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tv   CNN Presents  CNN  June 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:59pm PDT

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never know. >> in terms of the queen herself she will about on reigning until she dies. >> you know it's so difficult to explain to people who depth get it. it. a he ridtyre the days are packed with wonder...
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you get the right people in to organize. are we going to compete with this? you get the right people in. the palace can't possibly organize something like this. they're very good at organizing things in state functions. when it comes to outside things tlrks are great experts out
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there. lard salzburgry is in charge of this whole thing. he's pulled it off again. >> it's raining out. you must now be in about three feet of water, aren't you? >> at least i'm getting paid. unbelievable. nothing is going to dampen in your spirits, is it? >> no. i'm having a great time. happy you came? glad you saw the queen? >> i just want the rest of the world to see the rain. it was lovely.
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welcome back to london. a rain soaked london. but our spirits are dampened. although just about every other part of it is. we're building up to the grand finale. really an excitement awaits us.
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breaking news. this is our colleague on our boat. my god it must be miserable. it's miserable up here. there were ten different vessels together. from what i understand in talking to the conductor the other day. ultimately it was prince charles to give the thumbs up on which music is played. then you have rhythm on the rive
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river. >> the national anthem. rhythm. it will have the jets around it. or helicopters. >> we want to get in a quick break to bring you the grand finale live. you are watching the diamond jubilee. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for
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>> welcome back to live coverage of the queen's diamond jubilee.
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the queen is having a wonderful time. we're all having a wonderful time. it's an extravaganza of the likes britain has never seen before. we'll never see again, certainly in our lifetime. you're an american. the only american on this panel right now. what do you think of this? >> in preparing for just coming here today i was trying to think of what could possibly compare. i've been to inaugurations. nothing could prepare. the lovely weather you've provided today in addition to the crowds, i've never seen it. >> people ask me why do americans love the royal family so much? why is it? z >> i can't speak on behalf of the country. they ranked her something like 82%. if only president obama could have those kinds of numbers. does that come as a surprise? >> no.
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these are not politicians. the irony is she never got involved with politics. how many prime ministers? it's quite remarkable. yet she's never passed a political comment. she's remained very aloof and very objective. he never got the ticket. i never found out why. everyone watching knows why poor old linden johnson -- it's one of those odysseys. 12 prime ministers, every president since 1953. timing. just never happened. absolutely. never in the right place at the right time. i looked into the last state visit from the united states. back earlier in the century. it was one of those things they never got it together.
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>> we all covered the golden jubilee and whatever. it seems to me there is more bunting. >> here she is with the president. look at the queen. there she is with president kennedy. >> so beautiful. she did have the ability to dazzle and charm the statesmen and politicians. she commanded the sense of awe and majesty. just wonderful, really. >> the famous visit, of course, the very first one that she made to the united states. but this one with ronald reagan out west. you'll remember this, piers, terrible weather. shocking weather. britannia wasn't able to get to the west coast. that was the talking hat one where she addressed congress. they forgot to pull out the box. that was with president clinton. and as for george w. bush and his comment, a smile that only a mother can give.
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the obamas do seem to enjoy a great warmth with the royal family. what a lot of fuss over nothing. the queen wasn't bothered. the deal is, you are not to touch the queen. you are not to speak first to the queen. you are never put your back to the queen. >> you're not really meant to involve eye contact with the queen unless you're invited to. i think these things are becoming a little more relaxed. we've seen a very relaxed happy queen out there who seems jub lent to be with her subjects. she's smiling at all of them. she's barely sat down. >> you see her with so many world leaders. there are very few people in the world who have her experience. she can put everything into global perspective and to calm prime ministers down when they
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maybe get overexcited. mother theresa. nelson mandela. she's met and seen them all. >> and what's interesting -- and lady gaga. queen of pop meets the queen. and david beckham, of course. >> she seems to be equally comfortable with politicians, with celebrities, she really does have that knack with people. >> it's extraordinary watching these people. and you think of how many the people the queen met that are dead. >> yes. >> and the range of the years and the decades. >> shows you how long he's been on. >> isn't that why she wears gloves? >> she does. she will only wear white or black gloves. they're handmade especially for her. they physically get worn out. she has now batches made on a weekly basis. >> she's also very funny. i've met her three or four times. pointing out in the garden, saying do you enjoy the garden parties? she said, well, mr. morgan, would you enjoy 12,000 complete
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strangers on your lawn? she has a natural wit about her. >> she has a sense of humor. >> legendary. when you look at her from an outsider perspective, she's regal and stoic. >> she's a great mimic. she can impersonate so many people. she does have a great sense of humor, and the royal stare. >> and she hates pretentio pretentiousness. she hates people more royal than the royals. let's go to one more break before the grand finale. don't go away. stay with cnn. you inspired a ron howard production.
