will find out that george zimmerman had a drastically changing opinion with the sanford police department prior to the trayvon martin killing. we will have more on that within the hour. i'm barbara starr, and a middle eastern ally says that al qaeda has a new threat, and the u.s. should be aware. and queen victoria's diaries are going online 111 years after her death. we will have a sneak peek. ♪
6:53 am
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6:55 am
here's a story with a catch, actually two. fishermen from down under were reeling in a blue shark when they ran into a real life scene from "jaws." an 18-foot great white reared up and bit the smaller shark right in half and that is when the violent tug of war began. the incident happened a few months ago off of sydney, and it was just put up on youtube, and we thought it was cool individuvideo, and so we decided to show you, and the australian authorities have assured the swimmers that the shores are routinely patrolleded for sharks and the water is safe. i won't be swimming there, jeff fischel.
6:56 am
>> well, anger there? a shark being a shark? >> it is a shark being a shark and i want to stay away as far as possible. >> good plan. >> okay. let's talk osporstarts and starh baseball? >> no, nba playoffs. this is the good stuff now, carol. good stuff, because we are heading into the game seven and you can't beat that in the playoffs. the celtics could have moved on with a win in philly last night, but they could not get the job done. a.i. was this the house for the sixers and he was not suited up, but allen iverson got the biggest cheers from the fans and plenty of cheers leftover for jrue holiday and iguodala was fantastic. the sixers stifle the celtics' offense, and game seven, deciding game seven, saturday. baseball now, and there you go, carol, before the yankees and royals game, alex rod rig said he was ready to break out of the slump, and he was right. truly not a good two months of the year and smacks two home
6:57 am
runs off of will smith, the pitcher and not the actor -- and i figured i should clear it up now. i didn't want any questions lingering. the final was the yankees over the royals 8-3, and andy pettitte gets the win for the yankees. as if the job of goaltender is not the greatest, look at this save when brad richards fired a shot at his own net. terrific shot, but wrong net. richards snapped the stick in the process, and the devils win and they take a 3-2 series lead in the east esh conference finals. check out the trick play from the minnesota high school baseball team. the pitcher throws to center field, and throws it away. he is pretend, because he has the ball the whole time, and the team sold it and the run ore on third went home, and they throw him out at home. >> i think that the tigers need to try that. >> that is right, the tigers can't find ways to win, they should try this, the trick
6:58 am
rati eration,and look at this. babe ruth. gets the bat. that is at a florida tech and georgia state ball game. >> does the dog do it every game? >> well, it is helpful when needed. >> thank you, jeff fischel. you have heard the phrase throwing the baby out with the bath water, and in a confounding twist, we bring you the twist of a baby thrown in the wash. jeanne moos has more. >> reporter: it is scary enough watching this surveillance tape of a guy playing with a 1-year-old by putting him in a washer, and then the door automatically locks and the washer turns on. the man and the woman babysitting the child panic, but imagine if you are the mother. >> are you the mom? >> yes. >> is this the baby? >> yes. >> he is adorable. >> reporter: zakieah david is
6:59 am
the mother whop watched it on the news. i said, that is my baby and that is her. >> the child's babysitter never told the mother what happened two weeks ago at the camden, new jersey, laundromat. the unidentified friend brought samir along to do the laundry when the mom was at work. when he was stuck in the machine, a pair panicked and got a laundry mat employee to help. he unplugged the machine, and the babysitter was banging the table. >> i pulled the baby out, because i saw that the baby is still alive. >> reporter: and still alive and basically unharmed. the pair took the boy to the hospital and returned him to mom who knnoticed nothing amiss. of the video went viral, police got in touch with the mother, and the camden county prosecutor's office says this is not an intelligent choice to put
7:00 am
