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tv   Early Start  CNN  September 28, 2012 2:00am-4:00am PDT

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welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. it was at long last it was safe to play and to watch a pro football game. the real nfl officials made their season debut last night. the crew got a standing ovation from the crowd in baltimore before the ravens/browns game. football and therefore life as we know it nearly unraveled during prechaotic weeks with those replacement referees. roger goodell apologized to fans for the lockout but insisted the league and the referees were close to a deal even without that debacle last monday night. >> i believe we would have reached an agreement this week regardless of monday night or sunday night or the past weekend. everybody was to the point of getting this concluded. >> so how did the real guys do? cnn's nischelle turner is live in los angeles. what did unthink? any bad calls?
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>> reporter: well, it depends on who you're rooting for basically, john, you know, yes, the refs -- the real refs got a standing ovation last night and everyone was breathing a sigh of relief that they were back on the field but you know what, it did not take long for the boo birds to come out. it was about four minutes into the game in the first quarter when the refs made a holding call on the ravens, and you heard the boo birds so it was like, we're glad you're back, welcome back, we don't like your call, and, of course, we knew that we were going to hear that. i'm not sure i would say there were bad calls but when you're the home crowd and the call goes against your team there's never a call that you like. here's the benchmark i think of determining whether it was a successful first outing back for the regular refs. you didn't really notice that they were there and that is a good thing. >> it sure is. roger goodell claims it wasn't that debacle monday night that got them to the table finally to reach a deal. is that really credible?
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>> reporter: you know, it is credible, but altogether the 100% truth, not so sure, because, of course, when you have a play like what happened monday night and you do have replacement ref, that's going to push forward those negotiations because no one wants to see that, but roger goodell is correct. they have been negotiating a great deal before monday night's game happened and he did talk about that in the press conference that he had yesterday. let's listen to him. >> you know, we were in intensive negotiations for the last ten days. there were planned meetings. we met all through the weekend, planned meetings for tuesday morning. i think it was just another factor that kept pushing us, that this was the right thing for the game. >> reporter: and, john, you know, the interesting thing here is usually when referees are gearing up for the season they have to go through about a week of training before they get back on the field but since this deal
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was struck late wednesday night early thursday morning they wanted these guys back on the feel as soon as possible because it wouldn't have been fair if the replacement refs reffed one and the regular ones came back and did the rest of this week so they wanted to get them back so the regular refs reffed every single game this week. >> it seems like there's official denial. is roger goodell leveling with us saying whether the replacements did a good or bad job. >> he did offer an apology so i think he was giving a little bit of a mea culpa but what they were saying throughout the process and probably because there was a negotiation going on, they thought the replacement refs were doing an admirable job. i think those who watch the games would disagree with that. you can't really blame the refs. they were doing the best that they could and they were in
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almost in an impossible situation so i think now everyone is just saying we have our regular refs and let's go forward and pretend it didn't happen. >> the dame did come down to a hail mary case and they the refs didn't have to make a call on that. a labor dispute drags on. former negotiations are expected to resume between the nhl owners but too late to save the entire preseason. the league canceled the remainder of the preseason games yesterday. the two sides haven't met in over two weeks. the nhl season is scheduled to be october 11th if they can figure out to you to split its $3.3 billion in revenues. do not hold your breath. >> no kidding. five minutes past the hour. more questions than answers after a gunman went on a shooting rampage inside a minneapolis sign company. shots rang out around 4:30
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yesterday afternoon. at the accent signage systems building in the bryn mawr neighborhood on the north side of minneapolis, christine romans is here with all of the details. terrible trnlg di. >> reporter: you're right and politician say the gunman who killed two people also took his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. three wounded are now listed in critical company. the company employs around 25 people. this is a company known, has a patented technology for making signs in braille located in a mostly residential neighborhood. police s.w.a.t. teams filled the streets taking positions on a nearby bridge. governor mark dayton offered his condolences to the victims. dayton called these killings senseless violence saying there is no place for it anywhere in minnesota. still looking for a motive and trying to learn more about this gunman who is now dead >> that's terrible. thank you for that. we appreciate it. we go overseas to libya and
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the obama administration say terrorists clearly planned the attack on the consulate in benghazi. the american ambassador to libya was killed. leon panetta says there are still many unanswered questions that still do need to be resolved. >> as to who was involved, what specific groups were involved, i think the investigation that is ongoing hopefully will determine that. >> the fbi is investigating the attack but agents are not yet on the ground in benghazi due to concerns about security. they're still in tripoli right now and sources tell cnn the consulate site remains unsecured and staff is being removed from there in tripoli due to security reason there. >> the man who ignited this is in custody in los angeles this morning. but authorities claim it has nothing to do with that movie.
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nakoula basseley nakoula was held on alleged parole violations connected with his violati violation. he used at least 17 fake names including sam basseley, the pseudonym under which he made the film. investigators say the sons anarchy star beat and strangled his 81-year-old land lady before falling from the three-story home to his death. that's as police were approaching. drugs may have been involved but they say just don't have any proof yet. later police in roseville, michigan, will be drilling for clues in a search for the possible remains of jimmy hoffa. they will test soil samples from beneath the drivewaya home. looking for human remains, a tipster apparently told police a body was buried there around the time the teamsters union chief
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vanished 37 years ago why now? why now? >> a lot of questions about this. there are people who say maybe. you say -- >> no way. a colossal waste of time and money is exactly what i said. >> we will be investigating it in full shortly. meanwhile, driving while texting in most states is illegal. maybe texting while not walking near a cliff should be also. we'll have the real story coming up. ♪ keys, keys, keys, keys, keys. ♪ well, he's not very handsome ♪ to look at [ sighs ] ♪ oh, he's shaggy ♪ and he eats like a hog [ male announcer ] the volkswagen jetta. available with advanced keyless technology.
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[ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. sometime today president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu plan to speak by phone. may not be pleasant because the two leaders cannot seem to get on the same page when it comes to the threat of a nuclear iran. >> netanyahu has been calling on the president to get tough with the iranians to draw a red line. now, that hasn't happened so the
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israeli prime minister pulled out a couple of props at the united nations general assembly yesterday and drew his own red line. >> where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right he here. before, before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment. necessary to make a bomb. >> now, that cartoon exploded twitter you could say. foreign affairs reporter's le t elise lavin is here. there was a little outreach to the united states. >> definitely, i think in one sense there's been a lot between the two on this so-called red line and i think netanyahu was shocked he didn't meet him.
