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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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like soy sauce and salad dressings. that is going to wrap it up for sgmd. let's keep the conversation going on twitter at cnn p now, let's get a check of the now, let's get a check of the top stories. -- captions by vitac -- good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye, and it is 8:00 on the east coast and 6:00 a.m. here in aurora, colorado, where this small town and the entire country are united in shock and grief and joyful and excited fans had packed a movie theater here for a night of fun, but for 12 people, it is the last night of their lives. over the next weeks and months, will hear more about suspected shooter james holmes and tomorrow he will make a court appearance and likely the first of many. you will hear his name over and over and usually, it is the
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suspected killer that gets most of the attention. eric harris and derrick klebold from columbincolumbine, and and vick from norway and in fact, today is one year anniversary of that killing. but the names we should be hearing are the names of the victims. we want to start this morning by remembering those who lost their lives friday morning as told by those people they left behind. >> it is not surprising to me that his first thought would be her. i mean, that is what a man does, he protects his loved ones. i'm very proud of him. we are going to miss him.
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♪ >> just a great kid. talented kid. very talented. a lot of gifts -- make people laugh, always make people smile. a gentle giant is the way we looked at him. ♪ >> the sweetest smile you have ef seen. she got prettier as she drew old older. in the blink of an eye something happens and completely changes everyone's life, forever. ♪ >> she was a great kid. she was just finding herself.
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she would never harm anybody. she did not deserve to die this way. ♪ >> he was a wonderful young man. what a terrible, terrible loss this is for anyone who knew him. ♪ >> i was blessed only for 25 years, but i was blessed.
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the lat est now on the investigation and a search f a motive in the case. police here in aurora say they have removed all hazards from james holmes' apartment and some of the evacuated neighbors were allow allowed to return home last night, but not before police carefully detonated some of those explosives. one neighbor said she nearly entered the apartment early friday morning when large tech know music started blaring and she tried to yell at hoemlmes a she noticed that the door was unlocked. and that may have saved her life. she now realizes that the explosion was set on a timer to go off at the same time at the killing at the movie theater. we are hearing details of what is inside of the apartment.
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elaborate trap. jars with liquid, and gun powder. tell us more of what is inside. >> well, sure. police deskrcribe the first tri wire at the front door as designed to kill the first person that entered it, and then throughout the rest of the apartment, more trip wires including devices described as aerial shells used in fireworks which are tubes about the diameter of a golf ball that have black powder or some propellant explosive in it to shoot shrapnel out to anyone who enters. and also water devices that are incendiary devices that had accelerants such as gasoline that would cause the propulsion type things. it is good for the investigators as they search for a motive and try to put a case together. excellent for them that they didn't have the whole thing blow up or have fires that may have destroyed the valuable resources
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in there perhaps a computer or notebooks or things like that which can help them to piece things together. >> and what about the neighbors? what are they saying about him? did he leave the apartment much or was he a bit of a recluse like we often hear in the cases? >> well, the woman who lives right below him, ms. fonzie, she said that she only saw him occasionally and always had a backpack on and tending to the studies and if not that staying in the apartment, but i did speak with a man a couple of days ago who had beers with him tuesday night at a neighborhood bar here and said he ran into him at that bar four or five times, but he seems to be an inenigmatic character, and we haven't found people who had much to say about him. and even the man we ran into who hung out with him at the bar tuesday night said he didn't say
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much and leave much of an impression, but seemed like a quiet and slightly nerdy guy and inenigmatic character as we try to piece together student on one hand and allegedly putting together this horrible plot on the other. >> yeah, trying to make sense of it and him as well. thank you, jim spellman. we will check back with you in a little bit. coming up in a few minutes is a bomb expert who is going to talk to us about what could have happened inside of that apartment, and we will get details of what those explosives are all about. as a part tof the national tragedy, president obama will be here later today to offer his condolences and sup por. he is expected to meet with the injured and the families of those killed. and you are seeing a picture of the mayor steve hogan after the shooting, and he is going to see him and other city officials, but the president will not be attending a vigil in aurora. we have been seeing mourners leaving flowers and holding their own vigil, but the one tonight is the city's first
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official memorial of the victims of friday's massacre. it is scheduled tonight at 8:30 in front of the aurora city hall. the colorado governor and mayor are planning on speaking there. for one of the 12 killed there, today would have marked his first wedding anniversary. alex sullivan who also worked at the theater was shot in the head. he decided to celebrate his anniversary by at the ending the premier of "dark knight rises." a friend and coworker who was there with him talks to don lemon, but she was also injured in the attack. >> i didn't know what was going on in the first three minutes that happened. i e thought it was movie theater antics, and i thought it was movie premieres who have people come around dressed in costumes and what not, and i thought that is what was happening because it was in the middle of a movie scene where they were fighting and the thing that was thrown kind of like you could literal ly count to five and then this
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like bomb went off. that was like two things in front of me, two rows. then all of the sudden, you hear, pop, pop, pop, just gun fire and that is when it hit me, oh, my god, this is actually happening. >> and to learn more about the people who died, you can read the tributes by the loved ones by going to victims. another story we are following. cnn has learned of new fallout of the penn state scandal. authorities are on site this morning at penn state prepping to bring down joe paterno's statue. they have begun to place fencing around the statue and a tarp. colorado police and students are around the scene and they have gathered. we will bring you information as it comes in. more coverage on the colorado shooting. bomb technicians have cleared the apartment of james holmes making their way through dangerous bombs and trip wires. a look at what the evidence means for the shooting suspect.
