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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 29, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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man is dead. but his father still holds out hope. >> i don't have no more tears, but the pain is in my chest. i still feel my son is alive and will always remain here in my heart. >> the florida governor joined the search for christian aguilar today. and omar cotter was just 15 years old when he threw a grenade that killed christopher spear. he struck a deal that allowed him to serve the rest of his sentence back at his homeland. and general motors recalling more than 3,000 cars. they are concerned about a fuel pump that could crack and cause a fire. it affects the cobalt and the pontiac 5. from 2007-2009. also the 2007 models from the chevrolet, the saturn also being
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recalled. gm will replace the fuel parts for free. and the labor battle between the nfl and the referees now is officially over. they formally ratified a new contract today. earlier this week, the league and union agreed to the deal, in time for the regular referees to return to the game thursday night. critics say the performance of the replacement referees was hurting the integrity. by the way, they got a standing ovation. and girls charged with making a video and attacking a young girl. what is worse, they made the video. take a look. it is brutal to watch, this is outside of philadelphia. police say the woman being beaten here is mentally ill, and the girls told them they attacked her "just for fun." they posted this video on facebook, that is how police found out about it. here is now a comment by one of the girl's mother. >> i never talked to my child since she went to school
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yesterday. i have yet to talk to her. >> what about your other daughter? >> i don't know the story, i haven't talked to her -- can you pull that back. >> she apparently started it, if you see the video. >> okay, well, i haven't talked to my child. i am sorry for what happened but i have nothing to say. >> the girls are charged with first degree assault and are locked up this week on $50,000 bail. president obama and mitt romney are taking time off the campaign trail, getting ready for wednesday's first debate. but their running mates are out in full force. >> thank you so much for coming out, everybody. >> there he is, republican paul ryan is in new hampshire, a small but critical state that both campaigns covet. he told the crowd this morning that mitt romney's term as governor next door in massachusetts proves he can get things done, even in a state dominated by democrats.
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and vice president joe biden is in another key swing state, wrapping up a two-day swing through florida, including this stop in fort meyers. he said that he and president obama inherited the financial mess we see, including the plan that the republican plan favors the wealthy. and senator john kerry is playing the role of mitt romney in the president's practice session. and ohio senator rob portman is portraying the president in mitt romney's debate. more on the preview of wednesday's big event. >> as running mate paul ryan makes the rounds on the campaign trail here in new hampshire, and ohio, guess what? his boss is hunkering down, getting ready for the first showdown between him and president obama. romney is spending a lot of time this week to prepare for the debate. the same thing for the president. he is off the campaign trail, today, tomorrow, off to nevada. but basically he is spending a
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lot of this week, we believe, behind closed doors getting ready. meanwhile, both are trying to lower the bar for the candidates. even the candidates themselves are doingñr it. take a listen to mitt romney, recently on the campaign trail. >> i mean, he is president of the united states, a very good speaker. >> now, he is a very good speaker, i am sure in the debates, as last time with senator john mccain he will be very eloquent. >> reporter: and it is not only mitt romney playing that game, so is the obama campaign. >> what history tells us, the challenger wins the first debate just due to the fact they are standing on the stage with the president. so they come into it as the underdog,ing so we're coming into it very realistic that mitt romney will win, if he plays his cards right. >> stephanie cutter making those comments on piers morgan. now what is the idea? pretty simple, lower the bar, so if your candidate does better it is considered a big victory on debate night.
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how much are americans really paying attention? i don't know, what they really want to hear on wednesday night is what the candidates will do to make things better. and president obama and mitt romney face to face as american voters weigh in on the election choice. the first presidential debate, as paul said, next wednesday night. watch it live here on cnn and and the opening scenes of carmageddon appear to be free of traffic jams, for ten miles. one of the busier freeways in los angeles is çóclose. a repeat of what happened last year. there along the 405, how is it looking? >> reporter: well, so far, they are actually saying carmageddon two, to quote one of the fire chiefs is a very good sequel, so thumbs up, so far. and what you're seeing here is really what carmageddon is, the ten-mile stretch here of the
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freeway. you're talking all of this freeway, an essential artery here in los angeles, completely empty. there are no cars. you know how extraordinary this is. and then if you look up the 405 freeway you will see exactly why the 405 has had to shut down. this is the mulholland bridge, and the northern part of that has to come down. it has to be torn down to make way, at least that section, make way for an extra car pool lane. when the car pool lane is finished for this extra stretch of 405, all the way through, it will be 73 miles of car pool lane, the longest one in the world. but carmageddon, specifically meaning with the shutdown of 405, there is more traffic on all the other freeways here in los angeles. a city that doesn't have a lot of public transit. so we don't hear that there are a lot of backups, so it appears to go going smoothly.
