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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 16, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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but what juan sostheim does better than most and create that aha moment when you say, yeah. i get it. the cows, the pigs, the plants, the compost. we're all the same circle of life. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. thanks for joining us. see you back here next week. hello, everyone. you're in the cnn fredricka wh. it's been an extremely deadly weekend for folks in afghanistan. afghan police turned their guns on u.s. forces in a so-called green on blue attack. four american troops were killed. cnn's anna koran is in kabul, so
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what else can you tell us about this attack? >> reporter: well, it's been, as you say, a very deadly weekend here. two green on blue attacks over two days. four u.s. soldiers were killed early this morning when an afghan police officer turned his weapon on them, killing them. these green on blue attacks are afghan soldiers turning on the coalition troops, i should say, that are training them. yesterday it was british troops that were killed, two british troops killed by an afghan police officer. fredricka, we are seeing an uptick in these attacks. there have been 51 coalition deaths to date. that is a rise from 35 last year. so it certainly is alarming coalition forces who are in the process of transferring power to the afghan forces. fredricka? >> you recently talked with a former afghan police officer as well who killed americans, who actually trained people, so what
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did he tell you? >> reporter: yes, that's right. i was able to get an exclusive interview with this afghan police officer who has been in hiding for the last three years. in october of 2009, he killed two u.s. soldiers in an attack. he turned his weapon on them because he said, quote, americans were o opressingeople in hi company. they were burning the koran. so that's why he killed these soldiers. he certainly is protected by them at the moment. >> anna koran, thanks so much from kabul. meanwhile, the protest over an internet movie have turned violent in karachi. hundreds marked to the consulate and threw rocks.
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they used batons to push them back. some officers threw rocks at protestors. one person was killed when people in the crowd opened fire. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is asking the u.s. to stop steps for iran's race for nuclear weapons. and he tells our candy crowley that it's not just a campaign issue. >> this is not an electoral issue. it is not based on any electoral consideration. i think there is a common interest of all americans of all political persuasions to stop iran. this is a regime that is giving vent to the worst impulses you see in the middle east. they deny rights to women, brutalize their people, don't give freedom of religion. all the things you see in these mo mobs storming the american embassies is what you'll see with atomic bombs. you cannot let people have
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atomic bombs. >> he says if iran is not stopped, they could be ready to produce anatomic bomb in six months, in his view. we could see the teachers strike in chicago come to an pretty soon. in about four hours time, it will give its members the agreement it has with the board. it kept almost 400,000 kids out of class for a week now. kim law is in chicago. so both sides have agreed, apparently, in principle, right, and now it's a matter of kind of crossing the t's, dotting the i's? >> reporter: absolutely. what we heard yesterday, fredricka, was the union saying they weren't going to sign anything until they got the language worked out. at's been worked out. everyone has agreed, at least, the negotiators, on the deal. there is a deal in place. what's happening here at this building in about 90 minutes, is this 800-member union
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delegation, these are teachers, union members, who will come into a room and basically get the details read to them or expressed to them in some format. then the union delegation will decide whether or not to end the strike. they will not be rat fifying th contract. this will be done by the entire union later on. what happens today, they will say yes or no on the strike. there is something else that could happen. when the information about the contract is shared with the delegates, they could decide they want 24 hours to talk to their schools, to think about it before they make that decision on whether or not to end the strike. so that's the two things that we are expecting to happen today. we are getting a little more information from the teachers' union about what exactly has been signed. we do know this is now a three-year contract with the possibility of extending it to a four-year. according to the teachers' union, the city has now backed away, taking baby steps away
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from merit k, but those teacher evaluations will be looked at for the first time in 40 years, and 34% of teacher evaluations will be based on test scores. the first year of this contract will not be impacted in any way because of the new teacher evaluations. these are just some of the highlights. we hope to know a little more information, a little more of those details once the union delegates get a little more information themselves. >> so particularly for those parents and kids who may want to get back to school tomorrow, even if there is an agreement today that both sides agree on, they nailed down, cement it, et cetera, there is still a possibility they wouldn't have school tomorrow because they would still want to talk with those schools, as you mentioned. the first day of school could really come tuesday if everything is agreed upon. >> reporter: well, it's a possibility that kids could be back in school as soon as tomorrow. that's one option. if the union delegation comes here and says, hey, this sounds
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great, strike over, school is back on for monday, that is a possibility. the other possibility is they could say, we want 24 hours to think about it before we decide whether or not the strike is over. so parents, tick-tock, we know it's sunday and you want to get your kids to bed early. we'll just have to wait and see what happens. >> they might want to have a backup plan. all right, kim law in chicago. republican vice presidential nominee congressman paul ryan says printing more money is not the way to boost the american economy. in a florida speech, he blasted democrats and the federal reserve's latest effort to stimulate the economy. >> and when they undermine the value of our dollar, it wipes out our standard of living. one of the most insidious things a government can do to its people is to debase its currency. >> ryan's claim comes after the fed announced another round of buying billions of dollars worth
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of debt held in mortgage-backed securities hoping to increase the money supply. critics say it will cause inflation. how is it that one internet video could cause so much unrest around the world, and now, what about the political fallout here in the u.s.? up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again.
