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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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subtract your age. 70% of that number. you get the math here. 70% of that number should be what you target. if you do that, you can actually burn more fat and build more endurance. congratulations to all of you. um ready. i'm excited. that's going to wrap things up. time now to send it back to atlanta for a quick check of your top stories from the cnn newsroom. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is cnn sunday morning. more details unfolding about the violent protesters in cairo. why some of them may have been paid for their attacks. the topless kat photo spreading around the world. now a second magazine has published the pictures. forward and believe in america. those are today's campaign slogans, but they weren't always so elegant. wait until you hear some of the slogans from the old days.
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>> good morning. i'm randy kay. it iscle on the east coast. 5:00 a.m. out west. we start in afghanistan. the deaths of four coalition troops. they were gunned down by a member of the afghan police force. it is just the latest in a string of so-called green on blue attacks. joining me now is cnn's anna. she's in kabul, afghanistan this morning. what do we know about this attack exactly, and do we know the nationality of the coalition troops? >> we don't know the nationalities just wret. we don't believe, however that, the u.s. forces were in this particular area where this afghan police officer opened fire on those coalition troops. as you mentioned, four coalition soldiers killed early this morning. there were two killed yesterday. also in southern afghanistan they were both british. this is, as we say, two attacks
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in two days, and it takes the death toll up to 51, which is quite staggering. la last year it was a total of 35, back in 70,000. it was a total of just four. we really are seeing an uptick. now, the taliban do claim responsibility for each of these attacks. however, u.s. forces say that is not true that they are, in fact, responsible for 25% of the attacks. insurgency is responsible for 25% of these attacks. the rest of the cultural differents or the cycle of fatigue and an 11-year war that is about to enter its 12th year. >> you mentioned number of these attacks and those that were lost. why the uptick? why so many? >> well, we have the taliban, obviously, claiming responsibility. they want to undermine any security, any stability that has been established over the last
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few years. obviously, the international forces have announced they are out of here come 2014, so this transfer of power is underway from the coalition forces to the afghan armed forces. some 350,000 afghan soldiers and army will make up this force, but what has been quite frightening, ramdi, is we saw the attack down in helmand province. this is heavily fortfied base with some 20,000 coalition troops. now, if the taliban can infiltrate the perimeter there, get through, kill two marines, cause damage on the airstrip, what hope do afghan forces have to hold up on their own? >> absolutely. there's also some news coming in about an air strike in afghanistan. do you have any information on that? >> yeah, we're just getting news. this is going to xlekt the situation even more ms country. we believe that there was an air
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strike overnight in which seven women were killed. i beg your pardon. it was eight women that were killed. seven women were injured. this took place in eastern afghanistan along the pakistani border. from what we've heard from the district governor, these women go out at might and collect firewood and perhaps it is a case where isaf saw movement and decided strike the area thinking it was taliban. in fact, it was eight women who are killed. eight women who are injured. >> that's terrible news. reporting from kabul, thank you. let's move to cairo after days of anti-american protests, but now it turns out not all of those protesters were there because of their anger with the u.s. and the anti-muslim video. many, turns out, were being paid to protest. that news comes from egypt's prime minister. peaing people to protest is fairly common in egypt. to california now to the filmmaker whose youtube video sparked some of the protests is in hiding.
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he talked with investigators yesterday. part of the questioning is believed to have centered on his probation from a previous bank fraud conviction. it's unknown where nakoula went after that interview. told police he would not return to his home many california. you can see it here. the fbi has been investigating threats against nikoula. in syria the new international an voi says he has no plan for peace, but says both the opposition and the government must work together. meanwhile, government troops pounded the opposition in allepo. leaders say that more than 160 people died across the country yesterday. while his forces launch more attacks, syrian president assad says he is committed to peace and is blaming outside forces for arming the anti-government fighters. back here at home the nation's third largest school district could be up and running again soon.
