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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 3, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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or without it. thank you for comments and joining me today. i'm carol costello. thanks, carol. hi, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. with same-sex marriage, there's almost no chance for the supreme court to hold its peace. no fewer than ten cases of state and federal benefits and government authority have made their way all the way up to the high court's doorsteps but so far not one has hit the docket. the key words here, so far. we know that the justices debated among themselves on friday whether and how to weigh in on what some consider the civil rights showdown of the early 21st century. they could have announced this morning whether they'd chosen or rejected any or all of the marriage equality appeals but
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instead they stayed silent and the waiting game continues. joe johns joins me from washington to tell us what this all means. first off, is there anything, joe, to read in to this morning's silence coupled with friday's silence on this issue? >> honestly, nothing at all. they could still decide later in the week, quite frankly. they could decide next week. this is a thing about the court. they really don't send a lot of signals or messages to do something and we have been telling people all along that, you know, there's potential for this to come later on. they can still go in march with this. and we could still get a decision around june. so, don't read anything in to it. that said, you know the broad legal question the supreme court considers of equal protection. basically do same sex couples deserve the same rights and benefits as all other americans? we don't know if the court wants to hear the case. it could be a much narrower case
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about the defensive marriage act, it could be limited to considering whether couples in states where same-sex is legal and eligible for benefits and not a sweeping decision. the other parameter, of course, proposition 8 and a specific league question and referendum aboli abolished. a lot for them potentially to consider and the timetable up to them, ashleigh. >> very complex for people that don't follow courts on a regular basis to sort this out and i mentioned right off the top no fewer than ten cases that the justices could take up. >> yes. >> when you talk about the two areas, one of them as some court watchers say is dipping your toe in with the defensive marriage act and one way the supreme court could start the process of getting in to the cultural debate. the other one is prop 8 and two
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ways to go effect ily with prop 8. take up the case or don't cake up the case. what happens if they just don't take up the case? >> well, then same-sex marriage essentially becomes law in california and it was about the referendum. most court watchers would say defensive marriage act is the most likely of all the challenges to take up. the thinking they want to weigh in on a question dealing with what role the federal government can play when it comes to the issue of marriage because and we can't say this enough, throughout history, marriage is regulated by the states so, you know, important thing to consider there. >> and just quickly, also, joe, when it comes to the defensive marriage act, it is important for people to know if the court decides to adjudicate, it does not mean that that's the law of the land, that people can start getting married any which way
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they want to. correct? >> no. it means they're taking it up. they still have a decision that's down the road. there's a variety of different ways they could decide on doma. you know, they don't have to decide on equal protection grounds but the narrow question of benefits or certain benefits or certain tax breaks that married people who happen to be same sex should get or shouldn't get. so, there's a whole range of ways they could consider this. it doesn't mean they're just going to go in and determine that a law against same-sex marriage is illegal discrimination. there are a lot of other things they can do with it. >> benefits are one thing. recognition and allowance is another thing. here's the other thing. it is real hard to get breaking material and information out of the supreme court before they're ready to give it but on occasion
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good connections yield something and yet a lock-up in terms of what they might do with prop 8 and doma. >> yeah. that's true. but you have to remember, on these big, sweeping social issues that the court has decided throughout history, desegregation of public schools comes to mind, brown versus the board of education, that sat on people's desks for a long time and a bunch of different cases that all sort of folded in to it. loving versus virginia. that was interracial marriage. that was another case that sat around a long time because it seemed as though the supreme court, differently configured supreme court, actually wanted to wait and let the country lead. and when you look right now, even some people who have been fighting for same-sex marriage for years say the math and the map don't make the supreme court taking this up right now a
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certainty. >> your law professors are so thrilled with you right now, joe johns, that you could just spout that off and i'm impressed. joe johns, thank you very much for that. see you probably friday. for the record, folks, nine states plus d.c. have legalized same-sex marriage to date. exit polls of last month's elections show that a slight majority of voters think that gay marriage should be legal in their states. moving on now. rain, wind and snow are hammering the west coast. three separate storms in just one week have soaked oregon and washington and northern california. by the way, northern california has been hammered the worst and guess what. a fourth storm is on the way. a lot of areas already dealing with really bad flooding and they thought this was the worst of it. >> this thing just went up fast. real fast. fire department was out here. and got a lot of stuff, you
