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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  January 27, 2013 3:00am-4:00am PST

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back with a final thought or two from charlie sheen. during the break there i was asking you who you thought was the best living actor and you said sean penn. >> sean penn. hands down. period, the end. >> why is he so good? >> because he did "fast times" and "dead man walking." he did "mystic river" and "milk." he does things you that always feel like you're spying on him, that you're invading his private space. he's that good. >> and i love his passion and intenacity. >> it's amazing. >> he went and lived basically in a tent in haiti for eight, nine months. it takes real commitment. >> he's 100%. >> who's the best actress? >> wow. wow. you'd have to -- you'd have to go with streep, i think. you know? >> just the sheer just amount of amazing movies -- >> just oscar count. yeah. >> she's pretty phenomenal. >> it's crazy. >> it's almost like if she isn't
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nominated now something's -- >> something's wrong. something's rigged. >> will you be watching the oscars? >> i will indeed. >> a lot of good movies this year. >> always part of the fourth hour. >> have you seen "lincoln"? >> i have not. but i'm told it's amazing 37 he's number two, by the way. daniel day lewis. >> tommie lee jones is brilliant in that film. >> and a hell of a nice guy i hear. >> are you still winning, charlie? >> today i am with you. absolutely. >> it's been brilliant to see you again. >> likewise. thank you so much. >> come back soon because i absolutely. >> it's been brilliant to see you, again. come back, again. >> i appreciate it. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "early start weekend." gun owners stocking up for fear of a potential ban. we'll take you to a gun show that is booming. as brazil readies itself for the 2014 cup, it's not just restaurants that stand to profit. how businesses for preparing for a business boom. the sag awards are tonight. we'll give you a preview on who is likely to win one of
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hollywood's biggest honors. it is sunday, january 27th. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. first, we are keeping an eye on a breaking story out of brazil right now. reuters is quoting local media reports that say as many as 90 people were killed in a nightclub fire in the city of santa maria, that's in southern brazil. as many as 200 others injured in this blaze. we'll bring you more details as we get them. back here at home an ice storm is making a mess through the midwest. pushing towards the plains and the great lakes and leaving as much as half an inch of ice on roads, trees and power lines. heavy snow is also possible. meteorologist samantha moore has more on where this system is headed. >> a cold morning across the northeast and we have a little bit of wintry weather to get through before we see our warm up in the middle of the week.
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this is what you're waking up to this morning. temperatures in the teens across the northeast and we'll end up seeing things, you know, moderate a bit today. that means our temperatures just a degree or two above freezing across the new york city area. if you're out at central park, it's going to be crisp. you definitely need your gloves and your coat and your hat. things will get nasty into the overnight hours. warming across the nation's midsection. there is a little relief once we get a couple days out as that air moves to the east. in the meantime, nasty, wintry weather across the midwest, including the threat of some freezing rain in the chicago area today. we could see around a tenth of an inch. watch for slick surfaces and bridges, they tend to freeze first before the regular surface, the road surface does. watch for that and a wintry mix all the way from minneapolis into green bay today and into the beginning of the workweek. that's going to be a problem here if you have any traveling
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today. here's some of the delays we're expecting it see in new york and boston. wind delays, probably under an hour, though. philly also seeing similar conditions and the wind and the snow combining for some problems here in the cleveland area, once we get on into the day. here's what we're expecting to see as we head into the next three days. notice that the temperatures will be dramatically warmer once we get to tuesday in places like detroit, syracuse will also be doubling your temperature by the time we get to the middle of the week or at least by tuesday and new york city will see some relief, as well. keep it tuned here because we will have some slick spots to navigate before we get to the warm up. randi? tom harkin calling it quits. the veteran democrat says he won't run for re-election. harkin has been in the senate since 1984. president obama issued a statement saying harkin will be missed while republicans started
