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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 29, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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four more have booked. >> quiet, and they were happy with it. i was a bit worried, but no, they said it's fine. >> reporter: it's not for the faint hearted or those in search of luxury. but certainly a quirky experience for an intrepid few. and when you're being driven to your bed in your bed, the location becomes significantly less important. rosie tompkins, cnn, london. >> i guess i'd reserve a room there if it came to that. right? thanks for starting your morning with us. we have so much more ahead on cnn "sunday morning" which starts right now. a stunning victory and a surprising defeat. a tale two of american swimmers in last night's must-see 400-meter race. plus -- trying to make a comeback after an embarrassing first run. no, i'm not talking about an olympic athlete, but mitt romney's international tour.
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and later -- the suspect in the aurora shooting formally charged tomorrow. and with new details on his mental state, a mysterious package sent to his psychiatrist, the big question may be -- when should doctor/patient privilege be broken? good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it is 7:00 on the east coast, 4:00 a.m. on the west. thanks for starting your morning with us. we start in syria where we may be in the beginning stage of a massacre. this is new video of the battle in the streets of aleppo. syria's biggest city. army tank battered the city saturday as forces loyal to president assad looked to krushl the rebels. opposition leaders warn that a massacre may be coming and has a message for allies. >> translator: our friends and will allies will bear responsibility for the terri terrifying massacres that will happen in aleppo if they don't
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move soon. thisegime is planning for a big massacre in aleppo. >> at least 160 people were killed across syria yesterday. in israel, mitt romney spoke a short time ago about the syrian situation saying the u.s. needs to partner with israel to find a patho peace. romney has been making the rounds with israeli officials this morning. but later today, he is expected to deliver a major address on foreign policy. now in it, we should hear him single out the threat from iran. cnn has more from jerusalem. good morning to you. what is that message for iran that we are expecting to hear? >> reporter: basically we're expecting to hear mitt romney, who has been quite hawkish on iran, although mirroring a lot of the obama administration's ideas on how to deal with iran, saying that basically he would back israel if israel decided it needed to attack iran to try to keep it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. it is suspected of trying to obtain a nuclear weapon, and israel has been saying that,
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look, these sanctions that have put on iran, some of the diplomatic maneuvering just isn't working. and they have to look at all options. you could see a very close and friendly relationship when mitt romney arrived here, when he first greeted prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the israeli prime minister spoke to him using his first name saying, mitt, i couldn't agree with you more, when it comes to his stance on iran. you see a night -- tight friendship. they have known each other since they worked together in the 1970s at a consulting firm. describing each other as old friends. so far his trip has gone quite well. he's met with president shimon peres. they talked about what is happening in the region. of course iran came up again. and mr. peres was basically saying to him that he think he's a great representative of the united states. >> let's talk it one of these campaign events that was
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canceled or one of the events i should say canceled today in israel for mitt romney. do we know exactly why? >> reporter: yeah. one ofhe things that happened just before he got here, his plans and the date he planned to come here was actually the beginning of a very important jewish holiday. this is the holiday where jews mourn and commemorate the loss of not one but their temple twice, their first and second temples here in jerusalem. very important day. a day where people would be fasting. the issue was that they were going to have this dinner on a day when people were supposed to be fasting. people were not happy with that. there was a reaction to that. that got canceled. we're hearing that that could likely be turned into a breakfast fundraiser on -- on monday. but that the press is not invited. of course, the press quite upset with not being able to hear what he may be saying to these high-money donors. >> sara sidner, appreciate the
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update. thank you. in other news, the bodies of two american climbers have been discovered in peru after a day-long search in peruvian mountains. crews found the remains of gill we say and ben horn. friends say they had been missing for five to ten days after embarking on a trip to scale a 20,000-foot-tall mountain. about 275 miles northeast of lima. the mother of wikileaks founder julian assange is in ecuador this morning. she's there to plead for asylum on his behalf. assange has been living at the ecuadorean embassy in london since applying for political asylum in june, hoping to avoid ex-extra addition to sweden over claims of rape and sexual molestation. patient/client privilege. where do you draw a line? question after news the colorado shooting suspect was seeing a psychiatrist. we'll jump into that discussion. with arthritis pain. s and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain.
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the suspect in the colorado theater shooting had been seeing a psychiatrist before last week's rampage. we know this because lawyers for james holmes have asked authorities for a package he sent to this woman, dr. lynn fenton. she's a psychiatrist at the university of colorado and director of student mental health services. cbs news reports the package included a description of how holmes was planning to kill people. defense attorneys argue it should be protected under doctor/patient privilege. psychologist eric fisher joins us to talk about this.
