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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 24, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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greece, new york, to meet karen klein, a 68-year-old bus monitor who was brutally harassed by a group of middle school students. they even threatened to stab her. you don't typically think of adults as victims. a fund for her has swelled to half a million dollars. all morning lon i've been asking you what you think she should do with the money. here are some responses. she needs to take a vacation d take a rest to find a betr job. she should use the money to buy a condo in andults only community on the beach. she's earned it. >> what do you think? tweet me randikayecnn and use the #bullying stops here. much more ahead sunday morning, which starts right now. from the cnn center in atlanta, this is "cnn sunday morning." here comes debby. where she' land, no on knows
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nervous eye watching this newly fo formed tropical storm as areas in louisiana prepare this morning for a state of emergency. >> we're going to see some additional storm surges, more an what's being projected now. plus, it's the biggest case in more than a decade. tomorrow could be decision made. will obama-care still stand 24 hours from now? >> i'm actually -- continue to be confident the supreme court will uphold the la >> if i'm elected president, i will repeal obama-care. >> the verdict is in. guilty on 45 counts. but the sandusky saga isn't over yet. >> while he's saddened and disheartened, he's prepared to continue to fight. >> good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it is 7:00 on the east coast, 4:00 on the west.
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thanks for starting your morning with us. we start this morning with some pretty extreme weather. in the gulf of mexico, we have tropical storm debby. that storm is still building strength as it moves closer to the gulf coast. a state of emergency is being declared in plaquemines parish in louisiana. and wind gusts are fueling a massive wildfire in colorado. the fire has already destroyed 12 miles d two homes and it may be weeks before that fire is under control. now, back to the gulf and tropical storm debby. meteorologist bonnie schneider is in the weather center watching it. do we have an idea where it's headed? >> to the gulf but you're right. they describe the track of this storm as extmely challenging to recast some models are taking it one way and others a different direction. let's show you where it is now and the official track is at this moment. right now, the official center circulation is 260 miles from
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new orleans. you can see the movement so slow to the north at 3 miles an hour. most of the precipitation has been heavy for florida and places like pensacola, they don't need all that rain. a lot more in the forecast. winds right now, maximum speed, 50 miles an hour but gusts higher than that. here has the latest track. notice changes if you're just waking up. this is a different track we showed you yesterday. now, the hurricaneintensity is up to a category 1. this storm wasn't forecast t be a hurricane yesterday. the latest track shows a widespread movement to the west. we're still talking about this storm in the gulf of mexico as late as thursday. because it's slow moving it has potential to grow in intensity and sit in the gulf and impact more people. who's being impacted right now? florida. heavy rain from panama city from tampa to ft. myers. in collier county yesterday we had reports of tornadoes because the rain got so severe in this region. you see it working its way to
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the tampa area. i'll show you where the warnings are right now. across louisiana into the area south of new orleans, the southern parishes. you'll see the areas around the lakes may see problems with low-lying areas because the inle and the way louisiana is shaped top graphically and the southern parishes, especially beyond where they're protected where they're sandbagging because of threat. rain 3-6 inches and flooding beyond high tidal areas as early as tonight. >> bonnie schneider, appreciate it. all eyes will be on the supreme court this week as we wait for the ruling on health care the affordable care act, also known as obama-care. the sweep iing health care law controversial passed two years ago. they have several options on the law and for those not following every step like we are, briefly explain what those options are.
