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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 22, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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attention today. also some photos as well. a look, indonesian dancers perform the nine bright drums dance on a beach in bali. they are protesting against malaysia claiming the traditional dance as their own. former cricket player rides an elephant protesting the high food prices and gas prices across india. i'm suzanne malveaux. live from florida where it is day two of the largest latino political convention in the country. president obama is going to be speaking here this hour. mitt romney addressed the group yesterday. latino voters will have a big influence on the presidential race. we are talking about a very diverse population. even the breakdown here in florida quite different. across the country, almost 60% of hispanics eligible voters are
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of mexican origin. 14% puerto rico and 5% cuban. in florida, cubans are 32%. puerto ricans 28% and mexicans 9%. president obama speaks to latino officials here this hour. president has a wide lead over mitt romney among latino voters. what's he plan to do? shore up the support, bring in juan carlos lopez to talk a little bit about that and jessica yellin, inside where president obama will be speaking shortly. jessica, i want to start off with you. yesterday we heard from mitt romney. he highlighted the poor economic conditions among hispanics. 11% unemployment. 2 million hispanics living in poverty. how will the president address the concerns of latino community when it comes to the economy? >> i expect he will draw on the same message we heard recently from the president about the two
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different visions for the future economy of the nation talking about how he believes he will build on the middle class and fare -- fair shake, fair future, building on the middle class and mitt romney is proposing a return to bush economic policies which in the president's conception builds on helping the upper classes and then that leads to trickle down economics. this is the theme we heard in his recent campaign stump speeches and as a message he will deliver from now until election day and it is what's what he is going to deliver also from the podium here. they believe that this campaign and white house believes that is a message that resonates with latino voters as well as the general population. >> jessica, yesterday romney's message was that president obama does not respect the hispanic vote. here is what he said yesterday. >> he mr. l imply you don't have an alternative. i believe he is taking your vote for granted. i have come here today with a
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very simple message. you do have an alternative. your vote should be respected. and your voice is more important now than ever before. >> jessica, if you take a look at the latest polls, 40% advantage over romney that obama is looking at nationwide within the hispanic community. so is the president -- is he really concerned about winning over latinos? does he think i already have them? >> it is not a question of winning them over. it is how many. right now there are 21 million latinos eligible to vote in the u.s. but only 10 million, less than half, are registered. and in the crucial states that the president's campaign is targeting to win, that will make the difference for him including florida, colorado, virginia, and a number of others, latinos, the president won 50% of the latino vote but the population has grown in those states. so the question is will their
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campaign be able to register them to vote? will he energize them to turn out to vote? speeches like this but also his move to help it -- help more immigrants find a way to stay in this country if they were brought here as young children. those kinds of moves could help energize them to register and vote and that's what the president's campaign is hoping to be able to do. >> all right. thank you, jessica. i want to bring in juan carlos lopez. you and i were talking about senator marco rub wroe. he addressed this crowd and i want to play very quickly something that he said that seems to make this a very -- accusation against the president. >> i was tempted to come here today and rip open the policies of the administration. in a few moments you will hear from the president. i was tempted to come here and tell you he has not been here in three years. what a coincidence. it is an election year. i was tempted to tell you why didn't he make this issue a priority. i was -- well, i guess i just
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did tell you. >> what do you make of that? i mean -- how many people here when you think about the community are upset? are angry, he hasn't been here the last three years. they see this as more politics and not something that's necessarily done out of sincerity. >> more than upset, i think, maybe a little disappointed. but they are obviously aware of the challenges ahead. senator rubio mentioned the president hasn't been to the conference since he took office. he's come thing year. it is an election year. people are smart. they know what's going on. they also know what president obama has said. that he says immigration reform didn't advance because the republicans didn't support it. senator rubio has a different message and is bringing different ideas. but that's not what his party has been saying for the last three 3 1/2 years. the tone has been different. message has been different. that's what we are seeing now. i think with senator rub wroe is trying to do is try to establish a new platform for republicans to talk about immigration, recognize this as a humanitarian issue and talk about it and not
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only as a law and order issue but also as something important for the economy and important for latinos. >> both of these figures are very popular here. president obama very popular among hispanic voters and leaders here. also, senator marco rubio very popular as well. how does the community square that? do you think that if rubio wants to join romney's ticket as he's being vetted it would make a difference? >> it wouldn't make a difference in there. this is a crucial state. he is very popular in the state. he would have to convince democrats and convince independe independents. it would be a challenge on the national stage not only for senator rubio but anyone that joins a ticket with mr. romney. if you look at the polls there is a 40-point gap. that's a natural, normal gap. the question is where can mr. romney go. can he reach the 40% -- 44% former president bush reached? it doesn't look that way now with his tone and speech. he didn't yesterday confirm or deny if he would revote this new measure that would not -- government wouldn't deport at least 800,000 kids.
