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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  May 26, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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the former clerk charged with the murder of etan patz 33 years to the day after the 6-year-old disappeared. al qaeda declares an electronic jihad, cyber security in focus and asked in siders how vulnerable we are and what we can do about it. >> mit engineers solved a critical problem, how to get ketchup out of the clogged bottles. jeanne moos explains. it's saturday, may 26th, good morning i'm randi kaye. first we'll start with the next phase in the critical and historic spacex mission. you're looking at some live pictures of the dragon spacecraft, connected to the international space station. they are starting to process unloading more than 1000 pounds of supplies from the dragon. you can see it happening, these are live pictures. let's see if there is sound to listen in to. >> this is mission control,
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houston, if you are just joining us we're getting our first look in the dragon. that was 5:53 eastern time. the two spacecraft were flying together 253 miles above the earth, to the west of auckland, new zealand. >> that is pretty cool stuff happening live as we're watching it. spacex is the first commercial flight to the iss. really cool stuff there. well, it is about time to hit the road if you haven't already, triple a estimates nearly 35 million people will be traveling more than 50 miles this weekend a slight increase over last year. most of the travel will be in the car with the kids, maybe the dog, maybe cat, everybody packed in. for some of you the memorial day get away may involve a brush with wild weather. six states battling wild fires
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including michigan, where a blaze near lake superior burned 20,000 acres this week. officials in kansas say no reports of serious injuries or fatalities after tornadoes touched down in the north and central part of the state. bonnie schneider joining us, high winds, dry conditions, helping the flames spread in recent weeks. when can the areas expect to see some relief? >> i think they will today, but kind of a mixed bag of relief. today we have scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, you will get rain in the area, which always helps the fire situation, but the problem is you may get a strong gust of wind. this part of michigan has seen very strong gusts of wind, sometimes winds on the 24th that climbed up to 30 miles per hour in terms of a strong wind gust. today calmer winds, warm temperatures in the 80s. definitely something to contend with. not going to be as windy as over the past few days, randi, that
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is good news as we start off the forecast. but another big development of course is activity in the tropics, we have a brand new sub-tropical storm, meaning it is a hybrid, we talk about that with cars, this is a hybrid storm, characteristics from an area of low pressure coming off a cold front but also tropical characteristics. a lot of the convection or thunderstorm activity is off from the center. maximum winds at 45 miles per hour, will impact you s. to some degree. the rain that is coming in is beneficial. this is a drought-stricken area, while we have tropical storm warning and -- from south carolina to florida, it will be tropical storm force winds or less. here is the track we're watching from sunday, monday into tuesday, coming on shore likely as tropical storm or a
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depression. we're moving right along, randi, hurricane season begins june 1st. here we are in may and up to the letter b. >> nothing like an early start on that. all right bonnie, thank you very much. if you are among those millions of people driving for the holiday i have good news for you, and your wallet. triple a says you will pay an average of $3.66 for a gallon of unleaded gas this weekend down a whopping 27 cents from this year's high set in april. but still the third highest price on record for a memorial day weekend. 33 years to the day etan patz disappeared, someone has been charged with his murder. pedro hernandez was arraigned yesterday on second degree murder charge. this is the man "inside edition" identified as here nan dechlnan. he confessed to strangling the boy and putting his body in the trash. >> in the years following etan's disappearance, hernandez told a
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family member and others that he had "done a bad thing and killed a child in new york." >> he seemed like an already guy. he had a wife and there was a young daughter, and they were, they said hello and everything, always smiling, this guy confessed to it, 33 years he has been living in his own personal hell. >> he is being held without bail. in illinois a hostage stand off has ended with the gunman's death. one woman was injured. officials say the man entered an office building looking for someone who owed him money. he ended up taking hostages after police arrived. police say he shot himself. no poin portland, three kide found after someone heard their voices in a vacant building, believed to be used by homeless
