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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  November 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it's mile 26, and the marathon has become a sprint. the candidates' final push to get your vote. >> your lives they're baring false witness. >> reporter: election observers are descending on the polls. why they're on high alert and igniting controversy. st. michael is among us, and he lives in bellmawr, new jersey. one man's quest to restore his community after sandy's devastation. good morning. i'm randi kaye. it is 8:00 on the east coast, 5:00 a.m. in los angeles. thanks for starting your morning with us. well, it is the final stretch, quite literally. already just two days now left medical election day.
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millions of you have already voted, but the candidates are doing everything they can over these precious last couple of days to reach the rest of you. trying to get the voters energized and excited about the prospects for the next four years. we have our correspondents spread out throughout the battleground states to bring you the latest on the election and the final push. we start in new hampshire. that's where president obama is making his first campaign stop in just a couple of hours before heading to florida, ohio, and colorado. joining him on the trail again today is former president bill clinton. our white house correspondent dan lothian is live in new hampshire this morning. dan, good morning. so tell me, what is the message from the president in these closing days of the campaign? >> reporter: right. the message that we will hear today is one that we've heard on the last few days, and that is that the president is asking for four more years to finish what he has started. he says that he is a trustworthy candidate who has delivered and will continue to deliver on his
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promises, and he is pushing back very hard on governor mitt romney who has been hitting the president saying that, yes, the president ran in 2008 on this notion of change, but the president's policies have failed. the president turning back on mitt romney saying that he, many of the, is the "talented salesman." a real back and forth on who is the real change agent here. president obama acknowledging that a lot of people across the country, including some in his own party who are completely satisfied on what he has been able to accomplish over the last four years, but, again, the president during his stump speech saying that he has been able to deliver on his promises and those things that he was not able to accomplish, he blames congress for standing in the way, randi. >> the president has certainly had some star power out on the trail with him. some celebrities. perhaps the man who can really help him hold on to the white house just might be bill clinton, right? >> that's right. former president bill clinton
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has been out there stumping for the president. he has been in various battleground states over the last few weeks. we'll continue to see him today here in new hampshire. also in north carolina, minnesota. he heads to pennsylvania tomorrow. the campaign believes that he is an effecttive voice for the president's message. not only his vision for the future, but his accomplishments, and also former president clinton has been hitting hard at mitt romney, has been able to sort of, they believe, really position the president's contrast between the president and governor romney. take a listen. >> governor romney has promised us 12 million jobs. we've all heard him. he says by just electing me, people will be so elated that you're going to get 12 million jobs. >> reporter: he is losing his voice there. he has been pushing very hard for the president out there on
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the campaign trail. obama pulled off the campaign trail for three days to focus on hurricane sandy. it was former president clinton out there, again, making the case to voters trying to get them to sway those undecided voters and try to get folks to head out to the polls as well. the campaign believes that former president clinton is an effective voice for -- effective messenger for president obama's policies. >> as long as he can hold on to his voice, he certainly will be. dan lothian, thank you very much. >>. >> reporter: that's right. well, mitt romney has a busy last few days as well. today he has four stops on the schedule. he has a rally in iowa three hours from now. cmn political editor paul stein houser joins us from washington. paul, certainly a hectic pace for romney today. >> it certainly is. the president has four stops. so does mitt romney. i guess you could say he is keeping pace. yesterday was no different.
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he started in the east of new hampshire and ended with a big rally in colorado. they are hitting all these very important crucial battleground states. his message, randi has been one of change. senator obama ran on change four years ago. mitt romney says if you are happy with the way things are, fine, but he is promising change. he is also pointing out the contrast between himself and president obama. take a listen. >> the only thing -- the only thing that stands between us and some of the best years we've ever known is lack of leadership, and that's why we have elections, and you saw the differences between president obama and myself when we were side-by-side in our debates. he says it has to be this way. i say it can't stay this way. he is offering excuse. eve got a plan. >> you were talking about the schedule for today. take a look at it. you can see mitt romney starts in iowa. he is also going ohio.
