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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 21, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. you really should take a look because this is down right scary xshgs it happened at a soccer match between clubs from iran and saudi arabia. a player casually to says the device away, and it sloedz. that sent players and officials running. there it is. tosses it away, and it explodes. thankfully, month one was
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injured. >> this hour, a cancer breakthrough, and a cnn exclusive. scientists tell us many just five years they'll be able to radicalically reduce the death rate. also, a day of prayer and protest in the muslim world turns violent in parts of pakistan. plus, a political showdown over older voters at today's aarp meeting down in new orleans. let's get right to it. you know, we have been following a hostage standoff in pittsburgh since this morning here on cnn and about 8:15 this morning a gunman into the 16th floor of gateway center number 3 in downtown pittsburgh and he took his original target hostage. gunman is a former member of a military with a criminal record, we are told, and according to police, he may also be armed with a bomb and may be holding a second person hostage. the gunman's mother now on the scene. she's talking to police.
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the roads have been blocked, and the public transportation shut down in the area. obviously we'll follow-up on that one. we're checking on it for you. details as they come in here on cnn. now on to a new groundbreaking announcement from the largest cancer center in the world. researchers are finally in a position to radically reduce the death rate from several common cancerin just a few years from now. our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta got an exclusive interview with research neers in their texas l. >> we're in a position to make dramatic impact on cancer mortality in this decade. >> you're saying if we do everything right, if five years from now there will be far fewer people dying from cancer, right? >> correct. i think that with existing knowledge and the application of what we now know, we could be beginning to see dramatic declines in mortality that would accelerate in years five through ten and beyond set the stage for ultimate control of the disease.
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>> san yea jaye is here now. this is i don't feel a major statement from indy anderson. they appear to be very confident. what specific cancers are they talking about? >> i'm preface by saying the feeling of being down there, don, was sort of the moon shot sort of program. they call it the moon shot program. they want that same sort of energy and enthusiasm surrounding when president kennedy announced the plan to get a man on the moon. that's how they're sort of treating this. there are some specific cancer that is they're focussing in on, and there are ones where they can make a significant impact quickly, as you mention, don. not years in the future. look at the list there. melanoma, lung cancer is the income one cancer killer. prostate cancer. breast cancer. triple negative. that's one of the hardest to treat cancers, don, so you can look at the list. it's pretty significant. the types of cancer and the type of impact, reducing mortality by 50% in some cases. >> the intent, obviously, alleges is for a cure, but what makes them think now that they're closer than before? >> you know, we tend to think of
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these things in the scientific world as a water shed thing. we're cruising along and all of a sudden you just hear of a cure. that's hardly how it ever happens. there is all kinds of knowledge that's built up. m.d. anderson, they have over 1,000 clinical trials going on, and they're specifically looking at how this knowledge can be combined. for example, i'll tell you, don, let's say if you had been diagnosed with some sort of cancer and someone who is just like your age, also a male, also diagnosed, you're still -- there are still going to be two different cancers. the genetic makeup of that cancer and how it's going to be screened and treat will be different between you two. the personalization, if you will, of treatments is a big part of this and, again, they think that's existing scientific knowledge. if you are at home, if you have cancer or -- point it out to us again. which one is immediate impact? >> one thing they're making
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segment progress right now is probably melanoma at the top of the list. you know, there are patients who have what is known as stage four melanoma where it's spread outside the body. this man that you're looking at there, the baseball coach from the midwest. stage four melanoma spread throughout his body. what you are looking at, don, is something that's being done for one of the first times in the world. they're taking cells from his imuj system and teaching those cells how to fight the cancer. hardest thing the capability of your body's own natural fighting abilities and making it work for you. in this case fighting cancer. that idea itself is not novel. they believe as we've been talking about that they can potentially cure stage four melanoma with treatments like this. >> we can only hope that it's going to lead to bigger and better and it's going to be successful. >> yeah. >> we'll keep talking about it. don't miss the report "chasing the cure." sunday at 7:30 a.m. right here on cnn. make sure you tune in for that. thank you, again, dr. gupta.
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the pakistani government declared friday a day of love for the prophet mohammed, but there was anything but love on the streets. anger boiled over. this is a scene in pashawa. protesters set fire to two movie theaters, and check out what happened in islamabad. >> we had to make a run for it because police fired off several canisters of tear gas. we had difficulty seeing and breathing, so we came back here to where there is a rally taking place. here's what we observed. a lot of the protesters who are throwing objects, sticks, stone, they're young men, teenagers in their 20s. you see them with this mischievous smile. >> let's go to islamabad now. reza sayah joins us live. glad you're okay. so let's get to the bottom of this. some of the protesters we saw, they had those mischievous
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smiles. these protests, are they really all about one anti-islamic movie? >> they're want. many say they're angry about u.s. foreign policy m region. the occupation of afghanistan, the drone strikes. iran pakistan that killed militants and many innocent civilians. also you say you have the young teenage troublemakers, the ones with the mischievous smiles. we get the impression that they weren't there because they were offended ballparks of the movie. they look like they were enjoying themselves, and it's a small group of people that fuel the violence and the protests. 15 people killed. demonstrations throughout the country. just an ugly, ugly day all around here in pakistan. >> let's talk about what the u.s. government is doing to separate itself from this
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anti-islamic movie. it didn't sit back. it tried to reach out to the pakistani people. it got a lot of air time on radio stations to broadcast a public service announcement paid for by the u.s. government featuring u.s. president barack obama and u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. both condemning the movie and violence. it was an obvious attempt to calm things down. based on the pictures that we saw today it didn't. these folks were determined to come out. it's critical to point out despite the dramatic pictures, the people who sparked the violence still in the minority. they're the ones making the headlines. >> we wish safety to reza, and everyone in that region. here's what else we're working on this hour. >> the president and paul ryan pitch themselves to the aarp.
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medicare has turned into a major issue in the campaign, and it's an issue on the minds of aarp members, meeting in new orleans. both president obama and republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan promoted their plans for medicare. you heard both of them just a moment ago. political editor paul steinhauser joined us there. what did the president and paul ryan each say about what they would do to preserve medicare. >> well, ryan was touting his plan, of course, at which he of the author of the house republican plan who calls for dramatic changes to medicare for those under 55.
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i think it's fair to say he took aim at president obama and tried to criticize the president's approach to medicare and tied it to the obama hick plan, which was signed into law two years ago. take a listen. the first step to a stronger medicare is to repeal obama care. it represents the worst of both worltdz. hi a feeling it would be -- it weakens today's seniors and puts it at risk for the next generation. first it funnels $716 billion out of medicare to pay for a new entitlement we didn't even ask for.
