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tv   The Next List  CNN  August 5, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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we have tactical units from multiple agencies. we believe we have the situation contained here. however, as usual, if anyone sees anyone sus spipicious or anything suspicious in the area, call your local law enforcement agency. >> what agency is in charge? >> oak creek is in charge. this is oak creek's jurisdiction. >> the police briefing there outside of the temple where at least one gunman opened fire at, according to that police report, 10:25 a.m. police then responded, one officer engaged fire with that suspect shooter, taking shots. that officer now at an area hospital, expected to survive but he did return fire on that shooter, putting him down, in the words of the police officer. we don't know if he's still alive or whether or not he's dead. no word on the number of victims, although we know at least two are in an area hospitals. some of our affiliates are
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reporting from family members that they believe eight to as many as 20 injuries as well. also people inside according to our affiliates have been texting out that they are in a hostage situation, although that police officer did not confirm, deb feyerick, that there was another gunman inside. he also did not confirm whether or not there's a gunman outside on the loose at that temple. still a lot of unknowns here. >> rob, when he said there were numerous law enforcement and tactical teams on the premises, the spokesperson, police spokesperson, also said that the tactical officers who appear to be insidebuilding are attending to victims as they go. maybe that is why there is the belief that there could be a second shooter inside that building, especially because there have been multiple reports, texts that are coming from inside, that inact there is a hostage situation ongoing
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right now. so the fact that -- if there is somebody inside that building, and if that second person who was a shooter was outside confronted by a police officer, clearly the plan that they may have hatched is not going as it was expected to. tactical teams appear to be inside. the police officers saying that it is very, very important not to give away the locations, not to be shooting aerials from outside. so what you're seeing there, that is prerecorded because obviously these tactical units, the s.w.a.t. teams, they train and they train and what you don't want is you don't want a shooter or somebody inside that building looking at a television, knowing the direction that the tactical teams are coming from. so these are preshot. this was shot earlier. the helicopters that were in the area were told that they had to get out, leave the area and a second warning just moments ago that in fact anybody who's on the ground, any journalist, any
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media, any cameras, they've got to basically delay the broadcast of what is happening just to avoid an increase in casualties, an attempt to get people out who in fact are injured, the fact the tactical teams are treating folk and attending to victims as they go -- that's a quote from the spokesperson. the situation, rob, very, very fluid. the sikh community at a complete loss why anyone would target them. they are a peaceful community, there are about 400 members to the congregation. when it was packed to capacity. there was an 11:30 prayer service, medication service, and so people were beginning to arrive, beginning to be at that building. a number of children were there. that's a big question, are the children safe or are the children part of the hostage situation that may be ongoing inside that building, rob. >> deb, you just spoke with a
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few minutes back with a former fbi hostage negotiator. one of our affiliates reported an fbi hostage negotiator was on the scene. but as we heard from that press conference from the oak creek police department, they have jurisdiction and there was no word from them whether or not an fbi hostage negotiator had engaged with any gunman inside. have you heard anything otherwise? >> no. and i haven't -- but it was interesting that the police officer did say that as far as they believe, that the situation is contained. so what that would suggest is that whoever's in that building, that it is contained, that there is not somebody else who's running around. police have said if anyone sees anything suspicious, that they should call. but when i was speaking to the hostage negotiator, one of the things he said is that what the tactical unit, what the tactical team will try to do is they will try to slow the situation down.