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he's going to have to do a lot of work with latinos for them to support him. right now the president is going to say this is what i have done. he has issues to show even though this is not what the dreamers, young people, it is not permanent. it is not reform. not residency. they are giving the opportunity of not being deported for two years and getting a work permit. that's more than what they had last week. >> to jessica's point, you know, it is about getting people to come out and vote. that it is not really whether or not he has the latino vote but whether or not they are willing to participate. is -- does the president have a lot of work to do to get hispanics to the polls? >> he has less work to do than mr. romney. everyone in the latino community, especially involved in politics, knows that there is a lot to be done from here in november to get people worked up and get people to participate. will 12 million voters be enough? if you see the way the obama campaign is going about it, it is a very different scenario
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from what we saw four years ago. the romney campaign is still not at that stage. there's time but the democrats have a big advantage. >> i was going to ask -- how much work does the president really need to do? i mean, does romney actually have a pretty good chance of grabbing some of the hispanic voters? is it just a small number that will make a difference in florida? >> it will depend what happen was the economy. it will depend on the message from here on. republicans have been criticized for their tone and many latinos felt the message on immigration, tough message of law and order, deport everyone, they feel it -- lot of people feel it is not only at the undocumented. it is aimed at latinos. senator rubio is changing that and bringing a different message. we heard a different tone yesterday. but the challenge for mr. romney is to see where he can get. can he get to 30? he is at 24 in some polls. it will be very complicated. on the president's side he has a big advantage. >> we hear that the population itself really is the fastest growing immigrant population
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here in the country. but it is different groups within the hispanic community because cuban americans are voting very differently than puerto ricans. >> but even then, the -- people assume cuban americans inside florida -- there has been a shift towards immigrants. everyone assumes puerto ricans in central florida. they are u.s. citizens by birth. they vote democrat and they don't. latinos as a community tend to be conservatives and focus on the family. they gravitate towards the democratic party. the message from the republicans is slowly gaining ground. probably not enough ground to make up a big difference. and the percentage mr. romney needs to be able to win in november. >> all right. juan carlos, always good to talk to you. we are hearing motorcycles because it is part of the motorcade associated with the president being here. thank you very much. here is what we are working on for this hour. gas prices have dropped for ten days straight. we are going to take a look at the possibility of $3 a gallon gas. new claims of sexual abuse
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this just in. we are getting information out of egypt. ahmed shafik will be named the new president. there has been no official confirmation from the leadership in cairo yet. but if this is true, this could really mean a very significant development in egypt. that's because the muslim brotherhood candidate, mold morissey, he claimed victory. there are thousands and thousands of people in the streets in th s i streets. this could be quite a bit of conflict on the streets of cairo. again, there's no confirmation of this yet. this is sometime reply coming from reports out of egypt. but it will be a very significant development if that is in fact the case.
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it could mean a very divided egypt and it could mean quite a bit of activity . the candidate from the muslim brotherhood is not in fact named the leader of the country. we will have more on that developing story. how long will they go? we are talking about gas prices and we have asked have you noticed the price of gas dropping 6% over the last month? national average now $3.45. people wrum at $3.75. aaa says prices dropped ten straight days. what do we think? >> reporter: well, suzanne, what analysts are saying the reason behind this big drop in gas prices, several things. americans are driving less and americans are driving more fuel efficient cars. that's cut the demand for gasoline which obviously drives prices down. also, there are things happening
10:15 am
in the global economy keeping things slow. keeping demand for crude oil down. especially over in china. not as much manufacturing construction going on there. what's that mean? we can look over here and show you the prices at this station. p you are somewhere else other than california, this may seem high. $3.77 a gallon for gas. station operators were telling me they were as high as $4.30 a gallon. not long ago. obviously very significant drop. aaa saying that gasoline prices have dropped nationally for ten consecutive days. may 22, national average was $3.67 a gallon. now it is down to $3.45 a gallon. good news for motorists heading into this busy summer driving season. >> yeah. you have been talking a lot about that. what's the reaction? >> reporter: well, there was one
10:16 am
guy that pulled out of here and didn't want to talk on camera but was driving a dump truck. he had two 85-gallon gas tanks. he spends about $1,500 a week on gasoline. you can do the math and figure out what this price drop means to him. it is hundreds of dollars directly going into his pocket every week. folks who don't use quite as much gas, they are still happy. let's hear what they have to say. >> it dropped tremendously. it is helping a lot. everybody at swoshg talking about it. it is -- it is great. >> me and my wife had to car pool some. but i mean, it is -- it is -- i'm going to start using my own truck more. we did a lot of car pooling. i will start using mine. >> the way i drive, ive a lot. so -- yeah. it is -- it is beneficial tool me that it is dropping. but hopefully it stays down. >> p spend $400 a month on gas. >> reporter: if prices are
10:17 am
dropping 45 cents a gallon that's a big -- impact on your wallet. >> it is. it is. i still think that the united states pays much less the rest of the world. i don't complain. >> reporter: we might continue to be spoiled if some of the oil analysts are right. one analyst with the oil price information service telling us this morning that prices actually could hit on a national average of $3 a gallon by halloween. that's if there is no serious disruptions to supply such as a major hurricane or something like that. good news important the summer, it looks like. >> all right. thank you, casey. one of jerry sandusky's adoptive sons says sandusky molested him. takes me. this is so off course.
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jurors in the jerry sandusky child molestation trial are hard at work now reviewing the horrific witness testimony from sandusky's alleged victims. former penn state assistant football coach is accused of sexually assaulting ten boys over a 15-we are period. just as jurors began deliberating yesterday, a new alleged victim spoke out. we are talking about sandusky's
10:21 am
adopted son. matt sandusky claims he was molested by sandusky and was prepared to testify against him. it is hard to get around in some parts of northern minnesota and neighboring wisconsin. roads are closed because of heavy rains and flash flooding. >> 10:00, 11:00, started giving away a current, the whole road. >> three people were killed in with us wisconsin. with rains and loans set to table a hot button topic for students. >> hey there, everyone. we are talking about student loans. very important issue. with me ryan mack asmack. this young lady planning on taking out student loans for college. >> will the university rates on student loans increase over the next three years? >> it is a very good question.
10:22 am
just graduated from high school. we have got a trillion dollars in student loan debt in this country. we are on the brink of rates rising. >> stun loan rates may be rising in a week, not four years. july 1, subsidized student loans will double if this is not prevented from happening. we are talking about 6.8%. that's about about where federal loans have been a long time. unsubsidized loans there as well. more importantly, it is at -- instead of focussing on p the rates go up, it is what type of loan do you have. that's important to understand. that's directly tied to your rates and ability to row pay and flexibility to repay. go for subsidized federal loans. lowest rates you can get. unsubsidized, that's your next bucket. private loans rates are variable. you to avoid that as much as possible. >> we also have to understand as well there are things we might
10:23 am
automobile to do well while in school. needs base loan you may be able to start paying back your loan or interest on that loan earlier and in advance. can you work part time? did you have to go away to school? is there a city college that could give you a education at a cheaper value. you can still do a lot with that experience. all those type of things we have to start doing immediate. >> i look into the education need. accreditation of the university and credits, transfers. >> be strategic about this. >> thank you very much. if you have a question you want answered by our financial experts upload a video with your question to congress now getting involved after an airflow leak at a cdc bio terror lab that caused td and bird flu. we will look at exactly what happened. people with a machine.
