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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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top of the hour. i'm alina cho in for brooke baldwin. president obama says the nation needs to bring together leaders of all kinds. moments ago he spoke about the sikh temple in the oval office. obviously we're having some technical problems. we're going to get to the president in a moment. first to the investigation developing now. police are searching for man who showed up at the scene of those sikh temple shootings. federal agents released this picture saying they want to talk to this man, a person of interest, but did not call him a
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suspect. >> have any reason to believe there was anyone else associated with this shooting. that said, we're going to continue to work and if there is anybody, we will identify them. we, i do want to note we have one person of interest and this photograph will be available to you all today. this person is not identified as of yet. we would like to identify this person and talk to him. he is just a person of interest at this time. >> police say it was this man, 40-year-old wade michael page, who was the lone gunman who allegedly open fire inside the sikh temple in suburban milwaukee on sunday. take a look at this. neighbors tell cnn that these are pictures of page performing in what's being described as a far right band called "end
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apathy." you found out so much about this person. >> and finding out he was a fairly big deal in this white supremacy music industry. the splc, which tracks hate groups online, tries to keep track, says they have been following this man since the year 2000 when he appeared on the music scene. he hand his own band called "end apathy." >> this is an incredibly violent scene. it's a subculture of very extreme violence. he existed in a world of skin head concerts in which people are routinely beat up. sometimes killed. often merely for looking at
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someone's girlfriend the wrong way. >> all right. my question is if they were tracking him since 2000, at what point do they get so concerned that they tify authorities? did that ever happen? >> you're free to hate or do what you want as long as you harm no one else. unless you act on it, you're not committing a crime. the record label was label 56 put out a notice a short while ago saying they are sorry to hear about the tragedy in wisconsin. our thoughts are with the family and frebiends. they say do not take what wade did as honorable and respectable and please do not think we're all like that. if you go on label 56's website you'll see neo nazi symbol, hate
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symbols. the music industry, the music part is where they recruit young kids. >> that's so fascinating. i had no idea this even existed and was so popular. sad to hear that. thank you very much. we know you'll be watching him. we need to move on. i need tell you about a bomb attack in damascus. nobody was injured. the syrian rebels have shown they can strike inside the capitol. across syrian, more than 100 people have died in fighting between government forces and rebels. that includes 30 deaths in aleppo. ben wedeman enter syria where the war continues to wage. he's in the most dangerous city in syria right now, aleppo, the biggest city in the country. he joins us by phone.
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i know you've just arrived there. what is the situation there as you see it. we're in pa >> reporter: what we have seen is pretty steady bombardment throughout the day. jets threw over the part of the city controlled by the free syrian army and dropped two bombs on a heavy populated area. several people were injured if that instance. when we entered the city about ten hours ago, we entered through salahuddin, an area where much is taking place. the bombardment is pretty steady. every four or five minutes you
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hear a large thud, fighter artillery or tanks firing into th the parts of the city controlled by the syrian army. other areas that are also under the rebel control, there's an odd scene of people going about their business. bakeries open. children riding their bikes around. all the while you hear this constant skuds of artillery and other bombs coming in. it's a lot of worry that the syrian government is preparing foreign defenses within aleppo itself to try to defeat the rebels. the rebels are telling us they don't have much in the way of weaponry and ammunition but they have their faith on their side. >> you reported that the rebels hold about 60% of aleppo. you also spoke to the fact that
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people are in some cases going about their business. i'm so curious. so much has been made about the fighting. what about the civilians? how are they making out? >> reporter: they are in the areas controlled by the rebels. it's very difficult existence. we saw small groups of two, three people civilians coming in to recover whatever possession they could. we spoke to an old man carrying black briefcase and a plastic bag filled with jam and sugar. he must have been in his 70s. he said he couldn't take it any longer from the constant bombardment shelling and shooting and he was moving to another part of town to move in with his daughter in an area which he hopes will be safer. there's no part of aleppo that's controlled by the free syrian army that's truly safe. we visited one area where there was relatively little damage but
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we came across a house that had been hit by a huge bomb that was dropped by the syrian air force. two people were killed in that bombing. it shells the shelling and the bombing is random. the civilians are very much in the cross fire. >> ben, stay safe, and thank very much for bringing us that report. nasa has a reason to rejoice today. a more than $2.5 billion rover makes an impressive landing. they call it seven minutes of terror. we're getting new pictures from mars and the rover they call curiosity. are you okay, babe?
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i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. all right. this is worth another look for sure. this is the jet propulsion lab we're about to show do you about a half hour prior to midnight in pasadena, california. if you would, watch and listen. >> touch down confirmed. we're safe on mars.
