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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 23, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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could be overturned and that could be a plus for the medical. >> financial shocks have had a pretty good year already, it's not as if they're completely terrified of the prospect of president obama winning, but many things have talked about the ownerous o'o' -- there are many concerns that those rules will hurt profits for large transaction firms for years to come. i think it is safe to say that a mitt romney, ginobiven his wall street background. >> fat cat ceos come to mind. >> nice to see you. if you want to see more of the sectors and stocks to bet on
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under president obama or president romney. thanks for joining the conversation this week and "your money." 4:00 on the eeskt. thank you for joining us for joining us. i'm susan hendricks. for the next hour, cnn will help you figure out where the candidates stand on the issuings, we will tell you how mitt romney and obama will tackle those key challenges. a deadly avalanche sweeps through at least 12 camps in nepal today. the eighth highest mountain in the world. a rescue pilot says at least 11 people are dead. an entire camp reportedly swept away. now rescue efforts are now on
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hold until tomorrow because of bad weather there. we are told that ten people survived and others who were injured have been air lifted to local hospitals. some skiers and over 200 foreign mark mark mark mark mark market -- pakistan's prime minister says his nation believes in nonviolence after the death threat. this man seen her, a government minister says he will pay $100,000 for the death of the maker of the movie. he has invited the taliban and al qaeda to assassinate the producer. some muslim leaders are calling
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for calm. >> now pakistan's government is making it clear that the bounty is not an official position. around the world, people are protesting against the u.s. and today grease sees his first -- some of them reportedly yelled all we have is mohammad as they marched toward the u.s. embassy. protesters hurled rocks in anger over the film. but there were peaceful protests like this one in germany. many protesters want the u.s. to punish the man who made the film knocking the prophet mohammad. the arm says those fighters have 48 hours to leave bases, public buildings or property belonging to the former regime or else soldiers will use force
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to evict them. the military's decision follows protests like this, from libyans trying to show that they will not stand for more violence months after winning a bloody civil war. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad sat down today for a one-on-one interview with piers morgan. piers asked the iranian president if he's worried that israel will attack his country because iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. >> do you fear there will be conflict before the end of the year between your country and israel. >> translator: of course the zionists are very much seeking to fabricate things and they see themselves at the end of the
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line. and i do firmly believe that they seek to create opportunities for themselves and their behaviors. >> you can watch the full interview tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. eastern on piers morgan tonight. president obama arrives in new york to attend a u.n. general assembly tomorrow. the president speaks to the assembly on tuesday. administration officials say he will likely talk about the worldwide protests over an amman film that insults an islam religion. and preside and. both president obama and republican rival mitt romney will talk policy and presidential politics -- both candidates are bracing for a busy week on the campaign trail. >> mitt romney campaign's in the
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rocky mountain battleground of colorado today and tomorrow. it's a close contest between the republican nominee and barack obama for the state's nine electoral votes. tuesday both will speak separately. after that, romney heads to ohio for a bus tour through the cut fastball swing state. >> i need ohio to help me become the next president. >> our polls in ohio say that obama has the upper hand inn for the state's 18 electoral votes. and while romney rolls through the state on wednesday, the president's going to be there as well. >> it is good in ohio, it is great to be in this beautiful setting. >> with the presidential debate closing in, both men will continue their debate press. want to get to houston to a police shooting. an offer killed a schizophrenic double amputee after a policeman
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says that he advanced at him from his wheelchair. >> when officers arrived to speak to him, he was holding an unknown object. t to new york, police are charging the man who jumped into a tiger den was trespassing. they're also giving an odd sflan nation for that decision. they say he was not drunk or crazy, but simply had a desire to be one with the tiger. he's hospitalized from his injuries most suffered from his leap from the mono rail into the tiger den. first up, how will each man create more jobs?
