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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 29, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that mass shooting spree, he'll be in court tomorrow. expected to be formally charged with 12 counts of first degree murder. police say he killed 12 at the theatre. 58 others were injureded. court documents show he was a patient of a psychiatrist at the university of colorado just before the attack. getting the vip treatment, almost presidential treatment today in jerusalem. mitt romney, today, he weighed in on one of the stickiest issues. the status of jerusalem. and believes the american embassy should be there. also today in jerusalem, mitt romney and his wife visited the western wall. we'll have details on his day with israeli leaders coming up in just a moment.
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the arab league says war crimes are being committed in syria. the syrian government battling rebels to control the largest city. the u.n. estimates roughly 200,000 syrians have fled the city. they say the government is stopping supplies of fuel and food from reaching neighborhoods controlled by rebel fighters. a memorial service held today for the 15 victims of a rollover crash in texas. the truck was filled with undocumented immigrants. customs, enforcement agents say they were from guatemala, honduras and mexico. a damaged front right tire is blamed for the cause. this man and this woman trieded to get married in their own church. the answer, no. the reason, because they're black. it happened in mississippi. they are angry and are doing something about it. stay with cnn.
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they will be with me live right here later this evening. and it's becoming a very long, hot summer for a big chunk of the country. extreme heat is making life miserable for folks in the southern plains. heat advisories and heat warnings blanket parts of oklahoma and arkansas. temperatures spiking, listen to this, from 105 to 113 degrees. and that's the forecast through thursday. there he is, getting the vip treatment almost presidential treatment in jerusalem. the presumed republican nominee, mitt romney, today, he weighed in on the status of jerusalem. he tells cnn he considers jerusalem the capital of israel and believes the american embassy should be there, not tel aviv. he also mentioned iran on the
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regional defense. >> we recognize israel's right to defend itself and its right to america to stand with you. >> also today in gentlemjerusal romney and his wife visited the western wall. you can see him putting a little piece of paper in there. one of the oldest in the old city. you can see him there making a prayer. one of the men running president obama's re-election efforts says mitt romney is not doing himself or anyone a favor. listen to robert gibbs. >> mitt romney wondered aloud whether london was really for the olympics and i think it's clear that voters in this country wonder aloud whether mitt romney's ready for the world and i think the world is not yet ready for mitt romney. i think there's literally to go overseas, stand in the country of the strongest ally and the olympics they've been preparing
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years for and question whether or not they're ready does make me wonder whether or not he's ready to be commander in chief. >> mitt romney is in israel. he's expected to head to poland on monday. and the colorado suspect linked to a shooting is due in court tomorrow. james holmes, he is expected to be charged in the case. 12 people died, 58 others were injured. david matingly joins us outside the courthouse in centennial, colorado. the building behind you, we know he's being housed in the jailhouse. what are we expecting at tomorrow's hearing? he was wearing a bulletproof vest at the last hearing. >> that's true, but tomorrow, when we see everything going on, expect to see the prosecutors taking center stage. that's because they are going to have a chance now to tell us
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what they plan to charge the suspect with. we had 12 people killed that night. we're looking at 12 possible premeditated murder charges. all of them potential ly in the state of colorado could carry the death penalty. we also have 58 people wounded. there are several dozen people there where they could possibly have attempted murder charnges s well, not to mention charges that could come from his apartment. the improvised explosive devices he had set, rigged to go off if someone went in the apartment. he also had music playing as a bait, trying to entice someone to go in there and set off these bombs. they were able to determine these explosives were strong enough that they could have caused at the very least, serious harm, but most likely, death if they had gone through that door. so again, more charges in that regard as well. >> what's so fascinating is that clearly, t prosecutors, you and i have covered a lot of
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different cases. the the prosecutors tend to overcharge in the sense they have a whole range of different charges and they basically built the years up one after another, so if he is convicted, then clearly, he will never be out ever again. of course, there is that aspect of the psychiatrist, the treatment and prosecutors or his defense team could argue that in fact he was suffering, but another heartbreak today for a young mom who lost her 6-year-old daughter in the shooting. she's now lost her unborn baby as well as she was just recently pregnant, right? >> reporter: right, and you see how the pain continues to go on and get worse for the families involved here. ashley moser was wounded that night. her 6-year-old daughter was sitting to her right and she was shot and killed in that shooting and her boyfriend was sitting on
