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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 8, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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calamari and all available at that one press of a button at work. i'm just concerned about all of those calories. we're going to burn off walking with let's pizza vending machine. has to be some genius watching this and you can confuse them on the end of our computers and electronic shovel. then our inevitable heart attacks can come even sooner. a cherry thought to leave you with. good night. i'm don lemon. the stories you're talking about in a moment. first the headlines. two separate tornadoes touched ground in new york city today. rolled off the water into the rockaways into the queens and ripped down power lines and ripped off roofs. it uprooted several giant trees. there have been no reports of people hurt. people carrying suitcases run away from their homes after
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a cluster of quakes struck china. video from china cc-tv shows rescue crews running to look for survivors. at least 80 people were killed and 00 injured when four quakes hit jed. tens of thousands forced from their homes. the strongest quake 5.6 in muted. a. a tulane football player is in stable condition after a terrifying collision on the field today. devon walker was injure inside a helmet-to-helmet collision with a teammate in a game against tulsa. he suffered a fractured spine and collapsed lung and medics had to revive walker on the fid before rushing him to the hospital. those are your headlines. wait to see what else we are working for you on cnn saturday night. so now we have a choice. >> no family should go broke! >> enough already! tonight, we cut through the noise. >> i don't acknowledge that. >> and hold politicians accountable on everything from
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god to abortion and even israel. the head of the democratic party sets the record straight. >> this is not talking points. this is factual. >> and reprogramming your brain to forget anything or anyone, even that ex. >> she looks at me like she doesn't even know who i am. >> that's right. remembering to forget. it's not hollywood's smoke in mirrors. some say it is possible. thought politics was no joke? >> spend the rest of the interview explaining black things to me? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> the decision 2012 team is here and pulling no punches. >> hello, everyone. i've been away a while and so good to be back. this is what you sexpect from here here. we have a conversation we think should be more on television. most of you would have at dinner or over drinks without worrying about offender is critics.
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sometimes it gets heated and uncomfortable and not everyone agrees. not all of the time but it's honest and authentic and transparent. again, that's what this show is about. that said, it has been quite a week for the head of the democratic national committee. florida congresswoman debbie wassermann schultz and accused to overshadowing the president's re-election pied to flat out lying. the dnc convention behind her i invited her on to set the record straight without talking points. she wasn't happy about some of my questions but they had to be asked. so here it is. thanks for coming on this saturday night. i know it's been a very busy time for you. you know you've been at the center of some controversy and before -- i just want you to come on to set the record straight. now that you've had a chance to look back, this isn't an ambush interview. i'm not trying -- this isn't got you. i just want to get some clarity and see if you've had some
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clarity. i want to start with some of the comments that were made on monday to jewish democrats about israel and specifically a comment you made to the israelan ambassador. here what you said. >> we know and i've heard no less than ambassador michael oren say this, that what the republicans are do is undermining israeli's security by suggesting that the united states and israel don't have anything other than a unique and close and special relationship. >> so you have said that the reporter -- you accuse the reporter of misquoting. you say you didn't say it, but in the clip you said it. then you said i categorically deny saying it. but there it is. how do you respond to that? >> don, if you look at what the examiner, which is a conservative blog site, so it's not surprising that they would deliberately misquote me and i'll reiterate that they did
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deliberately misquote me. first, they took only the first line of what i said and then they cut it off. and so you haven't played the rest of what i said. and what they did was they reported that i said that republican policies were dangerous for israel and actually that is what ambassador oren commented on. i never said that republican policies were dangerous for israel. in fact, that is the opposite of what i always say. what i always say and what i said in that event and it's very portant, that we understand that israel should not be a political football. what the republicans are doing is they are suggesting that there is daylight between the parties on israel. i didn't say their policies were dangerous for israel. i said that what they are doing by trying to suggest that there's a difference between the parties and the united states, or that president obama has less than a stellar record on israel is harmful to israel because it undermines israel in the eyes of arab neighbors.
