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tv   Romney Revealed  CNN  October 28, 2012 5:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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on the east coast but affect there had as well. there the president of the united states is landing. so the president has his transportation at least working here. the impact of this hurricane reaching far beyond the coast. we are going to talk about the affect on transportation for people who don't have their own planes. a lot of people now really don't -- they can't get around. i lived in the northeast a long time. i didn't have a car when i lived there, all do you is take a train, hail a taxi. >> not anymore. >> not anymore. >> shutdown all over the place, a brand-new figure for you -- >> this is josh levs by the way. >> sorry, hi, here i am again. we are here in what is right now the cnn hurricane desk, in the middle of the cnn newsroom. we are following every single state, city, that can be impacted by hurricane sandy. what we want to look at is how the broader transportation problems can ebb six for the whole country. when airlines shutdown it impacts everyone that travels. here is the screen here, i want to show you a few of the statistics we have for new york, a good example of how many millions of people will be impacted.
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you have the new york city subway shutting down, more than 4 million people who take that every day, part of the more than 8 million people. we have breaking news. >> we want to get to chad myers now up in the cnn severe weather center. chad, you have got the latest information, the latest data came out at the top of the hour what do you have? >> well, nothing changed, the position changed, moving northeast at 15, still 75-mile-an-hour storm. if you are keeping track at home, 34.0, 70.9. other than that the storm is right on tracks doing nothing unusual, not turning left, not turning right. sometimes we look for that to see whether the forecast maybe wrong. so far, the forecast is right on the money. no deviation at all. our kill devil hills reporter, right there, will notice, don, a lot more convection. look at all this yellow out there, our reporter out there about to get pounded by some more surf and wind. i do have janette's pier down in nags head, the greatest wind gusts so far, 73 miles per hour.
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up here, north of there these numbers are only going to go up from there, don? >> chad my wers pa very latest information on sandy's path, where it's going, of course, affecting a lot. josh levs in the middle of his report, how it is affecting, 8 million, 9 million people who use mass transportation. a little more. 11 million commuters affected tomorrow. given what chad was talking about, zoom in a second. don, check it out, at, you can control this map yourself, a what is so great about this, it is called your tracker. see the predicted rainfall in the area, projected paths and it is help. as long as you have got power, to take a look at these maps we have up for you to understand how you lie in the path and how your area lies in the path. i will end with this, don, talking about airlines and the importance of understanding that airplanes might be shutdown all over the place. we have been checking with all the major carriers, thousands of cancellations across all the major carriers already for the eastern seaboard. of course that can then spill
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over into the rest of the country. one little piece of drama, zoom back in here, show you this before you disappear here. cruise ships have had to change their paths. we got this i report here not long ago. i will be telling you more about it in a bit. dr. david evans was on this cruise ship just off the coast of miami and he shows us the waves that were coming in. pretty soon, water on the cruise ship. more about that later, don. >> thank you very much. see that up there in the red jacket, go up there, wes, see that red jacket? that is cnn's sandra endo preparing for a live shot and we are going to go to her now. sandra ocean city, maryland. what are you seeing? >> reporter: hey there, don. yeah all day long, we have been get getting pelted with this rain and wind. clearly you know from all the reporting of hurricane sandy, that it is far from reaching here, more than 24 hours away and ocean city known for its beautiful beaches. it's a tourist destination. of course it is a ghost town now. you can see the empty pool f
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there is a sill veer lining in all this the bad weather is not hitting this area during high tourist time. that is definitely a good thing. but take a look this is what local officials are really worried become the high surf, it is high tide right now and you can see the waves are just fierce and pounding the shoreline here. it is about 100 yards away from this railing where we are here on the balcony of this oceanside hotel. and it inching up but clearly, just fierce waves out there and the high tide combined with the length of this storm, that is what could really cause a major storm surge, so, officials are going to be monitoring that. they have made sure that people have evacuated downtown ocean city. and there's also a voluntary evacuation order for low-like areas, but again, just taking a look at the pictures of the waves here it is really incredible to see this gorgeous coast line really getting pounded with the high tides. and this is just the beginning of hurricane sandy and the worst is yet to come, don.
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>> all right, sandra endo, thank you very much. stay safe. sandra, we will be getting back to you. all of our players, our reporters, stretched out across the east coast and we have our chad meyer, meteorologist here. folks at the cnn hurricane des he can and all over the newsroom here at cnn tracking it all four. general russell honore, how can you forget that guy you don't forget a character like that he saved new orleans during hurricane katrina and got people out who needed to get out and the people in who needed to get in. he is weighing in on sandy now, if people are doing things right, offering his advice, his insight, right after the break.
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we are now in rolling could have ram here on cnn or should i say prehurricane could have ram, since the storm technically hasn't hit land yet. take a look now, new york city skyline. it looks calm now but not for long. there it is there not for long
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that enormous category one hurricane, spinning up the coast right now. forecasters expect it to turn toward land tonight. hurricane sandy going to do some major damage. new york city preparing for the very worst right now. they have stopped the subways, canceled classes. the airlines have grounded their planes out of jfk and laguardia and newark. if you got out on a plane as my friend did a couple seconds ago, natalie, we showed her picture earlier, very, very lucky. chad myers reported earlier the airports would not be open much earlier and he was right. noaa issued a brand-new hurricane update. our chad myers had that for you just a moment ago and he is going to update you in just a moment. first, let's get to the outer banks of north carolina. that is where cnn's george howell has been watching conditions deteriorate all day long. george? >> reporter: don, the strong winds have picked up again here at kill devil hills, north carolina. that heavy rain we have seen throughout date has subsided a
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bit, from time to time, we do still get those gusts that come and go, gusts anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per hour, sometimes mixed with sand. a good end cation of how close this storm is to us as it continues to track northward and then inland to those major metropolitan areas, new york city philadelphia, just north of washington, d.c. and then merges with that cold front. the big of the storm surge, on the atlantic side, from four to six feet that could cause flooding in several areas. the south side you can the other south side of the outer banks, the storm continues to change directions, first from the east, then the north, then the west. pushing water into different areas then that water comes back and could cause flooding, they think anywhere from three to five feet of flooding on the south side. also, the coastal highway 12, don it is the only way in and out here of the outer banks.