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conflicting reports out of egypt. ahmed shafik is to be named egypt's new president sunday. there's month official confirmation from cairo yet. ben, you are -- you have been witnessing thousands of people in tahrir square supporting the other guy from the muslim brotherhood if this actually were true. i imagine that the people in the streets would erupt into protest. do we even have any sense of whether or not this is in fact, true? >> reporter: you have to take the report with a grain of salt.
10:28 am
and, of course, it is one of the official daily newspapers, some people consider it the laid write of the press. we have seen in recent days normally reliable sources of information are starting to show signs of stress. it was, after all, the middle east news agency, the official news agency, of egypt that dash a few days ago declared hosni mubarak to be clinically dead, which, of course, that turned out not to be the case. i think when looking at these reports, of course, we are hearing from all sorts of direction, in fact, there may be a surprise. in fact, shafik, former prime minister under hosni mubarak, may be the one that won the election. we have to take it with a pinch of salt. just a few days ago we were hearing from fairly reliable sources that his opponent of the mouse limb brotherhood won 52%
10:29 am
of the vote. it should be 48%. the fact that -- that -- there has been no official announcement yet leads one to wonder what on earth going on. after all yesterday, thursday, the electoral commission was supposed to announce the win. they postponed that announcement until they said they could look at all 400 complaints about voter -- voting irregularities during the runoff election which played over this past weekend. i think we have to stick tight and be patient and wait important the official announcement of the results whenever that may be. >> thank you very much, ben. appreciate it. president obama set to speak here the largest gathering of latino political leaders in the country. we will bring that to you live. you can watch cnn live on your computer while you are at work.
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scary scenario. air employee problems at a bio terror lab in atlanta. brian todd has the story. >> reporter: it is a highly secured lab for centers for disease control. conducting experiments with pathogens like bird flu, tuberculosis, rabies, other organisms that could be used as biological weapons. cnn learned potentially dangerous airflow leak at the so-called bio safety level three lab will be investigated by a congressional committee. congressional sourceses and cdc officials tell us the leak occurred on february 16 of this year. what was your biggest concern of what could have happened here? >> biggest concern, obviously, my understanding, visitors walking through the building. if one of those people were made stricken or ill or worse that
10:34 am
would have been devastating. >> reporter: michael burgess will be part of the investigation by the house energy and commerce committee. experts say that if experiments had been under way at the time of that air leak, unprotected visitors could have gotten deadly exposure to germs. but an epidemic would have been very unlikely. the airflow system in that lab is supposed to protect against the release of con tap natured air. air from a clean air corps door is pushed through vents into that lab where experiments involving those pathogens and including small mammals take place. the air circulates and then pushed to the outdoors through powerful filters. that air is supposed to be cleaner than the air had a comes in. but on february 16 of this year, visitors who were in a clean air corps door noticed a puff of air being pushed out to that corridor through a window in the slit of the door. that's not supposed to happen. cdc officials say animals were in that lab at the time. they were secured and in filtered cages. the lab was clean and not active at the time and no one got
10:35 am
infected. cdc officials told us they couldn't put anyone on camera. in a statement, a spokesman said at in time during recent incidents featured in the media were cdc workers or the public in harm's way. this unique facility features multiple security layers designed to protect workers and the public in the event of an incident. there has been at least one other safety related incident in that same building at cdc. in 2008 it was discovered a high containment lab door was sealed with duct tape. bob holly, former safety chief at a government infectious disease lab, talked about the safety layers at cdc. like buy wroe safety cabinets, researchers work in within that lab. >> nothing is handled outside of that cabinet. so they are working with minute amounts of material and the chances of aerosol are negative eligible. >> reporter: there are also questions about coverup. in an internal e-mail reported by "usa today," a cdc biologist said the cdc will do anything to
10:36 am
hide the fact that we have serious problems with the airflow and containment in this whole building. we have not been able to independently verify that e. mill. in response, a cdc spokesman said the agency will continue to be transparent in addressing safety challenges and will cooperate with that congressional investigation. brian todd, cnn, washington. legal showdown unfolding between the federal government and two towns dominated by followers of imprisoned polygamist sect leader warren jeffs. the justice department is viewing colorado city, arizona claiming the towns are taking orders from jeffs. and discriminating against people who are not in his flds church. the suit says local police officers destroyed props of nonmembers and even shot their dogs. the towns deny the allegations. president obama about to speak nip minute now to latino leaders across the country. he will focus on key issues of immigration as well as the economy. jessica yellen is inside where
10:37 am
the president will be speaking. first of all, when candidate obama was the first go-around he touched on some of the same issues. what does he need to say to bring back the support or enhance support? get people to come out and vote. >> reporter: it is interest when the president last addressed this gathering. it was almost exactly four years ago. june 28, 2008, he was then a candidate. running for office and at that time then senator obama said that he was committed to bringing then illegal immigrants, 12 million illegal immigrants, out of the schad companies and said he would make that a priority from day one if he were elected president. and as you know, many in the latino community have been disappointed he did not make comprehensive immigration reform his top priority first year in office. instead he pursued health care reform as one of his very top challenges. more recently he went after -- tried to pursue the dream act that failed in congress and so
10:38 am
he took executive action. we will hear him trumpeting that on the stage behind us shortly. as you know, he's also going to talk about his economic efforts to try to raise up all americans and that's been a drugle because of the financial crisis. and so i think we will hear him making sharp contrast was governor romney. but, again, some great disyou a appointment in this room, pleasure with what he did last week, he has a challenge because of some of the disappointments. >> you had a chance to talk to the florida governor, rick scott. what did he say? what was the important message he was trying to deliver? >> reporter: things two things. interesting, he disagreed with governor mitt romney on the governor -- governor romney's immigration proposal. governor romney suggested as president he would like to create a path to legality for immigrants here illegally but serve in the military and have graduate degrees. governor scott we should not pick and choose which laws to
10:39 am
