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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 19, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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at least 26 people have died. there are 693 confirmed cases so far. in dallas officials hope to resume an aerial assault on the mosquitoes that carry the disease. let's focus on one family battling the virus. nick, give us an idea how did the family make the discovery or figure it out that the daughter had west nile? >> they were doing something that they do every day, stand on the porch. it was on a ten minute period that she was bitten by a mosquito. it is the most rare form of west nile virus. her family is very scared. you see photos of jordan connor. we spoke to ebony connor yesterday and she said it is just so vague. the symptoms are so vague that that is what is scaring her and troubling her the most. it is a very difficult time for
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the family. >> the symptoms play peek a boo with you. we were seven to ten days into it. jordan never said she had a headache so when mention of a headache became a complaint of a headache i was very concerned. when the complaint included vomiting the next day we had a doctor's appointment but that night that's when the sedation, her being deeply sdated came in and i took her straight to the emergency room. >> my goodness. >> it is more terrifying for the family because she doesn't fit the mold of who is susceptible to the virus. usually it is infants, toddlers, elderly. she is a healthy 14-year-old girl about to start her sophomore year in school and she has been debilitated by this illness. >> does this speak to the rarity of the form of west nile or does it say something else about the mutation that means many more
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people than we thought. >> the cdc is reporting record cases since 2004. dozens of people dead because of this virus. they are not sure exactly how jordan got this rare form. doctors were confused by her prognosis. it took them three days to diagnose what she had. >> apparently this is impacting the business community, as well. clearly families are afraid about being outside. how are businesses being impacted? >> some businesses are benefitting from it. we spent time on the phone with cbs and home depot and they are seeing people coming in by droves. one pharmacist says everybody seems to smell like off or dete. for places like local businesses. we spoke to a woman at a treatment center in dallas. they pride themsives on lush gardens. she gave us the case of one man
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from california going all the way to pennsylvania because he doesn't want to take the risk of the fears. she seems to be concerned about the media's coverage like we are portraying it as armageddon in dallas. >> it is the hardest hit. >> you bring up another good point. arlington, texas is where the coners are from. the city is largely uneffected by the spraying. when the arial spraying happens the larva are not effected. questions are being asked saying what is the spraying going to do for us? are you going to spray the larva. lots of questions. >> those are questions we can ask the mayor that we will have momentarily. so this west nile virus has taken aim at texas it seems in particular more than half the people killed by the virus are in texas. mike raulens joining us on the
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phone. tell me about the pesticide spraying. has it resumed todayarve being postponed because of weather yesterday? >> the skies are blue this afternoon and we have a good forecast for this evening so we are planning to get four planes up in the air. and we will do the rest of dallas and dallas county this evening. we will go into the early mornings. then we will plan to come back a day later and give us all one more dose of this on monday evening. >> perhaps you heard our reporter talk about the concerns of people in the dallas area have about the larva not being killed is what they have come to understand from the spraying. is that indeed the case? >> no. i think that we're going to be testing this stuff and we have already tested this weekend from spraying we did thursday night.
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and the initial results tha we are seeing are remarkable. this is very, very early on in the process. we are going to get final results tomorrow. but i think the procedures we're going through we really kind of took them from the cdc. the cdc is flying in tomorrow and i think we are going to be in a good situation. hopefully we are at the back end of the situation. it is the end of summer. we won't have as many mosquitoes to deal with. we are taking this day by day. it is a very serious issue. it is interesting we move from -- we shouldn't spray to are we spraying enough. i think we are balancing it out well. >> are you getting any clarity as to why has the dallas area been hit so hard? >> no. we haven't. we are going to have to do kind of a post operation assessment
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on this. we want to make sure we are prepared for next year. we all know that birds carry this virus and we want to make sure that next year we are prepared. dallas had a very mild winter. we had a lot of rain. we were very thankful for the rain because we were part of the drought last year. that combination is going to create higher mosquito population. it really rests with the birds. once we get this thing under control this fall we will get prepared for next year. >> what are you telling people while some businesses are being hit because folks are refraining from going outside, they are staying indoors other businesses are doing well. what kind of advice do you have for people in the city who are very nervous and feel like they are extremely fearful about any kind of mosquito bites? >> this is a serious issue.