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>> you said it was taken out of context. listen. the ambassador says i categorically denied that i ever characterized republican policies as harmful to israel. >> i never said -- no, no, don. go back. you can play it again. i did not say that republican policies were dangerous for israel. what i said was what the republicans are doing, referring to their suggestion repeatedly that president obama has less than a stellar record on israel which israeli leadership says israel has no greater friend than president obama. i said because they are using israel as a political football, that what they're doing is harmful to israel. not their policies. a big difference. >> and by saying that ambassador oren it made it seem like you had spoken to ambassador oren and -- >> with all due respect, i spoke to ambassador oren. afterwards, he told me that he -- he, you know, was confident that i didn't say what
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i was accused of saying. his statement responds to a misquotation and a partial out of context i supposedly made. i don't believe republican policies -- in fact, saying that policies are different between the republicans and the democrats and the united states is harmful to israel and i didn't say it. i said that the republicans are -- >> would you say -- >> i did not. >> -- differently? >> no. i regret that "the examiner" has repeatedly taken what i said out of context. if they had printed the entire quote and if they had actually told ambassador oren what i actually said, i think his response would have been different. >> okay. that's not it. our conversation just getting started. straight ahead, i ask about the democrats' platform and why they had to revisit, re-vote on references on god and jerusalem.
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>> he insisted they be reinserted -- >> i understand -- >> don, please let me answer. >> i've heard this over and over again. more of my frank and honest conversation straight ahead. at usaa, we believe honor is not
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dynamic debbie wassermann schultz. it was honest and open. but the vote on these changes created its own set of problems. here is more of my conversation. let's talk about -- >> that's what i'm. >> the delegate parties to reference god and reinstate the language -- let's listen. >> i'll do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say aye. all those delegates opposed say no. two-thirds have voted in the affirmative. the motion is adopd and the platform has been amended to show on the screen. >> i wasn't in the room and hard for me to tell.
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even people who were in the room, they said you couldn't tell if it was the ayes or the nos. and what happened with the way people perceived that the party wanted people to vote was already in the teleprompter. but here's the thing. when you talk to democrats off camera, they will say we screwed but that language. what do you say about that as head of the dnc now? >> here is the bottom line. when president obama realized an owe motion made on two items which were part of his personal belief. one, we should return the reference to americans achieve their god given potential and, two, that jerusalem is and will remain the capital of israel, when i roll lieazed those -- >> dynamic. >> don, please let me finish.
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>> because these aren't things that are likely. for god and jerusalem to be taken out of the platform. if you look. it had to be intentional to do it. you didn't have someone in the room when you were going over the platform. >> don, don. >> hang on. let me finish. when you were going over the platform especially after the gop convention when there had been so much talk about god and israel. you're telling me that it was an oversight, especially -- honestly coming from a jewish american you're going to tell me that is an oversight? shouldn't you be the one to make sure that's not an oversight? >> don, our platform which was adopted on tuesday is strongly pro-israel and 100% pro-israel. more hard line on preventing iran from achieving a nuclear weapon than the represent perform. our platform said the president
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is -- to prevent iran from achieving a nuclear weapon. the republican platform on that subject says all options are on the table. we already had a strong pro-israel platform. we wanted to make sure and president obama wanted to make sure the platform reflected his personal review of jerusalem being the capital of israel and remain the capital of israel and my personal view as well and the platform was amended to do that. in fact, when we went through the platform -- >> isn't that language in the platform before? >> it was the language on jerusalem was in the platform in 2008 and president -- and that reflected president obama's personal view and when he realized it had been omitted he insisted it be reinserted. in fact, there was never any process that -- >> with the platform from 2008 and now side-by-side and no one looks at that and goes, wait a minute. come on, congresswoman. don't people appreciate candor more than anything? >> yes.