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licking their chops at the prospect of gaining a senate seat. a major gift for mayor michael bloomberg. $350 million to john hopkins. $100 million is earmarked for financial aid for students in need. bloomberg has given more than $1 billion to the school since he graduated in the mid-1960s. the hacked website of the u.s. sentencing commission is back up and running and the fbi is handling the case as a criminal investigation. the site was shut down for a couple hours yesterday. the hackers made it known it was pay back for the suicide of web activist aaron schwartz. he was facing federal computer fraud charges. in egypt, at least 30 people were killed in clashes in. protesters were trying to storm a prison. they wanted to reach 21 people sentenced to death last week for
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their part in a deadly soccer riot last year. moving to bangladesh a deadly factory fire killed seven, mostly women. a first floor exit was locked and there were no fire alarms. two months ago, more than 100 people died in a similar clothing factory fire in beng ludash. back in the u.s., gun control advocates are hoping a weekend protest in washington will bring some real changes. thousands of protesters marched on the national mall yesterday. some held up the names of victims of gun violence, survivors of mass shootings were also there. protesters are calling on congress to reinstate the ban on military-style assault weapons and require universal background checks and some came to show their support for newtown victims. >> newtown just tore my heart out. honestly, didn't feel this emotional since 9/1 1. >> across the street from that rally a smaller group of gun rights activists protested
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against new gun control measures. ingthe gun debate is motivig people to go to gun shows. that's also creating a lot of business for gun dealers. catherine callaway has more. >> randi, gun shows are packed across the country, including this one here inning good fwg. we're seeing people who are buying their very first firearm and gunowners who are looking to purchase additional firearms and ammunition. the debate over gun control laws has motivated all types of people to check out the show. inside we found judy kemper. >> why do you think there's so many people here today? >> the gun laws that are trying to be passed through. i think people are trying to get them before they ban them or outlaw them. >> reporter: the rush to buy is driving up prices and making ammunition in some weapons difficult to find. semi automatic rifles which are
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at the heart of gun control legislation are a popular item. gun owner, john, says he comes to the shows to stock up on what he's unable to find in stores now, but isn't thrilled with the prices. what to you use your guns for? target practice? >> target practice, self-defense, hunting. ten years ago i could buy 1,000 rounds for $100 and now it's nearly 50 cents a round. 1,000 rounds would go up $600. >> reporter: the crowd does not only include avid gun buyers but people who have never been to a gun show. >> a lot of first-time gun buyers. they just want to defend themselves. they're not interested in stockpiling guns or ammo. they want one gun and one box of ammo to defend themselves. >> reporter: there were a litny of other items to take home, very much like a county fair. the licensed vendors we saw were
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conducting background checks as required by federal law and also private sales taking place between individuals which do not require a background check and that was a concern for some of the vendors with a federal firearms license. >> if you go to a license ffl, you have to do a background check where you sit down, we get your i.d. and we call you in. if you're a felon or crazy, you don't get a gun. but in the state of georgia if an individual sells you a gun, no one does a background check. >> what the gun vendors are telling us is the one thing all this debate of gun control legislation has been is good for business. randi? >> catherine callaway, thank you very much. the price of sending a letter at the post office goes up today by just one penny. it will now cost you 46 cents to send grandma a letter or 33 cents to send her a postcard. the postal service faces a budget crisis and desperate need
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of help from congress. now at 8:15 eastern time this morning we'll talk with chairwoman ruth goldway and ask her about the future of america's cash strapped post offices. "argo" is on a role on the eve of tonight's sag awards. i'll tell you what he won. shley. here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails. [ shouting ] oh i'm sorry guys. ah sometimes the caps lock gets stuck on my keyboard. hey do you wanna get a drink later? [ male announcer ] hold packages at any fedex office location.