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he sees a real possibility that president obama can be off -- in office and knows he needs to work with president obama on a nuclear iran but at the same time, their presentation yesterday was very effective because he really sent out an urgency saying iran could have a bomb by next summer or spring. >> you know, i look at that red line. we were just talking about this, the camera caught us. what does that exactly mean when you cross that? >> it's a threshold over which if iran passes it then military action would be necessary and then there would be an agreement. he wants president obama to lay out if iran goes over this line, i'm in for military action. >> with some very specific details that are -- >> basically what the pme minister said was if iran reaches its final stage of enrichment needed for a nuclear bomb then, you know, he would want the united states to get involved. >> okay, so the president of the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas says he will continue to seek full u.n. membership. let's listen to this then i want
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you to chime in. >> translator: for peace, ladies and gentlemen, we will continue our efforts to obtain full membership for palestine at the united nations. [ applause ] we are confident that the vast majority of the countries of the world support our endeavor aimed at salvaging the chances for a just peace. >> so most countries have supported palestinian membership. any chance that the u.s. will? >> well, in a word, no. the united states thinks that this is a dramatic move, would really alienate the israelis and want the two parties to get back to the table to negotiate and the u.s. has even threatened to withhold aid if the palestinians continue on this track. >> all right, releae elise labo. thanks. 15 minutes past the hour. let's get you up to date and
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christian teen romans with this morning's top story. >> thank you, zoraida. it started with a standing ovation. fans of baltimore welcoming the real nfl refs back last night after suffering through three weeks of replacements. a scene likely to be repeated sunday. commissioner roger goodell apologized to the fans for the use of replacement refs and lifted 9 lockout after the two sides agreed on a new, eight-year labor deal. the romney campaign's ramping up its ad spending in three key states ahead of next wednesday's first presidential debate. over the next week it'll spend about $2.5 million i ohio, virginia, florida. recent polls show president obama is extending his lead in those states. if italian prosecutors get their way, six seismologists and one government official could get four years in prison for manslaughter over a bad prediction. they argue the scientists
2:16 am
downplayed the likelihood that a series of tremors in 2009 with a foreshadowing of a larger quake. more than 300 people died when a 6.3 magnitude quake shook the area in april of 2009. >> the sound of a frightened year-old deer but this animal is being brought to safety. the deer fell ten feet down an open pipe in arizona. no way to get itself out. that's when sheriff's deputies figures out the only way was to lasso it around the neck. you can hear it crying but it's a happy ending. >> new york is going to have another tourist attraction rather. the world's biggest ferris wheel. this is going to cost $230 million. scared of heights? >> yes, i am. >> it's going to be the new york wheel. part of a plan to draw visitors over to staten island. the 625-foot-high ferris wheel
2:17 am
will offer spectacular views of the statue of liberty. manhattan skyline so imagine from staten island what you can see looking toward manhattan. reminds me of the london eye. you can take the staten island ferry to it. >> this is america, better. >> sorry. >> if you're scared of height and claustrophobic, not a good idea because it's a closed seat. >> thanks for that. 17 minutes after the hour. time for your early news making the national headlines. the mayans predicted it. get ready for carmageddon. chill at home while the 405 is shut down for a construction project. work starts after rush hour tonight. this is all a sequel to road work that took place in july 2011. you'll remember that sparked fears of a traffic melt many down across the city but it never really took shape. what people in los angeles are
2:18 am
saying this time is it's september, not july so more worried but if they weren't worried about the traffic there they'd have nothing to talk about. >> every opportunity we have to tie something to the mayan privacies, we do that. we've literally seen the pitfalls of texting while walking. especially not a good idea when you live on the edge of a 60-foot cliff. this from "the alaska dispatch," a woman is recovering from multiple injuries, there she is right there after she lost her footing apparently. she slipped on wet grass and plummeted. she apparently was trying to toss a cigarette butt but walked a little too close to the edge because she was texting at the time. so firefighters swooped down on ropes together and say she is lucky since the tide was up to her toes when they finally get to her. >> the walking, texting, smoking near the cliff. seems like a bad combination. i don't know. >> oh, my gosh. poor woman. can you imagine going over. >> juggling also. maybe the only thing in
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♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. 100 calories... it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management we are minding your business. u.s. trading futures flat and u.s. stocks closed higher yesterday because spain finally released an official budget that included steep austerity cut.
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>> it is a milestone and marks the end of the third quarter. it wasn't so bad. >> wasn't so bad. if you open up your 401(k) statement when it comes in the mail or if you don't get it in the mail and electronic delivery it'll show about 6% gain for the s&p 500 so the stock portion of your 401(k), it did okay in the quarter. even though we found out that growth isn't that great and the economy, still worried about jobs, your stock market did okay. and we also found something interesting yesterday that the bureau of labor statistic revised back some of the job creation numbers. every month we get the big jobs report and tell you how many were created and took away a talking point from the republicans and that is that the president has lost jobs under his tenure. when you look at how they have revised some of the numbers, the president is now a net job creator barely. 4 million jobs were lost in the first year -- and change since the president took office and 4 million jobs have been added back, more than 4 million jobs added back.
2:24 am
nothing to write home about, i want to make clear but takes away a big criticism that republicans had. >> take as way a talking point. probably doesn't create a talking point for the obama team but -- >> absolutely. >> i want some more good news. mortgage rates, another low. this is insane. >> i feel like a broken record but record low mortgage rates again. in you have not refinanced and you are not superunderwater and you have a good credit score, you need to be -- i know, a lot of ifs. so the one of you who has not tried to refinance. 3.4%. 15-year, 2.73%. real money. let's imagine you have a $200,000 mortgage, you have $200,000 mortgage at 4.09%. that's what it would have been about a year ago. today if you refinance at these rates you're talking about a savings of $948 a year. that's real money. and that's why we like to see -- that's why the fed is trying to keep mortgage rates low.
2:25 am
they want that $948 a year savings for every $200,000 loan, they want it to be spent in the economy. >> offset the cost of refinancing it? >> at some point it will, yeah. i refinanced it and it's going to take anyone months to recoup it. i don't know if it's good or bad. after that it's just cash in my pocket. >> worth looking into. >> 25 minutes after the hour. coming up, the search for life on mars and why the mars rover might be in the perfect spot to find it. if you leave the house right now you can watch us any time. just go to cnn .com/ed. sure mus. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft.
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a new football bounty scandal. this time coaches are accused of offering kids cash for big hits. >> good gracious. caught in the act on camera. robbers in a smash and grab hit on a jewelry store. in the hottest wheels in the world, the muscle cars that take the paris motor show by store. did you say good gracious. >> i'm so tired of the stories in the morning, you know. don't the thieves know that there is a camera now set to catch them? >> i've always been told crime is dumb so they shouldn't be surprised. >> stupid criminal files. we'll put them all on for you. >> welcome back, everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. 30 minutes past the hour. another scandal rocking the football world. this scandal involves 10-year-olds and 11-year-olds playing pop warner. coach is accused of offering
2:30 am
cash for crushing hits and casey wian reports. >> reporter: the 2011 tustin team went undefeated. >> they knew they were on the verge of greatness and indeed went to the pop warner super bowl in florida and because it knew that it had the players in place to get that far, it was probably willing to push the boundaries of what was acceptable and they got carry add way. >> reporter: john zanelli, then an assistant coach of the team, now says other coaches on the team offered the boys $20 cash bounties for big hits on opposing players. zanelli declined to speak on camera but off camera confirmed details of the alleged bounty program first reported by keith sharon and frank mickadet of "the orange county register".
2:31 am
>> six out of a team of 22 saying it happened, confirming it happened so there's little doubt -- there's no doubt in my mind that it happened wrt we spoke with one player from the 2011 tustin red cobras team whose parents didn't want him identified. the player told us coaches did discuss cash incentives for big hits and that after games players would vote on which player would receive the money. he also said he saw a coach give a player cash. daryn crawford, head coach of the cobras call those claims nonsense. did you ever suggest or pay for a player to hurt a player on other team? >> absolutely not. i think they're trumped up charges. i think john made these charges up in his head and wrote them down on paper i believe to national pop warner, nothing like that ever happened on my team. >> i've been a team mom for him for two of those four years so i'm not considwhat you consider
2:32 am
bystander and i never heard anything mentioned in the nature of any kind of bounty. >> the conference investigated the claims and called them unfounded or overstated. late thursday, the national pop warner organization suspended crawford and the tustin president saying in light of new information and players coming forward who did not participate in the league investigation, national pop warner will intervene to further investigate. crawford and other parents with boys still on the team say za l zanelli's claims are because of past problems. the 2011 season ended with a loss in the national semifinals. a successful season tarnished by a bitter rift among the team's coaches, parents and players over allegations that players were paid to play hard. john, zoraida? >> that's casey wian.
