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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 26, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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nt. >r gop good mon poper 33 years after and we're watching the tropics this memorial day weekend as a new storm named beryl forms. 33 years after etan patz disappeared while walking to his school bus stop, a man has finally been charged with his murder. pedro hernandez has been arraigned on a second-degree murder charge. he allegedly confessed to killing the 6-year-old boy by choking him and is being held on suicide watch at a manhattan hospital. susan candiotti has been covering this case for us. she joins us now live from new york. susan, why is pedro hernandez in the hospital? >> reporter: hi, randi. he was transferred to the hospital from a jail cell after the police said he was on medications. they didn't want to say what
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kind. they didn't want to administer them in the jail. once at the hospital, according to sources, he said that he wanted to die, so they put him on a suicide watch. so that set the stage for the arraignment that happened on friday afternoon. we were all watching very closely as we watched the arraignment take place from the hospital. we were watching near bion a closed circuit television where the judge was. we listened to the prosecutor put into the record what we had been hearing as rumors throughout the next several days. the defense attorney says his client has had a long history of mental illness, schizophrenic disease, bipolar disorder as well as schizophrenia. here's his attorney. and so the defense attorney asked for a full psychiatric evaluation and the judge agreed to it, randi. >> susan, apart from his
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confession if that is indeed true and it holds, is there any evidence at all linking him to this crime which took place 33 years ago? >> reporter: boy, that's the big question here. no. according to police, all they have right now really his own detailed statements, pedro hernandez allegedly telling police he lured etan patz from a school bus stop over to the basement of the store, the corner convenience store, where her nachb dez was working as a clerk. he was only 19 years old, for the promise of a soda. that's where he claims he strangled the boy, put him in a trash bag and disposed of the body out in the street. so only beyond that, they have alleged confessions that he made to others including family members and other people going back to 1981. and yet that's all they have. they have no physical evidence. they're still looking. >> and no motive either, which
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has some very skeptical about this confession, right? >> reporter: that's right. juries always like to hear a motive, although prosecutors don't have to come up with one as part of proving their case. but they also don't have any evidence of any prior contact this man allegedly had with this youngster and he has no criminal record which seems rather odd in case like this, randi. >> susan candiotti reporting for us in new york this morning. susan, thank you very much. hundreds of pope benedict 6 xvi's personal letters have been released. we're following developments from rome for us. she joins us by phone. barbie, how did the vatican crack this case to begin with? >> reporter: well, you know, this has been a case --
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basically these documents have been leaking out for a year in the italian press. he has his own television program. he's published these documents and last week he published a book called "his holiness," which has the documents in full and the backstory. the papal butler was in one of the few nonclerical people this the pope's inner circle. they say they found documents in his apartment. he is one of the few people who lives inside the vatican city-state, which is the walled sovereign nation within the city of rome. it was under their jurisdiction. they did an ought it of his house. obviously they thought it was him for a period of time. they went to his apartment and
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arrested him on wednesday night. he's in custody. there's no transparency. they have to be transparent. inside the vatican, they can do basically what they want, their method of interrogation, dae fence laurks all those things are their own set of rules. he had two lawyers part-timed in his defense, but, again, those are lawyers who are part of the vatican inner circle. they can practice law within the vatican tribunal, which means they're all part of the same small society. >> why would somebody so close to the pope do something like this? i mean what was the motivation and intention here? >> reporter: according to the person i spoke with, he'll not confirm this was the person who
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leaked the documents but the person who did it did it because they were, quote, fed up with the lies, basically, that one thing was going on inside the holy scene and others that was happening, that the public was hearing. from money laundering to corruption to the vatican's alleged cover-up of two particular murder cases. it's just movies are made of. but he gave him the documents, went to him, sought him out, because he wanted this madness to stop, basically stop the lies. again, we don't know from newtcy -- he hasn't confirmed it's the source. the vatican hasn't given much. so it's definitely the beginning faces of what i'm sure will be a lengthy investigation. >> such drama in vatican city. barbie, thank you very much. astronauts literally open the door to a new era in space
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this morning. they cracked the hatch of dragon. drank, the creation of the spacex corporation is resup plieg the iss with food and scientific experiments. the company is now contracting with na za for at least a dozen more resupply missions just hike this one. pretty cool stuff there. police in gronts are trying to solve the case of three small children found abandoned in a vacant shed. the oldest is less than three, the youngest less than months old. a 911 call led police to the shed behind a home where they found them among a group of homeless people. wildfires are burning in eight states fed by tender dry conditions. this is the duck fire in upper michigan. it's forcing evacuations. it threatened a state park and
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reaching lake superior's southern shore. a fire near walt disney world set down i-4 in several yars. fire crews in six western states are also on the fire lines. the question is when will we see any relief? what a mess. bonnie schneider joining us now to make sense of it all. >> we do have some good news, especially toward michigan where we've been monitoring the duck lake wildfires. right now quite a bit of acreage already burned but showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. we do want to see rain. so any rain will be ben foishl this region. notice how warm it is. 83 once again, but the winds coming from the east are better. it's an improvement. for the past few days i've been monitoring the weather for the region. sometimes we had wind gusts all the way up to 32 miles an hour.
