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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 22, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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south korea, people put on gas masks and run out of a building as part of an exercise. >> and people sitting on the sidewalks of paris. police have been arresting them and deport iing them to romania and deport iing them to romania and bulgaria. -- captions by vitac -- i'm suzanne malveaux and this hour in the "cnn newsroom," voters in the battleground states listening to mitt romney and paul ryan and the president, and they are all speaking live this hour. the government says that it has shutdown a beef slaughterhouse after seeing video of inhumane treatment of cattle. and a federal judge rules that poker is not gambling. really? let's get right to it. a man accused of making threats against president obama is expected in court this afternoon.
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secret service agents arrested this man in his apartment in suburban seattle yesterday. and the investigation started when the fbi contacted the secret service about what they say are alarming e-mails. no word on the exact threat made, but agents say when they went to his apartment, he was armed with a shotgun. they say he made comments about the explosives, but the bomb squad didn't find anything. missouri congressman todd akin defies the republican establishment. he is ignoring calls for party leaders to drop out of the u.s. senate race. he has apologized for the comments about what he called legitimate rape. in an nbc interview, akin tried again to explain the remarks. >> a legitimate does not, and shou not -- should not be in th context of rape at all, and that is completely wrong. what i understood that i had been offensive to people and that i had misspoken then, i first off apologized. i think that is appropriate. and that's because that word
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just doesn't belong. there is no rape that is legitimate. it is a heinousrime, a ond one of the most serious and i understand that the victims are harmed for a long time and i take that very seriously, and while i apologize for the misuse of the word, at the same time i don't apologize for the fact that i am strong in my belief of pro-life. >> you misused a word and then you compounded the problem by getting the medical facts just plain wrong when you said na in the case of a forceable rape that a or a legitimate rape a woman's body has the ability to shutdown and avoid pregnancy. that is just not true. >> that's correct. that is not true. i was misinformed and i recognize that. >> dana bash is joining us from washington. and dana, first of all, realize that akin is not budging and talk specifically about his race and then broaden it out. does he think that he has enough
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support to win? >> he says he has support from the small people and by that he means the voters in the state of missouri and whether or not that is true is another question, suzanne, but what he has on his side are the demographics of missouri. he is a devout evangelical christian and in the last election 39% of all voters in missouri considered themselves evangelical and if he can get those voters, then he can get the majority, but now handicappers of all of the races think that at this point he would more likely lose and a few days ago, other way around. >> and akin says he will abide by the party's request by not at the ending the party convention and otherwise he is moving forward and how is this playing out, dana with the mitt romney and even the personal plea from paul ryan for him to get out of the race. have they resolved that and the romney and the ryan ticket moved on to try to essentially ignore him now or what happens with that? >> at this point it looks like they are trying to ignore him
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publicly, and they are done with what they did with the public statements calling on him to get out, because it didn't work, but you mentioned that paul ryan who is of course a house colleague of todd akin and called him and tried to get him out of the race. listen to what akin said about that conversation. >> yes. paul ryan did give me a call, and he felt that i had to make a decision, but he advised me that it would be good for me to step down. >> and what kid ydid you say to? >> well, i told him i would be looking at this very seriously to try to weigh all of the different points on this, and they would make the decision i because it is not about me, it is about trying to do the right thing and standing on principle. >> and suzanne a senior republican source told me earlier today, that at this point, they are going to have the grind it out for now, see how much akin can raise, because as we have been reporting the party has frozen him out of the money, and the outside groups and important ones like karl rove's crossroads is also not
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giving him money, and the question is how much he can sustain from grass roots activists who are annoyed at the party for bailing on him. >> and we know that romney and ryan are obviously trying the focus on the economy and jobs and now the republicans are getting themselves caught up in this abortion issue. how much of this, dana, reflects the party split within the republican party of the power of the fiscal conservatives like romney and ryan and the social conservatives like this jentslemjents gentleman who is running in missouri. >> well, it reflects a lot of reason republicans who have very strong anti-abortion views and paul ryan is a fiscal conservative, but it is putting a spotlight on his social views as well, and he would not go as far and denounced that the terminology that todd akin used, but he has supported some abortion, anti-abortion bills with him in the past. but to answer the question, this
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is very, and the republicans are candid about it that i talked to. that this is very damaging to them, because they have been trying to focus on the economy and they have been trying to get more women into the fold. i just talked to two women who are down in tampa getting ready for the convention, and the republican congresswoman marsha blackburn who is anti-abortion and republican who is for abortion rights and both of them, both of them admitted that it is going to be very problematic for getting the swing voters and the other thing they pointed out interestingly is that women tend to be the last to decide who to vote for, and that is not good if they don't separate mitt romney and paul ryan and other republican candidates from todd akin. >> that is a popular expression that my mom says all of the time, you have the right to change your mind. so there you go. thank you, dana. appreciate it. just days before the start of the political conventions, and president obama and mitt romney locked in a neck and neck race and this is a new nbc
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news/"wall street journal" poll, and the obama teams leads romney and ryan 48% to 44%, and that is within the poll's sampling error so the president is on the campaign trail right now, and mitt romney is also speaking at a rally later this afternoon and we will go to both of the events live. we are learning more about the lineup of the female speakers at the republican national c convention and the list is eva longoria who is a campaign manager and sandra fluke, and caroline kennedy, and also ce l cecile richards and lilly ledbetter. and also, paul ryan is invited to be in the tampa republican convention and -- joe biden
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joked with those that he was on the lineup. >> my colleagues next week anderson cooper and erin burnett and john king with his magic wall, and beginning september 3rd, i will be anchoring live from the republican national convention in charlotte, north carolina. here is what we are working on this hour. we could have a hurricane in the gulf of mexico by tomorrow. we are watching all of the possible scenarios and including one that could affect the national republican convention in tampa. the cdc says more people have died are the west nile virus, and we have the new numbers and plus what you can do to protect yourself. and 63-year-old swimmer diana ni yad says it is no about winning all of the time, but it is about living your life passionately and hear her motivating words.
