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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 22, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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between bites. and also stopped grazing, not picking off his wife's plate. now it may not sound like a lot, but led to amazing changes, 80 pounds for carlos solis. that will wrap things up, stay tuned for sanjay gupta. and time for the top stories in the cnn news room. hello everyone, i'm don lemon, thank you for joining us. top of the hour, we'll get you up to speed on the day's headlines. outrage over the anti-islam movie, not dying down. this is the capitol of bangladesh today, police firing tear gas trying desperately to break up the crowd. they took out their anger on the officers and the police van. several people were arrested. that was only one demonstration, we'll have more on cnn on the
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protest. and we're seeing more types of protests in benghazi, libya, the counter protesters, trying to get rid of those who they say are responsible for the attacks on the u.s. consulate that killed four americans. >> the demonstrators began to take the situation into their own hands and storming the various known headquarters of the extremist militia in benghazi. the counterprotesters took over one militia building without firing a single shot. and militia members fled. the counter-protesters were met by some resistance. four were killed, dozens injured last night in benghazi. more from the scene, 12 minutes away. at least 166 people were killed today in syria, with government forces shelling aleppo and damascus suburbs. this comes as leaders of the
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rebel free syria army are moving into the territories. it has many former soldiers who defected from president al-assaad's regime. the leader says it is time to start free damascus. and pleading for her husband's safe return. robert levinson disappeared off of iran's coast while investigate i investigating cigarette smuggling for a private company. now billboards with his picture are up in new york's times square, with hopes that the president of iran, mahmoud ahmadinejad, will see them. his wife is pleading for a meeting and has a message for her husband. >> we'll never, ever, ever, stop looking for you. i miss you every day. love you. >> the levinson family received a video of a much thinner and
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sicker bob about two years ago, but they have not heard from him since. the white house hopefuls, out in force this weekend. we're going to start with the running mates. that is vice president joe biden and his wife, jill, on the second day through new hampshire. and republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan in florida, holding a town hall meeting in orlando, this morning, he held a rally in havana's neighborhood. meanwhile, president obama is in wisconsin this hour, a state he won handily four years ago, but it is also a state he has not visited since february. so why is he there now? let's bring in athena jones, she
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is there now. hello, is the president's show a sign of strength or a sign of concern? >> reporter: hi, don, well, you know that is a good question, the president has a "wisconsin problem" because he ignored the state for years. but he won it back by 14 points. but the spokesperson said they always knew the state would be closer than it was last time around. that could be something to do with the surge in republican activity here, activity among republicans, republican groups regarding the recall fight for governor scott walker, which he was able to survive. so they were able to see a sense of the republicans ground game, that is also something that campaign manager jim mes messins touched on. i will say that three recent polls show the president is ahead of romney here in the polls, averaging him up 52% to
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43. so this is certainly a state they want to keep in the blue column. and that is why they're here, don. >> all right, listen, i hear the president is hanging out with a sports legend in wisconsin? >> reporter: that is right, you know he just wrapped up two fundraisers with hank aaron, one was a lower fundraiser, $250, the other, a much higher dollar fundraiser, about $25,000. they will probably bring in more than $630,000 at that event. he is on his way now, stopped for bratwurst at a local joint in milwaukee. >> when you are up there, you just have to shorten it to brats. all right, appreciate that, members of congress heading home, leaving town. they left behind a lot of unfinished business.