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so there's been fierce wind with this. at least today that will improve. >> that is some good news. i'm sure they'll take anything they can. egypt's presidential election is heading toward a runoff, but what do we know about the front-runners and what do the results so far mean for the u.s.? ks about it. i would say the source of most of my muscle pain would be in my shoulder. my trainer kevin rand recommended it to me. i was kind of skeptical at first, but i tested it out, and bayer advanced aspirin relieved my pain fast. feeling 100% every start, every fifth day, i think definitely gives me a little bit of an edge. but don't take his word for it. put bayer advanced aspirin to the test for yourself at
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mohammed morsi leads the pack but it looks like he'll face a runoff with ahm. he breaks it down and what it would mean for the u.s. >> reporter: he was the pack-up, the spare tire candidate, but when the muslim brother'd leading mass was barred from competing, mohammed morsi has a good shot in a rush-off. run off. analysts say the prospect that mohammed morsi could be egypt's next president might be unsettling to the u.s. and its allies. >> he's quite hostile toward
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westerners and consistently says he wants egypt to be an islamic state and has very unplace amount things to say about key american interests including treaty with is real. >> reporter: he says morsi wouldn't rip up his trea treat with is reechlt he says morsi and the muslim brotherhood want to implement shehari'a law in egypt. >> they won't force women to wear veils. but they want to roll back the laws against sexual harassment which they said is due to women's nakedness and they've tried to repeal the ban on female genital mutilation. >> reporter: an ally responded. >> do you believe that? we're totally against this.
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women's rights have been there for 1,400 years. >> he has two children with american citizenship wants to build bridges with the u.s. but analysts say moorecy like other egyptian leaders before him works to release the so-called blind sheikh serving a life sentence in new york. >> if he has league rights it's his rights and it would support legal rights w s wherevers ever world. >> egypt is the next iran. >> we might not have an iran per se, we're more likely to have a pakistan in which a strong military interferes. >> reporter: iit that to morsi's
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ally as well. he says if morsi wins it won't be like pakistan or iran. he said they won't move toward being a theory caratic government. he said we shouldn't lynnlin to people he call. prime minister dimitri medvedev took over from president vladimir ruling as leader of united russian party. in his acceptance speech medvedev asked party members to be more transparent and democratic. more than three decades after a missing 6-year-old boy's face appeared on a milk carton, new york police have charge add man with his murder, but does his confession hold any water? we'll have our legal analysts weigh in. and if you leaving the house right now, just a blinder you
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a 33-year-old mystery and a sudden confession. the story of etan patz's disappearance has raised many questions and over the years several suspects. so how can police be sure this time they have the right man? i asked cnn legal contributor paul callan.