enforce. there is a disagreement. he also trumpeted the falling unemployment numbers here in florida. he said that governor romney's office never told him not to come with those, there have been maybe they had. but he said that's a result -- florida's economy, he said, is improving. that's his argument and says it is not as a result of the president's policies but as a result of the governor's policies. there is always a dispute about who should take responsibility for that. in fact, it seems that the falling numbers in florida -- suzanne are because a lot of people are actually dropping out of looking for work, sadly. nobody can take responsibility for that. it is a sad fact in this case, suzanne. >> but we are actually expecting the president to take the stage any moment. >> okay. and as soon as he starts speaking we will go to that. i want to bring in juan carlos lopez. if the president speaks we will go to him. one of the things analysts say
10:40 am
in order to win the presidency you need nationwide 40% of the hispanic vote. george w. bush got 44%. he won. but then he had john mccain, 31% and he lost. is it realistic for romney to think he needs and can get that magic number? >> it is a challenge. anything can happen in this election year. with john mccain, the senator said the right things and did the right things. he was one of the sponsors of the immigration reform in 2007. when he went into the primaries he took a hard line on immigration. they saw him as -- what -- with senator kennedy he fought really hard about immigration and fought hard. he the right message. it was the primary season the message changed and same thing happened with mr. romnmnmn very hard message. he has a different message now and let's see if people will give him a second chance and listen to what he has to say. he was than very specific yesterday according to the
10:41 am
democrats and to many people who follow immigration. it is a big challenge ahead. >> you have about 1,200 people here. latino leaders, tall way from the school boards, some members of the president's cabinet representing their communities. they are going to go back and they are foot soldiers and will tell their constituents who they think they should vote for. so far what do you make of how people have been talking about both the president and mitt romney? >> i think what people will be talking about is the announcement from last friday. the 800,000 to 1.4 million undocumented youths who might be benefited by the measure. a lot of people who know who they are and knows someone that knows one of the kids. that will claim -- more than whatever these elected officials can tell them. that's the important thing. people were disillusioned. there is something now. they will contrast that with what they are hearing from the republicans and there is a different message now. senator rubio involved in bringing this along. but the question is time. do they have time? will people believe changes being promised when there is no specifics? >> talk about senator marco rubio who actually addressed the
10:42 am
group. earlier today. really did -- took a couple of digs in the president saying he 00 been here the last three years. last time he was here was just as a candidate. and you know, thanks, mr. president, for showing up. how is marco rubio seen? how is he viewed? is he seen as a real credible person when he goes after the president? >> i think people are aware of the attention he gets, media coverage he receives. junior senator. he has been in the senate a we are and a half. he probably gets more exposure than a lot of his colleagues. people are aware of the path marco rubio is following. and florida knows about it. he has been in politics a long time. he's getting there but people know president obama better and know the democrats at least if you look at fuls, 40% gap, but senator rubio's bringing something important. something that we saw in romney's speech yesterday. there is a different tone and different message. let's deal with immigration but let's remember we are talking about human beings. that's the message. yes, we have to find a way to solve this problem. maybe not a roy to grant
10:43 am
citizenship but to make them legal residents. there are a lot of questions that are open. if you legalize people then -- they are going to be -- want to do other jobs that -- different from the jobs they do now. you will need workers to come in. it is a very complex issue. at least the tone is changing and message is changing. the question is who people will believe. >> if senator marco rubio becomes and is being vetted for the number two slot and -- becomes the vice presidential candidate with mitt romney, would that be house toric in a way m would that have the kind of change, momentum we saw with a barack obama? latino community. would people switch? >> what's inning is he came out with his book. if you read the book that's a vetting possible necessity self. he talks about controversial entries around him and his personal story very compelling. it is very important not only to latinos. yes, there are similarities. senator rubio has a lot more experience. he was a speaker of the florida house. he has been in politics. even though he is only 41 years
10:44 am
old, he has a lot of political experience and -- they -- there are those similarities and are differences. senator rubio is on the path and he's shown people who have underestimated them that's not a good choice to make. >> we are going to go ahead and take a look. the president entering the room. we understand he arrived. let's listen in. >> thank you. thank you. gracias. thank you so much. thank you. thank you. thank you. everybody, please have a seat. it is good to be back. >> we love you! [ speaking spanish ]
10:45 am
it is wonderful to see a lot of good friends from across the country. it is nice to be at disney world. this is now the second time i have come to does any world without my daughters. they are not happy with me. i want to thank secretary solis for the introduction. and for her hard work. she's one of the best labor secretaries we have ever had. and she's thinking about you each and every day. [ applause ] i want to thank sylvia for their yount standing leadership. happy early birthday. i will not sing. don't worry. welcome to the other side of the hill. and it is especially good to have ambassador marie carmen
10:46 am
apunte here with us. we are very proud of her. when the senate refused to confirm her, i sent her to el salvador anyway. because i knew she was going to do an outstanding job. she has. and i'm glad to see the cincinnati finally confirmed her last week. so she is now -- official. last but not least, i want to thank all of you. it is always nice to get out of washington. it is nice to get a little florida sunshine. but it is especially nays to see folks who have devoted themselves to serving their communities and their country. dedicated themselves to making people's lives just a little bit better. each and every day. every level. school board, state
10:47 am
legislatures, county boards. you guys are aware the rubber hits the road. and i have had a chance to see many of you and -- your local communities and hear the stories of all of your efforts and hopes. and all your dreams. and also some of your frustrations. and the hardships that are taking place. you know, yesterday your featured speaker came here and said that the election in november isn't about would people. it is not about being republican or democrat. or an independent. it is about the future of america. and while we have a lot of differences, he and i, on this point i could not agree more. this is about america's future. the defining issue of our time is whether we carry forward the promise that has drawn generations of immigrants to our shores. from every corner of the globe.
10:48 am
sometimes at at great risk. men and women drawn by the promise that no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, no matter what your last name, this is a place where you can make it if you try. this is a place where you can make it if you try. whether our ancestors arrived on the mayflower or brought here on slave ships, whether they signed in at ellis island or they crossed the rio grande, their diversity not only enriched this country, it helped build the greatest economic engine the word has ever known. hungry people. striving people. dreamers. risk talkers. people don't come here looking for handouts.