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so many stops there in ohio, of course. pennsylvania, very interesting stop, and then, of course, the battleground state of virginia, randi. >> let's talk more about the planned stop in pennsylvania. do republicans think that it really is a state that is still in play, that they might be able to steal? >> that's what they hope. no doubt about it. you know, i was yesterday in pennsylvania as well covering the running mate paul ryan, he had a big rally in harrisburg, pennsylvania. you have ryan there yesterday, and now today you're going to have mitt romney in suburban philadelphia, a crucial spinning part of the state. no republican has won a presidential election there since 1988. the polls have tightened. they have a ton of ads. that's all you saw on the commercial breaks were romney ads. a lot more of them than the obama ads. 20 electoral votes at stake. they may have a chance here, they think. the obama campaign is saying the opposite. they say it's a sign of desperation that he can't win in other battleground states like ohio, wisconsin, and iowa. we'll find out who is right on november 6th, right?
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>> we certainly will. so much to watch. paul steinhauser, thank you so much. wolf blitzer and anderson cooper take a closer look at the candidates' final push before the elections. in america's choice 2012 countdown to election day, be sure to tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. well, life is slowly returning to normal for those affected by superstorm sandy. in new jersey this morning four more rail lines will be up and running and power is now being restored many more neighborhoods across the middle east. listen to how people reacted when the lights came on in new york. that is cause to celebrate for sure. mayor bloomberg says 90% of new york's subways should be working by today. about two million people are still in the dark and becoming increasingly frustrated. temperatures dipped into the 30s last night and a lot of people still don't have any heat.
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another problem from the power outages? 70% of gas stations in some areas can't pump gas, despite new jersey's gas rationing, people are waiting in very long lines, and some aren't finding gasoline at all. >> there's nothing there. well, the gas stations were open, but the lines were way around the corner, and the ones that were open, we got to, it was too late. they closed up. >> i've been staying in the line for eight hours. it's ridiculous. >> the lines are absurd. >> and in new jersey people who were displaced by the storm will be able to vote electronically. governor christie says people can submit their mail-in ballots through e-mail or fax, and he ordered early voting sites to extend hours through the weekend so people can vote. later this hour we'll have a live report from one of the hardest hit towns. president obama and mitt romney were attacking each other in state after state, but who are they really trying to reach? maria cardona and anna navarro
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are going to talk about that and the state by state battle heading into tuesday. first -- a question for all of you political junkies watching this morning. in the last 100 years which president won the white house with the smallest percentage of the vote? if you know the answer, tweet me @randi kayecnn. why should saturday night have all the fun? get two times the points on dining in restaurants, with chase sapphire preferred. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant tuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!
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why not get buried in0-808-4003. something other than work? get two times the points on travel, with chase sapphire preferred. >> before i break i asked if you knew the answer to this question. in the past 100 years which president won the smallest percentage of the vote? here's the answer. woodrow wilson. back in 1912 with less than 42% of the vote. that's just barely more than richard nixon. in 1968. bill clinton in 1992.
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all three of them went on to win a second term after their close races. our political junkie question of the day. we are down to just two days left until election day, and the candidates are sprinting to the finish making stops in as many swing states as they can before tuesday. joining me now are cnn contributors. good morning to both of you. maria, i want to ask you first, is this about reaching undecided or uncommitted voters, or is this just about making sure that the people turn out on tuesday? >> well, there's no question that at this point, randi, the campaigns are focused on turning out their vote, turning out their bases, turning out all of those voters they've been in contact with for the past several months. everyone that they've been identifying as somebody who is voting their way or who at least is leaning their way, and, yes, it still is trying to get those two or three undecided voters who might still be out there, which is why you are seeing each of the candidates mad to making the strong contrast between
5:14 am
themselves and their opponent, they're trying to keep it very positive. i have heard romney do that. i have heard the president do that. in terms of what they would do in the next four years and what they believe they have done up until now. so it's very interesting because they are splitting that, but i do think that the focus is very much trying to turn out their base right now. >> anna, are you in miami this morning. both of the candidates will be in florida in the final two days. who do you think has done a better job making their case in your state? >> you know, randi, that's hard to tell. i don't think we'll know who has done a better job until tuesday night. i hope on tuesday night because it really is that close in florida. today i think governor romney has a slight advantage here in florida. he has had a very good ground game. the economy in florida has been very hard hit. we've been very hard hit by the housing crisis. there's a lot of disillusioned voters who voted for president obama four years ago. i think president obama is just
5:15 am
