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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 17, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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we have 15 seconds for "end point." we're giving it to will cain. >> let me wrap up today. what we learned a couple years ago when those topless photos of the panda came out, she was setting the pretext for keeping the media away from this birth she gave today. this pregnancy that was coming. what we know now is that her celebrity is not real. social media is bs. >> you brought it all together. will cain tying it all together. we're out of time. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. see you tomorrow morning. >> hi, soledad. thanks a lot. happening now in the "newsroom," the red line and a stern warning. the israeli prime min sister warning the united states to establish a clear line that iran cannot cross with the nuclear program. this morning we ask what is that line and what happens if it's crossed? front page scandal. the royal family trying to stop topless pictures of kate from spreading. an italian magazine owned by the former prime minister silvio berlusconi is publishing a
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38-page special edition. it's hitting newsstands now. >> a replacement ref replaced before the kickoff. side judge brian stropolo booted for openly being a saints fan. he posted pictures of himself in saints gearal gating. monday morning quarterback this one. one. "newsroom" begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning. thank you so much for being with us. i'm carol costello. we begin this hour with muslim outrage and new flare-ups of anti-american violence. one flash point, kabul, afghanistan. crowds of protesters turn on police when they try to block their march toward the u.s. embassy. at least 15 officers are hurt and their vehicles set on fire. in indonesia protesters bombard police outside the u.s. embassy in jakarta. they pelt them with rocks and use slingshots to whip marbles at them. only a volley of tear gas managed to chase away the crowd. also google india is blocking
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internet users from viewing the low budget movie that has ignited the fury. the movie follows the afghan government ordering an indefinite block of youtube. anna coren is in the afghan capital of kabul to tell us about the protests there. good morning. >> reporter: hello, carol. as you were saying, these protests hit the streets earlier this morning here in kabul. 300 protesters trying to make their way to the u.s. embassy were stopped by police. they attacked the police and 15 officers were hurt including the commander. two police cars were set on fire. there were plumes of black smoke coming from this area. we were able to get within a couple hundred meters, and then we heard reports they were firing into the crowd and targeting westerners. our security kept us away. but certainly this is a major disappointment for the afghan government. they were trying to keep a lid on the fury here. because obviously they were going off what happened last
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year when there were mass riots in relation to the pastor -- pastor terry jones in the united states burning that koran. there were dozens of people that were killed. they tried their best efforts to keep a lid on this by blocking youtube, blocking the video from going to air here in afghanistan. carol, you'd have to say that sadly that has failed. >> anna coren reporting live from kabul, afghanistan, this morning. one of washington's closest allies is warning the united states time is running out. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says iran is getting dangerously close to producing a nuclear bomb and the united states need to draw a red line that tehran would not dare cross. >> what we know is, of course, that iran is allowed under agreements, international agreements to go ahead and do what it's doing. there are legitimate peaceful purposes for enriching this uranium. >> you think so? you think so, candy?
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that's like -- well, let me interrupt. it's not legitimate. this is a country that talks about -- denies the holocaust. promises to wipe out israel. is engaged in terror throughout the world. it's like timothy mcveigh walking into it sha-- into a sh oklahoma city saying i'd like to tend my garden. i'd like to buy some fertilizer. how much do you want? oh, i don't know, 20,000 pounds. come on. we know they're working towards a weapon. we know that. it's not something we surmise. we have absolute certainty about that. and they're advancing towards that nuclear program. >> the thing is, we hear about this red line. well, what is the red line? what are the military options if that red line is crossed? about ten minutes from now we'll talk with retire army general and cnn contributor spider barks. right now in new york city the 99% are dusting off their protest sides and gearing up for clashes with police on the one-year anniversary of the
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occupy protests that started it all. earlier protesters tried to get on wall street to form a human chain around the new york stock exchange, but police stopped them in their tracks. poppy harlow is live for us in new york. poppy, we haven't heard much from the occupy movement lately. where do they stand this morning? >> reporter: they stand right here trying desperately to get on wall street, carol. i've been here with them throughout the morning. we were with them as they marched down broadway. that's the street next to me. they were blocked by police. a lot of police. if you talk about the ratio of press and police to occupiers here, it's almost even. they are trying to get on all sides around the new york stock exchange. but they're blocked off by police barricades, police on horses. so the cops very prepared. interesting note, though, police are actually filming the protesters as the protesters film the police. that's something i hadn't seen before today. we've been covering it over the past year. if you ask a lot fof folks here
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they think the movement is dead. if you ask the protesters, they say not a chance. some folks think this movement has fizzled, that you guys are done for. >> they've been writing that obituary since day one. >> people! >> power! >> people! >> power! >> reporter: it started with this one year ago. >> it's our duty as americans to fight for our country and to keep it, you know, true to serving its people. >> reporter: a grass roots moveme that made the 99% and the 1% part of our lexicon. occupy. in a brooklyn work space, justin wedies is keeping occupy alive today. >> what's changed is people recognize the game is rigged. as we organize and as we evolve and grow we're going to continue to resist. that's the impulse behind occupy wall street. >> reporter: that impulse grew in new york's zucati park. took over stops in brooklyn. >> i want the banks t stop foreclosures. >> reporter: spread from oakland to berlin to hong kong.
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saw thousands of arrests. and got people talking. >> all great movements start with just a few people! >> reporter: police are trying to clear us all off the street. 1:00 a.m. november 15th cops surrounded the park and evicted the protesters who'd been camping out here for two months. they didn't go calmly. th vowed to keep the movement alive. >> this is it. >> reporter: for a few months they worked out of an office. ironically right off wall street. >> when you walk in, you get a name tag like this. >> this is some of our working spaces. you can see lots of occupiers working here. >> reporter: hoping to reinvigorate the movement, may 1st, a day of action around the globe. but it wasn't sustained. do you think it's relevant today? >> i think the message has got die luted. >> i don't see any reason it would have diminished in importance. >> they seem to me to be a rag tag bunch of people. >> reporter: stronger?
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weaker? >> different. i think that there are things that are stronger. i think our connections to actual organizing issues are definitely stronger. >> reporter: occupy says it has about $40,000 left in the bank and has formed groups focusing on specific issues like student debt and housing. there from the beginning, mark bray says give it time. >> if you look at all the social movements in history whether it be the civil rights movement, feminist movement, it takes decades before you get going. >> reporter: zucati park is no longer occupied. it is still surrounded by police barricades. a reminder of the past year. >> we don't need to sit in the park. we've got your attention. now what we need to do is actually follow through. >> reporter: and, carol, that's what they're trying to do today. to follow through to make their presence more visible. just a little color. i was walking with the protesters around wall street just about half an hour ago. many are wearing birthday hats, holding balloons, singing happy birthday. it's relatively calm. i've only seen a few arrests.
