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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 26, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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fredricka whitfield. millions of americans enjoying the holiday weekend, but mother nature is not going to cooperate for everyone. if you're on the east coast, lock out. tropical storm conditions are heading your way. jacqui jeras is tracking all of this. >> it's a subtropical storm and it is going to bring in rough weather tonight and tomorrow. and the places we're most concerned about is the georgia coast and northern parts of florida. as you look at the satellite picture, this doesn't look like a lot, does it? maximum winds around 45 miles per hour. it has some characteristics of a tropical system and a regular area of low pressure. that's why it's called subtropical. it is expected to move toward the coast through the holiday weekend. some of the big threats we have to deal with is everybody wants to go to the beach. all of the rain has been up the shore. however, there is a very high
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risk of rip currents. so if those red flags are fl flying, you don't want to get in the water. go to the pool instead of the ocean. we will see wind gusts causing minor damage, tree limbs down, and the heavy rains, which could be as much as 3 to 6 inches, but i think it's going to be pretty isolated. and this part of the country needs this rainfall, so it is somewhat welcome news. we're also looking at some thunderstorms across the upper midwest because a few of those storms could be severe later today. >> thanks for that, jacqui. from stormy weather to dangerous fires, flames racing through parts of michigan. the upper peninsula along lake superior, a wildfire has scorched 21,000 acres. and then in florida, a raging brush fire caused major problems
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this weekend for people trying to get to another major tourist attraction, disney world. heavy smoke and flames forced police to shut town traffic in both directions along a major highway. the road has since been reopened. overseas, scandal and intrigue at the vatican. the pope's butler is under arrest, accused of leaking pope benedict's personal letters and other confidential vatican papers to an italian journalist. the documents ended up in a book. the journalist is following this story in rome. >> reporter: first, who leaked these documents were "fed up with the lies," that one thing was going on inside the holy city, another thing was happening with what the public was hearing, issues from money laundering, corruption, from the
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vatican's alleged coverup of two particular murder cases. you know, it's stuff movies are read of. >> the author of the book refuses to identify his source. the pope's butler is one of only a handful of people who has daily, direct contact with the pontiff. the vatican says confidential documents were found in his apartment at the time of his arest. next hour, i'll be talking to john alan about who this butler is, the access to the pope, and what was at the heart of these leaks. the presidential election in egypt appears headed to a runoff. muhammad morsi on the left is a member of the muslim brotherhood, a party once banned in egypt. the candidate on the right is a member of the old regime who served as prime minister. former u.s. president jimmy carter is in cairo where he is
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leading a delegation of observers. he's joining us right now over the phone. president carter, first, give me your impressions as you are a monitor there of these elections, your impressions of how this first free election has been carried out. >> well, i think in general terms, it's been okay. the egyptian people and all of the opposition candidates have seemed to agree that the election has been orderly, and that the people's will has not been subverted by any outside forces. it looks like it's been quite another major step toward full democracy and freedom in egypt to replace the dictatorship of the past. >> is it at all a concern to you or has it been expressed by others that the two two are in this runoff are two very polarizing figures?
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>> well, the muslim brotherhood is one of the major factors in the political situation here. i would say the fundamentals, islamists, i think that both of these candidates are well known, but we have 13 candidates in the race. there's a lot of disappointed people here, but both sides are beginning to call in the others, the young people, the christians and other groups to try to induce them for their support in the future. so i think both of the potential candidates will move toward the center and fry to consolidate support. >> is there a feeling that this runoff can be as peaceful as we've seen this election to be thus far? >> i don't think there's any doubt about that. i don't see any indication here of potential violence breaking
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out in protest, because there's not anything to protest against. many people are disappointed with the outcome. these are the two that apparently will come forward in the future. so i don't think there's any threat of violence. >> when it's mentioned that one of the candidates in this runoff, muhammad morsi, a member of the muslim brotherhood is in this runoff, and the muslim brotherhood has some history, including a former member al qaeda lead, al zawahiri, is there any fear among egyptians or even some americans as to how this person was able to be a viable candidate to end up in this runoff? >> dr. morsi was educated in california. he's got a ph.d. in engineering
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from southern california tech. and he also is dean of an engineering school here. he's very respected. he knows our country, and in my conversations with him, he's been quite moderate and progressive. but obviously, he is a remnant of the mubarak regime. i don't think there's any need to fear any candidate. obviously, the opinion from america is based on past history. >> and from here, we understand, as you continue to do your monitoring work there with the elections in egypt, also a big concern of yours is sudan and the continued strife taking place there. what are your hopes as you will be heading to sudan and what kind of observations are you expected to be able to make?