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good morning, washington. welcome, everyone, to "early start weekend." one week ago we were there preparing doing a live show for the inaugural event coming up on monday. so, we're a long way from the capital this morning, but we're glad you're with us. burt reynolds is doing better, but still remains in i kru cu. he is in a florida hospital fighting flu symptoms. it is time to roll out the red carpet, once again. this time for the 19th annual
3:14 am
screen actor guild awards in los angeles. it will air on our sister networks tnt and tbs tonight. so, who will take home the top honors? our entertainment correspondent nischelle turner has a sneak peek. >> reporter: in hollywood honors where oscars granddaddy, you might call the sag award a sassy teenager. >> the 19th annual screen actor guild awards. >> film and tv mixing together and it's the recognition of your peers, unlike any sort of other ceremony in hollywood. >> reporter: this one has strong opinions and is often a trendsetter. >> the actors are the biggest branch of the academy. so, very much so what happens at the screen actor guild awards is a precursor for what happens at the oscars. >> reporter: john weisman earlier awards have given some sag awards momentum. >> anne hathaway in "les mis."
3:15 am
jennifer lawrence and, of course, daniel day lewis in "lincoln." >> reporter: but the night's biggest prize of all cast in a motion picture is still a horse race. >> this is what i do. >> reporter: we have terrific movies nominated "argo," "lincoln" any one of those casts are deserving of victories. it is what everyone is talking about right now. >> reporter: when they're not talking about tv dramas. >> reporter: the flavor of the month right now is homeland. "homeland" winning everything in sight, but not the ensemble and not the way "madman" is. >> reporter: as for the comedy. >> "girls" that's the hot new show but that's not nominated at the sags. so that won't take away from
3:16 am
"modern family." >> and tonight don't miss a.j. hammer as he rubs elbows with hollywood's elite live from the red carpet at the red carpet screen actor guild awards show. well, as you heard, "argo" is up for a sag award. the ben affleck film has been on a roll. last night they took home at the producer guild award for the movies that portrays the iran hostage crisis. the oscar nominated film picked up a couple golden globes for best drama and best director. super bowl commercials. we'll take you behind the scenes of one of the biggies. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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it is final's day down under. i'm talking about the australian open and the men's final under way right now. number one in the world djokovic taking on murray. amanda, i have to say i was heart broken when federer lost to murray in the semis, but this could be the new rivalry, right? we have djokovic and murray today. >> yeah. that's certainly the case. i can put your mind at rest, randi. we saw roger federer out at a nightclub last night, behaving himself, i have to say, but he was with his family and not too down in the dumps having not made the final here. i don't know if you remember the great u.s. open encounter between pete sampras and andre
3:21 am
auga agassi from 2001. that is what seems to be happening here this evening. it was always going to be a great encounter, as you said. people billing it as the great rivalry that we're going to see for years to come in tennis. and the two players are slugging it out. blow for blow. the most fantastic rallies that we're seeing here. the majority of the break points in the first set and couldn't convert any of them. it went to a tiebreak and andy murray took that 7-6 and then the second set. that one blow for blow. neither could break down the other serve. djokovic won that one. andy murray had a bit of a medical time-out and took his shoe off and suffering from serious blisters. it's been really hot here over the last couple of weeks and the courts here are very hard. a little bit of a concern for andy murray fans. if you go back to the u.s. open
3:22 am
final that one went the distance, over five hours and that seems to be what is going to happen today. what's at stake, what is djokovic looking for a third straight title here? that would give him a little piece of history. murray is looking for his first australian open title. he has been in the final here twice before, but never quite got his hands on the trophy. frankly, i'm not going to be brave enough to put my hand up and say who i think is going to win because at this point i think it's anybody's game. it's been great, andre agassi who is sitting in the stands waiting to present these guys with the trophy, whoever it is, whatever time it will be. we're approaching 1 1:00 in the evening here. so, yeah, we're settling in, expecting a late evening. >> no question about that. but, i mean, andy murray showing some real confidence since winning the gold and certainly since winning the u.s. open. what is the history, amanda, between these two guys. do they know each other well?