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i will tell you, there's still this big question of what exactly does the movement stand for and how are they effecting change? one occupier told us we're building the roots of a visible struggle. they believe this is the beginning and they're in it for the long haul. >> poppy harlow reporting live from new york city. lawyers for prince william and his wife kate middleton will be in a paris courtroom just a few hours from now. they want to stop those topless photos of the duchess from being published anymore. and they want the photographer to face criminal charges. this comes as magazines in france, ireland and now italy have released the photos of kate sunbathing partially nude. royal correspondent max foster joins us by phone from the solomon islands. that's where the royals are. are there more pictures out there? i mean, have we just seen a few of them? or more to be made public? >> reporter: well, the french magazine says they have more pictures. part of the legal action is that there will be an injunction
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against that magazine for publishing any more pictures and actually taking existing ones offline. the italian magazine has a whole load of pictures. there may be more pictures out there. we don't even know who the photographer is. the palace is pursuing criminal charges against them, asking prosecutors to look into that. even though they don't know who that photographer is. the french magazine is pretty much the only sort of source for that photographer's name. they're not likely to give it up very easily. but there are pictures out there. and i was speaking to the duke and duchess today. and they are angry. they're upset. they are looking at this french case as an example for the rest of the world. if they win this, it's a very clear message to the rest of the world. i think william certainly feels very angry about this. he talked about diana and there's a direct relationship to this story and to the way diana died in his eyes, i think. he doesn't want his wife to
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suffer what his mother suffered. she was pursued by paparazzi right up until she died. so he's angry about this. he wants to draw a line and say this is completely unacceptable. that's the message from us. and there are certain things we -- we won't accept. and they're arguing that everyone, no matter how famous, has a right to a certain level of privacy. >> how successful might they be in their suit? >> reporter: well, one of the reasons they're pursuing the french case as opposed to the italian or irish is because there are very strong privacy laws in france. they're more likely to win a case there. so that's part of the reason. and it was the first country where the pictures were published as well. they do feel very confident about winning the case in france. they're putting a lot into it. it will take a lot out of either prince charles's or prince william's budget. they do feel confident about winning it. they want to send a message to the rest of the world as well that they will pursue things if
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required. they're expecting other publications in other countries to live up to their morals, i guess you could say. they want them to question whether or not you should be publishing these pictures. perhaps there's some backlash in france and italy, for example, for these pictures. a lot of people do feel that if they had a wife or a daughter, they wouldn't want those pictures published in a magazine anywhere in the world. so there's a public debate here as much as a legal debate, i think. >> max foster reporting live for us this morning. the thin red line on iran. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu sending a stern warning to the united states. the action he wants the obama administration to take to help avoid a possible war. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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and you'll get offers on things you love. this totally changes the way i think about membership. saving money on the things you want. to me, that's the membership effect. nice boots! it is 15 minutes past the hour. checking our top stories now, one of america's most trusted institutions is accused of covering up sexual abuse going back decades. an investigation by the l.a. times lays out shocking allegations against the boy scouts of america. it says the organization protected personnel and volunteers accused of sexual
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abuse and often did not report incidents to police or parents. the boy scouts said in a statement yesterday that they, quote, continuously enhance policies and procedures which now include background checks and comprehensive training programs, end quote. cancer is now the number one cause of death for hispanics in the united states. that's according to a new study. but for african-americans and nonhispanic whites, heart disease remains the leading cause of death. an illinois man accused of plotting to blow up a car outside a downtown chicago bar is due in court today. federal agents arrested 18-year-old a trdel daoud. you can see his home here. over the weekend police charged him with domestic terrorism. his arrest followed an undercover investigation spanning several months. torrential rains expected to cross the southeast today. flood watching in effect from central tennessee to west virginia. earlier drought conditions have been alleviated in recent weeks.
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rains are welcome in georgia where more than 50% of the state is under some form of drought. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is cranking up the pressure on president obama to draw a clear red line with iran on its nuclear ambitions. the administration is now responding. u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice was on "state of the union" with candy crowley. >> president obama has been absolutely clear and on this there's absolutely no daylight between the united states and israel that we will do what it takes to prevent iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >> joining me now is general spider marks. general, welcome. >> thank you, carol. >> ambassador rice said there is no daylight between the united states and israel. israel begs to differ. but let's start with whether there should be a red line in the first place. from a military perspective, should there be a red line? >> well, a red line is simply a term that netanyahu is using.
6:18 am
clearly what it means is he's trying to get the international community to say this is acceptable behavior, and this is unacceptable behavior. and then everybody needs to kind of gather around that and agree that iran cannot cross a certain -- or go down a certain path. it's a term that he's using. it clearly is used to try to bound the type of behavior that can be identified and can be measured. the united nations should certainly be involved in the international atomic energy commission and those kinds of inspections should be used and should be put in place. clearly, what the prime minister is concerned about is enrichment of uranium. and then military actions are certainly an option, carol. they should never be addressed overtly. but they should never be -- no options should ever be taken off the table. >> no options have been taken off the table as far as i know. >> correct. >> let's say both sides, everybody agrees to this red line. and iran crosses it.