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people. they range from 8-month-old to three years. all three are healthy and have been placed in foster care. the jurors in the john edwards trial are off for the long holiday weekend, returning tuesday to resume deliberations. edwards is accused of misusing campaign contributions to cover up an affair. he denies he did anything wrong of the the jury has deliberate forward six days. 50 years, more than 100 million albums sold at 71, neil diamond is still going strong. i spoke with him about his upcoming tour, new marriage and how twitter has helped the singing and song writing legend get closer to his fans. >> last married you married your music manager. congratulations. i thought it was interesting you sent out a photo on twitter. you're a private person and now you're a tweeting machine, posting pictures from the wedding. what has made you decide to be
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more public? >> i'm not sure it's a little more public but it's an easy way to get the word out to the fans and the public. a thought comes to you, hey i should let folks know that i'm getting married, or here's a picture of my dog and it's easy and fun and it's instant feedback. >> you can see much more of my interview in our next hour. here is a rundown of some of the stories we're watching this morning. remote island in alaska is the landing spot for debris. the possibly toxic mess coming from japan, more than 4,000 miles away. al qaeda put out new training tape, they want attackers to use computers. fleet week in new york. thousands of sailors enjoying
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. good morning outer space. that certainly is not something you get to say every morning we're happy to say it today. you're looking at live pictures of the dragon spacecraft, connected to the international space station. astronauts, as you can see, are starting the process of unloading more than 1000 pounds of supplies. this docked yesterday, had a laser-guided approach. pretty impressive. you may recall this is the first commercial space shift to reach the space station. we will be watching that all morning and bring you these
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amazing live pictures. in other news, an environmental disaster in the making, not an oil spill has people in alaska worried, it's debris washing up from japan. as our casey wine reports, the wave of possible toxic junk may be just starting. >> we'll hopefully cut across the middle of the island to the outside on the gulf of alaska coast. that is where a great deal of n where tsunami debris has washed up. >> reporter: reachable by helicopter or boat, out here in the remote wilderness, as much as anywhere in the united states, sitting in a landfill. this shore is facing away from japan, the currents and winds dumps it in here. then tsunami debris concerns us
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mostly because of the amount of styrofoam coming with it and toxic chemicals. we think they will have a detrimental impact on the environment out here, long time. >> reporter: chris has been clean ming marine debris for 15 years. it is becoming next to impossible. >> this is building foam, we just never got much of that before. now if you walk up and down the beach, you can see it. that is out of the crushed building structures. i have seen pictures of huge yards, acres of these things stacked up, before the tsunami, they are empty now, this is where they are. i have never seen a big yellow one like this, pretty big. little bits of styrofoam up and down the beach. billions of pieces of it. the other thing is albatross and sea birds eat it like crazy and killing the hell out of them.
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big chunk of styrofoam came in. >> reporter: tests found no abnormal levels of radiation. still much is toxic. >> i have no idea what was in this. bowl cleanser, that is not something you want to dump in your spawning area. this is going to take years to clean this mess up. >> i think this is the leading edge of the tsunami debris, all the light weight, stuff that blew across the pacific quickly. i think we're looking at heavier stuff will come later. >> reporter: we're in a less remote area of alaska near the fishing village, across the channel of water you can see some of the debris that we've collected very similar to what is on montague island. at this point, no one knows for certain how this debris will get cleaned off these beaches, where it's going to go and who is going to pay for it and most
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importantly, no one knows, what else lurks out there in the pacific that is heading this way. casey wyan. five million tons of debris was washed out to sea by the tsunami, majority of it sunk to the bottom, that leaves three billion pounds floating around. al qaeda found a breach in security that reminds them of 9-11. what they may be targeting.
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>> welcome back. there is new emphasis on cyber security because of a video obtained by the fbi, from al qaeda and it's basically a call to action and guide for hackers. this morning we're focusing on the message, possible mayhem and ways to protect against it. so first, let's go through that al qaeda tape. it starts by laying out the mission and possible targets.
