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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 14, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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he slammed into this building and obviously the workers now are trying to get the driver out of the truck. apparently he is still stuck inside. they have gotten everyone who was inside the condo complex out for now. they have evacuated part of this downtown area. trains in the area also have been halted. just a heads. we'll keep an eye on this. live pictures from wbal. now this. we continue on here top oth hour. dramatic video shows the frantic moments after shots rang out near texas a and m university. this medic not only gives cpr to one of the officers but also the gunman. he shot this video on his smart phone. you'll hear what the suspect told the man as he lay dying. that full report is ahead. ncht first, i want to begin with syria. the former prime minister saying the regime he helped lead is on
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the verge of collapse but deadly violence showing no signs of slowing. opposition groups say 70 people have been killed across zir ya tod syria. the relentless shelling is adding to the misery. defense secretary leon panetta and martin dempsey were asked whether al qaeda might be playing a role in this violence. >> there have been reports that al qaeda is present but not aligned with the opposition. i think it's on that basis that they are trying to find end roads into syria but not aligned with the opposition in the way the iranian influence is aligning with the regime. >> he insists the syria regime
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is falling apart. he says he knows this because he saw it firsthand. >> translator: i can confirm given my experience and the position i had that the regimes moral and military has completely collapsed. it's only in control of no more than 30% of syrian lands. >> reports coming out of syria reveal the troubling and even horrible abuse of sexual violence against women and men. it's not like gunfire that you can see and hear in the streets. it's happening. it's a hard subject to talk about. we warn you some of the details of this conversation i'm about to have are very graphic. it's also important that we discuss this. on that note, let me bring in lauren wolf. it's her group that's been documenting sexual assaults inside of syria. welcome to you. i really appreciate you coming
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on. i read your piece. i read a piece in the daily beast this morning. both talking about rape as a weapon of war. sparing the graphic detail, what is happening to these women? >> it's something we're still mucking through and trying to figure out. ror reports have been coming out slowly. we're seeing rape of women, rape of men to sexual enslavement. girls that are injected with substances that are paralyzing them and they are being raped repeatedly. it's horrific. >> it's horrific indeed. you cannot independently confirm these stories and cnn cannot either. i want to read a quote. a woman says her neighbor was
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killed and raped. he asks this woman how shoe now she was rape. she said it was obvious. gesturing toward her groin. the next day she saw naked girls in the hospital piled up dead and bearing obvious signs of sexual abuse. does that corroborate with stories you're hearing and how long is this going on? >> it's been happening since the beginning of the war which was over a year ago. in the analysis that my team has done, we found out that 20% of the women who have been raped have also been killed in our data. these are stoiries that are mostly second and third hand. we can't confirm them now. we can say we're seeing so many pattern that it would be highly unlikely that this isn't happening. something very terrible is happening to syria's men and
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women. it's something that will take a long time to sort through as the stories don't come out easily. there's no reason for women or men to come forward and say they've been raped. it's tough to assess the rape allegations for these organizations such as yours. those on the other side of the battle say it's the rebel who are just trying rain. it's increasingly difficult to track because people don't want to stigma in countries like syria. >> you have all kinds of stigma. in dahfer they are told to build their on hunt and live by themselves. families are entirel shunned when one woman has been raped. it's a way to get at an entire family. officers will come to a home looking for a man who perhaps is
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a free syrian army soldier and they will rape his wife to send a message to him. what incentive does she have to speak out about this. she's not going to get medical care or psychological care. she potentially faces incredible stigma in her own community. >> sadly, this is nothing new. you look at other conflicts. your group still trying to assess rape used as weapons of war in libya. what is, other than trying to cover these stories and try to figure out what's happening on the ground, what is being done to help these women and men? >> is syria through mapping the instances of sexualized violence, we have a multifold. much of it is about figuring out where this happens so we can get survivor services on the ground to try to help these victims. a lot of our documentation is a way to build evidence hopefully as we move forward so if they
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will be international war crimes trials the, we'll have documentation base to start with. also just putting these women's stories on the map literally, giving them a voice so they are not sitting there suffering with nobody listening to them. that's a crucial thing to be doing in the world. these are stories that are too often forgotten be . >> i'm glad we gave them a voice today. lauren wolf, director of women's media center. thank you for your work. >> thank you. a lot more news unfolding this hour. watch this. shots rang out near texas a&m. >> i'm a medic. >> you'll hear from this medic and what the suspect told him as he lay dying. i'm brooke baldwin, the news is now. a monster python discovered in florida sets a record. a mom sees herself on porn
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dramatic video of what happened shortly after the gun battle at texas a&m university. a medic shot the video on his cell phone. he stood by as police rushed this home waiting to help this down constable. this police officer who was trying to serve an eviction note. >> you want me to wait. >> i got a medic over here if we need help. wait till it's clear. >> i'm trying to get his attention. >> we don't know if the house is empty. >> he's been down for like 20 [ bleep ] minutes. >> settle down. andy, is that house clear? all right, go. house is clear.