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>> just another monday. these are engineers, scientists, technicia technicians. one or two wiping aware tears. here is what the celebration is all about. this is ana is a animation portraying one of the biggest successes of the space age. this is not an understatement. it happened at 1:30 eastern time. we're looking at the complex, high speed dissent of a six-wheel laboratory on to the surface of mars. it's called curiosity. as you can see, it made it. joining me now from the jet propulsion lab is doug. great to see you. congratulations. take me inside that room when the rover landed safely. what was it like to be there? >> good afternoon. thanks for having me. it was eltric. that's all i can say. the energy level was fantastic. combination of adrenaline flow
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and anxiety relief. this was a harrowing journey to the surface that we've been working on and planning on for nearly a decade. it was absolutely the most exciting thing i've ever been involved in. >> it was like winning an olympic gold medal as one of your colleagues said. i want to bring in chad meyers who are more of an expert on these types of things. what do you want to know from doug? >> i was watching at home. i know it was supposed to be seven minutes but it seemed to go very fast. was it slow for you? >> it was as you stated. there were so many things going on and they were coming so quickly that those seven minutes seemed to go by in a couple of minutes. >> earlier today i predicted we would find life on mars. i would be surprised if we
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didn't. i even said we'd find some bones. what's the success to this planet thing? what's a success to you? >> you have to know if there was an environment to support life. we found the water. we've proven the water and that's water planet. it's just frozen and locked up in many areas. we see some potential liquids. if we prove that planet could have or still support life, that's a home run. >> doug, i want to ask you, for people who haven't really been following this, this rover curiosi curiosity, weighs a ton. it's about the size of a mini cooper, traveled 352 million miles since the launch in eight and a half months.
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they're saying this moving laboratory is not a human but it kind of acts like one, doesn't it? >> it really does. it's nice. we can relate to it. it gs through the same trials and tribulations with what the weather is and what time of day it wakes up and goes to sleep and what its activities are going to be during the day. we live behind it and we live through it on mars. >> doug, one question. what is the threshold for you to say yes, this planet could have, maybe one day did have life on it? >> i'm not sure it's a single item but probably the biggest one would be organics. if we can find organic compou s compounds, that would really help us a lot. that would take us a long way. we know there's water processes.
12:16 pm
we see clays hills. you couple that with organics, and i think we're going to hit a home run with that. >> doug, congratulations. what a big win and score for nasa. just congratulations to everybody there in pasadena. we're all rooting for you and we'll be watching curiosity in the coming months. thank you. >> thank you. for the team i appreciate it, and for the country i appreciate it. >> that's right. well put. coming up, as speculation heats up over mitt romney's choice for a running mate we may have gotten a pretty big clue. find whoout who is speaking at republican convention.
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all right. welcome back. the republican national convention is a little less than
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three weeks away and now we know some of the political stars who will be speaking at the veneven. it's a showcase of present and past governors. the line up shows diversity. have a lookpresident the first woman and indian american to be governor of south carolina. the first hispanic woman to be governor in the united states and the first african-american woman to be secretary of state condoleezza rice. and john mccain will also be at the podium. political watchers is looking at who is not among the speakers. it could mean that mitt romney is consideringed that person president not on the list, chris christie and tim pawlenty, rob
12:21 pm
portman, marco rubio and paul ryan. today the focus seems to be on romney's taxes but on the back and forth isn't coming from the candidates. here is the deal. the highest ranking democrat in the senate claims on the senate floor that romney hasn't paid taxes for years. suddenly the gloves are off on both sides. we're closely watching this war of words. >> reporter: let's just say republicans came loaded for bear sunday answering before they were asked. >> as far as harry reid is concerned, listen, i know you might want to go down that road. i'm not going to respond to a dirty liar. >> you can't ask me about harry reid. i've been around this town for a while. i like harry, but what hi did on the floor on the senate is so out of bounds. >> reporter: that would be this. >> the word is out that he hasn't paid taxes for ten years. >> reporter: the word was put
12:22 pm
out by harry reid who says a source told him romney zeroed out his taxes for a decade. >> i think he's lying about his statement knowing something about romney. >> reporter: it's pretty jugular even by 2012 hyper partisan standards. >> that's pretty stiff. i think the lead eer of the sene is lying be . >> i think he's making things up. >> you called him a dirty liar. you stand by that? >> i just said it. >> reporter: reid's allegations that he paid taxes for ten years is a mano a mano. they accused reid of being a liar and democrats not caring. >> does the obama campaign have any evidence that reid's charge is true? >> i don't know who harry was talking to.