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that coastal highway has water over it in several spots. people are cut off until that water subsides. those are the problems we are dealing with here and a taste of what's to come as this storm, the bigger storm, moves into those major areas. don? >> george howell, thanks, once again getting pelted as he covers this hurricane. the latest now on sandy's track. chad myers, it is a category one. by the way, where george is one highway in, one highway out, reminds me of one thing, grand isle, one way in, one way out. they are affected the same wake thought in the water. just because it is a category one, we should not be lulled into a sense that it's going to be okay? >> the category is a wind speed and a wind field around an eye. this storm doesn't really have a very good eye. hasn't had an eye for a long time, engulfed in dry air, never supposed to be a cat gear two or
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three hurricane. the wind field, which means the size of the wind either close to hurricane or certainly above 50, would be almost 1,000 miles from one side of the storm to the other. and so all of a sudden, we are going to have this plow, this wind event, that runs right through new jersey all the way from almost up into connecticut/rhode island and even into massachusetts, as far south as north carolina and it plows straight into pennsylvania and then turns and stops at west virginia and then heads to canada. >> before you go over, 'cause i know you want to go to the bull and answer some stuff, like i said, i have been wanting to speak directly to the viewer, someone wrote in and said, hey, i'm wondering when was it scheduled to go inland and because it seems to be barrelling east. i can't find it now. i showed it to you earlier. do you know what they are talking about? >> the storm has not turned. look at the picture on the left. looking at the center of circulation, hard to find in an eye, you can see the dot that would be the dot of the comma, it's in the middle, it is not
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turning left yet. it is still turning north. and a little bit of the northeast last projection, northeast of 15. when does it turn? that's the $64,000 question. if it turns now, all of a sudden, d.c. is very much in the left side of the cone in play. if it doesn't turn for a longer time than forecast, then new york city closer to the middle of that center of circulation. right now, obviously, the goal posts set there and the center somewhere, the forecast of the center of that around atlantic city we don't know when it turns. sometimes they take a long time. sometimes they don't. the computers are not perfect because there's not much data in the ocean. there's no one in the ocean putting up weather balloons for us to know which wait weather is blowing, which way the bind wind blows. the noaa hurricane hunter goes out there and risks their lives. >> that question is it still heading steadily northeast and
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you answered that question. near from richie long, has florida gators thing, i will let you know i'm not happy about that how far east -- how far east will this be felt, sandy? >> i think northeast is a good story. you're going to have 24-foot waves hitting the shores of maine. >> okay? >> okay. big time. it's a rugged coast. do you remember back when the first president bush had his house at kennebunkport torn up by the perfect storm? this is a perfect storm it is going to combine high and low and combine warm and cold but this storm will come the perfect fostorm never made landfall. chad mires, don't leave me hanging, the voice of reason is coming up, because forecasters -- don't laugh, guys, on the air, but we got it. forecasters calling for a day and a half of hurricane-force
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winds, rain and even snow. so, how can people prepare? how are you supposed to prepare? as i said, the voice of reason, there he is, retired general russell honore, took command of the military, brought the military down, chaos after hurricane katrina and got it back together. he is live in the studio with me next. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. thanks to the eyeglass guide its never been easier to find the right pair of eyeglasses. check out today. brought to you by transitions lenses.
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[ whistles ] hello! [ all ] hello! [ coach ] caleb, i've got someone i want you to meet. hello. [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's largest 4g network. covering 3,000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. rethink possible. welcome back, everyone. rolling coverage of hurricane sandy. before it makes land fall, going to do that it is roaring towards shore, just got the latest update at the top of the hour. our chad myers, meteorologist, here in just a moment, update you again a lot of people said they weren't expecting a storm this big this late in the season it rarely happens, if ever. now the rush is on, of course to get supplies. you see some stores are running low expretty much out in areas, people looking for bottled water, finding empty shelves, despite mandatory evacuations in areas from new jersey, delaware, all along the eastern coast, east coast, some people bound to
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stay in their homes, there he is taking his glasses off, general russell honore, who commanded the troops in the city, i should say of new orleans, down in new orleans during hurricane katrina is here now. i call you the voice of reason. but you were telling me something very interesting in the break that i think our viewers should know about. we seem to be, at least wanting to be, or appear to be, more prepared for the natural disasters in the wake of hurricane katrina. you hear people coming out, like governor chris christie you can the last time there was a major storm in the northeast, get out now, you are crazy if you don't get out, paraphrased. that is what he was saying. seem to be more prepared. >> it all started post- 9/11, see a paradigm shift based on guidance from congress and two presidents now that have reinforced what we call a national response format, which helped the nation prepare and plan for natural disaster and, god forbid, terrorism. so you are seeing all that good government that has been invested in the department of
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homeland security, in fema. feel what has increased in size since katrina. giving fema the authority to lean forward too preposition assets. you know, before katrina, fema had to be requested by the governor and then a declaration had to be required to start moving stuff. all that changed post-katrina. the standup of northern command, which is out in california -- colorado, their job is to prepare the federal troops in support of the national guard. the whole paradigm shift in the national guard. for the first time, we have multiple federal duhac commanders authorized by the secretary of defense before the event and in each state, when federal troops come in, they will work on the national guard commander, the dual hat, all this happened post-katrina to try to make government more effective. don? >> if you were wounding what good could come out of katrina,
5:19 pm
that's one thing, at least one thing more prepared so people don't have to lose their lives and they can get where they should be well before the storm makes it ashore. >> a lot of preparedness have happened. people have understood, you got to use all the assets inside the city inside the state, turning schools into shelters. turning buildings, available buildings into shelter, using local transportation and see this thing up in new york, they are using their assets, dual missioning their state and city employees to take care and focus on the people, 'cause the number one thing politicians will be judged on is that they focus on taking care of the people. >> yeah. you mentioned new york city. let's talk about new york state. and we read the advisory from the wire just a moment ago, said the president of the united states declared a state of emergency for new york state before the storm even hit. you said that is a big deal. and the reason i'm interested, i think about it i have a friend in new york who just texted me
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and said, don, stop scaring me, i'm watching you, stop scaring me, you know, a light hearted way. i'm not trying to scare you and i am in a way, i want people to be safe. this is serious. >> that is the number one function of government to secure the people. people need to understand the purpose prepare them to respond. the other thing the president's declaration does, it helped authorize the payment of the national guard through a concept called title xxxii. the next 24 hours or so the secretary of defense, allowing with the white house and people in congress they will come up with the money for the troops to be mobilized under title xxxii.