10:49 am
we are a nation of strivers the hardest working people on earth. nobody personifies these american values, these american traits more than latino community. [ applause ] that's the essence of who you are. all we ask for is that hard work pays off. the responsibility is rewarded. so that if these men and women put in enough effort, they can find a good job. own that your own home. send their kids to college. let their kids dream even bigger. put away a little bit for retirement.
10:50 am
not go bankrupt when you get sick. and i ran for this office because for more than a decade that dream had been slipping away from too many americans. before i even took office the worst economic crisis of our life times lifetimes pushed it even further from reach. particular lly for a lot of lato communities which faced high unemployment and high poverty rates. the question is not whether we need to do better, of course the economy isn't where it needs to be. of course, there's still too many who struggle. we've got so much more work to do. the question is how do we make the economy grow faster? how do we create more jobs? how do we create more opportunity? the question is, what vision are we going to stand up for.
10:51 am
who are we going to fight for? that's what we have to decide right now. that's what this election's about. who are we fighting for? what vision of america do we believe in? if america's about anything, it's about passing on even greater opportunity to our children. it's about education. that's why i expanded pell grant which is will give an additional 150,000 children in latino community a chance to go to college. that's why i've invested in our community colleges which are a greatway to a good job for so many hispanic americans. americans of ever stripe.
10:52 am
that's why schools have answered our challenge to raise their standards for teaching and learning. not by teaching to a test but by expanding creativity and focusing more on kids hard to reach so that we give every child a fighting chance. that's part of the vision of america that we believe in. in this country we believe that if you want to take a risk on a new idea, you should have the chance to succeed. you shouldn't have to have wealthy parents in order to be successful. latino owned businesses have been the fastest growing small businesses and we have cut their taxes 18 times. we've expanded new loans and new credit so they can grow and they can hire. that's the vision we believe in.
10:53 am
in america we believe you shouldn't go broke because you get sick. hard working people out there, sometimes two jobs, three jobs still don't have health insurance. if you did have health insurance, insurance companies were able to discriminate against certain patients. that was wrong. it was wrong to let insurance companies just jack up premiums for no reason, and have millions of working americans uninsured. with the latino community have the highest rate of uninsured of any community in the country. after a century of trying, we finally passed reform that will make health care affordable and available for everybody american. that was the right thing to do. that was the right thing to do. that was the right thing to do.
10:54 am
[ applause ] >> now we're not done yet. we've got more to do. we need to put more good teachers in our classrooms. [ applause ] >> we need to get colleges and universities to bring down the cost of tuition to make it for affordable for more young people. [ applause ] >> we need to invest in new research and new innovations. we need to put people back to work rebuilding our roads and highways and runways, construction jobs can have a huge ripple effect in communities all across the country. nobody knows better than state and local officials. you know the difference it makes and with the housing bubble bursting, we've got tens of
10:55 am
thousands of construction workers just ready and eager to get to work. we need to get families in hard hit housing markets like florida and nevada the chance to refinance and save $3,000 a year on their mortgage. that's good for the families. it's good for the housing market. it's good for the surrounding community. there's no reason why congress hasn't already done it. instead of just talking a big game about job creators, we should give small business owners a tax break for higher more workers or paying higher wages. instead of rewarding companies that ship jobs overseas, we should take that money and use it to cover moving expenses for companies that are bringing jobs back to america. [ applause ] >> on almost every issue of
10:56 am
concern to your community, to every community, what's holding us back isn't a lack of big ideas. it's not a lack of technical solutions. by now just about every policy and proposal has been laid out on the table. what's holding us back is a stalemate. a stalemate in washington between two fundamentally different views of which direction we should go. the republicans who run congress, the man at the top of their ticket, they don't agree with any of the proposals i just talked about. they believe the best way to grow the economy is from the top down. they want to roll back regulations and give insurance companies and credit card companies and mortgage lenders even more power to do as they please. they want to spend $5 trillion on a new tax cut including a 25%
10:57 am
tax cut for every millionaire in the country and they want to pay for it by raising middle class taxes and gutting middle class training, education and research, and that's it. that's it. that's their economic plan. when they tell you they can do better, that's their idea of doing better. when they tell you they now how to fix the economy, that's exactly how they plan to do it, and i think they're wrong. i think they're wrong. [ applause ] >> in this country prosperity has never come from the top down. it comes from a strong and growing middle class and creating ladders of opportunities for those striving to get into the middle class. it comes from successful thriving businesses that grow into medium size and then large
10:58 am
business. we don't need more top down economics. what we need is a better plan for education and training and energy independence, innovation and infrastructure. we need tax code that encourages companies to create jobs. and asks the wealthiest americans to help pay down the deficit. that's what's needed. what's also needed is immigration reform that finally lives up to our heritage as nation of laws and as a nation of immigrants and continues to american story of renewal and energy and dynamism that's made us who we are. [ applause ]
10:59 am
think about it. you and i both know one of america's greatest strength has been our ability to attract talented, hard working people who believe in this country, who want to help make it stronger. that's what keeps us young. that's what keeps us dynamic and energized. that's what makes us who we are. our current immigration system doesn't reflect those values. it allows the best and brightest to study here, but then tells them to leave. start companies somewhere else. it punishes businesses and immigrants who play by the rules and fail to address the fact that there's too many who don't. it separates families, and it denies innocent young people the chance to earn an education or serve in the uniform of the country they love. once again, the prb is not the
11:00 am
lack of technical solutions. we know what the solutions are to this challenge. just six years ago, an unlikely trio, john mccain, ted kennedy, president bush came together to champion immigration reform. [ applause ] >> i, along with a lot of democrats were proud to join 23 senate republicans in voting for it. today they have been driven from the table by a small faction of their own party. it's created the same kind of stalemate on immigration we form that we are seeing on a whole range of other economic issues and given rise to patch work of state laws that cause more problems than they solve and are often doing more harm than good.
11:01 am
this makes no sense. it's not good for america. as long as i am president of the united states, i will not give up the fight to change it in a face of a congress that refuses to do anything on immigration, i said i'll take action where ever i can. my administration has been doing what we can without the help in congress for more than three years now. last week we took another step. on friday we announced that we're lifting the shadow of deportation from deserving young people that are brought to this country as children. we should have passed the dream act a long time ago. it was written my members of both parties. when it came up for a vote year and a half ago, republicans in congress blocked it.