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>> well, i'm leaving early in the morning and will be in khartoum sunday. we're trying to prevent the outbreak of increased conflict in sudan and trying to promote the peace process, as well as carry out the programs we have to alleviate the suffering of the sudanese people. so we'll fry to use our influence for peace. >> president jimmy carter, thank you for your time and safe travels. >> thank you. best wishes to you. bye-bye. an astronaut on the international space station made an interesting observation today about the dragon cargo vessel. he says it has that kind of new car smell. astronauts got their first look inside the unmanned dragon today. it's owned by the commercial company spacex.
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the mission is considered the start of a new era for private space flight. i know it feels like summer already in most parts of the country, which means it's time to stock up on sun screen. but how do you avoid being one of the millions that makes the wrong choices about choosing the right product? an intense burning sensation i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side. like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl...
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it's the unofficial start to summer, which means people are
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going to spend a lot of people outside. but do you know the right kind of sunscreen to reach for? so doctor, it is very confusing. people don't know what to reach for. usually they go for the highest spf. do we have that right when we do that? >> yeah, you know, that is very important. you want to get at least a 15, and most doctors tell you to get a 30 for sure. but the most important thing to do is to reapply your sunscreen every two hours. that's where a lot of people get into trouble. you want to make sure you use enough. use about a shot glass full over your whole body. about an ounce. >> that doesn't seem like a whole lot. >> well, if you're putting it on, it is a decent amount. an ounce is all you need. >> do you have any preference, creams, lotions, sprays?
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>> the sprays are convenient, but the creams are going to be as effective. sprays are more convenience. there are also powder sunscreens. they usually have titanium or zinc oxide in them, which can reflect the sun's rays off of you and you can use them under makeup and lip balm is important. >> the powder sunscreen, that's fascinating. how do you apply that? >> it is a loose powder, comes with a brush and you put that under makeup. sprinkle it in your hair and use it like a regular sunscreen. it just doesn't have that heavy cream base a lot of people don't like. >> so it won't be long until the fda changes the requirements on
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the sunscreen bottles, et cetera. no longer will companies be able to boast of over 50 spf, is that right? >> anyone that's ever gone to the store, it is so confusing. when you read the labels, find a broad spectrum, and one thing to remember there, it's important to get both, because uva causes wrinkles and uvb causes the damage and cancer. so the fda wanted to make that simple. it has to say broad spectrum. the company's overexaggerated claims about waterproof and sweat proof, so now it will only say water resistant. and max is going to be 50, because benefits over 50 wasn't really there. so 50 protected against like 98% of the rays. 100 did minuscule more. >> bottom line, grab something to protect your skin. thanks so much. have a great rest of the holiday weekend.
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john mayer and his smooth sound of blues and rock are back. we haven't heard any new music in quite a while, but he's definitely kept himself in the headlines. now mayer is opening up to cnn about his tarnished image and what he wants now. here's brooke baldwin.
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♪ >> reporter: contrary to popular belief, john mayer's new single "shadow days" isn't an ode to a woman. it started as a mantra to himself. >> i was singing and strumming the guitar and i remember singing "i'm a good man with a good heart." and it was really interesting to hear it sung, because it's not arrogant to say that. >> reporter: on his new album, the seven-time grammy winner writes about picking up the pieces after his very public fall from grace in 2010. it came to a head in an overly glib interview with "playboy" where he insulted african-americans and a pair of high profile ex-girlfriends in one disastrous swoop. >> i think that's probably the only time i did or will sort of
11:21 am
just write about that crash, you know, that sort of like violent awakening into adulthood by way of like really the now embarrassing behind of behavior. >> some may call it poetic justice, but after running his mouth, suddenly he lost the ability to speak. he developed granules near his vocal chords that had to be surgically removed. in the meantime, mayer keeps to himself, sharing his thoughts with his guitar. >> i'm going to make another record. i may have to sing differently. cnn. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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subtropical storm beryl is causing storm warnings from northern florida to south carolina. it's expected to strengthen into a tropical storm over the weekend, dumping heavy rain wherever it hands. i'm fredricka whitfield. we'll see you again at 3:00. coming up next, the duchess of cambridge. big splash with the . [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace." so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right,
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i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years.