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second, it puts 15 unelected bureaucrats in charge of medicare's future. >> don, i guess you're right. he is getting pushback, and he sure did get it. there were some boos and cheers as well. some boos when he started criticizing the president's health care law. as can you imagine, the president spoke there via satellite, and he didn't agree at all with paul ryan. he touted his health care plan, his health care law as one of the things that's saving medicare, and he also took a shot at mitt romney. take a listen. >> there has been a lot of talk about medicare and social security in this campaign, as there should be. these are bedrock commitments america makes to its seniors and i consider those commitments unshakeable, but given the conversations that have been out there in the political arena lately, i want to xwa emphasize medicare and social security are not handouts. you've paid into these programs
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your whole lives. you earned them. >> he is talking about mitt romney's comments and the fundraiser, those secret hidden camera tapes that came earlier this week and really rocked the campaign trail. that's what it sounds like to me he was talking about. >> in his speech, you heard paul ryan hey siths about the math. you heard him say it's about arithmetic. you're the numbers guy what do the polls show about which voters who they trust when it comes to medicare to handle the -- >> let's get to the numbers then wrern take a listen. cnn. you can see who would do a better job on medicare. president with an 11 point advantage there. according it our numbers. don, when you look at our poll and other polls as well, mitt romney still does better with senior voters, for those over 65 and even those entering the retirement age, but the president is starting to make up the ground there, and you know the politics. it is simple here. seniors and those entering the retirement age vote in big numbers, and, of course, there are a lot of seniors in florida, don, and there are a lot of electoral votes at stake in that battleground state. >> absolutely. paul steinhauser.
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much appreciated, sir. i mentioned former president bill clinton. he is weighing in on the comment by mitt romney about the 47% of americans that don't pay taxes. that's according do mr. romney. romney's remark at a private fundraiser was secretly recorded and posted on the liberal magazine's website mother jones. in an interview with fareed zakaria mr. clinton says rom my still has some explaining to do. >> do you think this is a game changer for romney? >> i think it puts a heavier burden on debates, to talk about what he meant. i do think a lot of the tea party people believe that. i think it's government versus the private sector. i think that's overstated. we should always be trying to promote empowerment over dependency, but the american
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people can easily be misled is maybe too strong a word, but confused now because whenever you have a recession this deep, spending goes up on things like unemployment and food stamps and medicaid for health care and revenues drop because people aren't making as much money. >> former president bill clinton. you can see the entire interview with the former president fareed zach ora gps sunday 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. eastern as well. okay. back to those great pictures we told you about. this time over san francisco. as i said, can't get enough. endeavour making a three-day journey across the country, and will end up in a museum in san francisco. you can see it right in the middle of your screen. it's a little hazy there. there it is. it's on fop of that jumbo jet, and, of course, there it is just disappeared behind the mountain. there it is over san francisco. soon to go to the l.a.x. where it will hand, and then it will
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make its way to a los angeles museum, but there's the other shot. and clear. how cool is that? i could watch that all day. as i said earlier, we call this dream-o-vision because this represented our future, you know, the space program. now it's the end of an era. we're finding other ways to get into space. the shuttle program no longer in existence, and now many of these shuttles are going around the country to museums, those that are still around. you know, we lost a couple in flight. this is all good news. this is interesting. kids, grown-ups, everyone, will be able to go to the museum and take part in history really looking at this and what was once our future, amazingly, now our past. how soon we move on and progress. let's see what is next. here's endeavour owner. congress has left the building and won't be back until after the election. a recess without taking care of key business, like looming fiscal cliff and the farm bill. well, you know nancy pelosi
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members of congress are getting out of town, and they're leaving the country in a financial cliffhanger, to be honest. lawmakers head home with no deal in place to prevent drastic automatic spending cuts from taking effect. our senior congressional correspondent dana bash is on capitol hill now. dana, can you explain this fiscal cliff and that the country is facing and why did they go home without doing anything about it? i think the best way to do is it to show some tourists because members of the house in particular, they left. i think we have some pictures to
10:23 am
show you. they kind of are classic exodus pictures of house members streaming out of the steps behind me after their last vote, which is about an hour ago. but they didn't leave, don, before having some real parting shows when it comes to the blame game for leaving without doing a lot of work. take a listen. >> farmers across the country are facing the worst drought in decades, and republicans refused to act. this was simply irresponsible, and republicans ought to come back and finish their work. not cut and run and walk away from the american people. >> they haven't passed the budget in more than leyears. they have to plans to save medicare. no plans to stop all the tax sites. month plans to replace the
10:24 am
sequestered. they've actually threatened to do nothing and drive us off a fiscal cliff which the congressional budget office has said will lead to a very deep recession. this isn't leadership. it's negligence. >> the list of major pieces of legislation that are unfinished is very, very long, don. i'll just give you a couple -- or a few of them. the farm bill, which, of course, is very important. not just the country's farmers, but also because it pays for food stamps for the people who need it most. >> that is something that happens at the end of the year. it's where the bush era tax cuts expire. it's when mandatory spending cuts, about $100 billion, will go unless congress acts, and everybody agreed they're not going to do anything until they
10:25 am
see who has the best political leverage after the election. that's where things stand. >> congress's approval rating, it's no secret to any one of us. it's low. when i led in, i said they're going home to campaign for re-election. obviously aware that people are not going to be happy that they left so much undone and it appears that there's nothing going on in washington. they're going to have to go home and face that even in the face of being re-elected. >> that's exactly right. that is why i wanted to play those clips of what the democratic -- what the democratic leader said and what the house speaker said. these are just little examples of what we have heard over and over for the past 48 hours really. everybody trying to get in and blame one another. it's -- they're completely talking past each other, and it really the one piece of business
10:26 am
that congress does plan to get done before they leave is making sure that the government is funded, that the government doesn't shut down. it has been held up in knots over behind me in the senate because of an issue about funding for egypt to pakistan and others, but we believe that that will probably get worked out maybe by the end of the day, if not before the weekend. >> let's hope that happens, dana. i mean -- >> that will happen. >> let's hope it happens. dana barb and a couple of tourists and some tumbleweed in washington because lawmakers are going on a break. thank you, dana. we appreciate it. she's lonely there. nearly half of all u.s. troops who were serving in afghanistan at the height of the war now home. we have a live report from the pentagon on the significance of the end of the afghan surge. don't forget, you can watch cnn live on your computer while you're at work, at the so why exactly should that be of any interest to you?
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>> last of u.s. surge troops have left afghanistan. 33,000 additional troops were ordered to the country. nearly three years ago to help stabilize it bye-bye more time of training for after garsz for and to stop a taliban uprising. with the surge troops, there are still some 68,000 u.s. troops remaining in afghanistan. let's go back now to our barbara star, doing double duty today. very busy. oh how effective was the surge? here at the pentagon commanders will tell you that it worked. that it was a success, that those troops bought enough time and space, if you will, to push the taliban back and allowed the development of more afghan forces to be able to take over, especially in southern afghanistan which back in 2009 was really at risk certain parts of being overrun by the taliban ash a real taliban stronghold. what are the numbers here? what are the stats?