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welcome back to aurora, colorado. it was a little over 48 hours ago that the nation first heard of the news of the colorado shooting massacre. and this morning, citizens of aurora are waking up knowing that the threat is over. bomb technicians have cleared the apartment of shooting suspect james holmes. inside were pipe bombs and trip wires and plenty of ammunition, and lots and lots of it. before noon yesterday officers shouted fire in the hole and then this -- a controlled detonation as they called it of
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the last rigged explosion. joining me now is retired fbi agent, ray lopez, an expert in dealing with exactly this type of situation. good morning, ray. thank you for joining us. i want you to listen to this statement by police chief dan oates first. >> i have personally never seen anything like what the pictures show us what is in there and i'm a layman when it comes to the bomb stuff. i see an awful lot of wires, trip wires, jars full of ammunition, and jars full of liquid. some things that look like mortar rounds and we have a lot of challenges to get in there safely. >> we of course, don't know all of the details of holmes' apartment, but police say they found 30 explosive devices. this apartment is 800 square feet, and how unusual for someone to rig an apartment, a home like this? >> well, it is very unusual. i don't think that, you know, this may have been one of the
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first times that i can remember that someone has actually done this outside of other instances in the case of people who produce narcotics or other illegal substances in their homes or a drug dealers in the past who have booby trapped the stash or the money or the drugs or other information where they would bobby trap -- booby trap in the case of law enforcement to burn everything in the house to leave everything anti-forensics, but this is the first time in the u.s. that has been rigged to blow up, especially targeting the first responders or anyone who opened up the front door. >> yeah. yeah, police say that the traps may have actually been a deliberate move to attack quote whoever may have opened up the door of the apartment. they say that he actually designed this to kill, but could he have possibly also been
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looking to destroy evidence? >> well, it is a you know, in the case of the bomber and the suspect in this case, it is kind of a win-win for him. irregardless of who opens the door, he does two things, he gets rid of the individual who is a witness to this and at the same time destroy the evidence that is in there forensically and it can't be used against him later on down the road. >> right. yesterday, i want to share with you that we saw the bomb technicians shooting explosives brought from the apartment. what exactly were they doing here and why was that significant? >> well, those are controlled destruction of the explosives and the incendiary materials. you only really need a small, it will rally ounce amounts of the originals for core purposes. you only need to take small samples to the laboratory which is critical to identify what these substances are. the rest of it is a danger, because we don't know the state of the chemicals, and so between the hazmat officers and the bomb
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technicians, they get together to pull the samples they need to properly using forensic techniques to identify where they were, who confiscated them and took them into custody and then small samples provided to the laboratory and the remaining mixtures have to be destroyed properly for the safety of the public. >> just one thing very quickly, i wanted to ask you about that they said they found some form of homemade napalm and how deadly could this have been if he had succeeded? >> again, it could be very deadly. in the sense of not only to the humans, but more importantly, but also to the property, and again, some of the mixtures are unknown. some of them are provided from some of the darker web sites online, and there is really no validation or testing. this is somebody's idea of something they may believe worked or saw work one time, and they put it out on the internet as fact and some people sadly
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take it out and try to use these things, and they don't really know what the mixture is themselves. >> well, certnly not. thank you, agent lopez. appreciate your insight this mo morning. james holmes has not been formally charged, but he is s d scheduled to make the first court appearance tomorrow. he is held in solitary confinement under suicide watch at to a arapaho detention center and police still don't have a motive for the massacre friday. all of the horrible stories of what happened inside of the theater and how do you explain this to your children when they ask about it? we will get tips from a psychiatrist when we return live from aurora, colorado. ♪
