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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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get this, she has five other stores in saudi and four in the mid east. you know what, we don't like her social life but tonight we celebrate her professional accomplishment. anderson starts now. >> erin thank you very much. good evening. what an extraordinary week it has been. a new day here. we are entering day nine. there is a cease fire. when word ved spread of the agreement, this is what it sounded like in gaza city. [ cheering and shouting ] >> people took to the streets. they celebrated what they saw as a victory for hamas and for
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gaza. the question is will all of this hold and will these people once again take cover in their homes and will the fear return? for u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and mohamed moresy, the agreement calls for a discussion for the freedom of movement. commitment by israel not to target militants in gaza. to halt rocket fire into israel. nothing is a done deal. in the next hour we will hear from the spokeswoman for the israeli defense forces and we begin with a look at what has transpired over the last 24
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hours. and it is remarkable that there is a cease fire when you consider how this wednesday started off. at midday no sign of atruce yet. at least two dozen people wounded. hamas praised the attack near the headquarters of the defense forces. farther south, a home was hit by a rocket. room after room left in ruins. more than 60 rockets were fired from gaza today. the others were intercepted. across the border in fagaza several large explosioned. the skyline of the city covered in smoke. the city on edge. on some streets buildings were
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turned to rubble. >> there used to be a small well-known shop here that has branchs throughout the city selling wedding and party dresses. there is a bouquet lying there in the rubble. the tar bet of the strike was the police station behind it. >> after hours of intense negotiations, hillary clinton and egyptian president announced the cease fire. >> for it to hold the rocket attacks must end and a broader calm return. >> israeli prime minister talks with reporters. >> i know there are those who expect a broader military response and that may in fact be needed. but at this time the right thing for the state of israel is to
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exhaust this opportunity to obtain a long-term cease fire. >> throughout gaza gun fire rings out. the leader of hamas rings out. >> israel has failed thanks to god. >> on the streets of the city. crowds and traffic the tension seemingly gone as people celebrate and leave their homes for the first time in days. >> i haven't seen this many people in the streets of gaza for quite some time. you can hear the horns honking and people whistling and che cheering. >> ben, i assume it has quieted down. it is 3:00 am there. what happened now?
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>> we really, the next 24 hours is critical. we can hear the drones overhead. the israeli troops are still on the border of fast sa. if it holds, and the israeli military has expressed the realization that there may be some violations, but if nothing major occurs, and they talk about the agreement that was worked out with the help of the egyptians things like the op opening of the crossing restrictions, the fact that they will no longer be moving targets, as they step outside, if we can get through a period of relative quiet and peace we can start working on something more permanent than 24 hours of relative quiet.
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anderson, i can hear in the skies behind you, i can hear the drones overhead, a sound we heard a lot, you have spoken with a lot of people today, how did they see it? >> well, there is a sense of relief even if the cease fire does not hold for the time being. they are able to get out. we were down in the streets among them. many of them celebrating they were celebrating the victory for the palestinians others saying that they were out celebrating because they could. because they spent so many days cooped up. one father saying that his kids had begged them to take him out because they spent so much time indoors and a sense of relief at least for one night people could
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be at ease for the knowledge that there is not going to be that unexpected strike at their home. >> we have talked about the level of support that hamas has for the level in g aaza. how does that bolster hamas? >> they were able to a, confront israel. to provide a military challenge to israel and emerge from it without leaving large swaths of gaza in rebel. what we saw four years ago, they had another confrontation. it was a 22 day bruising war with 1,400 people killed. after that, there was a good deal of resentment for getting
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gaza into that sort of mess. this time around the mess has been avoided in relative terms compared to the last four years we have something to show. easing of the crossings. end to military operations and air strikes within gaza. i'm not talking about the campaign of bombing. they do have something to show fothe suffering that has happened here and that is something that will bolster their position. is hamas popular? not necessarily. many palestinians here do feel that hamas is really a democratic regime and one that doesn't have much tolerance for any sort of descent. anderson? we certainly seen that. stay with us, i'm going to bring
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in the spokeswoman for the israeli defense force. i'm curious to know your thoughts on this cease fire. for now, the troops that are on the border, are they staying there? >> only for the night. tomorrow we'll have an assessment and then we'll decide what to do with the soldiers. many some of them will stay home. >> if it does stablize for 24 hours can you comment on whether those drones will continue to fly? >> it will have something to do with intelligence. we won't attack gaza. however, if the launcher will attempt to target us, we'll have to target that launching squad. >> there have been rockets fired how many since the cease fire went into effect? >> five rock ked ets have been .