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will be very difficult and he was brought back to new york, made a suicide threat and is now in bellevue hospital. his lawyer says he ooh's schizophrenic who suffers from bipolar disorder. so it seems to me there's a strong likelihood that there will be a claim that a psychotic has made a claim based on what he read in the nape or what he knew since he worked in the neighborhood at the time of the illing can and he's not the real kill sneer especially when there's no evidence, no dna evidence, they've never been able to recover etan patz's body, even they searched recently in a new york basement. how will that affect how they move forward with this so-called con confessi confession? >> i think it will be huge. they used to call it in the old
8:21 am
crime movies, corpus delek tie, the body of the crime. just to complicate it even more, the patz family who have suffered so much through the years through the loss of this child, they were approached by a former u.s. attorney who said he was convinced a child molester who's currently in jail was the killer. and as a result of that, they institute add civil la suit against this man. they obtained a judgment from a court that he was the killer and that they have a money judgment against him. >> you're talking about jose ramos. he was officially named the killer back in 2004. knowing that, how could name path the case regarding the current suspect, pedro hernandez? >> certainly hernandez's lawyers who have come into court now if he ever has to try this case says there's reasonable doubt built into this case. the court has already adjudic e
8:22 am
adjudicated somebody else as the killer in the case. now, that wouldn't be binding on a jury, but the jury would certainly have to wonder whether this schizophrenic who's confessed is, in fact, the killer. now, i want to -- i want to hedge on this a little bit and say we don't know what the new york city police department knows. there is a possibility that he supplied some detail that has been held back and that only the killer could know. did etan patz have a scar or some kind of a mark that hasn't been released publicly and that her dez has revealed that he knows about? i must say i heard that he's going to have the man examined by a sigh kai strift. it makes me wonder if, in fact,
8:23 am
he's the killer. >> of course, there's a case of motive. no motive at all listed. >> no. and i find that to be very, very strange. somebody who snatches a 6-year-old kid and kills him, they tend to be -- they're child molesters, child predators. this is not a one-time thing. they tend to be repeat oh fenders. where's the history of doing this to other people ipeople. >> in 33 years you haven't seen that. you would expect to see a history sniet is annoying and expensive, having your iphone stolen. don't lose hope. we'll show you ways to find it and get it back.
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[click-click] [♪...] some international space experts are talking about tock. earlier today the dragon's hatch was open and space station crew got its first look inside the dragon. the astronauts on the international space station then started unloading a thousand pounds of supplies, the big
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task. this is the first fully commercial mission to go to the space station. iphones have become our constant companions. we rely on them, so when it's stol stolen, it's annoying, expensive, and very inconvenient. earlier i talked with our expert mario armstrong. >> a lot of people are going to be traveling this holiday weekend, randi. we don't want people to lose their devices or have them stolen. iphone touch, you can use that. on the android you can use something called "where's my droid." what these apps enable you to do is locate it. i use mood ipad to locate my iphone so i can see on a map where my iphone is at at any given time. i can lock it down, wipe the data, send a message to the phone to let the person know, i'll give you a reward. >> i'm impressed by that.
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you mentioned you can lock your device down. how so? >> think people should take some preventive tips. lock their devices down with a pin code. everyone doesn't do this and it drives me nuts. my brother doesn't do this. several people in my family are starting to get it. put a numeric pin code on it. i will tell you this, that pin code can be broken. i have found out that there's no software available. people can jail break, quote/unquote, to get into the foams. so it's not totally full proof but for most people it will prevent them. >> i lost my pin code once and on the tenth time it completely reset and wiped out everything. write your pin down somewhere. let's talk about laptops, though. is there software that you can use to track those down if
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they're stolen? >> absolutely. it's called -- one i tested recently, they sent me a few copies. they're trying to get me to review this stuff. i heard of you guys, let me test it out. it's called lojack. it will only do that if the laptop connects to the internet. so if you lose your laptop or it gets stolen you can see where it is because it's connected to the internet, wipe the data off of it or lock it down completely. >> you can do that remotely? you can wipe it clean? >> you can do it remostly. what you're suppose dodd is then file a police report and hand over the data as to the last location that laptop was seen connected to the internet and hand that information to the authorities and get your laptop back. >> what would be remotely cool is to turn on the camera to turn on the camera and see who has it
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and turn that in, right? >> that's been done before too. >> that's the next step. i like it. get back at those guys who are stealing our stuff. >> but, look. the most important thing, randi, is the data. a lot of people can stomach losing the device or having it stolen but the data is what precious. >> don't mess with us, i'll tell you. well, cement nearly six years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. you can understand his joy, but we'll tell you why he's not even bitter.