12:23 pm
the point here is the romney campaign and governor romney can resolve this in ten seconds. they can release the returns. >> do you have any proof that mitt romney paid no taxes in? >> no. he could give us the proof that he had paid taxes consistently. >> reporter: if the president or his chicago re-election team wanted the senator to back off his accusations they'd ask, but they haven't and they won't. it's too big an opportunity. >> is that something that chicago has encouraged? do you want him to stop? >> i don't think anybody controls harry reid. >> if you asked him to stop, he would. >> put the tax returns out. >> reporter: republicans say voters are interested in their own tax returns than in mitt romney's. democrats are in no hurry for this conversation to end. every minute spent on this is a minute republicans aren't on message.
12:24 pm
>> priebus said there's no triple down in blackjack but i'll triple down on my comments. police look for a man that showed up on the scene, i'm about to speak live with a dr documentary film maker who is a faithful sikh herself. are you serious? [siri] yes i'm not allowed to be frivolous. ah ok, move my 4 o'clock today to tomorrow. change my 11am to 2. [siri] ok marty, i scheduled it for today. is that rick? where's rick? [siri] here's rick. oh, no that's not rick. now, how's the traffic headed downtown? [siri] here's the traffic. ah, it's terrible, terrible! driver, driver! cut across, cut across, we'll never make it downtown this way. i like you siri, you're going places. [siri] i'll try to remember that. in your car. now count the number of buttons on your tablet.
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welcome back. we have this just into our news room. president obama says the nation needs to bring together leaders of all kind to consider ways to reduce violence. he spoke about this sikh temple shooting just moments ago at the white house. listen. >> first of all, we're still waiting the outcome of a full investigation. yesterday i had a chance to speak to both the governor and the mayor as well as leaders of
12:28 pm
the sikh community in oak creek. all of us are heartbroken by what's happened. i offered the thoughts and prayers not only myself and michelle but the country as a whole. i think all of us recognize that these kinds of terrible tragic events are happening with too much regularity for us not to do some soul searching and examine additional ways we can reduce violence. as i've already said i think there's a lot of elements involved in it. i want to bring together law enforcement, community leaders, faith leaders of every level to see how we can make continued progress. we don't yet know fully what motivated this individual to carry out this terrible act.
12:29 pm
if it turns out that some early reports indicate that it may have been motivated in some way by the ethnicity of those who are attending the temple, i think the american people immediately recoil against those kinds of attitudes. i think it will be very important for us to reaffirm once again that in this country regardless of what we look like, where we come from, who we worship we're all one people. we look after one another and we respect one another. as i said, the fbi is working with local officials and they are still investigating what motivated this individual and as we find out more, i suspect that not only the white house but others in congress and at the
12:30 pm
local level will have more to say. thank you very much. >> those comments were made inside the oval office. the president was signing a law honoring america's veterans. as far as the investigation is concerned, new details released that left the gunman dead. the man you're about to see here is the gunman, 40-year-old wade michael page. authorities leased this picture of him today. n also obtained some other pictures and neighbors tell us that they show page performing in what's being described as a white supremacist band. while police believe that wade michael page was the lone gunman, they are also looking for this man. >> he's an individual who shoed up at the scene after the shooting and was just on scene
12:31 pm
and someone mentioned him to another officer who was out there saying this guy looks suspicious. we're looking to question him. that's pretty much what this is. he left the scene before anyone could ascertain what he was doing there. >> now to a quote about what happened in wisconsin. take a look at your screen. if we really want to unite in response to this national tragedy, we need to know whom we are embracing. for many this means learning about sikh americans for the first time. those are the words of my next guest. she produced a documentary about the persecution of sikhs in america. here is a clip. >> he said you're a cute terrorist. >> we're the bad people. we're the committed that committed this horrendous act. >>some people say i'm from afghanistan. >> i can put a face to what hate really means. >> afraid to leave your own
12:32 pm
home. >> injustice, intolerance. >> terrorist go back to your country. >> i was scared. >> paranoid. >> everyone in this country says turban equals terrorist. >> that documentary was released in 2006. obviously, the words relevant today. valer valerie, thank you for joining us from new york. i want to hear about your reaction. what went through your mind when you first got word about the shooting. >> this is a tragic time for sikh americans and for me. for me that have documented the struggles of my community for more than a decade, i was struck with deep sadness and deep grief. within minutes i become heartened by this ground swell of love and support that phoned into my inbox. my phone was ringing off the hook. people sending in messages of
12:33 pm