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some coal burning coal plants can continue to run overturning a ruling from the court saying that the environmental protection agency had overstepped the power by
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asking coal power plants to limit nitrous oxide emissions. and this will affect 20 eastern states as well as texas. we have severe weather coming and a major storm about to beat up the caribbean and might head for the united states. we are bringing in chad meyers to talk about this. is this a hurricane yet? where is it headed? >> it is into the caribbean tonight, and not into the gulf of mexico for days and not until sunday or monday if it gets that far, and many of the computer models are turning to the right and the east and maybe heading it up the east coast and east of florida. let me get to it here, and show you what is going on here, and tropical storm isaac if you are keeping score at home, it is a impressive storm with more convection in the last couple of hours. even the hurricane hunter in it said that we can't find a complete center, because it was broken up rapidly. but moving west at 21 miles per hour, where does it go from here? well, it goes close to puerto
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rico, and probably, with the winds and even maybe some waves into santo domingo, and over haiti and port-au-prince where people are still living in tents from the earthquake. and then over cuba. the longer over land, the weaker it is. if it stays on course down to the southward where the area turns to in, the cone, it will be bigger. if the it is north of here into the bahamas, it will be bigger. it is all over land and bigger. and if not, it will stay category 1, but there is monday and tuesday and somewhere close to tampa if it stays on the current track. remember things go left and right and the line in the middle should not be there, because we talk about the best chance in the middle, and the slight lele and slight less and then over here 5% one way or another, but it is not a cone and a line. we want you to know that. and we can see the radar and the rain showers and over here from
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san juan from dominique getting wind and tropical storms in effect there. >> and chad, any chance that the storm could disrupt the republican national convention in tampa next week? >> yes, it could. a couple of days ago, we would not go there and 7 to 10 days out, we would not say where a hurricane would go, because it was not a tropical storm for depression yet, but now it looks like if it stays on track in the middle of the cone, it is certainly going to disrupt something monday into tuesday. if it turns to the right like the computers are hinting today, then it would not, and still get rain. the arms of the hurricane are very big and 1,000 miles across, but not the eye or a convention killer where they would not have to cancel it. you don't want to put 50,000 people in a place they are not used to and then evacuate them for a hurricane. certainly not. >> we will keep a close eye on that, chad. appreciate it. diana nyad might have failed to swim 100 miles burk don't think that she is disappointed. she gave up the latest extreme
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endurance attempt by the fourth attempt of trying to make it from florida to cuba without a shark cage, but she is upbeat and says she is living more passionately than most. >> i am out there to show my will and show that the 62-year-old body is pretty darn strong and fit. so i have decided to live life passionately. you nknow, what is that mary oliver quote, and to paraphrase it, and it is sort of, so, what are you going to do with the one wild and precious life of yours? do you really want to get to the end and not the criticize people, but do you really want to get to the end and say, wow, if i i really added it up, i spent about 45 of my 90 years lying around the couch eating cheetos. is that wild and precious? does that define a wild and precious life? i'd go for it. >> diana nyad says she hopes that her adventures inspire folks her age and older.
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president obama is speaking now. let's listen in. >> what happens at schools like this will shape the vast majority of e kids. what happens in the classroom matters. and that begins with the person at the front of the classroom. you know, for weeks now, teachers like clarissa, across the country, have been working behind the scenes. they have been preparing their classrooms, and have been decorating bulletinboards and digging into their pockets all too often to pay for school supplies and i know because my sister is a teacher, and i know how much effort they put into this. they don't ask for a lot of recognition. they are certainly not going into teaching for the money. they do it because they care about children.
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they care about their future. i was just meeting with another teacher, and i was just meeting with another teacher backstage who said that teaching is the closest that you can get to immortality. and in fact, in a meeting that i had with teachers, i had a chance to meet with one teacher who was an adviser to clarissa, when she was a student, so he has had the opportunity to see his own student doing now what he has been doing for 18 years. you know, that's what -- what satisfaction that must give you. the right teacher can change a child's life forever. and i -- look, i know this from personal experience, when i was in fifth grade, i had a teacher named mabel hefty. that was her name. and she was a great teacher. she was full of curiosity and
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full of enthusiasm, and most importantly, she went that extra mile. now, fifth grade can be a tough time for a kid, and, you know, i was different and had a funny name, and i had just come back from living a few years overseas with my mom. president obama at a campaign rally in las vegas meeting with teachers there at an event and he will travel to new york later this afternoon where michael jordan is hosting a dinner for the president, and it is called the obama classic at the lincoln center and 120 folks are expected. they bought tickets at $20,000 apiece. if you'd like to follow that as well as the p president's speech, you can track all of the political developments on and you can listen to the speech continuous live at just a couple of hours ago the cdc announced the death toll from the west nile virus is now at 40. hundreds more have also gotten
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the number of west nile virus cases around the country is on the rise. elizabeth cohen joins us to talk about this. first of all, why is this happening, and what do we know about the numbers? >> well, we expected the numbers to be bigger, suzanne, but not necessarily this much bigger. this is a big spike. the cdc just releasing the numbers this afternoon. and take a look. when the cdc came out last week they said 26 west nile deaths in the country, and now it is up to 41. in other words, 41 this season, this year. when you look at number of people who are ill from west nile, from 693 to 1,118, and you ask the why question, and they are not entirely sure why, but they believe it has something to
10:23 am
do with the mild winter and then very hot summer we have had. >> should people be concerned about this when they look at the numbers and realize, because that looks like a significant jump. >> it is a significant jump and people should be concerned and take precautions which we can talk about in a minute and there are reasons not to freak out, and people do freak out. first of all n the areas where there is west nile maybe 1% of the mosquitos have west nile which is important. not every mosquito that you meet has west nile, and here, by the way, if you look at at the yellow states there, that is where 75% of the west nile cases are. those are the hot spots and those people need to be more concerned than other people, but to get back to the number ss an the mosquito with west nile stings you and here is what happens, 80% of time, you won't feel a thing, except for maybe the itch of the mosquito bite, but you won't get sick or west nile and you won't know that you were bit by a west nile mosquito, and 20% of the people will have mild symptoms like fever and nausea and not
10:24 am
necessarily need medical care, and 1 of 150 are going to have the severe symptoms that have doctors so worried and things like pair sralysis or coma or d. >> if you are somebody who likes to be outside like i do, 1% of the mosquitos carry this -- >> count them. no, kidding. >> what can you do the protect yourself? >> easy things to do, and you don't have to be hopeless and helpless. four d's. use repellent with deet, and dress in long sleeves and long pants and be especially careful at dusk and dawn, when the mosquitos come out and drain standing water like fountains and children's swimming pools and things like that. i will. >> i will do some of that, like the deet, but dressing in the sunbathing -- >> well, we should talk, because that is a whole other question and i hope you are wearing sunscreen in addition to the deet, but we will talk later. >> thank you, elizabeth.