3:23 am
>> yeah. it's really interesting rivalry that has developed between these two. novak djokovic from serbia and murray from a little village in scotland. you wouldn't think there was much to bring them together, but they were born just a week apart and first crossed paths some 14 years ago as juniors on the boy's circuit. that's when they first played at the age of 12. and since then, their paths have crisscrossed throughout the tennis world and throughout the tennis calendar. they practice together quite often on tour and they have been known to play doubles together and now it is the big rivalry. it seems for years to come. djokovic blossomed earlier without doubt. he is looking for his fifth grand slam title here today. andy murray's second. but andy murray has definitely stepped up in the last six months with the olympic gold and with the u.s. open victory. of course, he now has lendal in
3:24 am
his corner and that makes the difference. many people suggesting whatever the rankings say, djokovic is number one and murray is number three. whatever the rankings say, people saying whoever wins this match really does have a right to say that they're the best player in the world. >> we'll be watching it along with you. amanda davis, thank you very much. a quick reminder, the super bowl is next weekend and that's when we'll welcome the newest member to our sports team. rachel nickels will be reporting live from new orleans. president obama says he expects football to gradually become less violent. he tells the republic i'm a big football fan, but if i had a son i would have to think long and hard before i'd let him play football. mr. obama says he's particularly concerned about college players who suffer concussions and other injuries. he's less worried about the nfl where they are grown men that are paid well. less violence may make the game a little bit less exciting, but
3:25 am
it will be a whole lot better for the players and those of us that are fans maybe won't have to examine our consciouses quite as much. the interview appears in the february 11th issue and in the runp to next sunday's super bowl. cnn will look all week at violence in football. south korean pop icon psy may not be in the half-time show, but you may see him during the game. ♪ >> maybe not so much like that, but it could be something similar. psy has his own, his very own super bowl ad and it's for wonderful putashios. this morning a behind the scenes look from that commercial shoot. earlier i spoke with one of the men who helped put it together and i asked him what it was like working with psy. >> well, randi, it was great to work with psy. really professional and an amazing performer and he really
3:26 am
turned it on. as soon as we started shooting the commercial and delivered a true psy performance, he got along really well with our grammy award winning director matthew cullen. they collaborated and created a really great commercial. >> now, i understand this commercial is really supposed to be nuts and, yes, the pun is intended there. but there is also a bit of a big reveal, from what i understand. can you give us the school on that? >> every one of our get wonderful has opening up pistachios in their own way. as you can imagine, psy with all his dprat mogreat moves. he will open a pitashstachio asy psy can. >> what more can you tell us about the ad and why you think
3:27 am
it will be memorable for the viewers. >> well, we know so many people will tune into the super bowl. largest tv event of the year, every year. we combined that with the largest celebrity on the planet. psy video has well over 1.1 million views and his popularity continues to grow. people will see it and smile and they're going to dance. everything they like about psy, they'll like about the commercial. it is going to be a lot of fun. >> what made him a good fit for this? >> well, our campaign brings in a lot of celebrities and psy has a great personality. he's very visually fun with his video and, of course, he's in the social space. he's so popular. so, for us, we were able to reach out to his fans all over the world via the social media and facebook and, you know, we leverage psy celebrity and he
3:28 am
created a great performance and a great commercial. >> i understand there is some fan action involved here? they could win a mercedes-benz. >> absolutely. >> how does that work? >> that's one of the great parts. psy is so popular online with all the fans of the video, we created a place with our facebook page where people can take a picture of how they get crackin' and enter a chance to drive away with a green mercedes like the one psy uses in his famous video. women will soon be headed to the front lines of the battlefield. we'll give you an inside look at how female soldier prep for the front lines.
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welcome back, everyone. thanks for starting your morning with us and a very special welcome to our troops watching on the american forces network. i'm randi kaye, it is now half past the hour. we're watching a developing story this morning in brazil. reuters now reporting that as many as 200 people may have been killed in a nightclub fire in santa maria. that's more than twice the death toll in earlier reports and we'll bring you more details as they come into us here at cnn. the midwest is waking up to ice and freezing rain this morning. the latest winter storm pushing through the plains towards the great lakes. it's leaving as much as half inch of ice on roads, trees and power lines. heavy snow also is possible. the system is headed to the northeast where sleet and snow are expected to impact the monday morning commute.