the baby in the washing machine, but it is not a crime. how's the mother feel? >> i'm pissed. i was mad, because you should not put a kid in the washer, but at the same time, he was just playing around. >> as for the babysitter, the mom says she won't be baby-sitting anymore. meanwhile back at washing machine 15, the owner of the laundromat knows it is ridiculous, but she is thinking of putting up signs to protect herself from liability, do not put kids in washers n. is a story that you cannot spin as anything but dumb. jeanne moos, cnn. >> do you feel like a hero? >> yes. >> new york. the next hour of cnn the next hour of cnn newshour starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- happening now in the newsroom, a break in the case of a new jersey man questioned in the disappearance of this little boy, etan patz, and the
7:01 am
6-year-old went missing more than 30 years ago, and will the suspect give police any new clues? a new recording of george zimmerman surfaces and so do the murder suspect's relationship with the police. we have the tape. you will hear it in five minutes. look out. we have seen a dash cam video before but nothing -- i mean nothing like that! newsroom begins right now. good morning to you, i'm carol costello, and we begin with new developments in a mystery that first focused national attention on child abductions a generation ago. after 33 years we may finally have answers in the disappearance of 6-year-old etan pa patz. new york city police say a man is in custody. susan candiotti is working the sources. what can you tell us? >> hi, carol. well, first of all, authorities are saying we should exercise caution, but still, this is a man who was brought in for questioning wednesday from
7:02 am
camden, new jersey. brought him in for questioning as this man is making a claim that he had played a direct role in the death presumed death of etan patz more than 33 years ago. this is someone who sources described to me as a man who lived and worked in the area where etan patz did in the soho area and lived with his family. he disappeared more than 30 years ago, and just about a block from where he lived. you'll remember that it was just about two months ago when police, there was a lot of activity in that area when they brought in cadaver dogs to search a basement a block from where etan lived. that didn't turn up anything and they looked for a possible bloodstain found in the basement, but again, that went nowhere either. but now because the manhattan district attorney re-opened this case, they are going over old leads and reinterviewed this man
7:03 am
on their radar a few years ago, and one person is calling it a good lead, but others are saying they are approach iing this wita heavy dose of skepticism whether they try to figure out whether it is a crack or break in the case or simply a new development that they are looking at as they try to cover all of the bases and cross all of the, thes and d -- all of the t's and dot the i's. >> but we don't know the relationship of this man with the patz family? >> well, whether he knew them or other people who were called suspects in the case or considered possible suspects years ago, this man is simply brought in for questioning at this time, and he is not labeled a suspect. >> susan candiotti reporting live from new york. also, this morning, startling new insighting into the trayvon martin case, and specifically a shift in the relationship george zimmerman had with the sanford police department, and that is important, because it is the very relationship that critics have pointed to noting that
7:04 am
zimmerman worked closely with the police at the time as a neighborhood watch volunteer in the months before he shot martin. david mattingly joining me now. you have the tapes? >> yeah. we are finding out that george zimmerman did not hold back when he had an opinion about the sanford police department good or bad. this sound is from a public hearing back in january of last year and he was critical of the police after a ride along he had with an officer from the department. l listen to the audio, because it is surprising. >> i also have had the opportunity to take ride alongs with the city of sanford police department, and what i saw was disgusting. the officer showed me his favorite hiding spots for taking naps, and explained to me that he does not carry a long gun in his vehicle, because in his words anything that requires a long gun requires a lot of paperwork, and you will find me as far away from it. he took two lunch breaks and
7:05 am
attended a going away party for one of the follow officers. >> now, zimmerman we know wanted to become a police officer, and he was eager to find out how it was on the job for a police officer. you get the feeling that the department might have come up with a better officer for him t said that in a public meeting and that is two police chiefs ago, and that police chief is not there anymore. his relationship with the department changed when he got involved with the neighborhood watch program and speckly with the officer who is in charge of efforts with the public. he sent a complimentary e-mail then to police chief bill lee who came in after the previous chief, and he said that i have high hopes and restored faith for the sanford police department in the entirety. this is coming from the experience he had with the volunteer coordinator for the
