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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> stand with three proud words made in the usa. >> that would have an interesting ticket. romney biden. anderson cooper 360 begins right now. >> we begin tonight in washington. two simple words what next for the men and women in the capital behind me what next. what next for the party that tried and failed to retake the senate and white house who ran on a platform that too many people who as too extreme. what next for the man who ran for re-election who came hoim to face challenges for president obama what next?
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tay marktoday markets took a no dive. that is why we are here again. in the speeches to the statements today. all found ways of saying they get it. they understand the challenges and will rise to meet them listen. >> we want our children to live in america that isn't burdened by debt and isn't weakened by inekwquality and isn't threaten by the warming kwagity. >> at a time like this we can't rsk bickering and posturing. >> it is for us to find a way to work together on the solutions to the challenges that we face as a nation. >> it is better to dance than to fight. better to work together everything doesn't have to be a fight. together, what is next on the
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fiscal cliff on how republicans will deal with the diverse forward not looking back. we begin on the coming fiscal cliff when the budget cuts kick in. >> welcome to the capital. you heard everyone singing the kumbaya tune. you heard john boehner talking about the fact on the issue that has divided them on the fiscal cliff issue saying clearly that hedoes not want to raise taxes. he did say that maybe he would be for some kind of raising some kind of revenue. he didn't say what that means but talked about broad tax reform. on the other side of the capital. you saw right there the senate majority leader harry reid feeling like he has leverage
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here, it was a clear-cut issue, but also because of the mechanics of it. if nobody does anything, taxes will go up. so democrats realize that, they feel like they are probably right. >> there was a private conference call that he had, what do you know about it? >> we were told this was a call where all house repubca were on it. he was sober and he tried to buck everyone up and said that we are the lift line of defense from an america that barack obama would design. he had a clear message which was hold your fire. i need to have running room. i need to have running room to figure out how we can do this the right way. i'm told that he said he won't let the white house box him in. he is going to be the point
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person like the president was a year ago. >> and vice versa i should say. i appreciate that. i want to turn to lindsey graham who said if mitt romney l republicantates because he wasn't conservative enough he ll go nuts i have heard aot of republicans saying that. >> well, i just think the honest truth is that we have a demographic problem. spanicote mitt romyould be president. mccain got 31% and romney got 27%. we are going in the wrong direction. >> how do you change that? >> you have extremes in your party who on the immigration issue don't want to see a compromise. here is what i want to see, i
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want to see it lead to the 12 million illegal immigrants. i want a comprehensiveclusion and that is all i ask and almal most americans want. i can they saw him as a lesser of two evils between obama and us. he didn't lift a finger to do reform as he had promised. immigration is a national issue. it is an american issue and there is a solution to be found out there if people want to find it. americans are going to see massive tax increased. every american will feel the effects. what level of hope do you have that congress can come together and strike a deal?
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>> right. it is pretty high, actually. simpson bowles is the way forward. they didn't raise tax rates they eliminated deductions. all but two. interest on your home with a cap and charitable deductions and they had 25% corporate rates. they took that $1 trillion and they put some of it on the debt and some of it on the buy down rates. that is what i think will wind up doing and we'll come together on the spending cuts. i'm optimistic after hearing john boehner today that revenue would be on the table in the form of simpson bowles. if you look at the polls. a lot of them do support raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. he said he wouldn't support it. harry r are eid said he would
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insist on those taxes being raised. the gang of six. three republicans and three democrats simpson bowles rejected higher tax rates and raised revenue by eliminating dedud deductions and creating economic growth. >> did that get you where you need to be on deficit reduction? >> absolutely it does. there is $1 trillion out there every year that we give away through the tax code. take that $1 trillion back and apply some of it through the debt and future economic growth and set that aside to get out of debt. raising tax rates was set aside and no republican will go down that road because it will hurt job creation. >> this president got re-elected
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very clearly saying that is what he wanted to do. the republican challenger said he did not want to do that and doesn't that give president obama the right to push for raising taxes on the wealthiest americans? >> the house got re-elected. go back to simpson bowles. the people who give up most reductions are the higher income americans. how many actually pay 35%. the tax code rewards friends and punishes enemies. it makes people pay the rate that you pick and have a 25% rate that if you have bad tax policy you are going to have bad job creation. it is the way to go forward and
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i'm confident that is what we will do. senator graham we appreciate your time. >> coming up. when you listen to senator gr a aham do you get a sense that we are looking at anything other than gridlock? every one will say it is a roadblock. you do have leader read saying i'm not going to draw any lines in the sand. speaker boehner feels burned. he thought he had a deal with the president. and he thinks the president walked away from it.