11:02 am
[ applause ] >> the bill hasn't changed. the need had not changed. the only thing that changed was politics. the need had not changed. the bill had not changed. written with republicans. the only thing that had changed was politics and i refused to keep looking sderveing young people in the eye and tell them tough luck. the politics is too hard. i've met these young people all across the country. they are studying in our schools. they're playing with our childr children. pledging allegiance to our flag. hoping to serve our country. they are americans in their heart, in their minds. they are americans through and
11:03 am
through in every single way but on paper. all they want is to go to college and give back to the country they love. lifting the shadow of deportation and giving them a reason to hope, that was the right thing to do. it was the right thing to do. [ applause ] >> it's not amnesty. it falls short of where we need to be, path of citizenship. it's not a permanent fix. it's a temporary measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while offering some justice to these young people but it's precisely because it's temporary, congress still needs to come up with a long term immigration solution rather than argue we did this the wrong way or for the wrong reasons.
11:04 am
to those who are saying congress should be the one to fix this. absolutely. for those who say we should do this in a bipartisan fashion. absolutely. my door has been open for three and a half years. they know where to find me. i've said time and again send me the dream act. i'll sign it right away. i'm still waiting to work with anyone from either party who is committed to real reform. in the meantime, the question we should consider is this, was providing these people an opportunity for a temporary measure of relief the right thing to do? i think it was.
11:05 am
it's long past time that we gave them a sense of hope. your speaker from yesterday has a different view. in a speech he said when he makes a promise to you he'll keep it. he's promised to veto the dream act. we should take him at his word. [ applause ] >> i'm just saying. i believe that would be a tragic mistake. you do too. on all these issues, on the investtments we need to grow th middle class and leave a better
11:06 am
future for our kids. on deficit reduction that's fair and balanced, on immigration reform, on consumer financial protection so that people aren't exploited whether to payday loan shop or sending remittance back to their family. on all these issues, washington's got a long way to go to catch up with the rest of the country. the whole idea behind the dream act was inspired by a music teacher in illinois. she decided to call her senator when she discovered that one of her own students was forced to live in the shadows. even as that idea fell prey to gridlock and playing in washington, it gained momentum in the rest of the country. every student who marched to keep their classmates from being deported, from every parent that discovered the truth about the child down the street and chose to stand up for them because
11:07 am
these are all our kids. for every american who stood up and spoke out across the country because they saw a wrong and wanted it to be righted. who put their shoulder to the wheel and moved us a little closer toward justice. that's what's always moved us forward. it doesn't start in washington. it starts with a million quiet heroes who love their country and believe they can change it. we all have different backgrounds. we all have different political beliefs. the african-american community is not all of one mind. it's a big country. sometimes in tough times in a country this big an busy especially during a political year those differences are cast in a bright spotlight.
11:08 am
i ran for this office because i am absolutely convinced that what binds us together has always proven stronger than what drives us apart. we are one people. we need one another. our patriotism is rooted not in race, not in ethnicity, not in creed. it's based on a shared belief in enduring permanent promise of america. that's the promise that draws so many talented driven people to these shores. that's the promise that drew my own father here. that's the promise that drew your parents or grandparents or great-grandparents.
11:09 am
generations of people who dreamed of place where knowledge and opportunity is available to anybody that is willing to work for it. anybody that's willing to seize it. place where there was no limit to how far you could go. how high you could climb. they took a chance and america embraced their drive and embraced their courage. said, come, you're welcome. this is who we are. every single day i walk into the oval office. every day that i have this extraordinary privilege of being your president, i will always remember that in no other nation on earth could my story even be possible. that's something i celebrate. [ applause ]
11:10 am
>> that's what drives me in every decision i make. to try and widen the circle of opportunity. to fight for that big and generous and optimistic country we inherited. to carry that dream forward for generations to come. when i meet these young people, all throughout communities, i see myself. who knows what they might achieve. i see my daughters and my nieces and nephews. who knows what they might achieve if we just give them a chance. that's what i'm fighting for. that's what i stand for.
11:11 am
this fight will not always be easy. it hasn't always been easy. it will not happen overnight. our history has been one where that march towards justice and freedom and equality has taken time. there will always be plenty of stubborn opposition in the way that says no you can't. no you shouldn't. don't even try. america was built by people who said something different. who said, yes, we can. as long as i have the privilege of being your president, i will be alongside you fighting for the country that we, together, dream of act. god bless. you thank you. god bless the united states of america. [ applause ] >> president obama once again re-introducing the familiar phrase, yes we can.
11:12 am
that's something he said often in the 2008 presidential campaign. that was the last time he was will ever this group. clearly a very important constituency for the president. he said we are all one. we need each other. he talked about the importance of diversity. he made parallels between the latino community and african-american. reminding them it's a country made up of hard workers. he said it's the right thing to do meaning his health care reform, pushing for the dream act, and not even mentioning his opponent by name. he only said that he was the speaker from yesterday taking a swipe saying he did not support the dream act. that's something that is very important to many in the latino community. finally, he said this is a place where you can make it if you try. he repeated that several times. got several standing ovations. it's clear that the speech today from president obama and the one from mitt romney yesterday
11:13 am
underscores the importance, the critical importance to the latino community in determining who will be the next president of the united states. we have more with "cnn newsroom" after the break. [ male announcer ] now you can swipe... scroll... tap... pinch... and zoom... in your car. introducing the all-new cadillac xts with cue. ♪ don't worry. we haven't forgotten, you still like things to push. [ engine revs ] the all-new cadillac xts has arrived, and it's bringing the future forward. ♪ [ acou[ sighs ]ar: slow ] [ announcer ] all work and no play...