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know, away from the house so it didn't float down the road and stuff but this is the worst. >> meteorologist chad myers joins us now at the weather center in atlanta. round four. >> yes. >> this seems just cruel. >> and it gets worse. there will be six more rounds in the next 16 days. i can't stress how much rain that's going to -- once you get rain on the ground like we have now, it doesn't just evaporate and run off. it does run off but doesn't just go away. adding to injury. we have 20 inches in some spots on the ground in past 3 storms. we talked about this wednesday last week. i said this is the worst round 0 of storms that i have seen in northern california, washington, oregon in careyears and still cg in. for tomorrow, a minor storm compared to what's coming. minor storms. the moisture surge comes in one storm after the next so here's today in to tomorrow. it rains washington, oregon,
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cascades gown do down to northe california. four feet at a time and then avalanche issues. one storm after another dill coming and three. there are five to six more on the way, ashleigh. >> i have a lot of friends who are weather men and women in california and say it's the easiest job because they don't have to do anything. this seems out of the ordinary. >> have you seen the pictures of napa and the sonoma valley? water washing out. valley, grapes under water. a tremendous amount of rain. just seeing the water in to the lower elevations and now it isn't going to stop. every extra inch we get will be another flood and we're going to get five to six more inches in 120 hours which is 5 days and then more storms after this. >> all right. chad, keep an eye on it for us, if you will. appreciate it. back in a moment. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
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there. it's official. kate middleton is pregnant. so the duchess of cambridge has put out the announcement. the palace put out the announcement saying that we're not going to tell you what the due date is but they're telling us that she's been admitted to central london hospital. apparently she has acute morning sickness. the palace expect that is she will be in the hospital for efrl days so that's not great news but i'm sure that many will be thrilled for the confirmation because everyone's been a bit abuzz for the last few months. she chose a glass of water for a toast in september instead of a glass of wine. some speculated while she looked thin in so many of the photographs prior to and during the wedding she didn't look quite as thin in the last couple of months so there you go. speculation is finished and you can officially now ask the duchess of cambridge if she's pregnant.
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i don't think you're supposed to ask the royals questions like that. bring you back to this side of the pond. less than a month left until we hit the fiscal cliff. i know you probably hate hearing about it but it's coming and 29 days away now. this weekend both sides were counting how many ways they disagreed. >> we proposed a balanced mix. and look at it together. it's roughly 2 to 1, spending cuts to tax increases much we have been very detailed about the spending side. we proposed $600 billion cuts over 10 years. now, republicans are -- we don't expect them to like all the proposals but lay out what we believe and then ask them to come become and tell us what they prefer to do. >> i would say we're nowhere. period. we're nowhere. we've put a serious offer on the table by putting revenues up there to try to get the question resolved but the white house is
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responded with virtually nothing. >> so the speaker actually went on to say that the republicans are flabbergasted over that initial offer from the democrats. so is it just about the taxes for the wealthy versus the spending cuts? one gop leader has another take. >> i think we're going over the cliff. it's pretty clear to me they've made a political calculation. >> political calculation. that's south carolina's lindsey graham and joining me is white house correspondent brianna keilar. there are people talking about what that political calculation means and even that term itself is becoming political. so spell it out if you would please, brianna. >> reporter: there is a political calculation going on over here at the white house, and that's that the white house and congressional democrats feel that they have more of the leverage and they do. they feel like when you look at polls that show increasing taxes
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on the wealthy is popular, that if the country were to go over the fiscal cliff, they would be more effective in blaming it on republicans than vice versa. they feel like republicans know that. and they feel like they can kind of paint republicans in to this corner on income tax rates but as you know, as of right now, december 3rd and we have obviously a few weeks here before the fiscal cliff hits, as of right now neither side is budging and republicans are saying that they're not going to budge on those income tax rates but the white houses drawing a line over this. >> what do we know about plans for this week? i mean, apart from everybody spouting off hot air on talk shows do they have -- i'm sorry to be so crass but i'm getting a little annoyed by all the talk at us. >> reporter: yeah. >> instead of with each other. do they have any meetings planned? >> reporter: i'm not saying it's not an annoying process and i think americans feel exactly