7:06 am
sanford police department. >> this is all interesting, but what does it tell us about the trayvon martin case? >> well, it tells us about george zimmerman right now, and it tells us that he did was forthcoming with the opinions a bt the sanford police department, that he had a change of heart about their professionalism, but it does not tell us anything about what the police department thought about george zimmerman. that is going to be key if anyone decides to criticize whatever relationship there might have been there, but we are hearing today from the current sbirm police chief who said it is not appropriate for him to comment about this. previously, he said he could not confirm that the ride along took place or that the department told us that. and at this point, he is also pointing out, look, i was not on the job then and neither was the city manager and everyone is trying to back pedal from the ride along incident. >> david mattingly, thank you. turning to politics, president obama is on the road and raising money for his re-election campaign. he se expected to rake in $3.5
7:07 am
million in a series of fundraisers from colorado to california and then on the iowa. this morning, republican mitt romney is promising freedom of choice for millions of american schoolchildren at a charter school in suburban philadelphia, the presumptive republican nominee says that education would be one of the top priorities. the plan would allow low income and disabled students to take their share of federal funding and at the end class anywhere they want, even private schools. this is what he said a half hour ago. >> i propose at the federal level we do things to help do what makes a difference. one, i propose is this, which is that federal money, i.d.e.a. and title i money follows the student. so that if a student wants to go to a charter school or parochial school or private school depending on the state law which they can do, but wants to have school choice, the student can go and the federal money goes with the student. so that we allow more choice for parents.
7:08 am
i like every parent to have a choice and every child to have a chance is the phrase i'm describing. >> romney says that millions of u.s. students are getting a third world education and minority children are failing st standards -- minority children failing standards have become quote the civil rigthts issue o our time. going in depth now, we have shown you how debris from last year's earthquake and tsunami in japan has reached alaska. but back in japan, the nuclear fallout of that disaster is showing nup places that the japanese did not expect like right under their feet. kyung lah explains. >> reporter: one mother's rage. local government representatives have finally shown up to talk to this woman whose husband and two young children months after a horrific discovery at their apartment complex. this brand new building's foundation is radioactive. they found a level ten times
7:09 am
higher than anywhere in japan, but this area is supposed to be a safe area and 40 miles away from the danger zone of the fuq fukushima nuclear plant. when the triple meltdown happened, radiation rained down on the quarry and the radioactive rock was shipped across the country and used to build this apartment building. residents of the first floor have moved out. she lives on the third floor where the government keeps trying to tell her it is safe. do you feel nervous standing out he here? yes, i'm worried, she says. raid radiation is invisible, and it could be coming out of the ground right now, we don't know. >> reporter: and it is not just from the building, because the contaminated rock from the quarry made its way to 1,000 locations across the region and it is right under my feet in this new section of the kale ca and just an example of how the
7:10 am
di s disaster of the fukushima nuclear disaster worked right into the everyday life of japan. and the radiation showed up in cattle and radioactive particles also landed on green tea fields in south japan which ended up in teacups and airborne radioactive particles appear to have entered a baby formula factory which ended up on store shelves. all of the scares have led to the opening of nearly 100 independent store fronts across japan where residents can test food and soil for radiation. i can't believe the government. i don't believe them, she says. we have to protect ourselves. that is what we have learned from fukushima. japan's government is constantly monitoring the radiation in the air, ground and water on a local and national level, but this woman is a living example that the government can't control the spread of radiation everywhere.