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one of the men close is to
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pope benedict xvi is under arrest for allegedly leaking church documents. he was feed as the pontiff's butler. he released huchb dreads of the pope's personal letters and confidential papers with were leaked to a italian journalist it. they're trying to stop what it calls the government slaughter of its people. akty vafts say 88 people, many of them children, wither killed in one town alone. the u.n. secretary-general is documenting what he calls massive violations of human rights. standoff in a hostage situation in indiana is over after the gunman shot himself to death. police say the unidentified man barged into a prudential building yesterday and took several hostages. police said he was looking for somebody who he said owed him
8:34 am
money. one man wants too move forward. brian banks woke up a free man. he spent six years in pris and lost a football scholarship when he pled no contest to rape he didn't commit. he might have served 40 years. the woman now admits that she lied. i talked with brian and his attorney last hour about what made his case so difficult. >> you know, initially the problem with this case was it wasn't unusual. you know, you had a guy convicted of a sex offense and it was a he said/she said, and those cases are impossible to reverse. you need some kind of evidence. and that's really the tragedy in the case. brian took a plea deal because he was looking at 40 years in prison if he didn't and his lawyer told him, hey, it's he said, she said. if you want to roll the dice and go to trial, you may never walk out of prison. and this is a 17-year-old kid who's got to make that decision.
8:35 am
>> right. so brian, i know that -- i'm sure this is all about looking forward for you now. you don't really want to look backward, i'm sure. but are you angry with your accuser? >> no, not at all. you know, i've had those moments where i was very angry and very bitter, and this is around the time that i first received the six-year sentence in prison. but, you know, it was at that time they, you know, realized in that situation i was in it was more important how i controlled myself in that situation and i saw it was better for me, my health to move forward and try to be a better person i could be regardless of what i was going through. >> he is an incredible person. he woend up with an ankle bracelet. he still dreams of playing in the nfl and he is still waiting for that call.
8:36 am
vice president joe biden gave the commencement speech at the u.s. military west point academy less than an hour ago. he told them to savor the day that, quote, you'll remember this for the rest of your life. he credited the military for an incredibly daring raid that killed the most wanted terrorist, sosa ma bin laden. president obama and mitt romney have launched ad campaigns aimed squarely at latinos. the president has a commanding lead. paul steinhauser explains why. >> good morning, randi. we're still in the early rounds but so far the fight for the latino vote seems like no contest. the obama campaign says it's spending a million dollars to
8:37 am
put up ads like this one. the ads are running in colorado, nevada, and florida, three battleground states. [ speak spanish ] >> meanwhile romney spent just a few thousand dollars to run spanish commercials. >> the answer is self-deportation, which is people decide they can do bet ber i going home because they can't find work here because they don't have legal documentation to allow them to work here. >> and that may hurt him. a new nc "wall street journal" telemundo poll matches other varies in indicating that the president holds a high lead over romney. romney didn't mention immigration last week when speaking at a summit here in washington but it will come up
8:38 am
soon enough. then-senator obama want two-thirds of the vote and so far this time around he's keeping his lead. randi? >> paul steinhauser, thank you very much. two huchlk convenients in london this summer has security forces on edge and on alert and their plans are unprecedented. we'll show you what they're planning. it's like, ah, it's part of me. it's me again. now that i'm retiring they all have plans for me. i'm excited. it's got a million more pixels than hdtv. and with six times more coverage, this ipad with verizon 4g lte can really take you places--- yea...
