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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 1, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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they know. they like president obama. they think he's tried hard. he's done a good job. maybe four years isn't enough per bill clinton. what they know is things have not gotten better for them personally. >> that is exactly right. >> that is exactly what wednesday night will be all about. nicely put. tomorrow on "starting point" we take a look at -- who are we talking to? len berman is going to talk to us. carrie ellis is going to celebrate the 25th anniversary of "the princess bride." "cnn newsroom" with carol costello starts right now. >> stories we're watching now in the "newsroom." presidential debapt barn burner, zinger fest, game changer. the heat is on. secret keeper. serial cheater. no remorse, no regret. arnold schwarzenegger opens up about his secret affairs and that illegitimate child. >> i'm going to put this away. >> how can you put it away?
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you have a child? >> i know. that's just the way i operate. >> now he says he wants maria back. break out the cloth diapers and gigantic safety pins. a diapers shortage is looming. a pampers alert this morning. a pampers alert this morning. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning. happy monday to you. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining us. it's just 36 days until the presidential election. the race still too close to call. and both mitt romney and barack obama will be virtually invisible today. why, you ask? well, they're hunkering town for wednesday's debate and a chance to deliver that made for tv moment that will have us all talking. after all, debate zingers are an american tradition. >> i'm counting on you. i'm counting on the fact that when the american people focus and push aside all the noise and
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all the nonsense and they remember the fact that all of us, whatever success we've achieved, we've achieved because we worked together. because we made sure everybody -- >> here you go again. >> i want you to know that also i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> senator, i served with jack kennedy. i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> those are the zingers we were talking about. that first obama shot, that was a mistake. but it was a very rousing speech, right? if you want another measure of just how important wednesday's debate is, consider this. both candidates spent the weekend praising the other guy. they're trying to paint themselves as the underdog and lower expectations. but apparently someone forgot to
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tell romney's surrogate chris christie, the republican new jersey governor says his guy will turn the race upsidedown. >> thursday morning you're all going to be scratching your heads and saying, wow, we have a barn burner now for the next 33 days. >> let's get the views from both camps. dan lothian and paul steinhauser. welcome, gentlemen. >> hello. >> hello. are you excited? come on. we need to up the enthusiasm level. dan, let's start with you. team obama says no zingers. he's going to talk to those people on the couches. really? no zingers? >> well, you know, listen to what jen socky, the traveling communications or spokesperson with the campaign, she said probably not. probably not what the president will be focused on. that the president instead will be speaking to the american people, talking about moving the country forward. so that will be the focus. but i have to tell you, in the
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middle of a debate, no doubt we will hear some sharp responses from the president as he tries to counter what mitt romney may be throwing his way. the bottom line, though, as you pointed out, both campaigns really trying to lower expectations. you hear aides with the campaign saying that the president has not had a lot of time to practice as opposed to mitt romney who went through the primary season and has a lot of experience. and the president himself last night in a grass roots event in las vegas also started playing a little bit of that game. take a listen. >> i know folks in the media are speculating already on who's going to have the best zingers. >> you are! >> i don't know about that, you know. who's going to put the most points on the board. >> you are! >> no, no. governor romney, he's a good debater. i'm just okay. >> the president will be spending a couple of days out in nevada preparing for the big
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debates. john kerry, by the way, will be playing the role of mitt romney. he's someone who has a lot of experience debating but also knows mitt romney very well as he comes from massachusetts. now, the big issue, though, is who will both of these candidates be able to sway in the debate? as we know, most americans have made up their minds. we're talking about a small slice of those undecided voters who are watching, waiting to find out exactly who will win. >> okay. let's talk about the republican side with paul steinhauser. word on the street, paul, is that mitt romney has been practicing zingers since august. >> yeah. that's the word on the street. the romney campaign won't go there, carol. all they're going to say is, guess what? he's spending a lot of time getting ready. you're right. i don't have any sound fm mitt romney like dan had from the president. why? he hasn't done an event in a while. mitt romney, carol, he jumps on a plane today, goes out to colorado. he's got a campaign rally there tonight. but after that basically hunkers
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down. you mentioned john kerry, of course, you just heard from dan lothian john kerry is playing mitt romney. take a listen to john mccain. he spoke with candy crowley yesterday on "state of the union." john mccain the last man to debate president obama. >> i think both are excellent in their own way. i think you could argue that mitt has had a lot more recent experience. obviously. but also, candy, part of it depends on who's moderating. >> the man's been on the national stage for many years. he's an experienced debate per. this is mitt's first time on this kind of stage. >> paul ryan on the sunday talk shows. the running mate talking down expeations. look at this count. brand-new from abc news/"washington post" this morn ing. who's more likely to win the debates? the president by 20-some points. a lot of americans think the president will have the upper hand on wednesday night in
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denver. >> we'll see. many thanks. cnn's live coverage of wednesday night's debate starts at 7:00 eastern. syria is expected to try to justify its actions in its bloody civil war when its foreign minister speaks before the united nations general assembly later this morning. nearly 30,000 people across syria have been killed. in the next hour look at the how the united states is helping the syrian opposition. we'll tell you if the united states is moving closer toward any military action. grudges, infighting and crafty maneuvering. sounds like an episode of "dallas." except the actors are real. they're supreme court justices. the highest court in the land beginning its new term in less than an hour. it will meet on the heels of perhaps the most talked about decision in decades, obama care. on the schedule this time around, same-sex marriage, affirmative action and voting rights. here's our crime and justice correspondent, joe johns. >> reporter: right after the supreme court's health care decision in june, chief justice john roberts joked to colleagues
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that he would find an island fortress to escape the political heat. here's how justice ruth bader ginsberg described the eventful spring. >> the term has been more than usually taxing. some have called it the term of the century. >> reporter: now three months later the court is back. there are no signs of it cooling down. >> the justices are moving from the frying pan right into the fire. they are tackling some of the most difficult legal questions of the day. across the board probably the biggest term in at least a decade. >> reporter: cases involving the contentious issues of affirmative action, same-sex marriage, voting rights and abortion are all likely to come up this term which kicks off monday. >> there's some very exciting cases already on the docket. there's a lot more in the pipeline that may -- the courts could be making a decision on soon. >> reporter: another set of big decisions will bring even more scrutiny on the chief justice. rumors surfaced that the health care ruling he authored caused a personal rift with fellow conservative colleagues
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including justice antonin scalia. >> no. i haven't had a falling out with justice roberts. >> no words exchanged? >> no. >> slamming of doors? >> no. nothing like that. >> reporter: the other big question, will the chief justice take the court in an aggressive new direction? liberals fear a more hard line. dogmatic shift to the right. sfwl a lot of progressives are concerned that this might mean that chief justice roberts has built up some capital, some goodwill, and will now push the conservative agenda. >> reporter: tom goldstein who has argued before the court thinks roberts wants a more conservative court. but that he'll do it gradually. >> he's not trying to move the law radically, quickly. i think justice scalia or justice thomas really want to get to the end answer as quickly as possible and make the law conform to what they really understand whereas the chief justice is more incrementalist. >> reporter: conservative court
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watcher carry severino doesn't believe much will change any time soon. >> certainly this is not a crusading con serbtive court. until we have a shift, i think, in the membership of the court it's impossible to call it a court that leans more to the left or to the right. >> let's bring in joe johns. joe, could this term possibly be as important as the last one? that's hard to imagine. >> reporter: carol, it certainly has that potential. just the question of revisiting race based preferences in university admissions. this is an issue they decided just a few years ago. now they're back. the difference is the court's been reconstituted. now the swing vote is no longer one justice. it's another justice. there are other issues certainly that could be big. the defense of marriage act, gay marriage is a huge issue. then there are things that could end up on the docket like voting rights cases. so it could be quite a year, carol. >> yeah. we'll be watching. as i'm sure you will. joe johns reporting live for us
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this morning. maybe he's just spinning it like a politician. or maybe there really is a chance maria shriver will take around schwarzenegger back. it doesn't look good. not in light of the revelations he made in his autautobiography. the way he handled the situation involving the son he formered with his former maid while he was married to mariashriver. here's what he told cbs's "60 minutes." >> very difficult. strange. bizarre. whatever you want to call it. but it's the best way i could handle it. it was one of those things we thought about, you know, denial. i kind of put it away and just said to myself, i'm going to put this away. >> how can you put it away? you have a child. >> i know. but that's just the way i operate. >> on "good morning america" schwarzenegger says he wishes his wife would come back to him. maria shriver is not talking
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about any of this publicly. reaction from kennedy biographer and daily beast contributor lawrence lamer at 10:00 eastern. a little bit of sports before we take it to break. in case you missed sunday night football eagles hosted giants. eagles quarterback michael vick kicked to shawn jackson for the first score of the game just before halftime. the eagles criticized for turnovers so far this year. they had none last night. new york pulled ahead in the fourth quarter after eli manning connected on that touchdown right there. philadelphia add a field goal -- i'm waiting for it -- we're not going to see it. they added a field goal to go up 19-17. giants had a chance to win at the end but lawrence tynes 54-yard field goal was way short. kind of embarrass ing. the other new york team was just crushed. we're going to ask the question later this hour, is it time to go tebow? former nfl star tiki barber will join us to talk about that.
