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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 20, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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in to a position of not enough control authority to roll out of a bank. we limit the pang to 20 to 25 degrees of bank. so as far as the turbulence, there's a vibration that constant vibration on the airplane mainly with the attached fitting. feels like you're flying in light turbulence the whole time. >> ace, i have one more for you. a former nasa guy and the folks involved with "endeavour" and it's cliche but it's fitting and that's bittersweet. watching this, this really is the final voyage. is it tough to watch? >> yeah, it is. it is tough. i mean, i think any time you see a program end or even, you know, when you see an airplane be flown when we fly an airplane to the boneyard to put it to rest you're sad to see it go but you know it's time. >> ace beall, thanks for calling in, having flown these 747s with
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space shuttles on top. ace, we appreciate it. how amazing is that? i have always wanted to talk to those guys and we got one today. >> i've never flown an airplane with an airplane on top. good stuff. >> incredible. keep watching. as you mentioned, it passed over tucson recently. we'll bring you pictures as it lands. don't go too far. thank you very much. here we are. top of the hour. take a look at this. and welcome back. hour two here in the "cnn newsroom" as we mentiwatched as mentioned, watching some pictures, not live but watching "endeavour" and beginning to see it head toward los angeles and toward edwards air force base we'll bring you live pictures. chad myers will join me understand again. we want to get to politics. politics, politics, politics
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here. short time ago, florida's the big story today. short time ago, president obama arrived in florida, miami. here he is. miami to be precise. mitt romney got there yesterday. he is still in florida today. and you've heard us say it before. when you look at the map of the 50 states florida with the 29 electoral votes is crucial to romney's hopes for election. look at the numbers here. florida, 29 electoral votes. today, the poll shows the president leading romney in florida by 5 percentage points. this is a fox news poll. this same poll shows a seven-point obama lead in virginia. that is as you know another huge electoral state that's being considered a toss-up this year and may be right now looks like tipping toward the president. also this, perhaps is the biggest news of all. president obama with the seven-point lead in ohio. cnn's peter hamby with me live in washington. let's start with that. ohio. because, you know, we say it and
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again. how key, you know, florida is to romney but ohio's right up there, too. the poll in ohio, how ominous is it for mitt romney? >> well, nbc had a similar poll a couple of weeks ago or a week ago, rather, this showed obama beating romney by seven points. republicans said that margin is bigger than we think and it is not seven points. well, this sort of reinforces that. it's a big problem and looking at the unfavorable numbers for romney, 45% under way. 50% view imunfavorably. the president at 55-42. it's a big problem. no republican has won the white house without ohio. i think you are right, though, brooke. florida is much more important state here because if romney loses florida it is essentially over and then obama just needs another smaller state and he'll win re-election, brooke.
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>> can you hear me? thumb's up? >> yeah, no. i hear you. >> the romney campaign is trying to patch some wounds on the fly. here's romney. this is from last night. and i want i don't to just -- all of us count how many times he says he's behind the country 100%. >> this is a campaign about the 100%. my campaign is about the 100% in america. i won't get 100% of the vote. i've demonstrated my capacity to help the 100%. i care about the 100% people in america will have a better future if they elect me the next president. hmm. what do you think of that? >> what was that number again? >> 100%? 100%. it seems to be that romney trying to erase the memory of the remarks in the secretly taped video of the 47%, his word victims, dependent on the government. you have another one for us, damage control on medicare. >> yeah. that's right. i mean, romney first of all he has to sort of figure out a
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message after that video. he's forced in to it. also on the medicare question, this is interesting today. brooke, the romney campaign went up with an ad in florida on medicare and look who they're using to push their message on mecare in florida. look at this. >> mitt romney and paul ryan get it. medicare's going broke. that's not politics. it's math. anyone who wants to leave medicare like it is is for letting it go bankrupt. >> that is none other than florida senator rubio and running in the miami market only in florida but it is interesting that not mitt romney, not paul ryan. they're using marco rubio as a messenger. looks like the senate ads he ran in the race and the ad maker made that romney ad. so, you know, it's another -- it calls attention again to the fact that romney might be a flawed messenger in a lot of ways and had to enlist other republicans to get the message out, brooke. >> i'm sure you read the article
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this morning about more mitt, right, that the campaign tweaking the message, tweaking the strategy. apparently having romney do fewer closed door events, more public rallies in which he's talking to you the americans beginning with the bus tour and ohio next week. talk about what he might be -- what he's hoping to do there. >> well, they have to get out more on the -- >> first of all they're actually listening to the republicans who have been chiming in saying change your message, basically owl of romney's campaign and more fund-raisers than public events and blitz ohio, him and paul ryan, next week. i talked to one elected official in ohio this morning and i said what's romney have to do in ohio and, brooke, he said everyone in ohio says when you ask them what's romney going to do as president, no one gives a straight answer and he was saying that romney needs to refine the message and be more aggressive and be like the old ohio state football coach woody hays and have fire in the belly and really get out there with a