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california skateboarder is claiming police brutality and he says that officers tried to grab him as he tried to enter his home. and the los angeles police department is now investigating. here is casey wian. >> reporter: as ronald weekley, jr. approached reporters to describe how he was grabbed and be beaten by los angeles police officers thursday after a skateboarding infraction, he struggled to fight back tears. >> he hit me twice right away, and i started screaming and yelling, because i thought that i was going the die. i needed someone to see what was going on. >> reporter: someone did,
10:29 am
because the cell phone video shows four officers is on top of weekley and one is punch iing h in the face. his attorney says he was hit four times and sustained a broken cheekbone and nose and concussion. >> ask the question, why did they confront and assault this college student? was it because he was skating on the wrong side of the road or because he was the wrong color? >> reporter: what prompted the police to stop weekley on the skateboard on this busy residential street in the first place is very much in dispute. the los angeles police department says he was skating in traffic. weekley's father says that the arresting officer told him that he was skateboarding on the wrong side of the street. weekley says that the officers simply grabbed him as he was y trying to enter his residence. the lapd says that weekley is being charged with resisting a police officer with force which allegedly happened before the camera was rolling. the lapd is investigating. >> my plea to the community is to let the investigations
10:30 am
proceed. they will be independent. they will be reviewed at the highest levels of the lapd but more importantly, they will be reviewed by the independent inspector general as well as the independent police commission. >> reporter: the police oversight committee watched the news conference, but declineded to comment. they are demanding that the officer who threw this punch be held accountable. casey wians in california. a man rumbling through an attic finds a piece of history and he finds a videotape of martin luther king's speech before his i have a dream speech. and while he interviewed king in 1960, and he had asked him about the significance of the demonstrations. take a listen. >> well, doctor, what effect are the sit-ins have on the southern negro and the struggle for
10:31 am
equality? >> i think a tremendous effect. i am convinced that when the history books are written in the future years, historians will have to record this movement as one of the greatest epics of our heritage. i think that the movement represents struggle on the highest level of dignity and discipline. >> when it comes to getting a job, members of generation y, are not getting to use their college degrees very is much, and we will explain why that is the case. [ annie ] this is the story of a girl named annie
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americans buying more homes and home sales across the country rose in july, 2.3% from the month before, and researchers say that the boost is due to low price and really low mortgage rates. the prices are still low, and they were up almost 10% in july.
10:35 am
so many college grads are ending up taking jobs that don't require a college degree. there is a new survey out by the compensation firm that found that educated gen-y workers are more likely to hold lower level jobs than genx erspace>er space>ers -- and it does get interesting. and now to back room of poker games. "the new york times" reports that a federal judge has thrown out the conviction of a man who runs a poker in back rooms are not gambling. and he says that a defendant should not have been prosecuted for a gambling business. and there is another
10:36 am
commercial by mitt romney saying that the president has taken the work requirement out of the welfare program. >> join me as i sign the welfare reform bill. >> reporter: welfare reform was a big bipartisan success story in the 1990s signed by bill clinton and fulfilled promises by the democratic president and the republican congress to pus welfare recipients to work in exchange for the benefits and to end welfare as we know it so that the idea of another democratic president, barack obama, taking the work requirement off of the table is political dynamite, right? >> on july 12th, president obama quietly ended the work requirement gutting the welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in america called it nuts. >> reporter: the problem is that president obama calls this claim
10:37 am
nuts. >> every single person here who has looked at it knows it is false. >> so where did this originate? not this washington, but rather out in the country. several states including some with republican governors asked the federal government for more flexibility in how they hand out welfare dollars. specifically, they want to spend less time on the federal paperwork and more time experimenting with what they hope will be better ways of getting people connected to jobs. so, the administration has granted waivers from some of the existing rules. >> giving them those states some flexibility in how they manage the welfare rolls as long as it produced 20% increases in the number of people who are getting work. >> reporter: that might in a small way change precisely how work is calculated, but the essential goal of p pushing
10:38 am
welfare recipients to work remains in place. that is pretty much it. this is clearly not an effort by the president to kill off the welfare work requirements, and that is why even some republicans have backed away. governor romney's claim doesn't work. we rate it false. tom foreman, cnn, washington. i want to go live to mark preston who is in tampa, florida, where the national republican convention will start next week, and they are making preparations for what could be, could be a hurricane that is headed their way, and mark, tell us what, tell us what they are doing. >> well, suzanne, we got a statement from the governor of florida now discussing the fact that they are monitoring this storm to see if in fact it will march up through the gulf and come the tampa and let alone if it hits florida. florida governor rick scott will soon put out a statement, and cnn received the statement first, and talki ing about how s emergency team is working with local officials to make sure they monitor the storm and if
10:39 am
there is a case to evacuate, they will of course evacuate. looking at the full screen, this is the statement. as florida's governor, i am asking everyone to monitor the storm, and prepare for a potential storm. we know that storms this far from land are unpredictable and everyone should be vigilant and prepared. i should tell you, suzannings i spoke to the convention spokesman, kyle downy and he said they are, too, monitoring the situation, and they have a contingency plan in place and, working with the state, and the federal and the local officias s to monitor the sich isation. they won't go into details about the contingency plans, but the republican official saying that they have them. the convention starts on monday evening here in tampa. this could obviously impact what happens here in tampa, and whether or not the storm comes here or it hits somewhere else on land. suzanne. >> and mark, being one of the first on the ground there, have you seen anybody preparing for this yet or just too soon? >> i think it is just too soon.