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we have had ten deaths. we are the epicenter of this issue. the amazing thing, it happens right in your home or around your home in your backyard and front yard. we have to get rid of standing water. we had a major storm last night. and i asked all the citizens to go out this afternoon and make sure there is no standing water to minimize that. as long as you wear long sleeves and wear dark clothing. don't go out at dusk. that is when the most activity is there. we will get through this. that and a combination of the spraying i think i'm hopeful that we won't let this situation go on for a long time. >> dallas mayor, thanks so much. all the best. >> thank you. thank you. in central texas an early morning shooting in a wal-mart parking lot nding four people to the hospital. a suspect is in custody.
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police say a fight broke out in the parking lot. and one person opened fire. the four victims and the suspect were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. seeder park is 20 miles north of austin. in china antijapan protests erupt in several cities. thousands of people took to the streets across china smashing japanese made cars and attacking japanese restaurants. the aattacks began after japanese nationalists raised flags on a group of disputed islands. this is video of the chinese activists landing on the shore of the disputed islands. no one lives on the islands but they are surrounded by rich fishing grounds. a public university is
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giving tuition breaks to illegal immigrants. we will talk to the university president and the man suing to stop the program. and julian assange, the man accused of rape and publicizing private information in the united states tells america to drop the "witch hunt" against him. and this car made it through a war zone. today the plymouth has a new owner paying almost $1 million for it.
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a new twist to the drama in london. for two months wiki leaks founder julian assange has been hold up there avoiding extradition to sweden. today he stepped out on to the balcony and delivered this demand to the united states. >> i ask president obama to do the right thing. the united states must renounce its wishes against wiki leaks. >> cnn international anchor with us now. he says this is a witch hunt
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against him. so this is less about the charges in sweden and more about what he believes is an afront or assault by the u.s. >> he didn't mention the charges in sweden. what he and his followers believe is that those charges and they are not charges in sweden, they are accusations. they want to question him in relation with two sexual assault allegations. what he says is sweden is just the stop on the way to him to be extra indicted to the united states, just an excuse to get him out of britain and send him to sweden where he will be extra indicted to the united states to face charges for leaking hundreds of thousands of pages of secret classified sensitive u.s. documents from the iraq war and afghan war. the u.s. has not brought charges against him and has not taken action against him. analysts do say that assange could be linked to manning, a
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u.s. soldier who is facing a court marshall over allegations and charges that he leaked secret documents to wiki leaks. >> assange's statements made a plea saying manning should be released. >> he said if bradley manning if he did what he did he is one of the most political prisoners in this world. he should be released and called for his release. >> so what is equidor's stake in this? >> they haven't said why they are working so hard but they believe him. they believe what julian assange is saying that this is political persecution. it's all about freedom of expression and they believe that this is all part of what assange is claiming to be, a way for him to be extra indicted ultimately to the united states to face
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retribution, what assange says is retribution for leaking those documents. they believe what assange has told him that it is political. >> this is a fascinating case. he enjoyed just a breath of fresh air. >> the tiny embassy, not even the first floor belongs to the embassy. it is an apartment building. it is one of the poshest districts of london. he has there one room for two months. if he steps outside british police have surrounded it and they are ready to arrest him. for the british police this is a law enforcement case. it has nothing to do with what he is saying witch hunt. they just say there is an arrest warrant and they have to carry it out. >> interesting. all right. it's a complicated case and we know it is only going to get more complicated. >> tension between two countries over this one man.
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one of the world's biggest
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sports stars apologizes and michael phelps is back in the water but this time it is hot water. mike pesca is here for smart sports. let's talk about this cricket player. this man is known for being a very confident and very controversial. he is described as one of the greatest players in the game. he was caught sending texts to a south african team but bad mouthing his own english team. what gives? >> that transcends boundaries. kevin peterson is a master batsman. he sends texts to pals of him. they are currently playing england so you don't want to text the opposition sentiments like i don't like my manager and i don't like my captain.