5:21 pm
then they can bring all the national guard they need to bring in to respond, because they are the first responder behind the fire department and the police. >> yeah, general russell honore getting wonky, we need to be wonky with this information. we need to know the details, as you said. we are in a paradigm shift. much of this is a result of what happened after hurricane katrina and we are safer now, good to know the details of how every different city, state, local municipality, government, federal, gets ready to prepare for these. >> the hard part is yet to come,the pregame shock the response is going to really be the test of leadership. >> okay. so, not trying to scare you guys, but as i have been saying, this is pretty serious stuff. >> it is. >> we always hear people who say -- >> mother nature can break anything built by man, we have to be ready. >> absolutely. let's move on to talk, we can't go far from politics, hurricane
5:22 pm
sandy forcing the presidential campaign to take some detours, make detours. ahead, how the storm could help or hurt the candidates. as we leave you just for a moment here, a very short break, this is ocean city, maryland. look at that, general. look at that, audience. imagine that coming your watch and that is not the real big heap of it. this is just the outlying part of it. it is still a couple hundred miles away. rachel quit the corporate grind
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welcome back this is our coverage. look at that. this is atlantic city, you see that shaky cam there? that long string of lights? that's the boardwalk in atlantic city we are checking on information someone sent us about the boardwalk. don't want to say now because i'm not sure. these pictures courtesy of wpvi, atlantic city new jersey, as you know, state of emergency.
5:26 pm
chris crist tirk the governor there just talked about that not long ago in a press conference, he spoke to the president and the president declared a prelandfall state of emergency for his state. his quote was don't go out there and be heroes, you need to get out in the next couple of hours. we will update up on that and bring you pictures where ever we can get them from the east coast as hurricane sandy barrels ashore. we keep a watch on hurricanes, take a minute to talk about how the storm will affect the race for the white house. both president obama and mitt romney changing their travel plans. i spoke to anna, a republican strategist, elsie a writer at espn. i asked both how this storm would affect the obama and romney campaign beyond where they hold their campaign rallies. >> listen, don, i'm from florida, i'm a veteran of hurricanes and hurricanes have political sea sense. it is hurricane politics 101.
5:27 pm
you have to be in charge. i think the best thing president obama can do right now is exactly what he is doing which is suspend some of the campaign events and be in the white house, be in x i want to give him kudos on one thing, which is that the admin straighter of fema he picked, craig fugate is a man who work here in florida in charge of emergency management service in florida well known to floridian, he worked under jeb bush, actually, in florida, is is a real pro. i think president obama deer is was points for having somebody that is a professional instead of a political crony. but it is very important. it can make or break careers, points were politics and hurricanes meet and it can help or they can collide. they can break careers, we all remember governor blanco in louisiana, what a disaster that was. >> yeah, we remember all of
5:28 pm
that. so listen, a republican praising the president, a democrat, it happened here on cnn. so, let's talk about the -- stick with the ground game here, because this, you know, talking about the imaginary, you know, scenarios for after the disaster happens, you know, with what happens after the, can people get to the polls, will power be out? blockage in the roads, all of this? we don't know, pretty far to forecast out, you know, what, seven, eight, nine, days from now, actual election day. this is really throwing a monkey wrench into the plan that not only the candidates have but also the people going to the polls an voting are. some people don't know what they are going to do they are out of their homes. absolutely. not really about seven or nine days ahead. some of these states that might get impacted later on in the week are looking at the early voting state, right? for instance, maryland already canceled their early voting for monday. if you were planning on voting not next tuesday but some time
5:29 pm
during this week, power outages could impact your plans and planning on voting earlier and may be out of town, you might be scrambling now for an absentee ballot if there is no power, how do you get a ballot for that? this has long-term affects we will start seeing much, much sooner than next week. >> i will go back to you, lz. ana talked about craig few garkt the emergency management down in florida. are do you remember last time during isaac, got there faster than the prkt the president had to balance his duties. well aware what the optics are like in this situation? >> mitt romney got there early but left with criticism. he reportedly told a woman whose house was submerged under water
5:30 pm
to ga go back home and call 211. doesn't look as fess trying to to be compassionate but bring himself that would bring the nation a lot of comfort as we are trying to deal with this horrific storm. you are right, the president deserves to be criticized for that, in a campaign season, what you can't do is look as if you don't care about the people you'rer issing and not being on the ground early after the hurricane made an appearance he wasn't -- didn't care about the people as much as himself and his own political ambitions. >>, will the my thanks to lz granderson and of course, ana navarro. i'm answering your questions on social media and if warranted, i will answer them for you here on the air. make sure you stay tuned in with me there. we will get your questions and answer -- get your questions answered for you. new york, emergency mode tonight, bracing for sandy. next, a look at the worst case scenario, look at this worst
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rolling coverage here of hurricane sandy. it looks weird, what you are looking at a this is a tower cam, looking down into water there. this is port is the mouth, virginia, a tower cam from our aphysical yacht, wavy in portsmouth, virginivirginia.