10:40 am
we spoke to the mayor of tampa earlier this morning, and he told us that the bottom line is that when you live on the gulf coast, you know how the prepare for this if the they had to evacuate, it could be anywhere from one to three days depending upon the storm track, and remember, we are in a part of the country where these people, these folks live with this kind of threat every year in and year out especially in this time of late august. suzanne. >> all right. thank you, mark. be safe. cnn's live coverage of the republican national convention beginning from tampa, florida, is beginning monday at 7:00 p.m. and anderson cooper, and candy crowley and wolf blitzer and erin burnett, and john king with the magic wall will have coverage, and also, beginning monday, i will be anchoring from the republican national convention in charlotte, north
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a new undercover video shows alleged animal cruelty at a slaughterhouse in california. the u.s. department of ingfing dull chur is investigating the central valley meat company, i want to bring in eattocracy
10:44 am
editor who will tell us about what this video is about and it is grisly and disturbing and we want to put it out there first and foremost, but tell us what we have learned a and what they are alleging? >> well, it is extremely disturbing and undercover group called compassion over killing went into the slaughterhouse over a period of several weeks and undercover filmed basically a gross perversion of the processes that are usually used to process meat. we have footage here. the first one shows that the cattle who were, you know, in -- oh, this is cattle who are usually being led -- sorry, this cattle is a retired dairy cow, and it is having a very difficult time standing up so they are using the prods and pokes to get it to stand up, and usually the cattle will be led to slaughter and they will go peacefully, but in this case, they will be using hot water and hooks to get them to stand, and that is also a way they get what
10:45 am
they call downer cattle to stand up so they can technically be introduced into the food system. so we have other things that some of the cattle were not properly bolted the first time, and the bolt is used to stun the cow before it is slaughtered, and it is done multiple times in this case prolonging the suffering of the cows, and when that didn't work, sometimes the workers at the plant would stand on the nostrils of the cows in order to suffocate them and again, when these are standard procedures when they are done correctly, but this is done very incorrectly. >> and tell us, kat, what are the procedures that are supposed to be carried out here when you are talking about slaughtering the animals? >> so industry standard is that there is a six-bolt gun that should stop the brain function so there is no activity and should stop pain, and there is
10:46 am
some discussion whether it kills the animal before it is bled t out, but in this factory, they had to do it multiple times and the cattle were still alive when they were bled out and dragged on hooks across the factory floor and it is a gross perversion of what the practices should be. >> kat, what is the fallout of this? something to be done and follow-up here? >> well, the usda has stepped in and temporarily closed the plant while they are inspecting and the ri that the meat from the tainted cows were introduced into the food system, and no evidence of this. but inand out bu-n-out burger h ties with them, because they are known for good practices and they stepped right up and stopped that. >> kat, thank you. and cnn did reach out to central valley meat about the video that you saw and they did not comment, but the president of the company released this statement before the footage and he says that the company seeks
10:47 am
not to just meet, but to exceed the federal humane handling, and he adds that they will continue to inspect the plant and take action if they see a problem, and that is why the allegations are disturbing and surprising. now ventral valley did not respond for the request tuesday after cnn sent the company a link to this video. i want to turn the corner now to the campaign. mitt romney now rallying the supporters in iowa now. this is bendendorf at mcclaire manufacturing. >> we want to create a future for our children. >> this is a chance to meet americans from all over the country, and as you do, you come away with a greater confidence in our future and a greater conviction of the power of individuals to effect in a positive way the lives of others.
10:48 am
i throughout my life have seen teachers who have affected my life, and given me skills and perspectives that made me more effective and more rounded person and more happy person. i watch my sister, my sister is up with of my heroes and her name is lynn and she has eight children. wonderful kids. the last child, her eighth is a down syndrome boy, and she by virtue of the energy and the passion and the positive outlook has helped raise wonderful children, and the seven first children are all married with kids of their own, and jeffrey, her eighth down syndrome child lives at home with lynn, and he is now 43, and lynn's husband passed away a few ar ago and she at 75 takes care of jeffrey and makes sure she gets to the work and has a full and engaging life. the impact of one person, a mom, a dad, and many other people we
10:49 am
respect and admire -- i've had the chance throughout the campaign the meet moms and dads and teachers and others with ta kind of effect on the lives of others and the family and i respect them and admire them. i have seen people who have done things that are world famous. individuals, one person, that has done things that have changed the lives of not just families, but many families. i was in poland a few weeks ago and i got the chance to meet lek walesa who spoke up to the government and said no, and by him standing up they have changed the course of history. you are listening to mitt romney out of the battleground state of iowa, and if you want to continue to listen in go the on your computer, and we will continue with the coverage.
