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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 25, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> yeah. absolutely. adults do stupid things. >> rielle, thank you for coming on. >> thanks for having me, piers. i'm don lemon. stories you're talking about in a moment. first, get you up-to-speed on the day's headlines. 12 people have walked on the moon and neil armstrong was the very first one. today, the legendary astronaut died. his family say complications followed a heart operation earlier this month. neil armstrong was 82 years old. president obama called him one of the greatest of american's heroes. police gunfire injured nine people yesterday and people witnessing a shooting outside the empire state building. nypd fired 16 shots at a man who had killed a former coworker.
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the gunman was killed in that exchange. looming threat of tropical storm isaac have caused republicans to rearrange their convention plans. all of the main events have been pushed back to begin no sooner than tuesday afternoon. the gop will be left with a three-day convention. isaac is cutting a path across the caribbean. our rob marciano is in the severe weather center. >> the southern tip will feel the effects in the keys and even in miami as this makes its way there. 350 miles from key west with 60-mile-an-hour winds so it doesn't done much the past couple of hours but just reemerging into the southern atlantic and eventually into the florida straits. the forecast track for this thing brings it towards key
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west. looks like tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night and probably get tropical storm if not hurricane conditions and eastern sides. miami, up to ft. lauderdale, you'll get action here as far as strong winds and heavy rain. tampa will feel it as well probably in the form of some gusty. potentially tropical storm force winds and the main reason they put it up. monday is going to be an ugly day in tampa and at times could be dangerous. landfall looks like anywhere from new orleans back through cedar key florida as a category two storm late tuesday, possibly into wednesday morning. don, we will have an update in 50 minutes. >> rob, stick around. we will need you. wait until you see what else we are working on for you tonight. >> it's silly season out there. >> he is trying to hand over the sovereignty of the university. birthday certificates, liars, felons. enough already. what is real and what is bs? we will tell you. they have the flag up now
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and you can see the stars and the stripes. >> two and a half hours on the moon and forever a part of history. >> to measure precisely by laser beam reflection the exact distance between moon and earth. >> tonight, we take you back to the moon with neil armstrong and plus something armstrong would have been proud of. >> hard to imagine the future without these things. >> it's not a bird or a clip from "star wars." it's the future. all that and bearing it all. the royal family jewels revealed and reality bites. are you tired of the crazy stuff we are hearing of the presidenal campaign? we will put aside the anchor desk and look at the most extreme examples of just that and trying to break down the barrier here and involve you a little bit more. this crazy talk. we will tell you what is true
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and frankly bs and what you can do to put an end to the silly side of the race to the white house. let's start with an obvious example now and one of the most recent. here is missouri congressman todd akin. >> it seems to me first of all, from what i understand from doctors that's really rare. if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whoil thing but let's assume maybe that didn't work or something. i think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be in the rapist and not attacking the child. >> ana navarro and omar is here. omar is an associate professor at the university of north carolina. ana, because you're a woman. so tell us, legitimate? i mean, what is this? >> it's legitimately stupid, don. listen. i don't think the comments made by congressman todd akin are silly. i think they are ignorant and
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stupid and have no place and no room in today's society and you've seen a very strong reaction. that's why you saw the reaction you've seen from so many leaders in the republican party saying, look. we condemn these words and don't think this is right and we are not going to accept it. we don't want any part of it and why he is not here now facing a hurricane the way the rest of us are! >> but omar he is still in the race and still could win. >> yeah. look. more and more people are rejecting this silliness you describe and why you so many people leaving basically not just the republican and democratic party but the electoral system as a whole. what i think is important is the independents, faster group of american voters now, stay in and assert their voices. it's the future that is important in terms of changing the political culture. without a change in the political culture we are going to keep going down this road of
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silliness. >> i'm going to get through a number of these. he says it was a joke but whatever it was, we are not debating that, whatever it is. but why, why, why did mitt romney even go there yesterday? listen. >> i love being home in this place where ann and i were raved a raised. no one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. they know that this is the play we were born and raised! >> ana, we will not debate why he said it. but the president has shown his birth certificate. in a word, ana, where wa the president born? >> the united states of america in hawaii. >> omar? >> as far as we all know, usa. >> good. that's it. it wasn't one word but you know what i meant. i just wanted you to give it to me. >> don, don, don, the problem -- don, the problem is some people aren't -- you know, some people