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of the country's biggest challenges. we start with christine romans and her look at their strategies on jobs. over 8% unemployment, 5 million without work for six months or longer. more than 8 million only working part-time. if there's one thing president obama and mitt romney can agree on is that the jobs crisis in america is the issue of this race. mitt romney says that the private sector must create new jobs. >> i have a plan to create 12 million new jobs. [ applause ] >> romney advisors also claim their plans will add another 7 million jobs over the decade. >> the government doesn't create jobs, it's the private sector that creates jobs. >> first romney wants to overhaul the tax code by cutting marginal tax rates by 20% across
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the board. he says people will have more money in their pockets. romney also claims that regulations cost private business about $1.75 trillion a year, so he says he'll repeal obama care and dodd frank legislation that is still to be implemented. finally by balancing the budget, romney plans to project confidence into the business environment. however capping federal spending, it means hundreds of thousands fewer government jobs at the federal, state and local levels. romney's plans they will create 12 million jobs. now for president obama's plans to get americans back to work. >> jobs must be our number one focus in 2010. >> that jobs bill never panned
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out and neither did the $377 billion effort he implemented last year. what does obama want to go --- >> we need to create more jobs faster, we need to fill the hole left by this recession, faster, we need to come out of this crisis stronger. >> he wants to create jobs in manufacturing and green energy through tax incentives and investment. the president signed a more than $100 billion transportation bill in july, it extends mostly current programs through 2014. and the president lz proposed spending more on -- shore up state budgets. this was in his failed jobs plan last year, yet to be seen if he's re-elected whether those plans would have more success than they have had in the last three years. >> both candidates say they want to cut the corporate tax cut.
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whoever's elected l have to do all that and much more to get us out of the jobs hold. >> we have got two more monthly jobs reports due before election day. it's been more than a year since america's debt was taken down to -- so what do the candidates plan to do about the national debt now at $16 trillion and how did we get here in the first place? ali velshi has a look at the issue of national debt. >> just a few steps from the billboards of times square, is a billboard of a different sort, the national debt clock. new york real estate collector seymour durst set up the first debt clock in 1939. >> when my father set up the debt clock, the number at 2
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trilli trillion. >> last year the federal government spent nearly 3.6 trillion. it only took in $2.4 trillion. it borrowed the short fall, 1.3 million. the short falls make up the national debt and it's more than $16 trillion today. the debt had run up under both democrat and republican presidents and congresses. president obama formed the simpson bowls commission and bill clinton's steve of staff. they came up with a plan to cut the growing debt by $4 trillion over 10 years. he and enough others voted against it so it never even got to congress. commission co-head allan simpson
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says the growing debt poses a major threat to the u.s. economy. >> where is the tipping point? i don't know where it is, but when it comes, it's going to be so swift and so savage. >> the president says he still wants to reach an agreement based on simpson bowls. obama's plan proposes 360 billion zlin cuts to medicare a medicate in the next decade. but because costs are rising so fast, the debt will be $6.4 trillion higher in the next six years. military spending would be reduceded, saving $487 billion and unlike anything the gop proposes, there's a $1.5 trillion tax hike, with the wealthy taking the biggest hit.
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mitt romney doesn't want tax hikes for the rich, so how will he deal with the debt. >> i will cut the deficit and get us on track to a balanced budget. >> romney's 59 point economic plan calls for reducing the federal workforce by 10%. like obama, he also proposes entitlealment reform and some major spending cuts, but he hasn't detailed them yet. as for taxes romney proposes cutting income taxes by 20% across the board. in short, neither candidate has proposed a plan that puts a serious dent in the u.s. debt. but douglas durst still holds out hope that one day he'll be able to retire his dad's debt clock. >> i'm an optimist, we would have a very big party. >> ali velshi, cnn, new york. now republicans often blame
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welcome back. so just how big should the u.s. government be? well, it depends on who you ask and what political party they're in. as our tom foreman reports, the size of government has become one of the core issues of the 2012 campaign. >> here are three reasons why the federal government has grown bigger in the past few years, because the economy has crashed forcing more people to rely on
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government programs like unenemployment and food stamps, because the baby boomers started requiring, collecting social and medicare and maybe because barack obama is president. >> the question we can today is not whether our government is too big or too small but whether it works. >> reporter: from the start mr. obama has believed that government is a positive force, that expansion is not bad and that it serves to control what many consider the excesses of the free market. >> without the levining hand of wise policy, markets can crash, the vulnerable can be exploded. >> reporter: he frequently cautions against unwarranted government support. but with the auto industry bailout sounds like president roosevelt. >> the right of every family to a decent home, the right to
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adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health. >> reporter: flash forward four decades, and here comes another president with a very different view. >> government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem. >> ronald reagan's perspective has dominated republican thoughts on this matter for years, including mitt romney's opposition to barack obama. >> we have a very different approach, the president and i, between a government dominated society and a society driven by free people pursuing our dreams. >> romney feels that the government should be smaller and less intrusive when it comes to taxes. >> i end up with a smaller government, a less intrusive government and special programs being pared back.