10:50 am
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mpblt the president has ordered an inquiry of police shootings of 34 minors. the president met with striking
10:53 am
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>> his affect on turkey is being compared to elvis's affect on america in the '50s and '60s. late night talk show wars heating up again. >> reporter: fans of jimmy kimmel will be watching him at a different time. he will move the start of his show up to a half hour at 11:35 eastern pitting him against jay leno and david letterman. it's the biggest shake up since conan o bryan got booted from the tonight show. >> i feel like abc kind of giving kimmel a better time sloti feel like they're saying we think this is the future of late night. >> reporter: at age 44, kimmel
10:58 am
is considerably younger than leno and letterman who are in their 60s and he's got ratings momentum. he's the only late night show on broadcast tv to grow its audience in the past year. >> he's that guy. he's a bit younger. he's a bit fresher. >> reporter: kimmel has distinguished himself by taking comedy risks includes taped bits with a list stars. >> he's not scared to do the bits that the older guys kind of share away from because their audience is a little more varied. >> reporter: one show's gain is another show's loss. nightline won't air now until 12:35 a.m. eastern. some see that now as a death for a program that launched over 30 years ago. abc sees greater profit potential with kimmel airing before nightline. >> bumping a show that might be
10:59 am
working in order to give people their late night fix is a smart idea. >> reporter: kimmel will compete against a weakened tonight show although it remains the late night leader. >> we've consistently been number one in the industry. >> reporter: comcast just o ordered the tonight show to cut costs. >> comcast calls us the expendables. >> reporter: moving to the 11:35 time slot is a bit scary he says. he doesn't plan big changes in the show. he kicks off with a traditional monologue. >> the fourth thing that comes up is paul ryan shirtless. apparently they want an american they can have a beer and a vice president they can have a threesome with. >> reporter: as for that three way race some pick the new guy to come out on top. >> i feel like kimmel will make
11:00 am
them raise their game a bit. keep your eye on him. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin in new york. >> hello to all of you. what a story we have with the west nile outbreak. it's officially become the largest in u.s. history. the virus now detected in 47 states this year. more than 1,000 cases and the government says the number is going to rise. we'll break down what you need to do. first, this tropical storm we have to talk about could welcome a hurricane by tomorrow. there it is churning slowly but surely closer to us. it has folks in florida wondering where it might make landfall and if it will affect the republican national convention. let's go to chad meyers
11:01 am
yesterday it was tropical depression number nine now it's isaac. tell me how nervous we should be. >> much more nervous than yesterday. with tampa being in the center of the cone although it's going to be a category one hurricane, that's more significant we were yesterday where it was on the out skirts. as get closer, the models are becoming more organized. they are approving of what the middle of this cone is saying. there's the storm. leeward islands right there. it's a large mass out there. the center of the cone takes it to the florida keys. that is monday morning and that is tuesday sometime up there for tampa. this can go all the way to texas or all the way to the east in
11:02 am
terms of north carolina. that's how many days we're away the cone gets wider and wider because the air gets bigger and bigger. the computers aren't that good. they're not that good, they're not even as good as we have over the united states when it comes to regular weather because there's nobody living out there to put up weather balloons. we can't do very good in the middle of the ocean. >> you're doing as best as you can right now. we're watching very closely. folks on either side of florida people watching the farther north you get. chad meyers thank you very much talking about isaac. from weather to the politics here, we want to begin with the countdown. it's on. rnc starts in five days and the presidential election is just 76 days away with little time left, the gop ticket very much in a
11:03 am
full court press. mitt romney in iowa. we'll get to that in a moment. his running mate, paul ryan is in virginia rallying small business leaders there. one of the featured speakers, have you heard his story yet. he's a baker by the name of chris mcmurray in the checkered shirt. what was his recipe for so much attention. he recently said, thanks but no thanks to the vice president. >> a little attention for telling the vice president that though i respect him very much i would not like to be used as a photo op for his campaign. nothing personal, but i just happen to disagree with the president and the vice president on a few things. you may remember a month or so ago our president stood in this
11:04 am
very city and he proclaimed the message that if you have a business you didn't build it. we are gathered here today to send the message to the obama-biden team that we did build it. >> mcmurray declined request from the vice president team last week to allow vice president biden to visit his bakery. he was reacting specifically to this statement in the recent past from the president. >> if you are successful somebody along the line gave you some help. there was a great teacher somewhere in your life. somebody helped to create thm unbelievable american system that we have that allowed you to thrive. somebody invested roads and bridges. if you got a business, you
11:05 am
didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> here is a little tidbit for you now. wbdj, since news of turning down the vice president not having the photo op happening in his bakery, business has been booming for him. within the past hour we've heard from both presidential candidates. we'll begin with president obama. he spoke to students on the topic of education in las vegas. >> an education is not something you receive passively. we don't just tip your head over and pour education into your ear. you've got to want it you've got to be engaged and curious and interested and be willing to ask questions and push yourself especially when subjects are hard it doesn't come easy.
11:06 am
that's the nature of a good education and that will last you your whole life. that will last you your whole life. >> today was the president. you also have mitt romney. he just began speaking. there he is about to begin speaking in iowa. we just caught these remarks moments ago. romney speaking to the next generation and talking about government taking its cues from business. >> it's nature of the private sector where if you stand still people will end up rushing by you. it's also true in the public sector, they just don't know it. if nation doesn't change the way it does things and improve and find ways to have government become more and more efficient and hold down the spending and balance the budgets, other nations will run by. we have a nation that's fot some real challenges. we've now had four years in a row with a president that's
11:07 am
built trillion deficits. it's bad economics. it's the wrong course for america and i believe it's a moral for us to pass on our burdens to the next generation. >> i'm be anchoring live from tampa at the republican national convention. that starts monday at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. new numbers paint a very grim picture of the west nile virus. the centers for disease control says this is the largest outbreak of this virus ever in the united states. i want to bring in cnn's senior medical correspondent following this development. this is serious, serious stuff. >> it is to see such a huge spike in one week, it really is
11:08 am
serious. last wk the cdc telling us there's been 26 deaths from west nile virus in the united states. now those numbers, 41. 41 so far this season. that's many more deaths just in one week. if you look at the number of illnesses due to west nile, 693 last week. now 1,118 due to west nile. there are west nile cases in most states but there are five states that you can call the west nile hot spots. 75% of the cases are centered in these five state, south dakota, oklahoma, mississippi, louisiana and number one texas has the most cases and the most deaths. brooke. >> how frightened, when we hear these numbers it's easy to be frightened and also in terms of prevention what can we do? >> it is easy to hear the numbers and freak out because
11:09 am
none of us can control mosquitos. even in areas where there is west nile about maybe 1% of mosquitos carry it. most don't carry it . if you've got bitten, that mosquito probably didn't have west nile. 80% of people don't get sick even if you do get bit been ainfected mosquito. 25% have mild symptoms. they don't necessarily have to see a doctor. 1 in 150 have severe symptoms. >> in terms of prevention. we talk about the ds. >> these are especially important to remember in those west nile hot spots. use a repellant with deet. look in the ingredients. also drain any standing water like a kiddie pool or bird fountain. dress in long light colored
11:10 am
clothing, long pants and sleeve. try to stay inside at dawn and dusk and in those hot spots. that's when they are out in foul force. >> thank you very much. how about this one? a woman screaming, pleading for help. the 911 call lasted more than ten minutes. now her family wants to know why police didn't do more than merely knock on the door. it's a chilling story. we'll share it with you next. ♪ ♪ wow... [ female announcer ] sometimes, all you need is the smooth, creamy taste of werther's original caramel to remind you that you're someone very special. ♪
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11:13 am
whanch . what a story. this texas woman tries to save herself. the dispatcher can hear her screams and pleas in what may have been her murder. the responding officers knew none of that when they arrived at this home on august 17th. dallas investigators say it took them nine minutes to find the home and the address since the call originated from a cell phone. when officers arrived. they knocked but left without entering the home. it was her family who found her body two days later. >> i understand all of that. that all makes sense.