10:31 am
back in 2009 there were 153,000 afghan forces. now 340,000. on the surface, yeah, it worked. in many areas violence is down. don, we were just talking about this. you know, a few days ago. the top nato commander, general john allen, a u.s. marine, ordered a halt to some of the partner joint operations, joint combat patrols between u.s. and afghan forces because of the violence, because of the insider attacks afghans turning their weapons on u.s. and nato troops. so that fundamental partnering that is supposed to be the route to success, eventually the route home for all u.s. troops is in a bit of trouble right now. >> absolutely. let's talk about the karzai regime, shall we? want to ask you, how important was this symbolically? was it important to show some commitment to the karzai regime to the country? >> well, absolutely right. you know, this all was to give
10:32 am
them the time. the karzai regime, the afghan government, the afghan military emerging and fragile as all of it is and very much acknowledged to have a lot of corruption within it. this was supposed to be enough time to give them to get their act together, to -- for the afghan government to really present itself as a legitimate government. so what do you get after all this time? well, about 70% of afghans are now living in areas, we're told, where basically this transition to afghan
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zarchlgts imagine this. your put your car in park and leave it and then it starts to roll. that is an issue facing owners of more than 400,000 general motors vehicles. today g.m. recalled the chevy malibu, saturn aura, and the pontiac g6 for model years 2007 to 2010. again, the chevy malibu, the saturn aura, and the pontiac g6 model years 2007 through 2010. according to the company, the transmissi pblem has led to four crashes, but no injuries. get the car checked out. lawyers for the suspect in the colorado theater shooting will get to examine a controversial piece of evidence now. it's a notebook that defendant james holmes allegedly mailed before the july attack. notebook will only become available to prosecutors, though, if holmes' attorneys bring up his mental health at the trial. that's when it will be made available, and to preserve the
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evidence in that case, the case that happens, anyone who touches the notebook will have to wear gloves and also a mask. the corruption trial of detroit's former mayor underway now. the case against kwame kilpatrick has been ten years in the making. prosecutors say he conspired with his best friend and his dad to turn city hall into a den of bribes and kickbacks. they say pil patrick used this to fund his luxurious lifestyle. if convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison. the anti-muslim video that's touched off protests across the middle east, well, it can stay on the web. at least it can for now because a california judge has denied an initial request to have the movie trailer taken off the internet. cindy lee garcia, there you see her there, she's an actress in the film, asks the court to order its removal. she says she was duped into her role and has gotten death threats because of it. now back to this. you can thank me for these
10:38 am
pictures. i want to see them again. there's endeavour taking the piggyback ride, and the reason i wanted you to see this. this was just moments ago during our break. endeavour taking that biggy pac ride, and it went right past, there you see it. the golden gate bridge. how cool is that? of course, it's going to los angeles, but look at that picture. amazing. someone in the studio said it would be great approximate they could do tall the time, and you could get rides on endeavour missed. i know. the news are saying you've got to wrap, but i loov these pictures, and i'm sure you do too. the end of an era. golden gate bridge. how beautiful? okay. moving on. who did a better job at wooing latino voters at a forum in miami this week? president obama, or mitt romney? a dem and republican face off on that topic. that is next, and waiting for better interest rates from the bank on your savings? well, it may be a very long wait ahead. but there are other options.
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allison costa has more. >> reporter: hi there. here on "health desk" we're talking about your savings, and with me this hour liz and greg. liz, listen to this. >> i was wondering when think bank interest rates are going to go back up so i'm not just getting 23 cents every month. >> that's a pretty common complaint, isn't it? >> it is. and, unfortunately for her, our chairman of our federal reserve ben bernanke just assured us these rates are going to stay this low into 2015. certainly shop around your banks, but if you have some extra money in that savings account, maybe put some of it into a short-term municipal bond fund. it needs to be money you're not going to touch, but it's making a lot more than 23 cents on the dollar right now. >> anything to add? >> shop around. we have a free search engine to find the highest yielding savings account. maybe that 23 cents might be easily quadrupled without taking on any additional risk. >> is a great
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president obama tells a latino audience that not passing immigration reform is his biggest failure. biggest failure of his presidency. mitt romney fighting for the latino vote. both took part in the meet the candidate forums on spanish network univision. polls give president obama the big lead over romney among latino voters, so joining us now to talk about it, you know there are going to be fireworks when these two are here, democratic strategist donna brazil, republican strategist anna navarro.
10:44 am
both to your corners now. >> como estes. >> muy buen. >> okay. wait. i think we need to do this entire segment in spanish. >> well, you guys would be talking to yourself because i don't know enough to do it. anna, listen, the latest polls clearly show romney has some work to do to win over latinos. how did he do in this forum? did he make any headway, anna? >> you know, he did something which he hasn't done since january this week, which is sit down with major hispanic networks. he sat down with telemundo and univision, so he has made headway in the fact that he is getting out there. i see a lot more activity on the hispanic front from the romney campaign than i have seen for months, and i will tell you, don, i think very critical of them for this lack of hispanic activity. i'm now for the first time beginning to see ads on the air. he is actually sitting down with hispanic reporters. there's a lot of events going on. hispanic rallies. he was in l.a., miami, and
10:45 am
nevada. all this week. the hope is that it's not too little too late. he needs to chippewa at those numbers. >> let's let donna in here. what do you think of his performance? >> very little. i think it is too little too late. i think this effort now in the homestretch to reach out while everyone would like to see mitt romney reach out to minorities from all different mrigt persuasion. his record on immigration on health care, it is not what hispanics are looking for. they want somebody who will pledge support immigration reform, not someone who stands behind chris kovat and show me your papers in arizona. they want somebody who will provide health care for all americans, give all americans education. i think we can applaud him for showing up, and he came there
10:46 am
with nada, nothing. >> someone just e-mailed me and said, huh, donna spoke in spanish. ana defendant's exhibit. that's funny, don. >> you know, if i could, i would attempt cajun, which is where donna and you are from, but i know i would be slaughtered, so i'm not even going to go there. >> a y'all and we're good. i want to move on now and talk about ann romney. she's basically telling republican critics to back off. listen to what she said to -- in an interview with radio iowa. >> what do you say to your fellow republicans who are -- >> stop it. this is hard. you want to try it? get in the ring. this is hard, and, you know, it's an important thing that we're doing right now, and it's an important election, and it is time for all americans to realize how significant this election is. >> yeah. less than a minute here. first to you, ana. is this a sign that it's -- that the party is starting to get to
10:47 am
romney, or does she want republicans to just fall in line behind her husband? is this getting to her? this is hard. >> well, you know, it is hard. cindy mccain, john mccain's wife sshgs a very good friend of mine. i can tell you it is hard. it's hard for a spouse. it's hard for anybody to see their spouse, somebody they love, be criticized, be reviewed. in this indicates i will tell you most of the republicans issuing these critiques, folks like peggy noonan and folks like -- these are folks that want mitt romney to win, but are frustrated at seeing a campaign that doesn't seem to be going all that well. i would refer to this as constructive criticism, and say, well, you know, i think there is some retooling that needs to be done in this campaign because the one thing most republicans, all republicans agree on, is that mitt romney is a better choice than barack obama, and we would like to see him get elected, so when we're criticizing him, it's not because we don't want him to win. it's because we want him to win. >> donna, you she took up most
10:48 am