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teachers in chicago set to vote today on whether to end a week-long strike. the union has reached a tentative agreement with the school board, but it's not a done deal yet. reverend jesse jackson stepped in to show his support for chicago teachers during a rally yesterday. >> this is not just a -- this is a struggle for working people everywhere. >> if all goes well today, students could return to classes tomorrow and start filling up those empty seats in some 700 public schools. and an american is now free after two years of what he calls a nicaraguan hell hole. drug trafficking charges and money launtderring charges have been tossed out. here's the 35-year-old's sister speaking out on his behalf last month. >> jason is absolutely innocent. i have no doubt in my mind. there is no evidence here of my
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drugs. there is no evidence of any illegal money. jason didn't even know the other ten people with whom he was arrested. >> a family spokesperson said he should be reunited with his family soon, but he wouldn't say where, citing safety concerns. be sure to tune in to cnn tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern. anderson cooper will have an exclusive interview with jason. that's at 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. now to politics. the gop has a new campaign talking point to try to win over voters this time. they're targeting the federal research. the stock market bounced higher this past week after the central bank announced its latest move to stimulate the economy. it's buying up billions of dollars in additional mortgage-backed securities. the program is aimed at pushing mortgage rates even lower, but critics, including republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan, say it is a bad idea. >> when they undermine the value of our dollar, it wipes out our
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standard of living. one of the most insidious things a government can do to its people is to debase its currency. >> the obama campaign is responding to the latest attack by saying, "congressman ryan has no credibility when it comes to helping the middle class." president obama is leading the polls in some very important swing states, but don't count governor romney out just yet. we'll show you just how close some of these races are. >> first, here's our political junkie question of the day. in the 2008 presidential election which state had the smallest margin of victory? you can see it there. tweet me the right answer at randikayecnn. if you are right, i'll let you know. [ male announcer ] the perfect photo... [ man ] nice!
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welcome back. before the break i asked which state had the smallest margin of victory in the 2008 presidential election. a lot of you tweeted me the answer that you thought it was. well, the right answer is missouri. john mccain won by -- the closest win for president obama was mcincome. a lot of folks guessed that. he won by about 14,000 votes or so, and congrats to hazel at ancestors nine. that's the handle for tweeting me the right answer first. thanks for playing, everybody. the 2012 campaign season is giving the cast of "saturday night live" plenty to talk about or make fun of. the show returned for its 38th season last night, and people are talking about the new actor
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playing president obama. it is jay farrow instead of fred. check out his impression. >> now i know i'm not perfect. i'm distant. i'm aloof. i'm overconfident, but wouldn't you be overconfident if your only competition was this? >> let's be honest, okay? nobody here wants gay marriage, all right? nobody. isn't that right, sir? oh, you are gay. well, so that's why you are wearing the beret. i see. okay. oh, you're in the army. well, thank you for your service. i'm sorry. your gay service. >> he makes me laugh. and it's nice to have something to laugh about right now because
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people are out of work. they're living with their parents. it's like we got a sanford & son economy. da da da da da. da da da da da da da da da. >> just 51 days left until the election, and it's been a political pollapolluza. mitt romney has plenty of time to catch up. both men know this election could come down to one or two state decision. cnn's chief national correspondent john king breaks down the numbers for us. >> several new national polls and a half dozen state polls from key battleground states tell us this. heading into the final seven weeks, still a close race for president, but you would have to say a slight advantage for the incumbent, president obama, heading into that stretch. let's start out in the state of colorado. still a tight race here. american research group has the
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president on top, but that's within the polls. you would have to say a dead heat in colorado. perhaps the slight advantage for the president. now let's come over to the midwest and start with michigan. michigan is the state mitt romney was born there, and his dad was governor. republicans really thought they could put this battleground state in play, but a ten-point advantage for the president. that probably slanz just why republican superpacs decided pull out. the romney campaign says it hasn't given up. this tells you at the moment a decided vac for the president in the state of michigan. which makes ohio all the more important. no republican in modern times has won the white house without winning the state of ohio. a mixed verdict if you look at the polls out of ohio. a new poll shows a dead heat. the president with a slight advantage. that's within the smallest margin of error. the romney campaign says this is how they see the state of ohio, but a poll at the close of the week had a seven-point advantage and the romney campaign says these numbers are off, and the obama campaign says they insist ohio is starting to trend their way. that's a key voice of the