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>> i have bee on it so many times during grid lock. it was not fun. i remember last year so many people were nervous that they stayed destiinside. but tomorrow may be a little work, as you said, right? >> well, the first carmageddon was not that bad. everybody stayed inside. e freeways were not that awful. this time around, what the officialins are worried about, everybody has their guard down -- driving around the surface street their certainly appears to be more people in their cars getting around today. but not to the extent where it is causing any major grid lock elsewhere. >> it is certainly a sight to see. that never happens that you see the 405 with no cars or traffic on it. >> want to tell you about a dramatic rescue after a fisherman is thrown into the water. caught on camera. you see it next. also, this. >> okay, the winning ticket numbers. this is a real-life
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heavy rains led to deadly flooding here, take a look. it is bad there, floods killed add least ten people, rescue crews discovered a body in a swamp today, more people are still missing. the weather is not catching a break, the rains hitting the region throughout the day today. looking here, winds whipping through the japanese island of okinawa, the typhoon, jelawat, is similar to a category 3 hurricane, at least 200 people suffered injuries, while more than a thousand homes have no power. it is expected to weaken as it moves north to colder water. a terrible moment for a fisherman tossed over board along mexico's pacific coast. the ship ran to ground, returning to port throwing him into the waves. rescue crews were able to pull him into safety, that is.
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tropical storm norman generated the strong winds and rains that caused the chaos on the coast. but he is okay. you know there is no peace in the syria city of aleppo, where they're fighting for control. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> this video is said to be from aleppo, cnn cannot confirm if it is authentic. but the scene here has been one of the worst of the war. mohamed jamjoon has more. >> reporter: what the opposition here is describing as a deciding battle to push out president assad, and the forces and gain control of the city once and for all. the seesaw fight for aleppo which is at a stalemate has been continuing since july, and the number of deaths has been
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increasing. opposition forces say in the past few days aleppo has experienced the worst fighting yet. and the syria news agency confirmed that the armed terrorists were at the site in aleppo, including part of the historic marching place there. meanwhile, amateur video posted on line purported to show a fire spreading through the area. it is still not clear how the fire began and how much of the market was burned. officials say it was fighting between the syria rebels that sparked the blaze. the area is covered with alleys, and shops where everything from food to clothes is sold. it was once a major tourist area, and part of the reason that it is a world site. this is an ongoing debate, do you spank your kids? is it child abuse or do you think it leads to more disciplined children?
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we're discussing this with our human behavior expert in two minutes. stay with us.
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these men that swat these girls, they are telling the boys in the school it is okay to hit a girl.
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and it is okay to bruise a girl. and that is not right. >> a very angry mom you heard from right there. she stood up at the school board meeting in texas debating their current spanking policy. it is allowed at that school. what made the parents angry of two girls caught cheating was that these girls were spanked by a male assistant principal. in response to the complaints, the policy at the school did change when a male administrator, let's break it down, can still spank a student, but a female employee has to be there to witness. it doesn't seem to be getting any better to add a female. >> oh, yeah, let's add a dose of trauma to the compassionate adult woman who has to watch this abuse. i just want to say, if you're a public employee, assaulting a teenage daughter, a male public employee on public land on the
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sidewalk, and that teenager incurred bruises like this young girl in texas did, he would be put in jail. but yet it is legal to do it in a school setting, an academic school setting? does that make sense to you? >> not at all. and they do say they will add a female to the room to balance it, i would assume. do you see an option b for them, maybe positive reinforcement? take something away from the student if they're caught cheating. i'm not sure. but i don't think it is the answer. >> listen, moving from school punishment to parental punishment, the rules are still the same. there is no data saying that it changes the behavior. in fact, it increases anti-social behavior. kids who are hit grow up to be bullies or bully themselves. they're more likely to engage in domestic violence and have more anxiety, depression, so what can you do? you take away all the things they love.