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take a look. later in the tape they talk about specific targets like the electric grid and launching attacks in the dead of winter so people lose power and heat. they talk about the state of cyber security in the u.s. like ening a testament how vulnerable they
3:19 am
think american computer systems are. they closed out with a message from a leader from al qaeda in iraq, killed two years ago. the department of homeland security says it has seen 50,000 reports of cyber intrusions or attempts since last october. that is 10,000 more than the previous year. right now, there is a new cyber security act making its way through congress that would force security upgrades for critical sites. we'll talk about this throughout the morning. coming up in our 8:00 hour, i'll talk to one self-described white hat hacker, the good kind that is, who is now helping the government get their virtual house in order.
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a former high school football star spent five years in prison for a crime he did not commit. now he's trying to get his life and future back. brian banks talks about what he has gone through, next. plus dozens of inmates are set free near las vegas after too many jail employees call out sick. did this really happen? and why? right after this.
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. welcome back. a check of what is making news across the country. if you think caps and gowns will keep grads covered up. think again. look at the graduation photo. looks like one student in the front row is, well, flashing the
3:22 am
camera but school officials in north carolina investigate and they say it's an optical illusion. heading to nevada now, to north las vegas, 70 inmates picked up a get out of jail free card. the non-violent misdemeanor offenders were released early after dozens of workers called out sick. this comes days after word leaked out about layoffs in the jail. the union says the sick calls are unrelated. a fresh coat of paint on world war ii mem orial in hawai made names difficult to read. >> to honor veterans of world war ii and then erase it is disgraceful. >> that is a terrible things to do. the veterans earned the recognition having the name on there, and this is a terrible thing. >> the veterans are urging the state to make the names more visible. on this memorial day
3:23 am
weekend, we honor those dedicated men and women who service ended with the ultimate sacrifice, for those who returned, coming home, it can be difficult. a former marine gives his brothers a chance to to in serve. meet jake wood. >> in the military everyone is taught how to lead, follow, solve problems. we pride ourselves on being ready and willing to go anywhere. i served in the marine corps, deployed to iraq and afghanistan. when i first saw the earthquake that hit haiti, a lot of images, i felt i had seen before driving through fallujah or afghanistan. i went on facebook said i'm going to haiti, who is in, 72 hours after that we were on the way to port-au-prince. we got to work setting up a triage clinic. >> i'll number the beds.
3:24 am
>> we realized veterans are useful until these situations. >> i want to help veterans transition to civil lives. team rubicon is a disaster relief organization, we can help the veteran community as well. bring veterans to be part of a team, they are almost rekarjd. >> when you get out you have the feeling of what are you really doing? it's important in the world. team rubicon provided a great opportunity to just help people in need. >> pull your foot back as far as you can. >> most of the work is triage clinics. chile, sudan, pakistan. here at home, tuscaloosa, joplin, doing debris clearing operations. 1400 volunteers, 80% are military veterans, helping other people as part of the healing process. >> kanlt thank you enough. >> there is no limit what veterans can do. we want to help and serve.
3:25 am
it's a all-win situation. to find out how a fellow veteran's death shaped jake's mission go to c heros are chosen from people you tell us about. go to, the nomination could help them help others. we continue to follow the riveting case of a young athlete wrongly accused. brian banks was 16 years old, hard-hitting linebacker in california being recruit bid top football programs. the dream shattered accused of a rape that never happened. ten years later his accuser came forward as did the truth. now an emotional brian banks was free. weighs he was released five years ago but the stigma weighed heavily but not anymore. >> my mom sold her house, her car and borrowed money from family for the lawyer who
3:26 am
represented me in this case. and all that got us was a plea bargain and that destroyed my life. i was overcome with relief, but still reminded of just the pain and suffering that i went through the whole time with prison and parole, and just all the false accusations made against me. it's a tough reminder. >> there are a lot of guys out there in that situation, the plea bargains have become the 95% solution. 95% of cases are adjudicate bid plea. lots of guys get in a situation like brian they're told look, somebody said you did it you're saying you didn't do it. you can go in court and roll the dice and you may die in prison or take this deal. and on top of it, brian is a 17-year-old kid sitting there making that decision on his own. what is tragic about the case is if we hadn't got the recantation
3:27 am
he would have gone through the it the rest of hi life. >> now 26, he's back to chasing the dream once seemed so close, playing in the nfl. brian banks will join us in the 10:00 hour tweet me at. we'll have an interview with the family pastor who will let us know what pedro hernandez is really like. people with a machine.