7:11 am
never listen to what the government tells you, she says, and if you do, you will pay. she and her family go back inside with little relief from the government. they will try to handle this crisis on their own. >> kyung lah is in tokyo, and so that apartment building, how did that happen? >> well, it's a little bit of a lot of not thinking. the quarry for example simply wasn't thinking. they made the initial mistake, but then you have larger problem of the government, the local government and the national government. there was no guidance and there was no oversight, so that the pr problem was allowed to spread, and now, you have this large problem, and it really speaks to the greater problem that has sustained from the initial accident. it is that the government has still not won over public trust or confidence, and really has not shown that they deserve it. so what you see now is this huge
7:12 am
gap between how the public feels and what the government is doing. so, that in and of itself, carol, is a huge problem, because people simply don't want to believe what the government has to say. >> kyung lah, live in tokyo for us this morning. buckle up for crazy video. keep your eye into truck -- there you see it. there it goes! yes, it does not make it around the curve. the laws of gravity cannot be defied there with speed and gravity. and somehow nobody was seriously hurt. golfers know to duck when they hear someone yell "fore!" and yesterday in florida, it would have sounded like "door!" the door fell off of a plane, and luckily the course was closed for maintenance, and the plane landed safely in fort
7:13 am
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15 minutes past the hour and checking the top store is are, day five of deliberations for jurors in the john edwards' trial. he is accused of accepting illegal campaign contributions in the 2008 presidential c campaign. if convicted, edwards faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison and $1.5 million fine. new satellite photos appear to show that north korea is ramping up activity at the nuclear site. they say that the amount of debris removed from the site suggests that the equipment needed to perform a nuclear test is now in place. this week the top u.s. envoy to north korea warned that a possible nuclear test would be, quote, a serious miscalculation. voters in egypt have three hours to make their voices heard as the polls will soon close in the country's historic presidential election. 13 candidates on the ballot and although two have dropped out already. results are not expected before
7:17 am
the weekend and if no one captures a ma jor i, the a second round of voting will be held next month. and now a cnn exclusive. a u.s. ally is concerned about the growing al qaeda threat across the border. jordan is already making plans in case of a terrorist attack. barbara starr got access to the jordan underground command center. she'll show you. >> reporter: this is the latest jihadist video from syria. it has all of the hallmarks of al qaeda and includes bomb attacks and a nighttime raid against a military outpost. a senior jordanian official tells cnn that there are nearly 1,500 al qaeda members and sympathizers now in syria. many have entered the country from iraq and lebanon over the past five months, and they are part of a growing campaign of bombings and ambushes against syrian intelligence and military targets. in the jordanian capital, there is growing worry.
7:18 am
in an exclusive interview with cnn while visiting jordan the secreta secretary homeland security says she finds the whole region concerned. >> we work with these countries on border issues and aviation-related issues, and it is because we want to have as early a warning sign as possible that someone affiliated with caal qaeda or any al qaeda-type group is traveling to the west. >> reporter: while they say that the jordanian estimate of 1,500 al qaeda operatives is high, one expert on jihadist extremism agrees with the view. cnn is the first news organization to bring a camera here, the underground command center of jordan's national center for security and crisis management. >> this is a making operational
7:19 am
and tactical -- >> reporter: the general in charge says this is where jordan will connect the dots if there is an al qaeda attack here. >> all of the government departments have representation within the center. >> reporter: and it is the typical -- >> reporter: still the biggest worry for napolitano? >> the biggest group that is of concern is the group out of yemen, the aqpt. >> reporter: she believes that they would have detected the non-metallic bomb made in yemen a few weeks ago, but she does not say whether she thinks that the foreign airports would have detected such a device. >> we think that in all likelihood we would have detected it and picked it up before it even got to a gate. >> barbara starr is live in iman, jordan, and you had exclusive access and you are standing there, so tell us about it. >> well, we are back in amman
7:20 am
now, carol, back in the capital of jordan, but let me show you the pictures of the trip up north to the syrian border. you saw secretary napolitano come out of -- and this is as sensitive as it gets the no-man's-land between jordan and syria and the watchtowers and the barbed wires and yet taxis coming out of syria right to where we are standing right on the jordanian border loaded up with all kinds of foods, commodities, goods, and because trade is very heavy between the civilians, between the people on both sides of the border, but make no mistake, around here, the jordanians are concerned about that al qaeda presence. they are concerned about what the syrian regime may have planned next, and if that instability could wash over the border into this very important country, and very important to the u.s. in the middle east, carol. >> barbara starr reporting live from amman, jordan, this