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also, very strong words and a warning from the top u.s. commander in afghanistan about those deadly insider attacks on american troops. you'll hear what -- you'll hear general john allen say he's mad at hell about it. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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it is 15 minutes past the hour. checking our top stories now, a woman cut off from government assistance after officials discovered she had won $1 million in the state lottery was found dead this weekend of an apparent drug overdose. 25-year-old amanda clayton was charged with welfare fraud earlier this year after she hit the $1 million jackpot. her boyfriend said she'd been tormented by all the problems that came with winning. notorious bank robbers bonnie and clyde might have made their biggest haul 20 years after their deaths. two pistols owned by the bank robbing duo went for a cool $5 milli million -- half million dollars at auction. an explosion at a japanese
6:17 am
chemical plant this weekend could result in a global diaper shortage. the factory makes the water absorbing polymers. they're setting up facilities overseas to meet the demand. the taliban claiming responsibility for an attack this morning. officials say the bomber drove a motorcycle packed with explosives into a joint patrol of afghan and nato forces in the eastern part of the country. three nato service officers and four afghan police officers were among those killed. just this past weekend two americans were kimmed in an insider attack that may have involved insurgents in kabul. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan told cbs's "60 minutes" just how he feels about a spike in these so-called green on blue attacks. >> well, i'm mad as hell about them to be honest with you. we're going to get after this. it reverberates everywhere. across the united states. we're -- we're willing to sacrifice a lot for this campaign. we're not willing to be murdered
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for it. >> u.s. troops have been training afghan forces to defend their country as america plans to pull out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. the obama administration now defending its original assessment of the attack that killed four americans in libya on september 11th. they are no longer calling it spontaneous violence sparked by outrage over that anti-islam trailer. but rather a deliberate act of terrorism. senator john mccain told our candy crowley there is much more to this story. >> that doesn't pass the smell test. it was either willful ignorance or abysmal intelligence. to think that people come to spontaneous demonstrations with heavy weapons, mortars and the attack goes on for hours. >> the president called it an act of terror the day after it happened. but when you're the responsible party, when you're the administration, you have a responsibility to act on what you know and what the intelligence community believes.
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this was -- this is being thoroughly investigated. >> i'm joined by phone from tripoli, libya. welcome. >> hi, carol. >> i'm just wondering, the obama administration says they're going to catch the people who killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. what are the libyans doing right now? how many people have they taken into custody? >> reporter: well, carol, the libyan officials say their investigation is still under way. that they have a number of suspects involved in that attack in custody. libyan officials from the early days following the attacks said they believe this was a preplanned, premeditated attack and referred to it as a terrorist attack. the prime minister told my colleague arwa damon in an interview ten days ago that their investigation so far showed that the attack was a preplanned one carried out by libyan extremists. he said that they had a number of those involved in the attack
6:20 am
in custody. and they were members of a militia which translates into supporters of islamic law. this is a militia that up until recently was operating in benghazi with a headquarter in the city. the prime minister said far extreme members of this group, not the group as a whole, were involved in planning and carrying out this assault. more specific details about the group involved in the attack have not yet been revealed. libyan officials tell us the investigation continues and that they are cooperating with the united states in this investigation. but the libyan prime minister told cnn that no foreigners were involved in that attack and it's not carried out by al qaeda. >> there was an interesting article in the "washington post" over the weekend. it said that the united states was aware of security concerns in benghazi. you know, as was -- as was our embassy and -- were either ignored or not listened to? what are you hearing about that?
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>> carol, from the early days after the attack, cnn has been reporting this. my colleague arwa damon from on the ground in benghazi and our reporters in the united states have also been reporting on this. if you look at what has been going on in the city of benghazi for a few months now, it's clear that there was a rising extremist threat in the city against western interests. you had a number of attacks against western targets including one against the consulate in june. that's when a bomb detonated outside the gate. a few days later the convoy of the british ambassador came under attack in benghazi. what was the british reaction to that? they closed down their consulate in benghazi. the united states kept its consulate because u.s. officials say they have to maintain a presence and they had important work to do there. u.s. officials also said that, you know, security at the consulate was less than the standard security they would have at other u.s. consulates around the world, but they said that this was because this was a
6:22 am
temporary facility. u.s. officials claim that after that attack in june on the consulate, they did enhance security. they say they were aware of the general threat in the area. but that there was no specific threats against the consulate. although, as i mentioned, that consulate was targeted just three months before this deadly attack. now, the additional security measures u.s. officials claim to have put in place, more barriers, barbed wire, increased lighting, chain link fences and sandbags and closed circuit television, but these additional security measures, carol, that were put into place do not seem to be a reflection of the real threat level there given that it was a facility that was attacked before and that the british government shut down their consulate. >> right. >> reporter: in conversations that we've had here over the past couple of weeks with some libyan officials, they believe the u.s. may have underestimated the security risk in benghazi. extremist groups, some inspired
6:23 am
or with links to al qaeda, are known to be operating in eastern libya and have known to have been operating there for the past year. >> right. thanks so much. reporting live from tripoli. now it's your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, will the presidential debate be a game changer? forget all that talk about romney, the amateur debater. republican governor chris christie says the debate will be a game changer. >> i've seen mitt romney do this before. he's going to come in wednesday night. he's going to lay out his vision for america. he's going to contrast what his view is with what the president's record is. the president's view for the future. this whole race is going to be turned upsidedown come thursday morning. >> oh, but the question is to zing or not to zing? word on the street is mitt romney has been practicing zingers since august. the kind of zinger that resonates, like when lloyd benson said to dan quayle, you ever know jack kennedy? of course, benson lost.