3:33 am
a surge of snow is expected behind this storm. the legend of cory booker. the newark, new jersey, mayor rescued a dog that was left out in the cold. >> this is brutal weather out here. this dog is shaking really bad. and you just can't leave your dogs out on a day like this and go away. >> booker made headlines last year, you may recall, when he saved a woman from a burning house. is there anything this guy can't do? more recently he went on a food stamp diet to better understand the federal aid program and after super storm sandy he invited residents without power and food over to his house to relax. nearly 0 hikers in a national forest were trapped by raging flood waters. rescue crews had to use cell phone signals to find the people. after six hours of search and rescue, everyone was accounted for. the flood waters came from runoff from heavy rainfall near tucson earlier yesterday. if you want to check out
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with your visa or mastercard, get ready. you might have to pay a little more. starting today merchants have the option to make you pay the swipe fee. this was recently paid by a merchant to the bank, but now the merchant can make you pay. fees can be as high as 4% of your total bill and will be added in 40 u.s. states. casey anth eony has filed f bankruptcy. central florida news 13 reports that anthony filed for bankruptcy on the same day an appeals court tossed out two of the four misdemeanor charges against her. anthony's liabilities are $13 million with the majority of that stemming from legal fees. after a landmark change in military policy, women will now be headed for the front lines of battle. a move that opens up 230,000 positions that has once been banned but how do women prepare for war. don lemon gives us a look from
3:35 am
moody air force base in georgia. >> your mission for the day, you're going out to the village of sauna. >> thank you. >> we have intel that there is possibly three to five fighters out in the village. you're going to go to do a source meet with ahmed at the car garage. be aware, they are possibly armed with rpgs and small arms. >> rbg! rbg! >> reporter: this is tech sergeant jefferson's worst night. patrolling an area of afghanistan, taking on enemy fire and a comrade goes down. >> bleeding right here. i want you to hold pressure on your wound. >> reporter: as an air force medic, jefferson has been training for this moment for months. within minutes, the injured airman is bandaged up and moved out of harm's way.
3:36 am
this isn't afghanistan, but it soon will be. they're at moody's air force base in south georgia. >> move! >> reporter: but in a matter of weeks, they'll be on the front lines of battle in afghanistan. and they're ready. >> i really felt like the warrior medic that i have seen in the movies. >> reporter: when her squadron is called out, jefferson and the other women of her group will fight alongside the men. >> the females. we do everything the men do. sometimes even better. >> reporter: they're members of the 820th base defense group from air assault to ground combat, the group does it all. and that includes the women. they're medics, they're intelligence officers, they're police officers. their current mission? >> to be combat ready group. >> unlike the rest of the air force, we get to go outside the
3:37 am
wire. >> we have approximately 730 individuals assigned to our team. 99 of which are women. each and every one of our mission sets across the group are open to every individual that we have assigned here. regardless of gender, regardless of race. >> reporter: until this week, this opportunity was allowedo e only for the air force. but with secretary of defense leonpanetta, all military women will be there, fighting side-by-side with men. >> we have four different combat air force recipients and three purple heart recipients as well as four of our ladies have been entered into our wounded warrior program. across the board, they all perform superbly. >> it's amazing what you can do
3:38 am
when the adrenaline's pumping. you turn into super woman. >> reporter: don lemon, cnn, moody air force base. >> not everyone agrees with the decision to send women to the front lines of the fight. earlier i spoke with the president of center for military readiness. donnelly criticized the possibility of lowering physical standards to allow women in combat. i also spoke with zoey badell, one of the woman who sued for the right to fight. >> in the infantry, physical standards do matter and 30 years of studies have backed this up. but i'm a little curious and we know when they open the course they asked for volunteers and they asked for 90, they only got 2. one woman lasted not even a full day and the other a few days after that. if the tests didn't work out, where are the results of the rest of the test? the marines have not been
3:39 am