2:33 am
you were outraged by the story. >> i am. these are 10-year-olds and 11-year-olds and when they're exposed this type of thing it becomes common practice in the future. if this is true -- >> you should have seen her reacting. >> i have a kid that plays sports and would like to continue playing sports and i think you have -- when you have these folks that are really affecting your children and how they develop and how they think in the future about sports, you have a responsibility and so it does outrage me. >> we have some happier -- >> i talk for a lot of parents. >> you'll be there soon. >> 34 minutes after the hour. the real nfl refs getting a hero's welcome in baltimore. >> this is incredible. have they ever gotten a standing ovation is what i want to know. >> first three weeks due to the lockout and roger goodell apologized to fans for use of the replacement refs and the new agreement is expected to be ratified by union members before sunday's game. >> with the first presidential
2:34 am
debate just five days away, mitt romney's handlers are trying to lower expectaons. the two candidates go toe to toe wednesday night in denver. romney's longtime adviser beth myers releasing a memo outlying reasons why the gop challenger is likely to finish second. she says the president is "a uniquely gifted speaker and one of the most talented political communicators in modern history." two more battleground states leaning towards obama. according to the latest cnn polls. in nevada likely voters favor the president by three points over mitt romney, 49% to 46%. meantime, in virginia, the president has an even wider lead, 49% to 44%. >> sledgehammer smash and grab. the fbi has released dramatic video of suspects who robbed a saks fifth avenue store. investigators say he ran in the store an hour before closing
2:35 am
time and used sledge hammers to destroy a display case and $5,000 reward for these suspects. all clear after a bomb scare caused a brief evacuation of a terminal. they found a grenade-like item inside the luggage of an incoming passenger. the passenger said it was inert but terminal four was evacuated just in case. it turned out to be a paperweight and the terminal was re-opened for business. a couple weeks ago we told you about a renoir painting that a virginia woman bought for $7. a "washington post" reporter said it was stolen from a baltimore museum way back in 1951. now the painting, this was supposed to go to the highest bidder but the auction has been canceled and the fbi is now on the case. i'm sure the museum wants the
2:36 am
painting back. >> how much did she pay for it. >> 7 bucks. >> oh, my goodness. all right, nasa scientists believe the mars curiosity rover has landed in a spot where water once flowed and rocks show evidence they were formed in the presence of water. perhaps even a stream. scientists think at one time the water flowing through this portion of the crater was between ankle and -- >> i like the idea of it going wading. the paris motor show opens to the public this weekend and you're about to see the muscle car that everyone is buzzing about. >> but the new jaguar f type isn't the only machine on display that will give you an adrenaline rush. here's nina dell santos. >> reporter: this year's paris motor show has eye-catching cars. this jaguar f type with 495 horsepower it's expected to be one of the most significant vehicles for this company in the best part of 50 years. in the midrange of the market it's all about combining
2:37 am
flexibility with fuel efficiency. often in compact cars. but let's face it, many of us are curious about the tough going on underneath the hood. this in-car espresso machine that plugs into your lighter socket. you can have a fresh cup of coffee ideal for commuters who have to leave without that badly needed hit of caffeine. nina dell santos, cnn, paris. not bad. could do with a bit more sugar. >> it plugs into the car, coffee to go. i love that. that is a great idea. i want one. we should pitch in. up next a woman who would not take no for an answer. she led the push to shut down her daughter's failing school. now her story of perseverance has been made into a movie called "won't back down." we'll meet this woman. ♪ well, he's not very handsome ♪ to look at [ sighs ]
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have you heard about those mothers who lift one-ton trucks off their babies? they're nothing compared to me. >> a brand-new movie "won't back down" starring maggie gyllenhaal and viola davis based on the real-life struggle of a california mother who led the push to shut down her daughter's failing school. i sat down with her to hear the true story behind the film. >> she was crying every day because she didn't want to go to school. they were overcrowded. they had 20 plus kids in the class. the kids were fistfighting in there. the teacher had no control. where your school is failing this terribly you're killing their dreams, you're killing their hopes. you're killing their self-esteem. >> reporter: doreen diaz, the mother who inspired the movie says she tried for three years to work within the system to turn her daughter's school around but she was stonewalled. >> the superintendent at the time, i had gone to him with the issues and talked to him and his
2:42 am
solution to me was only ever if you don't like the school or you don't like the teachers, you can change schools. >> reporter: she rallied other parents to enact a little known california law called the parent trigger law. if at least 50% of parents at a failing school sign a petition, they can take control and either bring in new staff, modify teacher contracts, convert the school into a charter school or shut down the school entirely. to successfully pull the trigger, doreen reached out to ben austin, founder of the education advocacy group parent revolution. >> it's not about these false choices that have gotten us into this mess in the first place. are you for charter schools or district schools? are you for teacher's unions. it's about giving parents some power fundamentally. >> reporter: with ben's help doreen and the parents were able to shut down the failing school. they're now working to replace it with a charter school.
2:43 am
but not every parent is impressed with the message of "won't back down." >> this was definitely that showed the divide between the teachers and parents almost like they can't worktogether. >> reporter: this woman is a member of the parent-led new york city organization coalition for educational justice. >> we understood from the work we've been doing for more than ten years it takes all of us even the department of education to work together. >> reporter: she's also worked with randy wieingartenweingarte. randy says trigger laws like the one in california don't work. >> the trigger law is after a school has failed, the main choice for a parent is to put it in private hands and take it away from public accountability. as opposed to many of us championing having community-driven reform so that schools never get into that position. >> reporter: though doreen and
2:44 am
zakiyah stand on different sides of the issue, they both share the same motivation, quality education for all children. >> this movie sends a sense of what happened to doreen is wrong. there is no doubt about that, that should never happen and as a parent, that's engaged in this, i stand with her to say we have to stand up for our kid. >> we're not willing to give up the fight. doesn't matter how much they put up the blockade, but ultimately at the end of the day, our kids are going to get a better education because we believe this them. >> parent trigger laws similar to those in california have been passioned in texas, louisiana and mississippi. right now 12 other states are considering similar measures. these two women to me were incredibly inspiring. these women know policy. and they are set to change. zakiyah has eight kids who have gun through the public school system and doreen actually graduated before she's be able to see the change happen to her school but they're still committed. i think that's the powerful
2:45 am
voice. >> i think passion about education no matter how it's directed can only be positive. >> can be a good thing. 45 minutes after the hour. we shift gears here. lots of beer but no happy hour. no, not at all. take a look at this sorry, sorry site. the story behind this coming up. oh, heartbreaking. leaving the house right now watch us any time on your desktop or mobile phone, go to
2:46 am
you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank.