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it is so simple. i love technology and kids are so addicted to screens now, the little cell phones and gaming machines and x box, and tvs. you start to take it away in various increments, you wouldn't believe how well they behave. >> yeah, the other side of it, kids say i got spanked, i'm fine, you're over-reacting, is there merit to that side? >> well, you know, i'm sure there are a number of adults now, who -- i call it abuse, were abused, given corporal punishment, violent as a child and turned out okay. but let me ask you, if you think you turned out fine, are you one in three american women who are on depressants, and strike out when you are angry, break something even. again, using physical violence as a tool is something that is taught. >> so i would assume the policy
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of this texas school, you think can really inflict serious pain and cause a lot of problems. do you think the school will change their policy, or should they, in your opinion? >> well, here is the good news, susan, we are moving forward. my good friend, freud, said the first to throw a stone has evolved. you know, there are still 19 outstanding states. but if you can imagine this in as recently as 2006, more than 200,000 kids were hit in an academic setting. but that has gone down and continues to go down in this trajectory that we're seeing towards more positive ways and more rewards for good behavior. this is how you change human behavior. you reward it. susan, do you come to work because you're afraid your boss may hit you if you don't? no, you come to work because you get a paycheck. >> good point, positive reinforcement, always key.
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wendy walsh, and set your dvr, 10:00, eastern time, there are two sides to it. we have great guests lined up. you don't want to miss it. and you know, another important story getting another look. jimmy hoffa, is he buried under a michigan shed? but first, we're talking about the housing recovery. it is real. but it is not time to celebrate just yet. home prices are now back to where they were nine years ago before the market peaked and then crashed. here is christine romans with more. >> we put the house on the market the thursday before labor day and we were under contract the following tuesday. >> reporter: this family is a sign of a recovering housing market. they bought their two bedroom, one and a half bath row house in d.c.'s capital area for $350,000 in 2009.
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now they're selling. >> we were originally thinking of listing maybe around 430, something like that. and after the original meeting with the realtor, he suggested 469. i was worried about it. thought we would scare people away. so we went ahead and listed it at that area, things are outstanding, buyers are out there getting a lot of internet responses. i'm getting a lot of calls on listings, and things are moving fast. >> reporter: the latest housing headlines show improved builder confidence, rising sales, and record low mortgage rate. >> the housing is coming back to life. >> but don't break out the bubbly just yet. the housing prices are not expected to be at their peak until 2003. >> there are 3 million loans in foreclosure, but they're very late, going into foreclosure. that is a lot of loans, 49 and a half million people with mortgages. in some areas, still a big problem. >> reporter: but for those in the market. >> it is a fabulous time for buyers and re-financers. for the first time in years, the
2:23 pm
sellers do have leverage in the negotiations. prices are rising and they don't have to cut their price like they did before. >> reporter: here is what buyers need. >> you need good credit, you need proof of income and need some money in the form of a down payment. >> reporter: as for this family, they're looking for sell for a profit. and they hope their next selling experience is similar. >> it is always going to be like this, going forward, right? >> christine romans, cnn, new york americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future.