11:14 am
the timing they got there. i can understand that but why didn't they go inside. why didn't they go isidechec >> affiliate ktvt reports five hours bfore that call she tweeted this. that's why i made the first move now. dude says he's going to kill me. reporter rebecca lopez spoke to the murder victim's family. >> reporter: she called 911 from her home on friday and she was being attacked. sources tell news 8 you can hear her screaming for help. >> we just deserve more answers than what we're getting. >> reporter: her sister overheard a part of the 911 recording while at dpd headquarters. >> i could just hear how loud she was screaming. i couldn't tell what she was saying but i know that she was screaming for her life. >> reporter: multiple dallas police sources say you can hear cook begging and gasping for help. in the background you can hear
11:15 am
the alleged attacker, her ex-husband saying he's going to kill her. she even calls him out by name. the call lasts 11 minutes and the line goes dead. >> i just think something more could have been done. >> reporter: officers knew they were going to a domestic disturbance call and few details were provided. the operator never relays that cook is being attacked. the officers arrive at the home, knock and leave when there's no answer. >> if they would have kicked the door down, maybe she could have been saved. >> reporter: the family says on sunday they called 911 again because water was pouring out of her home and all the doors were locked. they wanted an officer to check the house. >> the lady sa, well, before we can send an officer out to check, you need to call the hospitals and i think she said the jails. >> reporter: the family knocked down the door themselves.
11:16 am
her own daughter found her body. >> that is rebecca lopez reporting from wfaa. cnn did receive a statement from the suspect. if beauty of the american justice system is that it assumes a person is innocent until they are proven guilty. dallas police say it will be several days before they release the tapes. we're going to follow up on this one. you never know what you'll find in a dusty beat up box in an attic. listen to what stephen toll found. this is in tennessee. this is an interview he found with the reverend dr. martin luther king. >> doctor what effect are the sit-ins having on the southern negro and his struggle for equality? >> a tremendous affect.
11:17 am
i'm convinced in the history books in future years historians will have to record this as one of the greatest epics of our heritage. >> his father was planning to write a book when he met dr. king in 1960, three years before the i have a dream speech. the postal service, man oh, man, as if it couldn't get any worse for them. they have to figure out,000 get 700 million stamps featuring the simpsons because 1 billion stamps were printed in honor of the season but only a third of them sold. that's more than $1 million in printing costs wasted. he's a 20-year-old bachelor going for a good time in vegas. the problem is he's a prince and now he may be a little bit more than simply embarrassed. forz(power!)
11:18 am
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britain's prince harry has people talking again and not in a good way. to think this is harry as the royals would like you to see him
11:21 am
at the closing ceremonies at the olympics in london. we have to fast forward ten days and you get this. this is pair of him naked in a hotel room in vegas. buckingham confirms this is hair harry and this is the latest pr nightmare for the third in line. remember the nazi uniform he wore to that costume party. that was back in 2005. he was a mere 20. there are foep tphotos like thiy not looking so royal. let's talk to matthew chance. this is a royal who has done serious war duty. we saw him very regal representi the queen and now this. how are the british reacting? >> well, i think there's a certain amount of disappointment. on the one hand many people understand that this is a
11:22 am
27-year-old bachelor to playboy prince with plenty of money to do what he wants to do and this is to a certain extent how he chooses to live his life and that's fine. on the other hand he is a representative on many occasions now of the queen and his country. i think there's a sense in which people think he should be a bit more mindful of that. these images are embarrassing. it's difficult to chuckle at them but they raise serious issues about his judgment and the privacy of the exercise around himself. >> i get it. a lot of people go to vegas and have a good sign. they think they are safe in their hotel room. there have to be security concerns. do we know who took the photos, who leaked them, how much they
11:23 am
paid? >> i don't know that information. it appears by the photograph that it was taken by somebody in his entourage. it's not clear. what is clear is that he appears to have exercised weak judgment on this occasion by making sure that nobody was taking photographs during this game of strip billiards. i've never heard of that before. >> nor have i. >> looked like a bit of fun. i'm sure after the red faces have diminished a bit in buckingham palace, they will be looking at very closely how this could have been leaked and how it could have happened. >> matthew chance, we'll follow it. a young man with a promising future loses it all when a judge hands down a sentence.
11:24 am
>> second-degree report of orders that the defendant survey term of two years. a former ath wleet is paralyzed saying he was locked in his own body sends a final tweet. do you think of walmart when you think of phones? no. no. let's see if we can change that. okay. i mean, look at these smart phones! oh wow! cool! yeah. will you tell them how cool it is? this is the htc evo 4g lte on sprint's super fast network. really? with sprint? yup. cool! well she loves her new phone and you love the price. yup. come to walmart and see for yourself. the only network with truly unlimited data. and now find the htc evo 4g lte at a special price in stores today. now at walmart. oh you're checking in. will you tag me? nope. she's so funny.