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midwest. romney has a vacation home here. five point advantage for the president, and in the state he carried back in 2008. a state that governor romney doesn't necessarily have to win, but it figures prominently in his path to 270. a slight advantage. another slight advantage for the president. this is going to start to sound redid you understand dant. what do you see again? five-point advantage for the president. this is the nbc poll. that's very close. it's competitive. if you have another battleground state where the same thing is happening, a slight advantage for the president, and not just like a broken record, but let's bring up the state of florida and what do you get? yet again, a five-point advantage for the president in a very, very, very key battleground state there. if you add that up and you come from colorado across from the east down to florida in each of these states, yes, they're very competitive, but the president has an advantage so, what does that do to the race that matters most? it amounts to 270 electoral
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votes. governor romney, dark red for romney, and light red leaning his way. here's why the state polls tell us so much. it matters so much going into the final stretch. we have the president leading in ohio. governor romney has to win the state. if we turn this state blue, it puts the president on the doorstep of winning re-election. the florida poll also held up, and the president carried florida, that would put the president over the top. those two states, the biggest prizes of the battleground can key. let's stretch it out more. let's say governor romney carries the state of florida. even then, if the president keeps ohio, is he at 255, then he could get there easily. he also wins ohio and then iowa. that puts him at the doorstep of 251. all he needs to do is go -- that is why as toss-up states, that's why ohio is so important for governor romney. if he loses this state, the math is almost impossible. as you head into the final
5:18 am
stretch and you see all these battle grounds, slight advantage for the president, still competitive. what does it tell snu governor romney can fight them state by state or he can change the race with some national changes in the dynamic. his best opportunity for that, next month's three debates. >> john king, keeping an eye on the numbers for us. the occupy protesters are back in new york. tomorrow is the anniversary of the movement, and already police are putting owe pro-testers in handcuffs. ♪
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insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. mom: ready t♪ go to work? ♪ ♪ ♪ every mom needs a little helper. that's why i got a subaru. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> good morning. gorgeous shot there of looks like the hudson. hanks for watching cmn sunday morning. glad you're with us. tomorrow marks the one-year
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anniversary of the occupy wall street movement, and protesters plan on being back out many full force. large crowds already assembled over the weekend, and already new york police say that they have had to arrest several people. david is in new york city, the birthplace of the occupy movement. david, good morning. so the anniversary is tomorrow. what's happening today? >> yes. we are actually just one day away from the anniversary, and behind me here, like you said, is the birthplace of the occupy movement, which, as you know, spreads dozens of cities all across the country and even around the world in areas like asia and europe, but this really was the beginning. this was the epicenter. if you look behind me here, it's pretty much empty. that wasn't the scene last night many which several protesters where police say were arrested, one even on felony assault. most, however, were on disorderly conduct. you can see protesters now starting to gear up. one of the things to pay attention to in this park is the line of metal fences around. a little private park really in the heart of manhattan's
5:22 am
financial district, but police have been basically set up at all four corners of the park in heavy presence, and there really is no one in here. one of the things to keep in mind about this park is really how small it is. remember, being here last year how many people were really jammed into this area. the general assembly was right here, and it lasted for several months. spawning protests in several cities and really bringing attention to sobel inequality and some of the other issues. it was also criticized for lacking a message, and we spoke to a fordham university professor about the significance of this particular physical location. >> the camps are really the central point, you know, for the first couple of months, and that's just not a sustainable form of protest, so i think that there was a transition into more kind of localized acts of protest, but they never really had the momentum that the camps had so i thk there was a problem of transitioning into a
5:23 am
new strategy. >> so, you know, what a lot of people said was the occupy 2.0, so to speak, using courts, using the lobby groups, the very institutions with which many of these groups said were corrupted within the american political system, was really sort of prevented this group from taking it a step forward in becoming a viable political movement here in this country. >> david, thank you. they are the topless photos being seen around the world, but should kate middleton, the duchess of cambridge, have been a little more careful about where she decided sun bathe half naked, or was this a criminal invasion of privacy?