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three have landed in israel. >> how do you view that? >> we try to see that this is the beginning of the cease fire. this is why we haven't responded. as i said before, the coming weeks will determine where we are heading. you haven't responded to try to take out where those rockets are fired from. >> in terms of hamas, what does this mean for israel's relationship with hamas? >> first of all, it suffered a harsh blow in this operation. we targets the same manufactured missiles that reached all the way to the tell aviv area. i believe that they were surprised with our intelligence
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capabilities since many were hidden underground. media buildings had some terrorists in them and so on. so the combination of the good intelligence caused a big shock to hamas. obviously israel does not recognize hamas. can you foresee a day where israel recognizes hamas? >> i don't see a near time, a day that will be in the near feature for this kind of rec saleiation. >> there are a numbers of israelis that wanted a -- what would that have looked like? >> ground forces going deeply
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into the rocket area where the storage is looking for those tunnels because we have something like 140 tunnels in this current operation. so going deeply into those places in those areas where the weaponry and the ammunition is hidden there. this is something that you can only do with ground force. >> do you know these sophisticated rockets, how many they still have left? >> a small number, however, keep in mind. >> dozens? >> less than dozens, keep in mind that iran will try to smuggle in more. you have no doubt that hamas and other groups will try to get more rockets brought in.
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we have to be alert for this kind of option. >> thank you very much. we have a lot more ahead. the political leader said his group was not behind the bombing. >> she pressed him about whether his group would be willing to recognize this. what his group said next. with verizon.
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that was the scene in gaza city earlier today before the cease fire was announced. also today a bombing in tell aviv. the attack happened near the
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defense headquarters. we asked him about that specific attack. >> i'm asking you, did hamas claim responsibility. did hamas do that? >> not hamas, not other people. not hamas. no one can announce except those who committed. not me. the lesson is what matters. what led to this? who created the circumstances that lead to this? it is the killing of the kids of gaza. he created such ramifications. everywhere. this could lead to any kind of reaction as retaliation for what happened in gaza. >> reporters in gaza city said that when the bombing was
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announced there was celebratory gunfire. i spoke with her with her interview. >> you pressed him about whether or not they would recognize israel. you pressed him on it. this is what he had to say. let's listen. >> you say, that you would accept a two-state solution but that you will not recognize israel a israel's right to exist. >> how can i accept israel, they have occupied my land. i need recognition this is a reverse question. >> what do you make of what he said? >> well, i kept pushing him. i said it is the question. and after several times he said
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look, when there is a peace agreement then the palestinians can decide themselves. which i thought was isn't anything to hear the head of hamas say that. he has become quite the figure at the moment. now with this muslim brotherhood spring, people have been beating down the doors throughout this war to go in and stand shoulder to shoulder with hamas. they have come out of this with somewhat elevated stature. how does that change the dynamic. with the palestinian authority which is the group that israel and the united states has been trying to deal with and isolate hamas by not recognizing? >> well, i think this must be a nightmare for the authority.