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but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. hello, everyone. bro brooke is off today. here is what we're working on. the jury is still deliberating
11:17 am
and ready another bomb shell allegation against jerry sandusky. now his adopted son says he's a victim. >> in the only w he silent but he was the accessory to abuse that everybody was accusing others of being foro long. hundreds of homes destroyed. entire roads wiped out. parts of minnesota today waist deep in water. >> we're pretty much stranded here from the north. >> when it gets up to this line, we're moving everything out of house, and we're done. >> flooding takes a city by vise. her tauntsing by school kids touched the nation. now the dough is rolling in. we're going to start with the sandusky trial where we're awaiting some new information. they sat through days and days
11:18 am
of horrific testimony. now jurors in the sandusky case have a decision to make, guilty or not guilty. deliberations are in their second date. one of bombshells dropped. sandusky's own adopted son said he is one of his father's victims. lawyers for matt said he was ready to testify if he was called. sandusky's wife and three of his other adopted children showed up in court today to support the former penn state coach. yet another alleged victim is coming forward. his name is travis weaver high pressure he tells nbc that sandusky started abusing him at the age of ten. >> if jerry sandusky were sitting right here. >> i'm punch him in his mouth. >> would you say anything first? >> no. there'd be no reason to say anything. he know what is he did. i know what he did. >> it seems that even if we get a verdict today, this case isn't over, far from over. let's go do sarah ganim.
11:19 am
the jury is sequester, so they don't know about any of these new allegations by sandusky's son, do they? >> reporter: that's right. the last thing they heard about matt sandusky is he might testify on behalf of the defense for jerry sandusky. it was during opening statements and he was sitting in the part of the courtroom reserved for family and friends and the defense attorney told the jury you might hear from him. he might take the stand and support his father. that same day he broke his sequester and left and was never seen again in court sitting with the family or testimony. ten days later, the next thing we heard from him was through his attorney that he was, he said he was a victim of jerry sandusky. >> what an interesting twist? we are waiting.
11:20 am
everyone is waiting outside the courthouse. if a verdict is not reached today, what happens this weekend? >> reporter: it's up to the jury. the judge told them that because they are sequestered now and they can't have cell phones or television or any contact with anyone. when they not in that deliberation, they are in a hotel room sitting there by themselves looking at the clock high pressure . he said they get to set their own schedule. last night we were here at 9:30. they started the day at 9:00 in the morning. they could have long or short as days as they wish. they can go on the weekend ifs they want. the schedule is up to them. >> thank you very much. we appreciate that. an egyptian news agency says their country will have a new president. don't tell that to the thousands of people right there. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back.
11:21 am
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11:22 am
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11:24 am
the breaking news here on cnn. a partial verdict has been reached in the trial of two philadelphia priests. one in the accused rape of a young boy and the other is the accused. sarah, what's the verdict? it's a partial verdict. what does that mean? >> reporter: that is correct. what we know right now is that reverend james brennan, the
11:25 am
individual charged on attempted rape. they are hung on all charge against him. he was charged on attempted rape as well as endanger the welfare of a child. that's been hung with him. when it comes to the monsenoio. he was found guilty on one count of endangering and not guilty on another count of endanger as well as conspiracy. we have that partial verdict. they are hung on reverend james brennan. >> hold on right there. i want to make sure i clarify this for our viewers. a partial verdict reach. one is accused of attempted rape and the other is accused of abuse. found not of conspiracy and not guilty of another endanger the
11:26 am
charge. the jury is hung on charges against reverend james brennan, charged with the attempted rape of a 14-year-old boy in 1996 and one count of child endangerment. what happens next, sarah? >> reporter: well, we have to wait on word from the judge since the jury is hung on reverend brennan. he could walk out of court today and continue with his life. the next question is what will happen with his status. will they do another trial for that one judge. what will his status be with the catholic church. we have this breaking news here. we have to wait on the courthouse in phillie. >> thank you very much.
11:27 am
we appreciate that. we want to take you now to egypt. the former prime minister will be flamed egypt's new president but the muslim brotherhood candidate is claiming victory as well. the army has seized most of the p power and threatens to crack down on protests with an iron fist. waiting for the official word. we want to go to ben waiting along with them as well. what is the mood there? >> reporter: well, first of all, regarding that report online, we need to take it on with a pinch of salt because we've heard variety of claims coming from both of the two candidates. it's similar to the report that mubarak was clinically dead
11:28 am
which turned out to be somewhat of an exaggeration. what we have right now are tens of thousands, i dare say perhaps more than a hundred thousands supporters of the muslim brotherhood candidate. they have come out to protest the latest moves by the egyptian military to make sure that if he's the president, the next president of the egypt, he won't have much power. many of these people claiming that the military hold off a soft coup to take away as much power from the next president of egypt. confusion continues to reign. they needed to investigate. more than 400 complaints of
11:29 am
voter irregularity. we have no idea when the actual results will be announced. >> the military in power now. whoever wins, is the military likely to surrender power. >> reporter: the military will still have de facto power in the country. they ruled that parliament should be dissolved. parliament was dominated by the muslim brotherhood and it was the military council that adopted legislative power. the military is supposed to hand over all power to civilian government by the beginning of july. nobody thinks that's going to happen. it appears we are in quite a tug of war between the muslim brotherhood and its allies and the military on the other end.
11:30 am
it's very difficult to say who is going to come out on top. thank you very much. 15 national and international banks have downgraded. bank of america, citigroup and goldman sachs. alison kosik will join me next.
11:31 am
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11:34 am
but today they are paying a price for it. moody's downgraded 15 banks to new lows. five are here in the united states. bank of america, goldman sachs, jpmorgan and citibank. why did they do this? >> reporter: this is about how stable the world financial system is. it's not very stable right now. moody's thinks the banks have a lot of exposure and volatility to the risks for being these global financial players. all those big debt problems are and the risk needs to be reflected in their credit ratings. >> what is this downgrade mean for everybody watching?
11:35 am
most people have either accounts with these banks or these banks touch them in some way. what does it mean to everyone who is watching? >> reporter: it's really, if you're a customer, it's not going to change your day-to-day banking. it makes it more expensive for the banks to do business. we could see the higher costs being passed onto us. they have been doing that with more fees. requiring minimum balances. they could add new fees. don't be surprised. if they are businesses are hurt by these downgrades. it could also make it harder to get a loan. it could make it even harder because what the banks may do is tighten lending. tighten lending standards even more for their customers and have to charge higher rates for loans and mortgages. >> i have a question for you there. why aren't the stocks tanking? >> reporter: because yesterday there was a huge sell off.