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many of the victims were young, under 30 years old. one was a 6-year-old girl. her mother was also critically wounded in the shooting. by now your own children may have caught some of the news of the tragic shooting, and they may be asking you a whole lot of questions. how do you explain this violence to them? psychologist eric fisher joins me from atlanta. eric, good morning, and thank you for join g ing us this morn. >> thank you for having me. >> and a lot of parents are wondering how do you speak to your kids about a horrific event like this without scaring them. what do you say? >> this is a tough event because first of all, you have to ask, should your kids be viewing news events about events that are tragic and horrific. below the year of age 8 to 10, kids see the world literally and
5:22 am
things are big and close. meaning that thing that happen in colorado could feel next door because they could have a colorado street or colorado shopping mall where they don't understand where the events are, and also how big they seem to them, because the world seems very small. and talking to them about these things can be tricky. you want to understand their age. you want to understand the development and the mature ur -- maturity, and again, you want to hear the language if they are talking about it. and asking them what they know is the best place to start. >> and eric, if all children mature differently, how do parents know if they should be shielding their kids from violence or talking honestly about it, because a lot of the parents say i don't let my kids watch the news. what is the answer? >> well, the thing that you have to look at, too, is not only are we looking at what they are seeing on the news, but look at what they are seeing on television, in video games, in
5:23 am
their cartoons, and average hour of kid's tv has 20 to 25 acts of violence in it. and this rate of violent acts is up every year it seems. so we have to realize that our kids aren't just seeing this acts on the news, but again, as we have to see, it is in the movie theaters, too. >> and for much more of my guests and stories, you can go to slash randi to find out more. this morning cnn has learned of new fallout from the penn state scandal. the authorities are on site this morning at penn state prepping to bring down joe paterno's statue. employees have begun to place fencing around the statue and a tarp. state college and university police are there right now and some students have gathered there as well. join megaton phoing me on the p contributor sara ganim, and how did this tribute come about and why this morning? >> well, the president of penn
5:24 am
state gave a series of interviews last week where he said he would be makeing this decision very soon. and he did put out a statement early this morning. he said that contrary to the original purpose of the statue, this has become a symbol of division, and really has become over the last couple of days, there was a plane flying overhead threatening to take down the statue if penn state didn't, and also lines of support and people lining up to get their picture with the joe paterno statue in the last couple of days of out of fear that it might not be there of them to take a photo with it anymore in the future, so it is a divisive issue, because joe paterno and his legacy have become a very divisive issue on campus. >> and what is the scene there this morning? because even when all of this news began to break about jerry sandusky, there were a lot of
5:25 am
supporters even going to see him at his home, to see paterno at his home. >> right. you know, i think that this started very early in the morning and probably a move by the president to keep it as calm as possible in that area. there's a heavy police presence, and there's a temporary fence and a tarp that you cannot really see what is going on, but you can tell that there is jackhammering, because it is very loud, and you can tell that there is a forklift with kind of stabilizing the statue that will eventually probably be taken away. now, we don't know where the statue is going to go. the statement from the president just said that it is becoming a divisive issue, and it has become a symbol of to some that it could become a recurring view of victims.
5:26 am
he did not say what would happen to the statue. there is a sports museum inside of the stadium and likely that it would end up in one of those places eventually, but right now, i believe it is going somewhere, where it will be safe. but one other note, there is a lot of paterno on campus, because at one point penn state and joe paterno were synonymous, and this is not the only symbol of him on campus. the library which he and his wife, sue, have donated a lot of money to will keep his name. >> all right. sara ganim, appreciate your reporting this morning and appreciate the update from penn state. other stories, startling information in the disappearance of two iowa girls. authorities believe that the two young cousins are now alive. we will bring you up to date.