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the president gives up higher taxes on the rich. republicans give up something on the short-term and more on the long-term. that is going to be the dance and the stakes are great. >> he did get re-elected on this and he has been clear on this issue. this was a major thing that he ran on. yes, and he said if he got a bill that did not include the end of tax hikes for the wealthy, he would veto it. you know the pressure i think is on all of them but let's remember the pressure for the president. one of the things that is difficult about a coalition that puts you in office is every part of the coalition wants to protect something. they think they helped put this guy back in office. you hear folks on the left saying do not touch social security or medicare. and there is pressure on the
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side of him that said in his speech last night i'm going to work and we are going to get this done. the pressure on the president is more so than on republicans. >> do you agree with that? >> approval levels are at an all-time low. ji think what you have is a divided country and they have a huge speed bump which is a question of tax cuts for the rich. maybe they will raise the bar. i think everybody understands that terrhere is an outline for framework. >> he gave them an idea and said let's do this. my big question is what role does paul ryan play in all of this. he is a national figure and said
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no new taxes and john boehner is going to have to try and lead compromises in his caucus. >> do you see the prom prcompro possible? >> here is the thing. in the olden days i used to say, you know what they are going to end up doing the wrong thing. i know longer think that. i believe they could retreat into their corners. it is into their self interest to get things done. as you looked at the landscape, do you see any likelihood that members will be able to come together and work on climate change and tax reform? >> i do. i'm opt miss triimistic that we go over the fiscal cliff that you better not let us do this
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that you are going to throw us into a recession next year. they are not crazy. they will act out of some sense of the national interest here. you have to be careful not to isolate the question of tax hikes on the wealthy. you need to put that question into a broader framework. how do we raise revenues. and how do we get spending down through entitlement reform. if the republicans are able to come to the table on some form of tax increase that is don't come out of the middle class and the democrats are willing to go along with entitlement reform, you can't get a real deal before january 1. and then direct your committee
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to come back and put the deal together. can they get there? we talked about the tea party last year and they said we won't do these things and some of the new democrats ran adds saying i will never cut medicare what happens? >> yeah. >> maybe the president will actually come up with a plan. he's been re-elected he doesn't have to run again. >> i'm curious. >> does he change the way he interacts with congress. does he sort of figure out -- >> invite them over to the white house once in a while? >> when we come back, i want to break down the demographics that are key to president obama's victory. the latino vote huge win there. and how they're party changes to fix the problem that is they face. [ male announcer ] you build a reputation by not breaking down.
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i believe we can seize this future together. we are not as divided as they suggest and we are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions and we remain more than a collection of red and blue states we are and forever will be the united states of america. the fact that it wasn't a concession speech. they did that through a computerized data program they called it their nuclear codes.
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if you go back to your notes from a year ago. men 40% and women 53%. if you are winning as the president 53% and you're competitive elsewhere. you are on your way to re-election. this plays out in swing states as well. you get to the state like colorado. 51% of the electorate. more of a swing state. the president won there by being competitive among women as well.
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that is not the only piece. let's come back and look nationally by race. only 72% of the elect orate was white. african-americans 17% of the population again. the campaign found then and got in touch with them. 13% of the electorate and this is historic. this is not only part of the coalition. this is a long-term generational crisis. 27% for governor romney. you look at states like nevada where the white vote is smaller.