7:21 am
morning. some iphone 4s say they cannot live without siri, but now it is banned from at least one workplace. we will tell you about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the jeep grand cherokee has won more than just respect. ♪ i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these,
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7:24 am
oh, we are having too much fun today. people have found 101 uses for the apple siri's personal assistant, but tech giant ibm is banning the app from the corporate network. i want to ask her about that. siri, while i am awaiting her answer, we will get one from alison kosik. >> well, i have asked her to make me dinner, and she won't do that, so i have moved on from that. the concern for ibm is that siri cannot keep a secret. it is a security issue, because when you use siri, you put the command into the phone and it is zapped into a data center in north carolina where the words are interpreted and sent back. now, apple does not specify how long the information is kept or who has access which is why ibm is not allowing the employees the use siri on the gadgets, and there is a user agreement saying that the data is for dictation
7:25 am
to help siri understand you better and it is not linked to other data that apple may have from your use of other apple services, but ibm is not taking chances with company information. they say they are conservative, but that is the nature of the business baz was when you walk through the door of ibm, you need to put siri away. >> that makes me concerned about my own privacy. should we ail be concerned? >> well, the aclu issued a warning about siri in march saying that the personal assistant is not working for us, but full time for apple, too, and sending a lot of the voice and personal info for apple to stockpile in the databases. oh, my goodness. get real here. it is not much different thfrom anything else that we do on line, right? we are searching online and google came under fire for this and responded by making the search results anonymous after nine months, and we could just turn siri off, right, carol? >> yes, we could if we are
7:26 am
afraid. thank you, alison. >> sure. >> now, is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, why are we so obsessed with virginity? we decided to take a break from politics to talk about sex this morning. virginity just made lolo jones a household name. she is a great athlete, and that is not why she is trending on the news, but it is because she is a virgin. >> i want to wait to be married to have sex. and my mom and dad didn't wait, and they are not together anymore. i want a solid bond and a gift i want to give to my husband. >> most women would say, good for lolo and they respect it, but virginity is something of an obsession. and tim tebow's virginity is so hot that there is a $1 million
7:27 am
reward for anyone who can prove that he is not a virgin, and ron gronkowski joked that he wanted to be the one for tim tebow. >> i want to be the one for tim tebow to take his virginity. >> oh, once private is now very public, and girls pledge the virginity at chastity balls and one girl auctioned hers off online, and there was a reality show to lose your virginity until conservative critics fought back. this was told to fox news, this is part of the media attempt to mock people with morals and to treat virginity like a disease that must be cured, but still, the reality is that most of us don't wait. a kinsian institute shows that girl girls on average lose their virginity at age 17 and boys at 16. that does not mean we all turn
7:28 am
into snooki. just last year the cdc said that the teen birthrate declineded for the first time since 19 88. so why are we so obsessed with virginity? i will read your comments later this hour. colin powell says he is in favor of same-sex marriage, and he is a republican of course, but we were wondering, could he get elected today? we will run that by the political buzz panel next. [ technician ] are you busy? management just sent over these new technical manuals. they need you to translate them into portuguese. by tomorrow. [ male announcer ] ducati knows it's better for xerox to manage their global publications. so they can focus on building amazing bikes. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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good morning to you. i'm carol costello and it is 30 minutes past the hour and stories we are watching in the newsroom, a possible break from a missing child case from 1979. new york police are questioning a man in the disappearance of etan patz, and one source says that the man claims to have played a direct role in the boy's death, and second source says that the man's claims are being treated cautiously. the passenger who set up a security scare on the plane will not be charged. the authorities are sending the french woman back to the country and says that the crew and the passengers were never in any danger. the us airways flight was diverted after the woman said she had a surgically implanted device inside of her. and noaa will make the prediction at the top of the hour about the hurricane season. and the official season begins june 1st, but we have had one tropical storm already, alberto. political buzz is your rapid