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whether the person if there is a person inside that building, they will try to make contact so that when they're talking, that means they're not shooting. so that is a big thing that they're focused on right now. again, everybody's sort of waiting outside, families, as you mentioned, earlier have arrived. they're frantic to know what's going on. but clearly, those inside are trying to keep their higd places secret. those who have been lucky enough to hide. but again, just don't know how many people are in there. that's all in play right now. rob? >> this is just a frightening and in some cases frantic scene. we want to go back down to our affiliate reporters, wtmj, who's describing the scene on the ground there. >> and in the parking lot where it is now a staging area command post, there was two to three dozen worshippers from the sikh temple of wisconsin gathering there, trying to get inside,
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being kept in the parking lot. within a few minutes of us being on scene, those people were asked to get in their vehicles and clear out. they are now standing here in this daycare center parking lot with us. we got really very urgently pressed by law enforcement, if you're not law enforcement, we need you to get out of here. that included the media. that included people from the sikh temple who were gathering there outside. everyone has been pushed back and this large parking lot, this huge parking lot for the classic lanes bowling alley has been turned into a command post. we've turned around now to show you the parking lot of the daycare center which has become a waiting area for family members, for other people who attend the sikh temple. it has become a staging area for the media, and whenever we come on the air with you, we do see people gathering around us, hoping to hear some type of
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information but really, they are -- we know just about as much as they know, and as you can imagine, if you attended this sikh temple of wisconsin, 400 to 500 people, a large congregation but also small enough where seemingly everyone would know most everyone else, just imagine how frustrating, how emotionally wrenching this would be as you're waiting to hear word about who's been wounded, who, if anyone, has been killed, who has survived. as we passed along earlier, there was one woman here who was in tears hoping to hear information about her children who were inside. we heard from multiple people who attended temple that children were among those who were inside at the time. no confirmed numbers yet. we don't even think law enforcement have made a tally of how many people were inside but the estimates that we're getting, about 20 to 30 people
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who would have been inside the sikh temple of wisconsin waiting for the service -- getting ready for the primary part of the services of the day to get under way at about 11:30. and this occurring just before that time. and i do see some men in yellow vests here with helmets on and they look to be utility workers. i'm trying to get an idea of where these folks might be from. they are from we energies. we heard there may be some movement to try and shut off gas and utilities to the temple. the reasons not given to us. but that call from law enforcement officers, and some type of movement in that direction to cut off some utilities or all utilities to the building may be in process right now. as we saw those officials from the utility company from wi
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energies making their move toward the police -- >> you're watching coverage from our affiliate wtmj south of milwaukee, wisconsin, where at least one shooter opened fire inside a temple, engaging fire with an officer. that officer taken to area hospital, expected to survive. that shooter was put down outside the temple. police forces are performing tactical maneuvers inside that temple as well as outside. an ongoing situation with victims and hostages still believed to be trapped inside that sikh temple in oak creek, wisconsin. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right. do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course. nature can surprise you sometimes...
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d deb feyerick in new york. potential hostage situation. >> we want to get an update on victims taken to the hospital. chief medical officer at froedtert hospital. what can you tell us? >> hi. we have currently providing care to three victims. one is in the o.r. with multiple gunshot wound to the extremities and face. one is in a surgical intensive care unit after surgical procedure to take care of gunshot wound to the abdomen. and the third is currently in our emergency department receiving care. >> you said one is in the o.r. you said for extremities and gunshot wounds to the face. >> right. gunshot wounds to the face and extremities. >> and the second one again? >> the second one had gunshot wound to the abdomen, has already been taken care of in the o.r. and is now receiving care in our surgical intensive care unit.
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>> the third victim? >> the third is being assessed in our emergency department and apparently has gunshot wounds to the face. >> any of those a police officer? >> not that we know of. we're just focused on taking care of them. we don't know exactly who is who in terms of their occupation. >> you're telling us about their injuries but what about -- does that mean they're in critical, serious -- >> all in critical condition. >> all in critical. what time were they brought in? >> they all came in at different times. they started within -- first received about an hour ago. and then about 15 minutes later, then about 15 minutes later. so they were -- didn't all come in at the same time. >> men? men? women? children? what are their -- >> they're all adults and i think -- and all male. >> all male. unbelievable here.