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it is about half past the hour welcome back, i'm randi kaye, thanks for starting your day with us. for 33 years the killer of 6-year-old etan patz has gone
3:30 am
free. now he may be in custody. pedro hernandez charged with second degree murder, being held on suicide watch at bellevue hospital. he told police back on may 25th, 1979, he lured etan to a store, strangled him and put him in the trash. people who knew hernandez and the family are stunned. george bowen joins me by phone, the senior pastor at a church in new jersey. good morning, pastor, you knew hernandez and his family. how well do you know them? >> i know gloria -- rosemary and his daughter better than pedro. i have had a conversation with him but don't know him well. >> how would you describe himle? i think a lot of people are curious what this man is like. >> pedro is very quiet, unassuming almost shy man.
3:31 am
attended church on sunday morning regularly, so nearly every sunday morning i had a conversation with him but the extent of the conversation was moreorless a greeting, he occupied the same seat every sunday, but again very quiet, almost shy man. >> there have been reports other media reports that he admitted to friends and family that he had done something bad to a little boy in new york, and this was in the 1980s, he admitted this. according to these reports in a prayer circle. did he ever try to come to you to talk about anything? >> you know what, no. all my conversations or nearly all my conversations with pedro were right in the church service, never talked to him personally by himself in a counseling-type setting or anything. so yeah, there was no confession
3:32 am
or no, even talking to me about his -- he's a very private person. >> did he appeared troubled to you at all? >> what? >> did he appeared troubled? >> no more so than perhaps average person that might come in the church. sometimes he was a little bit more -- he was very quiet but more animated sometimes less, some days he was down, some days not so. i would say overly troubled no. >> his lawyer has said that he's mentally unstable. suffers from hallucinations, did you ever see anything that might support that? >> that's interesting. pedro, very much kept to himself. there are some things i read that as well this morning coming out in the media, that i was personally unaware of. but he did keep to himself.
3:33 am
rosemary and becky, i knew them better. >> how are they doing, how is the family reacting? >> they were up in new york, you're aware of that yerksd i didn't have the opportunity to talk to them. but when i met together with them on thursday, and they were just devastated, they were emotionally shattered. i told them the church family would love and care for them and see them through this whole thing. >> pastor george bowen, thank you very much for your time and your insight this morning. >> okay, thank you. now for other stories that we're watching a new era in commercial space flight underway with a bit of unpacking to do the crew of the international space station is set to unload food, clothing and scientific supplies from the unmanned spacex dragon spacecraft the first private spacecraft to the separation station.
3:34 am
sending fewer letters lately? the postal service is noticing, offering $15,000 buy-outs to mail handlers to cut costs and reduce staff. the struggling agency lost more than $3 billion in just the first three months of this year. the coast guard makes a dramatic rescue, a boat carrying five people got stranded in rough seas 15 miles off miami. nine foot waves smashed into it you can see the video, amazing, a cutter man abled to tow the vessel to safety, everyone is okay. for some of you the memorial day get away may involve a brush with wild weather, six states now battling wild fires including michigan where a blaze near lake superior burned more than 20,000 acres this week. a hectic scene in parts of kansas where severe storms spawned a series of tornadoes in the north and central parts of the state. my next guest saw seven, that's right, seven tornadoes alone and
3:35 am
he says more are on the way. joining me by phone is meetologist and storm chaser tony labock, i guess every time the storms happen we get to talk to you. most of us have never come this close, what was it like and what you saw. >> well, it was a very busy day in kansas, conditional day, got up this morning, i hadn't planned on chasing, was on the road within 15 minutes of waking up from denver to go to kansas today, it was tornado central. tornadoes that touched down all over the place. more than seven, and was a busy day for chasers. >> how close did you get? >> i was within a quarter mile of several of the tornadoes this evening. most notably one that tore up a bunch of trees on a farmstead, fortunately missed the buildings on the property with you did damage to fences and vegetation.