6:19 am
so what happens? >> well, you know, it has to be -- first of all, iran would not cross a red line without the international community and certainly specifically the united states and israel with incredibly close intelligence sharing relationships knowing that they're about to cross that line. so if iran were to get up to that line, the united states and israel would start to bang a drum a heck of a lot more loudly. we would hope. israel's primary concern is that they want to make sure iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon. clearly, what the united states has established as the red line is the -- the acquisition of that nuclear weapon by iran. so there is a gap between those two. clearly the united states and israel are not on the same page. but in terms of military actions, there could be covert operations that could be taking place right now to ensure that all those steps that are necessary for israel to acquire that capability or get closer
6:20 am
cannot be reached. >> okay. so let's just go back to possible military action. because i just want our viewers to kind of understand what that would mean. if the united states and israel decided to attack iran, would they be in it alone? >> i don't think they would be in it alone. clearly the united states and israel would have to lead an effort militarily. then the international community would have to back it up. and if they chose not to, then the united states andisrael would be alone. clearly, there would be a resistance from russia, we would anticipate china, and there may be other nations that would disagree with the use of military force. but clearly the united states and israel have to be completely connected in this. and the type of military action could include a conventional attack or, as i indicated, it might include and it should include forms of special operations well in advance to try to degrade and begin the degradation of thecapabilities that iran has. >> is it a fair comparison, you
6:21 am
know, to compare what's happening now with iran to what happened with iraq? >> no, i don't think so. i think what -- what needs to take place is that, first of all, the conditions are far different. in the use of not only military force, u.s. military force and then coalescing an international community that has now been frankly jaded yet is staying the course in that part of the world. and so what we have right now is iran, clearly a bit of an outlier in the arab community in that part of the world clearly is vulnerable. but it has its allies and it has its capabilities. those need to be degrade and they can be degraded. so i don't think we would see a similar type of coalescing of an international body and that type of a large military application of force. but, clearly, united states can do that if they chose to do it. and israel certainly would be a
6:22 am
part of that. >> general, thanks so much. >> thanks, carol. president obama taking action against china. what he says the country's government is doing that's taking money out of your pocket. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. go national. go like a pro. ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, what do you make of the attacks on u.s. embassies? what's really behind the attacks on u.s. embassies in the middle east and beyond? is it that cheaply made anti-islam movie that few people have seen? or is it a long simmering resentment of u.s. policies? and was the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya preplanned? that depends on who you ask. >> what happened in benghazi was, in fact, initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just tran spispired hours befor cairo. almost a copycat of the demonstrations against our facility in cairo which were prompted, of course, by the video. >> most people don't bring rocket propelled grenades and heavy weapons to a demonstration. that was an act of terror. and for anyone to disagree with that fundamental fact, i think,
6:26 am
is really ignoring the facts. >> libya's president says foreign extremists did plan the attack. but in egypt, officials say some protesters there actually got paid to participate. of course, events overseas have already changed the dialogue when it comes to the election here at home. until now, mitt romney's message has centered on the economy. with obama leading in the polls, republicans have seized on the embassy crisis to attack the president's leadership. >> all of us are watching events closely. but we know who america is dealing with in these attacks. they are extremists who operate by violence and intimidation. and the least equivocation or mixed signal only makes them bolder. >> conservative pundit bill crystal has gone so far as to predict whoever wins the national security debate over the next few weeks will win the election. really? what happened to it's the
6:27 am
economy, stupid? the talk back question for you today, what do you make of the attacks op the u.s. embassies? your comments later this hour. echoes of the cold war. our jill dougherty looks at the modern day problems posed by china and russia. the tough decisions that await the next president. we are all reflections of the people who came before us. the good they did inspires us, prepares us and guides us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going.
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it is 30 minutes past the hour. good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you for being with us. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom," the opening bell on wall street rang just a few seconds ago to kick off the new workweek. investors are watching the housing market after the federal
6:31 am
reserve announced its plans to buy back more mortgage-based securities. ringing the opening bell, executives and guests of the new york public television station 13, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. city of chicago will ask a court to end a teachers strike that's now entering a second week. sunday the chicago teachers union made the decision not to end the walk out after they failed to reach a deal with the school district. they want more time to go over the latest proposal. more than 350,000 students are affected by this strike. to politics now. with 50 days to election day president obama heads to the battleground state of ohio for his 12th visit this year. it comes as his administration gears up to file a trade complaint against china, accusing the country of illegally subsidizing the cost of auto parts and auto exports. the auto industry, as you know, is a crucial part of ohio's economic. white house correspondent brianna keilar joins me live now.
6:32 am
good morning, brianna. >> reporter: yes. a crucial part of ohio's economy and other battleground states as well. no coincidence there. the obama administration is set to announce that it is filing a complaint with the wto saying that china illegally subsidized auto exporters. chinese auto exporters who they say obviously would be competing with u.s. suppliers. so the allegation here is that there's $1 billion in illegal subsidies that were put in place between 2009 and 2011. obviously china and the u.s., members of the wto. of course, this comes as president obama is set literally to depart the south lawn any moment to head to ohio where he'll have two events. ohio is a state where certainly the auto industry plays big. more than 10% of the jobs in ohio tied in some way to the auto industry. so this is something president obama is doing in his official capacity but, of course, with an eye to november. and i should tell you that the romney campaign has put out a response a short time ago.
6:33 am
their response to this, which obviously the expectation is that it would play very well with voters who are concerned about the auto industry in these states, carol, it says president obama has spent 43 months failing to confront china's unfair trade practices, campaign season trade practices may sound good on the stump. it's too little, too late for american businesses and middle-class families. huge issues where these candidates are fighting for votes where the auto bailout and auto industry are big issues. >> brianna keilar reporting live this morning. china's cold war ally russia is also presenting modern day challenges for president obama and future occupants of the oval office. cnn foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty takes a closer look. >> reporter: on russia and on china barack obama made cooperation his motto. >> in an interconnected world, in a global economy, nations, including our own, will be more
6:34 am
prosperous and more secure when we work together. >> reporter: but with the kremlin's increasing authoritarian outlook and beijing's growing assertiveness in asia, he's found that approach more difficult. >> after a decade in which we fought two wars that cost us dearly in blood and treasure, the united states is turning our attention to the vast potential of the asia-pacific region. >> reporter: with his vision to asia, mr. obama made a strategic decision for the u.s. to play a larger, long-term role in asia. and facing a more than $200 billion trade deficit with china, he brought suits against beijing at the world trade organization. >> we're going to continue to be firm in insisting that they operate by the same rules that everybody else operates under. >> reporter: he fended off republican and democratic demands to designate china a currency manipulator. concerned it would start a trade
6:35 am
war. angering beijing, he signed off on arms sales to taiwan, but refused to sell them advanced f-16 fighter jets. but mitt romney vows to take off the gloves. >> so if i'm president of the united states, i will finally take china to the carpet and say, look, you guys, i'm going to label you a currency manipulator and apply tariffs unless you stop those practices. >> reporter: china, governor romney says, is a cheat. >> china is stealing our intellectual property, patents, designs, know how, brand names. >> reporter: romney says he would sell more arms to taiwan. and he'd confront china on its human rights record. with russia obama tried the reset button. >> we want to reset our relationship. >> let's do it together. >> we will do it together. okay? >> reporter: arms control agreement. got vladimir putin's green light
6:36 am
opening crucial supply lines for coalition forces in afghanistan. and canceled the bush administration's plan for putting missile defense components in poland. mitt romney blasts obama's approach. >> under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty and mr. putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone. >> reporter: romney says if he's elected, he'll ditch obama's reset button. russia, he says, is -- >> without question our number one geopolitical foe. >> reporter: romney vows to e evaluate the arms control treaty and confront the kremlin on its human rights record. but would mitt romney substantially change u.s. policy toward russia or china? four years ago, barack obama took a harder line, too. once in office he tempered that with diplomatic -- washington needs their help on other
6:37 am
challenges like iran and north korea. debates over russia and china often are black and white. but seen from inside the white house, there's a lot more gray. jill dougherty, cnn, the state department. >> logon to for a full series of reporting on major issues as we count down to the election. president obama will not be having a sit-down like this with the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, at the united nations. and the president's decision is getting a lot of pushback on the campaign trail. we'll talk about that next. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese
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paul ryan, mitt romney's running mate, is stepping up his attacks on president obama's decision not to meet with the israeli prime minister this week. as you know, benjamin netanyahu wanted to meet with mr. obama at
6:41 am
the united nations general assembly in new york. the president had scheduling conflicts. here's ryan on the christian broadcasting network. >> benjamin netanyahu is not going to meet with the president. yet, oh, by the way, he's going to meet with president mohammed morsi next week at the u.n. what does that tell you exactly about this administration? >> i'm really troubled by this. israel is our greatest ally in the middle east. of all times when we need to show very little daylight if any between ourselves and israel, it's now. i think this fraying relationship with israel bordering on contempt is the worst possible thing we should be doing at this time. >> mohamed morsi is the president of egypt. ryan's issue? why meet with egypt's president and not the israeli prime minister? let's talk about that with our cnn contributors elzie granderson who leans left and will cain who leans right. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, carol.