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her left. he was also injured in the head. he still has shotgun pellets he says lodged in his head right now, but ashley, very severely wounded. very serious injuries. went in for surgery again yesterday and that's when she miscarried. she was eight weeks pregnant. she knew at the time of the shooting. they had just found out, just had the ultrasound done, so they were very excited. this was a child between ashley and her current boyfriend and they were talking about what to name the child, hoping that it might be a boy, making all sorts of plans for their future and all of that just ended with those gun shots and now for this one family, this tragedy mounting as time goes by. >> thank you so much, we'll check in with you a little later on. a criminal defense attorney who knows colorado law is weighing in on tomorrow's court appearance for the accused theatre shooter. next, we're going to ask about the chances of an insanity
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the orange haired suspect linked to a shooting rampage at a colorado movie theatre is expected to be in court tomorrow. james holmes is said to be formally charged in the shooting. how might he respond? attorney sharon linko joins me now. sharon, are we expecting an insanity plea from james holmes? >> i would expect, but it's not going to be tomorrow. tomorrow is just a formal reading of the charges and believe me, there's going to be a laundry listf charges. the prosecution has to determine whether or not they're going to be seeking the death penalty. that's going to drive this case. if the prosecution does seek the death penalty, then you can expect the public defender to go all out and this is a case that
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will cost the taxpayers of colorado millions of dollars to defend and to house this guy in prisen while the appellate process takes it courts. >> what you're suggesting is that even if they do the death penalty and he gets the death penalty, it will take so many years to appeal, be like 20 years before anything happens. when we talk about insanity and the death penalty together, do you think that hisdefense team will be able to convince that he is crazy? especially since what we're hearing about the psychiatrist and the meetings he was having with her, he sent her a package, all of that. what does that suggest to you? >> i think that's the defense has a lot to work with. i think first of all, remember, he goes and slaughters these people in a movie theatre, yet he has the presence of mine to tell the police his apartment is
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boby trooped, when he set that so it would kill a lot of people in his apartment complex. so, does this set the stage for him to say well, i went through a psychotic break, but then after the mail you settled, i realized what i did so quickly, i told the police and warned them against future harm that i had set up at my apartment compl complex. there's so much information that we have yet to develop and that's what is so fascinating. we're going to be seeing pictures in the theatre when this goes to trial. when should we expect to see a trial? one year, two years, six months? >> no way six months. i would expect that a trial, a year, year and a half from now. there's a lot of preparation, a lot of steps that have to happen prior to getting there. first of all, is the defense going to file a motion to change venue because they're going to
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claim he can't get a fair trial in arapahoe county because the minds of the jurors are so tainted and people are so upset they can't be there. that would be a consideration. is he competent to stand trial? is the defense going to have him evaluated to determine one, does he even understand what's going on? is he capable of communicating with his lawyers, understanding the nature of the proceedings? i have to tell you, that is a very low threshold. absent of being a village idiot, he'll be competent to stand trial. >> right, well, it's going to be very interesting to see how strategically this all plays out over the coming months and for that matter, over the coming years. sharon, thank you so much for joining us today from colorado. and ahead, neither side backing down in syria and civilians caught in the cross fire are not waiting around to
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trying to avoid what could be the civil war's next huge battle. the u.n. estimates that some 200,000 have left over the past couple of days. ironically, many civilians took shelter there when they left their own battered towns. but syria's biggest city is no longer its safest. war crimes are being committed there. ivan watson witnessed a rebel attack on an army base north of the city. >> in the past hour and a half, i've been watching a rebel attack on a syrian army base located just outside the northern limits of that city of aleppo. it started around sunset with a great deal of rocket fire and mortar fire an machine gunfire and we've been basically
4:19 pm
watching constant tracer fire at night focused on this syrian army base and emerging from this syrian army base. this rebels seem to be acting this base, which has an estimated 14 tanks and more than 200 soldiers from many different directions and i've traveled in the villages around this army base. they are almost surrounded by sympathizers and supporters of the rebels. the base appears to have called an outside artillery support. it sounds like it's come from the city of aleppo. >> they say 100 people have been killed across syria today alone. stories of sacrifice and miracles pouring out of aurora, colorado. ahead, some stories worth hearing again and again. but first, influencing your
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amid the incredible grief and sorrow in colorado, there is a push for the positive. this weekend, don lemon spoke with former education secretary, bill bennett. he says america can learn a lot from some of the bravest killed nine days ago. >> with the chaos erupting all around them, some of the victims thought only of others and lost their lives in the process. all three threw themselves in front of someone else to save them. all three were killed, but the people they were protecting lived. from here on out, the men will be forever remembered as heroes and bill bennett joins me now live from washington, d.c. it's good to see you. wish it was under better circumstances. i like the op-ed you wrote. it was very well written and thoughtful. you wrote about those heroes. you believe all of tm lived what you call a code of honor.