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that way. there's no official meetings right now between the white house and congressional leaders. of course, there are meetings going on behind the scenes and contacts between the white house and congressional republicans but nothing official. president obama is taking this sort of outside strategy where as we saw him last week he goes outside of washington. he'll be giving remarks to the business roundtable this week, meeting with business leaders tomorrow. other stakeholders this week and he's trying to kind of put some pressure on congress and learn from a mistake that he made you might say during say the debt ceiling negotiations where you saw these meetings with congressional leaders but there really wasn't a whole lot of payoff and didn't make the president look particularly effective. an issue to be resolved is to tackle entitlement reform. you have the white house and republicans saying you need to put meat on the bones and going
8:17 am
back and forth. listen to what republican senator bob corker said. >> i think the really discussions around the fiscal cliff haven't even begun to be serious yet and the reason they haven't is we have really not begun to talk about real entitlement reforms and the only way of a true avoidance and until the debate moves to that point there's really no serious debate taking place and i think, by the way, i think over the course of the next week that is where you're going to see the debate move to. >> reporter: and so, there's no official proposal on entitlement reform in this moment but mitch mcconnell, the senate minority leader interviewed last week and talked about some ideas that might get republicans interested in revenue, raising taxes on the table. higher medicare premiums for the wealthy, increasing the medicare eligibility age and slowing down
8:18 am
the cost of living increase and no formal proposal but specifics he floated. >> message to both sides, may not be the time to find your spine and dig in. where's the christmas spirit? for heaven's sake, brianna. brianna keilar reporting live for us at the white house, thank you. for more details of what's in the opposing plans, that's what this is all about and means for us because we have to pay. be sure to check out and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all you need is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. start saving at
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to syria now and heightened concerns of the chemical weapons. secretary of state hillary clinton is in prague today and she issued this warning. >> we have made our views very clear. this is a red line for the united states. i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of credible evidence that the assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people but suffice it to say we are
8:22 am
certainly planning to take action if that eventuality were to occur. >> sir why's foreign ministry issued a statement on syrian tv saying they would not use chemical weapons against syrian people. cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr live in new york with us. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> how much faith can we put in the syrian government spokesperson and suggestsiing tt the people of syria are safe from chemical weapons. >> there is a new wrinkle here. in the last couple of days u.s. intelligence has got information that the syrian regime is moving its chemical weapons around. that basically, it looks like what they're trying to do maybe combine them with the missls, the rockets, artillery shells. the worry of the u.s. is latest movement signals they are
8:23 am
preparing to put their weapons in a position to attack. whether they'll go ahead with it remains to be seen. why would they even be doing it right now? >> i think americans are familiar with hearing about saddam hussein's weapons. >> this is different. >> it is not the same. they're sophisticated. they have surface to surface. they have viable weaponry in this country. >> they have a huge stockpile. they have viable weaponry. it is widely dispersed across the country. there is a threat as secretary clinton said of u.s. military or action by other militaries in the region but what would they do about it? all of this stuff is mixed in with civilian populations. you can't strike from the air and, you know, kill a bunch of civilians. it becomes a very difficult problem. you can say red line but what do you do about it? >> to say red line, what does that mean? if we haven't been willing to do anything about the carnage that we have been witnessing for more than 18 months how could this
8:24 am
change the formula? >> right. because there you are. if you had god forbid a chemical weapons attack you have three -- four countries. you have got several, lebanon, turkey, iraq, jordan to the south. >> israel. >> israel. all of these countries, if there's a chemical weapons dispersal in the air, it drifts across international borders. does anybody think the israelis will let that happen? you have a difficult problem. >> what if the opposition gets in control? >> the question right now, is this latest action directed from the assad regime or could it be rogue elements? what if the rebels get this stuff. >> they have a battery. >> the -- up until now the actual chemical stockpiles are said, said to be secure by the most elite forces of the regime and not letting them out of
8:25 am
their sight. everybody's trying to figure out what it means. >> oh dear god, thank you for that, i guess. good to see you in person. >> nice to see you. >> egypt now. southward. not great there either. the actions by that country's highest court are now on hold indefinitely. the judges blocked from entering the court building in cairo yesterday by supporters of president morsi. now they say they won't come back to work until they don't fear for their lives. the court expected the rule on the legitimacy of the group that just finished drawing up the new constitution. a separate group of judges, supreme judicial council, delegating judges for the referendum and scheduled for december 15th. stay tuned to that. in britain, a big thank you from a young schoolgirl to many supporters around the world including here in the u.s. probably remember the story of
8:26 am
14-year-old malala shot in the head for punishment for education for girls in pakistan. at last night's celebration, our anderson cooper read a statement from malala and he says, quote, thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support. i thank the people that supported me without distinguishing religion and color. malala is still recovering at a hospital in birmingham, england.