off muff with enough groups that were part of his coalition to win florida four years ago that it could erase the margin he had four years ago. he is off some with hispanics from where he was four years ago. he is off some with the youth from where he was four years ago. he is off some with jewish voters from where he was four years ago. he is off with white voters, and he is off with seniors from where he was four years ago. i think it may just be enough to give mitt romney florida on tuesday night, but, again, it really is a very close race. >> maria, let's talk about the states for a moment. on monday president obama wraps up the campaign with stops in ohio, wisconsin, and iowa. is that the strategy? i mean, he wins those three, right, and the rest of the swing states don't even matter anymore? >> well, i think that that is certainly what the obama campaign is focused ownering but what's so interesting about the slight lead and the slight edge that president obama has going into these last two days is that
5:16 am
it really gives him a various paths to getting to 270, more so than mitt romney has, and that's why i think that president obama goes into this nationally and has a slight lead and a slight advantage. he is ahead in ohio. he wins ohio and wisconsin, he wins pennsylvania. i mean, that certainly is really all that he needs, but in addition to that, he will probably win nevada, and i agree with ann. it's very, very close in florida. i'm not ready to say that romney will win it, but it is very close. i still think -- you know i have been saying this for several weeks that the latino vote will give president obama more than an edge in places like florida and nav mav and colorado and arizona even possibly to be able to give him that win, but i do think, again, going into it, he has the lead in terms of the paths to get to 270 from an electoral standpoint, so i think the obama campaign is feeling
5:17 am
very good right now. >> let me ask you about this, because the romney campaign is telling allies to sort of talk up the republican chances in democratic leaning states, forcing obama on defense is what they're trying to do. is this a strategy, do you think, that can work by just trying to send out that message? >> well, look, momentum and the image of momentum is important for both camps, and there's people who like to vote for the winner. they like to say on wednesday night, i voted for the guy on -- on wednesday morning, i voted for the guy who won. there is some of that. you are also seeing that it's having an affect. you're seeing that it's not just an image. you're seeing it's a reality. we saw, for example, last night and early this morning "the tribune" the biggest newspaper in pennsylvania came out with its own poll. it has 47%-47%. that would have been unimaginable just a week ago. this is a state where the democrats should not be on the defensive, where president obama
5:18 am
should not be on the defense this late out, and yet, he is. the latino vote in florida, it's just not as helpful. it really is an anomaly. the latino vote in florida is an anomaly to what it is in the rest of the nation. president obama has got a gigantic gap with the cuban-american voters. the cuban-american voters are still the biggest voters on the latino block in florida. yes, the demographics have diversified, but they're still by far the biggest block, and he has got a gigantic gap there with that cuban-american vote. if mitt romney wins florida, he is going to owe the cuban-americans big-time, and i hope he remembers. >> anna navarro, maria cardona, thank you. >> thank you. a controversial film airs on national geographic tonight, but critics say its timing is a political move to help the president just two days before the election. >> we're going to be the team that takes out insomnia. ♪
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♪ a suspect in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya is expected to be questioned by the fbi in the coming days. the u.s. first became aware of ali annie al harzi when he apparently posted details of the attack on social media while it was happening. he is currently being held in tunisia. the september 11th attack killed four americans, including the u.s. ambassador to america christopher stevens. a new movie about the raid that killed osama bin laden airs tonight on the national geographic channel, but critics say the timing is political, designed to help the president
5:23 am
just two days now before the election. our brian todd takes a deeper look at the controversy. >> we're going to be the team that takes out osama. >> reporter: it has the leave-life plot that can draw viewers. can it also draw voters, and is it designed to? s.e.a.l. team 6, a new tv drama about the bin laden mission, is set to air on the national geographic channel just two nights before the election. it has some real muse clips of president obama in it, depicting the president in the days surrounding the raid. and the film is backed by hollywood mogul harvey weinstein, a big-time democratic donor. all those factors have conservatives say the movie is a political stunt. >> any time you've got a movie coming out two nights before the election and being made by harvey weinstein, who is a prominent democrat and a huge supporter of president obama's, of course, it raises eyebrows. >> reporter: direct jock stockwell said it was weinstein who suggested adding more actual
5:24 am
news footage, including footage from the white house, after he saw an early version of the movie. >> it was not done to, i guess, play up the president's role or make him look particularly good? >> no, not at all. we don't pretend to sort of get inside the president's head. harvey weinstein came into the editing room very early on, and his only questions to me were how did you know this, are you sure this happened? he was really attempting to get to the veracity of the story. >> reporter: stockwell also says there's less footage of the president in the finished cut than there was in an earlier version. kargted by cnn harvey weinstein rejected the idea that the film has a political agenda, saying it's about history. ken robinson has been in both worlds. a former special forces officer, he was creator and writer of an msnbc drama about the inner workings of the pentagon. >> in the production of movies like this, is there often pressure to maybe put in a political slant, subtle maybe? >> i've never seen that, and i have been on the fox lot, the warner lot, the paramount lot.