support and love. it was incredible. the news is reverberating through everyone sikh american household. when i saw the television screen those are my aunts and uncles, our children caught in the gunfire. no matter what the motive ends up being, we still don't know. right now every expression of support, every candle lit. every prayer, every story, every message is being deeply felt not just by the sikhs in milwaukee but over the country. >> you started working on this more than a decade ago. it was released in 2006. such a huge project to undertake. what was it that inspired you to do this? >> i was a 20-year-old college kid when 9/11 happened. my gndfather had traveled by
12:34 pm
steam ship to california, settled in the u.s. i felt deep roots as an american. i also had fallen in love with the tenets of my sikh faith. this idea of the oneness of god. the commitment of equality to all men and women. this commitment to service that in order to realize god we must serve others. in one instant my community became suspect foreign and terrorist in the eyes of our neighbors. on september 15th, the first person killed in a hate crime was a man my family knew. it was as if an uncle had been murdered. my response was simple. i had to do something. i left college. i grabbed my camera and chr crisscrossed the country. i'm sad to say what happens in
12:35 pm
milwaukee seems as if it's the latest chapter of an ongoing struggle of my community to be seen as fellow americans. >> what has struck me in the hours since the shooting is hearing from so many sikh americans and talking about how they constantly lived in fear of this happening to them. this is sort of their fear realized. is that something you can relate to? >> yes. it's our worst nightmare realized. in a culture of gun violence, in a time when the economy is poor and people are upset and during an election season where some people have learned how to profit from spewing anti-muslim ideologies, this has created a climate where we're fearing the rise of hate violence this year. while we're devastated and saddened, i'm not terribly surprised.
12:36 pm
i am deeply moved that the entire nation is looking to the sikh community right now. i think this is an unprecedented opportunity for people to reach out to their neighbors in bold new ways, to stand up for one another and stand up for what it means to be american to one another. this is why we are collecting messages of love and support and solidarity. if you send your messages to ground, i'll be talking them in person and delivering them to the families many milwaukee in a few days. >> that's incredible. we thank you for your thoughts as a sikh american and someone that has documented sikh americans and their struggles and all of their successes. we thank you for joining us at this terrible time. >> i so appreciate the opportunity. thank you. >> thank you. up next, a new development in the case of a church that apparently refused to marry a
12:37 pm
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a mississippi church that refused to marry a couple because of their race is now apologizing. that church released a statement saying this wrong decision resulted in hurt and sadness for everyone. both the pastor and those involved in the wedding location being changed have expressed their regrets and sorrow for their actions. the groom, charles wilson, calls that apology an insult and an elaborate lie. he and his wife were married at another church nearby. have you ever dreamed up an idea for an invention that you think could make you lots of money but you didn't have the tools to create the product in real life? a new start up is helping you get ideas out of your head and onto shelves.
12:41 pm
the founding is ben kauffman. >> i really enjoy the design and the creative process and pulling little levers there and tweaking little details from a design perspective. what really gets me excited is when i literally, when i hand an inventer their product for the first time. a product they conceived on a napkin and posted on the internet. here i am some random dude handing it to them and it's a real live thing they can buy at target next week. that's the most special. >> to find out about how dreams are turned into reality, tune into the next list. that's this sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. an oscar nominated actress is targeted on twitter. ellen page wants the lapd to
12:42 pm
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it's that time again. on the case targeted on twitter. juno actress ellen page
12:45 pm
receiving violent death threats online and now the los angeles pl police is investigating. the 25-year-old received two separate death threats via twitter. both have been removed. the lapd says the investigation is ongoing. criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor ann remnar is on the case. great to see you. i want to talk about this. page is asked the lapd to issue search warrants. what kind of information can police actually glean from twitter by doing that? >> well, everything about the person that's tweeting. the old i anonnous. you can't just tweet it out there and hope the police won't track you down and find you at the request of a celebrity or anybody else. they can find out what the person is, what their registration is or their address
12:46 pm
or any information that used to sign up for twitter. >> in terms of what might be important, the tweets would be most important. >> right. the thing is as we see more and more with facebook, twitter, comments to newspaper articles or to cnn or anywhere else people like they can say whatever they want and they have free speech. there's limits on free speech and one of them is defamation and the other is a death threat. these people will be found out. they will probably be prosecuted for these or maybe it's one person. we don't know if they have separate accounts out there or anything else. nay can be prosecuted for making these kind of death threats. i had one where somebody threatened me from their work e-mail. i can find them but often times it takes a little more time and effort to find these people and the efforts of the police like in los angeles.