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aren't funny and they don't know it. i think mitt romney should stick to the serious issues. >> the interesting thing is people were saying, well, when people said why would he say something like that? it was uncalled for. many people saw it as partisan. the reason people said that is because he is trying to focus. he and paul ryan are trying to focus on the economy and by bringing this up that changes the focus and that was a headline from yesterday and this weekend and not the focus on the economy. we are not just calling out republicans now. check out this obama super pac ad. listen. >> when mitt romney and bayne closed the plant, i lost my health care and my family lost their health care and a shorted time after that, my wife became ill. i don't know she was sick and i think maybe she didn't say anything because she knew we couldn't afford the insurance and then one day, she became ill and i took her up to the jackson
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county hospital and admitted her for pneumonia and that is when they found the cancer and by then, it was stage four. there was nothing they could do for her. >> so this is basically implying that mitt romney's business practices somehow caused this woman's death. truth or dare or outrageous, omar? >> i mean, look. all of these things are really silly claims. i don't really want to get into the details of it because in some ways that is feeding into this game to tit for tat where the republican and democratic parties play with each other to keep the american people divided and not the way we should be going forward. whatever the case may be, let's look at the larger issue which is the issue of the partisanship in america and what can be done about that and something that could be done is president obama could come out strong. ly in favor of nonpartisan reforms and reconnect the independents in 2008 which won him the presidency. >> we will talk about that in the next segment. stand by, omar.
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you bring up a very legitimate point. ana, what do you say to that? >> i say to that ad it was egregiousnessly inaccurate and played with people's emotions. i think what you saw in that ad is the influence of super pacs. this was a super pac made ad and they give candidates the ability to deny having any association but we know in truth that these are super pacs that support a specific candidate. a candidate can condemn an ad but not coordinate with the super pac but say publicly we don't apt that ad playing. i wish president obama had the character and leadership to say that. >> we can say mitt romney did not cause this cancer's death so if anyone implies that or says mitt romney did, it's not true. it's b.s. how is this for crazy? an all-out civil war. president obama is reelected and what one judge says. bs? or not?
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we are talking politics tonight. crazy talking politics and cut through some of the craziness. why there's so much of it and what you can do about it. how is this for soaking the flames of fear into your vision. a texas judge, the man in charge of his county's emergency planning committee says a civil war could erupt if president obama bets re-elected. >> he is going to try to hand
7:13 pm
over the softvereignty to the united states to the u.n. what is going to happen? civil unrest and civil disobedience and dilve war maybe. we are not talking just a few riots here and demonstrations. we are talking lexington, concord, take up arms and get rid of the guy. >> ana, quickly! yes or no. is president obama ever going to turn roll of the u.s. over to the u.n. ever? >> don, you want a quick answer to that one? baker. he should be commit. that is crazy talk but, you know, crazy doesn't have a party, honey. there is crazies on the democrats and crazy oies on the republican side. >> no, it's ridiculous. it's a silly claim and ridiculous. >> here is a two-fer. we say we are not just picking the republicans, this is
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everyone. from stephanie cutter and accused mitt romney lying about his tenure at bain capital. here it is. >> either mitt romney, through his own words and his own signature, was misrepresenting his position at bain to the sec which is a felon or he was misrepresenting his position at bain to the american people to avoid respond for some of the consequences of his investments. >> omar, just the other day, the president told reporters no one on his team had accused romney of being a felfelon, you say wh to that? >> these are things being done in order to strike fear and to demonize which why in some ways people are saying enough already. so silliness. >> ana? >> beyond the pail, irresponsible, slanderus. >> number two. cutter comparing president obama's job creation numbers to
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president reagan. roll it. >> the last 27 months we created 4.75 million private sector jobs and more jobs in the bush recovery and reagan recovery. >> that was her on "morning joe" on msnbc. no matter how you crunch the numbers or metrics you use that statement is untrue. obama more than 4 million jobs so far. as george w. bush used to say, that's some fuzzy math. president one. first president bush. >> i would tell you that's beyond fuzzy math, you know? i think there miss cutter is spinning like a yo-yo. >> yeah. here is the thing. omar, with this and with other things, i'm wondering if people ever think that no one is going to check on this? and these are -- these are people who are smart, at least they are book smart. so, omar, what is going on here?