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welcome back, it is almost half past the hour, and i'm
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susan hendrick, in today for don lemon. i want to take a look at the headlines for you. today, ten miles of one of the busiest freeways in america are closed. the people there are calling it carmageddon, so far no problems with the traffic, no snarls. the first carmageddon happened when the 405 was shut down. people are being asked to stay off the road if they can. that stretch of 405 will be opened again on monday. and the butler for the pope accused of stealing documents from the pope and leaking them to an italian journalist. the court denied a motion to strike some of the evidence, including a gold nugget found in his apartment, the butler could face up to ten years in prison if convicted. and going off without violence, many in northern ireland feared this march would
2:28 pm
imflame tenses with the church. the parade marks the 100th anniversary of the covenant, laying the foundation for the british parliament. and a fire destroying hundreds of jobs, activists believed that heavy fighting in aleppo burned this market, this is part of the u.n. world heritage site. rebels say they are fighting a decisive battle for the city. and investigators at a detroit area, yesterday, acting on a claim that a man saw a body buried there around the same time that jimmy hoffa disappeared. by the way, 37 years ago that was, they dug up soil samples, and their first impression, not encouraging. >> we took two separate samples,
2:29 pm
all the samples basically just looked like murky, muddy earth. because of that, there is really no discernible remains visible. >> and police will check the soil samples anyway. we should know on monday what the analysis turns up, we'll let you know. and jimmy hoffa's disappearance is still an open case. and every few years, a new clue comes up that re-energyizes the search, and the legend actually grows with time. more on the story. >> reporter: jimmy hoffa, the mafia-backed union leader in the era of robert kennedy. played in the movie, hoffa by jack nicholson. >> and my brother elected president -- >> but in 1975. hoffa disappeared, an american anti-hero was born. many believe the mafia killed
2:30 pm
hoffa and buried his body under the former giant's stadium, until they eventually dug it up and built a new stadium. no body, no hoffa. in 2004, they removed floor boards from a detroit home to look for traces of hoffa's blood. no go. in 2006, the fbi razed a michigan horse barn, no hoffa. hoffa's son, james is now president of the international brotherhood of teamsters, without connections to organized crime. still, he can't escape the fame of his father, last year, he had a discussion with tea partiers. >> you know what, everybody has to vote. if we go back and keep the eye on the prize, let's take these sobs out and get america back. >> reporter: hoffa refused to apologize. and his union is equally tough
2:31 pm
when it comes to clues "the hoffa family doesn't respond every time there is a tip for authorities. they will have no comment until it is time to have a comment". >> police say they found no remains, but will release findings in a couple of days. and you may have to take a second look at the prices at the grocery store this week. your eyes are not fooling you. pork and beef prices could go higher, we'll tell you why. and in afghanistan, women typically don't have much of a place in society. and islamist extremists typically keep girls from getting an education. but one woman is braving that to help girls in kabul. and today, she is this week's cnn hero. >> in afghanistan, most of the girls have no voice. they are used as property of a
2:32 pm
family. the picture is very grim. i am the founder of a girl's school in afghanistan. when we opened the school in 2008, 90% of them could not write their name. today, 100% of them are educated. they can read and write. i lived in the u.s. for over 38 years, but i was really affected by 9/11. i really wanted to prove that muslims are not terrorists. i came back here in 2002. girls have been the most oppressed, and i thought i needed to do something. it was a struggle in the beginning. i sat with the men and said don't marry them when they're 14 years old. they want to learn. how do you write your father's
2:33 pm
name? after five yes, sars now, the m they are proud of their girls, when they themselves write their name. still, we have to proceed with caution. some people are so much against girls getting educated. we provide free education to over 350 girls. i think it is like a fire. it will grow. every year my hope becomes more. i think i can see the future. >> and razia is touching so many lives. she is just one of our top ten winners eligible to become cnn hero of the year. go to to vote for the most inspirational hero, all ten will be honored at cnn hero, an all-star tribute, named on december second, but only one will be named hero of the year.
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[ female announcer ] with cisco at the center... working together has never worked so well. welcome back, on your next trip to the supermarket, you may want the brace yourself, why? because the price of meat is going up, up, and up, and nobody is happy about it, the farmers,
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butchers, or you, the consumer. >> reporter: meat has quite a place here at the butcher shop in washington. >> what can i get to you? ham, pastrami, steak. >> we're a meat-eating country, and no matter what, people will find a way to get meat. >> reporter: but with price of pork and beef expected to rise next year, this expert says people will have to pay more or get used to the cut. >> what happened, people were used to eating a lot of foods such as steaks, strip steak, to secondary. >> reporter: this will impact not ice butjust butchers, but restaurants across the country. the drought means higher price photo fas for farmers, this one already
2:38 pm
had to raise prices to keep up. she runs a small farm near the west virginia border. she raises hens, hogs and cattle. a third of her cost goes to animal feed, which is mostly corn and soy. the prices for chicken and pig feed has gone way up. >> it is 16.7$16.79, gone up by dollars in two months. >> reporter: that is a significant amount. >> and so here we have the pig pellet, 12.22, now it is 15. >> reporter: so it will get worse? >> oh, it will get a lot worse. >> reporter: she is now charging a dollar more for her meats, and will invest in other ways to store them. >> it is creating a lot more creativity, you have to be really good at adapting. >> reporter: since she doesn't raise broiler chickens, the kind you eat, stiner is hoping to avoid those prices.