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8:30 am
actually with child and now the palace is making it official saying, yes, and only a way that the palace can, which is only a way that richard quest can report. time for q & a. quest and ashleigh. richard, live from london, tell us the news, darling. >> well, you really are a miserable person, aren't you? only you -- only you could pour water -- on what is a good -- >> i'm thrilled. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. let me read you a few of the statement of sir james palace a short while ago. the royal highnesses, the duke and duchess of cambridge are very pleased to announce that the duchess of cambridge is expecting a baby. the queen, the duke of edenburg, and prince harry, this's the grandparents, the parents and siblings and members of both families are delighted with the news. the duchess admitted this
8:31 am
afternoon to king edward hospital in central london with hyper amecia. >> wow. >> as the pregnancy in the early stages. i haven't finished. expected to stay at hospital several days and a period of rest thereafter. i believe and i'm told that that actually means she's suffering from very bad morning sickness is what that is. >> i think so. >> the british prime minister david cameron has already tweeted how delighted he is and he believes they'll make marvelous parents and now we wait as we wonder what is the due date or the questions i know people like you dying to ask. >> well, you know, i'm thrilled for the two. i think that's wonderful. i love baby news. i hope that she's given some peace and some rest because apparently the palace called for a period of rest for her, as well. how much speculation has there been where you are and what have
8:32 am
been some of the signs that people have been pointing to other than a big picture with the baby bump? >> well, it's exactly that. over two or three weeks, maybe just a little bit longer, there's been talk, is she pregnant? went to cambridge on a trip recently and there was a lot of speculation after that one, was this moment and see the bump? was she wearing her clothes and comporting herself and standing differently? you know, but if you look at what the palace says, the pregnancy's in its very early stages so i don't know what they would class as that, of being early stages but i suspect it is because it is no longer possible to keep it quiet. >> when you choose water for a toast over wine that's what's going to get people all atwitter. she is terribly, terribly thin. any amount of weight gain i would assume would have been suspect as potentially a pregnancy.
8:33 am
>> well, yeah. you don't expect me to start sitting here discussing weight gain by women on national television. and i certainly have no intention of doing so. >> you have done so. you asked me how many calories i was eating after the election at brunch. >> you don't count. >> i don't. i really don't, no. my dear, lovely to see you and thank you for bringing us the wonderful news and not pouring water over it. i'm thrilled for the royal highnesses, richard quest live for us from london, thank you. every time. , 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. that's 1% back on... [ toy robot sounds ] 2% on pumpkin pie. and apple. 3% back on 4 trips to the airport. it's as easy as... -[ man ] 1... -[ woman ] 2... [ woman ] 3. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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security software pioneer john mcafee is on the run. police in belize want to talk with him about the suspicious murder of his neighbor that happened three weeks ago but mr. mcafee is nowhere to be found. or so we thought. >> reporter: the search to find
8:37 am
john mcafee began right here at the airport not long after i landed and three words. sorry i'm late. a code word to let me know i met the person to take me to mcafee. who follow eed was a long drive and then we get in to a parking lot and get in to another vehicle an drive off again. this time with switchbacks, u-turns and back alleys. it was clearly meant to confuse and anyone following. and then there we were. face to face. observation number one. with john mckay fee, there is no such thing as a simple answer. you are john mcafee? >> i think so, yes. i am john mcafee. >> reporter: he seems nervous, anxious, midgety. >> are you afraid? >> couldn't you be so? >> reporter: he used that sir thing a lot. his hair is jet black. part of his disguise he says and
8:38 am
by his own admission asking us to wait for the hair to dry before starting the interview and that interview ranged from completely convincing like about the neighbor's murder. did you kill greg fall? >> i barely knew the man and why would i kill him? he was a neighbor that lived 200 yards down the beach. >> reporter: do you really believe that the government is a vendetta of government of belize to take you down and kill you? >> absolutely, sir. >> reporter: he says he is not on drugs and hasn't touched alcohol in 30 years but he has started smoking again and he puts down to current circumstances. and he's not alone running with his 20-year-old girlfriend. and mcafee who's 67 openly speaks of many more. >> it's absolutely real that i had six -- how many? >> 50. >> reporter: it seemed almost surreal right down to the coffee i drank with him. before we started, there was one
8:39 am