6:24 am
as for president obama, though, his camp says there will be no time for zingers. >> governor romney, he's a good debater. i'm just okay. but what i'm most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing and restore security for hard working americans. >> but not in a smug, elitist, arugala loving way. at least that's what his advisers are hoping. there will likely be a lot of talk by president obama about romney's 47% quote and from romney about the stagnant economy and libya. both candidates must address the issues in a concise, personal and friendly way. if you ask comedian darrell hammantd, that's tough when you're scripted. >> i think these guys use coaches which is odd to me. you know, the less coached you are, the more natural you are. the more natural you are, the more personal you are, the more
6:25 am
personal you are, the more general you are. >> in other words, zing away. but deliver them like -- i don't know. joe the plumber? the talk back question for you today, will the presidential debate be a game changer? your responses later this hour. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule. romney: "it's time to stand up to the cheaters" vo: tough on china? not mitt romney. when a flood of chinese tires threatened a thousand american jobs...
6:26 am
it was president obama who stood up to china and protected american workers. mitt romney attacked obama's decision... said standing up to china was "bad for the nation and our workers." how can mitt romney take on the cheaters... when he's taking their side?
6:27 am
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coming up on 30 minutes past the hour. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining us this monday morning. checking our top stories, just two days to go until president obama and governor mitt romney face off in denver for their first debate. both candidates are going some final cramming. romney will also address supporters at a denver rally later tonight. california becomes the first state to ban straight to gay therapy for miners. governor jerry brown signed the legislation. the bill's sponsor says conversion therapy is dangerous. a conservative group plans to file a suit. families may have to dig deeper to pay for milk. the new york daily news quotes senator charles schumer as saying milk prices could double if congress does not approve a new farm bill. the senate's passed it, but not
6:29 am
the house. a more dire warning coming from the national milk producers federation. milk could hit $6 a gallon. an addictive dance. hundreds of prisoners in the philippines doing their rendition of the gangnam style dance. if you don't know him, you may have been living under a rock. gangnam style is the most liked youtube video ever with 335 million views. guess what? the song is number two. listen to it. on the u.s. charts.
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or stories that favor one candidate over the over. vice presidential candidate paul ryan, this is what he had to say this weekend. >> i think it kind of goes without saying there is definitely a media bias. look, i'm a conservative person. i'm used to media bias. we expected media bias going into this. that's why we're trying to cut through and go straight to people. that's why when you hear people in washington complain about media bias come out into these states with us and attend our town hall meetings. >> on the other hand, new jersey republican governor chris christie said if you complain about the media coverage of the campaign, about media bias, that means one thing. that means you're lose pging. jining me, will cain and l.z. let's start with you, l.z. this thing with media bias, we hear it a lot. is it really a problem? or is it something else? >> it's a cop out. basically, that's what it is. i mean, forgive cnn.
6:33 am
but the number one show, number one cable network for news has been fox for a few years now. it's not as if rachel maddow is running fox news. i'm not really sure what this bias is referring to. he was also on that show talking about he didn't have enough time to talk about all the details and the math behind the tax plan. you know, media isn't just television. there's twitter. there's facebook. he could post the plan in a link on facebook. he can post the plan in a link on twitter. there's all forms of media right now. this bias he's speaking of, i just don't see it. >> will, your turn. you're in the spotlight. >> i'm in the spotlight, right where i belong. so i guess your question to me is, is there media bias, which i would say, isn't that kind of obvious? l.z. points to the existence of fox. i also point to the existence of fox. there's a reason fox exists. it's a countermeasure to every other media outlet whether or not you're talking about print or on television. now, i want to just point something out to you.
6:34 am
in the clip that we didn't play about chris christie saying that if you're complaining about media that you're losing, right before that he's talking about there's a lot of filtering going on. talking about filtering in the media. he's talking about the same thing paul ryan's talking about. this debate is a chance for them to speak to the american public directly without the filter of the media. i'd just like to point out, they're not on different pages. >> okay. so let me pose this question. so let's say the debate goes on on wednesday. and pundits everywhere say mitt romney lost. will that be because of media bias? >> no. that would be because of mitt romney. >> but you have somebody asking them questions, right? >> right. listen, it's -- you can already write the script as what the right leaning media is going to say and what the left leaning media is going to say. what the american people have to do is watch the debates for themselves and make their own decisions. will there be a leaning with those two organizations? sure. i would like to think cnn is
6:35 am
right in the middle and tries to do as fair of job as possible. it's really up to the american people to watch the debates and decide for themselves. >> will? responses? >> i mean, i can't answer that question because the debates haven't happened yet. that's the point of bias. is there has to be an objective truth, which most rational people can agree upon. once that event happens and we can filter it and see it and judge it, we can say, okay, what was the outcome of that debate? then when we see media comment on it or report on it, we'll know if those opinions or those news stories reflect the truth that we saw. then we'll be able to judge whether or not there's bias. but that's the whole point. there is a truth. there is an objectivity. the question is, is it achieved? we won't know until after the fact. >> let's talk about just the spin coming from both candidates surrounding this debate. because both candidates are saying, oh, i'm really bad at debating. the other guy is so incredibly good. it would just be refreshing for somebody to come out and say i'm pretty good at debate ing. i think i'm going to do a good job. why not just say that, l.z.? >> i got to tell you, i was
6:36 am
really embarrassed to watch president obama say he's okay. you don't get to be president of the united states by being an okay debater. the one thing we know he is is a great orator. for him to even try to spin it as the underdog coming into this i think is a bit ridiculous and a lot of a stretch in terms of getting us to lower expectations for him. all the polls say up to 60%, 65% of americans believe he's going to win this debate. he has a lot of pressure. but saying that he's not a good debater, that's not a good way to relieve the pressure. >> isn't that interesting? what is this tendency to lower the bar for expectations. both camps are doing it. both camping saying, i don't know, the other guy, he's really good. i like your idea, carol. set the bar high. i'm good at this. >> have some swagger. you need some swagger. >> romney's not a good debater. >> l.z, i want to point out one thing. you suggested president obama's a good orator. he is a good orator. i would suggest that might come
6:37 am
in tension with how he performs in the debate. when you're giving a speech, there's no tim limit, no pushback. i'll be curious to see how four years of very little pushback to be able to get your message across in as long of form as you want does in a format when your time's up, your time's up. >> our time is up, sadly. >> i want to know what romney is going to say. i want to know what romney is going to say. he's got this video out, this unfiltered video out of him talking to rich people about47% of the country. i'm curious as to what he's going to say we're not already going to start going -- as soon as he starts. >> it's going to be better, will, than i represent 100% of america. >> by the way, to take this conversation full circle, i know we're out of time, we talk about media bias. we spent a lot of time talking about that 47%. haven't spent a lot of time talking about what happened in libya over the last two weeks. >> we have on my show. don't go there, will cain. yes, we have. okay. we got to stop debating the debates. i've got to go. thanks to both of you. will cain, l.z. granderson.