6:42 am
>> should the president change his mind and go ahead and meet with benjamin netanyahu, find some little space in his schedule where he can do that, will? >> yes, definitely. first of all, it's not an either/or choice. why would he meet with the e jips president, mohamed morsi, and not israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. you can do both. we need to meet with egypt. we need to see what kind of country morsi intends to run in egypt and whether or not he intends to let the salafists dictate the future of that country. he also needs to be talking to benjamin netanyahu. paul ryan wasn't stepping up an attack. he's stating the obvious. the relationship between benjamin netanyahu and president obama, it's a huge understatement to say it's strain. we have audio of president obama saying i have to put up with netanyahu to french president nicolas sarkozy. we now know he can't seem to find it in his schedule to meet with netanyahu. israel is dealing with very, very big issues.
6:43 am
most obviously it's iran. i think for president obama to not be able to find time in his schedule he's sending a message clearly to netanyahu in israel. >> it is interesting that the prime minister of israel is saying these things right in the middle of an american election. i mean, is he stirring the pot here knowing that he can? >> absolutely. you have to remember, he's not the prime minister of america. he's the prime minister of israel. so he needs to do what he needs to do to make sure that he appears to be working as hard as we possibly can for the freedom and the safety of his country which is what he should be doing. president obama is doing what he's doing which is being responsible and doing what's in the best interest of this country. i agree with a lot of things that will said. the president definitely needs to make time to make sure he meets with both individuals, both world leaders. not just for appearances sake, but just to make sure he's getting the message across about what america will and won't do going forward. i find it very interesting that it's paul ryan on television making these remarks. if you check his voting record he appears to be making quite a
6:44 am
few no votes towards sanctions against iran that would make this process easier. he has a string of no votes condemning businesses in america from doing business with iran and crude oil companies to make profit and things like that. if you look at his record and you look at that interview, you see two totally different paul ryans. >> you know what paul ryan would say. he says it's romney that's going to make the decisions, not me. >> yeah. he's the number two guy, though. if something happens to ryan -- to romney, god forbids, he would be the person in charge. in fact, he voted no against withholding $359 million to the world bank which is the exact same amount of money the world bank loans to iran. that was done as a way of creating sanctions on iran. paul ryan voted no against that measure. so if you look at his record, you don't see a person who really has a leg to stand on in criticizing the president when it comes to iran and israel. >> will, do you know of new sanctions that governor romney wants to impose on iran to stop them from going forward to produce these nuclear weapons?
6:45 am
>> well, as you know, carol, i think l.z. mentioned earlier, this is kind of an important time to be sorting out what's going on in that area of the world, right? israel and iran's relationship is integral. will there be no sanctions? i don't know. i know the conversation is where will you set your red lines? where will you tell iran you can go no further? i'll say this. i think both president obama and mitt romney are fuzzy on this. they keep moving. is it when they acquire enough material but not when they move to actually put bomb parts together? what exactly is mitt romney's difference with president obama on this? i'll be honest with you, i'm unclear. >> we're going to have that discussion in the next hour of "newsroom." so thanks for bringing that up. will cain, l.z. granderson, thanks so much for another interesting conversation. i appreciate it. >> thanks. we'll be back.
6:46 am
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48 minutes past the hour. checking our top stories now. more protests worldwide over the anti-muslim film shot here in the united states. about 300 protesters crashed with police in kabul, afghanistan, this morning near the u.s. embassy. at least 15 police officers were hurt. two police vehicles were set on fire. mother nature putting a halt on the final trip for space shuttle "endeavour." "endeavour's" final flight now expected to take place tomorrow.