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>> reporter: good morning, randi. the court is lking at several issues. most experts believe it will come down to one of three choices. the supre court could decide to uphold the entire law, leave it as is or strike down a portion of the law, the individual mandate, the key provision at issue, the one requing nearly everyone to buy health insurance by 2014 or face fines or they could strike down the entire thing, randi. >> the individual mandate, that certainly is getting the most attention, the most controversial part of the law, but the rest of the law can actually survive, right, even if the court strikes down the mandate? there are 450 or so provisions to this law. several of which have already taken effect and proved quite popular, the provion allowing yog adults to stay on their parents' healthar3ilan until their 26th birthday and they can't take away coverage when you become ill by looking at a technicality on the application and can't deny coverage to children under 19 with pre-ex t
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pre-existing conditions. most experts say if the court strikes down the individual mandate part of the law, it will be up to congrs to look at terest of this law and see if it can still stand and function as is or if they have to make adjustments. >> people seem to like some of the other provisions, from what i understand, even some republicans like the ones dealing with the pre-existing conditions and lifetime limits on benefits. is it your understanding those will actually be saved if the entire law is thrown out? >> reporter: if the entire law is thrown out congress would have to step in and act to keep some popular measures in place, the provisions like the ones you mentioned, and the young adult provision, more than 3 million young adults are now getting health coverage, the obama administration says, since this provision went into effect. it had to step in and act. there would be immediate calls to keep some in place. this is an election year, as you know. the thinking is that not a lot
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could happen in the next five or so months leading up to the election. a lot of big questions it would raise if the whole law gets thrown out or just a part. >> live at the supreme court this morning, thank you. we are just two hours away from a historic announcement in egypt. large crowds gathering in cairo's tahrir square wondering who won the presidential election. take a look at this from this morning. the former prime minister ahmed shafiq claiming quick torey tor -- claiming victory on his facebook page. tahrir square was the epicenter of the uprising that toppled hosni mubarak. what do you think will happen there when this presidential announcement is made? >> reporter: all eyes will be on tahrir square. this is the entrance to it here.
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you can see where they set up, frisking people as they go in. the muslim brotherhood trying to insure only their own supporters that get into tahrir square because there are real concerns this could end in violence. if ahmed shafiq isannounced a the winner of threside econ, real cons that will srk a huge protest, which could earn violence. there have been dark predictions from the muslim brotherhood's own people here talking about if there's any rigging of the election results, it will lead to colossal rage. mohammed el baradei, the former u.n. nuclear watchdog says we're in for a lot of instability if shafik wins and major uprising. you see people parade iing with their flags in anticipation. people are taking the risk of
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violent thrill but emphasizing they don't in tend to start any violence, that they've renounced violence. they are already saying they know that they've won. that's in starkntrast to shafik's camp, already claiming him as president on paper. >> given ahmed shafik was from murak's region, i this really the change the people of egypt had hoped for? >> reporter: well, no, because ahmed shafik is widely seen as really nothing more than a part of hosni mubarak, head of the air force. they are deeply concerned about the possible victory of the muslim brotherhood. let's talk to someone who speaks a little english. you'rea doctor. what do you think will happen
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today? >> i think the muslims will win. >> reporter: if they do not win, what is the reaction here? >> we plan to stay in tahrir squa square. >> reporter: do you worry this could turn violent? >> no. >> reporter: you're sure? >> yes. i'm sure. >> reporter: this has been the scene of such bloody confrontation before. how can you be sure it will not be repeated? if thermy try to move in and move you, what will happen? >> we'll stand. -- audio technicality -- >> reporter: thank you very much. you can see that they do have emergency powers as of a few days ago to arrest people.
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parliament has been dissolved. many have seen it as a power grab by the army ahead of this presidential runoff result. >> dan rivers, thank you very much, taking us inside what's happening there atta her square. incredible access. thank you. . >> the fallout fr jerry sandusky case. the jury f him guilty. now the attention is turning to penn state university and the victims. we will break down what comes next. ree. just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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a jail cell this morning now two days after being found guilty on 45 of 48 counts, all of them linked to the sexual abuse of 10 young boys. what's next for sandusky, the victims and penn state university? joining me is cnn legal contributor, paul callen. let's start with the victims here. should we expect them to come back to court? they've been through so much but will they return for sandusky's sentencing? >> i would imagine they will return, at least some of them. some were in court for the testimony and some in court for closing arguments. they braced themselves for the pain of reliving this. i would suspect we'll see them in court, at least some. >> what do you think we might expect in terms of a civil judgment against sandusky? >> i think we will see a number of cases being filed by victims, not only the victims involved in
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this case but there are many other cases that have been investigated and have been vengtd by a pennsylvania grand jury. you could see anywhere from five to 15 lawsuits probably being filed. mike mcqueary, remember, the assistant coach who testified, he also has a lawsuit against penn state he will file formally in the near future. lots of suits against the university. >> let me ask you about one of sandusky's defense hwent on a . it's really intriguing. >> we asked to resign from the case and that was done in secret. joe amendola and i asked the judge if we could withdraw from representing jerry sandusky because we felt we were ethically unable to go forward. >> when did you ask to resign the case? >> we did that the morning before jury selection started. it was denied.