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2:48 am
49 minutes of the hour. want to get you up to speed on all the top stories. christine is here with that. >> are you ready for real football? back to football for the real football officials. the refs got a standing ovation and roger goodell apologized for the use of replacement refs during the season's first three weeks. the referees' union is expected
2:49 am
to ratify a new labor deal before sunday's games. families of those killed in the awe rory movie massacre have until today to decide in they want to visit the theater before renovations begin. the owners asked the d.a. to reach out to the family and wounded. it happened in july that killed 12 people and wounded 58 others. the theater should re-open around the end of the year. a teenage boy from chula vista, california, has died after playing the so-called pass out game. this is a game that involves teens hyperventilating and cutting off oxygen to get a buzz 15-year-old david nunio repeated what he saw. when he passed out he landed on a glass tumbler on the floor and suffered a severe injury. a semi truck carrying loads of beer rolled over yesterday on
2:50 am
i-70 overpass in wheat ridge, colorado. the accident sent all of its cargo over the ramp onto the highway below and took several hours for workers to clean up the mess below and the truck driver suffered minor injuries. >> not a lot of calories. it was lite beer. >> i'm surprised you didn't take a jet over there just to hang out on the highway. >> we're chartering to the highway to take care of that. all right. 50 minutes past the hour. travel plans take you through the northeast, beware, dark skies and rain. alexandra steele in for rob marciano. it's not all bad news, is it. >> no, because it's friday. >> unless you work tomorrow. >> that's right but still a friday, right, so happy it's a friday but certainly a rough go on the roads as zoraida was talking b here's all that radar, slow-moving rain and it's not just this morning. it'll languish throughout the day. so from albany, new york, down to new york city, fairfield, litchfield county in toward
2:51 am
boston, that's where the heaviest rain is this morning and will be through the afternoon then what it is is actually a front. and right along that front, that's where all that rain is so it's kind of going to train over the same areas all day long back toward kentucky and also through tennessee and then down toward west texas where some of the heaviest rains will be so some major problems at the airports and talk about where they are. in the northeast, there's that area of low pressure with the rain, also west texas, but, hey, in chicago and points north, beautiful conditions in the upper midwest. warm, though, in the southeast, temperatures there, ten degrees above average. atlanta, charlotte, birmingham, beautiful conditions, but here's where the troubles will be if you're flying or driving, new york, philadelphia, boston, all around new york city, hartford even, albany dallas and charlotte. so some big troubles in the northeast, getaway day and a lot of these big hubs will be impacted. but, hey, if you're watching the ryder cup, the forecast for you coming up and things looking great so have that in just a few moments. >> always nice to have a warning
2:52 am
too. so thank you. >> good time to watch our show because we have a packed hour ahead on "early start." the search for jimmy hoffa restarting today. authorities digging into a driveway outside of detroit doing this on a tip, could the result this time be different than all those other past times? we'll ask the author of "the hoffa wars" who has spoken to the current tipster. from the red line to red tag sales. iran's president enjoying what new york city has to offer and sending his people out on a discount shopping spree. >> you've got to be kidding me. plus, a pizza party just for people 21 and over. a pizza place serving pie with toppings soaked in booze. this exists on earth. >> all right. but first, the king dethroned which rapper just passed elvis presley's billboard milestone? so the answer, folks, may surprise you.
2:53 am
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welcome back to "early start." it is 56 minutes past the hour. let's take a look at what's trending this morning. >> i love this story. a dream is about to come true for adam greenberg. he was drilled below the ear with a 92-mile-an-hour fastball. it was the only pitch he ever saw in his major league career. didn't count as an at-bat. suffered vertigo and vision issues since but now the marlins have announced they signed him to a one-day big league contract to play on tuesday so he will get an official at-bat. wonderful. >> that is so tough to look at, though, when he took that hit. okay, you're right. now bigger than elvis, lil wayne
2:57 am
has topped the king of pop for a solo artist. lil wayne has 109 hot 100 songs beating elvis presley's mark of 108 that began with the first hot 100 chart back in 1958. here's the deal. elvis fans say he's only been the lead artist on 42 of those tracks and sounds like "heartbreak" hotel were out before that chart even existed. >> winning on a technicality. the photo bomb to end all photo bombs. this photo is everywhere. a picture of three terrified women posing for a picture when a guy lifts a stingray onto their backs. we'll see it taken on one of those excursions. trust me. you'll want to see this picture. we'll show it to you later in the hour. it's better when you see it. >> we'll get it to you. president obama on a campaign stop in the swing state of ohio, the setting for this week's saturday night live thursday election special.
2:58 am
>> i understand your frustration. i said from day one that real change take more than one term or even one president. i don't know if it will even happen in eight years, might take 12. frankly, i might be long dead. maybe you'll be dead too. you hear what i'm saying? >> um, i guess. >> look, we're in a deep financial hole. the numbers are bad. 23 million people out of work. but things are getting better. remember that movie, "the sixth sense." i'm like the kid in that movie. i see employ people. i know you don't see them. don't even know they're there. but one day all of you will be bruce willis and you'll realize that you were employed all along. wouldn't that be nice?
2:59 am
[ applause ] >> i see employed people. "early start" continues right now. haven't we seen this before? a last-second hail mary pass with the real nfl refs on the field? >> what happened? >> what happened this time coming up. >> also today, what police are saying about the victims and the gunman in a deadly shooting inside a minnesota office building. plus, the search for jimmy hof hoffa. today the first step toward possibly solving this decades-old mystery. at last. maybe. or maybe not. >> maybe not. >> good morning, welcome to "early start" i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. it is 6:00 a.m. in the east. up first -- rock star referees? the real nfl officials made their season debut last night. they got a standing ovation from the crowd, at m&t bank stadium in baltimore before the
3:00 am
ravens/browns game. nfl fans were fit to be tied after three chaotic weeks with all of the replacement refs. commissioner roger goodell apologized for the drawn-out dispute and said both sides were ready to make a deal even without monday night's blown call heard around the world. >> i believe we would have reached agreement this week regardless of monday night or sunday night or the point of getting this concluded. is >> so how did the real zebras do? cnn's michelle turner is live in los angeles. how did they do? >> it's funny, zoraida, because i was kind of watching the game, taking some notes because i knew i was going to talk to you guys today about it. and one of the things that i wrote down was, kind of hard to pay attention to the referees while watching on television. but, that's actually translated into a good thing. because if you don't notice the referees, that's when you know they're doing a good job when you really can't pick out any big calls that they did. everyone was breathing a sigh of
3:01 am
relief that they were back on the field and this lockout was over. they got the standing ovation, like you talked about. but it didn't take long for the fans, and the booers to come out. because of course there's always calls that fans don't like. >> penalty is declined. fourth down. >> and there you can hear the boos there when there's a holding call called on the ravens last night. the home crowd certainly didn't like that. so it was kind of like, welcome back to the nfl. we're not too happy with that call. and also there was another call, third quarter, about seven minutes in, at the game a helmet-to-helmet hit call and the crowd definitely didn't like that. you can really hear the boos there. and so, they were back then. but of course it wasn't like they were actually bad calls. they were just calls that the home crowd did not like. and then we had the end of the game, and it was almost like when you saw this pass, you thought, is it groundhog's day. the end of the game, a hail mary
3:02 am
pass, going all the way down the field, and what happened here? are we going to see a replay of what happened on monday night? well, not so much. the ball is knocked down, the game's over, and the ref there is very definitive about what happened, no catch. so -- >> that's really good news? >> they did really well, yes, exactly. >> wouldn't it have been something if it would have been a repeat. that would have really been something. commissioner goodall actually took a lot of heat here and a lot of folks are commandering what it was that pushed a settlement and he said it wasn't the infamous bad call, because they had been negotiating all along. what do you know about that? >> well, you know, the thing is he does say that. and they were in negotiations before that bad call happened. but you have to think because of the bad call, it kind of fast-forwarded things. and he talked about that at the press conference that he had yesterday. let's listen to a little bit of what the commissioner said. >> we were in intensive negotiations for the last ten days. there were planned meetings, we met all through the weekend,
3:03 am
planned meetings for tuesday morning. i think it was just another factor that kept pushing us that this is the right thing for the game. >> and, and what he said, basically, was, and you heard it before, that he pretty much knew that a deal would get done this week. they got the deal done late wednesday so the refs could be back on the field for thursday because it wouldn't be fair to have replacement refs reffing thursday night's game and then the regular refs k07ing in and reffing the rest of the games on sunday. so they had to make the decision to get everybody back, get them back quickly, so that everyone could have the same referee crews throughout the week. >> what did he say about those replacement refs? did he think that they did a good job? >> you know, i don't know if he went as far to say they did a good job but they did maintain that they thought they did admirable work for the position that they were in. and everybody did say they knew they were in pretty much over their head. but here's a quick little fun fact for you guys. i don't know if you've ever seen the movie "the replacements." well that's about replacement