of your time, but real quickly, if you can. >> i agree with everything except the last two sentences. mitt romney is not a good alternative. he is not a good acceptable choice. again, 47%, he lost it on that one. >> i'm getting some breaking news in here, and let's stick around. if you guys can wait, we'll have donna and ana weigh in. christine romans, i want to say we're doing this because it's mitt romney's tax rurz. christine romans. i don't want to get ahead of myself. this is new information just getting it, romney's tax returns from the 2011 year 2011 released today, and there is a link to it. you can check them out. tell us what you have been able to find out about this. >> okay. so here's what we know. at 3:00 the romney campaign is going to release his 2011 income tax return and brad malt, the trustee for that blind trust for the romneys is telling us that, indeed, they're going to release the entire return for the year 2011, and that will be on-line
10:49 am
for everyone to see. in the meantime, they've given us some numbers. of course, we will be digging into all those when they come out, but this is what they tell us. the campaign says the romneys paid $1.9 million in taxes last year on $13.6 million in mostly investment income. that works out to an effective tax rate for the romneys of 14.1%. the campaign also says the romneys last year donated $4 million to charity, about 30% of their income. what is interesting here as well is that along with this file, there's going to be a price waterhouse coupers audit, basically, of 20 years of tax returns for the romneys, and, remember, there's been all these calls, don, for more information. they want to see tax returns going back to the beginning of time when mitt romney was working at bane capital. we're not going to be able to see all of those, but we will see this letter that is notarized by price waterhouse cooper saying in each year during those 20 years the romneys owed taxes and paid
10:50 am
taxes. that their average annual effective tax rate was 20.2%. the lowest tax rate of any of those years was 13%. >> so they're not getting any income or -- it's not full tax returns. it's just the rate that they paid for anything beyond 2011. i think donna still there? >> yes, i am. >> i think they wanted, what, ten years is what the administration, what democrats have been asking for. so, donna, does this quail or squash the criticism somewhat for mitt romney not releasing his tax returns as christine said there, she's still in new york listening, 2011, $1.9 million in taxes, 14.1% tax rate that they paid, $4 million to charity, that's 3% of their income. >> 30. >> does this stop some of the criticism at least? >> i don't believe it will. look, i do applaud him for putting it out finally. but, remember, there is an old established precedent that we know from both political
10:51 am
parties, bipartisan, which is why you've heard bipartisan, a bipartisan number of people said put out your tax return, i'm glad he's putting out the full returns because as you know, the 2010 was a posture return. this is about the policies he would -- will advocate as a presidential candidate, president of the united states, and i think this is a good step in the right direction, but i haven't seen the returns and so i don't know exactly what's in them. >> christine, the average tax rate for the -- about 30% or so, or somewhere in the upper 20s, 30s for -- >> for -- say that again? >> the average tax rate for americans is much higher than 14.1%. >> well, it is on paper. the marginal tax rates are higher. remember, don, you look at the irs tables and this is kind of a misnomer, you look at the irs tables for middle class effective tax rates, people in the middle class are paying what mitt romney pays and in some cases even less because of deductions for your mortgage,
10:52 am
for your children, for education tax credits and the like. so, you know, mitt romney pointing out that over the 20 years paying something like an average effective tax rate of 20%, that's something that people who have been ready to be very critical of mitt romney, thinking maybe there will be years in there where he didn't pay any pricewaterhousecoopers saying he did pay taxes every year and the average effective tax rate was 20%. what we do know is in the year 2011, this man makes an awful lot of money from investments, investment income is still something that -- $13 million, almost $14 million on mostly investment income in the year 2011. >> okay. hesitate to call it breaking news, but just in to cnn, mitt romney set to release his tax returns from the year 2011 at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. we're talking about it with christine romans and donna brazile and anna navarro. anna, answer after the break what does this do for mitt romney?
10:53 am
does this make him seem more or less relatable to the american people? what does this do for that 47% comment? does it put him obviously solidly within the 1%, probably the .01%? we're going to talk to you, a republican strategist about that after the break. oh no, not a migraine now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula.
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10:56 am
welcome back, everyone. the news just in to cnn, mitt romney releasing his tax returns for the year 2011. joining me now, donna brazile, anna navarro and also christine romans to talk about it. before, anna, before i get you to respond, quickly here, christine, tell us again what he paid and what he earned and what was a rate for 2011. >> so 2011, they're going to file those today and you'll see them online at 3:00 p.m. the campaign, trustee for governor romney, giving us these details ahead of time. paid $1.9 million in taxes, $13.6 million in earnings for the year 2011. and most of those earnings, we're told, are investment
10:57 am
income. investment income for the romneys, $13.9 million. the tax rate, the effective tax rate according to the campaign, 14.1%. the campaign says the romneys donated more than $4 million to charity in 2011. they say that was some 30% of their income. what is also interesting in here, don, is that they have a letter from an accountant, you know, an accounting firm, pwc, that had looked over 20 years of their returns, those 20 years of their returns finding from, i think, 1990 to 2009, a lot of criticism he did not release more, for all the years he was at bain capital, pricewaterhousecoopers, this letter states over the entire 20-year period, the average annual effective federal tax rate, don, was 20.2%. >> i want to anna to get in. we heard what donna said before. she said it is not going to do much, anna, she believes, to quail the criticism and for people who perceive mitt romney as not relatable to the american people because he makes so much
10:58 am
money. what do you think of that, the release of these returns and what donna said about that? >> i agree that it is not going to do much because of when it is coming. i think it takes the issue off the table, but the issue had not been getting as much attention as it did earlier on. i wish this had happened earlier. i think the solution of releasing a letter that says he has paid taxes and what his rate is for every year -- >> as a republican strategist then, why now? why would he do it if you believe it is something off the table? why even bring it back up? >> because he had committed to releasing two years of tax returns during his election and he only released one. so i think he's fulfilling his promise of releasing the second release. and, you know, the tax extension period ends october 15th. so he had to do it and the earlier he does it, the better because then the issue goes away. for now, the minds are set. i think we are not learning anything new, don.
10:59 am
what you're just reported, what christina talks about, what we know, he's very wealthy, we knew that. he's very charitable. we already knew that. and he's very smart about the way he files his taxes and using the legal system and every legal mechanism available to him to -- when he file his taxes so that he pays a low rate. i think we all knew that. we're not learning anything new. >> donna, go ahead, donna. >> it is still puzzling why it took so long. and as you know, from some of the releases that he has given us, we learned about, you know, swiss bank account and other money hidden off shore, perfectly legal, i'm sure. i'm not a tax accountant and every time i hear the tax man coming, i try to run myself, unfortunately i'm not as lucky as mitt romney. i'm not hating on him. my rate is a little higher than that. i think what the american people will learn from this release is one, he did keep a commitment, as anna mentioned to release two
11:00 am
years of tax returns, but i still believe there will somebody questions that will still surround his campaign, given the 47% comment he made just recently. >> donna, we're out of time. donna, anna, christine, i'm sure we'll be seeing all three of you. this is just the beginning. thank you. the "cnn newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. take it away, brooke. >> good to see all of you here on this friday. i'm brooke baldwin. i want to begin with where don leftoff, we're now learning from the mitt romney camp that at 3:00 online, 3:00 eastern time, we will be getting a release, mitt romney will be releasing his 2011 tax returns. so i want to talk about the significance of this, as far as the numbers, as far as why now. and all the other questions perhaps you have as well. for that, let's go to christine romans, she has been handed some nuggets, if you will, from what will rebe lea will be released at 3:00. what are we learning?