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11:27 am
high school basketball star collapses not on the court but in a courtroom. one of ohio's players dropped down to his knees. >> the defendant shall serve a term of two years in prison of that time. as to count three of that case in robbery which is also a felony of a second-degree the court orders the defendant shall serve a term of two years. >> there he goes out of frame. he's behind be podium being picked up. this is tony farmer. the judge snentenced him to thre
11:28 am
years after he pleaded guilty to robbery, assault and kidnapping involving his ex-girlfriend. she testified on his behalf. our affiliate said he had been recruited by schools like michigan state and illinois. two college students were crushed to death when tons of coal spilled out of this derailed train in maryland. they tweeted about drinking on a bridge. they were sitting on the bridge when the trail derailed. we may not know the exact cause of the accident at least for a while. >> exhaustive effort to find the rail that's up there and put it back together in a sense much like a puzzle where the pieces belong. there's a lot of forces in the derailment. we need to look at all those pieces of rail and exam each one of them. it's going to take some time. >> that train derailment delayed
11:29 am
a terrorist for accused 9/11 planner and four others. the wreck damaged fiberoptic cables and disrupted internet services. we have talked about this man before. his trying story. tony nickelson locked in his body by a debilitating stroke. he was totally aware and unable to speak. he died at his home less than a week to overturn britain's ban on euthanasia. he wanted a doctor to legally end what he was calling a living nightmare. she's live with me in london with these details. just the timing of all of this. what do we know about the circumstances of his passing? >> we know from his lawyer who spoke to the family that he died with his family by his side. he died peacefully.
11:30 am
he had contracted pneumonia some time ago. a number of years ago he refused any life sustaining treatment. then after the decision by the high court rejecting his appeal to have the law changed he then began to refuse food. his condition deteriorated very quickly. he was supported by his family throughout the end. he was able in a sense to end his fight in way of his choosing. >> i do have a question for you about that appeal here. do we expect to hear, should we be hearing from his wife? >> we do expect to hear from his family. they put out a few twitter feeds his daughter saying he was the best father to have. they asked the press not to speak to them yet. they said they might be able to speak in a few days time. we understand from the family lawyer that the wife is expected to continue to support his
11:31 am
battle for assisted suicide. >> we do have some sound from that lawyer. michael, let's roll that. >> after he received the draft judgment on 12th august refusing his claim the fight seemed to go out of him. he said he was heartbroken by the high court's decision that he could not end his life at a time of his choosing with the help of a doctor. he could not understand how the legal arguments on his behalf could not succeed. >> avenue the verdict just last week he indicated he plan to appeal. will the fight to overturn britain's euthanasia ban will it continue without him with us? >> well the fight will continue. his own appeal will end with his death. his lawyer made that clear today. however, there are a number of other cases still pending, a and in that sense it will continue.
11:32 am
his daughters and his wife supported his decision really brought this issue to the forefront. >> not just the british public but the world. thank you. coming up, the housing market gets a bit of the boost as the government sounds out a big warning about the economy. just when you thought your tv couldn't get bigger and brighter and better, just wait. one manufacturer says take a look at this. totally original. do it again. that's good. call in the engineers. call in the car guys. call in the nerds. build a prototype. mold it. shape it. love it. give it a starting price under 16 grand. uh-oh. the finance guys. you can't do that. [ male announcer ] kick out the finance guys. take it to the track. tweak. tweak. tweak. stop. take it to the car shows. call the critics. win some awards. making a groundbreaking car -- it's that easy. ♪
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americans are snapping up homes while the bargains last. sales of existing homes dropped more than 2% last month. alison kosik not too far from me. let's talk about the housing market. we've been talking the mortgage rates are very, very low. why the increase in sales in july. >> you nailed it right there.
11:36 am
economist point to a couple of reasons why you're seeing the surge. one reason is because of the record low rates. rents are soaring and people figure it's cheaper to buy than rent. the national median price is up to $187,000. that's up 9.4% compared to a year ago. people are trying to grab up the homes before the prices get any higher. >> you have more positive news for us. do tell. >> this is positive because we are seeing momentum with the companies that build new homes. luxury home builder m released their earnings this mother. it reported a strong profit. it not only built more homes but it sold those homes at higher prices. that's a good sign for the report we're getting tomorrow on new home sales. when we talk about new homes these are homes built from the ground up. you look at wall street.
11:37 am
wall street has been showing a lot of confident. it shows the builders are on the edge of the recovery. the big builders are pulte homes. shares more than doubled this year. toll brothers is up today. other home builders are up as well. anywhere from 50 to 100%. the hope now is that the momentum continues. you don't want to see the jobs market take a step or two back from where b it is because the jobs market and the housing market go hand in hand. >> they're also saying cnn money writing that psychology has changed. thank you. just when you thought you had a big tv, check this out. lg is unveiling this new 84 inch set in south korea. this is seven feet, if you draw
11:38 am
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11:41 am
todd akin says the mess he's in is the media's fault. he said he will stay in the race despite the blow up over his statement. that's if reasons rape rarely leads to pregnancy. now he's dropped this tweet. i apologized but the liberal media is trying to make me drop out. his fellow party members are quietly begging him to go away.
11:42 am
they include these guys. another republican explains why akin is making the party squirm. >> this is a time when the republicans were trying to ramp up to the convention. want to have a message of tolerance and a focus on economic issues. we're having the focus drawn back into issues that republicans really don't want to be talking about except for somebody like todd akin who has prehistoric notions about some of these issues. >> they're going all they can to portray him as just another republican. here is cnn's jim acosta. >> reporter: republican congressman todd akin's refusal to drop ou hasiven demrats anpeni t taabout ortion whe mitt rney would rather fcus on thonome ees missouri as being more i powause of akin? >> we think that the discussion
11:43 am
that mitt romney and the republican party have had about men's suesver the course of t pt year sounds like something yo would have heard in the 1950s. >> reporter: inside obama re-electn headquarters in chicago campaign aids are not only painting to the initial comments. >> if it's a legitimate rape the female by has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> reporter: but also iowa congressman steve king's comments to kmeg which reported whether victims of statutory rain could become pregnant. >> i haven't heard of that being a circumstance that's been brought to me in a personal way. >> reporter: he said his words were being twisted. i never said nor do i believe a woman include minors cannot get pregnant from rape. suggesting otherwise is ridiculous, shameful, disgusting and nothing but an attempt to falsely define who i am. anti-abortion advocate raised the issue. he wrote a rape can upset a
11:44 am
woman's possibility of ovulation, fertilization and nurturing of a pregnancy adding assault rape pregnancy is rare. down in tampa where republicans will hold their convention next week the party approved language in its platform that calls for abortion to be banned outright even in cases of rape and incest. >> romney and ryan back proposals to outlaw abortion in cases of rape and incest. >> reporter: this ad accuses romney of holding the same view saying he does support exceptions in the cases of rape, incest and the life of the mother. after declining to do so a day earlier he called on todd akin to exit the race. an aid said he wanted to give the missouri congressman enough time to do the right thing. >> thank you. jim mentioned tampa.