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he was suspended for this test match. they are just about ready to lose that test match. these things take 4 1/2 years. they take quite a while in cricket. england is going to fall from the number one ranking. a guy named piers morgan is pals with peterson. there is a fake twitter account involved. no matter how proper you think the sport is there is nuttiness all over the world of sports. >> peterson can't just enjoy the fact that he is one of the greatest in the game and then this? he wants to throw this into it? i don't get it. >> i guess he was venting. he didn't think the text would go public. if you are the south african team you have these texts you are like if i leak these the best guy on the other team is
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out. >> olympics are over. some of us are kind of in mourning. there is a lingering controversy now a provision known as rule 40 that olympic athletes cannot promote athletes for a month. this week a picture of michael phelps was leaked. so who is going to be in trouble, michael phelps? did he violate any rules or especially if it was leaked. >> here is the deal. not louis vuton. everyone is showing this photo. i think they are doing all right. phelps has his 20 medals. they are not going to be stripping him of medals. the olympics guards the imagery with the zeal of a weight lifter. they say while you are participating in the olympics and for like thr days
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afterwards you can't do an ad. for a guy like michael phelps who is big and powerful he and his people can say we shot the campaign when we shot it. we didn't officially release it. you can't blame us for a leak. i worry about the number of shot putters and players way down on the food chain who might be able to get a little nibble. you have to strike when the iron is hot and it is hot right after the olympics. every member tweeted out against rule 40 specifically rule 40 paragraph 3 which has this embargoed period where they can't advertise. i don't know. the olympics were great. the ioc does some good things but try to have this long arm of the law extend possibly into areas where it shouldn't be extended. >> interesting stuff. welcome back from london. he joins us every week at this time. if you like our conversation
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tune in next sunday in the 5:00 eastern hour. a one of a kind concept car once owned by the shaw of iran now has a new owner. the plymouth xmr went on the auction block yesterday in california and sold for $935,000. shows us why this car is so valuable. >> reporter: this is the 1960 plymouth xnr concept car. it is a masterpiece by one of the greatest car designers america has ever had. unlike a lot of concept vehicles this is a real drivable car with a body made from steel. back in the day they had this car up to 150 miles per hour on the test rack.
2:24 pm
>> the xnr sportster is an idea car. its innovations may wellfore shadow things to come. >> after it was finished at show car days this car ended up being owned by the shaw of iran. after that things got murky but somehow it ended up in a parking garage where it was found by a car director who spent years moving it from place to place to keep it out of danger. in 2008 he turned the project over to restorations to fix it up to the condition you see today. >> that is one sweet ride. peter tells us that the auction house has not released the name of the person who bought the car. a public university in the united states is giving tuition breaks to illegal immigrants. why? we'll talk with university
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in louisiana. reports some suspects may have links to a group being watched the fbi. susan candiotti has more from new york. >> two law enforcement officials say some of the suspects in the case may have ties to an antigovernment group called sovereign citizens listed on the fbi's domestic terror website. it does not recognize the authority of law enforcement and furthermore has been known to advocate the use of violence. seven people are charged in last thursday's shootings of four deputies outside of new orleans. two were killed and two were wounded. sheriff of de soto parish says his department had previous surveillance on all but one of the suspects. he turned over his file to state police leading the investigation into the shootings further south near new orleans. about two months ago the
2:29 pm
deputies set up a surveillance for about a week. he says investigators were working on a tip that the men had ak-47s and a lot of ammo in their trailer. authorities never saw the suspect whose were in the process of moving out of state. >> what else are we learning about the suspects? >> well, one of them, terry lynn smith has a facebook page. it includes a photo of smith holding a gun. he appears to comment for all you haters see the snake eye. it is unclear who he means by haters. under political views listed independent citizens whose stated mission is giving government back to the people. sheriff says he believes that group is linked to sovereign citizens. law enforcement sources say it is too early to fully link the deputy's shootings to the extremist group. smith's son also charged in the case has a facebook page, as well. he has pictures where he is posing with guns aincluding what
2:30 pm
appears to be an assault weapon. he is alleged to be the shooter in one of the incidents involving the deputies in louisiana. >> susan candiotti, thanks so much for the update on suspects and where the investigation is going. tomorrow is the first day of classes at metropolitan state university of denver. for the first time dozens of children of illegal immigrants will be able to attend at a much lower tuition rate than they were paying before. the school's board of trustees approve the new lower rate in june. before that the students were charged out of state rates, about $15,000 a year and now they will pay almost half that. their tuition is still nearly $3,000 more than legal in-state students pay, butd the students say the reduction is a huge help. >> i'm as american as my brother who was born here. i'm as american as my friends who graduated from high school.