7:32 am
fire look at the best political topics of the day, and three questions and 30 seconds on the clock. playing is jason johnson, a political science professor, and chief political correspondent at, and he is an independent and with a view from the right, republican strategist ron bonjine and welcome to both of you. first question, colin powell, the former republican secretary of state talking about same-sex marriage. listen. >> in terms of the legal matter of creating a contract between two people that is called marriage and allowing them to live together with the protection of law seems to me is the way this we should be moving in the country, and so i support the president's decision. >> so, he believes in same-sex marriage. powell is a moderate republican is a popular guy or was, and according to a gallup poll, approval rating as secretary of state was a whopping 83%, but
7:33 am
the question today, could colin powell win a republican primary today? i know he is not running for anything, and he does not plan to, but i am just wondering. jason? >> you know, he could have made that statement about gay marriage like riding on the back of a unicorn with a four-leaf clover hat, and the only thing that a republican agrees about is the talk of science. the fact is that colin powell was in favor of affirmative action and gay marriage and supports barack obama, and there is no room for him today in the modern republican party, and that is why he has fallen off of the scene in the last couple of years. >> ron? >> it is highly unlikely that he would win any republican primary, because he for mostly endorsed barack obama. and what republican wants to vote for him just because of that, and i think that the evangelical republicans would have a hard time supporting him on the gay marriage stance. however, i don't think that colin powell wants to run for president, and he wants to sell
7:34 am
a lot of book, and that is what he is doing right now, on a book tour and good for him. i hope he sells a lot of them. >> he has no plans at all to run for public office at least that we know of. second question, lately mitt romney is calling president obama is not a tax and spend fiend, but a nice guy. >> this president, while he may be a nice guy, is simply not up to the task of helping guide an economy. >> so what's the method behind t the newly mild-mannered mitt, ron? >> well, smart mo and twofold, focusing on president obama's job performance and the fact that we have not grown the jobs or the economy and the fact that he may be a nice guy, but he is just not up to the task. another reason is because president obama has a strong likability factor and what romney is doing is an end run around that, and focusing in on the issues and concentrating on that which is what americans care about, and if you look at the direction of the country, people are upset about where we are today.
7:35 am
>> jason? >> this is a brilliant move by mitt romney, and this is his attempt to move from being montgomery burns to ned flanders and not the evil business guy, but the nice neighbor and, look, i like barack obama, too, but i don't want him to stay in the white house anymore and it is a very good idea. he has to remember though, that just because people may decide that obama has not done a good job, does not mean they believe that romney will do a better one. >> and also, have you seen the video of a south carolina union leader hitting one, and it is looking like harmless fun and who does not vent with candy explosion, but it has governor nikki haley's face on it, so if you are napoleon dynamite, and a fan of napoleon dynamite, you know that pedro went to the principal's office for this. and john king asked the big swinger what she was thinking. >> it was not ill-intended and i have no hostility towards the governor, and she thinks that
7:36 am
she is doing her job, abi think that i am doing mine. they could have put a lot of issues on the pinata and my husband ahave been married for 40 years and there are times when he could have put my face on there. >> and erick erickson says were nikki haley a democrat the media would make this the front page story across the nation, racist tea partiers beating up the minority governor. jason? >> no, the reason they do it is because they keep putting up racist signs, and this is otoo far and the woman does not justify beating oup in a nikki haley pinata by saying i would have beat up my husband, too, and this not a good place, and just focus on nikki haley's policies, because she is doing bad enough on her own. >> ron? >> well, this is completely irresponsible and reckless on her part. and the fact is that if this
7:37 am
were president obama's face on the pinata, the media would have a frenzy about a racist attack, but this is the union thug ri of pushing people around and it is not a smart move and something that reinforces stereotypes and not brilliant and if i were her, i would have apologized. >> ron and jason, thank you for playing today. a health care for elton john, and we will tell you why the 65-year-old singer was rushed to the hospital. wa-- wa-- wait a minute; bobby? bobby! what are you doing man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade. dude you don't understand, this is my dad's car. look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering.