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okay. they need to come, james. the starting gun has started, i think we can say. >> it was almost like she was
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born for the role. >> that's the vehicle that is housing prince william and kate. they're in that range rover. >> i think her goal is to observe and she definitely has a genuine empathy with people and people respond to her very well. >> it was overwhelming. everybody went crazy. it was just so awesome. >> she's perfect and beautiful and i love her. >> the thing that i think is wonderful ant the duchess is that she has very much her own sense of self and her own sense of style. this is a big role that she has, and she always seems to get it right. >> as far as i can see, she's doing a wonderful job.
11:30 am
>> i'm really sorry that william can't be here today. he would love it here. >> 12 months have now past since kate middleton married the future king of england in london. i'm max foster and as cnn's royal correspondent, i've had a chance to watch kate closeup. a senior royal source told me that she's completed her induck shun and has graduated as a fully fledged member of the royal family. it's been quite a wheer. >> kalt >> kate is quite relaxed. >> looks it, doesn't it? >> what's the back story? >> i always wanted to get this picture and i discussed it with
11:31 am
them and we knew it was touch and go whether we would get it. everyone behaved so well in the previous photographs. we were lucky enough to have a few minutes to do this. i said to catherine, should we go for it? and she said yes. from getting the yes to do it to taking that picture was about 30 seconds. but there's a sense of calm about it. every single character you see in here, whether tom or billy here, and these two, they're just leaned in towards each other. that is genuine spontaneous character. that's why i love this picture so much. >> william and kate had announced their engagement less than six months earlier. >> it's quite a daunting prospect.
11:32 am
>> leaving little time to waste to prepare the palace, the abby and all points in between for a fairy tale wedding. >> it will be about double-checking, triple checking, and checking it again and making sure that we've got everything in the right places. >> just right from the beginning, she wanted everything to be seasonal, british, elegant, all the things you would expect of her. she's approached this wedding with such care. >> we made quite a few different variations of the cake for her to taste. she has quite a few ideas. >> she wanted to be like any other bride, in charge of how her day would go. and she was keen that would not be taken away from her.
11:33 am
>> three mini buses lined up, hospitals of people going into the hotel. >> this is where i was on the royal wedding day, the goering hotel is where the bride's family was staying. although i wasn't allowed this close on the day. there's a huge sense of excitement, the crowd, the media, everyone waiting to catch that very first glimpse. inside, kate middleton, as she still was that morning, was getting ready for her date with destiny, as those around her recalled. >> we were there 6:30 or so. up in her suite, it was a sense of calm. she doesn't expect to be treated any differently, and that made me feel able to do my job. she didn't want anyone to overtop. she wanted to feel herself and that was reflected in the dress and in the hair.
11:34 am
>> for a young bride, if you're not careful the way you dress the hair, it can be quite aging. so that's something we put a lot of thought into. all these little intricacies that we did on her hair, the twisting of the sides and the fringe just gently coming over the forehead, they are all elements that add to softening that kind of look. what i loved about that teira, it had a modern feel to it, and
11:35 am
kate chose it and i don't think she could have chosen anything better than that. >> i was lucky enough to be positioned right by the front, 30 meters from the front door. i was seriously nervous and i had to get this picture spot-on. they came out of the front door, the crowd roared. i only had a matter of minutes, if that. they caused momentarily at the top of the steps and walked down to the carriage. >> the only word i could find to describe kate on her wedding day was flawless. i saw her in the abby and she just was totally focused as if she was saying, i'm going to get this right, and she did.
11:36 am
>> if there was one moment when it dawned on kate of what she had become, it was the moment she walked out on the balcony. >> from the minute i saw her in the morning, right through to the end of the day, she was as composed as you could possibly imagine. i don't know where she gets the strength from. >> how did she do that with that amount of pressure? >> i don't know. she's very clever and very special. still to come -- learning from the past. >> this marriage must work. they can't go back to the '90s when they had three of the prince's children get divorced. we're at the legendary southfork ranch in dallas
11:37 am
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♪ for the british monarchy. queen of 15 sovereign states, as well as the united kingdom, elizabeth ii has unveiled
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statues and planted trees around the world. when the occasions demanded it, as head of the common wealth of more than 50 countries, she's gone the extra mile. buckingham palace knows its role. the queen makes sure britain still has clout. but she can't do it all on her own. and when there's a boneified star in your midst, it's a good idea to send them in your place. ♪ >> it was like a huge test for her, her first real public engagement on behalf of the royal family.