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so -- you said they're all in critical condition. these wounds to the face, can you tell what type of weapon the gunman was using? what type of bullets possibly? >> yeah. no. not yet. >> no. okay. thank you very much joining us on the phone from froedtert hospital. rob, did you have questions for him? >> do you expect more victims to be brought to your trauma center? >> yes -- well, we've heard the scene is still unfolding so we are prepared for more. we have ten o.r.s and 15 aicu rooms ready to go. >> describe that scene. doctors and nurses standing there at the ready. you obviously have other patients coming in from other emergencies in the area. but in a situation like this, are there special preparations that are being done -- >> there are. we have regular training exercis as this as a level one trauma center. we were well prepared. our trauma surgeons are here waiting. our operating and nursing staff
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are also here and waiting to take care of anymore victims. >> i ask this question to your colleague last hour regarding other hospitals in this area. do you know -- your colleagues in other hospitals, have they taken in any victims or what are they doing to prepare for that instance? >> right. this is a well choreographed collaboration with all the local hospitals. some of the other local hospitals have received some victims. we don't exactly know numbers. >> i'm going to ask you to stand by. our affiliate coverage is speaking live to someone. >> my dad is out and at the hospital and we're just relaying information back and forth and trying to get as much info as possible. >> what, if any, have you learned from him about what transpired inside? or from your mother? >> so the most i can learn -- or the most i know as of now, there are multiple shooters, there's
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multiple people. it was a very well coordinated thing. it wasn't haphazard. i think that's why police an everybody are taking the proper protocol to get the situation under ontrol. >> not trying to jeopardize anything and describe what's happening currently, but as far as your mother, she was at the time we spoke at one point hiding. did she give you a sense for how many people, at that time at least, were hiding? >> the sense over there was when she started hiding in the closet, she didn't know how many people were out there so she just kept saying "they" are out there, "they" are out there. and she kept hanging up the phone every time she would hear something. then at one point we heard that the movement went towards the kitchen and releasing of gas an stuff like that. >> you have been throughout the morning in conversations with people who are gathered here who are obviously anxiously awaiting
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word. perhaps as you and i talk, we can give people a sense for what it looks like in this staging area out here as people gather anxiously await word. we can see people looking at their phones, getting information, talking to each other but have you a unique n perspective. what is the kind of news that people are getting here? >> so the kind of news everybody's getting is i mean phone calls from india, phone calls from new jersey, california, everywhere where people inside who have been shot or who have been hurt have been able to call out. and so we're trying to piece together all of that new-age information to get a clear, concise story. as soon as we get to the eyewitness -- the eyewitnesses are right now with the fbi, which they should be so that the proper protocols can happen. as soon as we get information we relay it to the fbi. >> as you guys get information, you relay to the fbi. they right now are talking to the fbi it sounds like here on scene. there are other victims that
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you've been made aware of who have been taken to hospitals. we've been told at least two taken to froedtert hospital. any word on how your father is doing? >> not yet. not yet. we're trying to track him down. i think if certain people are being triaged for information before they are released. we're trying to figure out if he's one of those people. >> i think it is worth reviewing just a bit of perspective for folks who may just be joining. this is an area that sounds like has not been the target of attacks, not even perhaps been the target of threats. certainly no one would ever expect an attack but this is exceptionally out of the blue because there wasn't any sort of warning, sounds like that you're aware of, was that any of this was going to happen. >> the hardest part about this -- it's a lot of information so it's really hard to say. post-9/11, a lot of sikhs were attacked because we wear turbans and we have lock beards and
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afghanis look like us, and we look at afghanis. the threat is always there. we know that threat but we're a very peaceful community, here in milwaukee especially. we bring in a lot of people to give meditations and normal sessions and today was very, very much out of the blue. >> what would have been happening around, say, 10:00 on a typical sunday morning? that's when it sounds like this shooting took place. >> so typically at about 10:00 a.m. people are coming in. everybody's allowed in before. everybody's allowed in. there's no discrimination so people come in. it is an open session and you relax, sit cross-legged and meditate and listen to teachings or prayers or sermons. that's exactly what would have happened. a lot of things happen that. the children's school would start, the ladies would come out and a lot of other things would happen. at about that time -- i'm going to approximate -- about 90 to