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and i don't appreciate you suggesting i'm being anything less than candid. i am a proud pro-israel jewish woman. the first jewish woman to represent my state in congress. i have a strong pro-israel record and the president of the united states, barack obama, is someone that i proudly support because he has a stellar record on israel. >> okay. >> he has consistently stood by israel and our platform reflects his personal view on jerusalem and there is nothing less than candor that i am conveying to you tonight. >> i apologize. i did not mean that as a personal attack and you're right on to come back at me and say that, so thank you. but i do think people appreciate candor. those are two things, though -- >> believe me, i have never been accused of being anything less than candid. directness is not my problem. >> i would say that that is -- over the past couple of weeks i've read things that people say you will say anything, even if it's true or false, to prove yo point. >> you're right. there are right wing republicans that spend a lot of time trying
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to suggest that. i have a 20-year record of credibility and i'm proud of my record and it's one of the reasons that president obama asked me to share the democratic national committee. >> why was that in the prompter about the two-thirds having voted in the affirmative? why was it already in the prompter? >> because we have overwhelming support for jerusalem and our pro-israel platform elements from the 6,000 delegates that were part of the democratic national convention and when the chair mayor villaraigosa called the vote, the anticipation was we would get that two-thirds vote and that is how he heard it and he called it that way. much has been made in the media about the supposed discord. when you have 6,000 delegates, when you -- i've been a legislator for 20 years, don, so i can tell you i know discord. hearing a smattering of
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opposition which something is opposed. the bottom line this week we made sure our party platform reflected the president's view on jerusalem being the capital of israel and remaining that. when his personal view wasn't reflected on abortion and there being rape incest he did nothing to aemed his platform and that is the big difference in part of the clear choice in front of the voters the next 60 days. >> later on, we talk about some people say she has been overshadowing the president, the press she has been getting. good and bad? we will talk to her about that. that's later. first, a man in virginia named virgil good and probably never heard of him he is a game-changer. that is next. plus this. reprogramming your brain. to forget anything or anyone.
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a man named virgil good could keep mitt romney out of the white house. how would he do it and who in the world is virgil good. he is a former virginia congressman and on the ballot in that state of the constitution party. can he win? no, but he is a game-changer. he could siphon votes from mitt romney. the theory goes from virginia to president obama. virginia is a swing state and the race is really tight. cnn's pole of likely voters taken after the republican convention but before the democratic convention show that president obama and mitt romney in a dead tie. both with 48%. so joe is here with me. he is an independent and proud of it and he's been on with me a number of times, back in 2008 and before. thank you, sir. good to talk to you. brett o'donnell has worked for
7:22 pm
the mccain and bachmann campaigns and romney's camp early on in this campaign. thank you brett. >> good to be here. >> good to see you. before we talk about this virgil good, did you guys listen to the conversation with debbie wassermann schultz? >> yes, certainly did. >> di. >> as an independent, what did you think, joe? >> well, i think the art of asking really authentic follow-up questions is sort of lost in the news media these days and something that needs to be done. so i thought that the questioning was -- the kind of questioning that needs to be done and i don't think she came across as totally transparent, should we say. >> so, brett, you know, when you ask tough questions on the left, people on the right say -- people on the left say, oh, i bet you don't do that on the right. when you ask tough questions on the right, people say you don't do that blest so that's how you now you're doing the right thing. i'm sure i made people on the left mad but the questions had to be done like my questions
7:23 pm
about the republicans and rand paul and they tick a lot of people off on the right. what did you think? >> i agree. i think these are issues that she really needed to answer for, particularly her comments about israel and what republicans are doing policy wise. and also, you know, what the democrat party did this week with jerusalem and israel in the platform and with taking god out of the platform. i mean, i think those were big mistakes that really stepped on the message of an otherwise as a republican, they had a good convention this week but it really stepped on that i message. >> why didn't you do that about the republican convention? i wasn't here. i was out of the country. i was here for the democratic convention and why i did it and it was the last one. brett, a pet peeve. if you please. it's a democratic party, not the democrat party. that's like people saying the republican party so if we can just use the correct name for the party, that would be great, all right? so thank you for that. so, brett, should romney be
7:24 pm