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>> police say 35-year-old thomas kafall shot the officer. police officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect for multiple minutes. >> officers were contacted and they were arriving to the scene. on their initial arrival they were taking gunshots at them. they returned fire. that went on for several minutes back and forth. officers were able to actually treat the suspect. >> i spoke with the army medic who took that video. i talked to him a short time ago. he's an afghanistan veteran. he said he watched part of the gun battle happen. >> shortly after i figured out there were real gunshots and not construction noise, i could see
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the college station police officer crouched behind the car taking fire. once that happened i informed 911, i went back to see if there was anything i could do and i saw the down constable. i had to see if i could help, but the gunfire kept exchanging so i couldn't get out there. >> let me begin with this constable. we hear in the exchange, you do ask permission to approach. you get that permission. you crawl toward the constable, police officer who had been shot. how bad had he been hit? >> when i approached him one of the fellow officers that had raided the house was trying to talk to him, and he was nonresponsive. i tried to take vitals but i found none. we immediately started to do two-man cpr. >> were there any signs of life? >> all we could identify was a single gunshot to his chest. >> we now later learned he passed away in the hospital.
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all of this happens, you've been to afghanistan. you are a medic. you know what you're doing. not only do you approach this down officer, you then decide to approach the shooter who could have been playing dead. why do that? why take the risk? >> that's not really what happened. i was first on the scene. before the ambulance would arrive to do their job i was working on the constable. once nay arrived they took over and started working on the constable and the suspect needed attention. i was working on the suspect until the rest of the paramedics showed up to start giving their level of care on the suspect. he was handcuffed and brought out by the police. >> he was handcuffed. you approach him and i understand he told you something. he wanted you to relay a message to that officer. what did he tell you? >> right. he did ask me to apologize to
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remember that. another tv sweat hog has died. ron palillo died of a heart attack this morning at his home in palm beach. he was 63. horshak was the member of the sweat hogs known for his goofy class clown antics.
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>> his co-star robert hedges died of a heart attack early this year. in case you needed any reminding congressman paul ryan has made a big slash. here is mark with the facebook cnn election talk meter. mark. >> hey. paul ryan was relatively unknown until mitt romney introduced him this weekend. now he's becoming a household name and people on facebook are taking notice. 160 million people are on the world's largest social network. cnn is teaming up to present the talk meter around a specific person, specific topic or an event. if romney is looking to create chatter with his vice presidential pick, he did it. paul ryan is the most buzzable politician on facebook.
12:20 pm
why is he? facebook looks at the increase in chatter around the person as well as the number of people who like their fan pages. to give you some perspective about how popular ryan has been in the past couple of days, he's just one point below what michael phelps reached when he became the most deck raorated olympian. ryan's fan page has grown from zero to over 500,000 in the past few days. the average person that like president obama's fan page, probably no surprise, 28 years old. mitt romney 46, paul ryan 43. gender is pretty much split down the middle. check this out right he.
12:21 pm
63% of paul ryan's fans are men. 37% are women. this is all interesting data that cnn is starting to analyze. if you want to see more of it, go to >> got it. thank you very much. now to new york. the new york stock exchange, the control room of the financial world. today, for some reason, a vampire rang the bell. yep, the man on the right is the teen heartthrob from twilight. my first is why? why him? >> rob pattinson wasn't here to talk about his girlfriend who cheated him. he wasn't here to talk about that. he was here to promote his movie coming out.
12:22 pm
he plays a financial wiz kid and a billionaire asset manager. the movie has no tie to the nyse. i asked the new york stock exchange how do you choose. they said sometimes things of world or natural interest gets to ring the bell. he was interesting enough. >> shared some ice cream on the daily show and he said just us girls. we can talk about it. the closing bell in about 38 minutes. you have some more celebrities. america's olympic gymnasts are closing. >> they captured their first team gold medal at the olympic games in london. i went out to ask about who rings the bell. the people are the windows to the world of the exchange. sometimes there's a tangible tie for the exchange.