5:25 am
i have not seen that. the creative process is pretty prized. >> the timing of the film's release still wramkles in some conservatives. >> it doesn't have a political agenda, that's say it doesn't, there aren't any political purposes behind this, as they say there aren't, then simply put it off by two days. >> our thanks to brian todd for that. a spokesperson for national geographic says they have to air the film today because they have to give it netflix by november 5th. both national geographic, which is partnered with conservative mogul ru period of time murdock's fox cable network and director john stockwell deny any political motivations in releasing the film two days before the election. we should note that the national geographic channel is majority owned by news corp., the parent company of fox news channel. thousands of volunteers will be monitoring the polls tuesday, but the controversy over what they can say is already causing trouble. why both parties are crying foul and putting their guys on high alert.
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at meineke i have options... like oil changes starting at $19.95. my money. my choice. my meineke. welcome back, cnn sunday morning. bottom of the hour now, and here are some of the stories that we're watching this hour. as we are in the homestretch of the presidential elections, just two days away and the candidates are going after every last vote, especially in those swing states. today president obama heads to new hampshire, florida, ohio, and colorado. mitt romney courting the vote in
5:30 am
ohio, iowa, pennsylvania, and virginia. the outcome of the election will be determined by the voters' decision as to which of the two candidates is good for america, but if any of them are have as lating in their vote over whether obama has been a good president for israel, the answer is yes. you'll remember the two candidates have spent a lot of time both on the campaign trail and in the debates tug about their support for our allies many the middle east. >> mr. president, the reason i call it an apology tour is because you went to the middle east, and you flew to egypt and to saudi arabia and to turkey and iraq, and, by the way, you skipped israel, our closest friend in the region, but you went to the other nations. >> if we're going to talk about trips that we've taken, when he was a candidate for office,
5:31 am
first trip i took was to visit our troops, and when i went to israel as a candidate you didn't take donors or attend fundraisers. i went to the holocaust museum there to remind myself the nature of evil and why our bond with israel will be unbreakable. back here in the states the president is using all his star power to reach voters before tuesday. take a listen to dave matthews in virginia this weekend. ♪ on monday the president can count on even more star-studded support. he is hitting wisconsin, ohio, and iowa with the boss, bruce springsteen, and then jayzee is expected to join them in ohio. cnn -- oh, my goodness there. "snl" -- wow.
5:32 am
i'm so used to saying cnn. "snl" had a good fun with the fall-out including chris christie's glowing review of the president. take a look at this. >> also, i would like to give sincere thanks to president obama for how he handled the situation. on election day i'm voting for mitt romney, but if i had to pick one guy to have my back in a crisis, it would be barack obama. he has been amazing. you know, so kind, such a leader, a true inspiration. again, being a good soldier, i'll vote for romney, but i'm going to hate it. do you hear me? >> early voting has come to a close in many states, but sandy hitting new jersey is allowing voters to fax in their ballots and e-mail them in. so many rules on early voting, voter id, and provisional ballots. the use of poll monitors is growing, but the new rules are also creating confusion over the role and responsibilities those monitors have. cnn's crime and justice correspondent joe johns explains.