2:31 pm
it's the equality. they are finally treating us as equals. >> joining me now from denver, the president of metropolitan state university of denver. so mr. president why did you decide to do this? >> a couple of reasons. first of all, we are an institution that predominantly serves people in the metropolitan area. 91% of our students come from the seven county metro area and 97% are from the state of colorado. colorado has the largest educational attainment gap of any state in the nation which means that we have the largest gap between the whites and the largest minority population, hispanics. it is our view that where the state has spent as much as $85,000 in investing in these young people's k-12 education why wouldn't it make sense to
2:32 pm
provide them affordable post secondary experience with no state subsidy to allow these individuals to become meaningful participants in the economy of colorado. >> are there other students offered the same kind of discount because they have financial hardships to the same degree? >> what we have done on this policy is it is really tied to attendance to a colorado high school. and what we said is that any person who has attended a colorado high school for three years and graduated from that high school and remained and immediately gone into college or gotten a ged is eligible for the tuition. so that means someone can attend high school here for three years and if they meet application they can take advantage of this, as well. so it's really meant to focus around people who have attended colorado high schools and who have a high probability of remaining here in colorado and
2:33 pm
being a part of our economy. >> so you said there is a significant number of hispanics in your community. does that many or most of whom would be considered illegal immigrants? >> colorado has an overall population of about 20% of its population are of hispanic background. certainly there is a significant number of undocumented individuals in colorado and in the seven county metropolitan area. i can say since we have approved this policy in june we have 180 new students who have signed up under this policy. and they have had a very, very short period of time in which they could execute the policy or execute the necessary paperwork. we believe there is a significant pool of potential students. it is estimated twl can be at many at 500 throughout the state
2:34 pm
that would take advantage of this. i expect we will see continued growth in the spring semester. >> did this come about to be rolled out in concert with the executive order that the president is allowing for two years of either a work permit or a special condition for some illegal immigrants to continue to go to school? >> there has been significant speculation about that. the truth of it is they were two very separate parallel processes. we knew nothing about the president's executive order when we moved forward on this. having said that clearly from the beginning one of the criticisms had been why are you doing this? because in the end these young people will not be able to get work legally. what the president's executive order has done as it is being implemented is put together both the waiver or stoppage of
2:35 pm
proceedings as well as the work permit for two years and renewable. so for our students who are across the board low income first generation having to go to work to go to schoolal at the same time, this is a benefit for these students because it will allow them to work legally. >> how do you respond to critic whose say that they are planning to sue? we are going to talk to a critic who says they are planning to sue and are outraged because this is a measure that failed in the legislature at least twice before and the university has chosen to go forward with it anyway. >> let me speak to the latter question first. the proposal in the legislature is very similar to those adopted in a number of other states and throughout the country. and it is really to provide, to make these students eligible for public benefit by allowing them to come in at resident tuition rates.
2:36 pm
we have said that bill has not been successful for six years. it is clear that the state has said it is not interested in providing a state subsidy. we have taken advantage of our long standing authority to set nonresident tuition rates and established a specific nonresident rate with a set of criteria for that rate that is much more affordable but still takes out all of the public subsidy and puts in it a proxy for the cost of capital so that these students are providing for that, as well. i would say for those who would say that what we're doing is not correct, we have researched both federal law and state law and i think we are convinced that we are acting actually in accord with the current statutory and federal definitions of public benefit. >> we are going to have to leave it there.
