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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 3, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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officially opened on the 19th. as we mentioned in the last, on thursday officially it's the d-day anniversary. the 68th anniversary of d-day, and excuse me, on -- also on thursday is jamie dimon, and he has to testify to the senate committee. i want to correct this, though. d-day is on wednesday. jamie dimon will testify to the senate banking committee. he reportedly approved the trading strategy to expose the bank to losses that so far total $2 billion. finally, when we get to the weekend, come saturday, come on. i'll have another, my magic wall at the weather department works just as well. i'll have another is going to run for the triple crown, potentially. down the stretch they come for
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the 144th running of the belmont stakes. you win the kentucky derby, the preakness, and this will be, i think, if he manages to pull this off, it will be the first time in 34 years we have the triple crown. all right. love me some technology. stay right there. more on cnn sunday morning starts right now. a wildfire bigger than the entire city of chicago is on record in new mexico. more than a quarter of a million acres burned, 1,250 people fighting it, and still, only 17% contained. it's just one of nine states on fire. plus, tuesday's wisconsin recall race has pitted party heavyweights against each other as last minute money continues to pour in on both sides. we'll explain why it could be a bellweather for november, and we are just hours away from the deadline for george zimmerman to return to jail. the man who killed florida teen trayvon martin had his bail revoked by a judge and was given
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until this afternoon to turn himself in. and the diamond jubilee flotilla launches at 9:30 this morning. 20,000 people, 1,000 boats, and a prince harry surprise. we have live team coverage. good morning, everyone. i'm rob marciano filling in for randi kaye. thanks for starting your morning with us. we'll start you off with the massive wildfire in new mexico. it grew to hiss historic size and it's expected to get bigger. the fire burning in the hela national forest so far has devoured more than 354 square miles. it's the largest fire in the state's history and has been burning for nearly a month now. firefighters are having a tough time controlling it. in new mexico it's not the only state where wildfires are burning. look at this map. massive fires are burning in at least eight other states. we're talking about more than 300,000 acres of land.
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that's currently on fire. not just in dry states. some fires are burning as far east as michigan. we're off to a quick start here. of course, reynolds wolf here to talk more about the weather situation with this. not a whole lot of snow out west. it's obviously not helping things. the desert southwest specifically arizona and new mexico where this big fire is burning. we probably won't see rain for i don't know how long. >> rob, they really are going to be suffering from the double whammy today. something else that may be an issue today, high thunderstorms. thunderstorms will be fairly high. dry air below them. you want the the benefits of the rain, but there's a chance if lightning strikes, it could reach the high reaches. if that happens, it means the possibility of more fires. this is what we for you. take a look at this. winds gusting to about 25 miles an hour, but, rob, as you know, when you have wind that passes right through those high mountain canyons, a lot of times what happens is really two things. it really accelerates and moves through the ravine. that's one bad thing. the second thing it's going to do is when the air molecules are
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forced together, it actually generates a little bit of heat, so it helps dry out a lot of the ponderosa pines and the chaperelle. it's going to be difficult to deal with. the acres -- the machines are staggering. over 200,000. it's only 17% contained. gusts are 25 miles an hour. if you happen to be flying to the west, if you are flying over new mexico or over arizona, most pilots might say you look out the window you and he see the smoke plain as day, and it's going to be a tall order for them. thousands of firefighters -- >> working hard to stop its progress. >> thanks very much. for only the third time in history one of the nation's governors is facing a recall election this tuesday. wisconsin republican governor scott walker will face his democratic challenger, milwaukee mayor tom barrett. many voters are upset that walker stripped collective bargaining rights from state employees. walker says that even if he remains in office he has no
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plans to overturn the wisconsin law. and in florida george zimmerman was given until this afternoon to turn himself into authorities after his bond was revoked. the judge made the ruling friday stating zimmerman ares meptd, misled, and dereceivered the court about his financial situation. sfwlimerman is charged with second degree murder many the death of 17-year-old trayvoon martin. >> now we head to london where the rain is not dampening the mood. crowds gather to celebrate day two of queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. today's main event, a 1,000 boat flotilla down the river thames. let's bring in the colorful richard quest. he is live at london's tower bridge near the river himself. oh, no umbrellas. has the rain lightened up at all? >> no. you raised an interesting question. are we going up the river thames
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or going down the river thames? that's the mouth of the river in that direction, and they're starting in that -- i need to think about this and give it some thought. whichever way they are -- go on. >> look down. just look down. it sounds like they'll be going down the river. they'll be burning less fuel that way, right, going with the current? >> reporter: good question. good point. i'll buy a book on the subject. the way the 1,000 boats -- the way the 1,000 boats are going to go is from the west to the east. it will be in ten sections. very defined sections. we'll have historic boats and those from the second world war. we'll have narrow boats and the flag boats, and we'll have lots of rowing boats, including a very long 18-man row boat called gloriana, and right at the head of it will be the queen, the royal family, and their own royal squadron. it is despite the awfulness of