5:24 am
5:25 am
good morning, l.a. waking up there. so glad you're with us. beautiful shot of downtown. wow. take a look at that. thanks for starting the morning with us here on cnn sunday morning. the british royal family is headed to court. they are hoping to stop more topless photos of kate middleton from being published. two tabloids have already shown pictures of the duchess sun bathing topless at a private chateau while vacationing in france. st. james palace released a statement saying their royal line yes, sirs had every -- is unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs, let alone publish them. here to talk about the naked truth about the topless royal photo is nadia. good morning. >> good morning. >> all right. so before we get to the photos, we mentioned that the royals are
5:26 am
iffing to be in court in paris. >> the lawyers are taking this very seriously. in fact, the palace says it's grow tefk. they will be going to court tomorrow, a paris court. they will be seeking damages. they want so stop the publication of any more photos. how is it going to impact the 21-page spread or 20-plus page spread that's supposed to appear in an italian magazine owned, by the way, by silvio berlusconi tomorrow? will that impact that, we don't know. >> we are not showing the photos. i haven't seen them. you have seen them. >> they are very revealing. in fact, there are a couple with kate taking her bikini top. you're not sure whether she's taking it on or off, but you can certainly see everything. >> it's not in place. we know that. >> it's not in place. there's another one where she's leaning forward and prince william is rubbing lotion on her fannie, should we say. that's very revealing. it's exposing.
5:27 am
you can imagine she's terribly upset. >> these were taken at the chateau, which is owned by the queen's nephew. i would imagine it's pretty private place, so this must have been a pretty powerful lens to try and get these photos. >> telephoto lens managed to literally go across about a half a mile, which is ten new york blocks, and if you had to put it in football fields, it's about seven and one-third football fields. that's how powerful it was. now, the photographer was not close to the house. that might also change the legality. >> where was security, and why would they take this risk, right? >> and should she have been more prudent? yes, you're in a private chateau in the south of france, but surely there's serve yapts around and security anyway, so i'm curious did she say to the security guards, high pressure you don't mind i'm going to have a topless rump? it's very interesting to know, you know, people must have been around. i believe she should be more prudent. >> it is very common in france. herp in france. tloo she is the future queen of
5:28 am
england. she must know at this point that she is the most photographed person probably m world right now. wouldn't you be more careful? >> yeah. we were just -- we just went through something similar to this with prince harry in las vegas, photo snapped of him and trying to cover nup a vegas yas hotel room. >> i suppose there's a double standard, but i think because this is reminiscent of princess diana and something that the palace said was it is incident is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and pap ratsy during the life of diana, princess of wales, and all the more upsetting to the duke and duchess. william couldn't protect his mother, and hopefully he says he will be able to protect his wife. >> we'll see how it turns out as they treek trito seek the injunction. >> they have turned violent, which to many which seems to contradict the religion. so what does the koran actually say about the sort of thing?