3:04 am
players playing in the national football league. that movie was filmed at m&t bank stadium. >> oh, really? >> in baltimore. where the game was last night. a little bit fitting. the movie "the replacements" was filmed there and the real refs come back in the same city. >> there's a concept. all right, thank you nischelle turner live for us. we appreciate it. >> well, be happy you can watch good football right now because the entire hockey season may be out the door. the enhire nhl preseason on ice, the regular season in jeopardy, too. the national hockey league canceling the rest of its exhibitions games yesterday. here's the good hockey news. formal labor negotiations are expected to resume today. the regular season is scheduled to begin october 11th if the league and its union can figure up out to dive very up $3.3 billion in revenues. >> you think it's a best though? >> i'm not optimistic. >> all right. that would be terrible. all right, five minutes past the hour. police are trying to figure out
3:05 am
why a gunman went on a deadly rampage inside a minneapolis sign company. the death toll rising this morning. the shooter killing four people before turning the gun on himself. shots rang out around 4:30, this was yesterday afternoon, at the accent signage systems building on the north side of the city. christine romans is here with more details for us. >> just a small business making indoor signs in a sleepy part of town. police say the gunman killed four people, also took his own life, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. this company, accent signage systems employs around 25 people. it's known for making signs in braille. the business is located in a mostly residential neighborhood. police s.w.a.t. teams filled the streets, taking positions on a nearby bridge late yesterday afternoon. in a statement, governor mark dayton offered his condolences to these victims. dayton calls the killings seineless, saying there's no place for it anywhere in minnesota. >> thank you very much. >> we'll continue to get more
3:06 am
details as we find out more about motive. >> six minutes past the hour. the obama administration has concluded that terrorists clearly planned the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. 2 1/2 weeks ago that killed four americans as you know including chris stevens, the american ambassador to libya. defense secretary leon panetta said yesterday that it took some time to gather feedback on exactly what took place there. and there are still many unanswered questions that need to be resolved. >> what terrorists were involved, i think, still remains to be determined by the investigation. but it clearly was a group of terrorists who conducted that attack against that facility. >> the fbi is investigating the attack but agents are not yet sure -- not yet on the ground in benghazi due to concerns about security, which is ongoing there. they're still in tripoli. and sources tell cnn that the consulate site remains unsecured, as well. meanwhile, staff is being removed from the u.s. embassy in tripoli due to security reasons.
3:07 am
there's this major development. the men who made that anti-muslim film that ignited protests across the muslim world, he's in custody in los angeles this morning. but authorities claim it had nothing to do with the movie. he was ordered head yesterday on alleged parole violations connected with his conviction for bank fraud. he was ordered not to own or use devices with access to the web without approval from his probation officer. and court records show he used at least 17 fake names including sam bacile, the pseudonym under which he made that film. police in roseville, michigan, will begin grilling for clues in a search for possible remains of jimmy hoffa. they'll test soil samples from underneath the driveway of a home for human remains. a tipster told police a body was buried there around the time the teamsters union chief vanished 37 years ago. believe it or not. >> i do not believe this. still ahead -- >> you never know, right?
3:08 am
>> you never know. we are going to talk about this more coming up. all ght. the cast of the hit show is in shock this morning after police say a young actor killed his elderly landlady and plunged to his own death. what on earth happened to sons what on earth happened to sons of anarchy star johnny lewis? thought of -- fidelity. e now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things you want from a bank, like no-fee atms, all over the world. free checkwriting and mobile deposits. now depositing a check is as easy as taking a picture. free online bill payments. a highly acclaimed credit card with 2% cash back into your fidelity account. open a fidelity cash management account today and discover another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity.
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welcome back to "early start." it is 12 minutes past the hour. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. president obama and benjamin netanyahu plan to have a little chat on the telephone today. and it could get testy. they don't have the best of relationships. the two leaders still don't see eye-to-eye when it comes to the threat of a nuclear iran. >> netanyahu has been pressuring
3:12 am
the president to draw a red line. so the israeli prime minister drew a red line of his own yesterday, literally, at the united nations. >> where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right here. before -- before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment necessary to make a bomb. >> foreign affairs reporter elise labott is with us this morning. that was very powerful. a very powerful morning. -- moment that is. but was it effective? >> well, i think it got people's attention. and then when prime minister netanyahu said, listen, iran could have a bomb by next spring or summer of 2013, i think people took up and noticed. he got a lot of applause in the hall. and i think that the world has a new urgency about needing to do something about iran's nuclear program. everyone very concerned that israel could launch a preemptive strike, and you know, what that
3:13 am
could do to the region. oil markets, i think everyone now is looking a little bit more closely at it. >> he went out of his way to praise president obama in his speech before the united nations. i thought that was interesting. >> well, you know, there's been a lot of tension between these two leaders over the so-called red line. this threshold over which, if iran were to cross, what could spark military action that the u.s. might get involved with? president obama went in his speech and said, i will do what i must to stop an iranian nuclear weapon, and i think because there's this tension, prime minister netanyahu wanted to say listen, i appreciate you going that far. look he's looking at the polls. he sees that it's very likely that president obama could be re-elected. and he knows he's going to need his help. he may need to work to the. >> the big subject today, especially a big subject all week is syria. today our secretary of state hillary clinton will be meeting with other leaders from around the region and beyond to discuss this issue. >> that's right. she's hosting a meeting of the so-called friends of syria. it's a group of countries from the region, from europe, that are working really hard. you know, this is really
3:14 am
bedeviled the international community for a lot of reasons, not always that president bashar al assad won't step down, but at the same time, the security council hasn't been able to act. world powers, like a lack of political will to take action to get bashar al assad out. and also the opposition really isn't organized. and i think today what they want to do is try and get the rebels on the ground that are fighting, the political people on the ground that are trying to help the syrian people, and also these exiles to start working to the towards a common vision. because they're really all over the place. >> meantime those numbers of people being killed just continue to escalate. >> that's right. >> elise labott. thank you so much. we appreciate that. >> 15 minutes after the hour right now. want to get you up to speed on all the top stories. >> good morning, thank you. starting with a standing ovation. fans at baltimore welcoming the real nfl refs back last night. after suffering through three weeks of replacements, it's a scene likely to be repeated at nfl stadiums sunday. commissioner roger goodell
3:15 am
apologized to fans for the use of replacement refs. the league lifted its lookout of the officials after the two sides agreed on a new eight-year labor deal. police are trying to piece together the bizarre final moments of actor johnny lewis' life. investigators say the "sons of anarchy" beat and strangled his 81-year-old landlady before falling from the three story home to his death, this as police sirens approached. investigators say drugs may have been involved but they have no proof yet. they're still trying to piece it all together. after sharing his vision of a new world order with the u.n., iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad kicked back and enjoyed a little western highlight. this according to the new york daily news. booking two entire floors at the posh warwick hotel in manhattan where a single sweet goes for $1600 a night. he even had three personal chefs on hand. and while ahmadinejad dined, his staffers were scrambling around town on a shopping spree. we're told they hit costco,
3:16 am
walgreens, and duane reade stores stocking up on shampoo, vitamins, cheap clothes. items hard to found in iran. no word yet on how they got into costco because you do need a membership card. >> all the paper towels. how do you get those in the luggage back to iran? >> ironic. >> thank you very much, christine. a pizza that the kids are not allowed to eat. salvatore's, a chain of pizza shops in boston. do you know about these? serves a pie called the vignolla cherry pizza. made with fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, prosciutto, honey. all sounds delicious. but here's the kicker. it is topped with cherries that have been soaked in raspberry vodka. maybe the idea came after a few drinks, right? >> we jazz the pizzas up. somebody said les put booze on them. i'm like, that would be kind of cool. >> so if you're under 21, too bad for you.