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the so-called fiscal cliff that makes up tax hikes and spending cuts go into effect in january if congress fails to act. and if placing blame was an achievement, you could say congress accomplished quite a bit before leaving town. but the fact is, grid lock still rules on capitol hill, even when it comes to the looming deadline that will force drastic spending cuts across the board, and could put the u.s. back into a recession, as we look at a live shot of the capitol now. our cnn congressional correspondent dana bash has the report for you. >> reporter: the capitol parking lot full of cars, ready to take the house members out of town, but not before both sides took final turns in the blame game that has others set up. >> republicans have to come back and finish their work, not cut
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and run and walk away from the american people. shame on them. >> the president obama won't work with us to find common ground or urge senate democrats to take action. why? it is because democrats have failed to lead. >> reporter: the list of unf unfinished business is seemingly endless, the farm bill, a five-year measure, governing everything from farm bills to food stamps, and requires drought relief for drought-stricken farmers. most issues they want to address are locked in grid lock, postal reform, and violence against women act which expires at the end of the year. never mind the really tough stuff, the so-called fiscal cliff, when tax cuts expire and numbers kick in december 31st is. anybody who wonders why congress
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has a very low approval rating should watch and listen. watch the exodus to go campaign, and watch as each party skewers the other. >> never, never have the party done so little to address the challenges as great as the ones our nation faces right now. >> it is a wonder we have gotten anything done at all, considering the lack of cooperation the democrats have gotten from the republican colleagues. >> there are nearly 40 of our jobs bills sitting over in the united states senate. all part of the plan for american job creators. >> congressional republicans want to run away, but you know what? you can run, but you cannot hide from your record. >> they have not passed a budget in more than three years. >> time and time again, my republican colleagues have stalled or blocked perfectly good pieces of legislation to score points with the tea party. >> they have not passed a single appropriation bill. they haven't passed a defense
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authorization bill for the first time in -- a half a century. these things are usually about as standard as turning the lights on. they haven't done any of them. it is a disgrace. >> there is one very important thing congress is doing before leaving town, and that is passing a bill to fund the government for six months to make sure it does not shut down. but that is not exactly worthy of accolades, considering the only reason they're doing this stop gap bill is that they never sent one of the 12 step bills they were supposed to, to the president's desk. all right, thank you, a dangerous new twist in the case of the anti-muslim film that caused protests around the world. a bounty is on the head of the man who made the film, and the taliban and the al qaeda are encouraging people to go for it. and more about a hostage had taker, talking not to police, but to people on facebook. but plenty of companies do that.
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nakoula basseley nakoula is a wanted man, the producer of the anti-muslim film that generated so much ang-- anger i the muslim world, already in
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hiding. there is a bounty on his head. he already has two groups in mind, the taliban and al qaeda who could gladly do what he calls a noble deed. the minister made it clear to cnn that this is his own idea and not the official position of pakistan's government. he feels it is his duty to do this. and counter protests growing in the libyan city where the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens, and four others were killed. cnn's arwa damon has more now, from benghazi. >> this probably is one of the few countries where we are seeing mass demonstrations, not just in support of the united states, but more condemning the attack that took place on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. people taking to the streets yesterday in the thousands, demanding democracy, but more importantly, demanding an end to the extremist militias, who
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people here and the government say were in fact, behind the attack that took ambassador steven's life and the life of three other americans. what happened on friday, hundreds of these pro-democracy demonstrators began to take matters into their own hands and began to storm the various militias in the city of benghazi, including this militia. if you will remember's the libyan government has said that it has detained individuals who are a part of this group, in association with the attack on the u.s. consulate. although they say the group, as a whole was not behind that assault. >> arwa damon, in benghazi, thank you very much. and prejudice is bad for society, but is it bad for you, as in can it make you sick? that is next. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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prejudice, obviously is not healthy for any society. but is it healthy for you? researchers at the university of wisconsin, madison, believe many cases of depression may be linked to prejudice. wendy walsh, human behavior expert. she is here, joining us, in los
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angeles, so wendy, the study suggests the two are fundamentally connected, prejudice and depression, explain how it is linked. >> reporter: okay, don, dr. cox and his team looked at the two areas, depression and prejudice, and discovered that some of the fundamentals are the same. in other words, it involves negative patterns. the big difference is whether they're projected outward to an outgroup, or whether they're prejudiced inward to themselves. so victims of prejudice, who are prone to depression, but others who may be prejudiced against themselves. they may not like certain things about themselves, as if they are the out-group. >> you know we hear the sayings, the old expression, when you point a finger you have three pointing back at you. there is some truth to that. >> reporter: well, there is, and for this is like to go back to the old history books, the carl
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young's philosophy, the shadow. sometimes when we're thinking negatively about other people it may be actually a part of ourselves that is not tolerable, so yeah, i think sometimes people who are bigots or prejudice, may actually be feeling those things about themselves. >> is there anything that can make them move away from the prejudice-like acts, is it that simple? >> well, the part of the study is really for experts to understand some of the ideas used to treat depression, may be used to treat prejudice, and vice versa. so what we consider, this is two
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d d distinct areas. >> by 20-20, depression will be second to heart disease as the top global health disorder. so the human race is getting more and more depressed. what is going on here? >> okay, let's break it down, first of all, you're just born sort of happy or not, about 50% you can account is biology. another ten% could do with environment or money, usually people pulling themselves out of poverty. there is not a big difference between the middle class, or the upper middle class. then you have this 40, that has to do with our own behaviors. and the only proven natural anti-depressants are exercise, healthy relationships with family, loved ones and third, altruism, giving back to the society. so why do they predict this?