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why are they doing it and what is the solution? >> well, okay. so basically we have a system that thrives on the winner take all and it's not a very democratic system, small d, right some so basically, in that kind of a bipartisan system where you're trying to win it, do you it at all costs and that means basically throwing around numbers that may or may not be true and, in some ways, if they repeat the numbers some segment of the population will believe that. the solution really is in terms of going beyond this. breaking up the control that parties have over the political process and increasing the participation of americans and where in some ways independents come in. the independents are the hope of the future in america. 42% of americans now self-identify as independent and in north carolina where i am, 2 out of 3 new registered voters are register is as unaffiliated and the reason why is because partisanship is broadly
7:17 pm
recognized amongst all americans as the problem in america. we have brilliant solutions to things but they don't get all of the way in terms of policy because they are blocked for partisan reasons by special interests, et cetera. in fact, a great new book i want to mention it. "independents rising" which continues to be sort of related to as sort of a side thing in american politics. it's fundamental now. it's a growing phenomena in america. >> i've heard this a number of times. this sort of this whole thing we are doing now came about when i was on vacation recently where i went with a big group and we are sitting around at dinner and people are saying i'm conservative on this, i'm liberal on this, i feel one way about this and another way about that but i don't feel like i identify with democrats or republicans because most of the time, it's just bickering. so what happens? independents, i'm just being honest, omar, they don't feel
7:18 pm
that independents have the power to really make that big a difference here. ana, i know you are a republican strategist and i'm sure you've heard that before and you understand the disconnect here. >> but i think -- i think that's -- that's completely wrong and you should setell you independent friends. they are the most powerful voters in america right now. the we're all fighting over a very small portion of independent voters who can make or break the election and the very important battleground states. and you know why they do this? you know why this do the silly ads? because they can, don, because they can. because there's no penalty to pay and i think until voters, you know, really get turned off, really start saying no more, look. we're not going to take it and be educated about what the truth is, i think, you know, they are going to continue doing it. it's up to the voters. there is power in voting and
7:19 pm
there is power in democracy and we have to take it back. >> in the meantime, the people in the middle, the voters are saying we don't care whose is bigger and who created more jobs. whatever. we just want a job and we want to be able to pay our bills! we got to run. we are out of time. omar, we will have you guys back and have you back, omar, one of our original independents. thank you so much. >> thank you, don. >> one thing we can agree on for sure, the political bickering needs to go. here is an idea for you. no more republicans and no more democrats. how about that? that is next. so you're out and about and not in front of the tv to stay connected to cnn? pull it up on your cell phone like i do or watch it from your computer even at work. just go to tell them i sent you. ♪
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and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. we just finished talking about the crazy stuff going on in the presidential race from cancer deaths to birth certificates to a potential civil war and enough to make you
7:23 pm
not want to vote for either of these people. the one-on-one rivalry that is fueling this craziness and the next two guests said enough is enough and left their traditional party affiliation and struck out on their own. gary is reasoning for president as a libertarian and buddy roemer, my home state of louisiana, a former governor of louisiana who ran in this year's gop primaries. he now chairs reform you're an independent now, right? >> that's correct. i changed. i was a democrat 20 years and a republican 20 years. i'm going to try independent. >> so good to see both of you. i'll start with you, first, gary. is this two-party system broken? >> yeah. i think that it's vote between twiddle dee and twiddle dum and i think people care about stopping the wars and stopping spending and i think i will be
7:24 pm
that third voice. >> when you say gary johnson, i've heard of mitt romney and president obama. obviously, i've heard of paul ryan but who is this gary johnson guy? do you feel like you are shut out of the process in any way? >> well, completely. if it were reported tomorrow that i was at 5% of the national vol voe vote, the reaction would be who is gary johnson? that is a great thing. just being on your show, don, thank you. if it drives everybody to gary johnson i feel good about the results that people will actually look up and maybe take to heart. >> so that was a shameless plug and i allowed it. so, listen. >> shameless? well, shameless is what this is all about, isn't it? >> yes. >> do you mind if i call you buddy? >> call me buddy. >> is this two-party system, is it broken? >> it is broken.