3:17 am
they card at salvatore's when anyone orders the pie. >> sounds like college. someone said let's put booze on it so i said okay. 17 minutes after the hour right now. coming up, president obama, job creator? it's true, as of now. according to a new report. we'll tell you about it. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
3:18 am
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welcome back. we are minding your business this morning.
3:21 am
president obama made the job creator since taking office according to new data from the bureau of labor statistics. >> might make it interesting for the republicans and their talking point. >> takes the talking point away from them. they're saying there are fewer jobs today than when the president took office, he was not able, this is the obama job market, the obama economy. but now because of revisions, you know, labor economists and the government are always looking over these numbers and scrubbing them because of revisions they found another 386,000 jobs which means that technically on paper, president obama is a net job creator. it's notng to really brag about. you quantity to be adding 150,000 jobs a month just to keep up with new people in the population, but it does mean that the president came into office, remember we were losing zillions of jobs. and then it bottomed out, and since then now he has come back and he is now in that job creator actually up 125,000. i think you're right. you won't see this in an ad for the president but now you can see it in an ad for his opposition. >> and they'll capitalize on it. >> they will. they will. but conservatives will say, and
3:22 am
team romney will say, look, you got a labor participation rate which is back to 1981 levels. people are left out of this recovery. 60% of the jobs that have been created are low-wage jobs. there are thousands of different statistics you can use in this story. it takes away talking point for the republicans basically. >> i'm going to take you back to something positive. mortgage rates, all-time lows again. >> again. i feel like a broken record. but mortgage rates keep going down. the federal reserve says they want to keep interest rates low and the markets are definitely responding. you've got a 30-year fixed rate of $3.4%. a 15-year fixed rate of 2.73%. part of the reason the whole world is so uncertain, investors around the world are throwing money into treasury bonds because that's the safest place in the world to be and that drives interest rates down. so this is really, for a family with a $200,000 mortgage a year ago that mortgage was at 4.09%. you refinance today at the new record lows, you're saving $948 a year.
3:23 am
that's real money. >> that is real. quickly what is the one thing we need to know about our money? >> today is the end of the quarter. so you're going to start to get your statements in the mail. and it's going to show the stock part of your portfolio is up. the s&p 500 is up nearly 6% over the past three months. >> thanks for that. >> don't be scared to open it. >> open it up and read it and prepare. all right. >> thank you very much, christine. 23 minutes past the hour. years of rumors, conspiracy theories, and tips that led nowhere. but now authorities led to a suburban detroit home in the search for jimmy hoffa's body. we will talk to someone who's followed this case for years, and has spoken to the new tipster. listen, folks, if you're leaving the house right now you can watch us on your desktop, on your mobile phone, go to there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62%
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3:27 am
one of america's great unsolved mysteries. what happened to legendary teamsters boss jimmy hoffa? today we could be a step closer to finding out. cheers for the real refs. even a standing ovation, folks. locked-out nfl officials returned. how did they do? president obama, the target of a stinging political documentary. the man behind the movie 2016, obama's america, he joins us live. welcome back to "early start" everyone, i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sam 3w0en.
3:28 am
28 minutes past the hour. in just a few hours police will start drilling under the driveway of a home in roseville, michigan. they're hoping to solve of one america's great mysteries. what happened to teamsters union boss jimmy hoffa. investigators are working off a tip from someone who says he was present when a body was buried there at the time hoffa disappeared. this was back in 1975. they will dig up soil samples today and test for human remains. the local police chief says the hipster's information seems credibility but he's not convinced that they will find hoffa's remains. >> we're just investigating, this is a cold case homicide. and that has been our focus since the beginning. if it somehow happens to be mr. hoffa, well, great, we'll end a major mystery. >> cnn's susan candiotti is live in roseville, michigan, right outside of detroit. and susan, how confident are these investigators that they will find jimmy hoffa's remains?
3:29 am
>> well, zoraida, you heard from the chief, among other people, who are saying they're approaching this with a heavy dose of skepticism. certainly they do believe, the police, anyway, that this tipster is credible enough that he believes he saw what could have been a body buried beneath a driveway here behind me, many, many years ago. and they won't say exactly why they have this high degree of confidence in this man. however, they do say that after all -- because this man is convinced and that he told them, among other things, that he's very old now, he has no family, no friends, nothing to be afraid of, that they're convinced that it was good enough for them to move forward. and the free press newspaper here says the tipster also told them that a man who used to live here years ago was a bookie for detroit mobster john joccoloni so that's another reason why they might have some confidence. they took some equipment here,
3:30 am
noticed an anomaly beneath the ground there and that's why they're bringing in the drill. retired fbi agents that we spoke with who worked on this case say why would someone be -- like that be buried here in the middle of a neighborhood that's very busy? and also, they firmly believe that hoffa was incinerated years ago when he initially disappeared. >> yeah. and a front driveway. you know, i'm just a little skeptical about this. but i suspect that there are people who live in that house right now. what's their reaction to awful this? >> you know, it's an elderly woman and her son. and police said you can imagine when they knocked on the door, and they try to keep everything quiet, told them they had a search warrant, told them what it was about, they went, what? shocked, to say the least. but they've been fully cooperative. and once they cut the circle and drill down, if they get a positive result that there are human remains, then there will be a full-blown excavation. but those first results aren't expected to come back for another week or so. so, there's a lot of waiting involved here. zoraida?