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welcome back to rain soaked -- soaked isn't quite the right word, deluged london for
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the queen's diamond jubilee. a classic british summer day. started promisingly, and then horrendous. but our spirits remain intact and positive, and it has been, richard quest, a quite remarkable day. >> a sort of day we won't see the like of again. >> the care, attention, detail, the drama. i've seen quite a few royal vacations and covered them over the years. nothing quite like this. >> talk about the historical context of what happens now with the monarchy post the queen. >> post the queen it's really succession with prince charles. he is the next in line. when he dies william takes over. there's been a lot of talk over the years about the queen
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advocating or moving sideways, when she reaches a certain age or reaches this milestone, age 60. as she said in 1947, at the time of her 21st birthday. i declare the whole of my life, lest it be long or short -- that's the key to it, long or short, she did it again for her first christmas message in 1952 when she said dedication the whole of her life. >> and by a fashion expert. is there a worse day for a woman than this? >> no. i can't think of one. i feel sorry for all of them. but i think this day means so much more to them than fashion. >> can you imagine? i'm not sure what i'm going to do with this. >> that's right. >> let's talk briefly about the duchess of cambridge. she looks really magnificent in
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this alexander mcqueen red outfit. >> i think it's probably the best i've ever seen her look. today is her day of glory, which sounds a strange thing to say when it's the queen's day. i also think perhaps had she not come along a year ago, i wonder whether the sentiment might have been quite the same. the relationship is unfoiling now between the queen and the duchess of cambridge. we all remember princess diana so well. and that was clearly a complicated relationship. you got the sense they never really geled. i'm getting the sense with the grandson's wife, it's very different. >> in her eyes, william can do no wrong. if william has chosen kate, then he's done right. the queen has gone out on engagement and taken camilla,
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the wife of the next in line to the throne, and kate, the wife of the second in line. that's amazing. that's never happened before. >> ten years ago it would have been unthinkable. it shows you how far public opinion has moved to accept camilla, and also to realize we couldn't again have a situation as we did with princess diana where everything became so fractious and polarizing. in the end that doesn't help the monarchy. >> besides the public perception, it also shows how the queen has adapted to meet the needs of the 21st family. embracing the family and her children. her grandchildren. we have a marvelous spent cactan the river. doesn't matter about the weather. they're there enjoying themselves. >> we're going to take another
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short break before the grand fina finale. it's running a little bit late. that's understandable given the horrendous weather conditions. a fly-pass will be happening. and an orchestra will perform. it will be something very special. ♪ [ male announcer ] to hold a patent that has changed the modern world... would define you as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber...
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welcome back to london for the queen's diamond jubilee. we're just hearing reports, not confirmed yet, that the grand finale fly-by may have to be canceled because of the appalling weather. it's been raining very hard for the last hour. and the clouds are setting in. it's pretty foggy out there. and talking to the navy guys earlier, they did say if it got much worse they may have to reconsider. so we are waiting on tinder hooks here. the british weather has always been unbrickable. >> it's been totally unpredictable. it's unfortunate they can't do the fly by. we got a fly by on tuesday.
11:40 pm
it's the only look in. cloud is low. raining cats and dog. visibility is not good up there. >> what a question. they are going to pass us in about five or ten minutes. we will enjoy those. >> the fly-by would have been great. ending it with this backdrop on a tower bridge singing the national anthem will be pretty fantastic. won't it? it will be absolutely fantastic. it has something like a million people stretching back all the way to the skrar. a big orchestra. they were singing land of hope and glory and national anthem.
11:41 pm
it was great. >> my guess is that is them passing from westminster. >> you're freezing to death here. so i'll need you to talk just to keep you alive. >> what makes you think that? a lady never portrays ichlt. >> what do you think of the great british spirit? still there were hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets. >> it's something that's always been a part of britain. we soldier on and carry on no matter the circumstances. it's something great about the country. the organization. not to be thwarted by the weather. we're used to it. in adversity, the brits always come up in these kinds of things. it will not stop. and i find it extraordinary. so many british people and tourists. from all countries around the
11:42 pm
world. prepared to brave, really, if you're not here, you can't grasp how on it's freezing cold. it's africtorrential rain. we're all soaked to the skin. >> they've come out because they want to see the queen celebrate her diamond jubilee. >> we've got breaking news. sadly the flyby has been canceled. so due to the awesome conditions. the royal navy just confirmed to us there will be no fly by. it would have been the royal navy's great chance to show off what people expect from them. the helicopters. >> you can see the low cloud in that picture there from the shard of the skyscraper being built if london, now shrouded in the clouds. >> we're going to take a short break. the ohe i. so will richard quest. so we'll go on after this brake. [ male announcer ] every day, the world gets more complex.