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have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. welcome back to cnn sunday morning. i'm randi kaye. glad you're with us. here are five important stories stories that we're watching this morning. four coalition groups are killed this morning in southern afghanistan. the attack was carried out by a member of the afghan police force who is on patrol with the troops. it is the second such attack in the past 24 hours. number two, those thousands of egyptians protesting that aernt muslim film on youtube. well, ejip's prime minister now
5:33 am
saying that some of them were paid to protest, which is common in the country. he did not say the government knew who was offering pavement payment. in chicago take a look. this is the home of a chicago teen, federal investigators say wanted to kill americans in a terrorist attack. 18-year-old adel is behind bars this morning after unsuccessfully trying to detonate a car bomb in front of a downtown chicago bar friday night. his arrest followed an undercover investigation spanning several months. a preliminary hearing is set for tomorrow, and also in chicago today could bring an end to the week-long teacher strike. the vote will decide whether to end the walkout that's crippled the nation's third largest school district. according to the union's website, teachers are asking for three-year contracts, pay raises, and job security. both sides are optimistic. students will return to school tomorrow, but a final deal not yet done. and number five, american jason has been released after
5:34 am
two years in a nicaraguan prison he called a hell hole. his 22-year sentence for drug thoracicing and money laundering charges have been thrown out after months of pressure from human rights activists and international attorneys. tomorrow night our anderson cooper has an exclusive with jason. he will reunite with his mother and sisters right here on cnn. for nearly a week thousands of muslims around the world have hit the streets protesting a film produced m u.s. called innocence of muslims that mocked the prophet muhammad. embassies were reached and lives lost. i'm joined now. you can check out his wok at the
5:35 am
muslim he is also the author of "islamic pacificism." good morning. >> good morning. >> help us understand this. although it's such a small percent of the 1.5 billion muslims in the world, why exactly are thousands protesting? >> well, i think, randi, what we are seeing here is kind of a parallel to the 2007 danish cartoon controversy when a right wing newspaper in denmark decided publish 12 insid year cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad with bombs in his turbin and things like that. you know, i think what americans need to understand is for many of these countries, particularly libya to egypt, you know, they just ended over 100 years of dick toral rule, and for many of these countries religion is not something they laugh about. they don't make fun of jesus or moses or muhammad or any
5:36 am
religious figures. so i think that, you know, when they see this amateur sophomoric movie come on youtube, sadly, they're thinking that with being the actions of the american people. >> we have seen men and women threatened and even killed for blasphemy. does the koran call for a specific punishment? >> actually, it doesn't at all. actually, unlike judaism and in the bible in the book of mark there's actually no direct prescription on, you know, taking the lord's name in vein and we can neither find any sort of prescription within the sayings of the prophet muhammad. what we see here are the blasphemy laws that we see in ten out of the 57 muslim majority nations on earth. our recent political constructs and in pakistan 640 people have been charged under blasphemy laws between 1986 and 2007, but none of them have been executed, and so sadly, it's a mechanism
5:37 am
that governments use to stiffle freedom of speech, to persecute religious minorities, but it's not something we ever find in the koran or teachings of the prophet. >> when we speak about the prophet muhammad, even egypt's president, muhammad morsi said he is a red line for all muslims. why would he say all muslims? is it wrong for him to say that? >> it's one of the things in islam, we obviously believe in the same wing. you know, the prophet mohammed is the central figure in islam, and like i said, you know, because there's month concept of free speech in many of these countries, you know, religion is probably the last place where anyone would find any, you know, sort of satire or comedy. here in the united stas, of course, we know that there are no -- there is nothing sacred. you know well, make fun of all religions and all people and things like that, and so i think, you know, there is a little bit of confliction, and i also think, randi, they might be confusing us with the european union because in many european
5:38 am
countries there are laws which criminalize speech. for example, holocaust denial. maybe people think that, you know, there's a double standard in place here where muslim and muslims can be attacked with impunity, but other minority groups are protected. of course, there's a fwraet deal of ignorance there. >> just briefly, what do you say though those that say that muslim is not peaceful, but, many of the, violent in nature and mohammed is a warrior prophet. christian broadcaster pat robertson had this to say, for example. he said muslim is not a religion, but a violent political system. >> well, you know, pat robertson has also gone on record saying he wouldn't allow american hindus or muslims to be federal judges in america. i could spend an entire segment talking about the ridiculous comments coming out of pat robertson. you know, i like to remind people that the religion of islam has en around for 1,400 years. four out of the last ten nobel peace prize winners have been muslim. you know, the greatest athlete in the world mohammed ali and the funniest dude in america, you know, they are one in five people in the world that are muslims, and to extrapolate on
5:39 am
an entire religion of 1,400 years over a billion people by the acts of a crazy few, it's sophomoric, to say the least. >> great to have you on the program this morning. your work at the muslim is also just really great. thank you. >> thank you. appreciate it. we kind of look at muslim, but what do you think the bible teaches about violence? i'll talk to an expert on the old testament next. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve,
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i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter.