3:31 am
>> well, susan candiotti, we are very grateful that you are there for us, live in roseville, michigan. thank you. and later in this hour we're going to talk about dan moldea, the author of "the hoffa wars." he's been talking to the tipster who alerted police to the michigan location. >> 31 minutes after the hour. the real nfl refs getting a hero's welcome in baltimore. for refs. they finally returned to the field last night after missing the first three weeks of the regular season due to that lockout. nfl commissioner roger goodell apologized to fans for the use of replacement refs. the new agreement between the league and referees union is expected to be ratified before sunday's games. the vatican newspaper is responding to a harvard professor's claim that she found an ancient piece of scripture in which jesus refers to my wife. she says the purported fourth century papyrus fragment, written in the coptic language, is a fake. in an article and an
3:32 am
accompanying editorial the vatican newspaper cited concerns about the fragment's authenticity, and the way in which it was purchased, as well. 32 minutes after the hour right now. another famous college marching band suspended over a hazing scandal. and allegations of excessive paddling. i think any paddling is excessive, by the way. band members and school officials facing questions this morning. allow natural gas produs to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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welcome back to "early start." with just over five weeks to go before america votes cnn is going in-depth to give you the information you need on the key issues in the race.
3:36 am
>> this morning, a look at health care. the issue is back in the spotlight this week after mitt romney said people without insurance can always just go to an emergency room. here's a look at how the two candidates stand. cnn chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta. >> since president obama's health care law was enacted, 3.1 million people under the age of 26 are now covered by their parents plans. and preventive care is covered 100% by insurance companies. seniors, in particular, have benefited on prescription drugs. >> seniors who fall in the coverage gap known as the doughnut hole will start getting some help. they'll receive $250 to help pay for prescriptions, and that will, over time, fill in the doughnut hole. >> 5.5 million seniors have saved a total of nearly $4.5 billion on prescription drugs since the law was enacted. that's according to the health and human services department. >> i have strengthened medicare. we've added years to the life of medicare.
3:37 am
we did it by getting rid of taxpayer subsidies to insurance companies that weren't making people healthier. >> reporter: by 2014 the law requires everyone to have health insurance. whether they purchase it themselves, or through their employers. and insurers can't deny you if you have a pre-existing condition. or increase your rates. in hopes of covering more people the law planned to expand medicaid to the states with the aim of covering 17 million more people. but the supreme court ruled in june that it was up to each state to decide whether to expand coverage. the law has become a cornerstone of the obama campaign. >> i refuse to eliminate health insurance for millions of americans who are poor and elderly or disabled all so those with the most can pay less. >> reporter: but romney says the affordable care act is unaffordable. >> we know that health care is too expensive. obama care doesn't make it less expensive.
3:38 am
>> reporter: romney and his running mate paul ryan propose to cap malpractice insurance. cut medicaid by $810 billion over the next ten years. give states more control over their medicaid funds. overhaul medicare. the overhaul? people now younger than 55, when they reach retirement, would have the option of getting a voucher to purchase private insurance. or they could stick with traditional medicare. >> this financial support system is designed to guarantee that seniors can always afford medicare coverage, no exceptions. >> reporter: while the repeal of obama care would get rid of the prescription drug benefit to seniors, romney doesn't want to take out all of the law's provisions. >> we have to make sure that people who have pre-existing conditions are able to get insured and that folks that get sick don't get dropped by their insurance company. >> reporter: douglas holtz icon, the president of the american action form, he doesn't support the current health care law. >> both sides agree that the amount we spend on medicare has
3:39 am
to be capped. they just disagree on how to get there. romney and ryan say, what we're going to do is give the money to seniors, give them a place to go, shop for competing choices. if they don't like the care they're getting, they go to another choice and that will be the cap. >> reporter: jonathan cohen supports the law and writes about health care for the new republic. >> the obama budget says look we want to hold down costs to this target and we're going to do our very best to accomplish that. but, we're also not going to sacrifice benefits. no matter what happens, we will make sure that seniors get the same level of benefits they're getting now. >> reporter: both obama and romney agree, that health care needs to be more affordable. they just disagree about how to do that. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. >> all right, thanks, sanjay. meanwhile, police in roseville, michigan, are about to begin drilling for clues in a search for the possible remains of jimmy hoffa. they will test soil samples from underneath a driveway.
3:40 am
a teamster told police a body was buried there around the time the teamster's union chief vanished 37 years ago. that's what a tipster says. let's turn to the author of "hoffa wars." he's been following this story since hoffa first disappeared. dan, you've been communicating with this tipster since last march. you've talked to him several times since then. tell us about this person. >> he called me on march 30th, and he told me, and i got dozens of these tips over the past 37 years, he told me that he knew specifically where jimmy hoffa's body was buried. of course, i was very skeptical. i questioned him about a number of things. he -- i was -- i remained skeptical throughout the interview. the cast of characters didn't line up. the location of the place, and there was absolutely no privacy for this. so i suggested did he go to the fbi. the fbi apparently was very
3:41 am
skeptical about him, as well, having the same problems with cast of characters. he called me back two or three times, and he -- and i told him to go to the local police, the roseville police department. which he did. and i have to hand it to chief berlin and the roseville police department for pursuing this lead. they questioned him intensively. they brought the ground radar equipment. they detected something down there. i don't know if it's a body or a root of a tree. something's down there. and they are doing the good police work and they're going to find out what it is. >> explain to me who this tipster is. what kind of informant is this? where does he fit in the puzzle? and why is he coming forward now? >> he is not a mob guy. and he's not connected, per se. he is a gambler, who had a -- had a affiliation, a connection with a bookmaker in detroit, who was working with tony jaccolo. what was interesting to me was that tony was one of the two people that jimmy hoffa was supposed to meet at the time of his disappearance.
3:42 am
he was a major mafia figure in detroit, died in 2001. and anthony provazano, who was president of local 506 in union city new jersey. that piqued our interest and that was one of the reasons why, at least we were willing to see through this. he was adamant, i was very skeptical throughout this thing. i continue to be skeptical. it's like 1% of 1% of 1% of 1%. but he is adamant. he absolutely says, it's almost matter of fact with him. i spoke with him last night and it's matter of fact with him, even at this eleventh hour that this is going to be jimmy hoffa. once again the police have determined that at least the preliminary investigation is interesting to them. and chief berlin and the roseville police department are doing their jobs. and -- and going to get to the bottom of this. >> dan, i feel like we've been through this before. i moon it feels like every year
3:43 am
we go through another jimmy hoffa thing. how did this keep on happening? why are authorities still digging at the first sign of a tip? and do you think we'll ever find hoffa? >> it always depends on the source. i've been involved in a lot of these things and i always treat these tipsters with respect because i've always thought certainly after 37 years that if this case is going to be broken, once and for all, and i personally think it's going to be the fbi who is going to wind up solving this case in the end, but that it's going to come out of left field. it's going to some very suddenly out of left field and that it's going to be brought to us by someone who was not involved in the actual murder, and somebody who simply had some information, was at the right place at the right time, or in this guy's particular case, the wrong place at the wrong time. this guy is in hiding right now. he's afraid he's going to be killed. >> all right, dan moldea, thank you for talking with us this morning. we'll see. that's all we can say. >> don't bet on it. >> that was informative.
