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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 18, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this cannot be allowed to continue. i thank you for your time. i wish you good luck with rehabilitation into normal live and make some music. have some fun. >> thank you. >> take care. >> you too. >> thank you so much. i'm alison kosik for don lemon. this is newark airport, the scene of a few tense moment this is evening. a united airlines flight headed to germany blew a tire on take off and debris flew into the engine. the plane returned with a damaged engine and landed safely. >> joining a revolution trying to overthrow president assad. inside the rebel army insists he is the highest level member of the regime to quit.
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no confirmation yet. indiana police say weather is to blame for a deadly multivehicle pile up this morning. at least 16 cars in tractor-trailer trucks smashed into each other in jasper county. one was kill and six others injured. fog plus smoke from a nearby fire made it tough for drivers to see. former congressman patrick kennedy said his friend and colleague jesse jackson jr. is beginning his journey to recovery. he visited with jackson at the mayo clinic this week where the chicago congressman is being treated for bipolar disorder on erin burnett out front, he is battling deep, deep depression. >> jesse is getting the help he needs and he needs to make that a priority. i am happy he is making it a priority. not only for his own sake, but for everybody whoa is watching who also feels the shame and stigma of suffering for
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depression and a mental illness. >> jackson has not been on capitol hill since march. he was first elected to congress in 1995. wiki leaks founder is expected to speak publicly tomorrow from london trying to avoid extradition to sweden. he is refusing to offer the offer of asylum and is trapped at the embassy for now. firefighters out west are glad to see slightly cooler temperature this is weekend, helping them get an upper hand on a long line of wildfires. california and washington state, people who fled the area are allowed to go back home and see what was spared. >> wait until you see what we are working on tonight. saturday night where most shows dare not to go. >> tonight, spike lee like you never have seen him before.
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>> the kind of interview only don lemon can do. talking politics. >> i didn't drink the kool aid. >> we are not punks. >> and everything i need to say has been said. >> plus, afghan forces turning on americans. >> attempted to undermine the trust. >> ryan gets riled up. >> and you did build that! >> the hairpin turn gone terribly wrong. tonight on cnn. >> first tonight, born in atlanta and now an international star. spike lee fundamentally changed film making and in the process has become a leader in race relations and a cultural icon. he sits down with our don lemon and opens up from everything from president obama to racism. >> there people who say and i heard a number of people say
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this. i think they said it to a number of people, new racism is a denial of racism. >> there is an answer to that this question to whether i have known and seen. this country means a great -- one of the biggest steps in history from president barack hussein obama put his right hand on abraham lincoln's bible. i didn't go for the okie doek. i didn't drink the kool aid. there were a ton of people black and white, brown and yellow, who thought at that moment racism would disappear. abracadab abracadabra, presto changeo, alka zam, poof. why would it just disappear? i never thought that. a lot of people did though. this is going to be the defining moment.
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then when we entered the post racial -- what does that mean? the post racial era? race does not matter anymore because we have an african-american president. come on now. >> what are you saying? >> that it's still here with us. it might be different shapes and different forms and disguises, different configurations, but it's still here. >> do you think african-americans are too sensitive about race, for the most part? that's the first place we look. i said it because i'm african-american. that's not always the case. >> again to answer you, i think that is hard to say african-americans and mean that blanket. everyone thinks the same. i think definitely african-americans think like that.
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african-americans who don't. i think that's something that we get tripped up into a game and the world is one monolithic group. >> one of the harshest things i heard about you recently is that you are a racist. you are a race baiter. >> they go up and getting garlic bread pizza and perry combo. >> fried chicken and biscuit eating monkey. >> bean eating and dirt in the apartment and dirty shoes and -- [inaudible]. . >> what do you say to that? >> my annors were enslaved for 40 years. they called martin luther king martin luther coop. i am not trying to put myself on their level. at any time, the quickest way
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and this is an old trick. the quickest way when they talk about racism is a call to a racist. that is old. >> that's the question i ask you. >> it's old. i am so past that. it's not even funny. i keep it moving. keep it moving. >> really makes you wonder, is there a topic that spike lee doesn't have an opinion about. he feels strongly about a fellow filmmaker. that's for sure. >> everything i need to say about tyler perry has been said. >> next accident spike lee opens up about his film and message to tyler perry. [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing...