6:49 am
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6:52 am
talk back questions this morning, what do you make of the attacks on the u.s. embassy? this from steven, i am sick of the finger pointing excuse obama administration, delusional and dangerous and the state that all the violence was spontaneous and based on a stupid film. >> these attacks scare me to the core. if this is another way of terrorism, it is working. >> this from pamela. it is time our president gets a backbone and we need to stop all
6:53 am
aid. hit them in the pocketbook and the trouble will stop. look at the money we will save. just saying. this from gary. the attacks were predictable. we meddled in the affairs of too many middle eastern countries for too long and if we cave to israel's red line demand on iran the big war will begin. keep the comments coming. more comments in the next hour of newsroom. en some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪
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only in the second week of the nfl season and players and fans are blowing the whistle on replacement refes. take the ravens and eagles game yesterday. he officials looked confused at time and the conferences helped push the game beyond three and a half hours. after the game the famous line
6:57 am
backer ray lewis said there are series calls the refs missed. it is just the way it is. talked about the replacement refes before with tiki barber. good morning, tiki. >> how are you doing? >> did you watch that game? >> i saw a little bit of it. i was at the giants-tampa bay game in the stadium and i heard this about controversy and it is interesting because ray lewis is exactly right. the nfl made a concerted effort to put pressure on the existing referees by replacing them and saying they're going to get better as the season goes on as they get more repetitions and clearly they're not. i saw it at the game that i was at. they conference on everything just to make sure they're making the right calls. es the games go on and on you start to worry about how that will affect the nature of play in the national football league. >> what was really scary because i watches that ravens-eagles
6:58 am
game and the ravens are tough. there are fights after almost every play in the first quarter and the refs were blaming everyone. >> pe brought this two or three weeks ago that the regular referees have been doing this a long time. they know how to get in the right positions and most importantly how to police the game when things start to get out of hand, when fights start to break out and when to warn the right guy and when to warn the sidelines or the coaches so they start policing themselves. they don't have a handle on that side of the game and it will start hurting the outcome unfortunately. >> i thought michael vick's ribs were going to be broken again. they were trying to figure out if it was a forward pass and obviously was to everyone except them but michael vick, i couldn't believe how hard they were hitting him. you could see people pulling
6:59 am
people's face masks and there were a lot of calls simply missed. >> they were. there were a lot of calls missed and i think the commissioner and the nfl have to start taking a hard look at what they're really doing by locking out the current referees because we felt that the replacement referees were going to be less distraction on a game and maybe going to take it easy and maybe not influence the outcomes of games by making too many calls and regardless they're still talking about them. we're still talking about em this. every week something else seems to come up. in fact, there was a story, a side story different about a referee posting on facebook how big of a saints fan he was and he was scheduled to work the saints and the carolina panthers game so the nfl had to pull him. it is very interesting how many divergent problems these replacement refs are starting to prove for the nfl. >> maybe they're taking extra chances because they know they
7:00 am
are replacement referees and you watched the giants-bucks game and eli manning taking a knee and then docked down. come on. >> that is a debate raging in new york about weather the new head coach of the buccaneers should have told the defensive linemen to go all out, try to force a fumble on a kneel-downplay and koffman was visibly disturbed after the game and he may be right. this is protocol in the nfl. at a certain point in the game it is over. it is not worth fighting for. a purist will say you fight until every single snap, every last snap you have to fight, and giants fans remember the miracle in the meadowlands where they ran a play on the last play and fumbled and edwards picked it up and won. that he doesn't happen anymore. at a certain point the game is over and the kneeldown ends it and they do it at the half and the end of the game and i think he should have respectedes that.
7:01 am
>> point taken. tiki barber, always fun. next hour of cnn newsroom begins right now. stories we're watching right now, the man behind a controversial film, one many muslims are calling offensive and we're getting a new look at the maker of innocence of muslims and it is all thanks to an actress featured in the movie. t-minus 50-days until the presidential election and the romney camp may not be running like a well-oiled machine. new information about where mitt romney's rnc speech didn't go as well as many hoped. i am in chicago, week two of the teacher strike, how the city is coping and now the mayor is threatening to take the teachers to court. all of this coming up. it has been several weeks of bad press for the royal family. first prince harry and now images of his brother's wife kate middletown sunday bathing topless.
7:02 am
we'll talk with jonathan ceo that used to work for the royals and find out why this could be the start of something much worse for the royal family. newsroom starts now. good morning. thank you for being with us this monday morning. i am carol costello. we begin this hour with new efforts to tamp down the anti-american violence in the muslim world. india now the latest government to block internet access to the low budget movie that ignited the fury. other groups are sieging on the ought rage and stoking the anger. the extremist group hess bo la is -- and 15 officers hurt and vehicles set on fire. in indonesia protesters bombarded police outside the u.s. embassy in jakarta and pelted them with rocks and used
7:03 am
sling shots. a volley of teargas managed to chase away the crowd. in pakistan weekend protests turned deadly. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we are still seeing small and spored add i can protests today. several hours ago a protest in front of the u.s. consulate. earlier today a protesters killed in northwest pakistan when police fired shots to dispurse the crowd. they seem to be tailing off. it doesn't mean they're over. some of the most horrid line lieders are pushing for the demonstrations to continue. washington bracing itself for another wave of anti-american anger, this i am too the call for protests coming from lebanon and the hezbolla leader. the whole world needs to see the anger on your faces, in your
7:04 am
fists and shouts he said in a televised speech. on sunday anti-american demonstrations continued in pakistan as police beat back scores of protesters in front of the u.s. consulate. that angry rally followinged a flurry of protests over the past few days in places like yemen, egypt, tunisia, iran, where demonstrators railed against a low budget film that insults prophet muhammad. they sometimes turned violent. christopher stevens and three other americans died when protesters attacked the consulate in libya. u.s. officials say lost amid the tragedy in dramatic headlines was the fact that most were not massive protests but crowds numbering in the hundreds, sometimes in the thousands. >> the mobs we have seen on the outside of the embassies are a
7:05 am
small minority. they're the ones that largely lost in the emerging democratic processes. >> susan rice, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said the attacks on u.s. targets began as spontaneous protests, rejecting earlier claims they were part of a plot to coincide with last week's anniversary of 9/11. washington is putting a lot of pressure in governments in the region to crack down on the protests and the governments are responding with tighter security and arrests and the libyan government has announced a number of arrests in connection with the attack that killed u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. it is not clear who the individuals are under arrest but libyan officials say contrary to earlier claims there is no evidence the attack was linked to al qaeda. a few hours from now in los angeles muslim leaders will denounce the violent reaction to the film and joined by leaders
7:06 am
from the coptic christian church, the film embraced by the creator. >> anything to say at all? do you have any regreets? do you have any regets about producing the film? >> in the meantime we're learning more about the film maker. here he is under police escort hiding his face and doing that because much death threats. miguel marquez has been digging up more about the film maker's past and joins us live from the los angeles bureau. good morning, miguel. >> good morning, carol. we're learning a lot more about how sam basil made this film. >> do you like hollywood? >> i do. >> lilly had been in hollywood a week when she answered an ad on craigslist for an action adventure film called desert warrior. >> first job, first week in l.a., just moved out here. >> she met this man seen here for the first time on u.s. division. she says he was in charge of everything. >> was it your sense he was the
7:07 am
writer and producer? >> yes. i really believe he was the writer. he definitely was the producer. he was the one writing the checks, handing out the money. he was running the show. >> under the same sam ba sill. >> uh-huh. >> the shoot a little weird but never talk of politics or religion. they thought they were making a low budget, cheesy film with little plot. >> we wondered what it was about. they kept saying george. this is the middle east 2,000 years ago. who is george? we don't normally ask questions. >> george turned out to be the muhammed character. >> he did. >> the script handed out piecemeal, sometimes late at night and hours before a shoot. she was asked to come in after the shoot was done to dub her voice-over another actress and others weren't to the same stound studio to record the word that is sparked a fire storm. >> they brought the actors in in posts and had them say specific words like muhammed, for
7:08 am
example. then they took -- it was isolated. it wasn't in context. they said say muhammed. say muhammed? why? >> we know know his real name and he was engaging in cheerful on set. there was no indication of the film's real intent or story >> i was shaking when i found out. >> really? >> yeah. i had no idea. this is a movie that i thought was nobody was ever going to see. >> you were shaking when you heard about the ambassador's death? >> yeah. >> dion feels betrayed by a man that pretended to be a film maker and friend. he put all of his skills together to pull off the role of a lifetime. >> he had a vision. him and the director would get in arguments and he wanted things a certain way. he knew what he was doing. he was playing us all along. >> it may sound a common experience but the making of this film, the deception, the
7:09 am
dark motivation would be oscar worthy if hateful were a category. >> we do know that mr. ba sill or nakoula is under a probation and for five years and that he may face -- he was picked up this weekend because the probation officers wanted to speak to him and one concern is he may have accessed the internet which he is not allowed to do but a bigger concern laid out in the probation, an order that he is not supposed to take on any other name other than his true legal time without express permission, written permission from a probation officer. that may get him in more trouble than anything. carol. >> miguel marquez reporting live from los angeles today. defining the middle class, both president obama and mitt romney have their definition. governor romney is now taking heat for what he told abc news. listen. >> $200,000 middle income. >> 200, $250,000 and less.