6:38 am
cnn's live coverage of wednesday night's debate starts at 7:00 eastern. lindsay lohan back in the news after a hotel fight over the weekend. what she says happened with a republican kind of guy. it's just really weird. stay with us. ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram. in a deep, hemi-rumble s♪rt of way.
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here's a shocker. a monday morning headline with lindsay lohan's name. she's now claiming to be a victim, but police are not buying it. "showbiz tonight's" a.j. hammer live. this is a strange one, a.j. even for lindsay lohan. >> i guess the good news for her on this monday morning, carol, is she didn't get arrested. she had this altercation with a 25-year-old in a hotel room at about 5:00 a.m. on sunday. labella is a friend of a friend of lindsay's. they continued to party at a w hotel. lindsay is telling the nypd she
6:42 am
discovered this guy had taken pictures of her throughout the night on his cell phone. she grabbed the phone from him and ran from the room. she says he choked her and assaulted her to get the phone back. she pulled the fire alarm to get help. police arrested la bella. police officials telling cnn they expect them to file charges against each other, the expectation being la bella is going to say lindsay stole his phone and he was trying to get it back. la bella identified himself as a clerical worker. he's actually a congressional staffer. no doubt publicity he doesn't want or need. i'm not saying lindsay shouldn't be out there living her life. perhaps, just maybe, she needs to rethink the whole going out at night thing for a while. it tends to not go well for her. >> i know. she's always getting herself in some kind of trouble. it's just sad. it is. it's sad. because she's so talented. like, what's up with her? >> and always seems to be
6:43 am
claiming the victim. you know, i'm not saying what did or did not happen in this case. but it's always her being done wrong. it is a sad thing to continue to watch. we continue to say we wish her the best. it just doesn't go well. >> a.j., thank you. tmz is reporting the family of tlc's hit show "here comes honey boo boo" is about to take their popularity all the way to the bank. a.j. will be back with us next hour with details on that. ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd.
6:44 am
tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. one is for a clean, wedomestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now.
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6:46 am
if you are like most parents, you probably limit your kids' tv viewing to only a few hours a day. but a warning for you this morn ing. even if your children are not watching the television, they could still be exposed to the background noise of the television, and that could be harmful. our medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is here. >> i know. yet another thing. >> something else to worry about. >> especially when you're home alone with a little baby or a toddler.
6:47 am
you often have it on in the background. i'm going to tell you the results of the study. then i'm going to tell you why parents shouldn't freak out. first the results. this folks found that these kids were exposed to about four hours of background tv. secondhand tv, you could call it, as opposed to direct tv. these were kids as young as 8 months old. other studies have found there are certain links to issues when kids have background tv. for example, maybe they don't do their homework as well as they should. or other issues like that. and so that it's kind of distracting. that's what the study found. >> how does it harm your kids? >> the theory is that your kid is sort of hearing all of this and isn't getting what they should be getting, which is human to human interaction. that that's what's best for your child is human to human interaction. not sort of having all of this white noise in the background. to which i would say, then you need to make sure you're having direct interaction. these studies can't tease out.
6:48 am
perhaps what's going on here is these kids are getting all the background noise and the parents are not playing with them. that's a huge problem. maybe it's possible to have background noise and play with your child. >> specifically what happens to your child? does the child become anti-social? does the child not learn enough? a little baby, 8 months old, in another room with a tv on? >> when they look at it, when studies have looked at it they've found kids don't sleep as well. kids don't perform as well as they should in school. again, maybe the problem is that this background tv leads to two things. they're not interacting with real human beings as much as they should. and also maybe this background tv gets converted to active tv. so you kind of hear it in the background and then you end up sort of glued to the tv for much longer than you should be. >> advice to parents would be to turn off the television. >> the american academy of pediatrics say under 2 your children shouldn't be watching tv. older than that the tv time should be limited and supervised. the older kids, one to two hours
6:49 am
of nonviolent tv a day. again, i think what's really important to think about is not just the negatives, the but the positives. interact with your child. don't let anything come in the way of that. >> that's a good thing. elizabeth cohen, thank you. the new york jets, boy, did they stink up metlife stadium. the 49ers' win was the biggest blowout in sunday's game. so is it tebow time? we'll talk about that with tiki barber. overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive.
6:50 am
romney: "it's time to stand up to the cheaters" vo: tough on china? not mitt romney. when a flood of chinese tires threatened a thousand american jobs... it was president obama who stood up to china and protected american workers. mitt romney attacked obama's decision... said standing up to china was "bad for the nation and our workers." how can mitt romney take on the cheaters... when he's taking their side? -oh, that's just my buds. -bacon. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] donuts. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? okay. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds.
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6:52 am
the new york jets and their fans, they're still suffering from one nightmare of a game. the san francisco 49ers dominated the jets blowing them out 34-0. . can't lay all the blame on mark sanchez, but the jets' quarterback had the third straight game below the 50%
6:53 am
completion rate. let's talk about that with tiki barber. welcome, tiki. >> how are you doing this morning? >> good. i'm suffering from that and i'm not even a jets fan. was that the worst game ever? >> it was. there was nothing positive to take away from that game for the jets. if you have a bad loss like that, you do a couple things wrong, they had a lot of things wrong. so there's really nothing positive to take away from this game. and as we all expected, with tim tebow coming in the offseason, when bad things started happening, the call for tebow was going to start ringing forward. and i think we're starting to hear that now because the jets seem to be on the ropes in a bad way. >> why not? it's tebow time, why not? >> it's interesting, that highlight that you showed with the jets getting the touchdown scored on them was the backup quarterback for the san francisco 49ers. and he is a wildcat-type quarterback.
6:54 am
so obviously rex ryan's seeing that happen has to be thinking in the back of his mind, it can't be any worse to put tebow in because we're not going to play any worse than we played yesterday. >> that's true. and plus, you want the jets fans to continue to go to the jets game. you want some hope, why not create that by benching sanchez and trying out tim tebow. >> the same thing happened in denver. they got off to a bad start and the fans started calling for tebow. the media started cosigning it as we are right now in new york and eventually john fox got put in a position where he had to make a decision. he had to save his team. and obviously led them to the playoffs, he did well. it's going to get more intense in new york if that doesn't happen. and mark sanchez continues to play poorly. i think right now rex ryan isn't going to pull that trigger. i think he has to put faith in mark sanchez. remember, they signed him to an extension, so he is their quarterback for the future. and a lot of people will still
6:55 am
argue tim tebow's not the answer, but as a jets fan, as new yorkers, people are starting to question and say why not? it cannot get any worse. >> tiki barber, thanks, it's been fun as always. let's talk about baseball because baseball's really exciting right now. the tigers can wrap up the american league central division with a win tonight. put the tigers in the position to clinch with a two-run homer to beat the twins. it was his 30th home run, but the best part came as fielder celebrated. he was into it. watch him. he's going to charge into the dugout, trips when he goes down the stair and is nearly knocks over the manager jim leyland. he almost took out a couple players too. he explained his exuberance this way. when it's there, i let it out. will the presidential debate be a game-changer? your responses are next. [ male] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis.