5:27 am
5:28 am
welcome back to cnn sunday morning, and we will get back to randy kaye in a moment, but first some other stories we are following. hope in the missing girls missing in iowa. two girls disappeared when they went for a bike ride. the bikes turned up at the lake, but nothing else turned up. now the authorities believe that the girls are alive. >> we believe that the girls are alive, and we are not discouraged by the passage of time since their disappearance. we are urging anyone with information to come forward, any information as insignificant as it may seem could be vital to
5:29 am
this information investigation. in syria, intense fighting between bashar al assad and the rebels are reported in two of the biggest cities. as the rest of the country has experienced heavy fighting, the two cities have been under a veneer of normality, but no the army's elite division backed by helicopters has taken out an all-out assault, though it is a charge they are quick to deny. two more army generals of assad's regime have defected to neighboring turkey. 20,000 of the world's leading experts on hiv and aids are gathering in washington starting today for the international aids conference and what a change since the biennial conference was held in washington 20 years ago. 20,000 studies will be presented to try to end the epidemic now in the third decade. relief on the streets of los angeles. now that a man is in custody
5:30 am
after stabbing allegedly three homeless people. courtney anthony robinson also known as david ben keys was arrested friday night after calling 911 to turn himself in. it is a question that you might have asked yourself already, how could god allow senseless acts of violence occur like that in aurora, colorado? well, randi kaye has that conversation with a reverend and rab rabbi, next. these fellas used capital one venture miles
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i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. ♪ 911, columbine, aurora, and in times like these around the world some find comfort in the faith, but disasters can also challenge one's long held belief and raising the age-old
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question, how could god let this happen? rabbi joe black is joining me now for today's "faces of faith." good morning. a lot of people in the time wonder how can god let this happen. what do you say to them when they ask that question? >> there is no answer to the question. you have to listen when people are talking, because a question like that, people are in crisis at a time like this, and we have to give them an opportunity to answer their questions. >> do you find that -- >> ask the questions. >> and do you find that in a case like this, people that just question or do they actually let go of the belief in god? >> i think that it depends upon what they are looking for. we last friday night the sanctuary was filled with people after we heard about the tragedy, and people came to see other people, and to be together to ask those questions, but also to find comfort in community. you know, when people think of god as someone who causes something like this to happen, i don't think that god would ever cause that. i think that what happens is that we find god in the response to tragedy and not so much in
5:35 am
the tragedy, itself. >> was your congregation touched by this? >> we didn't have anyone, thank god, directly harmed physically, but we did have people in the theater related to members of my congregation, yes. >> what do you say to those who do give up on god in a case like this and say, why do i believe? >> sure. i think that i would ask the question of what is it that when somebody is in crisis, you don't answer a question like that, but let them ask the question and what does the god they are not believing in look like. is it a god who controls the daily lives or a puppet who says to be at this place at this time, and someone who thinks that is the god concept and i would say that the god you don't believe in, is the same god i don't believe in. we find god not in the tragedy, but how we respond to tragedy. >> do you find that a tragedy like this can help one find faith? >> sometimes. it can go either way, and the real issue is when we come together as a community to ask these questions and it is in that that we find god, and in the holiness that brings us
5:36 am
together in the way that you find god in those who have courageous acts and just now learning about people who risk their lives and help others, i would find acts of god in the heroes of the first responders and those there for other people, and the response of people who have absolute rejection of this evil, that is where we will find god. >> just like the entire community here, i'm sure that your congregation is in a bit of shock. >> absolutely, we all are. >> and how do you comfort them and say to the community? >> well, there are all kinds of ways to find comfort. we can find comfort in the scripture in psalms that help us to look back and feel the pain of others. king david said, god, where are you? why have you abandoned me? that is a universal feeling and that we are a, not alone, and ba community to allow us to find comfort, and we will see people
5:37 am
in churches an synagogues in coming weeks to find answers or ask questions, and maybe there are no answers, but there are certainly questions that allow us to find comfort in one another. >> i'm curious about the questions that you have been getting from the congregants. >> i think the questions of how could god allow this happen? and it is a normal question. i am asking that. i don't think that god causes something like this. there is a lot of work done in theology for example after the holocaust, and where was god in the holocaust, and there is no answer. one rabbi and many people have said that god is present in those who risk their lives to resist, and those who hit people, and those who took risks in order to bring holiness into the world, and that is for me at least, the only consolation that i can find is that in those who truly are trying to do good in the world, and people out there who are around us here and a memorial that we see and people saying, we are not going to allow this to define us, the god that we care about is a caring and a good god who comforts us. that is to me, all we can do.