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we're hoping to learn more about what was in this notebook, this package. we don't want to speculate about how much this psychiatrist, dr. fenton, might have known about james holmes. but i'm curious what you say about the limits of confidentiality. when do you have to disclose? when does patient/doctor privilege no longer apply? >> there were laws passed in the '70s that states when a patient states a clear and present danger to a person we have the obligation to warn that person, warn family, people who might be related to them, and authorities. so the issue of this and what comes up is how are we compromising our relationship with that client that they might withhold information from us because they know what we have to do, but we also -- some therapists also sometimes don't know what to do in those situations because they don't want to compromise the therapist relationship. they feel they might be able to help before something happens. but it's not our call to make.
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there's legal and ethical issues to follow. >> isn't there -- it must be hard to tell if you're talking with someone, not saying you've been in this situation, but to sort of differentiate between a warning sign and comment that they're going -- a direct threat that they're going to kill someone. >> right. depending on the length of that relationship, that can affect how much we may know to report or not. if it's a new client or patient and we don't have much history or experience with them to know when they're serious or not, we might be more likely to move ahead and make a statement. however, if we're building a relationship, in the beginning we weigh that. there's a lot to weigh. their impulse control, do they have access to the means that they wish to cause harm to the person, do they drink or use drugs, that will increase impulsivity. what's their history of violence, these are things to take into account as well as our clinical judgment. the clinical judgment alone often isn't the best judgment of violence. we also have to use actuarial measures. >> how much are you legally
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required to reveal? >> because of -- hipaa laws, which are the laws that protect information, patient information, are important to considerere, as well as the legal issues because we have to look at how much we can report, which is really only specific to that event. we can't report the person's life history or things. we want to stay specific to what the exact event is. who the people are that may be harmed. and that's about it. unless as something evolves, they may request more information. >> what's the -- you talked a little it the process. do you think that most therapists understand what's at stake here in a case like this? >> they do. i think -- i think it's something that i've faced at times that i weighed back and forth. it feels very scary, you know. us -- as therapists, sometimes we're put up on that -- up on that pedestal. but we're also human. and we also have our issues of really evaluating our own skill set and what our clients' possibilities are, patients'
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potentials are. consultation is key to talk to professionals who are outside of the situation. very important. >> so do you think that this would make somebody, you know, take a step back and say maybe i'm not going to share so much with my therapist if in the end they can share it in court, share it with police? >> absolutely. and that is one of the key situations. there was research that looked at does a duty to warn increase a chance or risk of violence or homicides in a community. and the result was, yes. because sometime there's the client who doesn't want to report things that they know might get them in trouble but there's also the therapist who may not want to know. you might not push to dpan that information. and those two factors are really key and really helping to prevent violence. in some ways therapists feel hike they have their hands tied because they may compromise the long-term stability of that therapist/client relationship on the way to really helping them resolve the issues that may lead to violence. >> yeah.
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it's going to be something to hear what comes out of this. in that notebook and what might have been said. >> absolutely. i feel for the psychiatrist. difficult situation. >> i was going to say she's in a tough position. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> nice to see you. now to london where the first gold medal for the u.s. team goes to swimmer ryan lochte. where are some headlines focusing on tharth guy, michael phelps? ♪ [ male announcer ] this is our beach. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪ and our slip and slide. you have your idea of summer fun, and we have ours. now during the summer event get an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz for an exceptional price.