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full-throated kind of aggressive statement about where he stands and go after brook bam. he shouldn't be like woody hays too much but he got canned after punching a player in the face. >> i didn't know where you were going with that, hamby. peter hamby, in washington, watching them next week. thank you so much in washington and we are getting this hour started. a lot more for you, including this. critics had been mostly silent over the death of the u.s. ambassador to libya but today hlary clinton heads to capitol hill to answer some tough questions. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. a grieving father shares a heartbreaking story. what happened to the afghan train ee who gunned down his son? >> the afghani police officer that murdered my son i found out last week was released. he's nowhere to be found. >> we're calling to get answers on what happens after these
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right now in washington secretary of state hillary clinton speaking with members of both the house and the senate of what exactly happened in the u.s. consulate in benghazi some nine days ago. the director of the national counter terrorism center confirms that terrorists killed these four americans. among them, u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens. now, an unnamed source tells cnn that stevens feared he was on an al qaeda hit list. that source went on to tell us that stevens worried about what he called never ending security threats in benghazi and specifically spoke about the growing presence of al qaeda in libya. but the u.s. counter terrorism director says it's still not clear if they seized on the opportunity of the furious protesters of the anti-muslim video opened up. the ranking member of the senate's homeland security
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committee says whatever the case, security should have been much, much tighter for the ambassador. >> i'm just stunned and appalled that there wasn't better security for all of the american personnel at that consulate, given the high threat environment. >> senior congressional correspondent data bash is there for me in the capitol. we know, dana, that is closed-door briefing but whatdoe we anticipate? >> reporter: the secretary of state is now in this briefing. it's with all members of congress, republicans and democrats. first the house and then in an hour with the senate. what she says that she's going to do is bring people from all walks of the administration who can give information to members about exactly what happened, what led up to it and what they're doing now. listen to what the secretary herself said earlier today. >> now, i anticipate that this
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briefing will cover our security posture before and during the events and the steps we have taken since to do everything we can with host governments to protect our people and our embassies and consulate. >> reporter: now, you played, brooke, some comments from the republican ranking member of the homeland security committee in the senate saying she's just flabbergasted that there wasn't adequate security potentially at this consulate in benghazi. she is not alone and not just the republican side. i'm talking to democratic lawmakers filing in to this classified briefing behind me saying they have the same questions, other questions that they have is was this a planned attack or was it as the secretary and others said at least in the days afterwards that it was the work of a mob and because of that video? >> but, to take it a step further and a question and senator collins absolutely thinks this attack was planned,
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my question to you is, are any lawmakers holding secretary clinton accountable? >> reporter: you know, she is a pretty popular figure up here. i think it depends on how candid they think she is in the briefings. she is not alone. she's coming with reinforcements and then some. coming with the vice chair of the joint chiefs, experts of the fbi, also the state department. from all over to try to give a more broad explanation to these members. so, i think a lot of it depends on that. having said that, brooke, i think i have talked to you in front of several of these closed door meetings after various events that have gone on globally and we have talked about this before that these members of the administration especially hillary clinton who was a senator they know talking to all members that even though it's a classified session they want to be careful about the information they give because tends to come out to people like you and me. >> uh-huh. we report that information sometimes when it's on the record, dana bash. another one for you because
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cnn's reporting that the ambassador believed he was on a hit list, an al qaeda hit ris. do we know was secretary clinton at all aware of that? >> reporter: she herself was asked about that at a press conference just before she came over here to the hill and her answer was, i have absolutely no information or reason to believe there is any basis for that but you can bet that she's going to be pressed on that inside these briefings because a lot of lawmakers are saying that they're frustrated they're not getting the information of the administration. in fact, they're getting a lot of information from news outlets, especially cnn and our fabulous reporting from arwa damon and her team over there. >> as soon as you hear anything else, let us know. thank you so much for us on capitol hill. now to some disappointing numbers on the number of americans getting unemployment benefits. we'll tell you how the markets are reacting to that business. >> target and kohl's ready to staff up for the holidays and may be surprised to hear one is higher fewer workers than last year.