11:36 am
the dow tumbled 250 points. what you saw happening is wall street reacting, selling on the rumor and now buying on the news. the rumors were flying before the bell. everybody sold off and now that it's happened efb is breatveryb breathing a sigh of relief and it's not as bad as they thought. >> i don't have the hair. i can't do that. thank you. >> reporter: you got it. a refuge living in america gives up his dream to return to his homeland. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save on your monthly prescription.
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aids can strike like a machete. the grandmothers stepped in and closed that gap. some of them up to 14 children to raise. i was born and raised in nyaka villa village. i moved to america. went toolbia ersity. me to visit. i looked in the eyes of women who carried me as a child and said now is the time to also give back. i am t. jackson.
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who is happy this morning? we have $5,000 that my wife and i saved for a house. we provide free education. children who are orphaned by hiv aids. people b people, we provide health care, uniforms. we started giving them meals. we teach the grandmothers skills so they can support themselves. 11 years later, this project has produced close to 600 students and helps about 7,000 grandmothers. i feel humbled looking in the faces of children smiling focused on what their dreams are going to be. >> jackson was nominated by a viewer like you. if you know someone who is making a big difference in your community, go to cnn
11:42 am
to nominate them. heavy rains caused massive floods in minnesota. state of emergency is in effect. roads are closed. some zoo animals died in the floods. we'll talk with the zoo director. that's next. ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.
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you're going to see the pictures in a moment. what a mess they have on their hands in minnesota.
11:46 am
flash flooding taking out much of the city's infrastructure. the mayor puts the damage at up to $80 million. that's infrastructure alone. some are saying it looks as though an earth wake hit the place. they are talking months and months of repairs. we have seen the estimates higher than what the mayor is saying as high as $100 million. a huge mess there in duluth. as the flood waters grow, several large animals escaped their enclosures at a local zoo. amotorist snapped this. a seal loose on the street. another seal was found in a creek. a polar bear had to be tranquilized. 11 animals died including a sheep, goat, donkey and an owl. peter, thank you for joining us.
11:47 am
first of all, how is the seal? >> our seal feisty and polar bear are now at the zoo if st. paul. they are doing great. we got them early wednesday morning. komo was okay. >> peter, we are having a problem with your skype connection. hopefully, we'll get it sorted out. they had heavy rain and flooding come through. give us the overall condition of the zoo and the animals? he told us about the seal and a couple of the ones who were in danger. what about the rest of the zoo? >> absolutely, 100% safe. the only loss we had was within the barnyard. our polar bear and seals flooded completely. they are now in komo.
11:48 am
we pulled a cup of our brown bears and lions into our animal care facility just as a precaution. we just finished with a structure engineer to look at those facilities. they are sound. we will be returning them on their exhibits by monday and tuesday. >> we have seen a report, and i've read that the zoo isn't staffed 24 hurs aday, 7 days a week. we saw the seal just came across it. people had no idea that the animals escaped. these animals were alone. there isn't any off-site monitoring, video relays or anything of that nature. is that true, and if so, that's a problem. >> absolutely. i've been in discussion with our ceo for two, three years about 24 hour security, and we've been working on ways to do that. our buildings are monitored through an alarm system, but we are, it's always a little too late.
11:49 am
we have been in the process worveging on getting video cameras throughout the whole zoo. you are right. that is a concern i've been working with our ceo on for quite some time. >> you know that peta is upset with you and wants this to be looked into. how do you feel about that? >> absolutely. the thing is this, right now, we are working with multiple organizations, the city, minnesota d.o.t., minnesota dnr. what happened is this was not natural flood. yes, we had a tremendous amount of rain. there was an obstruction of our downstream. the level of water we saw here wednesday night uld not have happened without the obstruction. we are investigating how we flooded as bad as we did.
11:50 am
>> all right. good luck to you guys. okay. thank you. >> thank you. moving on now. death row inmates face e lek troe cushion or lethal injection. what happens next? jeffrey will break it down for you. a big arrest involving one of mexico's most notorious drug cartel. she just didn't fit the profile of a heart event victim. she's healthy, she eats properly. i was pushing my two kids in a stroller when i had my heart event. i've been on a bayer aspirin regimen ever since. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone. so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i know if i take my bayer aspirin i have a better chance of living a healthy life. [ male announcer ] learn how to protect your heart at i am proheart on facebook.
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11:54 am
follow me here. a lot of interesting names here. his name name translates into shortie, but the biggest fish if the drug world. i'm talking about joaquin guzman. he's the world's richest drug dealer on forbes list of billionaires. he's in hiding, but the mexican government may be getting closer to reeling him in. this is believed to be jesus guzman known as the fat one. he's believed to be his son. you came in and said this story is crazy. why? >> it is. yesterday when they presented
11:55 am
him, the authorities, the marines, this guy, i don't know if his guzman. they said he was the alleged son of chapo guzman. he's the alleged son. they never confirmed. it had that doubt in my mind. this morning, the family will give a press conference because this guy is not related to them. that's what they are saying. also, his lawyer presented a credential, that comes with a finger print with another name saying that he's not him. >> this is all a matter of, your i.d. says one thing and they're not sure and they will get to the bottom of it. how did this arrest go down. how did this go down to where they could get to the point to figure out who this guy is?
11:56 am
>> they work with the united states in terms of intelligence. they caught this guy. it was in the state of jalisco. there was not a single shot fired. they caught him with $156,000. the thing is, it's really confusing because if this information, if they were working with the u.s. in terms of intelligence and they got all this information and presented him as the alleged son, why they cannot confirm it and why would you present him as his son? >> some people are not familiar with the drug lord guzman. he's young. he's something of character. >> yes, he is. it's crazy story also. he's been married three times.
11:57 am
his actual wife is an american citizen and a former beauty queen. they got married in 2007. she was 18 years old. this beauty queen gave birth, twins, here in the united states. they were not able to stop her giving birth on u.s. soil because she's an american citizen. they have been after her. >> we have to run because the president spoke at the top of the hour. we lost a lot of time. if this indeed his son, this is a huge deal. >> it is. this grandmother is handling
11:58 am
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