5:38 am
but the question is a real question, and it is not a bad question. it is part of who we are. >> certainly is. rabbi, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for coming on the show this morning. i appreciate that. reverend gill caldwell joins me next on more of keeping one's faith in a crisis like this. he experienced this first harnd in columbine when two teenagers massacred students and a teacher here in columbine.
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5:41 am
reverend gilbert caldwell joins me now. good morning, reverend. thank you for joining our discussion. as a former pastor in denver in the columbine shooting in 1999, you must have advised parishioners on their thoughts and feelings on god at that time. what is your answer when people ask how acts of violence can happen, and how god allows that to happen? >> you know, it is an important question. i share the rabbi's views that it is in asking questions that one digs deeper into be the spiritual reality. my experience at the park hill united methodist church as pastor, it was personal, because our minister had a daughter who had taught at columbine, and when we got the news, i of course offered to drive her down there, and what a trip that was, a mother not knowing what happened to her daughter, and obviously, we found ourselves talking about the meaning of all of this. fortunately, she found out by a phone call that her daughter was safe, but as we simply went to the place where parents were
5:42 am
waiting, what an experience was as i watched parents simply wondering if the children were alive. i think that the whole matter of faith is recognizing that god is not a puppeteer, but the omni presence of god in psalm 139 but regardless where we go, god is there. and simply from psalm 23, even though i walk through the darkest valley, i fear no evil for god is with me and the rod and the staff, they comfort me. so i begin by simply saying that to awareness of the presence of god in good times and times not to so good and the spiritual legitimacy of raising questions and wrestling with god, and the rabbi could say more, but the idea of jacob wrestling with the angel and some have suggested in the jewish tradition that what in fact it means to be a person of faith. >> but when people ask where god
5:43 am
was during a time like this, and during a massacre like this, what is your answer? what do you tell them? >> well, first, one has to be careful with uttering cliches, but one of the responses that i have found to be powerful in the christian tradition when in fact a parent was asking a pastor this whole question of where was god when my son died, the pastor responded and some say it is simplistic, but god was in the same place then as god was when his own son died. the whole idea of god being present in the suffering, and of course, within the christian tradition believing in fact that the whole life and then death of jesus christ recognizes the presence of god in the midst of trouble. i use the words of frederick douglass when he suggests that if there is no struggle, there s is no progress. i say to people that in the midst of the anger and of course, a wonderful book title "good grief" which talks about the stages of grief.
5:44 am
there is anger and questioning, and there will be despondency, and then of course, going through the processes, one in fact comes out on the other end, and one must do the kinds of things that are important, reading, quiet, listening to music, et cetera, et cetera, have all been helpful as i have talked to people and as i have experienced grief in my own life. >> and is it possible to learn a lesson in a time like this? i mean, we are always searching for answers, but is there something that we can take away? >> well, i think that there is. i think that, again, we heard from the rabbi, that this whole sense of community, and e amazing way that e.r. people responded, and there are some words that a person wrote following 911 that i think are applicable for what happened in aurora. i mean, i share those if we have time? is that all right? for our first person who wrote this after the destruction of the twin towers this is what he
5:45 am
she said. as the ash rained down, we became one kor already and as the ashes came down, we became one class and as we lit candles of hope, we became one generation, and as the firefighters and the police officers went through the ashes, we became one gender, and as we went to the our knees in strength, we became one person of faith, and we shouted in anger, we were one language and as we mourned the great loss, we became one family. as we cried tears of grief and loss, we were one soul, and as retell the sacrifice of heroes, we are one people. we are one color. one class. one generation. one gender. one faith, one language, one body, one family, one soul, one people, and we are the power of one, and we are united and we are america. these words were written by cheryl sawyer who was a professor at the university of houston and it seems to me that the words came to mind as i respond
5:46 am
responded to of course what happened in aurora, and of course, as i was sensitive to s simply the aftermath of columbine. i guess that the whole idea that we are family. >> yes. reverend, thank you. those words were very moving, and we appreciate your sharing the time and that with us this morning. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and for more stories on faith, be sure to check out our belief blog. you can find it. it is extremely popular and you can find it at we will be right back.