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welcome back. 42 minutes past the hour now. before the break we were looking at islam and what the koran teaches with blasphemy, but what
5:43 am
about christianity and judaism? he is the associate professor of the old testament at emory university. let's start with one of the ten commandments, shall we? i'm going to read you one. thousand shall not take the maim of the lord many vein. all right. so please explain what that means and what the punishment, if any, there is for blasphemy. >> it's the most important text about blasphemy in the bible. this one in the ten commandments. it's not entirely clear what that means, to take the lord's maim many vein, or as some translations put, to use the name falsely. it's an openended formulation, and it may in the final analysis be about hypocrisy as much about using god's name in spoken context in the wrong way. as far as the punishment goes, it's left unspecified in the ten commandments. how that would be punished. only that god will not hold guiltless or innocent someone
5:44 am
who does this. there are some instances later, as was said in the previous statement, where instances of blasphemy are punished by death, but it's not always clear that that would invariably be the case. mroo so it is true that this some scholars believe the punishment for blasphemy is -- >> jesus talks about blasphemy, and he assumes that people will blaspheme him, and they will be forgiven for that and his followers will be revialed and insulted and persecuted and they should rejoice about it and not retaliate from it. >> could others get the message from that that violence is okay? what kind of message does that send? >> there is a lot of violence in both the old testament and new testament, and it's religious violence is n so far as it's couched in this religious context, but it's important to point out that it has what i would call strategies of containment where it sort of holds the violence back. one of these would be about the
5:45 am
most violent text, the book of joshua and the taking of the land, but the bible never repeaedly enjoins that as a paradigm or metaphor for the virtuous life. it's historically bound, historically continge ebt, one-time event, and that's one way to contain that violence. it's still there. it's not a metaphor for the religious life. not a model for people to emulate later. >> so what then would you say christianity teaches about peace and violence? >> yeah. i think that the majority would be, i would say, in light of these strategies of the containment, the majority would be on peace and on violence. i mean, the famous text in matthew 5 where someone strikes you on the teach, turn the other cheek, was inspirational for not only for early christians, but even for gandhi. >> if only it were that easy. >> if only it were. >> what about judaism? >> yeah. well, i mean, insofar as judaism draws from the old testament, hebrew bible text, it has strategies of containment. there's the violence, but also these wonderful peace texts. the bible begins in genesis one
5:46 am
with the creation of a universe that's at full peace and concorde with each other, and that imagery is replicated in the temple in the way of temple is decorated and what not, so to capture that kind of primal peace, again, in everyday worship. >> certainly an important one to be having in light of what's happening in the middle east this week. thank you so much. appreciate that. >> a pleasure. for more stories on faith, be sure to check out cnn's belief mrog at israel's prime minister is putting the pressure on the obama administration to step up its warning against iran's nuclear program. hear what benjamin netanyahu had to say to our own candy kroul where i. on every one of our cards there's a date.
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5:50 am
continues to press the u.s. to step up its -- critics say he is playing politics. let's bring in state of the union host candy crowley joining us from washington. you interviewed benjamin netanyahu. is he trying to throw himself into the election, do you think, between obama and romney? >> well, certainly his critics think that's what he is doing, and he has critics both at home and here in the u.s. what we do know is that the prime minister has been out pressing for this red line, as he calls it, which is to say he wants the u.s. president to say publicly here is the line, iran, which you may not cross, after which if you do, you face u.s. military action, israeli military action, or some combination thereof. what we also know is that the relationship between the prime minister and president obama has been prickly, so a lot of people think that at this point what the prime minister wants to do is kind of corner president obama at a time that he is
5:51 am
obviously in an election fight with mitt romney with whom netanyahu knows quite well and considers a friend. when i asked about politics, here's what he said. >> this is not -- it is not based on my electoral consideration. i think there's a common interest of all americans, of all political persuasions to stop iran. this is a regime that is giving vent to the worst impulse that is you they denynd deny democracy, brutalize their own people and don't give freedom of religion. all the things that you see now many these mobs swarming the american embassy is what you see with a regime that would have an atomic bomb. you can't have such people have atomic bombs. >> there is, you know, a great urgency to the prime minister when he talks. he clearly believes adamantly that, many of the, iran is on its way toward building a