5:21 pm
the other side can't win when the numbers are like that. 14%. excuse me and the president getting 75%. if the democrats keep getting this the darker the area the higher the latino population. it is almost game over. in florida last night we are still waiting to get the numbers. if you look at the state of texas. if republicans don't solve this problem. we might be talking about texas as a blue state. >> it is amazing looking at the
5:22 pm
maps. take a look at this. doomed beyond all hope of redemption. dark thoughts. under the headline. we mourn the loss of our country. today i wear black the day america died. from the billionaire who shall go unnamed -- we are not a democra democracy. so we talked last night, is
5:23 pm
there a sense that republicans are ready to change their approach or are they looking for a way to package the positions that they have already got? >> this is not a matter of changing your positions on a couple of issues. the philosophies that america holds is the reason that people come to this country and have for rgenerations anyway. we need to become the party of yes and the party of more. with the republicans you get
5:24 pm
more from the economy which is the reason you come here. your party hasn't made head way in reaching them. >> so actually young voters did break heavily for the president. republicans still have a long way to go. this election has busted two myths about them. the first is that they are not going to show up. voters in their 30s is the group where obama did better. republicans need to realize that this is going to resonate
5:25 pm
throughout their political life times. now, you know, president obama mentioned gay peemt evople ever on every campaign stop. i don't think i heard mitt romney mention gay people. if you want to be comfortable with people, you have to start talking to people. let me give you factors that are huge. if you are married you are voting republican by 29 points. if you are single you voted
5:26 pm
democr democrat. huge issue religion. 17% of the americans told exit po polesters that they never go to church or synagogue. among those who go to church every week plus 19 republican. the cultural divide are turning the republican party into an older party that is a more church going party of married families and children. >> are you of the opinion that romney was too far center right? >> i think the problem with mitt romney is what time of the day
5:27 pm
or week he was. >> when you have a guy who agrees in the first debate, he actually agreed with barack obama on 7 to 10 positions. instead of drawing lines, people are going to go with the politician they know. you have to be able to articulate your vision for the country. >> are you just saying that what the gop had was a mitt romney problem and what do you think it is? >> i think it is both. part of the problem that the republicans have is that they have to go outside the echo chamber. when you are talking to hispanic voters it is hard to woo them when you hate them.
5:28 pm
they get that vibe from republican ares. >> you think the message is delivered -- >> freedom and opportunity sell. they have to remember that a lot of people come from countries. >> there are thing that is republicans need to fix. we are against big government. get government out of our lives we saw excitement from ron paul. we saw youth there. that is the future of the party. we can't cheat and cut across the track when it agrees with us. >> eric, kristen, alex, ari
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i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the nation. but the nation chose another leader. so anne and i join you to pray for him and this great nation. >> governor romney also said
5:33 pm
this. i want to thank paul ryan for all that he has done for our campaign. and for our country. besides my wife anne, paul is the best chose i've ever made. and i trust that his hard work and commitment to principle will continue to contribute to the good of our nation. >> one thing that paul ryan was not able to do was deliver his home state wisconsin. mitt romney's next step isn't nearly as clear.
5:34 pm
does he have a future on the national stage? >> i'm not sure he wants one. this was not an easy fit. mitt romney with this particular republican party in general, unless you have a base to return to, as paul ryan does. but if you are bob dole who quit the senate to run, you tend to kind of disappear. if you are a john mccain you can go back to the senate and john kerry the same thing. but there is no place in politics no elective sauoffice t
5:35 pm
mitt romney holds now. i don't see where he fits into this party now. >> he can become a cable tv host. who knows. what do you think? it seems like a lot of the republican party today was moving quickly. >> it sounds like a -- last night he didn't talk about we are going to continue to fight in the future. id sounded like he tried, he lost and there are a lot of people who regarded him as a transitional figure. so i think he will probably go back to business. i don't see politics in his future. >> will he pick up where he left off? broaden out there? >> he has time.
5:36 pm
he has something that is hard for a house member to get and that is nationwide recognition. and he is a bon fied brainyac when it comes to budget things. he understands the budget. so there is still a place for him there. he does speak for the conservative wing in the fiscal part and he is pragmatic. there has been some talk maybe he should go to a think tank and there is a nice spot. >> joining me now, former mayor, rudy giuliani. it is clear, do you think it is clear that your party has a big
5:37 pm
problem on its hands reaching out to hispanic americans? >> i certainly agree. each time i ran i got a higher percentage of the vote. and then i got 48%. i think president bush had us up to 48% nationally. i think lindsey graham would agree with this. we have to get over the immigration reform hurdle. president bush was on the right track with it. if we had pass thad. we would be a party that had a 45% hispanic base. how do you sell that message to the fringe of your party? that is not a message that they want to hear? that is one of the things that
5:38 pm
mitt romney could have accomplished. he probably could have gotten 150 republican votes which means to the hispanic community being sensible about the 12, 14, 15 million people a year. you can't chase them all out. but i know that community really well and 90% of them are hard-working people. so why do we want to hound them? do you think the democrats what they said was a war on women message resonated? should your party ajust their
5:39 pm
approach on women's issues? same-sex marriage? >> i didn't run in 2012 because i didn't think i could be nominated being pro-choice and pro gay rights. >> didn't you - fishiate at a gay wedding? >> didn't do that. i still believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, but i'm open to a civil union. if new york wants gay marriage, fine. here we are a party that believes in state's rights. until we get to an issue like gay marriage and then we don't
5:40 pm
believe in state's rights. how do ings evolve for the gop? >> conservative on foreign policy and military policy and on social issues we would be libratarian. and i think that party could be a majority party. i think if we were run that go way this time. i think we win by 4 or 5%. >> what about the tea party? they decided they wanted pure candidates. your party lost races that they may have had control of the sen ta tall. >> i think what we should try to
5:41 pm
do is figure out what are your priority issues. the reason it got established is big taxes. and then a certain amount of flexibility on foreign issues and allow people to disagree with each other. if you agree with me on eight out of ten issues you are my friend. look at the map. we have to win by one or two states and when you get a good campaign against you. then you lose.