6:56 am
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6:59 am
talk back question this morning, will the presidential debate be a game changer. instead of offering viable solutions, they'll offer us zingers. this from anthony, no, not even a sugar high on any of the two. this election is long done. who wants to hear a planned, scripted debate to make up their minds. this is not going to be a game-changer for me, i know who i'm voting for this year. this from melissa, i hope it's not peppered with zingers and one-two punches. this country doesn't have time for that. and christine, i hope the american people are smarter than that, then again, they did just renew that "honey boo-boo" show. stories we're watching in the newsroom. the art of the zinger. may the best delivered line win. our debate about the debate.
7:00 am
targeted killings in afghanistan and u.s. soldiers are dying. the american general in charge of nato forces says he's mad as hell. arnold schwarzenegger, optimistic or delusional? even after a tell-all book admitting multiple affairs, he wants maria back. >> i just did not know how to. the fear about losing everything, losing her, losing the family, and i just didn't know how. and the find of a lifetime, a renoir at a flee market. finders keepers, losers weepers, huh? not when the insurance company is involved. "newsroom" starts right now. good morning. happy monday to you. i'm carol costello. it is just 36 days until the presidential election, and both mitt romney and barack obama will be virtually invisible
7:01 am
today. they're hunkering down for wednesday's debates and a chance to score big points in a race that's still too close to call. >> let's be honest. i'm not going to sit here and come on this morning and sugar coat the last couple of weeks. they've been tough. but here's the great news for republicans, we have a candidate doing extraordinarily well on wednesday night. the first time he has the opportunity to stand on the same stage with the president of the united states and the first time a majority of the people are going to vote in this race will have an opportunity to make that direct comparison and see the two of them. and when they do, i've seen mitt romney do this before. he's going to come in wednesday night, lay out his vision for america, he's going to contrast what his view is with what the president's record is and the president's view for the future and this whole race will be turned upside down come thursday morning. >> challengers tend to do well in debates. we believed all along governor romney probably has more benefit out of this debate than we do. but what we're going to tell the american people on wednesday night as we have the whole campaign is exactly where we are as a country, where we need to
7:02 am
go, how to rebuild an economy that makes the middle class secure and great details so people understand if this president gets reelected what he's going to do for the middle class in the next four years. >> so let's debate the debate, shall we? welcome, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> so everyone's saying this is a game-changer, but most voters have made up their minds. is it? >> right. and more often than not, these debates really aren't game changers. you were talking during your talk back zingers, and there are those moments, of course. but have they dictated the outcome of an election? a lot of political science suggests only twice. in the 1960s, 1960 election when richard nixon came out looking very haggard against the sharp and attractive john f. kennedy, and in 2000 when gore was condescending toward george w. bush. the point is, more than zingers, what seems to affect the outcome
7:03 am
is your general likability. how you come across. last point, carol, i saw newt gingrich give advice to mitt romney. he said that these debates. his expert told him it's 85% visual, how you look, 10% how you say something, your tone, and 5%, only 5% what you actually say. that would certainly reinforce this likability prism. >> well, that 5%'s kind of depressing. >> it is. >> well, let me ask you this about likability. remember in 2008, obama had a problem with likability and he's turned that around. he's now the more likable candidate. there is a danger to him to appear unlikable in this debate if he gets too snippy or too condescending or too professorial. >> absolutely because he's coming from a position of authority or power. everyone expects him to win this debate, everyone, apparently except for governor chris
7:04 am
christie. so he will have -- there is a danger of him coming in to this thing perhaps sounding overconfident. because even though he's in a better position, the country is still in a very tedious position, and so he can't come in as if everything's hunky dory. >> okay, and will, i'd like to ask you about this, that 47% saying and that secretly recorded video, that's really hurt mitt romney. and he's got to really respond to that. i heard politico reporting that president obama is going to mention the 47% thing every third question. >> yeah, look, i think there's two ways you can go if you're mitt romney on kind of talking about that 47%. you can choose the path i have, which when i've come on your program and others and that's actually try to break down the numbers of what was meant by the 47%. talking about who pays taxes,
7:05 am
who receives government subsidies and shed more light on it because it was sloppy and didn't make sense. that's probably not the right path to do. don't pursue nuance in debate. and you mentioned it earlier, carol, the 100% response, that's truthfully the one to go with to suggest his economic policies and conservative ideology believe they apply to 100% of voters and people within the economy. help them all. >> and also, i will say this, you're right, president obama can't make things look hunky dory, because they're not in the economy. so mitt romney according to some political analysts will continue to hammer away at that 8% unemployment rate and like the stagnant nature of our economy. >> and he should. the problem is mitt romney saying these things. and it's not just about the 47% that was mentioned in that speech. you have to remember, he also talked about if i was perhaps latino, it would be easier for me, i would be winning this
7:06 am
thing already. he said a bunch of other things in that video that this is going to undermine his ability to really attack the president on domestic policies and seen as believable. because we saw mitt romney talking in private about how he really feels. so what he says on stage is going to sound hollow because we saw him behind the scenes. and that's his greatest obstacle about the whole video. it's not about the numbers and trying to break it down, it's the sentiment behind the entire video which was condescending, which came from a place of elitism. >> okay. he just misspoke. >> no, i think, carol, he makes a good point. that's going to be very difficult for romney to readdress that 47%. on the flip side, this will be the first time someone can really go after president obama over the administration's handling of what went down in libya and their explanation it was a spontaneous attack. this is the first time that somebody can really push directly on president obama about that. >> okay. we'll see what happens on
7:07 am
wednesday. the debate about the debate has to end now, thank you so much. much appreciated as always. >> thank you. >> cnn's live coverage of the debate starts wednesday night 7:00 eastern. the highest court in the land is now in session for a new term. supreme court justices are putting on their robes for the first time since the most talked about decision the court's made in decades, that would be obama care. joe johns is live outside the court. we never get to see the justices walk into the court. it's kind of a mmer. >> no, i know. it just doesn't happen. i think they come in the back way quite frankly, carol. >> they're going to tackle controversial issues this term. >> reporter: yeah, i think so. probably the biggest cases they've actually accepted are, starting wh affirmative action. this is a case that's going to be heard in october. it was brought by a woman in texas who says she was denied admission to the university of texas because of her race.
7:08 am
she's white. and the court has said for a long time that as far as they're concerned at some point they're going to get rid of race-based admission policies that affirmative action at universities one day will probably have to go. the question is, whether it has to go now, carol. >> so let's talk about the relationship between the justices. because many say that justice roberts, you know, deciding decision on the constitutionality of obama care kind of created some bad blood between john roberts and conservatives. other people say, well, this is john roberts' chance to make the court even more conservative because the liberals owe him one. >> yeah, and i think a lot of people say both are true and a lot of people say neither. obviously these people are behind closed doors. but justice scalia, who is certainly one of the most right-leaning, if you will, justices has actually said no, there's no bad blood between us and we're moving forward. but there is that question of
7:09 am
the court moving to the right as a result of the health care decision. people go both ways. i think a lot of the observers that i've listened to before said this court is very incremental and they don't move drastically one way or the other. we'll have to see at the end of the day. you have other possibilities of an abortion case decision at some time, same sex marriage. a lot of opportunities this session for the court to really move in there and say whether they're going to be a true conservative court, carol. >> joe johns live outside the supreme court this morning. this morning, the world's peacemakers focus on one of the most dangerous places in the world. the united nations general assembly is hearing from the foreign ministry of syria. a country torn apart by civil war and brutal government, 30,000 people have died in just a year and a half and the foreign minister will try to defend his regime to a skeptical world.