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because all of the attention has been on hamas. and talking to the u.s. and to israel but none the less a seat at the table. i think what is interesting is if indeed the parameters of this cease fire include a lifting of the blockade of gaza and travel restrictions and by for the israelis if it results in a lack of rock ked ets being fired thed no more resupply for ga sas, but it looks like hamas is a force to be reckoned with. >> yes, obviously, this is a
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cease fire but there are more things to be built on it. and the interesting thing again here which didn't happen before, is that egypt the leading player in getting this cease fire is a guarantour of the cease fire. but israel and officials there told me that they didn't want to go into another cease fire. they wanted real partners and if there is a problem and if they think somebody has been violating it, they can go and talk to the guarantor. but that is a change as well. >> thank you. >> well, prime minister neta t netanaour, warned of issues, and joining me now is michael oren,
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michael, we have heard from a lot of israelis tonight, who are very concerned and doubtful of ham hamas's ability long-term to live up to the agreement and make progress on these agreements. how can you guarantee that hamas will not use this and other groups as an opportunity to rearm and restock their supplies of the oh sophisticated weapons that we have seen them having? >> well, it is first of all good to be back with you as alwayses. some are skeptical about the cease fire. they have been liveing with thi since 2005. they have seen those cease fires being violated again and again by hamas. prime minister took a krath
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gious decision and out of appreciation for everything that the united states has done, the prime minister agreed to that cease fire. there are no guarantees, and israel will always reserve the right should they start shooting at them again. we want to live in peace. if hamas does not fire at us, hamas has nothing to worry about it. >> do you see egypt playing a greater role in trying to stop the weapons through sinai through sudan and through the tunnels? >> we greatly appreciate egypt's role in this. they made a positive
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contribution and egypt has a role in blocking the flow of smuggled arms through iran through sudan or libya. both of those passed through egyptian territory. >> the underlying grievances preventing the movement of people will be addressed after 24 hours just to be clear, if we see no sign of aagression. >> we've had our borders open to gaza. except for certain materials, like aluminum tubing. that type of material was passed onto un organizations that we
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could trust. there was a big question about the border of gaza and egypt and that will be open as well. according to a senior official, it was the president's two phone calls today that quote closed the deal. is that accurate of how things played out? >> well, president obama played an outstanding leadership role in helping to achieve the cease fire and also secretary hillary clinton. the sweeter of support for israel. outstanding beside us and that was important for us. also support for the iron dome missile system that was working so out standingly.
5:26 pm
taking down 90% of the rockets and striking at the israellies who who were under rocket fire. >> there have been five rockets launched three of them landed. how do you see that? in terms of a violation of the cease fire thus far. >> we assumed that it would take a while to take hold. and of course we are not firing. so there is a cease fire anderson. >> all right. appreciate your time tonight. thank you very much. >> well, as the ambassador said, right now the rockets are silent. can the cease fire hold? i'm going to speak with former senator george mitchell.
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so this is an assortment of rockets that have fallen over the area. but there are various types of rockets that you can find. this one is a rocket that you can tell when the rocket gets
5:32 pm
launched. you can tell the fins are welded on. that was russ plenkin. an american bip ldiplomate is f maine senator george mitchell. he was senator from 2009 to 2011. he served as peace negotiations. i spoke to him about the difficulties that lie ahead. how optimistic are you that this cease fire can hold? well, it is a big step formed
5:33 pm
because the violence has ended. on the other hand, past experience tells us it will be difficult to have an enforce ab abletruce that takes place over a long period of time. >> both sides interest can be served by stopping the violence on the issues on both. >> in terms of the larger peace agreement, how complicated does it become? and also involvement of other groups. >> very complicated. by far and away the most complicated situation that i have been involved in. it makes it difficult.
5:34 pm
in fact both societies are divided. and, the arab spring has created a new dynamic in the region. which can be harnessed for the benefit in moving forward which could provide some obstacles. it is the most complicated situation imaginable. we have to keep trying because it is so important to the people there and the region and to the interest of the united states. >> egypt's role is more than just a guaranteeing partner. and egypt will play a critical roll in that, just in the last
5:35 pm
couple of days they are being smuggled into the tunnels through egypt. that is not new. the nearly three years that i was there, that was a constant subject of discussion and controversy. this is a vast territory, much of it desert. not well policed and governed. a lot of competing local interests. those are contrary to those in some cases here. egypt is under taking a major role here and how they are able to succeed in that goes a long way to how the process goes forward. >> this may be a dumb question, when you are in these rooms, is there yelling or arguments or is it calm and rational? >> in my case, almost all of the
5:36 pm
di discussions were with one side at a time. there were few occasions of raised voices. the two did not come together. when we did have the brief meeti meetings between the prime men ster and the president, they were tense and straight forward. they made their points both sides. it will be some time before you get a representative in the same room. tough enough to get them in the same room with the palestinian authority which i say is committed to non violent negotiations. >> i'm curious, as a reporter, when you are interviewing people from various factions, they go to their talking points, is it that way when it is you on them?