3:44 am
44 minutes past the hour. let's get you up to date on this morning's top stories. mitt romney's handlers are trying to lower expectations heading into next week's first presidential debate. the candidates go head-to-head wednesday night in denver. romney adviser beth myers releasing a memo to surrogates detailing why the gop challenger could lose head-to-head. she says the president is quote a uniquely gifted speaker and one of the most talented political communicators in modern history. hazing accusations lead to the suspension of texas southern university's band. the university taking action after a student who isn't in the band reported excessive paddling involving members of the trumpet session. tsu police are interviewing the band's director, staff and members to narrow down exactly what happened. and an update to a story we brought you earlier this week. the 16-year-old girl who was voted on to her homecoming court as a prank by bullies is now talking about it.
3:45 am
whitney kropp has decided to go to the dance. her mother said it is the best way to get back at all those bullies. other classmates started rallying around her. a facebook page was set up in support of her. and local businesses are paying for her dress. >> you know, i'm just overwhelmed. i'm like, so many people care and they want this to end. >> my daughter is out there as an inspiration to a lot of people and that's a really cool thing. >> that is one courageous young lady. >> good for her. >> i love her. i love her. she is the quintessential, turn something that could be very unpleasant around and make it work for you. >> hopefully for everybody, soledad. >> hopefully. >> i know i should care about the bullies. i don't care about the bullies. we've got lots going on at the top of the hour. you were talking about lowering expectations. i'm always suspicious when dueling campaigns suddenly start saying really nice things about each other. that's what's happening now as we edge closer to the presidential debate this morning we're going to take a look at the strategy talk to both sides about strength and weaknesses.
3:46 am
then, eavesdropping on history. newly released tapes from president kennedy's time in the oval office give really invaluable insight into one of the most important moments of the 20th century. that was, of course, the cuban missile crisis and the space race, too. we'll take a look at some of those tapes. and his skills go far beyond the basketball court. tyson chandler showing off his talent as a photographer, traveling to africa to take some amazing pictures. ear going to talk to him about that. maybe a little basketball, too. >> he's got a great sense of humor tyson chandler. >> he's tremendously talented. looking forward to it. >> -- has a crush on him, also. >> it's not me. >> at the top of the hour. >> all right. 47 minutes after the hour right now. it is the second highest grossing political documentary ever made. the surprise hit film "2016: obama's america" and it's controversial view on president obama's world view. the producer and co-director joins us next on "early start" to explain some of the claims
3:47 am
that he's made. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air. at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours.
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the controversial film "2016: obama's america" is now the second highest grossing political documentary ever made. and it's taken harsh criticism from those on the left for its assertion that president obama influenced, in his youth, by the kenyan father and several other anti-imperialist figures is attempting to fundamentally transform america. >> still for obama to make himself acceptable to america, he had to hide major elements of his past. he had to hide the group i call obama's founding fathers.
3:51 am
and who were his founding fathers? well, let's just say they were not jefferson, washington, and franklin. >> the film has grossed over $32 million domestically since july and is second only to michael moore's film "fahrenheit 9/11" which slammed the bush presidency just two months before the 2004 election. with me is the producer, writer and co-director of kwst 2016: obama's kwerk mths dinesh d'souza. i want to play a clip and then i want to talk about it. >> i realize that obama's father might be the central character in obama's search for identity, in his search for who he is, for where his deepest aspirations, and values come from. >> this is really your central theme, i think, in the documentary, which i watched.
3:52 am
i think i was missing just a minute of it at the end. we all know that president obama was only 2 years old when his father left, right, he only saw him one time, yet you say his father had anti-colonialist views and influences obama's world view. when you say anti-colonialist, do you mean anti-american? because that is the sense that i took away from this documentary? >> yeah, the whole idea of anti-colonialism is that the west, but specifically america, has become rich and powerful by stealing from the poor countries. and also that america has been the bullies, america's been going around the world throwing its weight around. so anti-colonialism tries to put the leash on america, to scale back american power in the middle east, and in the world. look, the idea that obama's influenced by his father isn't my idea. it's obama's. remember, obama wrote an autobiography called "dreams from my father" and in it he says if even though my father was away, i became obsessed with him. we know from his autobiography
3:53 am
that the reason that became the case is that obama's mother constantly drummed in to him the theme that your father's a great man. your father is like martin luther king, he's like gandhi, he's a freedom fighter fighting for freedom in his country. obama always thought although my dad is not here, he's somewhere fighting for freedom for kenya. >> but there are some strong accusations that you make in his film. how do you make that leap to -- to president obama's really, really saying almost that he is anti-american, he is? >> well, what i do is i say what was the father's dream? and i lay out the anti-colonial ideology which obama got not just from his dad but from a series of mentors at columbia, at harvard law school. later if you look at jeremiah wright, there are common themes running through all of these guys. then i just take the ideology of the father and i compare it with the actions of the son. and i say, look, it's like a detective story. does the jigsaw fit? and it turns out that if you look at obama's actions, even now in the middle east, it looks
3:54 am
like what he's trying to do is scale back american power, and allow indigenous influence within the region to gain power. >> you draw a lot of parallels with yourself, and obama. i want to watch a little bit about that and i wonder why. >> we were both born in the same year, which is 1961. we both went to an ivy league school. in his case columbia, later harvard. in my case dartmouth. we got our bachelor's degree, we graduad the same year, '83. we were married in the same year, 1992. we both have a kind of mixed race background. >> almost like you have some sort of kinship with the president. why did you do that? >> well, if i look at other presidents they're so remote from my own life. but with obama, i think a part of what makes him interesting to me is that he, like me, we're global guys. i was born in india, so i feel like i see america from the outside, as an immigrant. but also from the inside as someone who's lived here for 30 years.
3:55 am
and i think obama's that way, too. obama, although he was born in hawaii, nevertheless grew up in indonesia for four years. his mother would take him to pakistan. made multiple trips to africa. so his sensibilities is similar to mine. the real paradox, however, is that although our backgrounds are similar we ended up in a very different place. i'm a third world guy who sort of embraced america. the american dream. i think obama is an american-born guy who's embraced a third-world ideology which is his father's dream. >> all right. well we certainly appreciate your time this morning dinesh d'souza, co-director of kwst 2016: obama's america." we're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd.
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58 minutes after the hour. we wrap it up as always with best advice. >> smoky robinson, pretty cool, right? this is what he says the best advice he ever received. >> the best advice i ever received was from my mom. do unto others. >> dot dot dot. >> right. but you know, it's that famous, the golden rule, do unto others as you would have done unto you. that's what his mother told him. >> smart cookie, mom. >> i know mom gets another one in the category for best advice. >> all right. that is all for "early start." have a great weekend. i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. "starting point" starts right now. morning, welcome everybody. our starting point this morning the return of the refs. the official zebras take the field. and the end of the game was just like that disastrous monday moment that caused an uproar. did the pros make the right
3:59 am
call? demanding a red line on iran israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu urges the international community to stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon. when president obama calls him today, what will he say? and one of america's most enduring mysteries. could be closer to being solved. police follow a new tip and start digging this morning. will they find the body of jimmy hoffa? it's friday, september 28th. "starting point" begins right now. morning. welcome everybody, our starting point this morning is a hero's welcome for the real nfl referees. fans in baltimore gave them a standing ovation, ahead of last night's ravens/browns game. the replacements just one day after the league and referees union agreed on a new eight-year contract. nischelle turner is live in los angeles. they loved them at least at the very beginning. how did it go? >> four minutes they


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