7:25 pm
the largest party in america are the independents. the party growing the fastest in america today and check the facts is the independent party. we have 90 million americans that won't vote in november. 90 million! this country is in trouble and most people feel like there are no choices. i think they like barack obama but are certainly not sold on his policies and i don't think they really like mitt romney or know any of his policies. yet, all of the media talks about twiddle dee and twiddledum as gary says. the issue is reform. can we build our country and neither party has an answer. >> so you said all of the media talks about twiddle dee and twiddle dum. i've heard gary johnson and others who say i'm not a part of the two major political parties. i don't get invited, don, to cnn
7:26 pm
or to any other network to be in the debates. i'm not part of the polling. do you think the media is part of the problem and that needs to be fixed as well? >> and the two parties. they are in concert together. gary johnson was a two-term governor of new mexico. did one hell of a job in new mexico. he is a private business who has built a fantastic company. he and i walked through new hampshire together. there were 23 nationally televised debates in the republican primary. you know how many gary got invited to? two. and i might be exaggerating. maybe it was only one. a man that qualified and the republicans didn't even let him on the stage. >> what would it take to create a true sort of third party movement, a party that has influence, enter johnson, who could be a part of the process and maybe start the ball rolling so these two polarized sides don't have a monopoly on the
7:27 pm
process? >> that's what i'm engaged in and ditto that when it comes to buddy. very complimentary but the same, buddy. distinguished services as a democrat and republican. if there is anybody out there that could have talked authoritatively on both parties it was buddy but he was shut out. we are both in new hampshire and i'm knocking on 20 doors in the afternoon. guess how many people i reached? >> what do we do then? >> well, in this case, really there an exclusion by the media. i was excluded from debates where i was told that i had to be at 1% in a, b, and c polls. i wasn't in a, b, c polls. how do you get into the debate if you're not in the polls and very, very exclusionary. this is the battle, you know, i'm looking at this -- >> hang on, mr. johnson.
7:28 pm
i want mr. roemer to get in here. but i'm out of time. the producers are saying we got to go. answer the question. what do you think, buddy, what is it going to take to break the monopoly? >> campaign reform. get the big checks and money out of the room. let's the american people get in it campaign reform. neither candidate is talking about campaign reform. super pacs, bundle money and special interest money and wall street money, let the american people stand up and i tell you how it's going to happen. someday we let a woman or a man voice those sentiments on national television with the two-party candidates standing right there. they don't have an answer. >> instead, we are talking about dogs on roofs, birth certificates. >> that's right. >> legitimate rapes, all of those things and the american people are going what is going on? i wish i had more time. thank you gary and buddy. i appreciate it. tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern, cnn will present a profile on mitt romney.