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look at the capability. we have more broken relationships, less link to community. exercising a lot less. all of these things are the environmental pieces that can contribute to depression. >> wow, good advice, get moving, do good things, and that will help. thank you, wendy. >> we all should do that every day. >> aolutely, thank you. >> thanks. and a former fbi agent disappears, his wife has a message. >> well never, ever, ever stop looking for you. i miss you every day. love you. >> the bold moves this man's family is making to bring him home. and you can watch cnn live on your computer, from work, just go to of a hear. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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2007 was the last time robert levinson's family saw him, until they received this chilling video three years later. a much thinner levinson saying his health was failing and begging the u.s. government to help to free him from his captors,usan candiotti has
2:25 pm
more on this tireless fight. >> it is my husband, i have to take care of him, get him home. >> reporter: but after disappearing more than five years ago, christina levinson's husband was missing. >> i am running out of diabetes medicine. >> reporter: this video, showing the much thinner retired fbi agent being held hostage was sent to the family two years ago. the state department says it is not clear who is holding him. >> when we received the video, we had high hopes that we could get whoever was holding him to let us know what we needed to do to get bob home. unfortunately, that has not happened. >> reporter: levinson disappeared off iran's coast in 2007, where his family says he was investigating cigarette smuggling for a private company. fbi billboards are up in new
2:26 pm
york's times square in hopes that the u.s. general is assembly will see them. >> what makes you think he is still alive? >> i just believe it in my heart. i know from the video that he has lost weight, and hopefully, all of his health problems are at least at bay. and he will be able to get home safely to us. i can never lose hope. >> please help me get home. 33 years of service to the united states deserves something. >> reporter: what -- her husband has missed walking one of his daughters down the aisle. another daughter's wedding is in february. >> his closet is still full of his clothes that i know won't fit him anymore.
2:27 pm
and i have not even touched his dresser. so every morning i am reminded that the nightmare continues. >> reporter: if he is able to see this, what do you want us to directly say to him? >> we will never, ever, ever stop looking for you. i miss you every day. love you. >> reporter: the u.s. has offered no new information about where levinson is, and who is holding him. i spoke with a source close to the investigation who says" there is every reason based on all the evidence that levinson is alive." >> the video that has stirred so much anger, the man has a price on his head. the bounty is offered by a pakistani government minister. the producer of the film, nakoula basseley nakoula is said
2:28 pm
to be in hiding. the dtsz threat is not backed by the pakistan's government, but the minister is inviting the al qaeda and taliban to help with what he calls a noble deed. recognized by one of america's fiercest enemies, hezbollah, one hezbollah politician said that nakoula basseley nakoula's film was made to be released to a wide audience in the west. and at least 166 people killed today in syria, with government forces showing aleppo and the damascus suburbs. this comes as leaders of the rebel free syria army are moving into the turkey territory. it has many soldiers who defected from president al-assad's army to fight the
2:29 pm
regime. and a man at the bronx zoo now in critical condition. a tiger bit the man several times after he leaped from the zoo's mono rail car into the pit. the rescue crews used help to push him away from the man. the zoo's director says the tiger won't be put down because the tiger didn't do anything wrong. and some of the biggest names jamming at farm aid 2012. willie nelson, in pennsylvania. the concert doesn't end until 11:00 tonight. and a hostage-taker in pittsburgh, talking not to police but to people on facebook. that story straight ahead, but first. with more than 12 million people still out of work, switching careers may be the way to get a job. but some opportunities out there are more than the usual 9-5 job.