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the unrest we've seen across the country has sparked protests in many countries. it's sparked debate over the 2012 race for presidency. brian is at the senior center for progress where he focuses on national security policy in the mideast. good to see you. joining us from madison, wisconsin today. >> hi, fredricka. good to be with you. >> the u.s. ambassador to susan wright said that governments around the world are being urged to step up their security measures around certain american installations, but in the meantime, is it safe to say that this video sparked, you know, so much unrest, or is it that some extremist groups are simply taking advantage of this opportunity? >> i think it's more of the latter, extremist groups in countries like libya and other
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places that are still in the middle of a transition that's likely to take years to come to fruition are looking to assert themselves in ways that aren't really in line with the m mainstream in those countries. i think we've seen in the last four or five days are the fringe voices reacting to fringe voices here in our country. because remember, the people who have done this film, whatever it is, most of us have not even seen it, are on the fringes as well, and they're trying to claim emotions, and what we see is a modern consensus in most of these countries saying, look, we need law and order, we need to complete these transitions s, a the images we see is really a small number of people in these countries. >> libya has come out and expressed their sympathies for the deaths of ambassador stevens and in her view, it was really the extremists that were in libya who took advantage of the opportunity and caused the
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burning that led to the death of the four americans. let's talk about how this is taking center stage now in the race for the white house, all that's erupted, starting with cairo, benghazi and beyond. you wrote an op-ed in the "new york times" saying the republicans are in disarray, they're divided about national security and foreign policy. so did mr. romney's handling of his comments following the unrest in egypt further kind of underscore a real dearth of understanding, if not confusion? >> reporter: it's a little bit of both. and i think if you see mitt romney hours after our top diplomat and three other americans who were serving our country were murdered in libya, he was trying to use this as a political case. and then the reaction to romney within his own party, many republicans shaking their heads and criticizing ask sayind sayis is not the moment. some even noting that when
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reagan and romney ran in 1980 and we had prisoners in iran, he didn't acknowledge that, neither did president bush. as i mentioned in that "new york times" article, there are so many splits inside the party about spending and how do we actually project power in the world that many republicans really don't know what they stand for in foreign policy, and mitt romney has been heavy on rhetoric that's been critical of president obama but really doesn't offer any clear details of what he would do differently on most of the key issues that america faces in the world. >> does that reticence of other republicans speaking out on his behalf kind of underscore that? do they have a clear view of what romney's approach is to foreign policy and maybe that's why so many of them remain silent, especially for an entire 24-hour period about his reports
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to john mccain who finally said something? >> john mccain said something earlier on, but it was in the line of what president obama said, saying we need to stay engaged in these countries which is quite a contrast to what mitt romney did. you also look at paul ryan trying to solidify this, and i think most americans when they look at this, they shake their heads. they say, this is a time for unity, especially when americans have fallen overseas and we really shouldn't try to play politics with these instances. >> brian katulis, thank you for joining us from wisconsin and enjoy the rest of your weekend. >> reporter: you, too. typhoon sanba making its way in japan. where it's heading next. we're in cereal heaven. so thanks. from the mcgregors, 'cause we love chex. so thanks. from the mcgregors, hey america, even though slisa rinna is wearing
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. typhoon sanba is now barrelling toward south korea after landing in okinawa. that's where american troops are based. there is no report of damage but the storm is moving north with 120-mile-per-hour winds. it's expected to hit south korea in a couple days. some 350,000 people
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the duke and duchess of cambridge have arrived in the solomon islands, but half a world away, the argument over the topless photos of kate are still urpd way. they're looking at legal action against the photographers who took the pictures while the duke and duchess were vacations in france. the first day of fall is september 22nd, just a week away, but with the first day of fall comes festival season. wineries often host festivals just when the grapes are at their peak. i found out where the best wines, vineyards, and festivals with great wine. >> let's begin in italy and t
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usc any for the grape festival? >> it's the annual grape festival. it's the food market, the leaves are turning, and the wine harvest. the chianti wine festival is the most amazing wine, and it's a lovely tuscan farmhouse with rolling hills and a great decor. definitely check that out. >> to paris now where there is a festival under way? >> believe it or not, paris has its own vineyards in the shadow of the cathedrals. they have a little festival the last sunday of september in which they celebrate the harvest of the 16,000-square-foot patch of vineyard.
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unfortunately, i don't think the wine is all that wonderful, but it's okay because you get to taste other french wines, and of course have wonderful food. and the place to stay there is castile, which mixes up contemporary with baroque style. >> let's go now to oregon. oregon has a wine country. i didn't know this. >> it does. it's become more known in the last few years. north willamette valley is known for its pinot noirs. you get to try wines, go to three vineyards and have a wonderful lunch. it's only three hours from portland. portland is a very trendy city. if you see the show "portland," you'll know that, and the place to stay there is the nines.
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it's a bit edgy, but it's a rather refined and elegant hotel. >> like dressed to the nines. i get it. and then, of course, everyone knows about california's great napa and sonoma valley, but napa valley, it might be a particularly great time to be there now because of the festival about to be under way. >> exactly. the paradox festival is under way on september 19. the vineyards i love is duckhorn, cakebread and shramsberg. the place to stay there is the napa river inn. downtown until fairly recently was kind of a no-go zone, but it's fairly developing, and if you stay there, you're literally within stumbling distance of the
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michelin restaurants. you can't go wrong with the food and the wine. >> you clearly know about wine. it sounds like a festival is in order to get educated. >> absolutely. such a fun time to go to the winery. >> all right. cheers, kate maxwell. >> cheers! >> you can find a lot more travel tips about harvesting, the season of wineriewineries. hard to believe it's been a year since the first occupy wall street protest. it all started in new york's zucotti park, sparking a nationwide occupy movement. >> ilt's been a year about understanding some of the things we're trying to do, andit's always going to be a learning process, but i think for the first year, and now in this next year, it's more action.
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it's not necessarily just saying there is a problem, it's also making sure we're providing solutions. >> about an hour from now, we're live from zucotti park on where the movement is today. i'm fredricka whitfield. stay with cnn. "your money" starts right after this. see life in the best light.
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