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100 people would be there. later in the day would be a lot more. it would be three to four times that. around then you would expect. >> as far as age, would a school have been any sort of -- i know there is a language school that meets here. would that have been in session during that time? >> no. they start at about 11:30. my cousin's a teacher. the thing about this temple specifically is our family, like all the close-knit families that came together in the '80s to milwaukee started this as a form of having a south side presence and being able to gather all the blue collar indian workers together under one temple. so it's -- my dad is the president of this and he's been the president ever since it's opened and he's the political arm and the priest -- i mean it was scary because the priest pick up his phone and called me and the priest started speaking in like full punjabi and saying your dad's on the ground and being shot and nobody can get to him. he was really worried. >> did he describe anything ills
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going on? >> at that time he did say there are multiple shooters and that they are caucasian decent. but again, like there's so much information and so much like did shall i don't want to confirm anything anybody something else says it because it is also tactical. >> thank you so much for continuing throughout the morning and now afternoon, too, to relay information to us. we look forward to continuing to hear from you. again, our thoughts with your family and wishing them especially your father there, a full recovery. so thank you. we'll check back with you soon. you hear the latest here. i want to show you if we can -- without zooming in to anything in particular, but just to give you a sense for some of the law enforcement presence, it may be hard to get a view through the cluster of people here, but this appears to be two fire personnel or rescuers walking back and forth. we've seen that taking place for the last several hours. a huge response here from all over the area. one of the things that law enforcement mentioned when they were briefing us not -- >> i'm don lemon at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. you're looking at continuing
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coverage from our affiliate wisn. continuing coverage on cnn, 2:22 in the afternoon here. what my colleagues rob marciano and deborah feyerick have been covering this, three people at least we know have been shot and are hurt in the hospital now just south of wisconsin -- oak creek, wisconsin at a sikh temple there. there were shots this morning earlier at 10:25 local time, they're on central hospital. speaking with the local hospital, froedtert hospital, a level one trauma center. they said three people were there, all in critical condition, some of them had been shot in the face and also gunshots to extremities. you were listening to a young man there, rob, whose father was inside the church. he said his mom, he believes, is still inside of the church. he said he believes his dad is a victim of this. the priest in the church picked up a phone and called him and started relaying information to the people who were outside but of course, they're being as careful as possible about the information that is released
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because it is an ongoing hostage situation, they believe. a police officer did confront gunman, shot the gunman. all police are saying is that he took the gunman down or, or she, that police officer took the gunman down. they're not saying the gunman is dead at this point, but when you say took the gunman down, that would lead you to believe that he is -- or she, the gunman, is probably dead but we don't know that again at this point. we know three people in the hospital, many more could be wounded. we are following this developing situation. don lemon, rob marciano, deb feyerick back on the other side of the break with our continuing rolling coverage. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity... to drive a car filled with as much advanced technology as the world around it. with the available lexus enform app suite, you can use opentable to make restaurant reservations... search with bing... and listen to pandora. presenting the 2013 lexus gs, rx and the all-new es, the leading edge of the leading edge. during the golden opportunity sales event,
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welcome back to our continuing coverage of this shooting at the sikh temple in wisconsin. i'm here with rob mars yo know. our deb feyerick is in new york, following developments as well, and she has been speaking to law enforcement. deb, rob is going to speak to someone now who has been talking to victims. i just want to tell our viewers that what we know, at least three people who have been shot inside of this temple in critical condition, in the hospital. two weeks after we had another
11:28 am
big shooting and now we have this. we're following it for you. we're going to continue to cover this until we get some resolution here and find out exactly what's going on. rob and deb feyerick here. >> it's just a frightening scene that's happening right now. we are told until ambulances are allowed to go towards the temple, this scene is not clear. it is not secure. that is what we're waiting for. police tactical units are inside and outside the building. one gunman was shot and is down outside the temple but there could be one, possibly more gunman still inside. that facility is a 2,000 square foot facility with a congregation of at least 300 people. the chairman of the national sikh organization which is the religion of which they worship in that temple. mr. singh, if you can hear me, my condolences, horrifying day
11:29 am
for your community there. what can you tell us about that church and i understand you've been speaking with some family members who belong to that church or temple. mr. shiningh, can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you now. >> once again, my condolences to your family and community as to what you're enduring, a horrifying day for sure. as member and chairman of the national sikh organization you know this temple. you know the congregation. i'm told you've been speaking with some family members of the congregation. what kind of information can you share with us now? >> well, the information that i'm gathering from people who are in touch with some of the relatives there or friends there and i just talk to one of the board members who was on their way to the sikh house of


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