5:35 pm
look at the satellite images. my goodness. this is going to be a monster coming ashore. i know people are -- sometimes you get a bit jaded when you see this coverage on networks like cnn. you say, well, you know, it happened -- it's happened before. nothing went on that would make me leave my home. katrina didn't tell you that you should leave, general russel honore didn't tell you last time and now this time you should leave, then you should -- i don't know what else to tell you. but this is threatening to be a monster of a storm. it's supposed to go right in and then make land fall monday -- some time monday right near washington, d.c. with the latest forecast, that's the latest forecast. about 200 miles or so off the coast, about 185 miles off the coast of north carolina. about 400 miles and change from new york city. that was -- what was that, ocean city, maryland, i was looking
5:36 pm
at? that was ocean city, maryland, the waves coming in. listen, not trying to scare you on purpose in any way other than to make you under stastand the r of this particular storm. they are call thug the perfect storm for a reason, because there are winds, there's rain, there's storm surge and then there's gonna be snow as well when it comes to us. almost every single thing will be in there except for the fire, of course, then that could happen as well, depending on the intensity of the winds, then the electricity will be out. gift worst case scenario for new york city new york city operation for the worst if it makes direct hit there. how would low-like areas of manhattan be affected? remember this is the most populaceity? world and it has come to a standstill tonight? cnn's mary snow talked with some experts to find out. >> reporter: if anyone is worried about a hurricane
5:37 pm
hitting new york it is coastal geologist professor nicholas koch and to understand why he took us to southampton, new york. >> this is actually the 1938 hurricane broke through and made shinnecock bay a branch of the ocean. >> reporter: koch says most new yorkers forget that it was here that a powerful category three hurricane made landfall in 1938. it was called the long island express and it caused widespread damage, even in new york city, some 70 miles away. even if new york city is spared a direct hit -- >> that's right. it's going to have massive flooding. yeah. >> reporter: for years, koch has been sounding the alarm about how vulnerable new york city is because of its top pentagon graph. if i he says storm surges could trigger massive flooding in low-lying areas, particularly lower manhattan. consider this simulation done by noaa showing what a category two hurricane could do to a tunnel linking brooklyn and manhattan. donald cressetelo with the army corps of engineers mapped out the worst case scenarios a
5:38 pm
category one hurricane, for example, could flood the subway station at the tip of manhattan with three and a half feet of water a category two storm, he say could put jfk airport under five and a half feet of water. >> if a storm were to occur, could be catastrophic, given the population density in the northeast. >> reporter: high winds are also a big concern. and city officials have evacuation plans at the ready. despite all the preparations, koch says it's not the hurricane he's most worried about. what's your biggest concern? >> "the new yorker." >> why? >> because they don't listen. you can always tell a new yorker, you can't see very much. >> ask my producer what i did say about new york city, the most populace city in the world or the country? i thought i said world. as i said that sam feiss said new york city is the most popular city in the u.s. i meant the country. thank you, sam, 19th in the world. thank you. just a slip of the tongue.
5:39 pm
anyway, speaking of new york city. look at that the statue of liberty. look at the wind on this particular camera in new york city. very -- they say new york city is a city that never sleeps? right now it is pretty sleepy, because all the mass transportation in the city is shutdown, broadway shows shutdown. michael bloomberg, the mayor of the city came out earlier this afternoon and gave his wants, what he would like to do, what he is going to do and telling people he was dividing you the city up in zones, zone one or zone a, i forget what it is said people should immediately leave that area, buildings there electricity gone from those buildings, cull cut the electricity off and the water off. any time you get a city as big as new york city the biggest or the most populace? i this country shutting down its mass transportation system, you have been there you knee that is a huge deal. new york city's a behemoth of a city i people just think of manhattan, it's more than that it's all five boroughs.
5:40 pm
this is atlantic city. you there go, atlantic city, wpvi, boardwalk, down the road from new york city and really just down the road from philadelphia, where our afill the gentleman located. i spent many days and night that boardwalk you are looking at right there when office reporter in philadelphia covering storms rolling in, none quite this big though and spent the night hunkered down in hotels. a lot of people are doing that. hopefully away from the boardwalk and the coast. much more to come here, keep you updated. we are going to be on the air for as long as it takes. if you want to know about this storm and you want to know about the presidential election, how it's -- how it's going to be affected by this storm, how far inland this storm is going to go you need to keep it right here on cnn. back now live, ocean city, maryland. look at the surf coming in. it's about -- less than 200 miles from maryland. you know it's bad went casinos that we showed you in atlantic city, when they shutdow down, o
5:41 pm
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on when it comes to hurricane sandy. just got information, i think i told you guys this the president has declared a state of emergency in the district of columbia -- of columbia, ahead of the arrival of hurricane san dlichlt have been so many of these that have come in i'm not sure if i reported that again that is coming in on the urgent wires, the president of the united states declaring a state of emergency for the district of columbia ahead of the hurricane sandy. that's according to a release from the white house. obviously, that means d.c. again, did the same thing earlier for the state of new orleans, for entire new york state. another alert that i just -- just crossed over as we were talking here. okay, talking about planes, trains, automobiles, thank you very much, scott thompson at our national desk, lurk sandy, philadelphia international airport statement, advised by our airlines all flight operations have been cancelled for tomorrow, monday, october 29thth. philadelphia international airport, if you have to fly through that airport, go to that
5:44 pm
airport, listen. they have been advised that, by their airlines, all flight operations have been cannes selled for monday, october 26th, directly from the statement i'm reading now. this is is a dangerous -- october 29th, excuse me. this is a dangerous storm and safe city our main concern. we and the airlines will be monitoring, assessing the situation throughout the day, tomorrow, to determine when flight activity can resume and we ask individuals not to come to the airport and strongly urge all travelers to contact their air lines for flight status then give a toll free number. it is 1-800-phl-gate. 1-800-phl-gate. philadelphia international airport telling people not to show up at the airport tomorrow. call your carrier now, check your flight status and see if you can make some other arrangements to get to where you're going or be prepared to sit tight that is the unfortunate information, more to tell you about, the state of emergency declared as well for new jersey and new york, as we said.