4:25 pm
>> well, they certain di did at the critical time. yes, it was a dark night. night of that movie, but there was light, don, and stephanie obviously, what she did for her friend, but these three men, what they did instinctively or because they were brought up to believe in a code of honor, they did the right thing. each of them got in the way of the bullets, protecting the woman they were with. none of them married to these women. no legal commitment. these were girlfriends, but these men did the right and honorable thing. the stock of men is down these days. men are not achieving. growing into manhood, but these three guys -- >> and the role of men changing now, especially now that the economy, so many men out of job.
4:26 pm
i used to be the swash buckling hero that would save the women or a deacon in church. it wasn't church. they weren't boy scouts. just every day guys going to the movies. >> wasn't the navy league meeting or the cub scouts, the midnight showing of a movie. regular, average guys. mcgwinn and his girlfriend met, both working at target in ohio. every day americans. so at the time when people are wondering and writing books and asking questions, what's happening to men, boys growing into the kind of men we'd like to see, this is a very reassu reassuring thing. st. paul says think on those things. it was a dark night, but there was light that night brought by these men and these women will never forget and one wonders what kind of effect this will
4:27 pm
have on the lives of those women when they see what some men, a man, is capable of doing. >> as you were saying that, it's not just these guys saved their girlfriends. women were heroes, too. >> sure. >> they were women, one young lady who saved her friend's life by putting her hand over a vital artery. the president spoke about that. and saved her life. went to the hospital with her even though she was in the midst of all this. women who were heroes as well. >> we take nothing away from stephanie. her story is remarkable, but in a time when men need a little bucking up, people have said what's happened to the boys? there are books coming out about the decline of man, the end of man. this suggests man will prevail. at least some men will. what an encouraging thing. what a good story to be told to
4:28 pm
little boys about these men and again, the affect on the lives of people who know them i think will be profound and what i was trying to do in the cnn piece, don, was to write it so that a lot more people can know the story of these men. all honor due to them. >> and you can read r more bill bennett's op-ed piece on the heroes inside theatre nine on at the top of the hour, we're looking back at the lives of those lost inside the colorado movie theatre. watch "madness at midnight," the dramatic story of what happened inside that theatre, tonight at 8:00 eastern and again at 11:00 eastern. before aurora, there was columbine. a day in history coloradons hoped to never see again. ahead, a survive and his advice to those in the theatre and those who surviveded when the shots rang out cht with anti smudge power will last through all your drama. who knew lashes this big could last this long.
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half past the hour now, let's take a look at the headlines. another busy action packed day for athletes at the london olympics. u.s. men's swim team took silver losing out to france. in basketball, the u.s. men beat france 98-71 and american swimmer set a world record. she became the first woman to swim the 100 meter butterfly in under 56 seconds. there he is in israel getting the vip treatment. almost the presidential treatment. the presumed republican nominee for the white house, mitt romney, and today, he weighed in on one of the stickiest issues of the middle east conflicts,
4:33 pm
the status of jerusalem. he tells cnn, he considers it the capital of israel and believes that the american embassy should be there. also today in jerusalem, mitt romney and his wife visited the western wall. one of the old city's most holy sites. there he is putting a wish r or prayer into the wall. his day with the leaders, that's coming up in just a minute. in syria, the arab league says war crimes are being committed in aleppo, the syrian government battling rebels for control of the largest city. the u.n. estimates roughly 200,000 syrians have fled the city over the past couple of days. activists say the government is stopping food supplies and fuel simp supplies. this man and woman, they tried to get married in their own church. sounds simple.
4:34 pm
well, the answer came back no. the reason, because they're black. it happened in mississippi. they're angry and they're doing something about it. stay with cnn. they are going to be with me talking about it right here later this evening. and it's becoming a very long, hot summer for a big chunk of the country and you know if you live there, extreme heat making life miserable for folks in the southern plains. heat warnings blanket parts of oklahoma and arkansas. temperatures are spiking from 105 to 113 degrees. that is the forecast going through thursday. and take a look in texas, a memorial service held today for 15 victims of a rollover crash. that truck was filled with undocumented immigrants. customs enforcements agents say they were from guatemala, honduras and mexico. the cause of the accident, well, a damaged front right tire is being blamed.