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once a thing a fantasy and fiction and flying speed or bikes are no longer for the force of indoor. >> he over there! two more of them! >> i see them. wait, laya! >> hey, wait! >> hovering just above the ground the speeder bikes from "return to the jedi." fascinating audiences and the idea seemed outrageous or did it? this hover bike has been created
7:33 pm
and does just what it says it does. you're looking at a fundamental change in transportation as we know it, people. i spoke with the founder and engineer mike derosche about this creation earlier. it took you a couple of years. this is really cool. how did you come up with it and how long did it take you to do this? >> we have been working on the project since about 2002 so about ten years. we had our first flight in 2008 and ran into problems right away. but it's been the last ten months that we have seen our rapid success. >> what took you sew long to do it? because it's almost like a flying bicycle, right? >> almost exactly like that. the difficult came in the control. they started these things in the '60s and they gave up on them. we ran into the same problems that they did at around 2010. and mostly through persistence rather than genius we worked our ways through the issues to come
7:34 pm
up with what you see today. it really is just a control like a bike, but the pilot is really not in the same control he thinks he is. the vehicle reacts to the pilot. >> wow. >> because it's too big for him to influence. >> it's intuitive. before we get to that, you said you ran into the same sorts of issues that they did, starting from the 1960s. that was stability or instabili instability. >> exactly. what they did in the '60s is they went to an artificial stability system which adds a lot of complexity and for us that would have been out of the question. if we had to go that route we would have given up the project so we tried to work around it by getting simpler and simpler and able to solve the problem by getting the pilot in the loop. >> tell us how it works. one would think it's all computerized and fancy. it is intuitive but how does it work? you said it works depending on the motion or knows where you're going to go and what you want to do? >> there's not a computer on the
7:35 pm
system. all it is, the vehicle itself, the interface is such it tracks the pilot's movement. if he leans left the vehicle reacts by following the pilot and moves it left. it gives the pilot the sensation that his leaning created the left bank and it's the same going forward. as the pilot leans forward, the nose goes down and the vehicle coasts forward and same with stopping. pilot leans back, nose up, and stops. >> when you did your test, did you another run recently in the desert in california and here is a video we have been showing. >> yes. >> tell us what is going on in this video? how does it work? sometimes you're higher and lower. is the fans underneath? what is making it do that? >> great question. it is. there's two fans. one in front of the other like on a motorcycle but the wheels are turned horizontal. what is essentially happened there when a pilot gives throttle, that gives you altitude. we fly at about five feet off the ground and haven't gone
7:36 pm
faster than 30 miles an hour. that wasn't the intent of this vehicle. you change the thrust factor by moving the nose up or down or rolling left or right. to turn is similar to a bike. you just turn the handlebars. >> you think there is a market and we will be using these fairly soon? >> i can't imagine the future where these vehicles are not prevalent. we are first going to come out with an unmanned vehicle. same thing as you see there but unmanned robotic for agriculture. we will move the technology from the robotic one back into the man one and probably see the man one on the market for border control where you have a lot of borders that don't have roads. >> i wnds who would regulate it? would it be the dmv or the faa? >> as long as we stay -- for this vehicle, about this size, is about 15 feet. and as long as you're under that in ground effect, the faa
7:37 pm
doesn't consider you an aircraft. >> only at 30 miles an hour. do you think it would be safe any faster than that? >> we know it will be because the vehicles in the '60s, they were able to go 75 miles an hour. >> but there has been some criticism, though, that it's not stable when it's that fast but you say that's over, that's done? >> that is correct. the stability issue will have to creep up on slowly and find out where we see these gremlins in the -- in its flying. but at 30, we are doing fine. we know physically it can get up to 70. >> how much money? let's say they go on the market. the one that you have now, this prototype, how much does it cost? >> i'm embarrassed to say how much it costs, but if we were to count the sum of the parts, we would get a pretty good indication but it's a pretty insert, because if you look at trying to build something that is flight quality and safe, you probably couldn't get it to market under $50. if you were to look at the high end and if it were over a hundred thousand dollars, then
7:38 pm
you missed your market and we would have to redesign and go back to the drawing board. it can't be that expensive be too cheap so you're probably looking in between somewhere in there. >> mark, thank you. so cool. love it. >> thanks, don. >> i want one of those. those are one of the coolest things i've ever seen. mark and his team hope to have a robotic version of the vehicle out by next version and maneuverings for civil agencies a year or two after that. rain or shine, come tropical storm or high water, republicans will be going to the polls at the rnc in tampa. not those poles. these poles! the gloves are ready! you know, ronny... folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic.