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new concerns today about the job market after the labor department reported this morning
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382,000 americans applied for unemployment benefits last week. that is down 3,000 from the week before. but analysts expected the line to benefits to be shorter by several thousand people. alison kosik at the new york stock exchan. and this number, 382,000, what's the story behind the number? >> exactly. you said it. there's a story behind the number. it's inflated because of hurricane katrina isaac. remember that? >> yep. >> louisiana and puerto rico with an increase of 8,000 claims and that's because businesses had to close because of the storm. mississippi also reported another 1,000 claims. but here's the thing with this. even if you discount the numbers, guess what, that level 382,000 level, still too high. we want to see it -- these total filings closer to 350,000 or under mark to show there's a real solid rebound in the labor market. you know what? we are not seeing it right now, brooke. >> what about the layoffs? we were reporting on the multiple thousand, what, 16,000
12:20 pm
people to be laid off by bank of america by the end of the year. but that is not a new number per se. correct? >> right. the good thing is that these workers who are finding out right now kind of takes the guessing game out of this because they heard about these layoffs earlier in the year. 16,000 cuts are part of a bigger announcement of 30,000 layoffs that b of an announced last year, not this year and happening a full year ahead of time and as bad as it is for the workers it is good for bank of america because it's cost cutting. the goal to streamline in any business and in this case streamline bank of america's costs because when you look at it, bank of america didn't recover from the recession as strongly as the rivals and what it's trying to do is get back in fighting form cutting billions of dollars of expenses. >> 16,000. so that's the laying off. what about the hiring? talk about holiday hiring.
12:21 pm
that's a harbinger of, you know, the season, the holiday season. >> it is. here we're finding some pretty good news and so far only heard of two big retailers. kohl's plans to hire 53,000 workers. target adding between 80,000 and 90,000 workers. we haven't heard yet from, you know, these other major chains and most likely coming out with numbers mike nordstrom's and macy's but they're temporary jobs but the good part about this is sometimes the workers stay on. target wound up keeping 30,000 of the seasonal workers last year so we'll see if it happens again this year. brooke? >> also out today, alisoalison, about money. what people are making. that fell in a number of places last year. who's hit the hardest? >> sharpest income drop in nevada and then california and arizona. tease are the huge boom states
12:22 pm
during the housing bubble. these salaries moved much higher then and then you know how it is. the stronger you rise, the harder you fall and now foreclosures and unemployment rampant in the states, it's natural. across the country, incomes fell in 18 states. nationally, the average income sitting at just over oar 50,0$5. check out a cool interactive map at brooke? >> alison kosik, thank you. >> sure. coming up, libya, warning today as funeral services were held for four personals killed in mbenbenghazi in the anti-amen protests last week and police video dash cam as a truck crashes in to a patrol car. we'll show you how the video ends, next. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provide a better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ]
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this just in to us here. a federal jury in ohio has found an amish man guilty of orchestrating the hate crime of cutting beards of amish men and hair of amish women and some followers of convicted man guilty of carrying out the attacks. to the amish the beard is a symbol of faith and manhood. mullet could get 20 years in prison according to an affiliate there woio. nation of libya paused to recommends the lives of four americans who were killed in mbenbenghazi on september 11th. >> our blood is spilt for the sake of our country. and your blood has been spilt for our cause. welcome to you all. >> lib why's prime minister attended a memorial that honored the men killed, ambassador christopher stevens, foreign service officer sean smith and security officers glen doherty
12:27 pm
and tyrone woods. a program began with lib why's national anthem followed by the american anthem. u.s. deputy secretary of state william burns was also there. dash cam video shows how far one policeman went to save a woman. happened so fast. watch very closely. the officer actually behind the car in this clip, we'll rop it. a 23-year-old officer pulls the woman out of the path of an out of control squad car. comes up right there. this is texas. reported drunk driver hit officer phillip standfer's patrol car and see him running out of there. she gets cuts and bruises. the officer was seriously hurt but we're told he is going to be okay. and space shuttle "endeavor." we are on the space shuttle watch if you will. making the way to southern california. where it will be retired, have a new life at a museum.