5:52 am
nuclear weapon. the u.s. not as much urgency, but clearly he is -- as we know, we had that one-hour phone call with president obama to kind of press his case. >> candy, how is the president responding to all this? >> well, the -- hillary clinton said earlier this week when the idea of the red line sort of took the headlines briefly with netanyahu sort of implying that, you know, if you don't set a red line, hen you can't give a red light to israel that, you cannot press israel not to take action if you're not willing to tell iran where it must not go, so at that point secretary of state hillary clinton said we're not going to be setting any deadlines for iran because what the u.s. wants and has said repeatedly over time is we want to see if sanctions, which they have increasingly sort of racheted up are going to work. we want to try to diplomacy. the u.s. does not have this kind
5:53 am
of urgency that the prime minister seems to have. >> candy, thank you very much. i'm sure it's going to be a fascinating interview. we'll certainly check it out. >> keep it here for state of the union. it starts in about seven minutes from now. at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. if you can ught a presidential campaign ad, you might have noticed they have something in common. a campaign slogan. mitt romney says believe in america, while obama is just trying to move forward. dean says they are all boring. he is going to explain and tell us why he thinks lincoln and eisenhower's were far better. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ there's another way to help erase litter box odor. purina tidy cats. only tidy cats has odor erasers. making it easy to keep things at home... just the way you want them.
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welcome back. close to the top of the hour now. if you have been watching the presidential campaign closely or have seen any ads on tv, you might know president obama's campaign slogan is forward, and mitt romney's is believe in america. pretty straight forward and to the point, righ well, my next guest says they're boring. flat out boring. comedian dean obadala joins me now. good morning to you. what is the problem you have with these slogans? >> nothing. they're just not -- they're boring. they're also not manufacturetive
5:57 am
on any level. the slogan should have been maybe it could be worse. that would be have been more accurate, or mitt romney's believe in america. i believe in america. so do all of us. the question is do we believe in mitt romney, and that slogan doesn't hem help him either way. actually, they're informative. some are actually funny and cutting. some are really specific about one issue at the time. i don't think any of our candidates feel that right now. it's all cliches. >> well, let's talk about some of the slogans in the past. president abraham lincoln 1864. his was don't swap horses in the middle of the stream. what's that about? >> well, that was actually in the middle of the civil war. he is running for re-election, and no president had been re-elected for 30 years, so president lincoln and we think, wow, iconic president of our history easily could have sailed. he had a tough campaign fight. the middle of the civil war, he used a slogan saying, hey, let's not change presidents while we're fighting a war, and it actually worked. i mean, he did win. he won handily.
5:58 am
an updated one would be don't change cell providers during midcontract or something. it's a folksy simple expression, but it did make the point. we don't want to change our president during the war. >> next thing that we have. we want to get our take on james blaine. way back. his was mama where is my pa gone to the white house. ha, ha, ha. you like that one? >> that's great. this says so much. i have to put it in context. you is running against grover cleveland whugs allegations grover cleveland had a child out of wed lock, and he was mocking him with a campaign slogan that was funny and is memorable because it rhymed and it raised the issue of character. we're talking about our campaigns being -- he was mocking the other presidential candidate for possibly having a child out of wed lock. >> all right. you know, president grover cleveland, he fought back in 1884. his slogan was blame blaine, james g. blaine, the continental liar from the state of maine. you like that? that's better than forward?
5:59 am
>> i think that it's more expressive. i love it. it's a remark i would use for a heckler or something during a show. i think it's great. look what they were doing. these guys were really going at each other. we don't have the mass media, and slogans meant something. sometimes the only information many voters had across the nation at the time. those are the two issues. one you're a liar and then i can't trust you if you have a child out of wedlock. >> from what i understand, dean, you have a slogan of your own. is that true? >> i do have i aslogan. >> i guess my campaign, you know, we all have a vice presidential campaign. randi, i have a slogan. i like ike. remember that one? >> randi is dandy would be really nice, or all the way with randi kaye. if you were in college that's not a nickname you want. >> not a good one. >> if you are running for office. not in college. >> all right,


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