5:42 pm
>> i want to ask you do you think mitt romney has a place in the national stage? >> we don't do that. >> i heard a lot of rejection today. >> the day after, but a year later they have a role in the party. >> mitt romney ran a very, very good race. he has a lot of terrific ideas and someone that i think can play a big role in the party. will he be a candidate again i doubt that. will he be somebody that we respect and admire? i ran against mitt romney and i saw in 2012 a mitt romney that i really, really admired. >> mayor giuliani i appreciate you being on. president obama's victory comes to new challenges. stay tuned for that. capella university understands rough economic times have led to an increase in clinical depression.
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the day after president george w. bush was elected he was asked this. >> also do you feel more free do do something in your second term than your first? >> i earned capital in the campaign and now i intend to spend it. it is my style. president bush forged ahead. president clinton spent much of the second term fighting the sex scandal. >> joining us now r, cornell,
5:47 pm
first of all, i would have expected you to take today off. the president doesn't have to worry about running again. he you heard him in that clip. do you think it does with president obama? >> yes, free at last. it does bt have to answer to voters he has flexibility now and you know it happens to politicians and athletes. once they have won a big one. they are the presidenture uruu pressure is off and they are better athletes. barack obama has an opportunity now to deal with, debt and economic dproegrowth. he can focus on that and the politics are going to get
5:48 pm
smaller and the presidency can get bigger. >> i think that is well said. look, this time, the presidents may start thinking about legacy. one of the things that they can get accomplished, clearly the debt and economic growth there, also, i got to think, i have know information on this poverty the issue on the left, let's understand poverty is a place where this president started. he started organizing for churches and people in poverty. i have to think this is my dark horse issue here. it is also a real look at poverty and what we do in this country. >> what do you see changing? how do you think things are
5:49 pm
different now? >> he will focus now on the question of the debt and deficit. he has been clear about that. he wants to do it with the balanced approach. he wants to be the president that he sees as entitlement. his liberal on the left is going to be concerned that we don't have a 10 to 1 deal on spending. i think core net touched on something important. the african-american community has been patient and quiet as a lot of pain and suffering has started to accumulate. this community has lost 60% of its housing and kids in prison and urban poverty has not been discussed yet. this community still came out and won ohio for him. i think he has an opportunity
5:50 pm
for him to find something for them. it could be a part of his legacy. >> cornell, was there ever a moment in the final couple of days where you thought the president was not going to win? y . >> here is the thing, it happened the way i laid it out. in the end from the map sta standpoint we were going to be solid in ohio and virginia and i think we were going to win florida. we expanded the electorate there. and we ran a good program there. a lot changed. if you look at the coalition in those states not a lot changed from how it looked in 2008. >> the other big story tonight, what hundreds of thousands of people are still suffering in the wake of superstorm sandy. staten island, new york and
5:51 pm
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tonight the northeast is being hit by another storm. today heavy rain and snow for the jersey shore. cities across north and new jersey. 3500 customers still without power. it is dark and they are cold. meteorologist rob marciano joins me tonight. how bad is it? >> you can see the snow coming down. it is cold enough for snow. we are a couple of hundred yards from the ocean where this time duri during sandy the water was up and over my shoulder. now it is covered with snow. the kids were out here making
5:55 pm
light of it. but inside this home are the cammarettas they have light because they are plugged into our truck right now. >> i went through the most pain that i ever went through in my life from being electrocuted trying to get back into my house watching my family almost dying. you can't sleep when you are living in a house with propane. >> this has been a week from hell. i mean, you know, i'm grateful that i have my family. i could have lost three of them and my husband out there to the water coming up so fast. >> your heart goes out to these people. it has been over a week now and
5:56 pm
they are beaten down and now this. with the winds whipping those people that are lucky enough to have gotten power back. unusual and not what they needed. >> how long is it going to last? >> the snow will last through midnight maybe until day break. we have winter storm warnings up can you believe that and high wind warnings up as well. it won't be done until day break tomorrow. >> thanks get warm. we will be right back. don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage
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