worried about this virgil good, this game-changer? >> first of all, it's virgil good. he served virginia very well as a congressman. he was a democrat starting out and then switched to independent and then became a republican. it's not clear whether or not he'll actually remain on the ballot. he was put on the ballot in pennsylvania, then got tossed off the ballot in pennsylvania and there's some question as to whether or not he'll stay on the ballot in virginia. so i think we have to wait and see what happens. but i don'think, ultimately he'll make a difference in the outcome in virginia. >> so, joe, you're all about independents getting involved. are you glad that virgil good is in there? >> i don't know about glad. it's always nice to see if there are other options but from i read on this race so far that 2% to 3% could tilt this race and the -- he could pick 5% to 9%. i think one will hit the
7:25 pm
independent voters the challenge him being on the ballot has c e cocom come -- sorry about that. i think the percentage of tipping is very, very troublesome for the republican party and the problem also is that there's a general image that it feeds into with republicans trying to get people off the ballots to prevent votes from happening. if you add that whole image that is going to be the no troublesome part if he is taken off the ballot. >> go ahead, go ahead. >> but, you know,, you know, third-party candidates tend to overperform in polls and underperform in elections. and so, you know, a still am very skeptical whether he'll make a difference in the final outcome in november. >> quickly, let's talk about nevada. actually it allows voters to vote for none of the above. 8,000 people chose that option in the 1998 senate race in harry
7:26 pm
reid, he held on to his seat by less than 500 votes. republicans are trying to get this option removed from the ballot. why are they worried? why would this option hurt romney more than obama, brett? >> i actually don't think it hurts romney more than it hurts obama. if you look at the primary season, president obama has had challengers in primary states who way overperformed because they were -- voters were giving him democratic voters were giving him a vote of no confidence in those primary states, arkansas, west virginia, where places where the president had real trouble against former prisoner and not widely known in the state. it was a state of democrats voting no confidence for the president. so i don't think that line will spell trouble for romney, but i do think that it shouldn't be on the ballot.
7:27 pm
it's not one of the people running for the president of the united states. >> i think it could hurt romney a great deal. from what i've read this has been on the ballot since 1976 or 1975 and fit into the whole motif. if you look at the news stoy st coming out. republicans trying to keep people from voting in what will take votes away from them. this general image you're getting is keeping people from voting a certain way is very damaging with some independent voters. >> thank you both so much. great conversation. we will have you guys back. so i have to ask you, what is your most embarrassing moment? what is your scariest? if there anything you could forget what would it be? some say you with make that happen and reprogram your brain to forget. that's next. then this. thought politics was no joke? >> spend the rest of the interview explaining black things to me? >> yeah, yeah, yacheah.
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take all of the crummy things that have happened to you and forget them. crummy boyfriends and girlfriends and deaths and caused you grief, sorrow, anguish and pain. you wish they could be wiped from your mind! it's certainly not a new concept. the ex-girlfriend of jim carrey's girlfriend will have her memory of him wiped out for good. >> so i call her! and she's changed her number. so i walked over to anna's attic to get her something. i thought go over to work and give her an early valentine and you won't believe it! she's there with this guy. this really young guy a she looks at me like she doesn't even know who i am! >> the concept of having your
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memory wiped out sounds a little crazy but it's not. a new study sound people could forget or use selective memory. these novel findings show these individuals can be trained to not think about memories that have personal relevance and significance to them and provide the most direct evidence to date that we possess some kind of control over auto biographical memory. doctor, when i first read this study, it kind of reminded me of end grams and scientology and able to erase memory. how can this study help people learn to forget bad memories? >> i don't know enough about scientology to cover that, but i will tell you this, don, that it's kind of funny to think that
7:33 pm
for decades and decades, psychologist have been working on helping people dig up repressed memories, right, so they can assess them with an adult mind and analyze them if you will. now we are talking about actually creating a kind of repression and at this one study out of the uk took 30 people and they asked them to remember a positive and a negative thing about their past and associate a key word with it and then told to ignore or avoid a negative thought. so it's promising. >> i like the promising part because how can you be trained to forget? the results of this still very small. it's a very small study. it could be huge with anyone with ptsd. think about our troops returning to war. >> right. so we say promising because it's only a study group of 30 people and none of them actually had
7:34 pm