4:35 pm
and an image that has become too familiar. movie theatre turned into a murder scene. the colorado suspect linked to the mass shooting spree is going to be in court tomorrow. james holmes expected to be formally charged with 12 counts of first degree murder among other charges. police say holmes killed 12 people at the theatre. 58 others were injured when he opened fire. court documents show he was a patient of a psychiatrist at the university of colorado, where he was attending school, had been attending school, before the attack. well, before aurora, there was columbine. the school shooting in 1999 also outside denver. it killed 12 students and one teacher. two students were blamed in that attack. craig scott was wounded. his sister rachel was killed.
4:36 pm
craig sat down to talk about the theatre shooting in aurora and to offer his advice to the victims. >> i think they can expect times of obviously sadness and grief and expect times where they're questioning what's, why this happened. expect times where they'll see the shooter's face and they're going to feel very angry. for the people that were in the theatre that are going to have post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. might have problems with their memory. they might have nightmares. paranoid feelings. they might have survivor's guilt. and all those things can heal
4:37 pm
over time and there are definite things you can do to heal and there are friends that i have today from columbine that are still struggling. i have friends still in a very negative place. i have friends that didn't want to deal with it. i had friends that wouldn't talk about it. that ran away from it and i've talked to some of them. some of them regret that. and i didn't do that. i, i felt like it was too important to run away from. i wasn't going to let fear hold me back. i've heard talk of from people i'm scared to go to the theatre at night now or and i understand that. but i would say don't let fear hold you back. don't let this shooter rob you from anything that he's already robbed people enough. and not just things like going to the movies, but if people
4:38 pm
aren't careful, they can let him rob them of peace, joy, life. they can be turned into a bitter person because of this or a better person because of this. and i truly hope they can become better, stronger, deeper because of what happened. well, i would say to all of the survivors that were in the room together, they have a special bond that nobody else in the world shares. and i would really hold on to that bond. i would say get to know everybody that was in that room. i didn't do that with all of the people that i was in the library with, which was the scene of the most intense shooting at columbine. we were trapped like they were. we thought it was a prank at first and we feared for our lives and i wish that i had
4:39 pm
stayed in contact with all of them, but i didn't and to this day, i still wonder what some of them experience because your memory starting to get a little fuzzy. it is harder when the cameras leave, when there is no more attention. when it seems you've lost some support and you're alone. and now, you're dealing with this situation. the sense of comfort that you get when you have a lot of people coming, rallying around you is incredible. and that will dwindle over time and so, i would say prepare for when you go through tragedy and you have that initial support, i would say prepare for the days ahead when you're going to be alone and it's just going to hit you in a different way.
4:40 pm
and that sadness is really going to be concrete, but you know what? there is a light on the other side and you can get through your loss. and you can get through and you can come out shining. you can come out smiling. i want to share one story after columbine, i went to south africa for a couple of months and i had this driver, this big african man who was always singing songs and really joyful. and one night, i kind of felt sorry for myself and i shared with him my story and in turn, he shared with me his story and he came home to find 17 members of his family slaughtered. his wife, his kids, his siblings, his relatives. it was during the apartheid in
4:41 pm
south africa and what struck me was that he told me his story with a smile. not a fake smile. a genuine smile. and what i never forgot about this man is that life's circumstances can't rob you of your inner life. unless you let it. this is a man who lost everything. and chose to continue on and i would say you've suffered tremendous loss, you're going to suffer a lot of sadness, a lot of emotions, but don't let it define you in a negative way. let it be a catalyst for you becoming a greater person. maybe the person that you've longed to be for a long time. my family and i after columbine, it was years after doing a lot of speaking and media interviews that we finally started rachel's challenge, which is a program that reaches schools with my sister's story and we share a story of a girl who believed she
4:42 pm
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the the clock is ticking trt u.s. postal service is losing millions of dollars a day and needs congressional help to get back on track, fast. athena jones has more on the complicated issue that's putting the postal service, unions and congress at odds. >> the u.s. postal service is losing money and the situation is growing more serious by the day. something the postmaster general acknowledged on capitol hill this spring. >> we've got to get our finances stabilized. the quicker we act to get ourselves back on firm financial footing, the better for the entire industry. >> if congress doesn't act by august 1st, the service will default on a $5.5 billion payment to the federal government to cover retiree health benefits. it would be the first default in its more than 200-year history. >> the postal service has said they are going to continue to pay employees and pay their
4:47 pm
bills and subcontractors, so in some respects, this default is largely symbolic. >> but it does highlight there's a crisis here. >> correct and as they move towards september when they have to make the second payment, you're getting to a point where they are really going to run out of cash eventually to make their basic needs. >> losses from a sluggish economy and the growing number people paying bills online have forced them to tap their treasury department loan to make ends meet. the service has a plan to cut costs by 2016 and return the service to profitability. it's already shutting down some processing plans and offering retirement packages. it's also cutting hours at some post offices and wants to end saturday service. unions want to reduce the money set aside for health benefits and don't want to see service. >> i think there's got to be some closings. it just doesn't need to be as
4:48 pm
draconian and as quickly as now. >> the senate has passed legislation to help shore up the house finances, but the house has yet to act. despite donahoe's wrning about what will happen by october of 2013 without help. >> we would be out of cash as it stands now, but strongly encourage congress to move now. >> the postal service and workers are still want waiting. my heroes were drug addicts. those are the words of mark maren. next, he'll reveal the ups and downs of being center stage in comedy. bj/ñ
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in this week's red chair interview, comic mark maron, talks about this is drug struggles and not having a plan b for his life. >> my hero wasn't a sports guy, the beatniks, kenny bruce, anyone on drugs, yeah, that's my guy.