2:39 pm
and like most american farmers she grass feeds her cattle, meaning she won't have to worry about grain prices for them. back in washington, these customers here are preparing themselves. >> the quality is worth it. i don't mind spending the money. >> there is a limit to how much any person would pay. >> reporter: one tongue and cheek solution for the problem? >> eat more tofu. >> reporter: then again, tofu is made of soy. athena jones. and we'll be prepared to pay more for other types of food. this is great news for farmers in florida who struggle to compete with the low prices of mexican tomatoes. but the end of this agreement would mean the cost of tomatoes could spike at big retailers like walmart. and tens of thousands of drug cases in massachusetts could be overturned, all because this woman lied about who she was and did the unthinkable. one of our experts weighs in on this one. where your money is, live.
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2:43 pm
basseley nakoula in court, he is charged with violating probation for a bank fraud conviction two years ago. now the prosecutors say he is a flight risk, but his attorney claims he shouldn't go to jail, because there are a lot of muslims and nakoula basseley nakoula would be a target. this video went viral, occupy protesters seen pepper sprayed by a campus police last year, you may have seen them. well now, they are each offered 30 grand if approved by a federal court. now a deal, if settled, would be in regard to the 30 sprayed. the officer is not there anymore, the university will not say if he quit or was let go. and many cases could be overturned after an employee admitted she lied about having a master's degree, but that is not
2:44 pm
all. she misled her employers when applying for the job at the department of public health.ñi she was led away in cuffs. holly hughes has more. she has held this position for nine years, impacting 60,000 drug samples, what charges could she face there in terms of, if the samples came back positive or negative? that would influence if somebody went to jail or not. >> absolutely, well, the big challenge right now is the statute of limitations which has been running because she has been at this for a long time. but for the most recent cases, those still falling, you're looking at evidence tampering, obstruction of justice. and if they can go back far enough you may be looking at fraud because of how she got the job initially. >> and there is allegations, holly that she even kind of painted the samples of the drug testing, allegedly, which means these people in jail could now get out. as we talked about in the break,
2:45 pm
it could cost millions. do they re-try the cases here. >> this will cost major dollars, the taxpayers will have to buckle up. there will be a major ride, they need to test everything she had access to. now they say she touched, they're using the term, 60,000 cases. but if she was only one person in the chain of custody, let's say she picked it up out of a steel box, you put it in the blast tick bag, you seal it, the officer who sealed it wrote his initials on the top of the seal. if all she did was pick them up out of a lock box, take them to another chemist, and they broke the seal. then the convictions stand. but if she in any way had access to the substances, if they were opened in her presence and she was able to transport them once they were opened then you are looking at a possible overturning of the conviction. and the norfolk district attorney already came out and said we wouldn't oppose bond.
2:46 pm
all of these folks going through to a appeals process, can't oppose them getting bond. >> that is such a mess, there are allegations of her maybe even testing, this is what i read, allegedly, testing maybe four samples and saying the rest of them were positive without going through the proper ways of doing this, testing it. >> exactly, and if this is the case, then you can't rely on the results. i mean, this is a chemical analysis, and if she is going to lie about one, who is to say she is not lying about all of them. so all of the tests will have to be re-run, that is assuming if there was no sample left, if it was consumed or done away with or thrown out. >> why did this happen, we always discuss it in terms of crimes, of course, they don't have a motive. but they say she wanted to be considered an effective worker in this. we may never find out exactly
2:47 pm
why. >> well, that won't turn out too well. she will be known as the most if effective worker, because all the cases will come back, whether or not they are wrongfully or rightfully convicted. we wouldn't know that. and the taxpayers are on the hook for all the re-testing that has to be done. so that whole goal of the effective worker, she didn't quite make it. >> innocent people may be in jail because of that one. holly thank you. >> absolutely, you, too. and coming up, some high school students thought they were pretty funny when they nominated a girl for homecoming queen. but she got the last laugh, stay with us.