11:01 am
>> they made $13.9 million is what they have told the irs they earned last year and they paid about $1.9 million in taxes on that. that's an effective tax rate of 14.1%. that's according to the campaign. i have not seen the tax release myself, it is going to be filed, we'll be able to see it at 3:00. the campaign is giving us some of the headlines ahead of that. the romneys donated, brooke, $4 million last year, amounting to nearly 30% of their income,teren here, the romneys are very, very rich, he came up through bain capital all those years, calls to show exactly how much money he paid and how much he paid in taxes over those past 20 years. pricewaterhousecoopers, we're told from the campaign, has written a letter, has seen all of those 20 years, and has set that over the entire 20-year period, the average annual effective tax rate for the romneys was 20%. they're not releasing those 20 years of documents, only
11:02 am
releasing a letter from an accountant who has seen them and is verifying that's what the rate was of the lowest annual effective federal tax rate they say for tat period was 13.66%. there had been some rumors and grumbling among congressives who said there were years the romneys didn't pay taxes. this accounting firm says, no, they paid and owed taxes every year of those 20 years. another little side note -- >> let me jump in, christine. let me jump in, i know you have a lot to tackle, i want to underscore and it tal size the point you just made because a lot of americans, we see the polls, many americans would like to see those numbers from the romneys, from prior to 2010, so to your point, not only will we see some numbers from 2011, but as part of this pricewaterhousecoopers letter, there is some tidbits from the 20 years before 2010, but that's it. correct? >> right. i do not admit -- i do not think there will be 20 years of tax returns at 3:00 on this document
11:03 am
dump. it will be the 2011 and a letter from pricewaterhousecoopers who has seen the 20 years of returns. 14.1% was the effective tax rate, last year, 2011. pricewaterhousecoopers saying the averageax rate was 20%. also, the campaign is saying they will be filing a couple of other little pieces of paper, brooke, at 3:00, it will be physician letters for both governor romney and congressman ryan making public the current state of their health in case you were wondering. >> okay, so we get 2011 tax returns and current state of both mitt romney and paul ryan, so we will watch for that, certainly. wasn't to let all our viewers know, we have folks here within cnn who will be looking for the news, the tax returns, i believe, looking down here at some of the information we have that a 2011 tax return will appear as four separate documents. for our viewers, anyone can go online and check it out. where can they find it? >> you can find those at
11:04 am and we will be pouring over the 2011 documents from mitt romney. just having looked at the 2010 documents, it is going to be complicated. probably four different ones filed. they have a foundation or -- they have a foundation with a blind trust, a family trust, so it will be one, two, three -- i think probably four different tax returns that will land right at 3:00. >> okay. christine romans, we thank you, you some reading to do at the top of the hour. i'm sure we'll check back in with you then. and we'll check in with jim acosta, who has been extensively covering mitt romney and his election campaign. obvious question is, why now? so we'll ask that and we'll try to get some of the back story here from jim acosta once these officially released online just about 55 minutes from now. and with that, we have a lot more for you here on this friday, including this.
11:05 am
i've got a story today that will make your blood boil. it is about this teenager who says his parents kept him locked up in a room, for a 1,460 days. he's sick, he's slim. thanks to an astute police officer, he's okay. we can do better. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. in cities across pakistan, scenes like these playing out, embassies closed, and open anger after friday prayers. we'll take you there. and next, we have seen this before, long lines for the iphone. but many of these fans won't be happy with at least one new feature. plus, if you live in los angeles, keep your tv on but take a peek outside. space shuttle "endeavor" is headed to its final home. we'll take you there live. are you okay, babe?
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>> the book of the day was hero dad and then, like magic, in walks specialist daniel riendeau to surprise his little daughter after returning from afghanistan after nearly a year. >> it is a great feeling knowing i get to see her. it is easy to do everything that i do, it is a job. but being away from her makes it really hard. >> dad and daughter got to talk on skype while he was away. he says nothing beats, of course, getting to hold her. now this, so many of you talking about it, the latest igadget has all kinds of people lining up outside apple stores worldwide today, just to get their hot little hands on the iphone 5. the very first iphone 5 is sold in apple store in sydney, australia. get this, a guy there says he stood in line for 70 hours to get a phone, okay? in japan, hundreds sat in the rain, one japanese store says it
11:10 am
already has run out of iphone 5s. and in new york, some companies reportedly sponsored people to camp outside the apple stores to wear branded company t-shirts, think about it, think about all the cameras out there, right? this is free advertising for them. other new yorkers figured out the mobs and immediate cameras would be focused on iphone lines, so they used the opportunity to market themselves like these singers. ♪ take the iphone off the shelf ♪ ♪ i would rather have it all by myself ♪ ♪ the other phones got the new hd ♪ ♪ now everybody sing with me ♪ ♪ i want that iphone 5 today ♪ ♪ i want that iphone 5 today ♪ ♪ i want that iphone 5 today ♪ ♪ i want that iphone 5 today ♪ >> wow. economy is tough. maybe people are just getting creative. maybe they just got discovered. who knows.
11:11 am
apple took 2 million preorders for the iphone 5, the first day they were available last week. some analysts say apple may sell more than 12,000 iphone 5s by monday. some users are saying they get lost trying to use apple's mobile maps. remember apple dumped google maps software, replaced it with its own mapping feature. apple reportedly says be patient, it is working on it, they say. let's bring in our map wizard, chad myers, with a little show and tell on what is not working so well. >> google took some time, had some growing pains too. they had places in the and wrong things or old buildings. that's what apple is experiencing now. they're experiencing restaurants that have been closed for 12 years still showing up on the maps. nobody knows how that happens, but it is happening. but if you take a look and just step back and take a look at this graphic, you'll see how cool it is. think about our technology about, i don't know, ten years ago. nothing like this.