more question i had to ask of this software genius. are you a smart man? i mean, i know you're an intelligent man. >> i don't think so. if i were smart would i be here? i'm foolish man. i know that much. >> reporter: and you know what? i believe him. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> martin savage joins me now live from belize. martin, this is an incredible, a, story, and b, feat of journalism. how did you find him? >> it was not easy. i got to tell you. we started weeks ago coming down here and through associates, people that knew him, any way i could then and phone call in atlanta and it was through a series of phone calls and conversations that i essentially had to win his trust and one more trip back to belize but never really knowing if we were actually going to get the chance to interview him. it was all very much on the fly
8:40 am
and as you sort of heard there, very clandestined and almost change to have the chase through town and taxi cabs and code words and met us initially in disguise as an old man. you couldn't write it better. clearly a master showman and funny if it's not for the fact there's a murder of greg fall and this case needs to be solved, justice for his family is needed. >> he met you in disguise. this is a two-part question, did you know it was him looking at the old man or did you wonder what the next, you know, what the next chain in events would be being led to him and is he still in your country and belize where you are? >> reporter: yeah. well, the disguise part, no, we weren't fooled. we were walking upstairs, he was walking down stairs and with a cane, powder in the hair. holding his arm as if it's withered or it was just numb and
8:41 am
then we saw who he was but we didn't dare say anything. we didn't want to upset him. as far as, you know, where he is now, we have no idea. there had been some postings on websites that suggest he may have left the country but that's not independently confirmed. we are working to do so. >> unbelievable story. excellent work. you are certainly not considering this a vacation in that beautiful country. phenomenal work. thank you so much. an i want to stress, as well, police in belize say that he is just wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor. but mr. afee is concerned they want him more than that. for more on the case and martin's trek to find the pioneer, check out thed your mom trusted for you. children's tylenol, the #1 brand of pain and fever relief recommended by pediatricians and used by moms decade after decade.
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what do carmelo anthony, derek jeter and michael jordan have in common? a-list athletes and their shoes are a really big deal. and now the man that helped to design those shoes while at nike is reaching out in to his own community to others get a jump on that same kind of career. here's cnn's george howell with dwayne edward's dream. >> this is a snapshot of some of the products i've designed over the course of my career. this is the air jordan 21. >> reporter: working at nike, dwayne edwards designed the
8:45 am
signature sneaker line of superstar athletes. carmelo anthony. derek jeter. and his childhood idol, michael jordan. but after 11 years at nike, edwards walked away. >> the industry is close to $50 billion in the u.s. alone. and there's probably a good 3,000 to 4,000 footwear designers in the industry. but people of color underrepresented. >> reporter: so what you're delling telling me it's exposure. people knowing about the industry. and also, knowing where to go, how to maneuver your way in to positions like you had? >> oh, most definitely f. you're asked to do something, tough do it. >> reporter: that's when the father of two decided to pool resources, to open a footwear design school. >> i know we're at the malls purchasing the product. we have to be designing the product, as well. >> reporter: the academy opened in portland in 2010. and for grads like precious
8:46 am
hannah, it helped her secure a job at nike. >> it taught me you don't need a computer. here's pencil and paper. take it. do what you do. >> reporter: from women to minorities, dwayne edwards is inspiring a new diverse wave of shoe designers. >> designing a product that goes in to a store, that's going to come and go. but impacting a life is generational. >> reporter: all because he chose to leave a lucrative career behind him to teach others how to follow in his footsteps. george howell, cnn, portland, oregon. >> so cool. and cnn's soledad o'brien examines the provocative questions about skin color, discrimination and race. "who is black in america" premiering sunday, december 9th 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. right here on cnn. citracal slow rele
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this weekend, news broke that kansas city chiefs player jovan belcher killed his girlfriend an then drove to the kansas city chiefs stadium and killed himself in front of his coaches. let me be clear. we don't know the causes or reasons the reasons behind this tragedy in particular, but we have seen a large number of nfl players take their own lives over the last few years. studies have shown that some of these swidz can be attributed to something called cte. it's chronic traumatic encephalopathy. it's attributed to alzheimer's. some are attributing it to concussion-like injuries. there's new information out, a new study that's making a lot of news. what is in the study, and why is it significant especially in light of what we've just seen