forthcoming on this. the department of defense does not allow members of the joint chiefs to be fully candid about what's going on. >> let me just jump in here because you mentioned zoey and she's still with us. why don't you tell us what your reaction is to what elaine is saying? >> there's a couple thing. in regards to the marine test, two people does not recpresent the entire marine corps. they went to a grueling two month school when they came out they were not officers. so, i don't think you can generalize about all women everywhere from that situation. in regards to the physical standards, that's absolutely an issue. we're absolutely not asking for quotas for women, and not a set number of women in these roles. we don't want standards lowered. we just want a chance for women to compete to meet those standards. some women will be able to do it, just like some men can't do it. we just want woim to have a chance to try. again, regarding the sexual
3:40 am
assault. pulling women out of society because there is danger to them is the approach they've taken in iran or saudi arabia, and that's not where we want to go in america. >> elaine. >> the department of defense has called for quotas. they call them diversity metrics. promotions will be denied to male officers, if they don't support diversity metrics. so, regardless of your intent, zoey, or what is being said today. this is how it is going to play out. to have what is called a critical mass or what general dempsey described as significant women, large numbers. this is not about individual rights, it is about group rights and pushing the diversity agenda and using our military to promote a social agenda and put lives at greater risk. >> let me ask you, elaine, about these comments from senator john mccain. he thinks allowing women to
3:41 am
partake in this way is a great idea. they should be recognized for their service for the military. how is it? this is a man who speaks from a wealth of experience. what do you say to that? >> right. well, i agree with the last part. women are promoted to rates equal to or faster than men. surely he knows better. he talked about navy s.e.a.l.s. this is not a g.i. jane movie with demi moore. you can't say it will improve the community, no. it will just complicate matters. when you complicate matters in close combat, attacking the enemy. that's when lives are put at greater risk than they need to be. it's not fair to the women, it's not fair to the men. this is not just a gift to women for valentine's day. >> let me give zoey the last word here. >> regarding the promotion matter i think women have been treated very equally or not seeing quotas for women at the top because they're not doing a great job of filling them, even
3:42 am
if they are. women are serving in wider roles and promotion, the military is ultimately a society and that's what they're aiming for and the people who are the best will rise to the top. that wasn't happening under the old policy. those are some of the same arguments they made when they integrated racially. they repealed don't ask, don't tell. frankly when they opened other units to women. when women were allowed to fly in combat aircraft and those arguments have always proven to be with all the past situations. i think if we just keep ignoring the evidence and the fact that women are already serving on the ground, we're doing an injustice to the women who are serving and who have served and who will continue to serve well. >> hundreds of thousands of tourists are expected to converge on brazil for next year's world cup. we'll tell you about a group of professionals who are brushing up on some, i guess, critical skills just in time for the games. app to get a tow truck.
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you might look at it as professional development. pro one of a dozen cities set to host matches during next year's world cup. joining me to talk about this is nadia. >> why are prostitutes brushing up on their english. >> the world cup is coming, as well as the confederation cup and a lot of the prostitutes need to be able to communicate with their clients. so, as the president of the association of prostitutes says, she says, they'll have to learn how to work out financial deals and, also, use a specialized
3:47 am
vocabulary with essential words and fetishes. >> oh, my. okay. >> she's the president of the association of prostitutes. >> there is a prostitutes association. it is illegal, they can have one. >> 4,000 sex workers who are members of the association and about 20 so far have signed up for the free english classes, but the president says she's hoping by march when the classes begin there will be about 300. >> wow. is english the only one that is being taught. the only language? >> there is also going to be french and italian because think of the people who pour into brazil for things like the confederation cup or world cup. so, isn't it interesting that you think about the oldest profession in the world learning new skills. >> it is interesting. i think we'll leave it at that. that's interesting. >> certainly brushing up on new skills, as you said. at the end of the day, it's all about communication. >> i guess it is. all right, nadia, thank you very
3:48 am
much. sibling rivalry on a national stage. next, the story of two brothers battling for bragging rights on football's biggest day. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing.