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and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. 18 minutes past the hour. good sunday morning to you. the first full day of competition in london is in the history books. and for michael phelps, not a great day. ryan lochte captured the united states' first gold medal on saturday. he soundly defeated michael phelps in the highly anticipated men's 400-meter individual medley. brazil won silver, japan took bronze. while phelps did not medal, coming in in fourth place. here's how fans reacted to the big win. >> ryan's the best swimmer i have. he trains hard, and he's
4:19 am
awesome. very happy for ryan lochte. >> we thought phelps was going to be close. he fell apart. >> felt phelps would have placed, but -- it was amazing to see lochte just blow away like that. that was a great way to start it out. >> it was someone else's night to shine, and lochte did it. >> for his part, being a good sport, phelps tweeted out about his rival saying congrats to ryan lochte, way to keep that title in the country where it longs. millions are watching the olympics around the word. we wanted to get your input. what is your favorite event this olympics, and who is the athlete or athletes you're rooting for? i've been asking your thoughts all morning. we got a bunch of great responses. here's one -- gerald tweeted, water polo, men's and women's. played in high school, looking forward to. it and another, badminton, if i didn't root for it, who would? funny. and marty tweeted, "swimming and
4:20 am
right now michael phelps -- whoever thought he'd be underappreciated? you still can be part of the conversation. tweet me, @randikayecnn. you may think that an olympian's biggest concern is winning. a swimmer on the u.s. women's team was worry good her health and what seemed like a mysterious illness that kept getting in her way of winning of here's chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, with the story. >> reporter: dana vollmer will be racing for gold in the 100-metro butterfly and two relays. a sweet comeback after a bitter disappointment four years ago when she failed to qualify at the olympic trials. >> it just seemed like in my career i always had something. >> reporter: at one point, there was a heart condition. an acl injury. shoulder injuries and back pain. there were also mysterious
4:21 am
stomach aches. >> i had always had either knee or shoulder problems. so i didn't want to say, oh, i have a tummy ache today. >> reporter: those debilitating stomach aches went on for years. >> i had been to the emergency room three times at meets for stomach aches. >> reporter: more frustrating, doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong. >> there were multiple competitions with my family that i would be outside with them almost in tears because my stomach hurt, drinking hot water to try and get it to calm down. my family just kind of figured it was from nerves or a lactic acid build-up. >> reporter: but it turns out vollmer was allergic to eggs and gluten. a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. to get better, she cut it all out of her diet. >> it's amazing how much better i feel now. the stomach aches are gone. >> reporter: as many as one in ten people are gluten sensitive. vollmer is an extreme case. even tiny amounts cause
4:22 am
headache, gas, bloating, fatigue, and weakness. avoiding gluten is a challenge, but at least it's one opponent she knows how to beat. >> i'm in such a great place now heading into this olympics. finally feeling healthy. i definitely want to put up a great race in that 100 butterfly. and obviously a gold medal is definitely on my mind. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. mitt romney is in israel, but he's talking more about another country. we'll fill you in his message this morning.
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let's take one more look at headlines. the syrian opposition says a massacre may be coming in the country's biggest city of aleppo. the military is using tanks and helicopters to attack rebels right now. syria's foreign minister arrived in iran a short time ago for talks with iranian leaders. mitt romney has a message for iran during meetings with israeli officials in jerusalem today. he has spoken about iran's nuclear aspirations saying it
4:27 am
can't be tolerated. iran will be a big part of romney's foreign policy address. coming up later on today. in peru, the bodies of two american climbers have been discovered after a day-long search in proven mountains. crews found the remains of gill weiss and ben horn. friends say they had been missing for five or ten days after embarking on a trip to scale a 2 20,000-foot mountain northeast of lima. the mother of wikileaks founder julian assange is in ecuador this morning. she's there to plead for asylum on his behalf. assange has been living at the ecuadorian embassy in london since applying for political asylum in june. he's hoping to avoid extradition to switzerland after claims of rape and sexual molestation. honda is recalling thousands of vehicles because of problem with air bags. first the front passenger air bags in 200,000 santa fe suvs may not deploy properly in a crash. and side air bags in 22,000 sedans may inflate for no reason
4:28 am
at all. honda dealerships are expected to notify owners this week about some free repairs. now to stories across country. first to wichita, kansas. people can legally walk down city streets with a loaded gun in plain sight. a city ordinance changed to conform to state law that open carry is okay. there are some restrictions, though. the gun has to have a safety on it and be in a holster. experts say it's more practical to have a concealed weapons permit. in allentown, pennsylvania, a sinkhole blamed for a became collapsing at one home. firefighters say neighbors reported hearing water rushing underneath the home for days before the cave-in. eight homes in all had to be evacuated. >> they were trying to get in, banging on the door. that's when i realized that something was going on. >> want to get everybody out and n case it does fall in. >> and then we realized that people couldn't open their doors. they couldn't close them. there was cracks everywhere. >> a city official says the homes can be saved, but first they're trying to fix the hole.
4:29 am
to oregon where veterinarians worked for three days to get all of the glue off a little kitten named ace. there is ace. he somehow got stuck in industrial-strength epoxy glue while wandering around a parking garage. firefighters cut the kitten out of the glue and turned iover to the veterinarians. >> got scared and started to struggle. every time it struggled it basically buried itself more into the epoxy. its front feet were basically adhesed up so there was no moving, walking or anything. >> he must have so nervous. vets were able to shave off its hair to get most of the glue off. and ace, it turns out, is being adopted by a manager of none other than the ace hardware store in town. more top stories at the top of the hour. we'll also have a live report from jerusalem whethn cnn "sund morning" continues. first, "sanjay gupta m.d." begins now. hello and thanks for being with us. on tap today, a story that really hit