5:33 am
>> reporter: long lines in south florida and in cincinnati, ohio, as early voting comes to a close. those aren't the only crowds this hotly contested election has attracted. >> 10,000 grassroots and volunteers. >> we're going to be everywhere. they've trained people in 50 states to legally poll watch. >> reporter: lawyers and poll watchers of all political stripes descending on ohio and across the country in search of any issues that need to be challenged. >> we're looking for long lines that might be a result of machines breaking down, poll workers that might be asking the wrong questions, asking for id when they shouldn't be. >> reporter: groups like the left-leaning election protection have been training for weeks so they're ready to respond to any problems at the polls in real-time. >> with all the changes nationally in the voting log i think we're prepared for there to be a significant amount of confusion on election day. >> reporter: but controversy over how some of the organizations do their job. poll watching has become a partisan business.
5:34 am
>> what do you think of election protection people? >> look, they have problems. >> reporter: former justice department lawyer christian adams now represents true the vote, a tea party affiliated group with a simple goal. >> true to vote stands for election integrity. follow the law, period. >> reporter: but true the vote has real critics of their own from the left. >> true to vote has been kently challenged the voting rights of legitimate voters. we must address anybody who tries to deny anybody that right to vote. i consider it criminal. i can consider it unpatriotic, and highly offensive. >> reporter: a claim adams does not take lightly. >> they're liars. they are baring false witness against law-abiding citizens who are doing no more than observing the process, and they should be ashimd of themselves. >> whatever the election monitors find, it may be up to super lawyers like ted olson to determine whether to go to court. olson, a romney advisor, led
5:35 am
republicans to victory in the supreme court battle between george w. bush and al gore in 2000. >> i am clearing my calendar just in case i need to be ready for the next five weeks. >> reporter: he says if election officials want to avoid litigation, they shouldn't change direction in the middle of the game. >> if you follow the rules that are in place on election day with respect to counting the ballots, then the presumptivetive outcome will be respected when the electoral college votes are counted. >> the truth is there could be other changes to the rules, especially as states affected by the superstorm get ready for the election. joe johns, cnn, washington. some towns flooded by sandy had to bring in katrina style flood pumps. now people in bellmawr, new jersey, are cleaning up and rebuilding. we'll take you there. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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39 minutes past the hour now, and here's the latest on superstorm sandy. life is slowly returning to normal for those affected by the storm. in new jersey four more rail lines will be up and running, and power is being restored in more neighborhoods across the northeast. mayor bloomberg says 90% of new york's subways should be working by today, but 1.5 million people are still in the dark and becoming increasingly frustrated. temperatures dipped into the 30s last night, and-people don't have any heat. it's always remarkable how during times of tragedy so many people rise up and show their humanity. i'm met a man like that when i was in bellmawr, new jersey, when i was covering the storm this week, and that town was hit hard. many people were trapped in
5:40 am
their homes. it was flooded. one man decided he was going to help, and here's his story. >> reporter: if ever this bellmawr, new jersey, neighborhood needed an angel, they found one. they call him st. michael here. his real name is michael irwin. for the last two days he has been boating people to and from their homes, working 12-hour shifts. >> there's a couple people that had to get out. our neighbors ron and pat, we got out, and their dog. chuck, we got out and his dog, lucky. there's a couple other people we had gotten out and to other families. make sure they got to dry land. rirchlgt lucky for his neighbors michael is a surfer and a kayaker, so he had a wet suit. he was also a boy scout, so he says he is always prepared. this area is known as the eighth avenue neighborhood, and the water that we're in right now which is normally a street, an avenue, is about four feet deep, so luckily most of the
5:41 am
residents, not all of them, but most of them did evacuate before hurricane sandy even hit. irene mccann evacuated to her son's house, but now that she's returned, she needs michael's help to reach her home. >> how much damage is in your house? >> we are pretty high up. almost to our porch. we have a very tall high -- we're right down the corner here, the house with the red trim down there, and it's right up. the cellar, frefr, it's gone. hot water heater, furnace, everything gone. my husband's tools, everything. >> reporter: this is a tight-knit community where neighbors help neighbors. even the councilman brian mcgovern came by in his kayak to see how everyone is doing. >> the situation is the worst i've ever seen it. i lived here in bellmawr for 60 years. nothing has ever come close. at 8:00 i talked to my wife and i said what's that white stuff in the like, and it was a wave, and then pretty soon within the next couple of minutes our house was inundated by the water. >> reporter: michael has his own troubles too. >> when it came, like, when it