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welcome back to london. very sadly the grand finale flyby has had to be canceled due to the low lying clouds, the horrendous rain, and also the fact that the helicopters couldn't stay up apparently because of the fuel in these conditions are very low. so that has been canceled. the really special part of the finale, which is the london orchestra on one of these grand barges is about to start playing what will be, i think a thrilling end to all this. and god save the queen, the national anthem. it's going to be a thrilling in to what's been, despite of the weather, a fantastic day. she'll be looking forward to this. it will be a great day to round
11:47 pm
things off. >> she loves the music. it's a day way to round things off. she's enjoying this. this is people of the united kingdom making an effort to help her celebrate the diamond jubilee. despite the weather. everybody has turned out, on land, on the water as well. so it's good for her. it's good for the uk. it's good for the people. >> what is your overview? despite the flyby being canned, they'll be happy, won't they? >> happy? this has gone spectacularly well. the organization has been flawless. the execution has been about perfect. that's the orchestra. they're throwing a mad party up there. she is trapped in picadeli.
11:48 pm
are you as soaked as we are? >> i'm here with you. u it's been the most phenomenon day in london. this is the biggest street party. they're telling me to stop. hang on a minute. i've got to keep going. it's been the most incredible day here. the biggest street parties london has ever seen. thousands and thousands of people. let me just give you a sense of what's going on over here. the tables are now empty. the carousel is closed out. as we close out our brood passing, let me just bring you the guys i've got here. ♪ fantastic stuff. they've entertained the crowds
11:49 pm
all afternoon here. back to you guys. >> thanks. and stoic work over there. we're hearing the first sound here at london town bridge. i think it's "london glory." >> it is indeed. great sound coming from the river. wonderful sound. so we have the london orchestra in torrential rain singing "i believe: land of hope and glory." could there be a more british thing? we'll going to have a little break. come back and listen to more of this amazing orchestra. they've never played in conditions like this on a barge, in the freezing cold, pouring rain. this is britain at itse best. see you after the break.
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oak so this is fantastic. this is the london phil harmonic orchestra right behind it. we should stand for this. richard quest, what a moment.
11:53 pm
fantastic. what an amazing scene. on top of a barge in pouring rain. extraordinary. >> the best is yet to come. >> what an amazing seen there. you can't believe how hard it's raining. they are standing on top of a barge in the open conditions playing wonderful music. you will never see it again. you've never seen it before. this is crazy stuff. is this really happening? >> it's absolutely fantastic. >> now they're heading under the bridge. they will come among side the queen's boat. when they do that, they're going to sing the national anthem.
11:54 pm
and that will be the thrilling ending to this whole thing. that will be when the british public in their tents, hundreds of thousands rise as one to sing the anthem to their queen. this will be a thrilling moment to have as a culmination to the diamond jubilee. day two. ♪ ♪ ♪
11:55 pm
♪ >> so now we reach the moment, which i think is going to be the most special of all. her majesty the queen, they are
11:56 pm
about to sing we think the national anthem as they come alongside the great royal barge for what has been an incredible average. but nothing i don't think will quite be what is about to happen. so maybe we should just watch this and quite literally soak in the atmosphere. . [ horn blaring ] >> you're watching live pictures at the culmination of a
11:57 pm
remarkable 90 minutes. the queen's diamond jubilee here in london. it's been horrendously cold and pouring rain, but nothing has dampened the spirits of the occasion. it's been incredible special. you see the queen with a large umbrella leaving the royal barge followed by her long supportive husband, prince phillip. they've had an incredible average. it's gone pretty well incident free. there will be people all over the world thinking you brits are completely mad and you know what? we are. but we're proud of it and proud of our queen. thank you for 60 great years. you have been a remarkable inspiration to all of us around everyone around the world. it's part of your commonwealth and part of the empire.
11:58 pm
we are very proud to have you as our queen. sum up the day for us. >> a grand experience, one that only the brits can do, come rain or shine. and it rained and it was cold and you summed it up very well. your majesty, we salute you. >> thank you all very much. i feel very proud to have been part of the cnn team today. the weather came and didn't have an effect on any of us. and to these souls behind us in their rain-soaked clothes, that's what it's about in this country, people coming out to say thank you to the queen on her diamond jubilee. congratulations, ma'am. long may you reign. and we're going to leave you on behalf of me and brooke baldwin
11:59 pm
and the team with the london philharmonic orchestra, they played on. ♪ ♪ god save our gracious queen ♪


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