12:28 pm
this is tape just a little while ago passing over tucson, arizona, on the way to edwards. and chad myers here on the tick tock. when should we see live pictures of "endeavor." >> moments. on the flight line right now at dryden and talking about edwards air force base. that's earlier of tucson. thanks the same. we're talking in the weather office. wouldn't it be great if they left it attached and sold rides in the shut l? >> wait, wait, wait. yeah. in our dreams. >> pay for the entire nasa program just by charging pictures. >> live pictures, michael? here we are. there she is. this is the space shuttle "endeavor." this is sort of a penultimate flight. lands at edwards and tomorrow cruise up california and then
12:29 pm
lands at lax. and then what? >> and then they made way for this thing to go through the streets and all the way over to the science museum and people are going to be able to just walk right up to it. even when you're at kennedy and you were there with me for -- >> that's where "atlantis" is retiring. >> they had a fake one and people enamored. not even a good mock-up. really, it wasn't. now they have the real one there to have a real one in california will be really phenomenal. edwards air force base, a big unit. this is not l.a. they're not landing in l.a. don't go look for it. you have to be victorville and the other side of the mountains before you see this but you will get a chance tomorrow. it's going to fly from edwards all the way to sacramento, fly over the capitol, across in to san francisco. down the coast. take the pch all the way south in to lax. >> can you imagine on thepch and looking up and seeing this? >> love to. let's go. >> so great. and then finally, the big moment october 12th and when i'm sure we'll be live and see everyone on the streets.
12:30 pm
so, we'll stay with the picture. shall we move on? let's move on. but as soon as we start to see it landing at edwards we love the pretty pictures. we'll bring it back to you. thank you for now. to this. to this. here we go. baby boomers. they're aging like no generation before them. and if you need proof, ladies and gentlemen, i give you bruce springsteen. ♪ bruce! crowd surfing last night after he opened a three-night stand on the home turf, jersey, folks. new jersey. just days before his -- wait for it, 63rd birthday. that is this sunday. happy birthday, boss. here's a little "hungry heart." ♪ everybody needs a place to rest ♪ ♪ everybody wants to have a
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all right. here she is. let's pull up the live pictures. this is the space shuttle "endeavour" coming upon edwards air force base in southern california. we have been talking about this space shuttle. we saw her take off two days ago? >> uh-huh. >> two days ago. she's made a couple fly-byes across the country and tucson and now she will be landing in edwards. but this is not -- i know we're excited, perhaps i'm always excited talking about all things space but this is not the final spot. it takes off tomorrow morning. will head up the california coast. on the pch, you know, keep your eyes on the road and look up if you see it.
12:41 pm
and then, ultimately, lands at lax and then the big moment for a lot of folks in l.a. will come october 12th when the space shuttle with wings and the whole deal comes traversing through of all places los angeles on those roads and final home california science museum. >> this was an amazing ship. 25 flights to space. 123 million miles. 299 days in the air. in space. and, it replaced with basically other parts "columbia." when "columbia" came apart, down a shuttle. they found other parts and rather than building something from scratch they went back to the junkyard basically and said we have this, we have this, let's make a shuttle and they did. and they built it for $2.2 billion something and said the companies didn't make a penny. >> look at the other plane. >> that's the plane that we're getting the other video from.