12:47 pm
>> the message is you will be find. >> you will be found. >> i want to move on to the next case. a policeman tasered a 12-year-old girl. it happened at a victoria secret story president you shou store. the police officer was trying to arrest the girl's mother when he tasered her. the girl and her mom are outraged. listen. >> i had fell on the floor and i was like i couldn't control myself. i just kept on shaking. >> he should have had enough control to tell her to get back. i guess he was nervous. >> all right. police spokesman said he believes the officers action wrs justified. he was trying to arrest the mother. is there ever any justification for tasering a 12-year-old girl. >> it's a tough one. it's not pretty and it's victoria secret. there is when you deal with police officeruse of force that it's below use of physical
12:48 pm
force. a taser just drops somebody i defend police officers in my law firm. we had all of our associates tased. everyone except me. it's below physical force. with a 12-year-old, it's tough. it's not pretty when you see et and when you feel it. >> great to see you. thank you very much. wildfires in oklahoma are contained for now. officials are warning of the high risk again today with triple digit temperatures this hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ every mom needs a little helper.
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a lightning strike kills a nascar fan at the pennsylvania 400. nine others were hurt. fans were warned to take cover. heavy rain forced nascar to stop
12:52 pm
the race on the 98th lap. >> i stayed as long as i could, and i had to get out of there. when i left t fire was right at my back door. i don't even know what to think right now. i'm just numb. >> got all the way up the hard bars. it jumped over to the other neighbor on the west, and it dang near took out my whole barn and hay field. our retirement. everything we own is here. >> heartbreaking stories as they get a closer look at a damage from a weekend filled with fire. most of the huge wildfires, we should tell you, have been contained. but firefighters are worried about flare-ups and the
12:53 pm
direction of the wind. the eastern coast of the yucatan peninsula is under a hurricane warning because of tropical storm ernesto. the storm is getting stronger, and forecasters say it will turn into a hurricane by tonight. >> well, mitt romney just had a big month when it comes to campaign cash. look at this. the republican raising more than $100 million in july. that's a lot more than the 75 million that president obama raised. this marks the third straight month that romney has outraised the president. for weeks people wondered about the health of congressman jesse jackson jr. he just disappeared. now his wife is breaking her silence, and she says he is suffering from depression. is there a link between depression and his weight loss surgery? that's next. [ male announcer ] this is the at&t network.
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>> we're just a few minutes away from the top of the hour. that means wolf is here in "the situation room." hey, wolf. welcome back. >> thanks very much. we're basically following three important stories. obviously the fallout from that mass sheeting at the sikh temple. we're going to speak live with the mayor of oak creek. he will be joining us to update on the latest. especially this report that they are looking for a, quote, person of interest who showed up at that sikh temple. we're going to try to get the latest on what's going on on that front. we're also going to obviously be covering the presidential race. the latest developments between the president and mitt romney. there are new developments on that. and there are, of course, as you've been reporting, new developments in syria with the prime minister defecting in jordan, presumably on his way elsewhere. what does this mean for the president bashar al-assad?
12:58 pm
what does it mean for u.s. policy? all that and a lot more coming up. those are the three main stories we're following. >> as always, wolf, i will be watching. thanks so much. his body was just worn out. that's what jesse jackson junior's wife tells the "chicago sun times." her husband is still very depressed. fanny jackson says medical experts are weighing whether her husband's weight loss surgery in 2004 triggered the depression. i sat down today with our senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen. >> so the wife of jesse jackson jr. has broken her silence, saying she believes or there may be a link between her husband's depression and gastric bypass surgery. plausible? >> we had the surgery in 2004, and we looked into this. there aren't a lot of links to depression and gastric bypass. the there are about suicide and gastric bypass. these studies do show an
12:59 pm
unusually high rate of suicide among people with gastric bypass surgery. it's not a huge number, but higher than you would expect. >> what is it about the surgery? >> it's not clear what the link is. there's a couple of possibilities. one is maybe the surgery didn't go as well as you had thought. maybe it gave you side effects that put you in pain and made you unhealthy. being in pain or sick could make you depressed. >> interesting. >> it could be the surgery didn't do what you thought it was going to do. you thought it would solve all your problems, and it didn't. there are many, many reasons. and who knows if there is a link. >> now the wife also mentioned lack of nutrients. what does that say to you? >> she says they're looking into that. it sometimes happens that someone has gastric bypass. there is thought that a lack of nutrients may be linked to depression. maybe that's what she was referring to.