11:40 am
>> media interest was enormous. as were the numbers who turned out to see them. >> it was a very exhausting, very grueling tour. you know, hopping from one place to another. >> happy birthday, canada. ♪ >> in ottawa, on canada day, it was the largest ever crowd they ever had and it was a boiling hot day and there she was, all dressed up in long sleeves and the hat and it must have been awful to keep smiling like that. >> the crowd screaming "will and kate, will and kate," pulling up
11:41 am
here. >> from my vantage point too, i was struck by her poise. but to get an up close sense of the duchess, nothing beats being one of the crowd that this video seems to capture so well. >> oh, my gosh, hi. hello. hello, nice to meet you. >> welcome to new brunswick. >> thank you. >> at one point, kate even agrees to pose for a photo. handing the camera to her senior aide. provoking some disapproving looks from one of the security officers. throughout the trip, as throughout the year, her mentor, her main coach, was william. >> you really saw in canada a
11:42 am
lot of the times he was often physically guiding her, always checking to see how she was coping, always checking to see if he was handling walk abouts okay. >> william is totally in control of everything. he seen what happened to his mother and he doesn't want that to happen to his wife. >> the legacy of diana, princess of wales, continues to cast a shadow over britain's royals. her marriage to prince charles was not a happy one. >> you would see other members of the royal family peeved that diana was getting all the attention and ignore them. they didn't like it. and eventually her husband didn't like it, either. but with kate, it's like, this marriage must work. they can't go back to the '90s when they had three of the queen's children split up and
11:43 am
get divorced. >> kate does not shy away from the parallels with diana. she wears diana's engagement ring. i'm told she takes the comparison as a compliment. but she's doing things her way. >> the fact that they said, we can do it all ourselves, we'll go to the supermarket. as a result, they're bringing the monarchy closer to the people. >> if the royals never experienced rush hour traffic -- >> perhaps the challenge for them going forward will be staying close to the people, when the people see them as superstars. as i saw firsthand when their north american tour wound up in california. the screams for the movie stars were substantial. but they were nothing compared to those that greeted the arrival of william and kate.
11:44 am
here in los angeles, as nowhere else, the fairy tale sells big. >> they've had so much scandal in their family and now will and kate are taking over and she's beautiful and perfect. >> when i heard they were coming out here, i wasn't going to miss it for the word. they seem like such a nice, down-to-earth couple. i think they're going to save the monarchy. >> this event was about leveraging their celebrity in the service of the british film industry. >> what do you think they're going to get from this eving? >> they're not getting from it, they're giving. because they are trying to get all of these executives here tonight. >> have you met the duke and duchess before? >> no. they're people you don't meet. >> amidst the world of receptions and garden parties, l.a. society turned out in
11:45 am
force. impressed it seemed by the power of royal celebrity. >> there was a few dignitaries present, one of them being reese witherspoon. she was so excite about meeting catherine. meeting actual royalty was incredible for her and you can see it here in this picture, almost in complete awe. >> still to come -- >> she has the potential of becoming the modern day jackie o. >> the style defined when we conclude in a moment. [ bell tolls ] agents, say hello to the biggest hailstone in u.s. history. oh, that will leave a dent. which is exactly why we educate people... about comprehensive coverage. yep. the right choice now can pay off later.
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♪ as neat, useful, and appropriate.
11:48 am
i think she has the potential to become a modern day jackie o. >> every time the duchess of cambridge steps out in public, the fashion world is on hooks. >> i remember seeing her wearing one of our felted wool dresses, just because she looked amazing in it and looked modern and beautiful. >> best selling item would be this. the duchess of cambridge has worn this show a few times. we have a tough time keeping this in stock. >> it's called the duchess. whether it's this dress or off the peg, no one moves the market quite like kate. l.k. bennett has five ore
11:49 am
openings in the u.s. and more planned for next year. >> when she wears it, the phone in our stores keeps ringing, because customers seem to follow her and they want to wear the product she's wearing. >> after kate wore this dress, when she and william met the obamas, it sold out within minutes. >> she champions british design, not just the designers, but all the way through. >> there's no other story. if it keeps up like this with kate turning up and people just writing about what she wears, then she'll get a shallow image. but that will change, because she is doing more challenging jobs. >> those jobs really began earlier this year, when kate embarked on her first solo engagement. as a new member of the royal
11:50 am
family, there was never any doubt she would give her patronage to a number of charities. among the causes she settled on were art therapy, addiction, and children's hospices. >> early november out of the blue, a telephone call, would we mind if we visited one of our hospices. she came along and spent about four hours with us, talking about what we did. it was clear that she had done a lot of homework when she arrived. >> we read in the papers that she was going around looking at charities and her interest were art and art therapy. we thought we shouldn't miss an opportunity like that. so we wrote a letter and explained what we did. but she had already done her research and found the art room on the website.