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the queen's diamond jubilee next month and the olympics after that. dan rivers reports the planning is unprecedented. >> reporter: this summer britain's security establishment will have perhaps one of the toughest policing jobs in the world. the olympics and the queen's diamond jubilee bringing in an estimated 6 million extra visitors a day in a mega city of 12 million, which in the past has repeatedly been targeted by islamic terrorists and the i.r.a. already an amphibious assault ship has anchored on the thames providing military backup for the police. the first will be providing security for the queen's jubilee, particularly the river thames. specialists and police teams
8:42 am
have been trained to serve all 13 bridges under which the float tiller will pass. i joined colonel william kemp to discuss the challenges. >> each bridge has to be secured. each bridge has to have security presence and there has to be a pretty strong police presence among the crowds. >> reporter: the police in britain have plenty of practice in securing large-scale formal events, but this summer prevent as unique security challenge. 5,500 police will line the river thames during the jubilee pageant. 7,000 stewards will be on hand and 12,000 police will be at the olympic venues on olympic days with many more controlling the city. bob miller used to direct security for the pleegs during big events and knows waitle will involve. >> then you have protection
8:43 am
rings of further protection coming out. >> reporter: he says covert operations like these will also be deployed in large numbers, some with specialist sniffer dogs to ensure the queen can go on a walkabout. >> it's extremely difficult to do, so you have to plan it in by using, as you say, covert security measures. there the military play a massive role. >> reporter: like these royal navy helicopters with snipers aboard prepared the take out any intruders on the river. >> the helicopters and thee boats will close on that vessel. >> reporter: combined with the olympics, the security operation will be unpress dechlted. >> this will be the largest military operation mainland uk
8:44 am
probably since the civil war involving a huge number of the military force and, of course, very, very large numbers of police. >> reporter: hoping they won't be called on but prepared for any event you alt they are. dan river, cmn, london. coverage begins next sunday, june 3rd at 11:00 a.m. join us for this royal celebration. a big traffic jam where you wonld expect it. mounlt everest. the potential and deadly journey isn't keeping adventure seekers wachl we'll talk with a climber who's scaling everest for the tenth time. we're at the legendary southfork ranch in dallas for a cookout with world champion grill master brett gallaway. he's serving his guests walmart choice premium steak. but they don't know it yet. they will. it's a steakover! the steak is excellent. very tender... melts in your mouth...
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it is going be another crowd weekend on the trails to the peak of mt. everest just days after four died. soo many climbers could make it more treacherous, even though they have perks like sherpas, weather forecasts and titanium
8:48 am
oxygen tanks. earlier i spoke with kenton cool. he's on his tenth trip to the summit. i began by asking hum if he knew any of the climbers who died last weekend. >> no, i didn't. we were shocked. it's one of those unfortunate things. it affects the whole community. >> just how dangerous is climbing mt. everest? we talked about the crowds there. does that make it a lot more dangerous? >> it all comes down to management really. this is my tenth trip here. i think it come downs to good planning, good preparation, and then working with the sherpa crew in the execution of the plan so it goes according to
8:49 am
plan. yes, unfortunately there were a few death this year, but it's a very dangerous sport and there are lots of people who go up and down safely. the crowds don't help things. most crowds are concentrated into short periods of time. i forget which -- good management and good understa understanding a good understand how the mountain works, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be quite successful getting up and, let's say it, most importantly, back down. >> those choosing to climb these, are they properly prepared? is that a little bit of a problem? it sounds like mt. everest is becoming a bit of a tourist destination. >> mt. everest for many people is the pinnacle of mountaineering. look back to 1920 for the effort on the mountain. it's the high point in the world. so it does draw people to it.
8:50 am
i wouldn't necessarily say the crowds make it more dangerous. i didn't know the people personally so i couldn't tell you how prepared they were or weren't. it's one of those unfortunate thing. about 7,000 meters, the human body is not supposed to live. i call that a ticking time bomb when you get up there. you've got a certain amount of time you can spend in that area before your body -- it slowly deteriorates no matter how much supplementary oxygen or food you have up there. it's a dangerous place to be. people have to be mindful of that. >> we wish you lucas you make your tenth attempt to the summit, tenth trip. amazing bravery. i'm sure it will be amazing when you get there. kenton cool, thank you so much. some incredible pictures there. "cnn newsroom" starts at the top of the hour. fredricka. >> i love the idea of the destination. but then that's a case where i don't know if i'd really enjoy the journey. i don't like to be uncomfortable.
8:51 am
>> and the cold. >> but it's beautiful, the images and stories are harrowing. >> the perfect name for that story, kent cool. >> he does. >> what do you have coming up? >> of course our legal guys with us, avery and richard bring us something fascinating and interesting. this is a case involving sharon stone who is being sued by her ex-nanny who is alleging racial harassment, sweatshop conditions and wrongful termination. stone says the claims are false, are meritless. she says that this woman is just out for money. so our legal guys will be exploring the merits of this case. does, indeed, this ex-nanny have a case. of course the unofficial start of the summer season. everyone is heading to the beach. i know you are heading to a coastline any day now. so what's the best sunscreen in which to reach for, our doctor will be along with us. big hint anything under spf 50, under 50. >> is not -- >> is optimal. >> really?