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. >> spike lee's latest film leaves audiences speechless. you can get one thing and he looks at his deeply religious summer. spike lee talks about the unique twist in the film and thoughts on the film industry and a topic of contention for him. filmmaker tyler perry. this is you know it's a spike lee film. then you go places i feel you
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haven't gone. everything was different and different subject matters myself and james mc bride, this is how he wanted to tell the story. he is not necessarily trying to duplicate what was done in the past and find different ways and tell different stories. >> this is something that you go oh, my gosh, what is going on. there is a visceral reaction from anyone and if you don't have one, you are not human. >> or you are a monster. >> the twist and the shock. i have been begging people not to get it away. the twist. you don't want that. it's touching.
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what we did is touch and go. that's one of the hardest things. what we did, that's not easy. one of the hardest things i had to film. >> are you sure? think you will regret leaving that in there? >> no, no, no. here's the thing. if you don't include that scene, why make that film? i have been a punk move to not include that. if you are going to go that way, it would have been a punk move not to include it. we are not punks. >> you concerned that by giving it away it may limit the amount of people who will go or it takes away from the experience? >> it takes away the enjoyment of discovery. my man, if i was worried about
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the box office, i would make the black disney. you don't do a film like this when the concern is box office. there is no one flying through the air. people are transforming. there is no special computer-generated effects. there no explosions. i know that people say well, that's not who i want to see. how many times can we keep seeing the same film? again and again and again. red hook summer to me, this film is not new. we have been doing work like this from the get go. this is a continuation of the
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work. observations of the experience from african-americans and contemporaries. the many different and one monolithic group. we look alike and talk alike and we all like the same thing. we all justike the same thing. that's a lie. that's a bold faced lie. >> you have been critical of black film and the production value of some black productions. you believe it is stereo typical. you strive not to do that. what you call prototypes and stereotypes. why are you critical of that? >> number one, i'm a student of cinema. i live and breathe cinema and i'm a professor of film and went
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to graduate school. i am an artistic director and know the damage that they did and the degradation of not just black people, but people of color, women, native americans and hispanics and the damage that has been done to the imagery throughout the history of television and movies. it's simple. >> do you think you have been critical of tyler perry? do you think tyler perry, are you lumping him into that? >> i think everything i need to say about tyler perry has been said. the man is a brilliant businessman and do what he does, god bless him. >> what do you mean by god bless him? >> may god bless him. he told me to go to hell.
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i say god bless him. >> you really think it's that damaging to african-americans and to your culterure and ourcu? >> yes. when you grow up, you don't see your history reflected. it definitely has an effect. on who you are, the way you think you stand in the world. also what can you accomplish? >> you feel that you owe it to the people who came before you to portray people in a fair -- >> yes. we are talking about oscar and gordon parks and van peebles,
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ozzy davis. they made it possible. paul robeson. they made it possible for me to do what i'm doing. >> red hook summer opens in select cities on august 24th. always political and opinionated, don asked spike lee about president obama. >> do you think he lived up to the promises? >> ahead, spike on the president, on the competition and who he said is holding up progress. wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. whatari'm fine.y, babe? ♪
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>> spike lee has always been political and this season is no different. don asked if the prident lived up to his promises and what lies ahead. >> i am thinking about my grandma. she lived to be 100 years old. her mother was born a slave. i am five generations after the slaves. what barack sides true. this is the only place in the world where this could happen.
10:21 pm
america. >> do you think that's the expectation? >> he was the savior. black jesus. i don't care who it was. expectations were i think way too high. what somebody can deliver knowing how politics work and knowing that you have to deal with the congress and in my opinion the congress that solidifies the same. whatever you do, you are blocking that. blocking and blocking. every breath we take, we doll what we can. you don't get a second term. bottom line. if it hurts americans in the process, tell them business. >> do you think he lived up to the promises? are. >> the man is not perfect. who is perfect? my wife and i had a fund-raiser at our house in manhattan and
10:22 pm
raised over $1 billion for him and he has my full support. i will do what i can to help that he gets a second term in office. >> you deserve a second term. do you want to talk about the other side? >> i don't want to. i don't think i have to do that. number one, you have to be -- it's very obvious. plain as day and americans will have to make a choice. you can go this way or that way. there is going to be no in between. >> here won all kinds of awards and known all-around the world. what's next for spike lee. don couldn't let him go without asking. >> as a critic and as a filmmaker, what's next?