12:23 pm
other times it has to involve events that impact the world. i'd say olympians like these will impact the world and more olympian will be ringing the bell later this week. >> i was talking to jordyn weiber last week and was so excited. chr chris christie in his own word, next. [ male announcer ] the perfect photo... [ man ] nice! [ male announcer ] isn't always the one you plan to take. whoa, check it out. hey baby goat... no that's not yours... [ hikers whispering ] ...that's not yours. [ goat bleats ] na, na, na -- no! [ male announcer ] now you can take a photo right from video, so you'll never miss the perfect shot.
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and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. we noticed just a little while ago, and we talked about this with peter hamby that paul
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ryan seems to be firing up the base. i want to play this clip. this is the reception he got this morning at this appearance in denver. joining us is washington correspondent for the new yorker magazine. i read it through twice now. this is just fascinating. i want to can because the date on this is august 6th. we know they knew august 1. did you just get lucky on the timing of the profile? >> i got lucky. i did not write the piece assuming he was going to be chosen as romney's running mate.
12:28 pm
i wrote the piece trying to think through what president romney do if he were elected and the idea if you want to understand that, if you want to understand what the republican party is all about, paul ryan is the guy you have to understand. i noted in the piece he was a long shot to be romney's running mate. to be totally honest -- >> you were shocked. >> i was shocked. the more i looked into it, the more i thought about what he brings to the ticket, the more i thought it was less likely he would bring him. i continued to be pretty surprised. i think this debate pef had the last couple of days is why. the whole campaign is at a discussion about entitlements and fiscal issues and medicare. i didn't expect that's where the romney campaign wanted to be at this point. >> that obviously is where they are.
12:29 pm
romney now is having to respond to ryan's plan. my question is when is the last time you had a potential present who's had to respond to a barrage of questiong autl vicep licy? this is the thing. caus of romney's lack of definition on policy and partly out of -- that was a strategy. he wanted to be light on policy specifics because he wants to keep the focus on ama's failed record. it's a pretty classic strategy if you're taking on an incumbent. the vacuum gets filled by ryan's policy basket. ryan is a guy that's defined by his policies and ideas. it's not just this guy from wisconsin, it's all of his ideas and his budget plan that come along with him. the romney people knew that.
12:30 pm
they're out there on offense trying to deflect the criticism on medicare. when was the last time the debate was about medicare that the republicans won that debate? it just doesn't happen. it's an issue that democrats own. >> also like clarifying with they both stand now. i think romney has this 55-point plan, more or less and you have the ryan plan and how they mesh. we're watching to see how that gets clarified. paul ryan voted lock, stock and barrel. this is in the front of your piece for the bush policies. it embarrassed him. it drove the deficit sky high. how does he square that? >> i brought that up with him. he told me he was miserable during those years under bush and the republicans that were in charge at the time. the suggestion was that even
12:31 pm
though he was a fiscal conservative, he was forced to go along with a number of votes that contributed in a big way to running up the deficit. he's going to probably need a better answer when he gets into a debate with joe biden other than i was miserable and being a good public soldier. he's getting a lot of criticism in the last couple of days because of that. the tax cuts, the medicare part d, the relief fund -- >> that's all the things that come along with him. final question, 30 seconds. we talk policy. let's have a little fun. we've seen the frat guy picture with the turtle neck. you had this quick thing about his working at mcdonald's and the position he's not supposed to have. >> he told me he worked the quarter grill. he said the manager told him he
12:32 pm
couldn't work the cash rej stgi because he didn't have the social skills. he sort of laughed at this. he said now i'm a politician and been elected seven times but i didn't have the social skills to work the front cash register. >> fun details. thank you. >> thanks. now on to the other rising star here of the republican party. chris christie, the man many pegged to be mitt romney's running mate has been chosen to deliver the keynote address at the republican national convention in tampa later this month. it's a huge honor. the new jersey governor not one to mince words. here for you a brief best of governor christie. >> no matter who governor romney pick, if the people of the united states are not convinced he's not the right man, they're not voting for him. by the same token that went for president obama four years ago.