5:42 am
was 7:00 or something like that, within a half an hour we were flooded. >> reporter: he took us by kayak to his house. >> this is your house here behind us. >> right there. >> are we in your front lawn? >> in our front lawn, in our driveway. >> so your front lawn, your driveway is right -- you're standing in it? you are also in about three feet of water. >> i'm about four feet of water, yes. >> reporter: michael says he has about six feet of water in his house. no power or heat, which is no surprise considering the amount of water here. ocean avenue is just a few blocks away, and the ocean dumped water into nearby silver lake, which overflowed into michael's neighborhood. one look at this submerged car, and you can see the water won't be receding any time soon. that was quite an experience in that neighborhood, but everybody had such a great attitude, even though the water was everywhere, and it was completely in the dark. in fact, the only light m neighborhood was the light top of our camera at night. the good news is they were planning m last few days to
5:43 am
bring in these giant pump that is can pump out about 40,000 to 60,000 gallons of water out of that silver lake, which then they were hoping would then let some of that water that was on the avenue recede from that area. well, cnn's jim clancy is also in bellmawr, new jersey. jim, good morning to you. what kind of progress are you seeing there? >> well, fantastic progress. you talk about that lake, randi, and you saw how high it was. this is ocean avenue. lake cuomo is over here. lake silver is over there. they're drain it down. they brought in some pumps that were used after katrina. fantastic pumps that can bring up a moul million gallons of water an hour and put it back into the ocean where it came from. the situation here is that, as can you see, the trucks are there. this truck is taking debris is being loaded in. it may be a sunday morning. the joggers have been out here. the city of bellmawr unlike so
5:44 am
many others where, you know, we got to say a lot of the municipalities, the leadership there is uptight a little bit. you know, small town mayors aren't used to -- they're used to dodging the bullet many some of the storms, but not having to deal head on with something like this, mayor dougherty here came by, matt dougherty, just a few moments ago and talked with us just about, you know, how they're going to need federal help, they're going to need state help. this was a boardwalk, as you well know that stretched more than a mile, and in stretching more than a mile, it also was a big target for the hurricane. the hurricane literally ripped it up. that's all that is left. you see some of the pillars remain. the hurricane strap didn't hold. nothing did. this town is going to have to be completely rebuilt, but already, already they brought that water level down three feet. all of the streets and the city of bellmawr, this sunday morning are drying out, here clear of water. that's tremendous progress, and a little bit later this morning just about an hour and a half or so there's going to be a mass to
5:45 am
honor the first responders that put their lives on the line, the people in their community, and all over the jersey coast, new york, this entire area that's been hit by the storm to honor them. it's going to be an important moment. the mayor was on his way to that. we talked to a city councilwoman. she is well attending. this is a community that's coming together in crisis. a lot of sadness. a lot of sadness, but they're coming together. >>. >> i used to vacation there as a kid, and it's just heart breaking to see what happened there. well, it's been considered a safe obama state. now some say it is a toss-up. candy crowley tells us where it is and what prompted the shift.
5:46 am
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welcome back. i want to take you now to concorde, new hampshire. s you're looking at live pictures there. president obama should be speaking at that rally. you already see the crowd gathered. he should be speaking in our 10:00 eastern time hour. he will also be joined by bill clinton, former president who has been campaigning on obama's behalf. we'll bring that to you when it happens later on this morning. the countdown to the election is, on and -- one of them, a left-leaning state considered safe for obama may surprise long-time pundits and political junkies. host of cmn's "state of the union" candy crowley is joining me to talk about this. is pennsylvania really up for grabs as the republicans seem to think? >> i think up for grabs might be a little strong, but there is enough of an opportunity hire for republicans to take a look at it. why? because, first of all, the rom
5:50 am
my campaign will tell you that they are satisfied with the resources they have in the swing states, and on the ground. so having said that, they had money left over, as it were, and they took a look at pennsylvania, and here's a couple of things that attracts them you have to xwaul few to get an absentee ballot. more than 90% of the ballots are capped on election day. there hasn't been a lot of activity on the air in terms of ads there, so they feel that mitt romney has not had a chance to be defined by president obama and his allies and, of course, it's right mechanics door to ohio. those are a lot of the reasons that the campaign says, hey, look, this was something that we saw. there is possibly an opportunity.