12:42 pm
>> so that's how we're seeing the shuttle live through the skies. thanks to those planes. i thought it was interesting talking about a pilot that flown a number of these modified 747s with the space shuttle on top and said it's top heavy. you can only go, what, 15,000 feet in the air approximately? >> can't get it wet and can't go below 9 degrees celsius. can't get it that cold. won't go in to space anymore and maybe the thresholds are different right now and they didn't fly. i watched the entire fly and they didn't go above about 13,000 feet and in that plane you see the temperature gauge flying and delta or united and whatever shows you the temp. 60 degrees below 0 outside. can't go that high. >> makes sense. we have a couple more minutes before it lands at edwards and going to pause, go away from this for a moment and guarantee you to show you that landing in southern california so, chad,
12:43 pm
don't go too far. we want to talk about this big issue as we are looking ahead to november 6th. one issue is israel. palestinians. it's a very tenuous, fragile relationship. and cnn is going in-depth and each presidential candidate says about future prospects for peace talks, we have heard strong rhetoric from mitt romney, also from president obama. here's cnn's lead political anchor wolf blitzer. >> reporter: in addresses that largely focused on domestic concerns one country in particular was singled out by both candidates in the convention speeches. >> president obama thrown allies like israel under the bus. >> the commitment to israel. >> security must not waver. >> reporter: president obama came to office determined to make middle east peace a central tenant of the foreign policy. even if it meant exerting what some of the advisers describe as tough love on israel. he took a harder line on settlements in palestinian territories. >> in my conversations with
12:44 pm
prime minister netanyahu i was clear about the need to stop settlements, to make sure that we are stopping the building of outposts. >> reporter: that angered many israelis, especially prime minister benjamin netanyahu. and early trips to turkey and egypt with high profile addresses to the i arab and muslim world without a stop in israel further xaexacerbated th relationship and further underlined in a tense oval office meeting in may 2011 when the prime minister seemed to be lecturing the president. >> israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace. it cannot go back to the 1967 lines because these lines are in indefensivible. >> reporter: still, at least in public they seem to have moved on. >> as i've said to the prime minister in every single one of our meetings, the united states
12:45 pm
will always have israel's back with israeli security. >> reporter: some of the most sensitive issues obama and romney seem to agree at least with the big picture. jerusalem is israel's capital. a final agreement should include a two-state solution with rael alongside palestine and iran must be stopped from building a nuclear become. there are differences with specific details on how to achieve those goals. romney charges that president obama hasn't been a strong enough ally to israel opposing iran. >> israel doesn't need public lectures of how to weigh decisions of war and peace. it needs our support. as president of the united states my first trip, my first foreign trip will be to israel to show the world we care about that country. >> reporter: he underscored that in the july visit to jerusalem. well, the palestinians are going to say -- >> reporter: in a tape of a
12:46 pm
closed fund-raiser back in may, romney said israel didn't have a strong palestinian part. >> not wanting to see peace anyway, committed to the destruction and lem nation of israel and these thorny issues and there's no way. >> reporter: romney declared the support of a two-state solution in an interview i did with him in the recent trip to israel. >> the decision is to where the borders would be, as we move to a two-state solution, which i support, that's a decision on borders that will be worked out by the israelis and the palestinians. >> reporter: romney says obama rebuffed israel's security concerns. however, the israeli defense minister bah r arouk said the relationship with the united states is solid. >> they should tell you that this administration under president obama is doing in regard to our security more than anything that i can remember in the past. >> reporter: wolf blitzer, cnn,
12:47 pm
washington. coming up next, an interview that not only deeply affected me but a lot of you. i spoke with a father of a 21-year-old marine killed in an attack in afghanistan who over the phone with his dad basically predicted his own death. he talked to me whapds to the afghan shooter that killed his son and an update and questions we have about that, next. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one
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all right. here she is. landing gear officially down. space shuttle "endeavour" space shuttle "endeavour" on top of one of these 747s piggy backing as we watch it land at edwards air force base. >> so the fun part as i'm sitting here reading the "los angeles times," if you are in the san francisco area, the shuttle will do a fly-by up there. they have not officially released specific places where you should be at certain times tomorrow. i presume they will. "los angeles times" is reporting golden gate bridge, explore tor
12:51 pm
yum. all areas where you should potentially look up tomorrow as it makes that final voyage back home to los angeles. but here she is. let's just watch this together. touchdown. maybe i'm the only one here, i just -- i find this fascinating. it gives me goose bumps. it's bittersweet as that pilot was just telling us, chad, that former nasa pilot. what do you think when you watch this? >> well, this "endeavour" didn't have very good luck landing at kennedy all the time. so this is a pretty normal place for it. out of the 25 flights that this thing had into space, it had to come down seven times at edwards because the weather wasn't good enough to get it to florida.