10:23 pm
what's next for spike lee? where do you think spike lee should go? do you have a plan? >> right now, this is long-term. red hook summer in atlanta and the rest of the country, august 24th, i have a play on brought way. the first one, mike tyson. >> how did you get involved? >> he did in las vegas. i have known him for 25 years and on broadway. said fine. every show. i have also finished the documentary on the 20th anniversary. a documentary on the bad album. . >> august 21st will be the 20th anniversary at the venice film
10:24 pm
festival. >> don lemon with spike lee. ahead, a homeless man shot dozens of times by police. the whole thing caught on tape. did officers overreact. we will let you decide. >> you are out and about and not in front of a television. you can. you can pull it up on your cell phone like i do or watch it from your computer even at work. go to no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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coming up on half past the hour, let's get you up to speed on the headlines. for the first time in 45 years, dallas, texas is spraying pesticide from the air trying to end a deadly outbreak of the virus. ey claimed 21 lives in texas and made at least 550 others sick. many are opposed to the spraying. the epa said the pesticide is not harmful to humans or pets.
10:28 pm
. >> at least 172 people were killed across syria in supreme fighting, bottomings and shellings according to an opposition network. the syrian military attacked one assistant district attorney using war planes. the great recession is officially over, but the aftershocks are hitting schools. a white house report finds 300,000 education jobs have been lost since the end of the recession in june of 2009. they had also led to fewer school days and larger class sizes. thousands of people protested outside a platinum mine after police opened fire on strikers. south africans are outraged over the violence that left 34 dead. officers were forced to utilize maxim force to defend themselves. we want to tell you off the bat what we are about to show you is graphic and disturbing. video of police in michigan shooting a homeless man multiple
10:29 pm
times. the man's family said he suffered from a mental illness. jason carroll has the story you will only see on cnn. >> a joint investigation is under way into the shooting. amateur video details what happened during the final moments. i do have to warn you that the video is graphic. this amateur video performed by cnn and not made public until now captured the confrontation between six police officers and milton hall, a 49-year-old man who his family said suffered from serious mental health issues. paul seen in the middle of your screen had just had a run in with a convenience store clerk. he was in a standoff with police and holding some sort of knife. female officer is heard shouting. if you listen carefully, paul is yelling at police.
10:30 pm
paul seems agitated, but not intimidated by a police dog. heard on the tape, a witness described what he sees. >> karate stands. >> he appears to take a few steps, everything comes to a head. local media report 46 shots were fired. cnn counted the sounds of third shots on the tape. anthony witnessed the shooting. >> all of a sudden, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. you know? pow, pow, pow, pow, pow and he drops. i was where that blue van is parked in my van. >> tabitha perry saw it too. >> i heard one of the officers say something to the fact where put the knife down or i let the
10:31 pm
dog go. >> do you believe the officers were justified in what they did? >> no,i don't. no,i don't. what they did, there was a better way to do it. i think their judgment was off. >> perry is not alone. paul's mother said police overreacted. >> emotionally i have a lot of pain and i'm stunned. six human beings were standing in front of one human being and fired 46 shots. i just don't understand that. >> on the day of the shooting, july 1st, the police chief defended his officer's actions. >> someone that from our understanding has a long history. not only with police from our department, but with the county. known to be an assaultive person. >> members of the community have voiced outrage about the hall shooting. not satisfied with the police
10:32 pm
investigation into the officer's response. we showed the video of the shooting to city councilman, norman braddock. >> i can see why people are traumatized looking at something like that. we need answers. >> braddock has been critical of the slow pace of the shooting investigation. >> could it be they are trying to make sure they are doing a thorough job? that's why the investigation is -- >> it has something to do with it and it should be a top priority. >> the michigan police investigator would not discuss the case. he told us i can't tell you when the case is going to be completed. the matter is going to be investigated by a police agency, the michigan state police along with the michigan attorney general's office. paul's mother feels she knows the answer to the question of
10:33 pm
whether police used too much force. >> for appeared to be a firing squad dressed in police uniforms. there was another way. they did not have to kill him. >> jason carroll, cnn, michigan. >> now that the justice department launched their own investigation into the police shooting, the obvious question is, did the officers respond appropriately? earlier i spoke with behavioral scientist dr. bill lieu in ski. he trains on how to handle the mentally ill and said the reaction is not that unusual. >> the duration of firing is for a sport period of time and they are going to fire a quarter cond a round. in one second, you have five bullets fired. the duration of shooting was a short period of time. you have six officers firing. usually in this situation, each officer is making their judgment individually.