11:51 am
>> how much financial difference has it made having her on board? >> i had a fantastic conversation with somebody. it's been great. she really has. >> the people around kate are clearly very impressed by how she's got on. when i talk to them, they describe her as strong willed and professional. nothing much phases her they tell me. there have been a flurry of public appearances by the duchess recently, but this is probably the last in a while in public at least. i've observed certain techniques she has for coping with all the attention. she likes to single someone out and immediately hopes in on them. it's her way of blocking out the frenzy around her. >> she doesn't look towards the cameras. you'll often find she's
11:52 am
concentrating with the person she's talking to. as a photographer, i'll position behind where i think prince william will be. >> she's very aware of where people are, she's definitely more interested in putting on a good performance for the people she's there for. >> the final test in this first year was the performance of her first public speech. and it epitomized kate. if it was delivered slowly, even labored in places, that's because she was determined not to fluff it. >> when i first visited the hospice, i had a preconceived idea what to expect. far from being a clinical, depressing place of sick children, it was a home. most importantly, it was a family home. a happy place of stability, support and care.
11:53 am
it was a place of fun. >> but it's not really about oratory any way. kate seems to connect with people in a more fundamental way, making a similar impression on young people. >> she's made me more interested in royalty. >> i think because she came from an ordinary background, it makes her more interesting. that she used to be like us. >> even though she's royal, she understands us as a person, and we understand her. >> so the dutch else of cambridge, the savior of the british monarchy? it's too early to say that. but as they settle in here, it's clear she has support from the top down. >> people forget the queen is also a mother and grandmother and a very human person. of course she wants her grandson and her grandson's wife to be successful. and of course, she offers help.
11:54 am
they would be foolish not to take it. plainly one can even looking from the outside, one can see what a good relationship exists there. >> they seem genuinely happy, whether it's watching a fashion show or whatever they're doing. >> the queen is delighted that her grandson married someone who he seems so well suited to, who has been able to adapt to the conditions in the royal family and that new role. >> as for kate's father-in-law, prince charles, he and kate are very close, i'm told. they make secret visits to the art gallery and opera together, sharing a position for the arts that neither william nor harry truly share. her joint engagements they've developed something of a double act. he the old duffer, she the competent young woman.
11:55 am
everyone it seems is desperate to make sure history doesn't repeat itself, because no matter how appealing the fairy tale, alternative story lines do exist. >> it's a hard, horrible life. everyone thinks it's wonderful. it's a golden prison that you live in the rest of your life. but kate has opted for it and she must know what she's in for, because she knew william for nine years. i think if she feels it's worth it, if you love the man enough, you put up with it. >> she does enjoy it. she seems very happy when she's out and about. >> she looks very easy in her own skin. she must be enjoying it. >> i hear you. can you hear me? >> kate middleton embarked on a remarkable journey a year ago. >> whatever you do is subject to publicity. whatever you wear is subject to
11:56 am
comment. >> a duchess of cambridge is now a global superstar. though she wears her power lightly. >> there is a respect they have for who they are and where they are. even with the way they're holding hands here. >> history and the weight of expectations might seem daunting, but the young couple will take their time, determined to write this story themselves. with these new depend real fit briefs,untry and today we are surprising pro football all stars. there's wes, clay and demarcus.what's up guys. now i know you don't need one, but would you try these on for charity and prove just how great the fit is? seriously? no way for charity? let's do it! yup... they're doin it. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear.
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hello. first, to some breaking news out of syria, where u.n. observers are confirming reports of a massacre in the town of hula. dozens of people killed, including 32 children younger
11:59 am
than 10 years old. this video is said to be from hula. rows of bodies from this tragic attack blamed on government forces. we're joined on the phone with more on this. muhammad? >> reporter: opposition activists we're speaking with are begging the international community for help, for intervention. because of what they're calling this massacre that happened yesterday. they say that first the town of hula in homs province was shelled and pro-regime militias went into the town and started slaughtering men, women and children, entire families. the video that we've seen today, extremely gruesome. they purport to show the bodies of children and women in sheets. you see horrible images, children with their heads bashed