7:10 am
are there any indications we'll hear anything new from the syrians today? >> reporter: well, carol, the short answer to that is, no, there aren't. we expect that the syrians will continue to be defiant. we expect that syrian foreign minister will continue to very much defend his country's actions. the syrians have stated from day one they're engaged in a battle against armed terrorist groups. they believe they're being targeted by foreign countries. many times in the past few months, they have continued to lash out against saudi arabia, qatar, and turkey, they say those are countries that are arming the rebels there and don't accept this foreign interference. the foreign minister of syria has been meeting with other foreign ministers there in new york trying to drum up support. but he's really likely to reach
7:11 am
a more hostile audience today. in the past, so many world leaders have been huddling, trying to find some sort of corrective course of action for what's going on in syria, but nobody's been able to. this civil war rages on unabated. >> reporting live from beirut this morning. the taliban claiming responsibility for a suicide attack this morning targeting nato forces in afghanistan. officials say the bomber drove a motorcycle packed with explosives into a joint patrol of afghan and nato forces. three nato service members and four afghan police officers were among those killed. in just this past weekend, two americans were killed in an insider attack that may have involved insurgents in kabul. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan told cbs's "60 minutes," he's mad as hell. >> i'm mad as hell to be honest. it reverberates everywhere across the united states. we're willing to sacrifice a lot
7:12 am
for this campaign. we're not willing to be murdered for it. >> u.s. troops have been traini training afghan forces to defend its country. talk about the economy and still issue number one for most of us. who do the experts think would be better for the economy? obama or romney? the answer next. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it.
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-free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. the economy is one of the biggest issues for voters this year. cnn money asked who would be better for the economy? governor romney or president obama? alison kosik has the details on this. good morning, alison. >> good morning, carol. we found out these economists surveyed were asked this question. who would most help the u.s. economy and they reluctantly picked mitt romney. also shows, sadly enough, that none of these economists were excited about either one of them. so the 17 economists, the way it was broken down, nine picked romney and three picked obama. five of them couldn't commit to anybody because they said, you know what? it doesn't matter because
7:16 am
neither one can fix the economy. even some of the romney supporters, they aren't enthusiastic. one of them said romney's policies would be less bad for the economy than obama. so basically, you know, it's the lesser of two evils. not exactly a big sign of confidence here. but some say romney is more likely to have more success getting legislation through congress and supporters of obama say he's more likely to reduce the deficit and cut entitlement spending like social security. but it is kind of sad, carol, it wasn't much excitement for either of them as far as helping the economy one way or the other. >> let's talk about something a little brighter that's happening where you are. the dow's rising. >> it is. this does actually begin the fourth quarter and it looks like stocks are beginning the fourth quarter with gains. stocks were already higher and then came out big sort of granddaddy of manufacturing reports. at least for september was back in expansion territory. and this is a big deal because
7:17 am
manufacturing has shown contractions for the past three months in a row. so this surprise to the upside, putting investors in a good mood, enough of a mood to buy into the market today. >> i'm sure all of this will enter into the world of politics too. alison kosik, thanks so much. now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. will the presidential debate be game changers? forget about the talk about romney the amateur debater, chris christie says the debate will be a game changer for romney. >> i've seen mitt romney do this before. he's going to come in wednesday night, lay out his vision for america, he's going to contrast what his view is and what the president's record is and the president's view for the future and this whole race is going to be turned upside down come thursday morning. >> oh, but the question is to zing or not to zing. word on the street that mitt romney has been practicing zingers since august, the kind of thing that resinates like when lloyd benson said to dan
7:18 am
quayle, you, sir, are no jack kennedy. as for president obama, he says there'll be no time for zingers. >> he's a good debater, i'm just okay. but what i'm most concerned about is having a serious discussion. about what we need to do to keep the country growing and restore security for hardworking americans. >> but obama's advisers hope not in a smug elitist way. there will be a lot of talk about mitt romney's 47% quote and from romney about the struggle in libya. it's tough when you're overly scripted. >> i think these guys use coaches, which is odd to me because, you know, the less
7:19 am
coached you are, the more natural you are, the more natural you are, the more personal you are, the more personal you are, the more general you are. >> in other words, zing away, but deliver it in a way that matters. a talk back question for you today, will the presidential debate be a game changer., your responses later this hour. the highs and lows of his life as a world champion body builder, actor and later politician, we're talking about arnold schwarzenegger. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel®, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections.
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7:21 am
7:22 am
former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is opening up about the affair with his former maid that destroyed his marriage. he's telling all in his autobiography "total recall." the book is coming out today. this morning he told "good morning america" how that misdeed with his maid hurt a lot of people. >> and the -- nor do the kids and nor do everyone in the extended family. so everyone has been hurt by that. and that, you know, i'm trying
7:23 am
to -- >> he also talked to arnold schwarzenegger about his new book and you write for "the daily beast." you sat down with arnold schwarzenegger, and i'm thinking as i'm watching these interviews that none of us really knew this person. >> yeah, before "the daily beast," i had lunch with him and the publicist arrived late. so i'd ask arnold if i could record it and i recorded it. and it's a very different arnold than on "60 minutes." very revealing of this man who is isolated, having a hard time dealing with getting old. he has an incredible life story. unfortunately because he has his biography come out now and insists on writing about the scandal, that's all anybody's talking about. >> it is, and you know, listening to these things. like he said he wouldn't tell his wife things like, hey, i'm going to get open heart surgery until he was getting it the next
7:24 am
day or, hey, i'm running for governor. he didn't tell her that until a few days he had to decide. and it's sort of like he lived life on his own terms and to heck with everyone else. >> he calls it being secretive, others would call it lying. i understand why he sees it that way. but everything in his life is an exaggeration, over the top. and it's just a sad business. that he wrote this autobiography too soon. wrote it too fast and too long. less than a year at 660 pages long and now he's out there. it's a mess. it really is. and it's unfortunate it didn't happen -- it's his ego getting in the way. >> let's play something else that arnold schwarzenegger said. this is from his interview on "60 minutes," let's listen. >> i think it was the stupidest thing i've done in the whole relationship. it was terrible, i inflicted tremendous pain on the maria and
7:25 am
unbelievable pain on the kids. >> of course he's talking about this maid. another question he was asked on "good morning america" about the maid. george stephanopoulos asked him, why did you keep this woman in your home when you figured out her kid was your kid? he responded by saying i didn't want to hurt the maid. >> he told me something else. i'm sure it's the truth. look, he's the governor. if maria finds out, maybe she'll divorce him, it's going to ruin his ratings as governor. so he wanted to keep it quiet as long as he could. the problem, look, he did this bad thing and it could have happened. my problem with him, what did he do afterwards? maria wanted to try to keep the marriage together, she wanted him to go to therapy. he wouldn't go to therapy because he doesn't want to deal with anything painful and dark within his life. and then when maria wanted to separate, arnold wouldn't leave the house. so maria, his wife of 25 years, the mother of his four kids and
7:26 am
a woman who lost her mother and father in the last year had to leave the house and go live in a hotel. arnold said he'd like to have his wife back, i don't think that's the way to do it. >> he says he's optimistic. he says he thinks maria wants the family to get back together too. is he kind of dusional? >> no, he's not delusional at all. he's immensely shrewd man. what a smart thing to say this morning. oh, yes, i want her back. he knows she's not coming back, but makes him look good and sells books. >> it's also in the middle of this bitter divorce, right? because they haven't settled yet. >> yeah. maria has gone through hell for a year and a half. imagine what it's been for her, now after a year and a half to go through him having his book coming out and talking about this. he didn't have to do this. he could've taken -- heaid he turned down $5 million and they paid him whatever they paid him. take $1 million less and don't talk about this.