12:33 pm
you really think that people of the united states said i'm not sure about this obama guy, but i love biden. >> when i landed here today in chicago, i stopped at the airport because i saw the president was going to come on the air to audiocassettalk abou. i said, what the heck, i got ten minutes to waste, why not. >> you have [ bleep ] who put out a statement comparing me to george wallace and lester maddox. some on. at some point you've got to be able to call b.s. on those kind of press releases. you disappoint me on tuesday. >> quiet down. >> you don't do what you're supposed to do on tuesday for mitt romney, i will be back, jersey style. i saw some of these news feeds that i've been watching upstairs of people sitting on the beach. get off the beach and get out.
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you're done. it's 4:30. you've maximized your tan. get off the beach. >> governor christie in his own words. i'm still looking forward to seeing chris christie and so many others in tampa. i'm headed to the republican national convention where republicans are holding the convention two weeks from today. join me, live. of any small business credit card! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice.
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admit it, at some point or other you have googled yourself. when a mother did it she saw something that changed her life. marian agreed to be filmed doing this breast-feeding instructional video, absolutely free of charge. she signed a release. she said the producer told her her last name would not be used. she did this internet search on
12:43 pm
her name. what popped up was website after website of her full name and her lit girl. it featured a woman that looked like her. now she is suing meredith corporation which owns parent tv for breach of contract. had the defendants not used her last name, the creditor of the video would not have been able to link up the breast-feeding video and the pornographic video and her daughter connecting them to pornography. welcome to both you have. my goodness. you think you're doing something -- you think you're going there good deed and then you see website after website of porn. when you first see this, what the heck did you think? >> it really took a second to hit me.
12:44 pm
as soon as i saw it i just sort of froze and felt really paralyzed. i didn't know what i was going to do, where i was going to go. at the time just felt really sick to my stomach, feeling very vulnerable. >> there's these two videos. this instrumental video that you did in which they used your last name and the other is the porn video. for video number one you did sign some papers. i just have to ask, did you read what you signed? >> i did not read the paper. i signed it based on the representations based on what was told to me. >> you're doing this good deed. you don't exactly read it. fred, what is your case against meredith now that we know she signed the release? >> the release is a nonissue. had it been enforceable the court would have dismissed our
12:45 pm
case. they didn't and we're here. >> here is what meredith said. we took immediate action hiring leading law firms and online specials to file take down demands and create positive references. we took the actions even though she signed a release authorizing video across all media platforms giving parents, tv the right to use her full name and holding meredith harmless for any potential misuse by a third party. we're continuing the good faith efforts even after she filed her lawsuit. >> meredith saying they did not wrong with this footage. obviously, fred, someone pirated this instrumental video. can you not go after the guy behind the porn videos? >> let me say it's our position that meredith is responsible because they gave the individual the key by giving and using the
12:46 pm
last name of my client. they gave the individual the key to link her and her daughter to porn. had they done what they said they were going to do which is only use the first name and or her image, they would not have been able to link up the pornography. >> her face would have still been on the video. >> that's true. you would have to view the video in some fashion or form to see her face and say that looks like mary ann as opposed to if you have the first and last name and google their name, you're put in the name you're then able to see the linkage. >> to the point about these video, have you tried tracking down this guy or gal? >> meredith corporation, the producer of better homes and gardens, parent magazine and
12:47 pm
other publications could not locate this individual. even if we tried, it'd be difficult, if not impossible for us to do it. >> we know it's the internet. videos tend to live forever there. how do you move forward? >> it's been really difficult for me. it's been difficult for my family. it's hard to see yourself connected to these things. i feel like there's a new wave for change. with this bringing some awarene awareness, we can bring some change out there and really have these large corporations take better responsibility and care with their participants as well as also bringi inin ining some to the fact there needs to be better laws and protection for people on the internet.