depression or ptsd so we don't know if these kind of minds that ruminate with negative images on a constant basis and assaulted by bad memories, whether they will be able to learn that process of forgetting. but if they could, it could be amazing and bring shem such relief. >> but it's never been tested. it says it's supposed to be with people with ptsd promising or depression but never tested with people with depression. >> exactly. it hasn't been tested with that population yet and that is clearly what needs to be done next. you start with the small studies and get promising good results and then the financing in what you need to do. the wide scale study. >> thanks, dr. wendy. interesting conversation. >> thank you. up next the head of the democratic party answers this query. okay. let's talk about you. white house not happy with debbie wassermann schultz. she has become a distraction with the misquotes and making
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burden away. >> hi, sweetie! >> we are going to put our maximum amount on charlie which is $800. >> it was just such a blessing and we will be forever grateful that charlie got a second chance. >> meant so much to us. >> what we do is a tribute to lady bug. if hi to get to the grave to find this path, then we were meant to lose her so that we could be inspired to help others. now my conversation tonight with florida congresswoman debra wassermann schultz. i asked her about her party chair and critics in owner own party saying she has been making headlines for the wrong reasons. let's talk about you. i see the reports. what is it? >> okay. >> let's see. wassermann schultz walks a tight rope. white house not happy with debbie wassermann schultz. democrats upset with her. she's become a distraction, especially with the misquotes and making news in the wrong
7:40 pm
way. what do you say to that? are you worried about your job? do you think you've become more of a distraction to the obama re-election process than a help? >> well, not only do i not think that. i know president obama doesn't think that. i know that the senior advisers surrounding president obama don't think that. when they have been asked on the record have said that they have confidence in me and that the references that you're talking about have all been these anonymous, you know, off the record deep commentary that, you know, i mean, is sort of typical for the political process and right wing blogosphere has done a great job of fanning the flames. i'm making sure, a, i can do the best job i can representing my qaets constituents here in the 20th district of florida and making
7:41 pm
sure that president obama gets re-elected and win my home state of florida and helping democrats get elected up and down the ballot. i'm proud of my service and i believe that president president obama as well as his senior advisers are as well. >> thank you for coming on. some people saying she is not answering quite honestly but you come on and talk it and you do it with a smile. thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate your candor. >> sure. >> we are mixing things up a bit tonight for this next segment. i get to make fun of the guys who usually make fun of us. comedy central, daily show. you'll want to see this. ♪ ♪ with a subaru you can always find a way. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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networks around the world are covering the race between president obama and the guy who wants his job, mitt romney. at least one network, though, has a very different reason the rest. it's looking for jokes. comedy central brings back its indecision election coverage this year. i spoke with jared logan and
7:45 pm
carlos and given how they were dressed i asked him if they had just come back from working down at kinkos. >> we like to address like because it brings us closer. >> you guys are not related, are you? >> maybe if you go way back to thomas jefferson or or something like that but not that we're away much. >> did you guys cover both the rnc and dnc? you were there the entire time? >> we did both, yeah, yeah. . you the good the rnc and a later you were' dnc? >> it was weird. >> i would say the democrats gave us way more access and would walk up and talk to us. i kind of felt like a lot of the republicans were being carried around like they didn't want to
7:46 pm
talk to peasant comedians like us. >> did you feel like a hierarchy like the folks at dnc were standoffish to you? >> maybe. i don't want to be biased. maybe because it was very hot. i felt like when we approached, people got in their car. >> much was made about the speeches so let's get to the speeches. we had mitt romney and paul ryan made your speech. then you had -- oddly enough, not the vice president. but a former president bill clinton made your speech and then barack obama made your speech. so tell me about that. that was certainly interesting. >> i felt like bill clinton was making his last best, you know, attempt to become president all over again. >> yeah, bill clinton did a one man show. if you see, he was like talking to imaginary people.
7:47 pm
>> the sax foe was amazing. >> i loved the sax solo. still in tune. >> were you star-struck with anyone at either convention? >> oh, my gosh. >> i literally bumped into the reverend jesse jackson. >> he got struck jesse jackson. >> we almost kissed. >> you went in for it! he didn't like that. >> you were trying to -- >> they bumped into each other. >> instead of keeping hope alive, you were trying to kill hope? >> i was running over hope, yeah. >> jared was telling a story and i said watch out. jesse bumps into him and i thought the security would take jesse out and say run, jesse, run. it was real intense. what am i supposed to do racially in building moment? am i supposed to take jared out because of our shining black prince being hurt. >> i was telling a story. he said watch out, jesse jackson.
7:48 pm
i thought he meant i was beginning to sound like jesse jackson but, no, i was beginning to run into him. >> a wee bit of a man crush it seems on one of the guys running for president. see if you can guess who it is. guess what? you can take cnn with you. you can watch us while you work. go to and watch cnn live on your computer or on your smart phone.