5:47 am
welcome back, everyone. glad you are with us this morning. let's go so washington now, and cnn's "state of the union" coming up at the top of the h r
5:48 am
hour. cnn host candy crowley is joining us, and you are talking to the colorado governor, and certainly an emotional time for the state. >> it is. it is amazing to watch bo the devastation as well as the coming together that almost always happens. we have unfortunately seen so many of these things it seems in the past several years, and colorado seems to be doing that same thing i remember when the virginia tech tragedy happened on this coast, we were watching virginia tech so soon coming together and shouting the name of their school. we think in the aurora, colorado, community, there is a quieter sense, but nonetheless, this sense of kind of coming together, and we are going to survive this, and trying to pick up, and move on when it is still way too early for so many people to move on. >> yeah. and one thing of course that the massacre has done as they always do is to give rise of the debate of the gun control all over again. i am sure that is a topic of discussion as well this morning. >> it will indeed.
5:49 am
with hickenlooper and john mccain, both of them from interior west states where in fact guns are a part of, a beloved part of the culture, if you will, but certainly not this use of guns and how do you find that balance when you want to protect the second amendment rights to bear arms against horrific things like this, and a young man who has no record as we know, and anyone can find so far, and legally buys all of this weaponry and the chemicals and how do you stop that? can you stop matters that may turn out to be what people now call an aberration? is there any way to stop this no matter how many laws you put on the books. >> candy, thank you very much. we will be watching state of the union at the top of the hour about ten minutes from now. police have already entered james holmes' apartment, and saying that the evidence shows that he may have been planning the attack for months, and details of the elaborate trap that he set paints a disturb in
5:50 am
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good afternoon. chase sapphire. (push button tone) this is stacy from springfield. oh woah. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire. trip wires connected to the explosives and jars filled with powder and flammable chemicals all part of the elaborate trip for anyone who dared to enter james holmes' apartment after he went into a movie theater and killed 12 people and injured several others. we are joined by jim spellman and we are hearing details of
5:54 am
what was found inside and police may have thought that he was plotting the attack for two months or more. what did they find exactly? >> well, apparently a trip wire right at the front door into the apartment which police told us was designed to ill can the first person who enter the room, and possibly designed to kill a police officer who may have responded to the potential noise complaint, because he had set a timer to have the stereo blast loud tech know music as the attack was happening at the theater. as it happens a neighbor who lives one floor down came up and tried to knock on the door and almost opened it herself and she came very close to potentially being hurt herself, and throughout the apartment there were explosive devices which are described as aerials which are similar to those used in a fireworks display, and also incendiary devices that would start a fire in the room. and a nightmare scenario for anyone who would have walked into the apartment with
5:55 am
explosives and incendiary devices. randi? >> he may have been order iing s ammunition and supplies online for dating back to months ago, correct? >> yes. for the last several months apparently, he had been receiving large packages here at the apartment. police say it is helping this em to begin to understand how he put together not only the ammunition, and the magazines for the weapons that he used in the actual shooting, but also for assembly these devices that were inside of the apartment. >> jim spellman, thank you very much for your reporting this morning. we are continuing to bring you the latest developments on the investigation here in aurora, colorado. when we come back, we will bring you up to speed on the other news making headlines this morning. including a look at how norway is remembering their own massacre one year after the attack. now get an incredible offer on the powerful, efficient c250 sport sedan
5:56 am
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5:59 am
-- captions by vitacn--e one last check of this morning's top stories for you. cnn has learned of new fallout from the penn state scandal. authorities are on site at penn state prepping to bring down joe paterno's statue. employees have begun to place fencing around the statue and a tarp. state college and university police are on the scene now as students have gathered as well. president obama will be here in aurora, colorado, later today to offer his support. he is expected to visit those injured and the families of those killed. you see him here speaking by phone to aurora mayor steve hogan. that was on friday. he will also be meeting with him, but the president won't be attending a vigil that the city is planning for tonight. today, norway is remembering its own mass shooting that left