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in this week's news, kristine rich looks at the trucking industry. there are jobs there if you are qualified. >> reporter: help wanted, must love the open road, sleeping in tight quarters and 26,000 pounds underneath your feet. >> i got hired. >> reporter: out of work for a few years, he went from home building to trucking, the reason, it is where the jobs are. >> i have been through several recessions before, and was building homes with jimmy carter, for crying out loud. things were bad then, but worse now. >> reporter: movies like convoy, and smoky and the bandit were the image of truck drivers in the past. but a weak job market has brought out everything from all walks. >> teachers, ex-accountants. >> reporter: the money is there, nearly 38,000 a year for heavy long-haul truckers. and the top 10% make more than
2:31 pm
58 thousand. it is supply and demand, they have more jobs to fill. about 200,000 long haul trucking jobs are open nationwide, to add to the more than one and a half million on the road now. like retail sales, truck driving is an occupation that is growing. many jobs are expected to be added between 2010 and 2020. prime triucking is hiring. >> i could put people to work next week. the demand is there. >> reporter: kristine roman, cnn, new york. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader.
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pittsburgh police investigating now an unusual hostage situation taking place in a pittsburgh downtown building. a gunman took several people hostage in a scene that lasted more than four hours. they're not sure yet why the 22-year-old man picked this location. but as police tried to talk to the hostage-taker, he was talking to people on facebook, posting status updates. he raised concerns from family and friends saying they would never have to worry about him again, and that he lost everything. he wrote on facebook, he couldn't take it anymore, and i'm done. defense attorney holly hughes is here, now holly, nobody got hurt. that is good news, didn't really make any demands. criminal suspects have called family and friends before during a crime. but this is a conversation we
2:36 pm
could all see. it is interesting, so what? i don't know, is this conversation protected on line? can it -- >> no, it is not legally protected. it is out there, it is public. and you know i read this story and i read it a couple of times, don, because i wanted to make sure, i got all the facts. and it sounds to me like this man just really wanted to be caught. he did what he did publicly. so it was not just, oh, there is witnesses in the building. he then goes on to facebook, which is not protected and admits what he is doing and putting it all out there. >> okay, this defense team, he has to go to court obviously. can they use it, and say look what he was posting at the time? >> well, they're going to have to try to spin it. both sides will use it. because the state will say he clearly knew what he was doing, because he was very clear, logical, knew how to use the electronics and posted it on facebook. the defense will say this is a cry for help, he clearly doesn't want to be a criminal.
2:37 pm
because he is saying what he is doing. and again when we read the facts of the case, he didn't make any demands whatsoever. he didn't hurt anybody, he is talking to friends saying i'm checking out, almost like either let the police shoot me or take me to jail. and somebody take care of him. so the defense wl have a psychological done on him. >> so if somebody goes into my e-mail, that is a crime, right? >> if they hack -- >> at the time when he is doing this -- can they go into that, and change -- >> well, facebook is public. so they can see any and everything that he is posting on his wall. >> except for private messages -- >> correct, correct, that would be subpoenaed after the fact. they can subpoena those records but you have a safety exception. exigent circumstances, if a criminal goes in your house, they're not going to stop and
2:38 pm
get a warrant before they chase the criminal. so they will hack into whatever they need to, to save the life of the hostage, that will be protected. that is okay. >> so if it facebook, social media. >> absolutely, it changed the face of the courtroom, even the lawyers sitting there with the laptop, they get the juror's name. type it in, see what type of chats your having, what you're posting on your facebook. you know if you saw i'm not in the gang, i'm a law-abiding citizen, and they pull up the facebook, and there is you with a gun, guess what? you're not on the jury. >> thank you very much, appreciate it, holly. two candidates, two different plans when it comes to the future of the military. do we need more women in uniform? we'll look at that straight ahead, but first this. each year on cnn, the heros,