12:52 pm
so pretty good local place there. it knows it's way around here. >> final note,, "endeavour" is named after the first ship commanded by 18th century british explorer james cook. back after this. [ woman ] it's 32 minutes to go time,
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i interview a lot of people on this show. and every so often one of those interviews resonates not just with me, but with you. that was the case yesterday. i invited this man to come on, a father who lost his 21-year-old son, a marine in afghanistan. only he didn't die in battle, he died on base in what's known as a green-on-blue insider attack killed by an afghan supposed to be an ally. it was this marine's story told through this grieving father that brought many of you including myself to tears. and in case you missed it, we wanted to replay a portion and let you know i'm not letting this go. >> and it's just heart wrenching because as a dad you want
12:56 pm
justice. now, i have no justice here. the afghan police officer that murdered my son i found out last week was released. he's nowhere to be found. so how can i sit here and just let this happen over and over and over again for these young men that are going over there thinking they're doing the right thing and just being executed? my son was executed. he was in a gymnasium lifting weights. he said he was 15, he wasn't, he was 25 or in his mid-20s. walked over to the gym, my son, 165-pound boy, a marine who just turned 21, and put an ak-47 right to his chest five feet away and pulled the trigger and then shot him again while his other officers watched. they called me and told me exactly what happened. i still haven't had a report yet from the marine corps probably because i know the truth. >> and i just have to say this.
12:57 pm
cnn has reached out to people internationally to try to corroborate the story and we have yet to get specific corroboration. but i trust this is exactly what your son told you. so here you are, you know, your son is inspired because of what happened on 9/11. he wants to be a hero, he wants to fight for his country. and here he is taken out by a supposed should have been a friend, should have been someone he was training. we've heard here, greg, there are more than 50 nato troops killed this year by local forces. so they've prompted now these suspensions. i'm sure you've heard about this. the suspensions of training these new recruits. if your son were alive today, what would his reaction be to that news? appropriate? too little too late? >> too late. way too late now. it's enough. you know, the ambassador's passed away, my heart goes out
12:58 pm
to their families, but now there's justice to be served because they were executed, they were blown up, they were murdered. now there's justice they say. but how about all these young, young men that are out there serving a country, they're being murdered and nothing's being done about it. >> what does justice look like for you in this case? you are never going to get your son back. i can't even begin to imagine getting out of bed every morning. you have sons, i'm sure they're all coping with this. what does justice look like? >> justice to me is let the other young men and women come out. leave them alone. it goes like this, if you want to come over to my house and i don't want you there, you won't come. they don't want us there, why be there? our government tells us that they want us there. they don't. there's so much more involved that i know -- i don't even want to get into it right now with you, but it will all come out soon enough. but at the end of the day my
12:59 pm
justice is so another parent won't feel the heart ache i feel. i'm done inside. they tore my whole heart out. i have a hard time going to bed. i think about him every day, every minute. his brothers kill me when i look at them. his mom is hurt so bad. but they didn't just take my son, they destroyed my family. and i don't want other families to feel the pain that i'm feeling. i don't want to see another family out there see their son being brought back on a plane and being rolled off a plane in a box with an american flag around it. but you know what? it was our government that dropped the ball. and they won't admit it. this boy should have been protected inside a military base. we're training people, and my son said we're training people that are going to turn weapons on us and kill us. >> that interview got me wondering, what about the bigger picture? what happens to these green shooters? are they thrown into some sort of detention facility in


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