3:36 am
>> you say you're expecting more storms in kansas and wyoming? >> wyoming is where i'm heading for today, there is a severe risk for minnesota through kansas and oklahoma. minnesota is the hot spot. >> what do you advise people who might be living in the areas should they take cover? >> be alert to the weather. the big thing with the holiday weekend, everybody is out doing things, make sure you are paying attention and if dark skies approach, take cover and be out of the weather. >> tony, don't you think it would have been safer to go to a family barbeque or neighborhood barbeque this weekend instead of chasing storms? >> yeah, it seems like every memorial day weekend i'm out
3:37 am
doing this. i don't think i had real memorial day barbeque in ten years. >> i think you should try one as much as we love having you on, try one next year. thank you very much. coming up vice president joe biden speaks to military families who lost loved ones, sharing thoughts on his own unspeakable grief. hear what he has to say. my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 passat for $209 a month.
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or serious allergic skin reactions like blisters, peeling rash, hives, or mouth sores to address possible life-threatening conditions. talk about your alcohol use, liver disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. with is in this week of the 3,000th casualty in the afghanistan war we are reminded this memorial day weekend of the price of freedom and those who paid the ultimate price. speaking friday at the military families who enduringed the anguish of losing a loved one, joe biden recalled the car accident that took the lives of his wife and one-year-old daughter, back in 1972, and told families that it will get better. >> i got a phone call like you
3:41 am
guys got. where someone walked up to me saying that my family had been in an accident and just like you guys know by the tone of the phone call you knew, didn't you? you knew when they walked up the path, you knew when the call came, you knew. you just felt it in your bones. something bad happened. and i knew. i don't know how i knew, but the call said my wife was dead, my daughter was dead, and i wasn't sure how my sons were going to make it. christmas shopping, a tractor-trailer broad-sided them. in one instant killed two of them and -- well. for the first time in my life i understood how someone could consciously decide to commit suicide. not because they were deraged or
3:42 am
nuts, because they had been to the top of the mountain, and they just knew in a heart they would never get there again. it can and will get better. there will come a day, i promise you, and you parents as well, when the thought of your son or daughter or just husband or wife, brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eye. it will happen. >> emotional moment there. sailors marines and coast guard take over new york city fachlt leet week, we'll go straight to the center of it all.
3:43 am
3:44 am
little bit of the hudson river, it's fleet week in new york city, 3,000 tall ships will dock there this week, and sailors, marines and coast guardsmen are out on the town. it's fleet week. richard roth is at the center of all the activity. >> reporter: a lot of machines and men and women for fleet week, 25th anniversary, mars and armed robot, i'm better talking to people. we have three branchs of the armed forces, navy, coast guard and marines. thomas, when you came on board the eagle you went to the 9-11 memorial, why did do you that? >> has been 10 years, i was a volunteer, hadn't been back to the city since then a. perfect opportunity to go down, remember everything and take ship mates to teach them.