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>> paul, when you hear a defense attorney saying they were ethically unable t move forward, those were his wos, what would tt mean, possibly? >> this is an astonishing claim by this attorney. this is the same attorney who said before trial the defense was going to be that sandusky gave showers to disadvantaged boys, he was teaching them how to take showers. usually in criminal cases, criminal defendants complain they haven't had a speedy trial, guaranteed by the constitution. is the now going to be the reverse of that. they are going to say he was forced into trial quickly, a rush to judgment. what it makes me think, randi, in the end, it's g to be a claim of incompetence of counsel. yo don' hear the attorney saying that. essentially, i think sandusky may have a claim that his attorneys acted incompetently, that will be one of his claims and certainly put on the list they were forced to trial too quickly and c adequately
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prepare for trial and other things that arose during the course of the trial that arose through evidence. and other areas they can file an appeal. whether that appeal woulde granted by an appellate court is another matter. >> it is a fascinating statement and why we wanted to get your take on it. penn state issued a statement saying the university wants to provide a forum where the university can privately expeditiously and fairly address victims' concerns and compensate them for claims. how would this work and what would you expect to happen from here on this? >> this was a very very good thing, i think, that the university did. they have a new president in place. the university has a $1.8 billion endowment. there are funds available and probably some insurance coverage available. this indicates a willingness to try to settle these cases out of court quietly so you really don't have to put the victims of sex abuse through a public trial again. i would be hopeful the
4:19 am
university and victims would be able to sit down and reach an agreement on these cases. the hardest thing is always trying to decide what is an appropriate number of damages. some people want millions and millions of dollars and the university will try to limit its exposure there. there will be hard negotiations about homuch to pay these victims. >> i'm sure. paul callan, nice to see you this morning. it is a little known way to save you thousands on your mortgage payments. with the capital one cash rewards card
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we asked ttranrs to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. b no nonsense. just people sense.
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if you already own a home, record low mortgage rates probably have you abo na at iseraid tha e. ne guons m itrdo take out a new loan and could cost you a lot of money to do so. now to find a loophole, a little known loophole called casting. how does it works? >> when you can't refinance, you recast. u put an amount of money, a lump sum of money, at least $5,000 do toward the mortgage payment. what they do is recalculate or reamortize that loan. you receive a lower monthly payment, even if the interest rate doesn't change. it has to be conventional or
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fannie mae or freddie mac type of product for it to work. >> why, for anybody watching recast versus refinance. >> a lot of people can't refinance. either they have credit issues that won't allow them to qualify for the loan or some peoe unemployed and done what's called a stated income loan and they don't verify all their income and are f-employed and don't commedocument it. you may want to look at that alternative. >> it is free in some part. >> there are small fees, 100 or $150. every bank does not do the recastingfeat e. checkicity with your bank and find out do they allow you to recast your loan. >> let's take an example. what will it save me. somebody has a mortgage loan for $225,000, how much will they save? >> $225,000, 7% interest rate, say, i'm interested what i can
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do to save money. you want to have a lump sum of money, maybe inheritance or windfall and say $20,000 they want to put down on a 30 year fixed loan, how looking at a month payment of $1496 fo recasting. once you put that $20,000 down, it will go down to $1300 or so. you're saving about $150 a month over the course of the year, about $1800. there's a lot of things i can think of i can do with that $1800. >> yeah. you did the math fast. that is a good savings. the question, do you have $20,00 put down. >> that that's the question. it can be as little as $5,000. what you want to make sure of, does it make sense to you. refi refinancing, does it make sense to pay closing costs, you won't pay 4 or $5,000 in closing costs and pay it to the principle and receive the benefit. >> i'm really intrigued. can you do this for other loans
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or just homes? >> generally homes. cars doesn't make sense. in the past, it has been appreciating asset but it's changed a bit and for a high ticket item like a home. >> recast it. >> google it. >> clyde, thank you very much. appreciate that. buses full of people trapped in a landslide. we'll tell you why the ground gave way. look at that! f do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it.
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checking headlinesthis morning, a state of emergency has been declared in plaquemines parish