7:10 am
>> alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. is romney's definition different from obama's and if so how? >> the thing with this is there is no textbook definition of the middle class. you know what it is, it is more of a feeling and that's why there is so much debate over this question. come on, it is tough to make the case that $200,000 or $250,000 is a middle class income, especially when you point out the median household income is about $50,000. look how this breaks down. just 4% of the households here in the u.s. make more than 200,000. that means 96% of us make less than $200,000. it is kind of hard to argue you're middle income if you're in the top 4% of earners. critics are am coming out of the wood work and using this to paint mitt romney as a rich guy out of touch with the average american family. look, romney isn't that far off from what president obama has been saying himself. president obama says he wants to keep tax cuts for the middle class and he has been using this
7:11 am
same cut off,individualing makes $200,000 and families making 250,000. the difference, though, is president obama hasn't actually labeled people just below that line as middle income, so that, carol, may be why we're seeing romney take more heat on this issue. >> obama is not saying that people are middle income if they make 250,000 a year, right? >> he is not -- that's the thing. he is not pointing out specifically that that is. he is not saying that is middle income. he is sort of insin waiting that, so there is kind of that fine line there, carol. >> alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. it is a royal scandal that won't go away. while the royal couple continue their visit to asia and the south pacific their lawyers are heading to court all in an effort to stop dozens of images of the duchess sun bathing topless from being published. another magazine in italy now
7:12 am
publishing a 26-page spread featuring the photos. jonathan is a british lawyer who has worked for the royals in the past. welcome, jonathan. >> welcome. hi. >> how many pictures do you think there are out there because the italian magazine says they will publish a 38-page spread or something like that. >> well, my experience in dealing with paparazzi is once they find something to photograph they press the button and it keeps on clicking. if you have got the wife of the third in line to the throne in your camera lens you will likely keep that down and fill up a few chips. i imagine he has a fair handful. >> there are rumors that there are pictures even more intimate pictures were taken. have you heard those rumors? >> yes. we have heard them in the u.k. it is common enough. there will be a photographic agency out there trying to drum up business and they will be hoping that they will be able to sell a whole series and that
7:13 am
they can keep grading up what they can sell. i also think they will be testing the water and seeing what the public reaction is to these pictures so if it is not too serious they maybe do something riskier if the pictures are available. >> i think one of the french magazines told reuters the pictures were joyful and not degrading. >> well, the french take a different view perhaps to nudity than the british, but i think the key thing here is that this is a member of the royal family, and one thing for what is appropriate, at least in a culture which has a structure to it. i mean, i would imagine that you would be reasonably uncomfortable as a nation if topless pictures were published of the wife of president obama. i think michelle obama would take a different view about pictures of her topless than she might about someone on a beach in miami. i think that's the key difference. >> well, some might argue and
7:14 am
probably very few, but some might argue that even if you're in a private home, is it ever wise to go outside of that home and take your top off? >> i don't think anyone would disagree with that. i have worked for celebrity clients for over 20 years. if any celebrity client came to me and asked me whether it was ever wise to take their top off in a public place anywhere, i would say absolutely not. so i think kate, the duchess of cambridge was unwise to do that. i think, however, that the punishment is inappropriate. it does not seem to me that justifies a worldwide set of pictures on the basis of and moments in discretion where she thought she was safe and where she thought she was private. >> well, it just comes on the heels of the prince harry scandal and the nude pictures taken of him in a private hotel room. >> well, i think this is
7:15 am
absolutely the key point. prince harry's pictures were the ones that crossed the line. the huge irony is that the mother of both prince william and prince harry was driven to her death by the paparazzi, so this is a particularly acute point for them. in a decision which i don't readily understand, the palace decided that they were going to take no action about these pictures and what is worse, they said that it is an editorial decision. well, if it is an editorial decision for the prince harry pictures, then surely it is an editorial decision for the duchess of cambridge pictures, and i fear that the waving or at least perceiving of the waving of a white flag over the pictures has contributed to the sense on the part of european press that they're free to publish the duchess of cambridge pictures. >> jonathan coe, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. when it comes to iran and nuclear weapons, where is the red line?
7:16 am
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lots the talk about the line on iran. benjamin netanyahu took to the air lines to ramp up pressure. the president says there already is a red line and he isbeing criticized by the romney-ryan ticket for, quote, leading from behind. joining me is the former romney foreign policy advisor and former u.s. spokesperson to the united nations. welcome, rick. >> carol, thanks for having me. >> thanks for being with us today. the big question we're dealing with today is where exactly is the red line when it comes to the united states and iran? >> that red line was established in 2006. i find it shocking that anybody in the media is questioning where that red line was. in 2006 the bush administration passed five unresolutions on iran and then the obama administration passed one
7:20 am
resolution on iran. by the way, they haven't passed anything in two-and-a-half years. the international community is on the record six times, u.n. resolutions, six of them saying iran must not enrich any uranium, zero, none, until they can prove it is for peaceful purposes. we already know that they have been enriching uranium almost to weapons grade 20%. some think they have already surpassed the 20%. so iran has admitted they have crossed this red line numerous times. why are we even debating what that red line is? the better question is will we enforce u.n. resolutions? if we're not going to enforce u.n. resolutions let's save a billion dollars and not have the u.n. >> i think some voters are concerned about the difference between governor romney's red line and president obama's red line and that's because of this interview with abc news that governor romney did. let's listen to that. >> that's not why. >> let's listen.