5:45 pm
new jersey governor chris christie the first to announce mandatory evacuations and state offices have been closed for tomorrow. the lacest from cnn's alison kosik ins a bury park, new jersey. we saw the press conference with chris christie. said don't go out there and try to be a hero -- try to be heroes. he is exactly right. get out of there. >> reporter: oh, yeah. you know what, people are heeding his advice, because i haven't seen anybody out here, you know, it really is kind of like a ghost town and because i think a lot of people realize this could be the real deal. you know this is interesting because i have been covering this story since about i would say 2:00 this afternoon and it has really been interesting to see as the storm has gotten closer to the jersey shore how the winds have changed. i mean, standing out here, waiting to do this report, i mean, these gusts have really picked up. one other thing, we are about 15 minhs from high tide. behind me is the beach, you can't see it because it's so dark, these waves, believe me, are fierce. also a sheet of sand just being
5:46 pm
whipped to the side u it's getting ugly out here around it's getting ugly fast. don? >> mm-hmm. well, so earlier, did you see people out? you said it appears people are heeding the advice. it looks like it's pretty chilly and pretty windy. seen anybody out and about in the last couple of minutes? >> reporter: i have not. i mean, i see a few people walking here. they very well look like they could be news crews. i think what you are really seeing are the news crews out and anyone else who doesn't have a reason to be out here is not out here. it's hard to stand up. the wind is really whipping me around quite a bit and, you know, we are still, what, you know, hours and hours away from this hurricane even hitting. and these winds are pretty strong. >> yep. yep. all right, just the beginning. alison kosik, thank you. stay safe. you heard allison say the winds are so strong, she can barely stand up. of course, allison a little thing, very tiny, but still, not safe to be out there thanks, alison kosik,s a bury park, new jersey. people are rushing to stack as many sandbags possible before
5:47 pm
the storm hit bus that may not stop the floods from ruining homes. we are going to look at the frantic preparations, straight ahead. new prilosec otc wildberry is the same frequent heartburn treatment as prilosec otc. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor. now why make a flavored heartburn pill? because this is america. and we don't just make things you want, we make things you didn't even know you wanted. like a spoon fork. spray cheese. and jeans made out of sweatpants. so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
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5:50 pm
we are going to get you live right now to ocean city, maryland, where you can see the waves and the rain coming ashore, hurricane sandy. miles from maryland. but you know maryland, a state of emergency, because the president declared state of emergency for maryland today. up to a foot of rain is expected, expecting that surge to come in and flooding there. people are racial against time now to protect their homes. i want to tell you, athena jones has been reporting from there
5:51 pm
all day. >> reporter: annapolis resident kim kimball is hoping the sandbags she is collecting here will protect the museum where she works from rising waters. >> that is the one most vulnerable, 77, when it comes up, it there will flood the basement, just one of the problems with living in a city on the water. >> reporter: she has been through this drill several times. her friend, jack is a novice u. >> this is my first time doing the sandbags so i'm sort of playing out how does it go? >> reporter: in washington, authorities are handing out sandbags and store shelves are being emptied. this region knows bad weather. last summer knocked down trees and cut off powers for more than a week last year by a derecho. >> i went to safeway, rite aid and walmart there were no battery, cs or ds to be h finally, i got walmart, i got four jugs of water, but basically, i got water, toilet
5:52 pm
paper, paper towel, paper plates, paper cups, flashlights. >> reporter: which mileman, who owns a hardware snore low-like alexandria, virginia, says the surge of customers gap. they cleared them out of many basic supplies. >> alexandria has had a couple of bad storms the last several years, particularly two this year where people lost power for an extended period of time. i think they are a little smarter this time. >> reporter: the power company serving washington and parts of marylandwarns the damage could be significant p. >> people need to recognize a hurricane-style convenient is going to be a multiday event. >> athena jones, you see her there she is in our washington, d.c., bureau. you were talking to the people all day out reporting. the big concerns, the surge, one of them what are people also concerned about? >> also about power as well. there was a big storm over the
5:53 pm
summer, that def ravrechoderech without power a week or more. that is why you are seeing the store shelves being emptied of batteries and candles and all sorts of things people need in case they lose power for some time you paper plates, sandwiches that kind of thing in case they can't use their refridr refrigerator refrigerators. washington, d.c., offices will be closed to the public, all non-mandatory employees take the day off and stay home. public schools closed in d.c. and fairfax county, virginia, northern virginia, montgomery county, maryland a few of the exarms going on here. metro rail closed as well, people try to err on the size of caution. mples going on here. metro rail closed as well, people try to err on the size of caution. >> metro d.c., people can't get around now, going to pose a problem for people not got ton a safer place. federal offices are close bud some people still need to get to
5:54 pm
work. thank you very much, athena jones, for your reporting. this massive storm already showing some muscle here and it hasn't even made landfall. hurricane sandy by the numbers, coming up on cnn, right after a very quick break.