7:27 am
say this is a private matter, i'm not talking about this. this morning, we wouldn't be talking about this, we'd be talking about the extraordinary life this man has. it's a great american story. >> thanks for sharing. we appreciate it. and you can read more about it on "the daily beast" and your interview's on there too with arnold schwarzenegger. >> sure is, thank you. >> thanks so much. candidates are gearing up for the first presidential debate. happens in just two days. and it's going to be a big one. the report from the "new york times" says mitt romney has been practicing some debate zingers since august. but will the strategy work with president obama? we'll talk about that. if you are one of the millions of men who have used androgel 1%, there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel.
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7:30 am
good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining us. checking our top stories at 30 minutes past the hour. the u.s. supreme court begins a new term. justices could decide a number
7:31 am
of critical issues including same-sex marriage, affirmative action and voting rights. the last term you might remember delivered the historic ruling upholding the health care reform law. california becomes the first state banning straight to gay therapy for minors. the so-called conversion therapy is plain dangerous. but a conservative group says the law violates constitutional protections. the first presidential debate now just two days away. if you listen to the candidates, neither one is expected to win. both candidates are seriously down playing expectations for their debate performances, but mitt romney has a few zingers in his back pocket and he's been practicing those zingers for over a month. president obama says, hey, i'm not going to do zingers, i'm going to talk to that guy on the couch. joining me to talk debate strategy, our cnn contributor maria cardona and republican
7:32 am
strategist matt tyree. i'm going to start with you, maria, because word on the street is mitt romney's been practicing zingers since august. do zingers really work? >> it's going to be interesting, carol. because, sure, they could work to, i guess, underscore who won the night and who won the debate. but will it work to actually be a game-changer for this campaign? that's certainly going to be up to the voters. i think mitt romney needs to be careful with that because the more that you practice a zinger, the more apt you're going to be to actually zing it. and i think what romney really needs to show is he's a likable guy and he's got to be aggressive. that's a very delicate balance. and he's going to have to actually change in the minds of voters in less than two hours what has taken two years to cement in their minds, which is that he's actually not a likable guy and he doesn't understand the problems of everyday americans and middle class
7:33 am
families. >> on the subject of aggression, matt, you wrote a piece that the key to winning this debate is being the aggressor but not being aggressive. >> well, first of all, i agree with maria, if you have too many zingers, you can overwhelm the audience. it's got to be as much as possible from the heart or not appear to be planned. as far as being aggressive, go back to the 2000 race between al gore and george w. bush, we saw gore sigh and get upset and he went into the personal space of bush at some point and stood sort of in front of him. and that sort of turned the audience off. so if you're aggressive sometimes you appear to be the bully. you have to be the aggressor, though, and by that i mean, for example, most of the candidates who win these debates or at least go on to win the presidential race are the ones that come in better prepared, appear to be sharper and appear to be on their game. yes, mitt romney needs to prepare and come out with one good line that the media will
7:34 am
run over and over again the next day but needs to look sharp against a very sharp barack obama. this business of barack obama not being a good debater, that's ridiculous, he's excellent and mitt romney can be good too. he can be very good as he was against gingrich in florida. >> okay. maria, let's pretend you're a republican strategist. so barack obama supposedly every third question is going to mention this 47% thing. so what would be a good way to combat that for mitt romney? >> well, i think that what he has started to do is something that he should continue to do, which is talk about the 100%. he should not get into trying to explain the 47% because that's just going to be a loser for him. the problem, though, and, again, what i mentioned earlier that there is this narrative and this image of mitt romney that has already cemented in voters' minds. and frankly the 47% comment why
7:35 am
it was so damaging is because that wasn't a surrogate, that wasn't a democratic strategist or the obama campaign saying that about mitt romney, that was mitt romney saying that about mitt romney. so he should try to focus as much and pivot to talk about the 100% and be specific. because that is what has been missing from what his plans are versus what the president's are for the middle class. >> and matt, on the subject of likability, i'm sure that governor romney's going to -- i mean, i've heard it said that the president isn't used to be challenged anymore and that might put him on the defensive and all this likability stuff will go by the wayside because president obama will get snippy. >> well, i don't think, barack obama is a very controlled political type. he knows what to do when the pressure is on. we've seen in the last few weeks. i would say this. i started the whole career at 30 something years plus ago in political debate. i would look for what we call a spring board. and that is to take the things they're talking about all are in the past. if i remember mitt romney, i would move this into the future,
7:36 am
the impact of the legislation we've seen and what impact it will have on the future in the next four years versus what he offers in the next four years. i haven't heard enough of that. and if you've seen romney come out quickly with answers, there are one, two, three, enumerated that sounds like real ideas and proposals, she'll appear to be a lot more of a together candidate than we've seen in the past. if he comes out the way he's been generally speaking trying to get obama upset, obama's not going to bite for it. he needs to be really concise, enumerate and one zinger, not a bunch of them. >> thanks so much. >> thank you so much, carol. >> i hope you visit us again. cnn's live coverage starts at 7:00 eastern.
7:37 am
7:38 am
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if you are not one of the millions of people who watch tlc's new hit reality show "here
7:40 am
comes honey boo boo," let me introduce you to honey boo boo. >> i'm 6 and i'm a beauty queen. i want to win the biggest trophy with a lot of money! i want money! >> for those of you who do watch the show, a.j., why, but people love the show. and i guess they're looking at a big payday. >> yeah, well, people do love the show, carol, unfortunately, i think a lot of people are fans for all the wrong reasons and i don't think anybody expected the show to be as big of a hit as it has become. it averaged around 2.4 million viewers an episode, peaked out at 2.9 million viewers. not surprising that tlc, the network airing the show has now ordered more. and while honey boo boo may be known for her catch phrase holler for a dollar, the family was paid very little for the first shows. they did some hollering, there are some places saying they got a big raise.