11:12 am
i can zoom all the way in, downtown manhattan, all the way through, through the financial district, get you to the new tower there, the world trade center and to the old historic district and all that stuff. it is very, very neat. but there are some things that could get you into a little bit of hot water. >> is this the kind of picture i can see if i had an iphone 5? >> yeah. and the ios 6 operating system, put that back on your 4 or your 4s or ipad as well, here is what it looks like, great little shot. here is what look tos like if you think you want to drive around hoover dam. here is hoover dam, i was just there three weeks ago. water is here. there is a brand-new bridge. the bridge doesn't plummet into the canyon and back up the other side, it goes across. that would be quite the ride down into the canyon and out the other side. if you want to take the brooklyn bridge to queens, all of a sudden there is a slight problem there, as the brooklyn bridge goes along the ground. that's kind of -- that's a mess. >> not actual reality. >> alphabet city, everything
11:13 am
like that, everything is kind of cool, but there are some problems, growing pain problems like we said before. this is what we're going to see across all of the platforms, we're finding things in england. if you find something cool, blog about it. that's what the thing is, everybody is blogging -- i can't believe kfc isn't there anymore. google worked on it for five years, apple is going to work on it and they'll get it right. >> chad myers, i guess some people having fun with it. i just don't want to get lost. that's half the reason why i bought this bad boy to begin with. tech geeks, let's bring in kimmie lenindale. one is old, one is new. tell me about them. >> yes. i think the first thing i noticed in picking this up is lighter, thinner, faster, the first time we're seeing 4g lte capabilities two times faster in terps of searching, downloading, uploading. we notice some differences, let's talk about the eight pin connecter. >> i can't stop talking about this. this is frustrating. >> typically in the past we had
11:14 am
a 30 pin, a lot smaller now, but i think i've spent the last few days talking to accessory manufacturers, very interesting on this front because accessories generate $20 billion plus annually. and we think it is frustrating we'll have to pick up a $30 adapter. a lot of accessories manufacturers were saying we're just like the consumers, we're waiting in the line as well to get the specific, exact specs so we can go and start producing molds to accommodate the new designs. but in terms of the actual phone, you'll see here, you can notice the obvious differences. it is thinner, lighter, faster and the best iphone to date. >> what is your favorite feature? >> the light -- 18% thin and 20% lighter and super obvious. as soon as i picked item, boom. >> okay. then beyond the folks who are making accessories, who else makes money off this? >> we have interesting people cashing in. is one of the leading sites for trade-ins. they bought 30 iphones per minute the day the iphone 5 was
11:15 am
released. they're breaking records. it is telltale as to what they expect. as you noted, nearly 10 million are expected to be sold just over the weekend. they shared with me they have presented more than 1.3 million offers since announcement day. 700% increase. i love task grab, you can post -- this is for people who don't have a lot of time. you can post jobs and people will bid on them. they're selling increments of time, four-hour time slots for 55 bucks, sold over 250 of those today. and counting across san francisco and new york. so people don't want to wait in line for the iphone 5, and they can get people to do it for them. everyone cashes in on this from accessories manufacturers, consumers waiting in line and unique companies. >> it is great for people who want to make a little extra cash. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> enjoy your new vophone. the tax returns are out. we have jim acosta stopping by.
11:16 am
we'll ask him why they're released today, why now. ♪ keys, keys, keys, keys, keys. ♪ well, he's not very handsome ♪ to look at [ sighs ] ♪ oh, he's shaggy ♪ and he eats like a hog
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want to pick back up with this breaking political story today, out of the romney
11:19 am
campaign. news just minutes ago here learning that the romneys filed their 2011 tax returns with the irs, so it is out there for the very first time it will be out there online for everyone to see in about 40 minutes from now. also being posted by the romneys, a summary, again, a summary of the tax rates they paid during the 20-year period between 1990 and 2009. to jim acosta, he's been covering mitt romney and his campaign so, so closely for quite a while. and, jim, i had the paperwork and the numbers in front of me as well. what really stands out as far as 2011, the 14.1%, run down more of the numbers for me and tell me why, why now? >> reporter: sure. well, as for why now, we asked the romney campaign on our charter that landed here in las vegas, and the spokesman, kevin madden said because they're ready. there may be other political reasons as to why they're being released now. let's go through the numbers.
11:20 am
you mentioned a few moments ago that the romneys in 2011 basically paid an effective tax rate of 14%. that's going to be according to the tax return for 2011, released at 4:00. they have given us some details from those numbers that they're going to be putting out at 3:00. the romneys in 2011, forgive me for looking at my smartphone here, paid $1.9 million in taxes on $14 million roughly in investment income. that means effective tax rate was 14%. the romneys according to this release are donated $4 million to charity, amounting to 20 -- or 30% of their income. as you just mentioned, brooke what is interesting about all this, if you scroll down, you're right, the romney campaign is putting out a 20-year summary put together by the people at pricewaterhousecoopers. >> what does that mean? >> reporter: they're not putting out all 20 years of tax returns. what they did is they went to
11:21 am
pricewaterhousecoopers and said, instead of putting out 20 years of tax returns, give us a summary and put your name -- your stamp of approval on this saying what exactly the romneys paid over these last 20 years. and it shows an effective tax rate according the campaign 206%. interesting to note, they underline part of this here, in each year during the entire 20-year period, the romneys owed both state and federal income taxes, that is crucial to note, brooke, because you remember last couple of weeks, harry reid, the senate majority leader from all places here in nevada was going out on the senate floor and making this claim that the romneys at some point according to a source that told him, he said, had paid no income taxes. and so this release from the romney campaign appears to go to that accusation. as to the timing of all of this, keep in mind the romney campaign was planning on ramping up its schedule over the next week with the bus tour across ohio on
11:22 am
wednesday. then the first presidential debate comes in the week following. obviously it makes sense to put the tax return information out now, instead of next week after a splashy bus tour or following week, which would be worse timing, around a very high profile presidential debate. brooke. >> as far as the previous 20 years from, you know what was it -- we mentioned 1990 to 2009, have they given a reason why they won't give out specifics? >> mitt romney said repeatedly if he puts out individual tax returns going back five, six, seven years that that's just going to be ammunition for the democratic party. so i would imagine if we were to ask him that question again or the campaign again they would return to that response. they're trying to sort of meet this in the middle here and address some of the accusations that were come from harry reid and from liberal activists saying what is mitt romney hiding? why is he not putting out more than two years of tax returns. at the end of the today, at the
11:23 am
end of the day after today it will basically be the same number of tax returns coming from this campaign. two years of tax returns for 2010 and 2011. that's what they have been saying all along. that's what they're providing in ter terms of a tax return. >> we'll talk once again when they're out at the top of the hour. now to this, just absolutely horrific case of child abuse and neglect just ahead. this is a case, i read about it this morning, it made me sad, but it made me angry. it is about this malnourished teenager, really a prisoner in his own home, for four years. how could this happen and who failed this young man? we can do better, next. you've been busy for a dead man. after you jumped ship in bangkok, i thought i'd lost you. surfing is my life now. but who's going to .... tell the world that priceline has even faster, easier ways to save you money. . . on hotels, flights & cars? you still have it.
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and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue, the candidate will be rehearsing off of his phone. [ candidate ] and thanks to every young face i see out there. [ woman ] his phone is one of his biggest supporters.