5:55 pm
don lemon down here at the cnn hurricane deck, our national desk now transformed into the hurricane desk. i want to bring a gentleman in here who i know very well who works on the national deck, also on air for us. nick valencia. talk about -- listen, this is going to have huge impact on just about everything on the east coast. it's no doubt it's already made a impact on the east coast. so, break it down by the numbers
5:56 pm
for us and what information that you're getting, nick. >> yeah hurricane sandy has not even made landfall yet, don, as you mentioned, but already causing mammoth problems. i have been following the storm since early yesterday morning, last 48 hours, really seen the anxieties come to fruition. break this thing down by the numbers. right now, got about 6,271 flight, that's estimated flight, cancelled by a handful of airlines, including american, delta, united. as you can imagine, don, most of these flights into and out of new york, places like laguardia, jfk and newark. hurricane sandy causing all sorts of transportation problems. tomorrow, going to be to be 11 million residents, 11 million commuters out without monday service, includes about 8 million in new york city alone. and these respect just -- just not affecting people trying to get to work, it is also affecting students. tomorrow about 2 million students across nine states and d.c., not going to be in class tomorrow. >> as we were talking, probably couldn't see air, you said 2.1 million, saw those pictures of the people in line, that was
5:57 pm
from laguardia airport and natalie jar bore row, you know natalie, she works there, producer and editor, there she is, stuck in that line that is the security line, when the airport was open. she got on one of the last flights back here to atlanta. it's closed now. >> just saw disruptions as well out of philadelphia a lot of airports being impacted. saying don't even come tomorrow to the airport, check with your carrier before you come. you have any estimates on how much this is -- do we even know how much it is going to cost? >> we know somewhere in the billions of dollars, about $3.2 billion estimated. i mean, this is a storm that's about 520 names diameter, don, almost the whole length of california, you can see why it's going to cost so much money. i'm sure those estimates are only bound to go up. >> preparing for what is -- i would call a super storm, a super storm, a lot of people having to evacuate, lots of states of emergency, all over -- states of emergencies all over the east coast. we are going to update you on what people are doing to get ready for this, if you can get
5:58 pm
ready for this. maybe the only swway is just to get out of its way. we're going down?veou seen thd ♪ there is no relief for the brakes. we'll put them to the test today. all right, let's move out! [ ross ] we're pushing the ats brakes to the limit. going as fast as we can down the hill. we are making these sharp turns, slamming on the brembo brakes. [ derek ] it's like instant response, incredibly consistent. this is the challenge, machine vs. mountain. [ male announcer ] the all-new cadillac ats. get two miracles in one product. what's more beautiful than a covergirl? this is the challenge, machine vs. two covergirls. tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation. covers spots, lines, and wrinkles. and helps improve skin tone over time. tone rehab from easy, breezy, beautiful, covergirl! covergirl!
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6:00 pm
g hem lllo, don lemon here. it is going to be a monster, more of our continuing coverage right now of hurricane sandy. you know, this storm is coming and you know will hit the east coast somewhere probably late tomorrow. more than likely in the area of delaware, maryland and southern new jersey that is from the cnn severe weather team. i have chad myers standing by right here, right now, to get
6:01 pm
the very latest on the position, the storm track, give us the storm track, get to him in just a second. i want to look at all the places we have cnners out tonight. chad, of course is here, we have josh levs, nick valencia. gets the latest from chad myers, chad is here. i'm doing the talking between chad, because chad is are the star of this show he knows what's going on. we have talked about -- you said don't let the category tomb you. this is a big storm. and i just read where it was going to come to shore. do we know for sure, 'cause it said d.c. earlier in that area. do we know for sure? >> i don't think d.c. was ever in the middle of the cone. >> right. you can't focus out middle of the cone. keep saying that although you still look at it. anywhere from virginia/delaware
6:02 pm
border, on up to almost new york city is still the cone. the center of that, somewhere over atlantic city, new jersey you kind of where we think, capemakers wildwood, ocean city, new jersey this is the i shall would you this storm, don. you reiterated it perfectly. category one with this storm means nothing. it has the same pressure as a category three storm. if it was a perfect storm and had a perfect eye, this would be 130-mile-an-hour storm that means the potential is still there when this comes on shore, to be a big windmaker for a very long time. typically, storms, they just hit the land and they die. i don't see that happening with this one. it is going to be a 60 to 80-mile-an-hour wind gustmaker for maybe 24 hours. think about just that one tree in your yard that gets hit by a 60-mile-an-hour wind gust and then hit again, hit again, for 24 hours.
6:03 pm
these trees respect going to have a chance, at least 1 million trees down, many more people without power than i have seen in a very long time. here is what's called the gfs mold. i have been tweeting about these models all week long. i want to show you what the model is saying and what an enormous thing this storm has. here is the pressure in the west, the lines closer together make more wind. the lines out west are calm, light winds out here, but the bull's thigh is this storm, sandy, will bring wind all the way to maine, newfoundland, cold and windy outside here now here at cnn center and see winds over 60 miles per hour, big-time erosion, southern state of michigan, 20-foot waves on the south side, garry and south haven, where you will see that pounding surf erosion and a lot of coastal flooding. don? >> thank you very much, chad. you know, we are going to get to the coast where our reporters are now, but i want to update you on some of the information
6:04 pm
that we have here. fell you the president declared state of emergency for washington, d.c. that was just a little bit earlier tonight. also, russell honor ray said that is a big deal when the president declares something, rather than a governor or someone asking for t also declaring a state of emergency for new york, the entire state of new york, again, i read that off the computer, off the advisory wires and general russell honore, rushed into the studio and said, hey, don, that's big deal. it's only happened a couple of times. absolutely. the first time it happened was hurricane andrew. subsequently, katrina, believe it or not, and president obama during hurricane isaac just a few weeks ago, back in august. now, the significance of this for like the district of columbia, which has a national guard, as you know, is not a state they could not deal with the overtime and the amount of effort it's going to take to clean up after this storm
6:05 pm
without that presidential declaration. that same thing is true for each state to get the national guard, pay overtime you get first responders out, open those shelters, get the red cross in there to run to shelters, all this happened as a result of the stafford act and money appropriated by the federal government. >> after katrina? >> absolutely. and after each storm. >> very simple question, to the point here. first priority, what is it? >> people. keeping people alive. the whole effort beyond the crafty words and one-liners is keeping people alive. >> okay. as you sat there and you listened to chris christie you can the new jersey governor, you listened to michael bloomberg, the mayor of new york city and you saw the advisories, we talked about what the president is doing. also, admiral able on earlier, what do you make of the way people are responding now? >> they are doing the right thing, leaning forward.