7:41 am
we've reached out about those stories, they're not commenting. and yeah, the show does take a lot of critical heat. it probably shouldn't be used as a parenting guide, but they do have their charms, carol. there are funny moments in the show. and i guess it's just fun to say honey boo boo. >> it really is. you know, i've never thought of it that way, but it is fun to say honey boo boo. >> i'm smiling right now because you just said it three times. >> okay. so monday cannot go by without talking lindsay lohan. >> yeah, lindsay lohan told police she was assaulted early sunday morning at a new york city hotel by a guy she was out partying with and she sustained some minor injuries. she did tell police that her assailant had been taking pictures of her throughout the night on his cell phone. she grabbed the phone, ran into the hallway and said he then choked and assaulted her to get the phone back, so she pulled the fire alarm to get help and that's when the police showed up. police originally arrested labella, but they decided to
7:42 am
drop the charges. but what makes the story even more interesting, labella is a republican staff member even has a picture with paul ryan on his facebook page. i don't see it coming up on the debate wednesday night, but still a really interesting twist for the story. >> really, really strange. as is everything with lindsay lohan. a.j., many thanks to you. >> you got it. >> join a.j. hammer on "showbiz tonight." a painting inside that box discovered worth $100,000. oh. but the insurance companies are involved now, so don't get too excited. we'll tell you why.
7:43 am
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45 minutes past the hour. checking our top stories now.
7:45 am
the so-called carmageddon ii. a ten-mile stretch of interstate 405 in los angeles reopened last night ahead of schedule. officials shut down the highway as part of a massive roadway project that included demolishing part of a bridge. an accident involving two school buses near san antonio this morning left one of the drivers dead. our affiliate kens also reports three kindergarten-age students were taken to a hospital. a local, spokeswoman says it's unclear what caused the crash. bonnie and clyde's pistols went for $500,000 at auction. the guns were found on their bodies when they were fatally shot by police. the new york daily news quotes schumer as saying milk prices could double if congress
7:46 am
doesn't improve a new farm bill. a new dire warning coming from the national milk producers federation, it says milk could hit $6 a gallon. oh, yeah. it's an addictive dance that's gone viral worldwide. and hundreds of prisoners in the philippines are doing their best rendition of psy's gangnam style dance. ♪ gangnam style >> yeah, if you don't know psy, you've been living under a rock. gangnam style is the most liked youtube video ever with 335 million views and the song is also number two on the u.s. charts. makes me laugh every time i see it. it's a mystery worthy of one of those hollywood heist movies. a painting by the famed artist renoir has resurfaced under the most unlikely circumstances. and now it's the focus of an fbi
7:47 am
investigation. here's brian todd. >> it's 5 1/2 by 9 inches worth $175,000 and back from the dead. believed to have been painted for his mistress in 1879, this landscape has made a mysterious journey. >> this is what we all fantasize about finding an unknown treasure somewhere. >> reporter: the director of art at the museum, they once that had that on display loaned by a well-known art patron. more than 60 years ago, the painting was lifted. >> the circumstances around the theft of the painting are not clear. but this is the library's record of the painting, the card saying it was lent here, this notation saying it was stolen from the museum in 1951. that was only about five months after the lender died. >> fast forward to 2010, a woman at the harper's ferry flea
7:48 am
market. >> she paid for a cardboard box full of miscellaneous items. >> the purchaser who wants to remain anonymous took the painting to the potomac company, an auction house in alexandria, virginia, where it's being kept now. what happened between high-end heist and flea market is virtually unknown. >> how tough is it to piece together how it might have made the journey? >> you know, i think people feel a painting by a famous artist like renoir, it ought to be very clear, but life has so many twists and turns. it has friendships and deaths and divorces and all kinds of chaos and moving, you know, changing of occupations. it's very hard to speculate what of the circumstances would cause a painting to change hands. >> and she says records of artworks were not digitized and tracked then with the sophistication used now. the fbi is investigating that trail.
7:49 am
authorities and probably lawyers will also have to determine whether the painting is rightfully the property of the woman who bought it for $7, the museum, or the insurer who paid out the claim. right now it's not clear who that insurer was either. >> what would sadie may say about this situation? >> she, i'm sure she would be amused to find her reputation brought to the surface and so much attention paid to her. >> reporter: as much as they want the painting back, museum officials aren't prepared to say they'll wage a legal fight to get it. right now focusing on piecing together how the painting was stolen and how it got to a flea market in west virginia. cnn, baltimore. >> wow. europe's best golfer celebrates a stunning defeat on the united states on the american soil. and they can thank a chicago cop for his help. we'll talk about all that next.
7:50 am
7:51 am
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52 minutes past the hour. this news into cnn, the indianapolis colts head football coach has been diagnosed with leukemia according to the colts' owner and ceo. they held a news conference earlier this morning. pagano feels that he will win the battle and get this disease in remission. from what we're understanding from "usa today," coach pagano is now in than indianapolis hospital in isolation. he's expected to be there for the next six weeks. this was a bye week for the indianapolis colts. he was feeling unusual fatigue, he went to the hospital to get it checked out and they found out he had leukemia. so he's battling and, of course, our prayers are with him. depending on your point of view, this year's ryder cup will go down as either one team's stirring comeback or another's epic collapse. at the medina country club in
7:54 am
illinois. a shocking win for europeans, a bitter loss for the americans. >> reporter: well, it was a meltdown, really, for the americans and a real miracle for the european team, carol. it was not expected from the european standpoint that they would be able to come back because they've never been behind by so much and staged such a comeback in this particular competition. the last time anyone came back from a four-point deficit was in 1999 and that was on home soil. and that was a stunning final day then. but for the europeans to come over to the american soil and to achieve this victory, it's truly historic. it was not expected at all. the americans looked like they were going to be racing favorites and certainties on the final day. all they needed from a possible 12 points was 4 1/2. they only managed 3 1/2. so it was left to the europeans to lead from the front, leading by example with an incredible
7:55 am
spirit and an incredible belief. and they won the first five matches. and the united states could not respond. tiger woods had a very poor week here and, indeed, the who american team were left dumb struck on the final day after combining so well on the first tw days and displaying wonderful team spirit. but it did not fire at all on the last day. >> i didn't know golfers could get that excited. talk about amazing. let's talk about rory mcilroy, he won a big match, but he almost missed his tee time, which is, of course, kind of embarrassing. >> reporter: well, it was a little bit embarrassing. and certainly it could have been a lot worse for the european team if he had arrived late. he left with 12 minutes to spare. he was watching the golf channel all morning and the time was being being relaid to him in eastern time. it was 12:25 was what they were announcing all morning, he got
7:56 am
that into his head, that was his teeoff time, it was 11:25 a.m. local time central time here in chicago. and he eventually got a call at 11:00 a.m. and said you're on the tee in five minutes. he managed to hitch a lift with a state trooper and got here with very little time to spare but no practice, went out on the course and delivered a point. so it was stunning. and his captain was able to laugh about it later and gave him a surprise gift as they celebrated. >> oh. i thought you were going -- >> before we do anything, i want to present you with this wonderful award. you make sure you get on time to the tee next time. >> i was hoping you would show that. >> reporter: it was a funny moment at the very end of a thrilling day. as i said, it could have been a lot worse had rory missed out. he was the world number one, a
7:57 am
real error on his part, but he got away with it and the european team are celebrating. >> thank you so much for that report. the next hour of "newsroom" right after a break. [ male announcer ] this is rudy. his morning starts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve.
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when a flood of chinese tires threatened a thousand american jobs... it was president obama who stood up to china and protected american workers. mitt romney attacked obama's decision... said standing up to china was "bad for the nation and our workers." how can mitt romney take on the cheaters... when he's taking their side?