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right now lease the 2012 passat for $209 a month.
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7:40 am
oh, here is a story with a catch and actually two. fish fishermen from down under were fishing when they ran into a real life scene from "jaws." look at the big one rear up to bite the second one right in half. that is when the violent tug of war began. this happened off of to bondi beach in sydney. that is gross. authorities have assured the swimmers that lifeguards and authorities patrol the beaches for sharks, and they are safe. elton john rushed to the hospital. a.j. hammer joins us from new york the tell us what is wrong. >> well, it sounds like everything is going to be okay, and i want to put that out, but
7:41 am
elton john's representative says that the singer is suffering from a serious respiratory infection and he has to cancel three concerts. he developed the infection last week performing at the coliseum in las vegas and the treatment was worse to the point that elton had to go to the hospital yesterday. he has been released, but the doctors have ordered him not to perform for seven days and he needs complete rest and antibiotic treatment. he was scheduled for three oshows tonight and this weekend as well, and part of the million dollar piano tour, and those shows have been canceled, but elton says that i love the perform the show, and i will be thrilled to return in october to complete the 11 concerts soon to be scheduled. all i can say to the fans is sorry, i can't be with you, and i hope to see you soon at the wonderful theater at ceasars palace and i know that elton john loves to perform and a great work ethic and he is not at all happy about this. >> he puts on a great show, too.
7:42 am
and our best to him, and thank you, a.j. >> you got it. >> and looking for the breaking entertainment news, a.j. has got it. watch showbiz tonight at 11::00 eastern. and the words heard as egyptians line up at the ballot boxes. we will take you there. comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest. it's you, fully charged.
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45 minutes past the hour, and checking the top stories. john edwards back in court awaiting a decision by jurors on the corruption trial. prosecutors say he took illegal campaign contributions for the 2008 bid for the white house and faces a maximum of 30 years of prison in convicted. the state department takes the fight against al qaeda to the internet, and secretary of state hillary clinton is saying that the evident is having a significant impact especially in yemen where specialists hacked the web sites of the terror network, and those ads tried to
7:46 am
recruit new members by bragging about killing americans. >> within 48 hours our team plastered the same sites with altered versions of the ads that showed the toll al qaeda attacks have taken on the yemeni people. and we can tell that our efforts are starting to have an impact, because we monitor the extremists venting their frustration, and asking their supporters not to believe everything they read on the internet. >> clinton said that the new approach is proposed to shed light on what she calls al qaeda's contradictions and including attacks on muslim civilian civilians. money problems causing a college in texas to furlough all of the employees indefinitely. officials at lon morris college say they will operate with a core staff of 11 people, and it can no longer allow the employees to work at volunteer
7:47 am
unpaid basis. some employees tell cnn they have not been paid for three months. in hours polls close in egypt's presidential election. we won't know the outcome until the weekend at the earliest. 15 million took part in the election which is called a turning point in egypt's history. hall la gorani is in egypt where the polls will close in four hours. bring us up to date, hala? >> well, carol, the polls will close in three hour, and some polling stations will extend the voting hours for egyptians because so many have lined up. later in the day when it is not as hot as it is now. in the morn, it is a lot more crowded and in the evening crowded as well, and when the sun is out, and it is hot and people are maybe taking a break for lunch, we found systome of polling stations are empty in some cases with a few people standing in the voting rooms and actually casting ballots. the excitement, however, is still here. you can feel it.