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we bring you the stories of extraordinary individuals working every day to find solutions to major problems. now the top ten heros for 2012 have been revealed. you can help to decide who gets the hero of the year award, here is cnn's anderson cooper to tell us how. >> i'm anderson cooper, all year we have been introducing you to everyday people changing the world. we call them cnn heros. well now we announce the winners. connie skikowski helping children, he saves innocent children from growing up behind bars with their parents in jail. tulone modando, helping hundreds. mary portani, helping man's best friends, helping to move beyond ptsd, and turning personal trauma into a fight for justice,
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for thousands of rape survivors in haiti. and scott strode helping former addicts stay sober. catalina escobar helps teens in columbia, already facing motherhood. this man's loss of his daughter sparked the mission to end underage drinking. and where terrorists stop at nothing to keep girls from being educated, she opens her school every day. congratulations to the top cnn heros of 2012. tell us who inspires you the most. go to or on line, to vote for your cnn hero of the year. >> so who will it be? you decide, meet the top ten, and vote for the ones who inspired you the most. at
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indepth, exploring the issues that impact voters. today, a look at president obama and mitt romney's plans for the military. here is our foreign correspondent, barbara star. >> reporter: how many troops and just what weapons are needed to defend the nation. president obama and governor mitt romney each are making a different case. governor romney has said he wants to significantly add to our conventional forces. >> we must have a commitment not just to more ships and aircraft, but also in my view, more members of the armed forces. >> reporter: president obama wants a smaller conventional force, and five hundred million in pentagon cuts over the next ten years. >> and so long as i am commander-in-chief, we will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. >> reporter: let's start with the romney plan. the candidate says he favors a larger force of naval ships and aircraft, but has not said how he would pay for it.
2:45 pm
romney has also said he wants to add 100,000 troops to the current force of 1.4 million. now, for a look at obama's plan. as part of 500 billion dollars in spending cuts, president obama says he wants to get rid of older ships and delay buying new ones. he also proposes cutting the army by some 66,000 and reducing the marine corp by another 20,000. obama envisions continuing use of small special forces teams and unmanned drones, but some say not so fast. >> there is no objection at all to having drones, the unmanned surface vehicles, all kinds of unmanned vehicles. the issue is, to what extent do you rely almost exclusively on
2:46 pm
unmanned drones? for president obama, they have had results without risking putting u.s. troops on the ground. he told cnn's jessica yelen? >> it has to be a situation in which we can't capture the individual before they move forward on some sort of operational plot, against the united states. >> i don't think whether obama or romney wins we're going to see this technology go away, or see any greater minimized use of it. because of their own approach. i think we've seen president obama's most definitely willing to utilize this. it has been a signature part of his countterrorism agenda, and it would be very hard for romney to roll that back, even if he wanted to. >> reporter: whether it is romney or obama in the oval office, the bigger problem with drones may be the international pushback from government and
2:47 pm
human rights groups increasingly voicing their opposition. barbara star, cnn, the pentagon. >> all right, barbara, for election coverage just go to when you look at the names of this year's emmy nominees, well, you may see those who wouldn't think of working in tv, suddenly doing it. we'll look at the emmy's a-list, and don't forget, you can watch cnn live while you're at work and even on your smartphone. head to i thought i'd lost you. surfing is my life now. but who's going to .... tell the world that priceline has even faster, easier ways to save you money. . . on hotels, flights & cars? you still have it. i'll always have it. so this is it? we'll see where the waves take me. sayonara, brah!
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it was the unwritten hollywood rule, big screen actors never appeared on the small screen.