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hurricanes seem to like to rain on the repuican parade. the last time one disrupted a republic national convention was the last one in 2008. can mother nature be a democrat? first, the elephant in the room often comes with dollar bills. republicans coming to the tampa convention and may need a big and bountiful strip club. dancers say they could make more than a thousand bucks a day. talk about a grand ole party.
7:42 pm
>> but we hired my trainer. i'm actually working with three different trainers right now to get myself right back in shape in the next week and a half or so like as quickly as possible. so i definitely pushing myself a lot harden and i know a lot of the girls here have as well. >> she is training. this is like the strip olympics. joining us now is political comedian dino and ana navarro. a study found republicans spend a hundred bucks more than in adt clubs. why do you think? >> this is a republican stimulus package to get the economy working again. it trickled down and cause some to trickle up. let them have fun. you know what? buddy was here, the governor of louisiana, was just here. let them have a good time. what do you say, ana? look.
7:43 pm
republicans tip better. what can i tell you? look. strippers can vote too, don. i think maybe it's just voter outreach and maybe republicans are out there doing their own unscientific polls. they are citizens. they can vote. it's political outreach, my friend. >> i imagine most of the strippers are independents so it's a tough market to get but good to them them. ana is right oolf. >> moving on. let's talk about isaac. remember this one. gustave forced some cancellations at the 2008 republic national convention and they rallied americans at the convention stage. >> as john has been saying for the last several days, this is a time when we take off our republican hats and put on our american hats. >> americans are known for coming to the aid of their fellow citizens. let's work together. >> so, ana, is mother nature a
7:44 pm
democrat? >> no, i don't think mother nature is a democrat but i certainly think mother nature is having some fun with republicans. this is actually, don, the third one that gets disrupted in some way consecutively by this. i remember being in new york in four and we had another hurricane that was coming from florida. in fact, jeb bush, the brother of the then president, didn't go. but, you know, look. this happens. it's august in florida, you know? we are a paradise in the winter and we get some hurricanes and storms in the summer. actually, that one you just played was in minnesota so we weren't getting the hurricane then. >> it was because of what was happening down in the gulf and it would look bad on so that is what happened. >> by the way, before we -- >> i can't, ana. i don't have any time. >> i know what you're going to say, dean, this is payback for
7:45 pm
not believing in global warming. >> exactly. prince harry and snooki. never thought i would say those names in the same sentence. why, you ask is it i'll tell you next. sure. with straight talk at walmart you get unlimited talk, text and data for only $45 a month. but do i get the same coverage? oh yeah. it's on america's best networks. sounds great to me. well we saved you a lot of money, and your girls like their new smart phones. i sent you a friend request. [ both ] we know. [ earl ] save money with straight talk wireless. unlimited talk, text and data for only $45 a month. only at walmart. for only $45 a month. mom: ready t♪ go to work? ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:48 pm
stop what you're doing and listen up. we are following major news right now. we have it on good authority that american treasure and master thespian nicole snooki is in a new jersey hospital and that any time, may deliver into the world the nation's next reality tv star. cnn is following this event throughout the night and i'll be here live commercial-free. no bathroom breaks. i'm just pulling your leg. not about that. we have that on good authority, we are told it's true. i want to talk about something far more high borrow than that.