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thanks so much president steven jordan, metropolitan school of denver. there are people who are outraged about this. when we return we will talk to a critic who is planning to sue in order to reverse this policy. you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff. wow! look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ] uh-oh, flobot is broken. the "name your price" tool, only from progressive. call or click today. this is new york state. we built the first railway,
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there is fierce opposition to a move by a colorado university to lower tuition rates for children of illegal immigrants. we just spoke to the president of the university who backed the move by the board of trustees. and now a critic who is suing the school to get the policy reversed. a former congressman and the co chair of the antiillegal
2:41 pm
immigration team joins us from denver. before children of illegal immigrants were charged out of state rates of about $15,000 a year and now the school is cutting that in half, you say that is illegal. why? >> it's an opinion not just i hold but an opinion held by the u.s. attorney here in colorado who issued his opinion about a month ago. it's very clear and it's, i think, when it is presented in front of a judge it will be pretty compelling when he says they did not have the authority, that board did not have the authority to unilaterally do what they did. of course -- >> because it is a state funded school? >> that's correct. and because the state of colorado both in constitution and in statute provides for exactly how tuitions can be set in various circumstances. there is nothing that allows the
2:42 pm
board at metro to do what they did. and that was the opinion of the attorney general of the state of colorado, not just mine. >> when you hear from the president can you hear the compassion that he is speaking to which is many of the students are likely to stay within the state and because they have shown a commitment to stay in the state and as high school students plan to pursue there should be incentives for them to be able to meet those dreams and those needs. >> well, there are a couple of ways in which he can pursue that. one would be to go to the state legislature and ask them to pass a bill that does exactly what metro has done. the state legislature has six times now refused to pass that legislation. it has been presented and has failed. that is an indication that the state of colorado does not approve of this particular plan. but that is one way to deal with
2:43 pm
it. that is a legal way to deal with it. and that is, of course, the only way it should be done. the idea that we can just continue, the president of the united states and the president of metropolitan state university and his board can just say we really don't like these laws. they are on the books but we think we can get away around them. let's try to do that. if the state legislature has turned us down let's do it anyway. what is left? what kind of a country is it that you can do this? a college can do it and a presidenticate do it by signing executive orders. somewhere someone has to say this is not right. it is illegal what do you tell all of the people who have come here the right way? how do you explain this? that they spent money, time, to wait in the line.
2:44 pm
why? if you come into the country illegally you will be given all of the benefits jow gotten. it is not fair. it is simply not fair. >> at what point, what is the time table for your lawsuit or for the attorney generally's offices pursuit. >> i don't know what the attorney general's office is doing about it. we are looking at certainly doing something within the next several weeks. >> thanks so much for your time joining us from denver. >> thank you. we are going to be catching up with a trucker turned triathlete. that story ahead. so we invented a warning you can feel. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with a patented safety alert seat. when there's danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat. it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class.