7:21 am
>> my red line is iran may not have a nuclear weapon. iran as a nuclear nation is unacceptable. >> president obama says exactly the same thing, it is unacceptable for iran to have a nuclear weapon. your red line is the same as his. >> i laid out what i would do to keep them from reaching that red lightning. i said the sanctions needed to be put in place immediate. >> he said yes. it is the same. >> he said yes to what? >> to the red line being the same. >> i am not disagreeing. we all know what the red line is. it was established in 2006. that's not the question. the question is what do we do now that iran has passed the red line. the question is are we going to be a weak country and allow a country like iran, a crazy man -- >> what would governor romney do? >> let's talk about what the president of the united states should do. the president is the president. i think we have had a lot of discussions about what romney should do or what he didn't do
7:22 am
and there has been criticism that romney spoke out too early in the middle east after 15 hours of a developing violence. how come we're not asking where was the president, why didn't he speak out before 15 hours? there is a lot of looking -- >> let's go back to israel because that's what we're talking about today, the red line. what would governor romney do? what new sanctions would he impose on ian to stop them from developing a nuclear weapon? >> first of all, we had six rounds of sanctions already. again, the obama administration hasn't put in sanctions in two-and-a-half years at the u.n. sanctions clearly are not working. they can maybe slow the process down but sanctions are never going to break a country. they're never going to say we give up, here is our nuclear weapons. they're not going to do that. the question becomes now that they have crossed the red line, what are we going to do about it? are we going to sit back and keep moving the red line or say
7:23 am
when we pass international resolutions at the u.n. we actually mean it? i am not suggesting that we immediately go to war either, carol. i think a lot of liberals will immediately try to push conservatives into saying there you go with more war talk. it is not what we're saying. we are saying you need a credible threat, and president obama has not given a credible threat. >> let me add there are sanctions being imposed on iran, right? in fact, the president said -- >> since 2006. >> he has told iran's trading partners if you do business with iran as far as oil goes you're not going to be involved with our financial institutions. >> do you know when those started, carol? >> since that sanction -- >> do you know when those started? >> i want to finish my thought here. >> july 1st. >> since that sanction -- >> three and a half years of nothing. >> since that sanction went into place, iran's currency dropped 50 perry satterlee 50% in the last year and virtually cut off from the international banking system, so the obama administration. >> that's not true. >> they would say let's give
7:24 am
them more time to work and see what happens. >> more time, they haven't put a u.n. sanction in in two and a half years and passed one in four years. the bush administration for all the cowboy diplomacy had five resolutions. we have had sanctions since 2006. president obama and his team only decided to put oil sanctions in july 1st. guess what they did after that? they gave the 20 top oil producer buyers of iranian oil waivers. india is still buying iranian oil and the obama administration promised the indians a permanent seat on the u.n. security council, the u.s. support for that, so i just don't see that it is credible to say that the obama administration is trying to ratchet up the sanctions when after two-and-a-half years they are done nothing but decide to do last minute oil sanctions with waivers starting july 1st. the media needs to start looking at policies not just lip service
7:25 am
from the president. >> i think they want mitt romney's policy. what new sanction would mitt romney put into place? >> no sanctions. we have enough sanctions. >> short of military action what would he do to stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> again, again, what you have to do is you have to have a credible threat. the other thing you have to do is you have to have a powerful presence in the middle east. you can't go back and have a weak presence. let me give you an example. syria is a wholly owned subsidiary of iran. this administration, president obama, sent our u.s. ambassador back to syria when violence was starting for the first time in five years we had a u.s. ambassador in damascus and he pulled the u.s. ambassador whack, about four months later, and he sent the u.s. ambassador back to damascus only to pull him back six weeks later. this start and stop policy sends mixed signals to everybody in the middle east. we don't have a credible threat.
7:26 am
we don't have a policy of strength. we're showing the world weakness. that's why we're seeing on 9/11 our embassies being attacked and americans are less safe. the media, they still want to talk about whether or not mitt romney spoke too soon when president obama waited 15 hours before he started talking about the violence. >> unfortunately i have to wrap it up. thank you so much for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thanks, carol. just 50-days until the presidential election and new reports of big problems inside the romney campaign. is it really in chaos, though? we'll talk to mike allen of there are a lot of warning lights
7:27 am
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just about 30 minutes past the hour. i am carol costello. thank you for joining me today. checking our top stories, more violent protests in the middle east over the anti-muslim film made in the united states. outside beruit lebanon thousands of demonstrators gathered today chanting death to america. leaders of the militant group.
7:30 am
the city of chicago trying to end a teacher he is strike. sunday they made the decision not to end the walkout after they failed to reach a deal with the school district. they want more time to go over th latest proposal, more than 350,000 students affected by this strike. the obama administration is going after china, the u.s. government filing a complaint with the world trade organization that says china violated rules by subsidizing automobile and auto part exports and the president is expected to talk more about it at a campaign rally in ohio today. now your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. what do you make of the attacks on the u.s. embassies and what is really behind the attacks in the middle east and beyond? it is the cheaply made anti-islam movie few very many have seen or long simmering
7:31 am
resentment of u.s. policies and was the attack on the consulate in libya preplanned? that depends on who you ask. >> what happened in benghazi was in fact initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired hours before in cairo, almost a copycat of the demonstrations against our facility in cairo which were prompted of course by the video. >> most people don't bring rocket propelled grenades and heavy weapons to a demonstration. that was an act of terror. for anyone to disagree with that fundamental fact, i think is really ignoring the facts. >> libya's president says foreign extremists planned the attack but in egypt officials say some protesters actually got paid to participate. of course events overseas have changed the dialog when it comes to the election here at home. until now mitt romney's message was centered on the economy and with obama leading in the polls
7:32 am
republicans have seized on the embassy crisis to attack the president's leadership. >> all of us are watching events closely. we know who america is dealing with in knees attacks. they are extremists who operate by violence and intimidation and the leasty equivocation or mixed signal only makes them bolder. >> conservative pundit bill crystal has gone so far as to predict, quote, whoever wins the national security debate over the next few weeks will win the election? really? what happened to the economy? what do you make of the attacks on u.s. embassy. your comments later this hour. sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. try this...