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>> reporter: for the past century, with a few exceptions, the government has been expanding, no matter which party has held the house. more cabinet positions, more spending per citizens. the question is probably not whether the government will keep growing under mr. obama or mr. romney, but rather how fast. tom foreman, cnn, washington. now out of all the issues that mitt romney was supposed to be far out in front of obama when it comes to the economy. but president obama has done better than expected.
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tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. when it comes to campaign issues, jobs and the economy are supposed to be big drivers of the election. it doesn't look like mitt romney has been able to gain much traction, so where do we stand? i want to bring in brian lizza.
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let's talk specifics here, we keep hearing that mitt romney needs to be more specific about his plans for what he's going to do about the economy, do you think that being more specific, though, will help or hurt him and how damaging regarding the economy is that video that we have all seen now of romney? >> well, specifics in campaigns, they're a catch-22, voters in the polls more recently back this up, often say they want to hear specifics. when the economy is bad or there are big problems in the country, voters want to know with some level of detail, not superwonky policy detail, but in plain language of what he will do as a candidate. and i agree with the way you set up the piece in that, i think the romney strategy in this campaign has been to think, the economy is so bad and that the public has turned against obama in such a major way, he will
1:29 pm
lose just because it will be a sort of no vote on obama rather than an affirmative vote on romney. i think what romney's learning now is that maybe that's not enough and he does need to lay out a much more detailed agenda. and remember, at his convention speech, when he had a chance to talk specifically to the voters, he didn't talk about the economy. if your ideas for how to fix the economy can be attacked by the other side, maybe you don't want to talk about specifics. so that's the catch-22 campaigns are often in. >> specific or vague and then people will pinpoint exactly what you're saying in terms of specifics. let's talk about nevada, talk about foreclosures and unemployment. you know the saying, are you better off now than four years ago, a lot of people are saying no. >> i went to do some reporting
1:30 pm
because i think it helps answer this question nationally that we were just talking about is -- despite the bad economy, why has obama remained so buoyant, why does he have a slightly -- why does it seem like all of the inside washington people are saying that he's the favorite at this moment given how bad the economy is, over 8% of unemployment. nevada it's even worse, unemployment is in double digits t foreclosuure crisis bit las vegas, you can see where the construction stopped and where the homes have been abandoned. and yet, despite all that, obama is leading in that state and he's the favorite to win in nevada. it's a number of things, one the demographics ofa state are changing and they're changing in a way that favors democrats and that's a story nationally as well. the big story there is hispanics, hispanics making up a
1:31 pm
bigger part of the population and romney's inability to make any head way with that group of voters. and anyway it's message, the obama campaign has taken this idea of romney that it's just going to be an up-or-down vote against obama. voters aren't going to see him as a viable alternative. there are two big dynamics there. and a lot of the voters i talked to, even though they were disappointed in obama, and some are reluctant to vote for him again, some of them don't think he has had enough time and that he didn't create the crisis, he inherited the crisis. and that has held obama up even though it's still tough times. the red line had become a major issue in the 2012 election, how to stop iran in
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it was president george h.w. bush who declared a line in the sand against iraq after iraq's invasion of kuwait in 1990. now president obama is talking about a new line, a r line in the sand. >> president barack obama and governor mitt romney agree on two crucial national security issues. iran will not be allowed to go nuclear and syria will not use its chemical weapons. but if it looks like either --
1:36 pm
>> on syria -- >> it we have been very clear to the assaad regime, but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my call coup plus. >> the white house won't say what it will do if the red line is crossed. seizing dozens of chemical weapons sites would be tough, requiring tens of thousands of troops on the ground. romney has called for covert action. >> watching what's happened in syria, from a dispassionate distan distance, i would be leading in syria, by encouraging our friends there, like the turks and the saudis. >> but he hasn't said how or when he would use u.s. troops. the bottom line on syria,
1:37 pm
president obama's red line, using or moving chemical weapons, governor romney advocates u.s. involvement now. on iran, the candidates agree, iran cannot be allowed a nuclear weapon. >> we are determined to eprevent iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >> clearly we all hope that economic and diplomatic pressures put on iran will diswait them from becoming a nuclear country. >> the obama regime says the administration would have to take steps to acquire a nuclear weapon. but in the case of iran, many believe the red line already has slipped. >> we said that any enrichment was unacceptable in the case of iran. and here they are with hundreds of kilo grams if not thousands of material. >> neither candidate is