10:34 pm
so each officer is going to be starting to fire and then ending fire individually. as a group, it's a large number of rounds. we will see what the investigation comes up with for each time of duration and frequency of shot. that's not uncharacter of a large number of situations in which the officers as a group are responding to a threat. >> police sent a s.w.a.t. team with a gun on a high school campus. we have the video and why crews said it needed to be done in the first place.
10:35 pm
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10:37 pm
>> a school apparently under siege boy a gunman. >> people are dying in here. >> most of the us have taken part in a fire drill or two. one school decided to prepare
10:38 pm
for the worst. more than a dozen law enforcement agencies were involved saying education is the first step to surviving what's known as an active shooting. >> police are continuing to scour wooded areas and waterways in a park west of toronto. search teams were called in this week when hikers made a grizzly discovery. a severed head was spotted and then two hands were found in a river. >> the conclusion that they are most likely associated to the foot and the head found yesterday. >> today other remains were found in a ravine east of toronto, but it's unclear if they are human or animal. >> an emergency forced an airline pilot to return to newark airport. a tire on united flight 96 blew apart on take off. the pilot managed to land without a problem. 173 people were on board and everybody is safe at making new
10:39 pm
travel plans tonight. as crimes fuelled by hate are more common, communities draw together, finding strength where they can. muslims know that better than most. their mosque was burned to the ground this month and they will mark the end of the holy month of ramadan at their homes or a convention center rented by the mosque leaders. not how they expected to honor this time. of course the shooting at a sikh temple showed how terrible the crimes can be and more troubling, groups motivated by hate appear to be on the rise. cnn correspondent looks at a troubling trend. >> it's a disturbing trend. hate groups are on the rise. the consequence is violent and deadly. white supremacist targeting sikhs at a temple, killing six worshippers. the hate movement has been basically rapidly rising for a little over a decade.
10:40 pm
>> in 2000, they were tracking just over 600 hate groups. by 2011, that increased to 1018. what changed? some say the changing face of america. starting with the 2000 census that predicted by 2055 less than half of the country would be white. >> if you are a white supremacist and you find that out, it's terrifying because that puts an end to your dreams of creating a white nation in the united states. >> hate groups and hate crimes are motivated by race and religion. 2009, a white supremacist is arrested for fatally shooting a security guard at washington's holocaust memorial. he died while awaiting trial. 2011, at a martin luther king parade in spokane, washington, the fbi finds a backpack loaded with explosives. this man identified as a white
10:41 pm
supremacist pleads guilt to a federal hate crime. this year 14 alleged members of the group american front are arrested on charges including anti-american miliry training and planning a attack in central florida. their ultimate aim is race war against juice, immigrants and other minorities. trials are scheduled for later this year. that brings us back to sikh temple shooter wade page. how do you stop an apparent lone wolf? >> the sad fact is he is one of thousands of people involved in the skin head movement who look like him with the racist tattoos who say vile things about killing jews or blacks or whatever the case might be. he decided to step over the violence. most won't. it's very, very hard to know when it's going to happen. >> unless there is a threat of
10:42 pm
violence, agents cannot arrest them. no matter how hateful the speech. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. >> paul ryan out with his mom and what president obama is calling snake oil, next. a busy day in politics today. [ angela ] endless shrimp is our most popular promotion at red lobster. there's so many choices. the guests come in and they're like yeah i want to try this shrimp and i want to try this kind. they wait for this all year long. [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is back, but only for a limited time, for just $14.99. try as much as you like any way you like, like new teriyaki grilled shrimp or new parmesan crusted shrimp, for just $14.99. [ angela ] creating an experience instead of just a meal that's endless shrimp. my name is angela trapp. i'm a server at red lobster and i sea food differently.
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wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> paul ryan released tax returns for the past two years. it shows he and his wife made
10:45 pm
$323,000 in 2011 and paid $65,000 in taxes, 20% of his income. that is a higher percentage than mitt romney paid in 2011. he paid 14.5% that year. what about 2010? he also paid a higher percentage of his income. 16% of romney's 14.5%. mitt romney took a day off, but behind the scenes he held several private meetings in boston. in florida, paul ryan tackled the issue head on before an audience of retirees and his own mom. ryan said he will preserve medicare for future generations. >> here is what mitt romney and i will do. we will end the raid of medicare. we will restore the promise of this program and make sure that this board of bureaucrats will not mess with my mom's or more
10:46 pm
mom's health care. >> president obama is talking medicare with a different view of course. he made two stops in the small, but critical state of new hampshire,ing audiences that romney and ryan's plans will cause seniors to pay more for less coverage and the budget would benefit the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. >> governor romney's plan would raise taxes on little class families with children by an average of $2,000. ask governor romney and his running mate when they are here on monday, ask them if that's fair. ask him how it grows the economy and how it will strengthen the middle class. they have been trying to sell this snake oil before. >> today marked the president's third visit to new hampshire this year. they will campaign there on monday.