5:51 am
we decided to make a tri try for it. i think sending the candidate there, as they are going to do, is really interesting. the most valuable thing at this point of the race is what you do with your candidate's time. the obama people think they are -- we're at that point of the campaign where everyone looks at numbers differently. >> absolutely. let's turn to some of the closing arguments for the obama campaign. obama out there painting himself as a trusted leader, spinning romney as a talented salesman. how do you think that's going to play in these final days? >> well, i think that actually is just, you know, same song second verse as what really the obama campaign has done from the very beginning, and that is to say this election is about a choice. remember? the republicans wanted it to be about the economy, and the democrats wanted it to be about a choice. yes, maybe you're disappointed, but here's your alternative, and your alternative as the
5:52 am
president argues here is he is not trustworthy. you don't really know where he stands. he is a corporate raider. all of that has been the constant theme missed the obama campaign because as they note, the republicans are all about the economy. they say the economy should be better, so that's mitt romney's closing argument. look, he just didn't deliver what he promised, so in many respects despite all the change that is have happened over the past couple of years, they are very much ending on the message they began with, both of them. >> yeah. it's been an interesting ride, for sure. we have a couple days left. candy crowley, nice to see you. thank you very much. and, of course, keep it here for "state of the union" with candy crowley. it starts in about 15 minutes at 9:00 a.m. eastern time, 6:00 a.m. pacific right here on cnn. are you someone that thinks that your vote doesn't really count in tuesday's election? dean obadallah explains why that opinion couldn't be more wrong.
5:53 am
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welcome back. you could call it the political equivalent of the olympics, and if you haven't voted or maybe you think that you shouldn't vote in the presidential election, comedian dean wants you to reconsider. he joins us to tell us why. dean, good morning. >> good morning. >> in your new get out and vote opinion piece on, you write about why people should be encouraged to vote on tuesday. here's your chance. give me your strongest argument. >> the article is "vote damn
5:57 am
it." i wanted to use more colorful words, but cnn has thooiz these things called standards. it is 2010. this is how alarming voter turnout is dropping. to put it in perspective, this year north korea had an election for parliament. 54% of the people voted. we have less of a voter turnout than a country that's not even considered a democracy. that's a problem in and of itself. we have to get out and vote. it's more important not the cliche reasons anymore. they're actually concrete reasons why we should be voting. >> yeah. we had a guest on earlier this morning and talking about the electorate, and he told us that 100 million eligible voters here in the u.s. may not vote. what do you say to those people that say their vote doesn't matter and that all politicians are the same and they just don't care. >> this is what it is really about. this election is not about president obama or mitt romney. it's not about democrats or republicans. it's about you and your family. the decision these people make are going to affect your daily
5:58 am
life. i'm not talking about in theory. i mean your daily life. from medicare, equal pay for women, taxes, to local issues like zoning, sewers, and, you know what, a little amount of votes change elections. in 2000 president bush won florida 537 votes. that's it. he became president. al franken won the senate by -- there are more kardashians than tv shows than that. a small number of people really can -- i hate to say, this is not cliche, your vote can make a huge difference in this election. it is so close. everyone knows. >> yeah. i think you're absolutely right. you just got back from ohio last night. i'm curious what the atmosphere sl tl was like. did you meet a lot of people that said that they weren't going to vote, or were they? >> they were excited about voting. they didn't mind the tv commercials when i was there. every single commercial was for the campaigns. local and presidential. they were getting phone calls every day about who are you going to vote for and campaigns. they were excited.
5:59 am
they were actually excite. there were a lot of students i met with. i think it was an exciting time. for me it was the political olympics. i like politics, so it was a carnival, a mardi gras. >> i think you're iffing to be the first one in line tuesday morning, aren't you, at your polling place? >> i'm going to vote early, and i'm going to -- i'm addicted to politics. i'm going to have so much free time when this is over i can cure world hunger. that's how much i'm spending on this. >> what will we talk about, i wonder, on sunday morning? >> fun things. just like light stuff like that. honey boo boo, one of my favorites. >> she is a gift that keeps on giving. dean, thank you very much, and -- >> thanks. vote. vote. vote, damn it. >> there you go. if you want to check out dean's article, head over to you'll find it there under cmn opinion. well, thank you, everybody, so much for watching today. you can always continue the conversation with me


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