11:45 am
that's where i will be this time next week anchoring this show live where republicans will be holding their national convention for a couple of days. that kicks off august 27th. i'll see you there. now to a story many you have are a twitter over. t there are cities buses, but one bus is turning plenty of heads. >> this is crazy. >> it's the who's your daddy bus and the owner joins me live, next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] its lightweight construction makes it nimble... ♪ its road gripping performance makes it a cadillac. introducing the all-new cadillac xts.
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available with advanced haldex all-wheel drive. [ engine revving ] it's bringing the future forward.
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11:48 am
dna testing is hitting the road. a truck called who's your daddy is hitting the streets of new york. all it takes, a quick cheek swab and a couple hundred bucks. the owner joins me live here in new york. you said this has been rolling
11:49 am
around the streets for a number of years but it was this change in branding. you started this. why? >> it's a drug testing as well as a dna testing. originally it was painted up with that sort of messaging. that made people run away. we'd pull up at a job site and here the tires screeching and people pulling out saying i'm calling out sick today. we decided dna testing was a message. we're getting a ton of calls for dna testing all over. it's not just in new york. we wanted to put that message out there. something about dna testing, it's almost like a silent need out there. people don't talk about it a lot but i can tell you first hand we have hundreds. >> you have crazy stories. i want to ask about that in a second. in terms of dollars and cents
11:50 am
it's somewhere between 300 and 600 bucks. how does it work? you come up to the bus. your cheek is swabbed. >> right. it's nothing more than a cheek swab and some paper work. we take photo id. the rv is set up as a mobile office. we have wi-fi and computers and printers. the dna test is simple. it's nothing more than a cheek swab with a q tip that's packaged up and sent off to a professional lab where doctors analyze the results. >> you offer hey, dads we can send you the information or we can physically roll up and find you and give you the news. you have all these stories. give me a good heartwarming story of dad who is saying this child is mine. >> what people see on tv on talk shows is really unusual compared to the vast majority of what we
11:51 am
see at health streak. they are sometimes literally changing diapers of the baby in the office. they are hoping and praying that this child who they love is theirs. those are always heartwarming especially if the child has their last name. let's say the parents are not married and they give the child the last name. sometimes it doesn't work out. >> i imagine the reverse happens as well where the father is under the assumption that the child is his and it isn't. how many tears have you seen? >> quite a bit. there's some devastating moments in the clinic on the phone as well as out in the rv. it's not just paternity that we test for. there's all kinds of relationships. we had a phone call just today from a 43-year-old woman who had been looking for her father all her life. he contacted her and she wanted
11:52 am
to let us know -- people don't realize how available this type of testing is. what we do by being out in the street is make it for available, accessible, affordable for folks and it's probably only a click away on google but when they see the rv they tell us stories. >> you bring up the tv show, i just have to go there. there's been all kind of comparisons with the who your daddy. this is my daddy maury. >> they don't have to go to maury. >> this is better than maury. >> they're laughing. critics aren't laughing. they say you're cashing in on paternity. this just a joke. what do you say? >> it's not just paternity. who's your daddy is just a joke.
11:53 am
it opens them up and then they tell us the reality. people don't know or realize just how big of a need there is. >> did you not know who your father is? why this idea for you? is it personal? >> it's not personal. everybody's family relationships are among the most important relationships you have in your life. we tested one person, this is just an incredible story who's parents were separated. she traveled between two different states to be with her father and her mother and found out that not just was her father not related to her but she had three half sisters on that side. she had aunts, auncles. >> i asked if he had gotten phone calls from reality tv and you said. >> the phone is ringing off the hook. people are interested in this sort of thing. we're hoping to break down the preconceived notions that people
11:54 am
have about dna testing. it's not just people fighting that. that almost never happens. we had a mother come in with both the possible fathers and a child. these were the happiest customers we ever had. there was no animosity. >> you could keep going with the stories. thank you so much. i'll make sure i tweet out the link if people want to know anymore about this bus. thank you. nice to meet you. >> you too. now this happening right now. nasa, we're talking space, taking its mars rover for a test drive. we'll find out what works. a gentleman's agreement gone sour. vice president biden plans a trip to tampa just in time for the republican national convention. ♪
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11:58 am
a little red planet spin. john has been watching this right along with the rest of us. nasa just released new pictures. you have them. first spin. where did it go. >> reporter: you got to get a learner's permit right. before i get to that, nasa announced they have named the landing site and they have named it bradbury landing. that's a pretty cool thing. you see the picture there. in the picture you can see the marks left by the rover's wheels. way back in the back of picture there. that's where the rover started. this is where it ended up. they drove 10, 12 feet forward and turned around and kind of
11:59 am
like parallel parked the rover. for those of us that had to parallel park when we took driving lessons and everything worked absolutely perfectly. they are ecstatic. it looks like later this week, maybe early next week, brooke, they will be off and running towards their first target rock in the distance. >> this is the animation, with the parallel parking. what i read, there are 16 drivers of curiosity back here on earth. how do they drive it? >> reporter: because of the time difference it takes 14 minutes for a signal to get to mars and 14 minutes for a signal to get back. they get together and figure out where they want to go. they tell the drivers. the information is punched in. they send all that data up to curiosit