10:47 pm
we are work to bring you the latest news. what we are working on for you tomorrow. >> coming up in the cnn newsroom sunday, a controversial new policy at a denver university where undocumented immigrants can get a reduced tuition. we are seeing a lot of negative presidential ads. how do they stack up to the more notorious ads of the past? a talk with macy gray working hard to maintain her individuality. all that and more coming up sunday. allison? >> thanks. american troops being killed by the very people they are helping to train. we will look at sweeping changes to protect our troops from those who are there to help.
10:48 pm
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. nato commanders are making changes in how they conduct and protect themselves. that's after a string of attacks after officers and policemen
10:51 pm
violently turning on nato forces. details from cnn pentagon correspondent, barbara star. >> at least 24 american troops in afghanistan attacked and killed by afghan forces this year. the top commander, general john allen is ordering massive new security measures. starting with his headquarters, allen ordered all troops to carry their weapons loaded at all times. it's a headquarters visited by defense secretaries and journalists. they were in september of last year when insurgents attack from outside the base. w across the country, afghan forces are turning their weapons on nato and u.s. troops. >> our enemies attempted to undermine the trust. between the coalition and afghan forces.
10:52 pm
they tried to take credit for a number of so-called green on blue or insider attacks that have taken place this fighting season. >> since 2007, 69 americans have been killed by afghan forces according to the pentagon. the military already is used so-called guardian angels, a service member designated to stand watch over others while they eat and sleep. anywhere they might come into contact with afghan forces. >> defense secretary leon panetta is calling for better intelligence and better screening of new afghan recruits. the pentagon is emphasizing the attacks are still relatively small in numbers. >> i want to stress that these incidents which have involved 31 afghans do not reflect the pride and dedication of 350,000 soldiers and police of the afghan national security forces. >> small numbers or not, the
10:53 pm
attacks are taking their toll. one military official in afghanistan who is now carrying his weapon around the clock said everyone is watching everyone else just in case. barbara star, cnn, the pentagon. >> many of us had fender benders. but full-blown wicked rollovers like that, not many can say they walked away from something like this. the two guys in the car can. the woman who experienced her own tragedy and went on to be a cnn hero. [speaking foreign language] >> teen pregnancy is a very big issue. when you go to the slums, it is unbelievable what you see. many of my girls live here.
10:54 pm
you see the girls and they are babies holding babies. >> about ten years ago, i was volunteering at this maternity hospital and holding this baby and he passed away. this teen mother failed to raise the money to cover treatment. four days later, my own son passed away in an accident. i realized i didn't want any mother to feel the same grief that i went through. my name is catalina escobar and i am helping teen moms get a healthy and productive for them and their babies. when we first started at the maternity hospital, we reduced the infant mortality rate. the problem was bigger than that. >> my girls, being pregnant because they don't have a sexual education and many of my girls are sexually abused. when my girls come, they drop
10:55 pm
their babies at the daycare center. we have different workshops so they can develop their skills. [speaking foreign language] >> we are not changing the lives of these girls. if you give them the right tools, they are capable of moving forward. ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. just one remes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.
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. curiosity has us seeing red and a lot of it. nasa is showing off pictures snapped by the curiosity rover. nasa believes the picture show proof of hydrated minerals in the landscape. they also say the landscape is similar to the four corners region of the western united states. dry and rocky like areas around arizona and new mexico. for all intents and purposes, the next two guys shouldn't be alive. yep, that's going to leave a mark. this is what happened when a driver missed the turn at the pike's peak in colorado. as if that wasn't bad enough the
10:59 pm
first time, here it is again in slow motion. both the driver and the passenger survived. asked if the two would race again, both say time will tell. keeping cool in summer is easier said than done for anyone working outside or in a building without air conditioning. one bold mechanic found a way to chill out. >> this is the manliest man wear you can wear. >> david o'brien said he won't work another summer day in pants. he prefers kilts until it cools down in october. they are functional, but he admits he has certain rules for his shop. >> keep your knees down and feet cross and everybody is happy and safe. this is much cooler physically than shorts. now i understand the female skirt theory. >> a restaurant in l.a. is offering guests a 5% discount if they leave their