12:48 pm
>> we'll followup. we thank you both. the widow of a man gunned down outside of his children's day care center could face life in prison, but will there be enough evidence to convict andrea schneiderman? we're on the case, next. plap ah ok, move my 4 o'clock today to tomorrow. change my 11am to 2. [siri] ok marty, i scheduled it for today. is that rick? where's rick? [siri] here's rick. oh, no that's not rick. now, how's the traffic headed downtown? [siri] here's the traffic. ah, it's terrible, terrible! driver, driver! cut across, cut across, we'll never make it downtown this way. i like you siri, you're going places. [siri] i'll try to remember that. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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12:51 pm
care. prosecutors say they will seek a life sentence for his widow. earlier this month a grand jury indicted andrea sneiderman on charges of murder, conspiracy and perjury. they allege that sneiderman plotted with her lover, hemy neuman, to kill rusty. he was found guilty but mentally ill. that was in march. andrea sneiderman denied on the stand during his trial that the two were involved. >> i couldn't believe it. i thought i was being stupid. who would think that this would be happening right now? whose boss kills someone else's husband. i don't care affair or no affair, there was no affair, who kills someone else's husband? >> well, now our affiliate out of atlanta wtsb reports the police may have lost evidence against sneiderman. some 1,100 text messages because they didn't initially consider sneiderman a suspect. sunny hostin on the case with
12:52 pm
us. sunny, we've talked about this case a number of times. with the lack of texts, what kind of case do the prosecutors have here? >> you know, i don't think it's a weak case because they certainly have one conviction under their belts. they have the conviction of hemy neuman under their belt. they have now charged andrea sneiderman with conspiracy. and they say they've worked together. and they do have some evidence. they certainly have evidence from witnesses about this alleged affair. they have evidence that she gave mr. neuman, hemy neuman, her husband's schedule for that day that he was killed. and so there is some evidence. but, my goodness, brooke, it's like investigation 101. who do you look to when you have a murder? you look to those people that are closest. and the fact that the police just completely overlooked this woman knowing that there was a connection, that the man that killed her husband was her boss, i mean it's just remarkable to me that they didn't do more sooner. that she wasn't a suspect and
12:53 pm
that they are now missing over 1,100 text messages. who texts that much with their bosses? i don't know about you, brooke, but i certainly don't. >> right. >> so a lot of missed opportunities here. but i do suspect that they have a pretty strong case against this defendant. >> do we know if there is any one piece of evidence that really is a slam dunk for them? >> yeah, well, you never really have a slam dunk when you're prosecuting these kinds of cases. but they do have evidence to support their theory that there was a conspiracy. smoking gun, not necessarily. but there is evidence here. >> okay. sunny hostin, good to see you on the case. >> good to see you. >> thank you so much. and now to this one. where i feel like i might have to avert my eyes telling this story. 165 pounds, 17.5 feet, we're talking about one very large, very dangerous snake. while wildlife officials say they need to get this creature out of the u.s. [ laughing ] not necessary. take the money. i'm not taking your money. besides i get great gas mileage.
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here is a story not for the squeamish. this is one of the largest burmese pythons ever caught. but guess what? this thing wasn't found in the amazon. it was caught right in the florida everglades. and it gets worse because this snake was pregnant with 87 eggs. there are three of them. in florida this is obviously serious business. you have serpent hunters out there trawling through the everglades just to catch the pythons. john zarrella brought us a story of one of these hunters. check this out. >> the next ten miles seem to be the hot spot for burmese pythons. >> reporter: a reptile expert is one of a handful of men sanctioned by the state to hunt down and rid the glades of pythons. an extraordinary move in response to what scientists believe is a rapidly growing threat to the delicate ecosystem. >> it's a large predator. and they're eating basically everything in sight. that's the problem. >> chad myers is on the python
12:58 pm
beat for us today. this thing is 17 -- what 17.5 feet long. how did it get here? >> it was probably dropped off by an owner years ago that couldn't take care of it anymore. the first python they ever found in the everglades was 1979. >> okay. >> there were a few that got away in hurricane andrew. and that was the old myth. >> right. >> and of course some did get away. >> okay. >> but this is a mama. >> obviously, 87 eggs. >> yes, exactly. they now believe there could be 1,000 to over 100,000 other pythons in the everglades right now. >> so when we're looking at this picture of, i don't know if these are scientists. they're cutting it apart and removing the eggs, presumably. >> they actually tracked this thing. they found it, they tagged it. they've tracked it for 37 days trying to figure out where did it go, where are the males? but they knew it was going to be pregnant. they stopped the birth process
12:59 pm
here by taking the life of this python. and so when they did cut it apart, they found 87 eggs. they have never found that many in one python before. that's how quickly they can breed and multipl and multiply. 87 to one literally. >> how many nonnative snakes are out there? what kind of impact are they having? >> according to the florida dnr, they think there are 500 different types of fish or other species not native to florida. now, that includes cattle. there areows that for breeding, but that's one of them. >> okay. >> but 1,300 other plants that are not native. and these things are literally taking over. >> that's incredible they tracked this python for as long as they did. >> yeah. >> and have it. what do they do with the eggs? >> i suppose they cut them apart and look inside. >> hope you're putting your lunch down as we're having this conversation, folks. chad myers, it's been a pleasure. let's not talk about pythons. it was sort soft squeakish