5:37 pm
do you sit through a lot of the rhetoric? >> you have to sit through a lot of rhetoric. if you don't have patience and the ability to listen for long periods of time don't get in the business of reconciling conflicts. in northern ireland i sat through five years there. people were storming back dem d demanding that the other side be back. you have to be able to sit through it and let everyone have their say. in the end you have to identify their self interest. peace cannot be imposed by the other side. the parties have to want peace themselves. they can't rely on outside power
5:38 pm
to bring them to peace if they are not interested themselves. we have had creation of israel. ten american presidents and 19 american secretaries of state and it didn't get done. but it simimportant that we have to keep trying. >> senator mitchell, i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you, anderson. >> well, it is a different scene in gaza city. we are going to check and find out what is going on right now. whether the drones are still flying. we are going to talk to him next. oh, hey mike. what are you up to? oh, just diagramming this accident with my state farm pocket agent app. you can also get a quote and pay your premium with this thing. i thought state farm didn't have all those apps? where did you hear that? the internet. and you believed it? yeah. they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true. where did you hear that? [ both ] the internet. oh look. here comes my date. i met him on the internet. he's a french model.
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[ i ining horns ] >> that was the reaction when the word started to spread throughout gaza city. not only for the cease fire which many thought was a victory. the days and weeks ahead will be crucial. the agreement calls for negotiations in and out of gaza. joining me now are our guests.
5:44 pm
so ben, we checked in with you at the top of the program. there were celebrations earlier. the drones i assume are still flying? >> it is quiet now. i can hear the chickens downstairs, the drones overhead. it is a reminder and they are under the control of the israelis. they patrol off the coast and with the war planes as well. much has changed in the last ate days but must hasn't. ap d anderson? >> ben, in your opinion. what does this mean for te power of hamas.
5:45 pm
>> it does indeed represent failure of the policy that was put into effect after the january elections where the united states with israel began to impose restrictions on hamas and in june 2007 it is widely believed the united states sort of passively support ed a plan o oust him out of power and they failed. it suspehas survived the isolat
5:46 pm
and sanctions and we have seen senior arab foreign min sisters and hamas is suddenly out of isolation and main streamed because of the changes with the arab spring. anderson? >> we have seen plenty of cease fires, is there any reason to believe this will be different? it is unlikely that the cease fire will break down completely. the reality to put this in context. israel is the military power,
5:47 pm
and if the turks think about getting involved, they think they are up against a military power. they spend more money on their defense budget than all of their neighborscombined. they are in a whole different league. that the reality that is a strong deterent to them to get involved. what does this mean about the involvement of iran in the region. it shows the limits. they are bogged down with their ally. i doubt they were involved in this in the first place. it shows you that they don't have much of a reach. this has been the claim that
5:48 pm
they have had special power. as i say, this reveals that israel dominates the region and if they want to make peace, they are going to have to make it on israeli terms right now. do you agree with that? >> well, in part, one thing i would note, one of the reasons israel has such military predominance is because of the tremendous support that the administration has given him. you have heard that the obama administration has pointed out that it has given cooperation. and i agree, where i would disagree is that i think hamas
5:49 pm
has shown that not withstanding sanctions it has increased it's a built to inflict pain on israel. this started because of the firing of the rockets and over the course of the last week we have seen rockets landing aimed at jerusalem and i think that hamas has more power than we might have expected. >> the interesting question will be whether hamas gains from this politically. they have been able to survive and they have these pin prick attacks and these unguided missiles have been very ineffective. they don't kill people and don't
5:50 pm
disrupt israel in a meaningful sense. the question is are they more popular on the street. there is evidence that they are unpopular with the palestinian people. they have stuck with them and partly because of the pressure, they don't want to oust hamas because that would be doing what the israelis want. hamas is not popular. >> you have been saying that for several nights that they are not all that popular. >> no, they are not. fata itself is not popular. many are weary of being caught between these two factions which neither of which has achieved what they want which is a final solution to live in a state of their own in peace.
5:51 pm
fata was a major engine which didn't leave them anything in the way of positive result. i think the people are indeed looking for a third alternative that can negotiate with israel and stay out of the swamp of construction that fata fell into and th many people here say hamas has gotten into with the money it is making off of the tunnels. i think there is an exhaustion here. anderson? >> ben, thank you very much. up next other news we are following. and susan rice speaks out about the situation. we will be right back.
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welcome back. we are following a number of other stories. >> tonight u.s. ambassador susan rice is responding to republican ares criticizing her for nshlly blaming her. she says she was relaying information. jesse jackson junior resigning
5:56 pm
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