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the weather, it's a very british sort of day. overcast and drizzly. it's not so bad you would stay at home, but it's not so sunny you would take your coat off. that wonderful sort of british weather. and there are going to be a million people or so watching the delights of the river. we will be here throughout. >> nice work there. we're about halfway lou the festivities. it follows last year's wedding of william and catherine. with these historic ooeflts, are you spending money, but i guess the money is pouring in as well. tell us about the impact the royal family is having on the british economy there. >> reporter: it is. today's pageant will cost about $15 million to $20 million. it's been privately funded. in austerity britain has no call on the public purse. tomorrow has been funded. that's a big concert outside buckingham palace. on tuesday this is going to be spectacular because you don't see this every 100 years or so. in fact, it's been three 300
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since we've had this many boats. on tuesday you will see the best of what we do. more horses, more guardsmen, more uniforms, more trumpeters, more buglers, more carriages than you can shake a royal stick at. there will be several of them to be shaken. you'll see that on tuesday afternoon. today i'm just wanting to see. i just want to see that moment when the whole of the river is full of boats. tower bridge has lifted her whatever you call it, the roadway. there's a proper maim for that, which i'll immediate to look up. i'm going to be busy after we have finished. we will get a feeling for it all. >> it is going to be a sight to behold, i'm sure, and we'll be covering it live. thank you for that preview. richard quest live for us in london. for all the pomp and pageantry of the diamond jubilee, keep it here on cmn. piers morgan and brook baldwin will kick off our coverage beginning at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. egypt, on edge.
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sheerian president al assad is blagsing a target from abroad targeting his country. he addressed his newly elected parliament, but military shells rained down again on the opposition stronghold of homs, which has been under siege for months now. liona, president assad blaming foreign conspiracies for the assault on his country. what do you make of this? >> this is stuff we've heard before, but it was a rare public appearance. we haven't seen him in public sincian. he was speaking, and he basically said syria is facing a war from outside forces. this is something he said for
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the past 15 months that syria is backing against armed terrorists from outside of syria and needs to defend itself. it's not something we haven't heard from before. amidst all of this, we've seen a lot of diplomatic pressure from the international community which is asking for the syrian government to stop the violence. as you mentioned, there are tanks being moving towards the east, towards homs, according to opposition and activists, and the death toll continues to rise. i mean, we've heard reports from opposition groups saying there are at least 33 people killed on saturday alone. there have been more than 12,000 people, again, according to op sdmrigs groups, that have been killed during this unrest that started 15 months ago. >> he also denied responsibility for last week's brutal massacre in hola. what does anybody make of that claim? >> reporter: he did. he did. i mean, he basically said that any accusations that the government forces had any part in it was completely base it is,
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and he said people who perpetrated those killings were monsters and, again, he said we need to defend ourselves against these monsters. a complete flat-out denial against what happened, rob. >> okay. liona, thank you for that update. now to egypt where demonstrators are filling cairo's tahrir square for the second straight day. they're furious that former president mubarak escaped, and that his top security chiefs were cleared in the deaths of unarmed protesters in last year's arab spring uprising. mr. muck ran was sentenced life in prison. his attorney says he will appeal. if you're in the gen-x generation you may bracing for a rough couple of months or years. more people are caring for both their kids and their parents. we have some advice. tart the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good?
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or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at as the saying goes, timing is everything, and the timing hasn't been good for those falling in generation x. they are caught between the baby boomers and the younger generation y, and genx is feeling the pinch of fewer opportunities and more responsibilities. joining me now is cnn financial lifestyle analyst clive anderson. >> good morning, rob. >> i guess i could call myself a gen xor, and my folks are getting older, and a lot of my friends are struggling as well. why is this so? what's the problem here? >> it's very interesting times. we're talking about gen xors,
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born is the 1965 through 1978 wrfsh we're now in the situation where we're taking care of parents and becoming care gives of parents as they get older, the baby boomers. a lot of these baby boomers weren't prepared for retirement, and now we're dealing with issues that we didn't have to deal with before, and especially in this economy. m economy a lot of them have lost money in their retirement plans and 401ks, so now they're having to take care of these parents and raise with children and deal with rising education costs and a lot of other things coming into the mix brsh. >> unless the economy picks up, it's going to be a tough go. for how long? >> it's going to be a tough go i think from now until. we got to really try to figure out ways to make sure we make it work, and so a lot of people are doing different things. moving in together, consolidating. really cutting costs and you really have to make sure you're able to care for these parents, and also, again, raise these children. college tuition is raising dramatically. ? you're telling me to build an