7:48 am
you can see it as well on people's faces when they say they are proud to be taking part for the first time in the free and the fair election, at least an election they hope will be transparent, because some people still have concerns. as far as the results, we understand that counting will take place over the weekend and according to the presidential commission, a result for round one will be made public on may 29th which is next tuesday, and if no clear winner emerges or any candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, then there is a second round june 16th and 17th and a winner is expected to be announced on june 21st, carol. >> so, of course, no clear front-runner just yet, ale though i did understand that two people dropped out. is that right? >> two people dropped out after the ballots were printed, so they were officially 13 candidates, but really 11 candidates still running and only a handful of front-runners with four or five candidates. two of them are islamists and two of them are ex-regime
7:49 am
members of the mubarak regime and one is familiar to u.s. viewers, and that is the secretary-general of the arab league for more than a decade and the former foreign minister for president mubarak, but there are no reliable polls in the country, and therefore the winner, whoever the winner is, is anyone's guess at this stage. >> all right. hall halla gorani live in cairo this morning. and the diaries of the queen's great, great grandmother, queen victoria, and we were able to read them up close and the precise moment that queen victoria realized she was queen.
7:50 am
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news coming into cnn, news regarding the wallet. if you have a home or shopping for one, take note. there is a new milestone for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange and, boy, how low can they go? >> well, it makes you wonder. so for a 30-year fixed mortgage is down from 3.7 to 3.78 and this is a good news of the housing recovery taking hold, and we are seeing the new home sales are up, a and the prices are up 10% from last year as well. so when you see the low rates,
7:53 am
that means that it can certainly create more sales, and that more sales can help the housing recovery and hopefully lead to more jobs, and you have to hope that the momentum keeps up, but one more time, 30-year fixed rate going for 3.78%. carol? >> allisison kosik live at the york stock exchange. and now we get a rare chance to look back at the british monarchy, and we mean way back. we were granted rare access to the diaries of the queen's great, great grandmother queen victoria. >> reporter: the round tower of windsor castle and atop, some of the best views in england and inside of the ancient walls, shelves of manuscripts and books, firsthand accounts of the royal family's rich history. this this section, diaries written by queen victoria, a monarch of the global vast empire.
7:54 am
let's have a look at three of the journals then, because they are fascinating reading. this is an early one from 1835. in it, victoria writes today is my 16th birthday. how very old that sounds. a typical teenager you could say. this is a later journal, and it shows an illustration by victoria, so she was an illustrator as well. victoria then next to her husband prince albert and her half brother prince charles there do note that they were dressed in fancy dress there, and this is a particularly poignant entry, and what you need to understand about the later journals is that they were rewritten by beatrice who is rewriting victoria's words. here you see the lord chamberlain then acquainted me, but my poor uncle the king was no more and expired 12 minutes past 2:00 this morning and consequently, that i am queen. that was the day in 1837 that victoria succeeded to the
7:55 am
thrown. the diaries were edited by beatrice, victoria's daughter. at her mother's request, she removed trivia and things that might embarrass other royals. >> queen victoria reigned for 36 years and queen elizabeth is about to mark her 60th. we are going to mark the diamond jubilee on cnn on june 3rd. if you take calcium supplements, you want to hear this. there is an 86% greater risk of heart attacks than those who didn't. but the researchers say that the findings don't show cause-effect, and at odds with other studies so check with your doctor. an olympic athlete is trending in the news not because of skills, but because she is a virgin which brings us back to the talk-back question of the
7:56 am
day. and we asked, why are we so obsessed with virginity anyway? hear some of the responses next. [ female announcer ] did you know the average person smiles more than 50 times a day? so brighten your smile a healthy way with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only rinse that makes your teeth two shades whiter and two times stronger. ♪ listerine® whitening... power to your mouth. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin.
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7:59 am
we asked you the talk back on one of the big stories of the day and the talk back question for you this morning is why are we so obsessed with virginity? this is from donna, i'm a virgin and proud to be one. i won't give myself to someone i don't love. sus susan, while i went to my ex-husband for -- notice, ex. >> this individual choice should be respected. it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. and this one, 23 and a virgin, mainly because i think it is immoral to have sex before marriage, and this one, from josh. one of the most important parts ofuc