4:52 pm
>> hearing voices in your head and checking into a hospital is a low point. i always had this agreement with myself. if i ever lost my mind, you know, i would stop. that's giving yourself a lot more credit than you were capable of because if you lose your mind, you're not going to know that. a day for me was usually booze and pot and coke. when i went to l.a. and hanging out, did my graduate work and chopping coke for sam and sitting next to sam and making lines and doing the thing, you go hours and sometimes day without sleep and just talking, getting into it. it got weird. i thought by the time i left college, i know how to do drugs. after almost a year in l.a., between the sleeplessness and coke, i realized i was hearing voices in my head and i was sleeping in the closet, panicky on a cosmic level. it's weird when you hear voices in your head, never one, always
4:53 pm
many, you spend time trying to get them to pick a leader. i don't like people to say my podcast is like therapy session for me or anybody else, it's just conversation, something human beings should thrive on. >> i could have used you. i got divorced, got a show canceled. i had tough times. i could have used a friend. >> approach iing jealousy as beg the root of my problem with louie, that took a certain amount of courage. you don't know what you will get back. i've been a bag in my life. i've been mean and i bring up things, i'm sorry about that thing. in my mind, it's been sitting in my head for years. i don't know what you're talking a bout. i put that out. i still have tension with. i don't have a plan b.
4:54 pm
what am i going to do, play in a band? be a teacher? i'm okay with myself. my biggest problem is some ridiculous body image issues that my mother gave me. it's weird. i'm not proud of it. it's not necessarily a male issue. my mother, until five years ago, if you were fat, i don't think i could love you. she said that. right down it to all the addictions and struggles and everything else, that's really the thing that screws with me the most on a day-to-day basis is justered weird relationship with food and fat. well, there you go. you've got an exclusive.
4:55 pm
>> you can see more fascinating interviews like this one online on our website, go to c and search "red chair." [ cellphone rings ] the wife. hey, babe. got the jetta. i wiped the floor with the guy! not really. i would've been fine with 0% for 36 months, but i demanded 60. no...i didn't do that. it was like taking candy from a baby. you're a grown man. alright, see you at home. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen autobahn for all event. we good? we're good. [ male announcer ] at 0% apr for 60 months, no one needs to know how easy it was
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some of the colorado theater shooting survivors are turning to faith to help them heal. one of them made an emotional return to church today. >> let's put our hands together and let's welcome pierce
4:58 pm
o'farrill. >> could you walk us back to the night of the shooting? >> we walked into that theater. the whole place was completely packed. here were two seats, like they were just waiting for us. >> i do believe the lord wanted me in that theater. i believe he protect med for a reason. maybe the reason is to show what i've been praying for the last year everyday is lord, help me, help me, give me a way to show the world who you are. if this is that reason, hal hallelujah. >> he has a ways to go. he has a lot of healing that has to take place. obviously, this has been extremely difficult. i think he's very optimistic and positive for the future. >> the bullet went straight into my arm i was laying on my side. >> he doesn't complain, ying this is what happened to me.
4:59 pm
she's not the victim, he's very strong. he's been positive and filled with joy and love. >> i think he came out and said he has forgiven the gunman. >> it can cause health issues, unforgiveness and damage us as a people. >> after the trial, i want to meet him and the very first thing i want to say is, james, i forgive you. >> big heart on him. well, i'm deborah feyerick. at the cnn headquarters in atlanta. thanks for joining us. i will be back and see you at t1 10:00 eastern. "madness at midnight," the search for answers in aurora and a powerful story of survivors and the things they are doing to help them heal and