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in-law suite. >> that's a smart thing to do. we have to go back to the basics and do things that are basic, and if that's bringing in everybody closer together, that's how we used to do it years and years ago. >> may be a good thing for us. >> a lot of people also take care of grandparents, and we're dealing with that situation as wrl. >> you go from your 20s and you have no responsibility and then you get more responsibility, and then all of a sudden you have this much responsibility, and you need to look at your parents, and you may be struggling financially because of the economy, and it hits you like a brick. >> it hit us, definitely. think about gen xors well, came out into a rough economy, and we had one of the worst economic downturns since the great depression. we're dealing with that, and now that you think about it, we're in this situation where a lot of the people, the baby boomers, are still having to work because of retirement issues, because they don't have the money, but having to work a lot longer. now we have the generation y, the younger generation, and we're competing for jobs at generation xers and baby boomers and generation y. >> build an in-law suite and
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have folks living together. whatsoever other advice? are there support groups out there? are there books to read? >> definitely. check out web. there are several support groups. they're different in each state. there is some sort of aging or elderly support groups for people dealing with this because it is a big issue. you want to make sure that you're researching that to make sure that you have that kind of support. you have people that -- get your mother involved with activity and make sure you are dealing with children and having time for your marriage and having a social life as well. >> we don't want to go as far as to say the american dream has skipped a generation because this may bring us all together. >> we have to look at the positive side. there's always a bright side. only air force servicemen who are tough as nails can make it in the mob and cnn's reynolds wolf is tough. he trained with that elite group, and you will see firsthand why so much depends on these guys when they go into the war zone. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance
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whenever there's a war, someone has to be first in and eventually last out. for the air force that's the fifth combat communications group, better known as the mob. as we all know, you don't want to mess with the mob unless you're rebelleded wolf, who is a tough guy. he went in with the elite wrun sxit got the training with him, and i saw parts of the story yesterday, and it's worth showing again. your experience was amazing. >> it's amazing to get an understand of what these men and women of the mob have to do. what happens is a lot of times wars are fought in plays that aren't exactly convenient, places that are sometimes very rough, very difficult landscapes. say, in afghanistan or say in iraq. when you have troops that arrive in countries, they don't have the city locations. they don't have the water. they don't have the communications. they don't have power.
4:23 am
the mob goes in. they're the first to go in, and they're also the very last to depart, and they baskly lay the ground work for all success in operations. the work is amazing. >>. >> in modern combat targeting and taking out my combatants is crucial to military success. there's one elite air force unit that lays the ground work for it all. >> we just had a team in afghanistan working with army ranger forces that were up close and personal with the taliban, and they were feeding down linked imagery to be able to find the targeted finish, those adversaries out there. >> that team is the fifth combat communications group also known as the mob. they're literally the first deployed and the last to leave. >> we're also nervous. you know? first ones out the door. fist ones to excellence. stroo we're building up -- we're installing initial communication and make it so that we can actually get up and then just a few days have communications
4:24 am
with the outside world. >> this is really the first step to base building. this is it. >> absolutely. >> it all begins here. >> yes, sir. >> to get a better understanding of what the mob does, i was made an honor rather member for the day. from communications to shelter, to air traffic control and supplying troops in the field, the mob does it all. >> you guys make the complex look easy, and it's not easy at all. >> training. that's all it is. it's just training. >> we put it to work. >> their mission doesn't come without risk. >> our business is a life and death business for soldiers and sailors, airmen and marines. >> these are guys who are going to deal with electronics. they have to deal with engineering. they also deal with soldiers, don't they? >> they may be in an environment where bad guys want to do them hardly. they need to be prepared to face that as well. >> cover me. follow me. >> i'm behind you. >> back up against -- roger
4:25 am
that? >> sir. >> this training brings it home. >> come on reynolds wolf. move! >> shouldering a weapon in, let's say, adverse circumstances. that was intense. how can you not respect these airmen that are out here doing this stuff? seriously. from the high-tech gadgetry to all the electrical engineering to the day to day tactics to this stuff, it's amazing. i have a lot of represent for them. >> we pick up and go someplace where we've never been before potentially, and it requires us to separate as a team, to depend on each other and to rely on each other's expertise to get us through potentially hazardous and stressful situations. >> whoever the higher-up is makes that call. we are in good. we're basically a plane ticket away. >> always ready. >> oh, yeah. always ready. everybody loves the mob. >> combat -- >> rob, there is no soldier like
4:26 am
the american soldier. they are absolutely incredible. the rest of the world needs them to keep it free, and what's incredible also about these men that we always remind ourselves, this is a volunteer unit. we're all volunteers. we don't have a drafrt. we all know that. the sacrifices they make are just incredible. one of the reasons why they're so effecttive, just all across the armed forces, not just the mob, is because of the incredible training they do. you saw the amazing work where he take a look at some of the actual shell casings that we had from the exercise rifle. these are actually bullets. they take out the lead slug and put in a tiny beanbag. >> but those hurt when they hit in. >> when you get shot, i'm telling you, they will leave huge bruises on you. they want a penalty so you are going to learn from the mistakes you'll make in combat. >> great story. i know you feel strongly about the men who serve and it's been my honor to serve with you. >> well, sanjay gupta m.d. is coming up after this. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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