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my brother doesn't look like a heart attack patient. i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm a fighter and now i don't have that fear. we are just a month away
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from the nautica triathlon. today we get to see how things are coming along for a truck driver who is one of the lucky seven. >> a lot of people have busy lives. you just drove 800 miles. is that right? >> yes, sir. >> and fitting in time to exercise must be challenging. >> it is really challenging. it is a thing where i can't wait to find time. i have to make time. i stop at the truck stop for fuel before i go to bed or when i first get up. by the time my day gets going i don't know where i'm going to end up or stop at or what the situation will be. this is a time to do something. >> when we are in hawaii swimming you and i talked about this briefly. we said if you don't feel comfortable or safe by the time the triathlon comes around we don't want you to swim. >> exactly. >> we are six weeks out, what
2:49 pm
are you thinking? >> at the time i was thinking to have gone through all of this and get to malibu and not be able to swim that would be the biggest let down. that nudged me to start concentrating and asking people questions. >> you think you want to do the swim? >> i believe i will be ready to do the swim. >> you were displaced after katrina. >> yes, sir. >> and then you moved and you made your life there after that. >> i did. >> there is a church, lower ninth ward that asked you to come back and be their pastor. >> they have. >> i thiheard that today. that is an honor. >> i feel really honored. it has been quite an experience. we had a chance to have the service there. >> it is being rebuilt. >> it is being remodelled. >> you did the service outside? >> we did it inside. i got an extension cord and ran
2:50 pm
it to the breaker box and all the lights came on. let there be light. >> i love it. it is always great to see you. i feel job when i get to talk to you. i feel like we're actually making an impact. >> i feel great being associated with you and the team. >> we're rooting them on. if you'd like to follow glen and the other teammates' progress as they lead up to race day, go to website website. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. people don't like to miss out on money that should have been theirs. that's why at ally we have the raise your rate 2-year cd. you can get a one-time rate increase if our two-year rate goes up. if your bank makes you miss out, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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you would probably recognize her one of a kind sound or this smash hit. ♪ i try to say good-bye and i choke ♪ ♪ try to walk away and i stumble ♪ >> macy grey is touring the u.s. she also has a movie coming out. i spoke with her about her new album and what's next for her. >> you really seem to drive your own ship as it pertains to music. you have a distinctive style. when you say you want to try something new and different, i
2:54 pm
want to compile an incredible arrangement of music, you do that. >> uh-huh. >> how did this come about? that really does showcase this latest album. >> i have always wanted to do a cover album. so i was actually listening to these covers where you take rock and roll songs and turn them into incredible songs. it's my own challenge. we did all my favorite rock covers and then turned them into a soul album. >> how did you pick these selecti selections? were these songs that make you feel a certain way? a certain message about them? or is it the artist behind the selections of music? >> i definitely wanted to pick a style of music that was far away from what i do. so we got into like metallica.
2:55 pm
but i'm also a big fan of those artists and their music and ultimately though, it was the lyrics. like songs i felt i could sing them and mean it. like it would sound honest coming from me. that was the main thing. something i could really put my heart into lyrically. it's the only time i feel completely at home is on stage. >> this seems like a big year. you have yet another album production coming out. tell me about that. >> we're doing a remake album. so we did the covers. so we were like going back and forth with all these albums. one of my favorite is by stevie wonder. and it happens it's the 40th anniversary of that album. so it was perfect to do. we just finish ed it last night
2:56 pm
splp that's a bold move to touch anything stevie wonder. intimidating at all? >> yeah. completely. i feel complete ly inferior evey time i listen to his records. >> have you heard from him or reached out to him to let him know that you're doing this? >> i called a couple times. he's not the easiest guy to get in touch with. hopefully he'll call me back. >> then you have a movie coming out. you are not new to movies. we have seen you in "training day." what's different about this one? >> it's the new lee daniels movie. he's such an awesome director. it's a story that no one has ever told before. it takes place in the south in the '70s. it's very different. it's very dark and interesting. there's a lot of sex and love and mystery and murder in it. it's pretty awesome. >> what do you like about your
2:57 pm
character? >> well, she's very -- i play a housekeeper. one thing i learned in this role is that the people that work in your home are very observant. they know what your underwear looks like so she's someone who knows everything without telling everybody. >> it seems though you're able to be very loyal to who you are. you being very loyal to the macy gray that first came on to the scene. it's very hard in the industry of hollywood whether it's music or movies. is there a secret behind how you're able to hold on to that? >> i really don't know any other way. that's the first time i ever even thought about it. you know, i just -- i love what i do. and i really don't know how to be anyone else. you know what i mean?
2:58 pm
>> we're glad she is just who she is. besides working in music and film, she's also an activist. she recently performed at st. jude research hospital. that's going to do it for me. have a great week. much more of the newsroom straight ahead. straight ahead. have a good evening -- captions by vitac -- . a mighty machine, and plain old ingenuity to go where no fifth grader had gone before. ♪ and she flew and she flew, into the sky and beyond. my name is annie and i'm the girl who dreamed she could fly. powered by intel core processors. ♪ powered by intel core processors. ♪
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