8:51 am
happen over the weekend? >> researchers, ashleigh, have been so curious to know what do the brains of these athletes with chronic -- it's the biggest study. it's the largest mof people. they looked at 68 brains on autopsy of people who died and had chronic traumatic encephalopattie. most were athletes. i think this is really going to explain what they found. the three brains on the left are normal brains. the three braenz brains on the right are people with cte, and what those dark spots are, ashleigh, are actually proteins that have accumulated, because what happens is with repeated injuries and over the course of years, bad toxic proteins can accumulate in the brain, and that's what you are seeing on the right-hand side. that's what they found in this study at boston university. >> one of the questions i have -- i'm a mom of two mall
8:52 am
boys. i always worry about them getting into sports like hockey and football. this study looked at repeated trauma, but not necessarily repeated concussions because i think a lot of people think, yeah, if you get a lot of concussions, you're going to have a lot of problems, but maybe not so much. just the constant -- see what a linebacker goes through all the time. repeated, you know, traumz that may not send you off to the sick bed. >> exactly. that's an excellent point. it doesn't have to be repeated huge things that put you in the hospital, and what's interesting is that the first sign of cte can be very subtle. the b.u. researcher was telling me it might be something like just a personality change. perhaps people do things more impulsively than they ordinarily would, and sometimes it's just chalked up to, oh, you know, he is just a guy being a guy, when, in fact, it might be the affects of cte. the value of this study is that they get to see it over time. i mean, these people were 17 into 98. the yuckest patient was 17.
8:53 am
the oldest was 98. they really got to see the changes that you see over time. it gets worse with more blows, and it gets worse over time because the proteins take a while to accumulate. >> we should also note, elizabeth, gets excellent information. there are the critics of this study as well. elizabeth, thank you. appreciate that. obviously, so much more to learn. to read more about the affects of football on the brain, make sure you visit hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios he's going to apply testosterone to his underarm. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t,
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top month for giving. that's right. just check this out. according to the atlas of giving, there is such a thing called "the atlas of giving," americans gave almost $30 billion last december. that is nice to hear. she is live at the new york stock exchange to talk to us about how to give and get something out of it. there are some points on how you should give appropriately, right? >> that's right, ashleigh. some really good points. you know, you said $30 billion. that's a lot of money. you really want to make sure you're donating wisely. sarah manglish has some tips from "money making sfwleen." narrow your focus. that's a lot of cash. not if it's divided among dozens of charities. just think, you know, there are fixed transactions and administrative costs tied to every single donation. really stick with a few charities so you make your gift go further. next, you have to adjust your thinking. the rule of thumb used to be donate to charities that keep
8:58 am
overhead expenses just under 20% of their budget, but, you know what, that doesn't tell the whole story. check out these web sites. my and they also help you understand where your money is going. finally, ashleigh, pay the old-fashioned way. credit card fees eat up your donation. write a check or issue one on-line. ashleigh. >> that's great advice, and also, you could put cash into that salvation army jug or whatever they have when they're inc. ringing the bell outside of just about every story. thank you. happy holidays. >> thank you. >> also, make sure that you check out cnn there's a whole lot more on that very story about just that. thank you, everyone, for watching. i'm going to pop back about an hour from now, and join you once again, but in the meantime, newsroom international starts right now with my good friend michael holmes.
8:59 am
>> as always, ashleigh, thank you, and welcome to "newsroom international." i'm michael holmes sitting in for suzanne malveaux. as usual, we'll go around the world in 60 minutes. there is much going on in your world. we start with this. some breaking baby news. kate middleton is pregnant. yes, i know you're thrilled. england's prince william and his wife expecting their first child. the news broke just about an hour or so ago. our richard quest is all over it. well, hopefully not all over it. he knows the details. joining us from london with the latest, i'm sure that your neck of the woods is -- and probably mine too -- agog. >> well, yes. what an end to the year that saw the diamond jubilee just 18 months after the wedding, and now it's been announced that the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton is pregnant. we know that it is in the very early stages of pregnancy. it's believed to be under 12 weeks, and we also believe the reason it has been announced at this