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we have more now with comedy
7:51 pm
central jared and logan. part of the team covering the presidential race. second part of our chat given the celebs we saw, i asked the guys why stars were such a big part of the political process. >> oh, that's politics now. politics is celebrity. i think obama is definitely a celebrity and i think michelle is definitely a celebrity. i think celebrity is how the world runs now for better or worse, i think for worse. >> for better. i like it. i do an obama impression so it's i would kind of like four more years, dot, dot, of employment. >> i do a mitt romney impression. which is just me being uncomfortable talking to laborers. >> yeah. >> so i'd really like to see him win. >> so good. >> i want to see -- you got to do the impression since you've been talking about it. >> i can't. don, i don't think so. >> come on! do it! >> what do you want to hear?
7:52 pm
ask me a couple of questions, don. >> give me the speech! if we have hope and change, that's the speech to me but let me hear yours. >> that's pretty good. if we have hope and change, i need your vote. if you feel "empire strikes back" is better than "jedi" i need your vote. >> everything you heard at the rnc and dnc which was your favorite? >> i like paul ryan. we were jug talk about the youth vote and totally got the youth vote like mentioning and aac dc and led zeppelin. >> yours? >> he was great. get the vote with those blue eyes. i agree, i thought paul ryan was awesome possum. i was drawn into the tractor beam of his blue eyes and there
7:53 pm
were a lot of oh, no you didn't moments in his that i liked, you know? like he goes obama is a failure and he smells bad and people are like, oh, get him, get him, get him! so i like that. i like it when politics is just like a game a dozens under the bridge. >> yeah. >> all right. in your obama, can you do obama's message to the youth to get the young people out? and i don't know, jared, maybe you want to see a romney or a paul ryan. i don't know. or a clinton. >> all right. >> let's see. >> young people, i'm speaking to all y'all right now, okay? i need you to get out there and vote. it's not going to be easy. not going to be easy. you're going to have put down your x-box controller, right? you have to put down your cool ranch doritos and leave the comforts of your home. you might have to drive upwards to two miles away to -- to -- to vote, all right? i -- i -- i need you to do it. we need your vote. get fired up.
7:54 pm
and ready to go. >> mr. romney? mr. romney? >> yeah, no. yeah, i'll do paul ryan. i'm paul ryan and let's right into it. bands i like. molly hatchet, okay? sole asylum. rage against the machine! they don't like me, but i like them! in fact, a lot of these bands hate my guts and that is why they're tight. >> why should young people go vote for you? >>. >> your abs your abs. >> thanks, guys. that was really funny. how about this? bubba is back! >> let's look -- >> four more years! >> let's look at other -- >> they were chanting four more years. hold on. which president are they cheering for? ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
7:55 pm
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in tampa, the republican argument against the president re-election was actually pretty simple. pretty snappy. it went something like this. we left him a total mess. he hadn't cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in! >> a laugh line with a little venom. they praised his speech that put the rps to shreds. dallas cowboys between the new
7:58 pm
york city giants in the first nfl regular season game but more tuned in to watch clinton. some say he outshined president obama and here to talk about all of it is georgetown professor christopher meltser and in los angeles, ben glieb. what do you make of the clinton/nfl matchup? i was riveted. what did he say? the president four point some million jobs. >> like he was calling a football game. i'm not surprised for several reasons. one, the last time that americans got behind a employ from texas things did not work out so well. i think they need a break and people didn't need to watch the
7:59 pm
nfl debut because a week earlier they saw a bunch of millionaires trying to win at all costs for their buddies it at the expense of everybody around them. the only difference being that when -- that during an nfl game, the middle class actually cheers for the millionaires. >> christopher, the president has not been able to rekindle the magic of 2008. is this the shot in the arm the democrats needed the bill clinton moment? >> no. i think this is a shot in the arm for hillary 2016. that is the former president's angle here. since he can't get back in the white house, she can in 2016. the president has to seal the deal on his own. >> a conservative pundit on our -- an analyst on our air said lock the doors. bill clinton has just sealed the deal. so you don't think it's -- >> no, i don't think so. i think the president has to do that. only he can do that. >> hey, ben. ten seconds left here. so what do you ak


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