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7:36 am
working the auditions. michelle turner is in los angeles. so, any idea how much money they're making because i like to dream. >> more than us, right? we do like to. there haven't been those official figures released but i will say this. i would take the paychecks no matter which one it was. reports have the show salaries all over the place ranging from the low end which i can't believe i am saying low end of 3 million to a high end of 18 million for ryan seacrest, judges nicki minaj, urban, mariah carey and to put it all in perspective, forbes called american idol the most profitable show on division say that it earns more than $6 million per half hour of show time and it is just interesting to think about how the focus of this show has turned from the competitors and the singers to
7:37 am
the judges in recent years and everyone is curious to see how the new judges handle the good, the bad, and that very ugly audition. we have heard new judges like ellen degeneres and lopez say that critiquing people was really tougher than they thought it would be, but they got to get with it. the competition is fierce out there these days. there is celebrity judges on a lot of shows, the x factor, the voice, and america's got talent and i want to. >> i want to see what nicki minaj wears every night. >> and amanda booinz, her car was impounded. >> let me give a little bit of warning here. if you're on the road in southern california and you see amanda bynes driving next to you, it may be a good idea to leave an extra car length. local police reports say she didn't let a little thing like
7:38 am
getting a suspended license stop her from getting behind the wheel. on sunday morning pasadena airport police pulled her over at the entrance to the airport and she was cited for driving on a suspended license, so her car was impounded. she lost her license after being charged with two misdemeanor counts of hit and run and that after an arrest for a suspected dui. i don't know what is going on with her here. all i will say is i hope she gets it together. this stuff doesn't look good. >> she is going down the lindsay lohan road. >> looks pretty bad. >> thanks as always. show biz tonight airs at 11 p.m. eastern on hln. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪
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7:42 am
not true. there was this egyptian film maker living in the united states. he was living under an assumed name. he has been in jail because of bank fraud. he is the man responsible for this film. the crowd is now chanting death to america, death to america, but as i said, it is not violent. it is peaceful. as you can see, it is quite sizable. protesters in other parts of the middle east have been smaller, a few hundred people maybe and sometimes 1,000 but they have been diminishing in size and not this in beruit. we're trying to get muhammed jan joon on the phone. he will tell us more about the protest. it is 50-days until the presidential election and there are gloomy reports from inside the romney camp. according to an account on staffers are grumbling about bad decisions and botched opportunities. mike allen is co-author of the article and the chief white
7:43 am
house correspondent. welcome, mike. >> good morning, carol. >> how would you characterize the romney campaign? >> well, carol, what republicans are telling us is that before governor romney can fix the country, he needs to fix his campaign and they're starting that today. ever since governor romney started thinking about running again this time, his message was going to be economy, economy, economy. that's been their mantra. that was their ticket, they thought, against president obama. now suddenly today they're changing that. they're scrapping economy, economy, economy, and now they're going to be running as status quo versus change, so the new frame that governor romney will try to put around the campaign is do you like what's happening in the economy? do you like what's happening overseas? to you like the tone in washington? if not, i am changing, so, carol, i know your viewers will appreciate the irony of the republican nominee this time writing as the candidate of
7:44 am
change. >> politics so strange, mike. another interesting facet of your article was about mitt romney's speech at the republican national convention. turns out, you say, that he delivered a far different speech than originally planned. >> carol, this speech was really done at the last minute for something that was so high-stakes, one of three chances along with the vice presidential selection and the debates to really introduce himself to meet people who are not following the campaign. we learned that eight days before the convention the campaign tore up the speech script that had been given to them. they rushed out to some former bush speech writers who were busy writing paul ryan's convention acceptance speech and said, help, we need a new draft. start from scratch writing new convention acceptance speech for us and that came together and one of the things that got lost in that original speech that was thrown out was a very important
7:45 am
word that we have seen on your air just this morning, afghanistan. it turned out to be a colossal oversight for mitt romney to not include a salute to the troops, a little discussion of afghanistan policy in his speech. there was more of that in the original draft in the haste that got lost. >> so the man responsible now for mitt romney's campaign, the guy who is running it, is he -- is the rest of the team at odds with him? >> internally they're not. stewart stevens is in charge of -- he wears a lot of hats as my mother would say. he is in charge of speech writing and ad making and he is in charge of strategy, and he has the confidence of governor romney and people inside worry that he might be wearing too many hats that in the bush campaigns you had three people doing these three jobs and in the obama campaign you had pretty big supporting cast, and
7:46 am
to david axelrod in these roles and today ed gillsepie, a former chairman of the republican national committee, someone who is well known and trusted in washington is taking a more visible role. he just coming up in a few minutes now will brief the press on the state of the race and the message for this week. he is going to try to put a little bit of a new frame around what everyone in the campaign agrees was a very rough week for governor romney. >> we'll be listening. thank you so much for sharing. we appreciate it. >> thank you for your coverage. >> we're going to go back to beruit, lebanon, the breaking news i was telling you about. you can see thousands of protesters are protesting against the anti-islam film made here in the united states. we have muhammed joon in beruit. tell bus this protest, muhammed. >> carol, it is thousands of supporters of hezbollah marching through the southern suburbs of beruit right now. they're chanting everything from
7:47 am
constitutionalitying the prophet to the prophet muhammad is our commander. they turned out because the leader of hezbollah yesterday announced that there would be a week of protests denouncing this anti-islamic film. this was a speech that he gave last night. he was saying that thousands needed to come out so that the world could see the anger on their faces in your fists and your shouts as he said. he said the whole world should know that the prophet muhammad and followers will not put up with this humiliation. many people wondered why it took hezbollah this long to start having protest marches against the film. the reason is because pope benedict the 16th was in lebanon over the weekend, friday, saturday and sunday and hezbollah even welcomed the pope here. it was supposed to be a time showcasing peace in lebanon, so hezbollah decided to wait until
7:48 am
after the pope left town to start having the demonstrations. these are supposed to be peaceful and orderly demonstrations by hezbollah standards. you're not supposed to turn violent according to their leader but when you see thousands upon thousands of people in the streets chanting death to america, and also anti-israeli phrases, it does seem to give a worrying tinge to what's going on. carol. >> muhammed jamjoon reporting live from beruit, lebanon. we'll be right back. [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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from the classroom to the courtroom. chicago mayor rahm emanuel will turn to the courts to try to end a teacher strike going into a second week. yup members in the school district working all weekend on a proposal and late sunday they
7:52 am
said they needed more time because many teachers are unhappy with the deal. are both sides taking the day off today? >> reporter: no one is taking the day off when it comes to the picket line. what they're trying to do and can what we have seen is they have been handing out this tentative deal. this is what the house of delegates was telling us they want to do, make sure the members were on board and then after everyone has looked at the tentative deal, then they will come back and vote tomorrow. what that means for the 350,000 chicago school children as well as their parents is that it has been a scramble. here is what one parent told us. >> somewhat of a strain. we're fortunate. we have a fair number of options, so we have been able to make it work. it is just kind of the inconsistency of it has been the biggest strange so really looking forward to hopefully getting back to regular
7:53 am
schedule. >> reporter: and a late update we got from the mayor's office is that they are now in the process of filing that court injunction. carol. >> kyunglah reporting live from chicago this morning. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues
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