11:26 am
[ female announcer ] with cisco at the center... working together has never worked so well. ♪ [ male announcer ] its lightweight construction makes it nimble... ♪ its road gripping performance makes it a cadillac. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with advanced haldex all-wheel drive. [ engine revving ] it's bringing the future forward. if you watch the show enough, you know i care greatly about children and how we treat them. there is a case that involved a
11:27 am
teenager, found, disoriented, all alone, walking around this bus station in downtown los angeles. his name is mitch comber. he's from dallas, georgia, northwest of atlanta. mitch is just 18 years old, but he is 5'3", weighs about 97 pounds, and, according to someone who saw him, his skin was nearly translucent. what he told investigators about how he had been live and ended up alone in that bus station just absolutely -- it breaks my heart and it makes my blood boil. and i want to bring in a leader of the investigation here to help us share as much as we can about mitch's story. district attorney dick donovan on the store with me from dallas, georgia. mr. donovan, welcome. let's just back up and explain to me how this young man wound up in california. he's from georgia. >> the information we have is that on his 18th birthday, after he had been kept in his home here in dallas for several
11:28 am
years, in a room by himself, such that the neighbors didn't even kow there was a boy living in the home, on his 18th birthday, his adopted father put him in a van and drove him to mississippi where he put him on a grey hound bus, gave him $200 and a list of homeless shelters in los angeles, and turned around and came back to paulding county. >> so there he was, alone, i'm get back into his back story a little bit more with you as you mentioned, but to this bus station, there was -- i'll call him a very astute retired l.a. police officer, saw this young man, thought he was 12, 13, based upon how young, how emaciated he appeared. tell me more about his condition and also what he says his parents did to him. >> well, first of all, what i understand is that lapd has these retired officers and the bus stations have these retired officers looking for children
11:29 am
who look out of place, runaways, young people who might have come to los angeles trying to go to hollywood, and this particular off duty officer spotted mitch, and realized that he -- he looks 12, he's very small, and knew that he was out of place, and had approached him, and mitch was apparently able to give him his name and tell him he thought he was from paulding county. the off duty or retired police officer called active duty lapd personnel who then called a deputy here in paulding county, and after some further investigation warrants were obtained and search warrant was obtained leading to the arrest of the adopted father and the natural mother. >> so from what i understand, according to mitch's account, he was essentially kept locked up in either this basement in paulding county or blacked out room for four years. was he fed? >> that's my understanding of
11:30 am
his statement. i went by the house last night, just to look in the neighborhood, and i believe the houses are built on a slap, so it would be more likely he was kept in a blacked out room in that house. according to his statement, about four years. >> and neighbors, i mean, did they -- were they aware of this young man? had they seen him before? was anything fishy. >> the neighbors who were interviewed last night on local television broadcast said that they had no idea there was a boy there, they had seen the two younger female siblings, 11 and 12, but they had no idea there was a boy living in the home. >> wow. and from what i understand, there were two younger sisters as well in this home, we're showing pictures of this home. where are they? >> they are in the custody of the department of family and children services right now. >> and where is mitch? >> mitch is in a private home in paulding county. >> how is he? >> according to my investigator,
11:31 am
whom i sent to l.a. to pick him up and bring him home, he's a very sweet, very polite young man, who loves to read, and who said that his greatest desire is to just live a normal life. he's obviously malnourished, i'm sure there is going to be some post traumatic stress disorder from what he's been through, even if only the last couple of weeks. but certainly if, you know, the last four years turn out to be accurate and what we know now is that appears to be accurate, he's going to need, you know, considerable amount of counseling, but he's actually doing very well, all things considered. >> my final question to you is, and, you know, on this show we do a number of these stories where we try to reminder to all of us that we need to pay attention. there is a neighbor you haven't seen in a while, if you see something or someone that just looks a little bit out of place, you need to stop, and you need to ask. would you agree with me, sir? >> i would agree with you. the problem with the country as
11:32 am
we have it now is if you make some sort of allegation or some sort of statement about someone, they're likely to respond in a very hostile manner. i think the reaction of the people about whom we have been talking would be to pick up and move. they allegedly moved more than 20 times in the last 12 years. >> that is incredibly sad and we wish this 18-year-old well. dick donovan, district attorney there in paulding county, georgia, thank you, sir. good luck. >> you're quite welcome. thank you for calling. ten miles of terror on an interstate highway and a woman who is alive today because of four total strangers banded together to save her. drivers were stunned to see an suv barrel up a ramp and on to interstate 85 just north of atlanta with a woman clinging to the hood of a car. one man who was in such disbelief grabbed his cell phone, snapped a picture and then called 911. >> i see her beating on the windshield, crying as i get closer, begging him to pull
11:33 am
over. >> begging him to pull over. can you imagine if you saw this, you were going down the highway. other drivers joined in, pacing with this suvs this is the highway we're showing you here. they finally forced it to stop, ten miles up the interstate. listen to how they did it. >> we start motioning r ining a other, like can you believe this? one guy is taking pictures. i'm on the phone. we went from 70 to 55 and then to 30, to 25, and we finally got him to pull over right at the mall of georgia exit headed toward lawrenceville. >> police arrested the suv's driver, 29-year-old jonathan salas. he's the woman's boyfriend. and the highway dash was the result of an argument. he is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. a former california high school football star who was wrongly convicted of rape is now getting a chance to play pro football. brian banks served more than five years in president been
11:34 am
this alleged victim recanted her claim and offered to help him clear his name. >> whatever your dream is in life, whatever your truth is in life, you stand by it, we all get to be true. >> 26-year-old linebacker signed with the las vegas team in the united football league, the locomotives. he hopes to eventually land in the nfl. members of congress, they are getting out of town, headed home without taking care of business. coming up next, we have reaction for you from the left, from the right, on the long list of items that will have to wait until after the election.
11:35 am
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up until a couple of minutes ago, take a look at this picture. this pittsburgh scene, this was the site of a bizarre standoff, imagine a hostage and a gunman and conversation taking place
11:38 am
over facebook. because of a tactical error, a name was released to local media and the media reported it. we don't do that for obvious reasons. when word got out, people started friending this hostage taker on facebook, the messages started pouring in, here's one, quote, just stop and pray. you have family that loves you, your mom is on tv crying, if you need to talk, just call me. it's not worth it. all from facebook today. there are dozens more just like that. but police always want to follow hostage procedures so they stopped everyone to stop. >> once again, we hope that his friends would stop communication on facebook, let us, you know, our trained negotiators deal with this matter. >> as we reported, it is over now. everyone is safe. the standoff is over. the suspect is now in police custody. to washington we go, congress wrapped up work and they didn't exactly break productivity records this session.