2:50 pm
but as cnn's michelle turner reports, this hold scene is becoming a thing of the past. >> academy award-winner julianne moore, and don cheadle, and nicole now they've made the movie to television and may soon be adding emmy awards to their trophy shelves. a-list hollywood stars are jumping from the big screen to the small screen. >> everyone wants to be on tv. >> maggie furlong says the career stigma movies stars used to face if they took a tv role has faded. >> for so many years, people would say, i don't want to do this, i'm a movie star. i can't be doing tv. but then you realize that tv stars have more recognition with the public. these people are in your homes every single week. people get attached to these
2:51 pm
characters. >> reporter: character is exactly what attracted jeff daniels to his role on "newsroom". >> i remember back in the '70s, you never mixed film with tv. that's changed and the writing is so good now on television that that's all actors want is good writing. >> reporter: top hollywood talent is not only starring on your flat screen, they're creating the shows behind the scenes. writer/producer aaron sorkin won four emmys for his work on "the west wing" before striking oscar gold on the screen play. now he's moved back to television as the executive producer of "kneesroom." he says tv holds a different kind of appeal than film. >> i think the best writers in the country are flocking to television. you can tell a different kind of story here. i think the best theater in america is on tv right now. >> reporter: and the american audience seems to agree. one reason for a decline in
2:52 pm
movie theater ticket sales this summer, more to watch at home. >> you can't turn the channel without seeing something you want to be watchling, whether you love broadway, you're into comic books or zombies. they're truly is something for everyone on tv right now. >> reporter: super stories with superstars. it is the first day of fall. and to mark the occasion, we have a challenge for you, go outside, use your smartphone, take a picture. then upload it to by using one of cnn's mobile apps. the only requirement are that the photo be horizontal and it be unfiltered. here are a couple we have received. pretty cool. upload your photo to we're going to do that after the show. put it up there. football, america's pastime.
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a high school softball player scored the game-winning run with help from the opposing team. a player hit a grand slam to win
2:56 pm
the game. but as she rounded first base, she hurt her leg so badly she couldn't make it to home plate. the other team picked her up and carried her to each base. the rules say a player must touch every base for the runs to count. but can't be helped by their own team. afterwards, the losing team didn't feel they'd done anything extraordinary. >> didn't do anything out of the ordinary. we just did the right thing. >> it would make us look bad if we just sat there and watched somebody crawlinground the bases. >> we were on the field. we played the game. and she needed the help. >> the girl who was carried had her mom ask the other team to sign a ball for her. good sportsmanship there. you won't find many winners in the nfl's lockout of referees. the coaches are angry, the fans are angry. the players, angry as well. in fact, the only people who don't seem worried are the owners and the commissioner. cnn's dan simon explains what is
2:57 pm
at stake for all sides here. >> reporter: criticizing the replacement refs has become its own sport. >> it's an atrocity. >> reporter: youtube and social media filled with the rants of angry nfl fans. >> this is a professional sport. we need the professional refs, not these secondhand refs from who knows where. >> reporter: "sports illustrated" writer peter king tweeting the legitimacy of the national football league is at stake. >> the ruling on the field has been reversed. >> reporter: fans and commentators alike point to numerous blown calls, poor ball spotting, failure to control players' emotions and an all-around lack of confidence displayed by the officials. >> the nfl and everybody talks about the integrity of the game. i think this is along those lines. >> reporter: the league and the referees union are at an impasse over wages and pension benefits.
2:58 pm
so far, the nfl is shrugging off the criticism saying, officiating is never perfect. the current officials have made great strides and are performing admirably under unprecedented scrutiny and great pressure. as we do every season, we will work to improve officiating and are confident the game officials will show continued improvement. one former referee isn't holding his breath. >> the integrity of the game can only be protected by experienced people knowing what they're doing and the control of the game is vital and we're not seeing that today. >> reporter: jim tunney worked more than three decades as an nfl referee, officiating more than three super bowls along the way. he said it's unfortunate the attention is focused on the referees when it should be on the players and teams. >> as official, we don't want to know ryety. we want to walk on the field, do the game. >> reporter: in fairness, none of the games thus far seem to have been decided by poor
2:59 pm
officiating. going from high school football or division iii college like some of the replacement referees would be a major challenge. as they say to the knockdown rookies, welcome to the nfl. dan simon, cnn, san francisco. have you ever wondered how to walk with coffee and not spill it? or why ponytails swings side to side when women jog? some scientists won award for figuring out the answers to those questions. >> we think we have discovered one of the secrets of the universe. >> those researchers created the repunzel number, it predicts what shape your hair will take. it's the sillier side of serious research. each year, the crowd throws paper airplanes on to the stage as part of a tradition. other er


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