8:52 am
i thought the bigger the number the better. >> that's what a lot of people seem to believe. so she's bog to straighten that out for us. big movie weekend. of course you remember the game "battleship," who sunk my battleship. we'll be exploring not just the movie but a big star of the show, a real lifetime event war hero colonel gadsden. he'll join us to talk about his experience, why he's in this movie. why the opportunity has turned his life around. >> wow. that will be an interesting conversation. >> a lot coming up. >> always. >> before, we'll see you tomorrow. then you'll be heading off to a nice little vacation. >> i'm out of here. >> in the sun. don't forget to watch our sunscreen segment so you get the right thing. >> thank you. good advice. thank you, fred. check back with you in a moment. memorial day break for the jurors in the john edwards corruption trial. an issue came up before they headed home. we'll break it down. [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze...
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take a look at this. the video is going viral on youtube. isn't that incredible? both drivers lucky to be alive after a car collided with an overturned tractor-trailer. the truck took the turn too fast. you see it happening here. it happened on a highway in russia. believe it or not, everyone is
8:56 am
okay. incredible pictures. >> wait a minute. why did that camera happen to be mounted and rolling? i have questions. >> you have a lot of questions but we don't have time now. we'll get to you in a moment. >> move on. >> the jury in the john edwards campaign corruption trial is taking the holiday weekend off. deliberations resume tuesday. before adjourning an issue came up in a closed courtroom. joe johns is covering the trial. >> reporter: the jury in the john edwards trial wrapped up their sixth day of deliberations. they got the case on friday. it may seem like a long time but they have only been deliberating 33 hours. edwards is charged in a six-count indictment of accepting illegal campaign funds, false statements and conspiracy in connection with the cover-up with his affair with his mistress rielle hunter during 2008 presidential campaign. the jury has been sending out note that may offer clues about progress or lack of progress. earlier in the week they asked for exhibits presented during
8:57 am
trial relating to contributions or gifts from the late texas lawyer fred baron used to keep hunter away from the media. the jury asked for other things, among them a note from fred baron to one of edwards fixers, telling him to use cash and not credit and a copy of an abc news interview with edwards in which he denied fathering rielle hunter's baby. >> what's wrong with eight days? it's hard to say to be honest with you. it's certainly longer than most of us anticipated. given the way they seem to have approached the problem that they have been given, which is to say reach a verdict, they have asked for documents associated with first the bunny mellon counties, then barron documents, now they have all the documents. it appears they are taking a very systematic approach to this deliberation. that's why a full week doesn't surprise me. >> the case could have a potentially serious impact on the way federal campaigns are conducted. waiting for the verdict here has
8:58 am
created some not so serious, though memorable moments. passing the time members of the media, attorneys participating in the case and even the defendant himself have now been spotted attending baseball games at a local ballpark. and in the courtroom itself during breaks, four alternate jurors, who are not participating in the deliberations but still on stand by just in case have and in the courtroom wearing color coordinated outfits, yellow on one day, a reddish color the next. one of the alternates, who is not shy about making eye contact with the people in the courtroom has more than once flashed a big smile at edwards and he has smiled back. >> the entertainment very high. as a practical matter very low. these four alternate jurors weren't excused but they have been held. they are in their own room. the judge takes a break from the trial where they are now with the jury is actually having lunch with the alternates. they are having a little fund. they are board. you can see when they come out, they are happy, smiling, making
8:59 am
eye contact. the jurors are hard at work with their heads down. but i think and hope at this point it's a pleasant distraction and a way of someone -- a group of people who have been told not to communicate are finding their own subliminal way to put a smile on everyone's face. even the judge. she gave a smile. >> the judge cleared the courtroom to talk to the lawyers about an unspecified issue regarding a juror, said on tuesday morning before deliberations resume she may have to deliberate that same issue. joe johns, greenboro, north carolina. >> sounds like quite a drama. >> a bizarre case that continues to reach an apex. >> i hope you have a great saturday. "cnn newsroom" with fredricka whitfield. >> it is, indeed, a holiday weekend but also a big hassle for folks trying to get around, get to the coast, et cetera. thi