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2:49 pm
this may have been the catch
2:50 pm
of the season in miami, but this one was not on the field, it was in the stands. take a look here. a marlins fan managed to hang on to his food and drinks with one hand and grab the ball with the other. he did it without spilling a thing. when whitney crop was nominated for home coming court, she was thrilled. but she realized she was the victim of a prank. now this michigan teen is turning the tables. >> reporter: a super star practically overnight. 16-year-old whitney crop is a role model to anyone who's ever been bullied. >> we love you whitney! >> reporter: but this sophomore's journey to stardom was no fairy tale. when her peers picked her as a
2:51 pm
joke, she had thoughts of suicide. >> i feel like i'm trash. >> reporter: at her sister's urging, she decided to keep her title on the court. >> if i were in your position, that would be really hard to do. >> it's really hard to do right now, because at first i had thought about dropping out of the home coming court. but i'm not this joke that everyone thinks i'm. i can just prove all these kids wrong. >> reporter: that's exactly what she did, and since then she have she's been swamped with support from the local hair salon that gave her a new do, to the facebook page with over 1,000 fans. >> it's cool to see the e-mails she's getting from other students all over the place telling their stories and how it helped them and touched them. my daughteis out fl as an inspiration to a lot of people. >> you're like cinderella and
2:52 pm
after much support you're going to have a great time at the ball. >> i thought before no one cares about me. i thought not even my own brother and sister care. the world is proving -- well, not that they really care about me, but they care about the situation. >> reporter: folks from all over the state are here tonight. you left your home football game to come here to support with it any. >> we wanted to show whitney that our entire student body is behind her. >> reporter: from being bullied, she's using her. >> stand up for what you believe in. go with your heart and go with your gut. look at me now. >> whitney says she'll likely face bullies again but when that happens she'll be able to confront them with her head held high and with a new confidence. >> whitney is such an example of strength and such an inspiration
2:53 pm
to so much kids. coming up, as we get closer to the presidential election, there is a lot to sort through with all the speeches and plans layed out. so we're going to help you out.e we break down with both t candidates stand on big government.t' 100% guaranteed. so go to today for personalized, affordable legal protection. is [ male announcer ] now you can swipe... scroll... tap... pinch...
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2:56 pm
where the candidates stand on each. today tom foreman takes a look at obama and mitt romney's position on the size of our government. >> here are three reasons why the federal government has grown bigger in the past few years. because the economy has crashed, forcing more people to rely on government programs like unemployment and food stamps. because the baby boomers started retiring, collecting social security and medicare. and maybe because barack obama is president. >> the question we asked today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works. >> reporter: from the start, mr. obama has clearly believed government is a positive force, that expansion is not bad and that it serves to control what many consider the excesses of the free market. >> and without the hand of policy, markets can crash. the vulnerable can be exploited. >> reporter: he frequently cautions against unwarranted
2:57 pm
growth, yet the economic stimulus and the auto bailout he has sounded like another democratic president, frankly roosevelt who in the great depression insisted government must protect economic rights. >> the right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health. >> reporter: flash forward four decades and here comes another president with a very different view. >> government is not the solution to our problem. government is the problem. ronald reagan's perspective has dominated republicans' thoughts on this matter for years. >> we have a different approach, the president and i, between a government-dominated society and a society driven by free people pursuing their dreams. >> reporter: romney insists the federal government should be smaller and less intrusive in terms of regulations and taxes
2:58 pm
and largely it should keep out of the free market. >> i line up with a smaller government, a less intrusive government, regulations being pared back. >> such views on both sides of course can make a difference. but here is the catch. for the past century, with a few exceptions, the government has been expanding no matter which party has held the white house. more cabinet positions, more agencies, more spending per citizen and much of that is driven by things like we menged at the start. population growth, economic trends and entitlements, meaning the question is probably not whether the government will keep growing under mr. obama or mr. romney, but rather how fast. tom foreman, cnn, washington. child sex trafficking, those three words pretty disturbing. even more disturbing, how some websites make ordering a girl for sex just as simple as ordering a pizza.
2:59 pm
coming up at 7:00. >> how would you feel for example, as a mother, if you saw an ad like this? or an ad like this? or, i mean, this girl, she says she's 19. if you saw your daughter in this, like this -- >> her answer tonight at 7:00 eastern. i'm susan hendricks. the situation woman room with wolf britser starts now. >> you're in the situation room. waging battle in a battle ground state. extremists on the rise in libya. al qaeda is only part of the problem. and a multimillion renovation leaves a washington, d.c. landmark infested with algae. we want to welcome our viewers from the united states and the world. i'm wolf blitzer and


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