7:49 pm
prince harry embarrassed the queen again this week. naked high jinx in las vegas. dean, why do people care so much? listen. most of the guys i talk to, younger people were like, hey, man, have your fun. i wish i was a prince and 27 years old and single. they didn't think it was a big deal. >> it's not. he is the charlie sheen of reality. he is living that life. remember, he got in troue for being in a nazi uniform in it's rather he is naked than in a nazi uniform. i think he should be applauded and taking a step forward and apparently he is naked but didn't have a prince albert! not a prince albert to soledad o'brien that's a good thing. >> he probably should not have been doing that and probably be more careful, i should say. but if he is single, he's 27 years old, i mean, who cares? >> oh, don all i can tell you i'm glad i'm not a 27-year-old prince. if there are pictures of everything i shouldn't be doing, there would be a lot of pictures out there.
7:50 pm
i think prince harry just found out whatever happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. it went worldwide and i'm sure he got a pretty big talking to from his grandmother i get the sense. >> they have to change their slogan what happens in vegas, didn't necessarily stay in vegas if you're a member of the royal family. thanks. we have to end it there. >> thanks, don. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life.
7:51 pm
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good evening. i'm rob marciano. the latest update regarding isaac which is not a hurricane yet but anticipate it being that. 60-mile-an-hour winds and tropical storm. centered off the coast of cuba about 340 miles from key west and heading in that direction. some of the moisture associated with it reaching out towards southern florida and doing that all day. let's talk about the updated forecast ack. we get into the florida straits tonight. tomorrow, we experience potentially hurricane force conditions across florida keys and tropical storm force conditions and through miami tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night and then into the gulf of mexico. tampa gets the worst of their weather on monday and likely tropical storm type of weather and category two storm heading towards the florida panhandle on tuesday night, wednesday morning. >> rob, thank you, sir. you'll be a busy man. >> they got the flag up now. you can see the stars and stripes. >> two and a half hours on the moon and forever a part of
7:54 pm
history. >> to measure precisely by laser beam reflection the exact distance between moon and earth. >> tonight, we take you back to the moon with neil armstrong. at 26 i was diagnosised with cancer and had to go right into chemo. in the hospital i saw these peoples by themselves. you could see the for. my goal was to get in there and motivate patients so that they wanted to jump out of their chemo bed and swing at this thing. i'm johnny and i'm a two-time testicular cancer survivor and created an organization that people who are diagnosised with cancer are able to be strong. it started with just a few survivors. sharing information one-to-one
7:55 pm
with somebody diagnosed with the same exact cancer. >> cancer is not a part of our language. i'm really happy i have this community that johnny has built. >> we have helped people in over 60 countries and matched over 8,000 total since inception. >> guardn angel. any time i call, he is right there. >> we help people of all ages. caregivers and we get a ton of young adults. we share stories and we listen and we learn. >> i was 30 when i was diagnosed so i wanted to make it until my son is at least 5 and i'm still here today. >> we heal each other. >> that's the kind of information you want to hear from someone who has been through it. really no other way. >> i don't really count the days since cancer because every day is a good day. you're happy you got out of bed this morning. life is amazing. mom: ready to go to work?
7:56 pm
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7:58 pm
you're about to see one of the coolest things ever broadcast on television. america lost a legend today with the passing of former astronaut neil armstrong. the first man to ever walk on the moon. we take you back to that moment in history, july 20th, 1969. >> ten seconds. guidance is internal. twelve. 11. 10. 9. ignition sequence start.
7:59 pm
six, five, four, three, two, one, zero. all engines running. we have a liftoff of apollo 11. >> forward. to the right a little. >> 30 seconds. >> okay. engine stop. the eagle has landed. >> roger, tranquility. we copy you on the ground. >> whew! armstrong is on the moon. neil armstrong, 38-year-old american standing on the surface of the moon on this july 20th, 1969. >> it's one mall step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. >> that looks beaul