1:38 pm
advocating war with syria or iran, both have expressed hope what the sanctions will work, but if the red lines get crossed, both of those countryis pose serious national security threats. even though osama bin laden is dead, terrorism is still alive. >> reporter: the killing of osama bin laden, undoubtedly the national security highlight of the obama administration. few argue it was a risky move for the president to give the order to invade pakistani air space and go after the al qaeda leader. as a candidate in 2007, romney questioned whether it was worth the time and money it would take to hunt bin laden down. and now he's saying of course he would have given the same order.
1:39 pm
the drone program started under president bush hit full speed under obama, he relies on the still classified mission to limit the numbers of troops on the ground by launching hell fire missiles from the air. >> we brought a whole bunch of tools to bear to go after al qaeda. drones are one tool that we use. >> reporter: romney supports the use of drones as well, like his rival even in a case where a u.s. citizen would be the target. >> we're in a war with that entity, then of course anyone who is bearing arms with that entity is fair game for the united states of america. >> reporter: there are places where the two candidates differ. first over the guantanamo bay facility, and the use of waterboarding, where a detainee
1:40 pm
is made to feel as if he is drowning. >> despite the promise to return the american people to the moral high ground, and promising to close the facility--on a question of torture, you have to know what it is to know where the candidates stand. while both have said they're opposed to the use of torture, romney has so far refused to characterize waterboarding as torture. >> i don't think it's productive for the president of the united states to lay out a list of what is specifically referred to as torture. >> romney's lack of a specific explanation worries security experts. >> to say that he won't allow torture, but he doesn't want to refer to-woe. >> waterboarding is torture. it's contrary to america's
1:41 pm
traditions, it's contrary to our ideals, that's not who we are. >> reporter: a recent poll suggests that likely candidates -- when it comes to -- obama would better handle terrorism. 43% threw their weight behind romney. >> any american president at this time is going to wage a relentless struggle against al qaeda and associated movements because republicans and democrats alike recognize we still have a significant threat coming from al qaeda and its allies. >> reporter: regardless of who occupies the white house in jarng, the only certainty is that the enemy will still be there, still plotting to do americans harm. coming up, the plan for afghanistan, all u.s. troops out by the end of 2014, but do the
1:42 pm
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. > the last of the search troops just left afghanistan and the tens of thousands are u.s. troops stationed there are supposed to be home by 2014. >> reporter: 70,000 american troops are still fighting in afghanistan. but will election day affect them one way or the other? we see two candidates moving closer and closer, to the point where there's not much space between them. >> our goal should be to complete a successful transition to afghan security forces by 2014. >> next year afghanistan will take the lead for their own security. by 2014, the transition will be complete. >> reporter: there were real
1:46 pm
differences in governor romney's campaign last summer when there were 40,000 troops in afghanistan. >> i think we have learned that our troops shouldn't go off and try and fight a war of independence for another nation. >> but the governor's position evolved. but november, he opposed any plan to bring most of the troops home before 2014. >> i stand with the commanders in this regard and have no information that suggests that pulling our troops out faster than that wouldn't do anything but put at great peril the progress that's been made. >> we're purr seeing a negotiated peace, in coordination with the afghan government, my administration has been in direct discussions with the taliban. >> while the president makes a
1:47 pm
distinction between taliban and al qaeda, romney says he will not negotiate with either. >> so there's negotiation versus no negotiation with the taliban. president obama announced an end date years in advance. governor romney opposed publicizing that date. the president ended the surge this month during the fighting season. the governor would have kept troops there through december. analysts say neither manage has spent any time talking about the war. >> what we're looking at now is execution of this strategy. and that doesn't require the same sort of political capital and time time from washington,
1:48 pm
d.c. >> because after two wars that have cost us thousands of lives and over a trillion dollars, it's time to do some nation building right here at home. >> of course the return of our troops cannot and must not be used as an excuse to hollow out our military through devastating defense budget cuts. >> reporter: so the biggest difference on afghanistan may be how to spend the money when the war is over. chris lawrence, cnn, washington. you know, we hear a lot of heated erhetoric about the midde east from the presidential canning dat, but are they real will that far apart in their pl for peace? we're breaking it down. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses.