6:06 pm
not worried about being wrong. they are doing the right thing. a lot of this hasn't happened before katrina because politicians were worried about being wrong and people being angry. they understand the downside of not leaning forward, not getting people ready. and many people lose their life. they get prepared now and get their people ready. they do that with enormous risk, but it's a risk that they cannot afford not to take. >> so, the people who are writing into me saying, don, i'm not feeling anything. i'm here. i'm not worried. i think i'm gonna ride it out. you say? >> good luck. but remember, the people we picked up after katrina, the elder lirkt the disable ely, th poor. where to do they live? many times along the coast, homes respect that well prepared. they don't have a backup generator. they don't have a car to go to a room and a hotel. they depend on the government making sure these type of activities happen.
6:07 pm
>> as i talk to general honore to talk about the severity of this, can we see the radar to see the scope of this? chad myers, i hope you have your mic on and you're listin'ing. how big is this thing? it doesn't have, like, a real -- an eye together or formed, succinctly formed eye. >> right. >> but it's huge >> from east to west, we measured 900 winds much and 400 miles left and right of the center. if you taken a 800-mile-wide bowling ball with 50 mile or 60-mile-an-hour winds, you're going to push that right through new jersey into pennsylvania and it is going to be there for days. >> not a well formed eye. you have been saying that? >> i have and just watched a hurricane hunter aircraft fly through it and find 111-mile-an-hour wind up aloft. that's big wind. that doesn't mean it's at the
6:08 pm
surface where they fly, 15,000 feet or so that means the storm is picking up tonight. it's not done yet. the pressure's low. we talked about that. the pressure was always bigger that the wind. now, maybe the wind is catching up. >> general, you look at this thing and we see several states, new orleans, of course is, a big city you think of d.c., philadelphia, boston, new york, i mean, these are behemoth cities with a lot of people, a lot of lives at risk here. >> the get from my good friend, the mayor mitch landrieu in new orleans, don't let a category one fool you. a category one that's moving slow, like this storm, bringing a lot of water in, a lot of surge, featured it can destroy a lot of people and kill people. people need to be prepared. these mayors and governors are doing the right thing. it is not an overreaction. they are trying to get people ready and the people that they are trying to get ready is the most vulnerable population, those who live in the low-lying
6:09 pm
areas and now, this storm with the winds, talking about, it's going to pop windows in high rise buildings. there will be falling glass in high-rise buildings. that's going to have an impact also when they get into metropolitan area. >> my family has an apartment there and texted me today and said we need to get into your apartment to check the windows. and so, that's what they are doing. so, you're right. they are concerned about that stand by, gentlemen, get back to you. can we show sandy? sandra endo has been in ocean city, maryland, you have been doing a great job, pictures are incredible where you are, an update from the information, we will get to sandra endo live on the other side of this break. ♪
6:10 pm
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6:13 pm
i'm seeing it pop up on the coast in maried, what surface swelling, the wind is picking up. there she is, sandra endo. hey, san dark the president declared state of emergency earlier there for north carolina and that people tonight, downtown ocean city maryland, were ordered to evacuate by 8 p.m. eastern. update us now. >> reporter: more rain, more wind, stronger gusts. in the last hour, we are get a beat down right now the local officials here in ocean city are really worried about what's behind merck the high tide right now. take a look at the waves, they are fierce, they are coming closer to shore. but to give you a perspective, ber 100 yards from the actual shoreline. you can see there's a dune here actual shoreline. you can see there's a dune here. clearly a twice go before it reaches buildings here that's the good news. local authorities worried about
6:14 pm
the high tide and the combination of how long the storm is going to last. all the rain has been coming down all day long. more hours of this could equal a strong storm surge and certainly something they will be looking at the next couple of days because clearly we are feeling the effects of hurricane sandy already and we are still about a day away from the real front and center of the brunt of this storm. and you can see how strong the wind is gusting already and the rain just pelting down here. the waves are huge and that is why there's been that mandatory evacuation order here in ocean city as well as a voluntary one in the low-lying areas around here. but the silver lining for this area is clearly the fact that it's not the high tourist season right now, which is are the main economic driver of ocean city. so, i guess it could have been much worse, but still, the worst is yet to come here, don.
6:15 pm
>> hey, sandy, and stick with this picture, don't go anywhere sandy, what i like about sandra endo that is a great reporter, i wanted to see where you are, the moment i turned and look, i was going to say sandra show us around, you did. great job. look at those winds. they have been getting stronger and stronger since you have been reporting from there today. you were -- earlier, sandy, you could walk over to that spot where you are now, to that railing easily. now, you can barely stand up. >> reporter: yeah it's certainly been getting stronger, don, quite surprisingly, i have to say, because actually where we are, wary little bit shielded by some of the building here where we are at ocean front balcony. we are not getting the worst of it yet.
6:16 pm
if this is any indication you sandy could be a tough one to ride out. >> hey, sandy -- sandra endo, not speaking to the storm, turn around, because that is going right in your face, so turn around, and look over that balcony and i will ask you a question, because you are getting pelted. we got you on the other camera, you don't have to look into the camera. the beach behind you chad mentioned earlier that was disappearing, right, ma what do we see now, is the beach gone and how star that water coming out? >> reporter: we are about 100 yards from the water line and the national weather service is clearly worried about beach erosion here. >> let's see her, guys. >> reporter: sorry, he just getting pelted. so, something they are concerned about. >> we want to see sandra go ahead. >> reporter: they are comparing this to possibility devastation after the hurricane gloria that hit in 1985, which really
6:17 pm
devastated the boardwalk here, but according to the mayor, they are prepared, they are hunkering down and they are ready for this but their big worry is the storm surge and with all this rain driving hurricane sandy in, those winds and the waves out there, that's certainly a bit concerning. >> you are a smart young lady to turn your face. document have to look at us if it bothers you, if that rain bothers you. you can look out. so, sandy, do you feel -- obviously, you can feel the intensity and you see the rain, feel the rain coming it looks like it picked up the last couple of moment, a lot more than it was before. how high up are you on that? are you going to be safe from the storm surge? >> reporter: it's very hard to hear you, don, but the difference, i have covered a lot of hurricanes and this one is pretty strong but also, it's very cold, hitting a different time of year, are the end of hurricane season.