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welcome back, everyone. let's get you ready for the week ahead. let's look at tuesday here. president obama heading to las vegas. that will begin his push for immigration reform. he's called this issue the top legislative priority of his second term. and on wednesday, we'll be talking a whole lot about guns. the senate judiciary will hold a hearing on gun violence. their first since president obama announced his new gun patrol proposes. we'll probably hear from lapierre. chuck hagel's nomination hearings begin. nominated by president barack obama for secretary of defense. these could be interesting to watch. reservations by senators of both parties. on thursday, yes, it could be, could be hillary clinton's
3:52 am
last day as aersecretary of sta. depends on how the nomination process for her replacement, john kerry, plays out. that could happen on friday. on sunday, the super bowl, of course. the 49ers take on the ravens in new orleans and, just to note, coming off her inauguration lip syncing controversy, beyonce will perform at this year's big half-time show. that is a look at your week ahead. how is this for a family rivalry. the head coaches of the super bowl bond baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers are brothers. jim and john harbaugh and are their parents choosing sides? brian todd has the report. >> reporter: they tried to downplay the family angle, but it's virtually impossible. >> i don't think you ever put your family aside, joe, you know. but, well, yeah the priority.
3:53 am
we have a job to do. all of us have a job to do. jim has a job to do. all of his coaches and our coaches and players and everyone is focused on doing their job. >> reporter: he is talking about the fact that he and jim are the first ever to be head coaches against each other in a super bowl. inundated with the story, sick of it already, the family still managed to have some fun when john snuck on to a conference call his parents were having with reporters in recent days posing just as a caller from baltimore. >> is it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> is that john harbaugh? >> hey, john -- >> that was mean, john. i was ready to answer that question. >> mom was ready to come through the phone. i'm so happy joany recognized your voice. >> the sister recognizing the voice just in time.
3:54 am
the parents vow to remain neutral on super sunday out of fairness but also knowing what their boys are made of. >> how sickly competitive are these guys? >> a fire stoked while their father, jack, spent 43 years as a high school and college football coach. the stories instant sport legend. kentucky university ran out of money, jim then a star nfl quarterback, and john an assistant at the university of cincinnati volunteered to help the program for free and they turned it around and nine years later the school won a division i national title. jim's anger at opposing coaches for what one thought running up a score and once bouncing past a coach while celebrating a win. in the super bowl -- >> two team with ruthless coaches, what if things get out
3:55 am
of hand and there's fights in the game? >> two enter the cage and one leaves. if it's a contentious game and it gets ugly, i want to look at that post-game hand shake and how much is genuine. >> i'm proud of him. i love him. i'm his biggest supporter, right next to his wife. but, you know, this week, he's just someone we're trying to beat. >> reporter: that time 49ers lost to jim's ravens and this time his mom says she's hoping for a tie. with temperatures in the teens and the 20s, new york has faced some brutally cold weather and for victims of super storm sandy, it's made a painful situation even harder as residents struggle to recover. we'll bring you their stories. ak i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking.
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one week ago i was on the national mall in washington getting ready for the inauguration. a momentous occasion, but for
3:59 am
"saturday night live" just another opportunity to have some fun. last night they took us behind the scenes for a historic chat between president obama and martin luther king jr. >> so, tell me, dr. king, have i lived up to the promise of your legacy? >> barack will get to that. first things first. did you, did you see that girl, beyonce? >> excuse me. >> that girl, beyonce. did see her out there? i was like, what. >> beyonce, oh, yes, sir, she is a very beautiful women. >> beautiful. raquel welch was beautiful, i had to keep pinching myself. i thought i was having another one of my famous dreams. >> dr. king, can we please discuss more important issues. there are very real changes facing this nation. >> speaking of ch


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