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for decades now, a presidential hopeful had to claim a working knowledge of israel. it is the same thing this year and wolf blitzer looks at what those positions are. >> in addresses that largely focus on domestic concerns, one
1:52 pm
country in particular was singled out by both candidates in their convention speeches. >> president obama has thrown allies like israel under the bus. >> our commitment to israel's security must not waiver. >> president obama came to the office determined to make israel part of his foreign policy. he took a harder line on palestinian settlements in israeli territories. >> i talked about the need to stop settlements, to make sure that we're stopping the building of outposts. >> that angered many israelis, especially benjamin netanyahu. and many addresses to turkey and egypt without a stop in israel further exacerbated that relationship. the push for middle east peace has been stuck ever since and
1:53 pm
that rocky personal relationship with net tatt tanya hoo. >> the president is prepared to make generous compromises for peach. it cannot go back to the 1967 lines because these lines are in defensible. >> still, at least in public, they seem to have moved on. >> as i have said to the prime minister in every single one of our meetings, the united states will always have its back when it comes to its security. >> jerusalem is israel's capital, a final peace agreement should include what's called a two-state solution, israel living alongside palestine, and iran must be stopped from building a nuclear bomb. but there are differences when it comes to specific details on how to achieve those goals.
1:54 pm
romney charges that president obama hasn't been a strong enough ally to israel in opposing iran's nuclear ambitions. >> israel doesn't need public lectures on how to wage war and peace. if i'm president of the united states, my first trip, my first foreign trip will be to israel to tell the world we care about that country. >> well the palestinians is gonna say -- >> in a recently revealed tape from a closed fund-raiser back in may, romney said that israel didn't have a strong part. but romney declared his support for the two-state solution during an interview i did with him during his recent trip to israel. >> the decision as to where the borders would be as we move to a two-state solution, which i support, that's a decision on
1:55 pm
borders that will be worked out between israel and the palestinians. >> obama has rebuffed security concerns, but the israeli defense minister ahud barack told me that the relationship is solid. >> what president obama is doing for our security, more than anything i can remember in the past. >> wolf blitzer, cnn, washington. election day is just weeks away, but do you really know where the candidates for president stand? you may be surprised on what we found. [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan
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prescription free and save on refills at if you want to know exactly where the candidates stand and what they have said about the issues most important to you, we have the perfect online poll to break down. >> i want to point you to a really helpful resource that will help you follow not just where the candidates stand on key issues, but when those positions change, you can stay alerted and on top of this. this is, and within this we have an entire section right here that you can see that is called candidates and issues. and if you click on the issues page, here's what you have over there, you have this whole column you can close in on over here, and you click on which
1:59 pm
ever issue is most important to you, earning from taxes to health care, same-sex marriage, social security, you click on one of those, and between what you find there and the candidate weapon sites, you're going to find a lot of information. just giving you a taste here of what you can learn if you go to one of these sites. as one example, education, if you take a look at where president obama stands and mitt romney. president obama says that he started a stimulus based program. he also talked about doubling pell grants. mitt romney is for school choice programs and he also said that he will launch an unprecedented effort to t


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