6:18 pm
so, that's also a big difference in feel. chad myers can explain it better than i can. >> you read my mind. do you mind bearing with us, sandy? do you mind staying with us? >> reporter: sure. >> chad and i are going to talk here, as we look at these pictures from sandra. continue what you said as chad makes his way to the desk, you were talking about it's cold and the intensity of this? >> reporter: yeah, it's very different from -- there's things flying off, actually, the roof here. >> if you need to be safe -- hang on. if you need to be safe, go ahead. if you're comfortable staying, stay. if you need to get to -- something is flying. >> reporter: yeah i think it was a light fixture or something. but, you know, the good thing is that a lot of people have taken the warnings seriously. we haven't seen people outside looking around at the waves as we do with -- in some hurricanes. but yeah, this one feels a little different, i have to say. it feels colder. it feels just, like, constant, constant rain, constant wind.
6:19 pm
a lot of times, you see squalls, where it eases up a bit and then comes back around, wins around. and i'm sure chad can explain it much better than me, but it's a convergence of different elements we are feeling out here. >> okay. sandra, you are such a trooper. great reporting. thank you. stay safe. get safety, if you need to but sandra endo, this is what she's -- she signed up for this. this is what we live for here. she is doing a great job at it our sandra endo reporting. our chad myers joining here, as i said. she is a there were and only going to get worse. she said this one feels different. we will talk about that on the other side of the break. don't go anywhere. ♪
6:20 pm
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6:23 pm
all right, there is atlantic city, the boardwalk, shaky camera. san i did offshore somewhere lurking, not really lurking, bar approximatelying towards that shore. courtesy of our affiliate wpvi. look at that. these are the latest immaps, the person that can talk to you more about that is our meteorologist. chad meyers is here now. the storm is massive. >> the dome will make a large
6:24 pm
storm surge. i have schiff nerd charlie, franciss, gene, ivan, in the hurricane in the deep south, it is cold. get wet and wind blows 60, doesn't matter what you have on, the wind blows through everything and you're cold, but it's not a tropical storm anymore it is transitioning to the hybrid this cold air that's been over the eastern part of the plains, moving to the east is now getting sucked into this storm, entrained. now we have the moist chaurnd the heat that was the hurricane and the cold air coming together that's the hybrid that we talked about that we knew was going to come.the cold air coming togeth that's the hybrid that we talked about that we knew was going to come. it will eventually come bang at us from the east. the storm will come in from the east. here is the storm, talk by talk, we call it tick tock. sunday, 9:00. where we are now. most of the winds still offshore. we have 40, 50, 60-mile-an-hour gusts all along the coast from atlantic city southward all the way down to hampton roads. so the most moisture as it comes
6:25 pm
in, the center will get closer around so a lot gusts, they will get higher. by 9:00 tomorrow morning, have our reporters right along this coast of new jersey, winds will already be gusting 60 to 70 at that point, those 80-mile-an-hour winds are just offshore. by 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, you begin to see that moisture and that humidity all of that wind, rain translating down to new york city gusts very close to long island, somewhere 60, 70, 80 miles per hour, that's went surge pumps in, when all that water tries bub into new york harbor to new jersey causing all of that flooding. it may be quicker than 5:00 tomorrow afternoon because even though the center of the circulation comes on 4, 5, 6:00 too many, that means half to the recall is on. i get a kick out of people saying when is the eye getting onshore? the storm is going to be moving in, the other half of the storm starts to go in don't folk coup
6:26 pm
the eye, you have to focus on the whole system. wind 60 miles a hour from maine to north carolina. >> chad myers, hang with me here, a lot of people are concerned, i can't believe you have sandra out there in that -- in the weather blowing around like that. those winds picked up during the live shot. we said to her, if you don't feel safe, go ahead. this is what we do. we are outside so you don't have to be outside, live shot just a short time ago, we are checking on her to make sure, you know, everything is safe where she is, in case we have to pull her out of that location because it's just too dangerous, she said to us, nope, i'm going to stand here and do this report, i appreciate the viewer, mr. d, who said who's tougher, sandy or sandra? probably equally as tough. sandra is a tough reporter. that's why we have her out there she can handle just about everything. we know her limits she and knows herlism mets as well. not to worry about sandy, she will be okay.
6:27 pm
those winds really are starting to gust and it's not even -- how far is it offshore now? >> 300 miles. >> we talked about this earlier, don, when the colorful part of the satellite comes onshore, that's when it's going to get windy. when the colorful part goes away, that's went winds will die off. our sandra ocean city, maryland, right there. so, this colorful part now has about rotating around the center of circulation there and she is in it. and she will be in that weather now for hours. >> right u. >> until this part comes over her. then the wind may go down to 20. >> all right. >> so, away from the center, the winds sometimes are brighter around bigger than the winds closer to the center because of the way this one is shaping up. >> chad myers, all right. we have thrown out the run down. we don't know what's going to happen. that's how it's going to be for the days to come. you said you don't know what it is going to be like for people who have to ride this thing out. we have thrown out the run down, taken the words off the screen, the teleprompter and just going to go with this until we figure
6:28 pm
out exactly where it is going to head, where this storm is going to make landfall, how soon and how much these winds will pick up in the next couple of hours. continuing coverage. of hurricane sandy, making its way to shore. and it appears to be a monster of a storm. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin.
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