11:39 am
lawmakers passed 173 laws as of last month. the original do nothing congress back in 1948 passed more than 900 laws, just to give you a little perspective. this year is the earliest congress quit date before an election in more than 50 years. our senior congressional correspondent, there she is, beautiful blue skies there in washington, there she is outside capitol hill, and, dana, what's the deal? i know they're leaving early. we have been reporting on this over and over, work is not done what do they say about that? >> well, first, before i answer that question, let me give you the visual of what it is like on capitol hill right now. you can see, it is pretty empty. no real cars in the parking lot, not like it was before. you see some tourists over there, members of congress to be found. we have some video i want to show you, probably about 2 1/2 hours ago, what happened when the last vote was taken in the house of representatives. a mass exodus, members of congress streaming down the steps of the capital to get out
11:40 am
of town and leave for good through the election in order to campaign. democrats and republicans. i want to give you at least some of what is on the very, very long list of congress' unfinished business. let's start with the farm bill. five-year farm bill, incredibly important to dictate farm policy, and drought relief to people who need it very badly and it gives money to people on food amps. that was not passed and it expires at the end of the month, extending the violence against women act, that's a noncontroversial piece of legislation usually but tied up over partisan gridlock. cybersecurity, postal reform, and, of course, that fiscal cliff. and by that, we're talking about the fact that by the end of the year the bush era tax cuts are going to expire, about $100 billion in mandatory spending cuts will go through unless congress works out a deal to avert that. none of that was done and before they left, maybe a little bit of a window into why congress has such a low approval rating, both
11:41 am
sides playing the blame game. listen to a clip. >> farmers across the country are facing the worst drought in decades. and republicans refused to act. this is simply irresponsible and republicans ought to come back and finish their work, not cut and run and walk away from the american people. shame on them. shame on them for abandoning our farmers, our economy, and families who need us to act. >> they haven't passed a budget in more than three years. they have no plan to save medicare, no plan to stop all the tax hikes, and no plan to replace the sequestering. they have threatened to do nothing and drive this off the fiscal cliff, which the congressional budget office has said will lead to a very deep recession. this isn't leadership. it is negligence.
11:42 am
>> reporter: now, i mentioned that the house is pretty much gone. but down there, that's the united states senate, they are still in session and the reason is because they are wrangling, they're tied up over what congress is promising to do, which is really important, brooke. that is fund the government for the next six months to make sure the government doesn't shut down. i want to also, before i go back to you, give you -- i know you love interesting statistics. >> of course i do. >> reporter: jamie dupre sits back the hall from us over there in the little booth there, from cox radio, he crunched the numbers and found out if you include one vote in the house today, the house has only voted on 9 fridays, 9 fridays, this entire year, all of 2012, only voted nine days and the senate, two days. only two fridays of the entire year of 2012. i would like to have fridays like that, wouldn't you? >> i like that gig, i suppose, dana bash, but they have work to get done. thank you for now. enjoy the silence. enjoy the silence there on the
11:43 am
hill. i want to remind all of you, we'll be talking to senator olympia snowe, republican out of maine, and this is her last year, and part of the reason why she says she's leaving is because of the sniping, the partisanship in washington. we're going to talk to her about candid comments she made yesterday on the floor calling the fiscal cliff a manufactured crisis. that's coming up next hour. now to people just like you doing extraordinary things. they are our cnn heroes. coming up next, make your vote count, help us choose the cnn hero of 2012. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults.
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11:47 am
order, connie siskowski, pushpa basnet, thulani madondo, educating hundreds of next generation, mary cortani, enlists man's best friend to give veterans a way to move beyond ptsd and into life again, malaya has turned personal trauma into justice for rape survivors in haiti. after using sports to fight his own addiction, scott strode helps former addicts to stay fit and sober. catalina escobar ensures healthy deliveries and solid futures for colombian teams facing motherhood.
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where terrorists stop at nothing to keep girls from being educated, razia jan fearlessly opens her school each and every day. congratulations to the top ten cnn heroes of 2012. tell us who inspires you the most. go to vote for the cnn hero of the year. >> i like getting tweets from you after we showed you how you can vote yesterday. you can continue voting, meet the top ten, vote for the one who inspires you the most, again, the website is coming up, iran looking to beef up security following cyberattacks. what is a country to do? answer, build its own internet. the closer look at how they're doing precisely that next. n for. that's one smart board. what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ whooshing ]
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following cyberattacks aimed at its nuclear program, iran has stepped up a plan to create its
11:52 am
very own internet. yep, it's a concept, a self-contained network tossed around for almost a decade. experts say it is actually one step closer to completion. here is cnn's brian todd. >> reporter: iran claims its nuclear program is under cyberseetcybe cybersiege, saying in recent days that power lines were sabotaged. the virus blamed on the u.s. and israel had already set iran's nuclear program back at least a year. how is tehran countering all of it? with its own internet. a top iranian official recently bragged that iran will develop a separate military internet of its own. a national intelligence network, he said, where the precious intelligence of the country won't be accessible to these powers. >> what they're planning to do is basically have a central server in tehran, which then connects to each and every one of their nuclear facilities as well as all their military installations, some of which are all the way down here in the southeastern part of the country. >> reporter: and cnn has now learned iran has already
11:53 am
developed a civilian versio of that. colin anderson, an independent researcher, is publishing a report on it in the coming weeks. anderson who didn't want to go on camera, tells cnn he recently discovered unusual activity in blocks of computer addresses in iran, separate from the world wide web. he says they were sending content across the country. anderson believes the iranians want to be able to disconnect from the standard internet when they're under attack, maybe even permanently, and function on their own in cyberspace. and here's how they're already doing it. this is the logon page for web mail site called colin anderson says this is iran's alternative, a competitor really to gmail, already publicly available in iran, people can send e-mails on this. it is not completely separate from the internet right now. but anderson says in iran the government can disconnect from the worldwide internet service, and users would still have access to this service. anderson says right now iran's
11:54 am
internal internet can also connect people with businesses and government ministries. i asked cedric layton, former official at the national security agency, whose monitored iran's cyberefforts, about the iranians' claim that they're building their own internet for their own prosection. is that the only reason they're doing it? >> they're doing this as a way to control the population. they're doing it in a way that is very, very ubiquitous, will cover all of the different aspects of iran's social connection to the internet. >> reporter: and colin anderson says on that service, the government can read any correspondence going out or coming in. brian todd, cnn, washington. a groundbreaking announcement. research dr. sanjay gupta has details coming up. live pictures, final flight for the space shuttle "endeav "endeavor." we have the front row seat for
11:55 am
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11:58 am
final flight for the space shuttle "endeavor," check it out, flying over the golden gate bridge. this is too cool. san francisco just a short time ago now the shuttle flying piggyback on that modified jumbo 747 on its way to retirement in los angeles museum, california science center, expected within the hour, right, chad myers, within the hour at l.a.x. >> over santa monica right now. >> i have someone texting me now from the roof of laech.a.x., pe tweeting me. >> people over monterey, see the two escort planes, not because they're chasing it, they're escorting, taking beautiful pictures of it there. look how small the planes are.
11:59 am
i just saw a turn. i thought it was hollywood hills, maybe -- i couldn't tell what hill was in the background. it is smoggy, foggy, can't see too much in the background. but certainly just over santa monica four or five minutes ago. >> earlier today, let's go to the golden gate picture, guys, golden gate, couple of -- sacramento area, berkeley, i know people were tweeting me from there, and just -- this is the whole purpose of this is just, what, out of respect, so people can see the shuttle for the final time in the sky. >> they put out a list of best places to see it by the seven sisters and all that. they also put golden gate bridge. i have no idea it was going to fly that close. >> can you imagine being on the golden gate bridge today, out for a stroll or driving to sausalito and you see this. >> that would have been amazing. and through -- turned left at the presidio and back around again and it made a number of flights around so that more than just san francisco could see it, the east bay could see it as we


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