3:45 am
>> samuel johnson on the wasp. what does fleet week mean to you? >> a big chance to show everybody out here who has been supporting the armed forces what we do, and to show them our appreciation, very amazing to be out here for fleet week. >> what do new yorkers ask you when they see you in your whites? >> they don't ask anything, let's take care of you, less questions are no doing. >> when people in new york say let's take care of you it means something else when the ships leave. what does it mean to you? >> people have beens w s whhosp to us, we would like to thank you. >> it's memorial day weekend, there is a lot of celebration as the fleet comes in on this 25th anniversary of such an occasion here. >> our thanks to richard roth. first grader in fort pierce,
3:46 am
florida got the surprise of a lifetime and so did his classmates. >> dad! >> hi, bud. >> i love these moments. you heard him saying "dad" that is hunter giving a big and stunned hello to his uncle, a navy sailor on the uss carl vinson. he thought his uncle wasn't coming home until july he didn't wave to wait that long. >> i missed you. >> i missed you too, buddy. >> they had not seen each other in a year. first thing guess what they will do? go fishing! secrets taken to the grave but not secret anymore. shocking tapes from a bloody struggle overseas now on display in the u.s. a dangerous curve, like something out of james bond, a
3:47 am
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welcome back. look at this video it's going viral on youtube. whoa! imagine if you were caught in the middle of that, both drivers lucky to be alive after a car collided with that overturned tractor-trailer. the truck apparently took a turn too fast. let's watch it again here. happened on the highway in russia. that is incredible video. also incredible, everyone is okay. telling the untolled stories
3:51 am
of the struggle from deep inside the ira, the irish republican army, like where bodies are revealed. nick robertson looks at boston college's belfast project. >> reporter: anthony mcin tire gathered the interviews for the boston college archive. he began three years after the peace deal. >> i wanted to get as many historical voices as possible to give insight why people who would behave peacefully in a normal society, turned to valiant methods. >> mcintire wasn't any researcher, he was in the i.r.
3:52 am
56 -- i.r.a. he spent a decade in prison. >> got out 92 christmas week. >> after getting out he haernd a ph.d, persuaded his former comrades the benefit of telling their stories. >> i thought i was doing something good for the community, for society, for academia and knowledge in general. also important for recovery. >> the agreement he made with the former i.r.a. pals and boston college, interviews would be held until they were dead because the i.r.a. demands a vow of secrecy on pain of death. >> do you have a problem with committing all this to a secret tape to be used only after you have died? >> i don't have a problem with that. if i did have a problem with that i wouldn't be sitting here talk into your microphone. >> this is the audio recording of mcin tire's interview with
3:53 am
brendon hughes. he died in 2008, which is why his secret interview can be heard. >> a lot of the stuff that i'm saying here i'm saying it in trust because i have a trust in you. and i have never, ever, ever admitted to being a member of the i.r.a., never. i've just done it here. hughes was the i.r.a. commander in a night june was abducted. >> i knew she was being executed. i knew that. i didn't know she would be buried or disappeared as they call them now. >> reporter: hughes voice from the grave is creating a firestorm. northern irish police detectives are now demanding boston college hand over some of the secret tapes, where jean's killing is
3:54 am
mentioned. for mcintyre release is personal. it could mean death in the i.r.a.'s eyes, he could be considered an informer. >> nick robertson reporting there. you can see more of the special report on the secrets of the i.r.a. later today, untolled story ri, cnn international. in 20 minutes, my interview with the legendary neil diamond on his tour, new bride and why he's suddenly so fascinated with twitter. he's a tweeting machine. f sciene
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and the human element can solve anything. solutionism. the new optimism.
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a look at stories making news. student protesters in montreal ignoring a law meant to stop students from demonstrating, they are planned over tuition hikes. 2500 people arrested sin the protests began three months ago. some arrested for violating the ban on masks. police don't want anyone to cover their faces during demonstrations. emergency dispatcher in maryland on paid leave after falling asleep on the job. he was heard snoring for six minutes as a woman called 911 to get help for her husband, who turned out to be okay, luckily. supervisors say the veteran firefighter was 17 hours in a 24 hour shift, when he fell asleep. finally, historic jump for british stuntman. did you see that? are no parachute. he made the dive wearing a winged suit, dropped op a runway of card board boxes. going 80 miles an hour during
3:59 am
that free fall, brave guy. he had been practicing for years. i guess he mastered it. thanks for starth your morning with us, much more ahead on cnn saturday morning, which starts right now. from cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning. fires out west, tornadoes in the bread basket, tropical storms heading toward the east coast. the entire country seems to be under siege by mother nature this weekend. we'll check in with a storm chaser. plus, after three decades a cold case may be solved. a store clerk charged with the murder of etan patz, 33 years to the day after the 6-year-old disappeared. al qaeda declares an electronic jihad on the united states. we put cyber security in focus and ask some insiders how vulnerable we really are and if there is anything we can do


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